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青岛第三医院是正当的吗山东青岛新阳光妇产做人流好吗市南区药流多少钱 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Ibarra and the students and teachers at Lunsford Middle School in Chantilly, Virginia.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了伊瓦拉先生和Lunsford中学师生的课堂。What is the capital of Texas?德克萨斯州的首府是哪里?You know what to do, is it Dallas, Houston, Austin or El Paso? Youve got three seconds, go!你知道该做什么,它是达拉斯,休斯敦,奥斯汀还是埃尔帕索?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The capital of the lone start state is its fourth largest city Austin. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;这个州的首都是它的第四大城市奥斯丁。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Just outside of Austin, you can hop on highway 130 to toll road, and its one way to get from the states fourth largest city to its second largest, which is San Antonio.在奥斯汀附近,你可以跳上130高速收费公路,这是从这个州的第四大城市到它的第二大城市圣安东尼奥。But if you do take highway 130, starting next month, you might be able to make that trip a little faster.如果你在下个星期之后走上130高速路,你有可能让这次旅途更快。That is because the speed limit is going up for a stretch of 41 miles.那是因为速度限制提高了41英里。The new limit will be 85 miles per hours.新的限制会是每小时85英里。When that happens, this section of highway 130 will officially become the fastest road in America.在那个时候,130高速路的这部分会成为美国官方的最快的高速路。35 states have raised speed limits to 70 or higher.35个州的速度限制会提高到70英里或者更高。And the engineers who built this one, say that 85 is the safe and right speed for highway 130.据修建这条高速路的工程师说,85英里每小时是对高速路130来说安全而正确的速度。But some safety expert have raised concerns.但一些安全专家提出了质疑。They say that increasing speed limits leads to more accidents and more severe injuries in those accidents.他们说提高速度限制会导致更多的事故和事故中的伤害会更严重。 /201210/205169青岛新阳光妇产医院预约

青岛微创无痛人流多少钱Works lower abs Back on floor, legs extend up towards ceiling Lift feet towards ceiling using abs Hands at sides or beneath lower back.反向屈体练习用于在地板上锻炼下腹部,抬高双脚,双腿向天花板伸展,双手放在两侧或在背部下面。Step 1: Ab Exercise1.锻炼Another ab exercise is the reverse crunch. So you are going to start back on your back. Hands at your side or underneath the small of your back. Feet in the air and you are just going to be raising your feet towards the ceiling.反向屈体练习是另外一种锻炼腹部的运动。从背部开始,双手放在身体两侧,或者放在背部后面。双脚抬到空中,然后向天花板抬高。Step 2: Movement amp; Breathing2.动作和呼吸Its not a very big movement. You are using your lower abs to do all the work. Try not to use any momentum. You are still breathing the whole time. Slow movements. Reach those feet towards the ceiling. Two more and relax. Great work.这不是很难的动作。只需要运动下腹部来完成整个动作。试着不要使用任何冲力。整个过程中一直保持正常的呼吸。动作要放缓。双脚向天花板伸展。再做两个,放松。做的很好。Thanks for watching How To Do The Reverse Crunch.感谢收看“怎样进行反向屈体练习” 视频节目。201211/210986青岛山大附属医院总院预约挂号 青岛哪家医院治疗外阴白斑好

