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Morning, everybody! - Morning!大家早上好 -早安The dietician running the study is Lynne Garton.进行这项研究的营养学家是琳妮·加顿Are you all hungry? - Yes.大家都饿了吧 -是的Yeah? Well, I#39;m going to introduce是嘛 好 那我就来给你们to you the diet that our ancestors would have eaten.看看我们祖先的膳食Inside the box is a range of fruit, vegetables and nuts,箱子里面有一些水果 蔬菜 还有些坚果to give you an idea of the huge range and variety让你们对祖先们广泛的饮食结构of different foods that they would have eaten.有个初步的了解Each volunteer is given the每位志愿者都有five kilos of raw fruit and vegetables they#39;ll need5公斤的新鲜蔬果to meet their daily energy requirements.来满足他们日常所需的能量They are low in calories.这些食物热量都很低In order to meet your nutritional requirements,为了满足你们的营养需求we#39;ve had to make sure that there#39;s plenty of fruit and veg我们准备有充裕的水果蔬菜to ensure that those are met.保食品不短缺Actually, it#39;s not as bad as I thought. Yeah?没有我想象中的糟糕 不是吗But not all the volunteers当然并不是所有的志愿者are so eager to bridge the intervening four million years都热衷于回到400万年前那样and live like an Australopithecus.跟南方猿人那样生活 Article/201504/370125

Fourth panda Feng Feng dies of CDV in Shaanxi陕西第4只大熊猫凤凤因感染犬瘟热死亡A fourth giant panda has unfortunately died from the canine distemper virus at the Rare Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Research Center.陕西省珍稀野生动物饲养研究中心的第4只大熊猫大熊猫“凤凤” 因为身患犬瘟热病毒死亡。Five-year-old Feng Feng died of heart failure and breathing difficulties, after 35 days of treatment.在经过35天抢救治疗后“凤凤”最终因脏器衰竭呼吸困难死亡。The female panda was diagnosed last December and fell into a coma on January 8th.雌性大熊猫“凤凤”去年12月被确诊,后于1月8日陷入昏迷。However, another panda who was infected and three other suspected cases have all recovered.而另一只受到感染的大熊猫和其他3只疑似感染病例全部痊愈。Canine distemper virus, or CDV, is a highly contagious and fatal disease, usually sp through infected body fluids or contaminated food and water.简称CDV的犬瘟热病毒是一种高度传染且致命的疾病,通常是经已感染的体液或食物及水源传播。 Article/201502/359265



  When the images were transmitted back to earth they had their answer.影像回传至地球时,谜底终于揭晓The far side was actually just the same as the near side.月球的背面其实和正面没什么不同But the lack of surprises didn#39;t matter结果虽然平淡无奇,但并不打紧these blurred images made history.这些模糊的影像开启历史的新页And the mission consolidated the Russians#39; lead in the space race.也巩固了苏联在太空竞赛中的领先地位The Americans weren#39;t keen on second place.美国人对亚军宝座兴趣缺缺I guess the American people are alarmed that a foreign country,我想美国人民担忧的是外国…尤其是敌对国家especially an enemy country can do this, it, we fear this.具备这样的能力,这让我们很害怕Definitely not admire.绝对令人担忧Do you admire the Russians for doing it or not?你佩苏联人的成就吗?No, definitely not,绝对不会I said we should have been the first ones to have it.应该由我们拔得头筹才对The Russians had all the headlines,苏联人在媒体上占尽了风头but landing a man on the moon was an entirely new challenge.但是让人类登陆月球是全新的挑战At the time when Kennedy made his famous speech,甘迺迪发表他那篇著名演说的时候scientists knew so little about the moon科学家对月球的了解乏善可陈that the prospect of sending a human there所以这篇登月宣言seemed almost reckless.听来几近蛮勇Their knowledge of lunar geography was so sketchy他们对月球地理的了解极其粗略they didn#39;t know where they could land safely.