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襄阳中心医院看泌尿科怎么样襄阳四院医院割痔疮多少钱襄阳妇幼保健中医院治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好 Outcry on Sina Weibo as schedule leaves out key day on traditional calendar for ancestor worship and family reunion dinners.由于祭拜祖先、欢享团圆饭的农历除夕没被列入放假安排表,新浪微上吐槽不断。Imagine finalising plans for a long-awaited new year family reunion – calling the parents, booking flights – when suddenly, the government posts a simple document online that renders it all in vain.试想一下:翘首期盼的新年团聚,原本计划订好航班看望父母来着,突然政府在网上贴出一则公告,让一切变成了空欢喜,会是什么滋味?That`s what has happened to many Chinese people, after the general office of the state council released its 2014 official holiday schedule. Many were shocked that it did not grant vacation time on Lunar New Year`s Eve – an evening of ancestor worship and family reunion dinners, one of the most important nights of the traditional Chinese calendar. It has been an official holiday since 2007.而这正是广大中国人面临的现实。国务院办公厅公布2014年官方假期安排后,很多人大为震惊——农历除夕竟然不放假!除夕是祭拜祖先和享用团圆饭的日子,是中国一个极为重要的农历节日,2007年以来一直都是法定假日。;It`s like a Thanksgiving dinner,; said Apple Dai, a 29-year-old employee at the Beijing office of a European conglomerate. ;You`re supposed to spend the day with your family – it`s a cultural thing. And now because of China`s development, it feels like we`re losing our culture.;“它就像感恩节晚餐,是应该和家人团聚的日子,是一种文化传统,可现在随着中国的发展,我们好像也在丧失我们的文化。”在欧企北京分部工作的29岁戴说。Next year`s calendar will give workers 11 days off, including week-long vacations during the lunar new year – also known as the spring festival – and the anniversary of the October 1949 founding of the People`s Republic of China. The official spring festival holiday will run from Friday 31 January until Thursday 6 February. Employees will be required to work on the weekends before and after to make up for lost time.明年实际放假只有11天,其中包括七天长假——农历新年的春节和庆祝中华人民共和国1949年成立的国庆。春节法定假期是从1月31日(周五)到2月6日(周四),而且,上班族还得在周末加班来为放假调休。State media outlets said the new schedule ;reflects public opinion;. Shi Peihua, a professor at Beijing Jiaotong University, told the state news agency Xinhua that the arrangement eliminates ;very long consecutive work days in weeks before or after holidays;. Dong Keyong, a professor at Beijing`s Renmin University, said it avoids ;the interruption of people`s regular work and life;.政府媒体声称,新的放假安排“反映了民众意见”。北京交通大学教授石培华对新华社说,这次放假安排避免了“节假日前后出现超长工作周”。北京人民大学教授董克用认为,它避免“打乱人们正常工作和生活的节奏”。Yet more than 80% of nearly 180,000 respondents to a poll on Sina Weibo, the country`s most popular microblog, said they were unsatisfied with the new arrangement. Many users proposed visiting government offices on Lunar New Year`s Eve, to ascertain whether officials are working as hard as everyone else.然而,根据中国最有人气的新浪微上的调查显示,将近18万参与者中,超过80%的人表示对新的假期安排不满意。很多网民提议除夕那天上访政府部门,看看政府人员到时候会不会跟大家一样辛苦工作。;The spring festival holiday without Lunar New Year`s Eve is like making love without foreplay,; said one well-forwarded post. ;Mum, if I can`t make it home on time for new year`s eve, please don`t take me to court,; said another user, referring to legislation passed this year that allows parents to sue their children for lack of filial piety.“春节放假没除夕,就如做爱没前戏。”某个热帖写道。“妈,如果我除夕没回去,请务必将我告上法庭。”另一位网友说,同时也暗讽了一把今年通过的法律——父母有权起诉子女不孝。