济宁检查全身多少钱 Most of us have situations where we find it difficult to communicate. Improving your communication technique, and being comfortable speaking to people is extremely important. Watch our top tips for being a better communicator.我们大部分人都会遇到难以与人沟通的境况。提高沟通技巧,与人更加舒适地对话是极其重要的。怎样更好地与人交流呢?以下是我们的一些建议。Step 1: Use open-ended questions1.提问可以自由回答的问题For conversation to flow well, its important to ask open questions, these often start with ‘how, ‘when, ‘why etc. An open question is something like: ;What sort of things do you do in your spare time?;This really gets the conversation flowing. Try to avoid asking closed questions. These are questions that can be answered with yes or no answer, such as: ;Do you like films?;Closed questions tend to kill the conversation.为了使对话更加顺畅地进行,提问一些随意回答的问题是非常重要的。这些问题通常以“怎样”,“何时”,“为什么”等词语开始。“你在业余时间喜欢做什么?”这种随意回答的问题可以使对话非常顺畅地进行。不要提问特定的问题。这种问题的只能是“是”或者“不是”。例如:“你喜欢看电影吗?”特定的问题通常是对话的终结者。Step 2: Active Listening2.积极地倾听People speak at 100 to 175 words per minute (WPM), but they can listen intelligently at up to 300 words per minute. Since only a part of our mind is paying attention, it is easy to go into mind drift - thinking about other things while listening to someone. The cure for this is active listening - which involves listening with a purpose. It may be to gain information, obtain directions, understand others, solve problems, share interest, see how another person feels, show support, etc. Its also important to give feedback to show yourself and the other person that youve understood what theyve said. Do this by summarising and repeating what you heard.人们每分钟可以说出100至175个单词,但是能够听到的单词却多达300个。因为我们只有部分思维能够集中注意力,听别人说话的时候非常容易走神。这种情况的解决方法是积极地倾听——包括有目的地倾听,可以是获取信息,获得指引,理解他人,解决问题,分享兴趣,了解别人的感受,表达持等等。同时,向自己和他人做出反馈,表达自己已经明白了他的讲话也是非常重要的。概括或重复自己听到的内容可以做到这一点。Step 3: Create a cocoon3.想像与外界隔离If youre finding it particularly difficult to concentrate on what someone is saying, try to imagine a “cocoon” around you and the person youre listening to. Imagine that the cocoon is blocking out all outside distractions, so you can really focus on what theyre saying. Try repeating their words mentally as they say it - this will reinforce their message and help you control mind drift.如果你发现集中精力倾听对方说话特别困难,可以试着想象你和说话者周围有一个“蚕茧”。想像这个蚕茧将你们完全和外界隔离,这样你就可以真正地集中精力倾听对方说话的内容。试着在脑海中复述他们讲述的内容——这样可以将他们传达的信息强化,帮助你控制走神的倾向。Step 4: Engage with the other person4.与对话者互动When someone is trying to get your attention, or engage you in conversation dont turn your back on them, or answer over your shoulder. Instead, turn and face them, engage with them. Good communication is when you really engage. When you are talking to people observe your body language and your tone of voice. Remember to use open strong gestures, look people in the eye and smile when you talk unless you are complaining about something.当某人试图引起你的注意,或者希望你加入对话的时候,不要背对着他们,也不要扭头回答,而应该转身面向说话者,与他们面对面地互动。你真正参与的时候才能进行良好的沟通。当你和人说话的时候,注意你的身体语言和说话的语气。记住,当你和别人说话的时候,姿势一定要坦率,直视对方的眼睛并保持微笑,除非你在抱怨某件事。Step 5: Assumptions5.假设Dont assume you know the other persons thoughts and feelings. Learn to identify when you do this. It normally occurs when the facts arent present to support your belief, so always check with the other person what they mean when they say something.不要假定你理解对方的想法和感受。当你这样做的时候你要学会鉴别。这种情况通常发生在事实并不持你的想法的时候。所以,当别人说话的时候,一定要注意向对方求。Step 6: Antagonistic sentences6.避免使用敌对的语句If you need to talk to someone about a difficult topic then avoid using sentences like “You should know me better”, “Why are you trying to upset me?”, “Youve never understood me”, “I thought we were going to enjoy ourselves”. These are antagonistic sentences, and are not productive in any way and will just ensure there is a conflict.如果你要跟别人探讨一个比较困难的话题,避免使用“你应该更好地了解我”,“你为什么要打击我呢”,“你从来都不理解我”,“我原本以为我们会相处的很愉快”等语句。这些都是敌对性的语句,不会产生任何好的效果,而只会引发冲突。Thanks for watching How To Talk To People: Better Communication Skills感谢收看本期“更好的沟通技巧”节目。201209/197650青岛附属医院黄岛分院是三甲吗山东省青岛市第六人民医院可以刷社保卡吗



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