连可以在哪里安全着陆都不知道They didn#39;t even know whether the moon#39;s surface他们甚至无法断言,月球表面was strong enough to support the weight of a space-craft,是否足以撑太空船or even a man.甚至是一个人的重量They needed answers quickly.他们必须快马加鞭地找出The first step for the Americans美国人的第一步was a series of probes called Ranger.是发射了一系列被称为“突击者”的探测器They carried on board television cameras to take探测器上装载着电视摄影机detailed close up pictures of the lunar surface.以钜细靡遗地近距离拍摄月球表面But it wasn#39;t exactly a sophisticated approach.他们的做法听似精密实则不然The Rangers went in hard,突击者探测器像神风特攻队般地crashing kamikaze style into the moon#39;s surface,朝着月球表面猛冲不断拍摄furiously filming away until the moment of destruction.直到撞毁为止The 4300 images taken by the Ranger probes突击者探测器拍到的4300张照片were the clearest views we#39;d ever had of our moon.让我们看清了月球的真面目It was now clear it was a harsh and hostile world.那显然是个严酷、恶劣的世界But the pictures were vital to prepare for the ultimate goal但这些照片对达成登月目标而言the moon landing.非常重要It was an epic endeavour no expense was spared.这是一项史诗壮举,美国政府一掷千金At its peak, the moon登月计划在到达巅峰时programme employed more than 400,000 people in America.曾经在美国雇用了40多万人And cost over 25 billion dollars nearly 150 billion in today#39;s money.耗资超过250亿美元,相当于今天的1500亿People were electrified by the race to the moon.登月竞赛让人们振奋不已And you know,我记得the ed States was spending I think it美国为了这个计划was 4.5% of our entire national budget on space花费了全国预算的4.5%but um most Americans were 100% in favour of let#39;s push on但是多数美国民众都百分之百持登月计划and whatever it costs, let#39;s get to the moon.只要能登陆月球花再多钱都可以10, 9...10、9…By 1968 NASA was y for a test run.1968年,美国航太总署准备展开测试任务4, 3, 2, 1, zero.4、3、2、1、0We have connect, we have, we have lift off.衔接成功,我们升空了Lift off at 7:51 am eastern standard time.升空时间为东部标准时间早上7点51分Apollo 8 wouldn#39;t actually land on the moon,阿波罗八号虽然不会登陆月球but it would go into lunar orbit.但是会进入月球轨道Although they weren#39;t going to touch down虽然这次没有着陆this would be the first time但这是人类首度that humans had ever visited another world.造访别的世界 Article/201504/372034

  栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201508/389965And they meet and they clash.他们相见了,接着他们相互冲突。And it#39;s what happens when they clash that gives us our denouement.他们冲突所发生的一切就给予了我们故事的结局。Jo locks herself in the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh to work on the crucial final chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.乔把自己锁在爱丁堡巴莫洛酒店创作《哈利·波特与死亡圣器》至关重要的最后章节。It#39;s January the 11 th, 2007 and the end of 17 years of writing.这是2007年1月11日,这是17年写作的终点。Yeah, I think I#39;ve finished.是的,我想我已经完成了。Hey, Jo, well done. Thank you.乔,做得好。 谢谢。Well, you don#39;t know, it might be rubbish.不知道,可能会很烂。Some people will loathe it. They#39;ll absolutely loathe it.有些人会恨死这个结尾的,他们绝对会恨。But the thing is, that#39;s as it should be.但事实是,这就是故事本该有的结局。Because for some people to love it, others must loathe it.因为总会有人喜欢,总会有人讨厌的。That#39;s just in the nature of the plot.这是情节水到渠成的事。Some people won#39;t be happy because what they wanted to happen hasn#39;t happened.有些人不会开心,因为他们所盼望的没有发生。