Because China`s 1.3 billion people must abide by the same holiday schedule, the crush of hundreds of millions of travellers returning home to their families sends the country into overdrive. Flight costs rise; lines at train ticket offices take up entire city blocks. During the 2013 spring festival, Chinese people logged 3.42bn trips on public transport, according to Xinhua.因为13亿中国人必须遵守同样的放假规定,成千上万人的返乡潮会造成严重的交通堵塞,机票价格上涨,火车票窗口的队伍能排到几个街区长。据新华社报道,2013年春节中国公共交通搭乘人次高达34.2亿。Dai said she plans to take leave on Lunar New Year`s Eve anyway – she wants to get back to her home province, Anhui, in time for dinner. She doubts her company will be inhumane enough to keep her working. ;You just tell your boss you want to go home early or something like that,; she said. ;And sometimes they`ll just let you go.;戴说,不管怎样她准备除夕请假,她想及时赶到安徽老家吃年夜饭。她觉得公司不会这么不近人情地坚持让她上班。“你只要告诉老板想早点回家,有时候他们会同意的。”她说。 /201401/271222Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may have changed course and turned back toward Kuala Lumpur -- but there were no indications from the pilot that he was doing so, officials said at a news conference Sunday.在周日的新闻发布会上,官方人员表示,马航MH370航班可能改变飞行路径,并折返吉隆坡。但是没有迹象表明飞机上的机师在这么做。Officials said a recording on radar indicated the plane#39;s change of course.官方表示,雷达记录显示飞机改变了飞行路径。The latest revelation added to the questions that have puzzled authorities since the commercial jetliner, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, went missing early Saturday while flying from the Malaysian capital to Beijing: what happened to the plane, why was no distress signal issued, and who exactly was aboard?这个最新披露的消息更增加了此次飞机失联事件的谜团。这架失去联系的商用飞机载有227名乘客,12名机组人员,于周六凌晨从马来西亚首都吉隆坡飞往北京。但是,这架飞机到底发生了什么事?为什么会失去联系?到底有哪些人登机了?这些谜团都未得到解答。Forty ships and 22 planes were scouring a portion of the South China Sea on Sunday for any sign of where the flight may have gone down, officials said at the news briefing.在新闻发布会上,官方表示,已经派出了40艘船只和22架飞机在南中国海附近搜寻失联飞机的踪迹。 /201403/279205襄阳老河口市看男科怎么样

襄阳人民医院泌尿外科怎样#39;Sit-still competition#39; in Guangdong;发呆大赛;在广东省展开More than 100 people took part in a ;sit-still competition; in Qingyuan, Guangdong on Sunday, with challengers required to sit motionless on a stage for an hour.5月31日,广东清远举办了一场别开生面的;发呆大赛;,吸引了上百人前来参加。Participants, whose ages ranged from 6 to 60, had to endure several rounds of ;attacks;, where ;trouble makers; danced in front of them, tried to pass food and water and cracked hilarious jokes.参赛者年纪最大的60岁,最小的6岁,统一坐在一个舞台上,以一个表情与姿势发呆一个小时。现场设置有干扰环节,比如让;捣乱分子;在发呆者面前跳舞、给发呆者递上食物和水、给他们讲爆笑笑话等等。The top three places were all won by children, who seemed to be more noise-proof than adults.坚持到最后的;呆神;冠、亚、季军均是小朋友,比起大人,他们似乎更能抗干扰。 /201506/378216襄阳阳痿早泄治疗的费用 Beijing’s persistent smog seems to have put a dent in the city’s appeal to tourists. Last year, Beijing Youth Daily reported that the number of visitors to Beijing had fallen 50 percent in the first nine months of 2013, compared with a year earlier; the newspaper attributed the decline, at least in part, to the city’s infamously bad air quality. Hiring managers in China also report greater difficulty (subscription required) attracting mid-career expats to Beijing, especially those with young children.北京持续不退的雾霾使来京旅行的游人减少。去年,《北京青年报》报道,2013年的前九个月北京的游客数量较去年同期下降了50%。该报认为,至少在某种程度上,游客数量下降应归咎于北京糟糕的空气质量。中国人事部经理报告说,吸引外籍人士(特别是有小孩的处于职业生涯中期的人)到北京也更加困难了。The blanket of toxic smog hasn’t hurt Beijing’s office market, which jumped up three notches on a global ranking by Cushman amp; Wakefield to become the fourth-most-expensive location to rent office space in the world. According to the real estate firm’s “Office Space Around the World 2014” report, office space in Beijing’s Central Business District costs on average /201403/278435襄阳樊城区看男科怎么样