And to an extent there#39;s so much expectation from the hardcore fans that I#39;m not sure I could ever match up to it要不是有这么多铁杆粉丝的期待,我不敢相信我能拼上这个故事的最后一块板,but I#39;m... Well, I#39;m actually really, really happy with it.但我……我其实真的非常非常开心。So it#39;s very odd to think that this will be broadcast after loads of people have it.所以大家在看完后还会广为称颂是不太可能的事。And people may right now be throwing things at the screen.人们可能马上就会对着电视砸东西。But I am. I#39;m really happy with it. I like it.但我真的非常开心,我很喜欢它。And I don#39;t always feel like that.而且我并不总是有这种感觉。Jo puts on the page numbers, saves the document and plays Lilly Allen#39;s ;Smile;.乔加上了页码,保存了文件,播放了莉莉·艾伦的歌《微笑》。 Article/201511/407116The Story of Bottled Water瓶装水背后不能说的秘密This is a story about a world obsessed with stuff. It#39;s a story about a system in crisis. We#39;re trashing the planet. We#39;re trashing each other. And we#39;re not even having fun. The good thing is that when we start to understand the system, we start to see lots of places to step in and turn these problems into solutions.这是个关于沉溺于物质的世界的故事。这是关于一个岌岌可危的系统的故事。我们正在糟蹋这个星球。我们正在互相糟蹋。而我们一点也不乐在其中。好消息是,当我们开始了解这个系统,我们开始看见许多能够干预之处,并将这些问题转变为解决方法。One of the problems with trying to use less stuff is that sometimes we feel like we really need it. What if you live in a city like, say, Cleveland and you want a glass of water? Are you gonna take your chances and get it from the city tap? Or should you reach for a bottle of water that comes from the pristine rainforests of—Fiji? Well, Fiji brand water thought the answer to this question was obvious. So they built a whole ad campaign around it. It turned out to be one of the dumbest moves in advertising history. You see, the city of Cleveland didn#39;t like being the butt of Fiji#39;s jokes. So they did some tests, and guess what? These tests showed a glass of Fiji water is lower quality. It loses taste tests against Cleveland tap, and costs thousands of times more.试着要使用少一点东西的问题之一是,有时候我们会觉得我们真的很需要它。如果你住在一个,比如说,像克里夫兰的城市,然后你想要一杯水呢?你会冒险喝自来水吗?还是你应该买一瓶来自原始雨林的瓶装水--斐济的喔?嗯,斐济牌瓶装水觉得这个问题的再明显不过了。所以他们拿它大作广告。那最后变成广告史上最蠢的举动之一。你知道,克里夫兰市不喜欢被当成斐济牌瓶装水开玩笑的对象。所以他们做了些测试,你猜怎么样?测试结果显示斐济水的品质比较差。它在味道测试上输给克里夫兰的自来水,而且还贵了好几千倍。This story is typical of what happens when you test bottled water against tap water. Is it cleaner? Sometimes, sometimes not. In many ways, bottled water is less regulated than tap. Is it tastier? In taste tests across the country, people consistently choose tap over bottled water. These bottled water companies say they#39;re just meeting consumer demand. But who would demand a less sustainable, less tasty, way more expensive product, especially when you can get it for almost free in your kitchen? Bottled water costs about 2,000 times more than tap water. Can you imagine paying 2,000 times the price of anything else? How about a 10,000-dollar sandwich? Yet people in the U.S. buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week. That is enough to circle the globe more than five times. How did this come to be?当你检测瓶装水和自来水的时候,这个故事是很典型的结果。它有比较干净吗?有时候有,有时候没有。在许多方面,瓶装水的品质管理不如自来水。它有比较好喝吗?在全国的味道测试中,人们总是选择自来水而非瓶装水。这些瓶装水公司说,他们只是在满足消费者的需求。但谁会需要一个比较不永续、比较难喝、还贵很多的产品?特别是你根本可以在厨房用几乎免费的价格喝到?瓶装水比自来水贵了大约 2,000 倍。你能想像用 2,000 倍的价格买其它东西吗?一个一万美金的三明治如何?但美国人每星期购买超过五亿瓶的瓶装水。那已经够绕地球不只五圈了。怎么会变这样?Well, it all goes back to how our materials economy works, and one of its key drivers which is known as manufactured demand. If companies wanna keep growing, they have to keep selling more and more stuff. In the 1970s, giant soft drink companies got worried as they saw their growth projection starting to level off. There#39;s only so much soda a person can drink. Plus it wouldn#39;t be long before people began realizing soda is not that healthy and turned back to—gasp!—drinking tap water. Well, the companies found their next big idea in a silly designer product that most people laughed off as a passing yuppie fad. ;Water#39;s free!; people said back then. ;What will they sell us next...air?; So how do you get people to buy this fringe product? Simple. You manufacture demand.嗯,这全要追溯回我们物质经济运作的方式,还有一种被称为“制造出来的需求”的关键动力之一。如果公司想要持续成长,他们就得继续卖越来越多东西。 1970 年代,当大型汽水公司看到他们的业绩预期成长开始趋缓时,他们感到不安。一个人就只能喝那么多汽水啊。再加上人们很快就会了解汽水并不那么健康,然后回去--我的天哪!--回去喝自来水。这个嘛,那些公司在一个愚蠢的设计产品中发现了他们下一个伟大的点子,大部分的人都嘲笑那产品是一时的雅痞风潮。“水是免费的!”人们那时这么说。“他们接下来会卖什么给我们...空气吗?”所以你要怎么让人们买这个边缘商品?简单。你制造出需求。How do you do that? Well, imagine you#39;re in charge of a bottled water company. Since people aren#39;t lining up to trade their hard-earned money for your unnecessary product, you make them feel scared and insecure if they don#39;t have it. And that#39;s exactly what the bottled water industry did. One of their first marketing tactics was to scare people about tap water, with ads like Fiji#39;s Cleveland campaign. ;When we#39;re done,; one top water executive said, ;tap water will be relegated to showers and washing dishes.; Next, you hide the reality of your product behind images of pure fantasy. Have you ever noticed how bottled water tries to seduce us with pictures of mountain streams and pristine nature? But guess where a third of all bottled water in the U.S. actually comes from? The tap!你要怎么办到呢?嗯,想像你负责一间瓶装水公司。既然人们不排队用他们辛苦赚来的钱来换你那非必需的商品,你就让他们觉得如果不买的话很可怕、很令人不安。那正是瓶装水产业做的事。他们首要的行销技巧之一就是让人们害怕自来水,利用像斐济牌的克里夫兰广告。“我们成功后,”一个顶尖瓶装水公司的主管说道,“自来水就会被降级为洗澡水和洗碗水了。”接着,你将产品的真实面隐藏在纯净梦幻的影像之下。你曾注意过瓶装水试着怎样引诱我们吗,怎样用那些高山流水和原始大自然的照片诱惑我们?但猜猜美国三分之一的瓶装水其实是从哪来的?水龙头!Pepsi#39;s Aquafina and Coke#39;s Dasani are two of the many brands that are really filtered tap water. But the pristine nature lie goes much deeper. In a recent full page ad, Nestle said, ;Bottled water is the most environmentally-responsible consumer product in the world.; What?! They are trashing the environment all along the product#39;s life cycle. Exactly how is that environmentally responsible? The problems start here with extraction and production where oil is used to make water bottles. Each year, making the plastic water bottles used in the U.S. takes enough oil and energy to fuel a million cars. All that energy spent to make the bottle, even more to ship it around the planet, and then we drink it in about two minutes? That brings us to the big problem at the other end of the life cycle—disposal.