襄阳市襄州区人民医院男科医生A cleaning woman in southern Italy has unwittingly thrown away contemporary artworks that were supposed to be part of an exhibition.据英国《每日电讯报》报道,在意大利南部,一位女清洁工不小心把当代艺术作品扔进垃圾桶,这些作品是一个展览会的一部分。Lorenzo Roca, head of the cleaning company, said the woman ;was just doing her job; when she thought two artworks were part of rubbish left behind by those setting up for the show that opened on Wednesday in Bari.清洁公司的负责人洛伦佐·罗卡说,这位女清洁工只是做了她自己应做的工作,她把那两个艺术作品当做是为了19日在巴里(Bari)开幕的展览所做的陈设留下的垃圾。Show organisers said one of the works she gave to a city sanitation crew before dawn included pieces of cookies, which were scattered on the floor, as part of an artistic arrangement.展览负责人说,在黎明之前交给城市卫生人员的工作包括散落在地上的饼干,这是作为艺术布置的一部分。Mr Roca said the cleaning company would use its insurance coverage to pay for the trashed art works, whose value was estimated at 10,000 euros (,700).罗卡说,清洁公司用他们购买的保险来赔偿被扔掉的艺术作品,这些艺术作品的价值估计是1万欧元(1.37万美元)。The cleaning woman is not the first person to fail to recognise a piece of contemporary art.这位女清洁工不是第一位辨认不出当代艺术作品的清洁工。In 2001 a piece of art by Damien Hirst consisting of an ashtray, dirty coffee cups, empty beer bottles and crumpled newspapers was thrown away by cleaners at a London art gallery.2001年,在伦敦的一个艺术画廊,达明·赫斯特(Damien Hirst)的作品也被清洁工扔进了垃圾桶,其中包括一个烟灰缸、脏的咖啡杯、空的啤酒瓶和皱巴巴的报纸。In 1999 Tracey Emin was on the verge of winning the Turner Prize for her conceptual piece ;My Bed,; when one of the museums#39;s patrons saw the exhibit and, believing that it had been vandalised, straightened it up and made the bed.在1999年,特雷西·埃明(Tracey Emin)因为她的概念作品“我的床”(My Bed)即将获得泰纳奖(Turner Prize),当一个物馆的观众看到了这幅作品,以为床被弄乱了,还把床给收拾了并叠好了被子。 /201402/277518 Some married men love shopping. They adore it. But some absolutely abhor it. And in China, there#39;s a special place wives can ditch them: husband storage!有些已婚男人爱逛街,但有些则极为厌恶逛街。在中国,有一个特殊的地方可以让妻子摆脱他们:老公寄存处!Called ;laogong jicun chu; in Chinese, which literally means ;husband cloakroom,; the rest stations are for husbands who are either knackered from shopping or for those who would rather spend their time doing something else.所谓“老公寄存处”,字面意思是“老公休息间”,其实就是休息站点,可以让那些逛得精疲力竭的丈夫们休息,或者做些别的事情。The husband cloakrooms seem to have sprung up in cities like Shenzhen around 2010. Recently, photos of a newly opened husband cloakroom in Guigang City have appeared online in China.大约在2010年前后,“老公寄存处” 在深圳这样的城市相继涌现。近日,广西贵港市一家新开的“老公寄存处”的照片被发布在中国的网页上。The rest areas vary, with some offering a place to watch TV, smoke, or surf the net. Others offer food and drinks to order and books and magazines to . Some just have benches for the men to sit and think.这些提供休息的地方各不相同,有的可以看电视、抽烟或上网;有的提供可选购的食品和饮料,并有书籍和杂志可阅读。有些只能让男人们坐在凳子上思考人生。Husband storage doesn#39;t exist in every Chinese shopping center—as Kotaku#39;s Beijing-based reporter Eric Jou points out, he hasn#39;t seen them in Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou.并不是每个购物中心都有“老公寄存处”。正如Kotaku网站驻北京记者埃里克·周所说,他在上海、北京和广州没见过这样的“寄存处”。 /201401/272274襄阳市哪家医院做包皮过长好老河口市第一医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱



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