百事公司的 Aquafina 和可口可乐的 Dasani 是众多品牌中两个真的是过滤后自来水的品牌。但是原始大自然的谎言还有更夸张的。在最近一个全版广告中,雀巢公司说:“瓶装水是全世界对环境最负责任的消费产品。”什么鬼?!那产品的整个生命周期都在糟蹋环境。那到底哪里对环境负责了?那个问题从石油的抽取和生产过程就开始了,而石油正是用来制作水瓶的。每年,用来制造美国境内使用的塑胶水瓶的石油和能源都足以供应一百万辆车了。那全部能源都被用来制作宝特瓶,更多能源被用来运送那宝特瓶到世界各地,然后我们差不多两分钟就喝完了?那将我们带到宝特瓶生命周期另一端的大问题--废弃处理。What happens to all these bottles when we#39;re done? Eighty percent end up in landfills, where they will sit for thousands of years, or in incinerators, where they#39;re burned, releasing toxic pollution. The rest gets collected for recycling. I was curious about where the plastic bottles that I put in the recycling bins go. I found out that shiploads were being sent to India. So I went there. I will never forget riding over a hill outside Madras where I came face-to-face with a mountain of plastic bottles from California.我们喝完水之后这些宝特瓶会怎样?百分之八十的宝特瓶最后会被丢到垃圾掩埋场,它们会在这待上好几千年,或是被丢进焚化炉,它们在那被烧掉,释放出有毒的污染物质。其余的被收集起来回收。我很好奇我放进回收箱的那些塑胶瓶都到哪去了。我发现那一船船宝特瓶都被送到印度。所以我就去了那里。我永远不会忘记经过马德拉斯的一座小山,我在那亲眼见到一座来自加州的塑胶瓶山。Now, real recycling would turn these bottles back into bottles. But that wasn#39;t what was happening here. Instead, these bottles were slated to be downcycled, which means turning them into lower quality products that would just be chucked later. The parts that couldn#39;t be downcycled were thrown away there, shipped all the way to India just to be dumped in someone else#39;s backyard. If bottled water companies want to use mountains on their labels, it would be more accurate to show one of these mountains of plastic waste.现在,真正的回收会让这些宝特瓶变回宝特瓶。但那不是在这里发生的事。相反地,这些宝特瓶预定被降级回收,意思就是将它们变成之后只会被扔掉的较低品质产品。不能被降级回收的部分就被丢弃在那里,一路海运到印度只为了要丢在别人家的后院。如果瓶装水公司想要在他们的商标上用山峦的图案,展示这其中一座塑胶垃圾山还比较精确。Scaring us, seducing us, and misleading us—these strategies are all core parts of manufacturing demand. Once they#39;ve manufactured all this demand, creating a new multibillion market, they defend it by beating out the competition. But in this case, the competition is our basic human right to clean, safe drinking water. Pepsi#39;s Vice Chairman publicly said, ;The biggest enemy is tap water.; They want us to think it#39;s dirty, and bottled water is the best alternative. In many places, public water is polluted, thanks to polluting industries like the plastic bottle industry. And these bottled water guys are all too happy to offer their expensive solutions, which keep us hooked on their products.恐吓我们、诱惑我们,还有误导我们--这些策略全是制造需求的核心部分。一旦他们制造出这种需求,创造出新的几十亿商机的市场,他们就进而剷除市场竞争以巩固地位。但就瓶装水这例子,那对手正是我们饮用干净、安全的水的基本人权。百事公司的副董事长公开表示:“最大的敌人就是自来水。”他们想让我们觉得自来水很脏,而瓶装水是最好的选择。在许多地方,公共用水是受到污染的,多亏像是塑胶瓶产业那些制造污染的产业。然后这些瓶装水公司的家伙都拳擦掌地要提供昂贵的解决方法,让我们离不开他们的产品。It is time we took back the tap. That starts with making a personal commitment to not buy or drink bottled water unless the water in your community is truly unhealthy. Yes, it takes a bit of foresight to grab a reusable bottle on the way out, but I think we can handle it. Then, take the next step: join a campaign that#39;s working for real solutions, like demanding investment in clean tap water for all. In the U.S., tap water is underfunded by 24 billion dollars, partly because people believe drinking water only comes from a bottle!是我们拿回自来水的时候了。那从许下个人承诺开始,发誓不要买或喝瓶装水,除非你社区的水真的很不健康。没错,出门时携带环保杯需要一点先见之明,但我想我们办得到。然后,采取下一步:加入一个为了真正的解决方法而努力的活动,像是要求为全民投资干净的自来水。在美国,自来水资金短缺 240 亿美元,这有部分是因为人们相信饮用水只来自塑胶瓶!Around the world, a billion people don#39;t have access to clean water right now. Yet cities all over are spending millions of dollars to deal with all the plastic bottles we throw out. What if that money was spent improving our water systems, or better yet, preventing pollution to begin with? There are many more things we can do to solve this problem. Lobby your city officials to bring back drinking fountains. Work to ban the purchase of bottled water by your school, your organization, or entire city. This is a huge opportunity for millions of people to wake up, and protect our wallets, our health, and the planet.在全世界,有十亿人目前没办法取得干净的水。但各地的城市都在花好几百万元来处理我们丢掉的塑胶瓶。如果把那些钱花在改善我们的供水系统如何呢?或更棒的,用来防止最初的水污染这样如何呢?要解决这个问题,我们能做的还有很多。游说政府官员装回饮水机。努力让你的学校、机构,或整个城市不要购买瓶装水。这是一个几百万人能够觉醒的大好机会,而且还能够守护我们的钱包、健康,以及这个星球。The good news is it#39;s aly started. Bottled water sales have begun to drop while business is booming for safe, refillable water bottles. Yay! Restaurants are proudly serving tap. And people are choosing to pocket the hundreds of thousands of dollars they would otherwise be wasting on bottled water. Carrying bottled water is on its way to being as cool as smoking while pregnant. We know better now. The bottled water industry is getting worried because the jig is up. We are not buying into their manufactured demand anymore. We will choose our own demands—thank you very much—and we are demanding clean, safe water for all.好消息是这已经开始了。瓶装水销售量开始下跌,而安全、可重复使用的水瓶生意开始蓬勃发展。耶!餐厅正大光明地提供自来水。人们选择把几十万块钱留着,而不是浪费在买瓶装水上。携带瓶装水逐渐变得和妇抽烟一样完全不酷。我们现在更明白是非对错了。瓶装水企业开始担心,因为他们的诡计被拆穿了。我们对他们制造出来的需求再也不买帐了。我们会选择自己的需求--非常感谢--我们需要的是全民共享干净、安全的水。 Article/201509/396819

  Ethiopia, eastern Africa.埃塞俄比亚,东非This is the Afar region, bandit country这是阿法尔地区,无人管理的国度So I#39;ve hitched a lift with the Ethiopian military.所以我搭上了埃塞俄比亚的军用飞机I#39;m off to one of the hottest and remotest place on the surface of our planet.要去一个非常偏僻炎热的地方to see the most powerful forceon Earth in action.去看活跃在我们星球表面的最伟大的自然力量We#39;ve got plenty of equipment, because ahead of us there are some serious climbing.我们带来许多工具 因为在我们前面的是非常险峻的地形We#39;ve touched down on a dry, brittle surface of recently cold lava.飞机降落在已经冷却的干燥易碎的熔岩表面I#39;v come all this way to see one of the most remarkable volcanoes anywhere on the planet.跑了那么远的路来观察地球上最非凡的火山之一It#39;s called Erta Ale.峨塔·艾尔The name means the smoking mountain to the local Afar people.阿法尔地区的当地人说是冒烟的山的意思It is reckoned that the lava lake has been active for at least 90 years, this volcano has been continuously erupting lava for longer than any other on Earth.可能是这个火山一直在往外喷岩浆making it one of the logest known eruptions.比地球上其它火山活动的时间都长But no one#39;s quite sure但是没人能够肯定because it is only been properly studied for the last 40 years.因为对它的研究只是在最近40多年才开始I#39;ve been lucky to see a lot of volcanoes in my time在我的一生中 我有幸看到了许多火山and I#39;ve never seen one但是我从没有见过that has a permanent lake of molten lava in its crater.在火山口能够形成一个永久的熔岩湖 Article/201508/391068We would perform all night, tell you the truth, evety day.每天都要表演一整晚Voice of Michael Jackson lnterview courtesy of J. Randy Taraborrelli迈克尔·杰克逊口述 访谈由J·蓝迪·塔拉普雷利提供We would be dancing, doing James Brown,我们会跳舞 模仿詹姆斯·布郎and a lot of people throwing money on stage, and standing ovations.有许多人会扔钱上台 站立替我们鼓掌And then, soon as we drove home, we#39;d get up and go to school.然后一回到家门口 就差不多要去学校了And we couldn#39;t keep our pants up #39;cause we had so much money in #39;em.口袋满满的钱重到裤子一直往下掉l mean, change just broke #39;em.零钱重到把裤子撑破了And there Was this man#39;s house, who used to sell candy,有个人在家里卖糖果we used to stop there and just load up, eat candy for days.我们以前都会去买一大堆 吃它个好几天They had a studio at home and they had these big mirrors and stuff.他们家有设置录音室 还有许多大镜子And they would say, #39;Do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again. #39;他们会说 再来一次 再一次 再一次And next thing you know, seven, eight, nine hours go by,晃眼八 九个小时就过了but they were looking for perfection.但他们要求的是完美They were focused, that#39;s what l liked about them.他们很专注 我很欣赏这点They were serious about doing it, and it was about perfection.他们非常的认真 事事要求完美Johnny Jackson and Ronnie Rancifer约翰·杰克逊与罗尼·兰斯福were part of the early Jackson 5.早期曾与杰克逊五人组合作They were not named members他们并不是正式成员but they were a part of the group, and an integral part of the group.但却是那大家族的一分子 很重要的组成Back then, we didn#39;t have the greatest instruments in the world.那时我们的乐器并不是最好的Other big name groups, they would have big PAs and all that.其他那些著名乐团 都有大型扩音机之类的Jacksons didn#39;t have that, but what they had was soul.杰克逊家族并没有 但是他们充满灵魂see... And soul goes a long way.灵魂的魅力是无法抵挡的You can have jillion worth of equipment, baby,就算你拥有昂贵的器材but if you ain#39;t got no soul, you might as well stay home.少了灵魂也是白搭 Article/201508/392763

  Skip the energy drinks and extra large lattes and follow these simple guidelines to get all the energy you need from your food.避免能量饮料和额外的咖啡,遵循下面简单的指引,从食物中获得你所需的所有能量。You Will Need你需要Breakfast早餐Complex carbohydrates复杂的碳水化合物Good fat and protein好的脂肪和蛋白质Frequent small meals少食多餐Water水Fresh fruit (optional)新鲜的水果(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Don#39;t skip breakfast1.不要不吃早餐Eat breakfast every day. You need to put fuel in to get energy out, and after a full night#39;s sleep you#39;re running on empty.每天都要吃早餐。要激发出能量,你需要先投入一些燃料,经过一整晚的睡眠后,你醒来肯定肚子空空,没有一点能量。STEP 2 Skip the low-carb diet2.不要吃简单的碳水化合物Make complex carbohydrates the centerpiece of your diet. Carbs supply energy; you should get about half your calories from them. Complex carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables provide steady, lasting energy. Simple carbohydrates spike your blood sugar, causing a sugar rush and then a crash.将复杂的碳水化合物作为饮食的重点。碳水化合物可以提供能量。你摄入的所有能量的一半应该来自碳水化合物。来自谷物,水果和蔬菜的复杂碳水化合物可以提供稳定持久的能量。简单的碳水化合物会让你的血糖升高,导致糖分突然升高,然后又剧烈下降。STEP 3 Eat good fat and high-quality protein3.食用好的脂肪和高质量的蛋白质Include unsaturated fat and high-quality protein in your diet. Good fats from such sources as olive oil and nuts are a healthy concentrated energy source. Protein helps the body regulate energy use.饮食中加入不饱和脂肪和高质量的蛋白质。来自橄榄油和坚果的好的脂肪是健康的浓缩能量源泉。蛋白质帮助身体调节能量使用。STEP 4 Eat more often4.少食多餐Eat more often. Frequent small meals -- five or six a day -- keep your metabolism up, your blood sugar stable, and your energy level constant.增加用餐次数。少食多餐——每天吃五餐或六餐——保持旺盛的新陈代谢,稳定的血糖水平,持续的能量状况。STEP 5 Eat less5.少吃Don#39;t eat too much. Overeating can literally weigh you down and start a negative energy spiral. Weight gain from overeating can make you feel sluggish and less like exercising, contributing to even lower energy.不要吃太多。吃得太多会让你更加疲惫,让你的能量水平向下旋转。饮食过度导致的体重增加会让你觉得懒惰,不喜欢运动,导致精神更加萎靡。Eat whole fresh fruit for snacks. The fiber in fruit makes your body burn its sugars slowly, for long-lasting energy.食用新鲜的水果作为零食。水果中的纤维让你的身体更缓慢地燃烧糖分,能够提供更持久的能量。STEP 6 Drink more6.多喝水Drink plenty of water because dehydration leads to fatigue.饮用充足的水,因为脱水会导致疲惫。STEP 7 Drink less7.少喝酒和咖啡Cut back on alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol disrupts sleep, leaving you tired the next day and the temporary boost from caffeine eventually leads to an energy letdown.减少酒精和咖啡的摄入量。酒精会扰乱睡眠,让你第二天疲惫不堪。咖啡因可以暂时提神,但是最终却会让你的精神更加低落。Potential energy is stored energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion -- the use of potential energy.潜在能量是储存的能量。动能是运动时的能量,也就是潜在能量的使用。 /201412/349585



  So much saccharine drivel has been written on the subject of Anne Boleyn,以安妮·林为题材 撰写下无数甜腻的宫闱野史so many Hollywood movies made,so many bodice-buster romances produced亦有数不胜数的好莱坞电影 与情色文学流传下来that us serious historians are supposed to avert our gaze from the tragic soap opera of her life and concentrate on meaty stuff,作为严肃的历史学家 我们本应将视线 从悲惨的肥皂剧上移开 去关注更具价值的东西like the social and political origins of the Reformation or the Tudor revolution in government.比如宗教改革的社会与政治源头 或是都铎王朝的;政府革命;But try as we might, we keep coming back time and again to the subject of Anne,而尽管如此 我们的视线却不断回到安妮身上because on close inspection it turns out that she was, after all,historical prime cause number one.因为愈审慎的研究 愈让我们认识到 她正是这一切的始作俑者At the time of the Field of the Cloth of Gold,Anne would have been a teenager.在金缕地的时代 安妮只有十几岁She#39;d been away from England off and on since the age of 12,从十二岁起 她断断续续的离开英格兰when her well-connected diplomat father, Thomas,她人脉颇广的外交家父亲 托马斯arranged for her to become maid of honour to Margaret of Austria安妮排她进入奥地利的玛格丽特众多宫室之一at one of her many courts,this one here at Mechelen in Flanders.做一名侍从女官 而这宫室便是佛兰德斯的麦哲伦宫Margaret was recognised as the world authority on courtly love,玛格丽特被公认为宫廷式恋爱的典范that theatrical form of aristocratic flirtation around which a whole culture had grown up.那戏剧般的贵族式调情 围绕于此 一种文化得以发端Desire endlessly deferred,sexual passion transfigured into pure selfless love,从追求冗长而无休止的情欲 转而寻求纯洁无私的爱情troubadours, masks, silk handkerchiefs, a lot of sighing.That was the theory anyway.游吟诗人 面具 丝质手帕和唱咏 当然照理应是如此While underneath the stage-managed surface,the old basic instincts seethed away.然而在这戏剧般的华丽外表下 原始的本能暗流汹涌 /201612/485322


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