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2019年10月18日 03:23:23

When the wind blows in from Siberia it’s easy to throw style out the window and bundle yourself up like some latter-day babushka. But is it possible to look cool and keep warm when the temperature drops below freezing? Consider the following advice from our friends in the (very far) north.当西伯利亚的寒风刮来之时,人们很容易就顾不上再研究穿着打扮了,一门心思将自己裹得像是步履蹒跚的老太太。那么,在气温低过零度的寒冷天气里,真的有办法既保持温度又保持风度吗?听听这些北方来的朋友们是怎么说的吧(真的是很北的地方哦)。“Only in Russia can you see women casually strolling on the ice-covered streets wearing a pair of stiletto heels,” says Moscow-based designer Ulyana Sergeenko. “Even on the coldest days women here strive to look beautiful and glamorous. I love that Russian women always want to look their best. I believe a woman should look beautiful and graceful, no matter what.”“只有在俄罗斯你才能看到有女性穿着小细高跟鞋在冰封的街道上悠闲散步。”莫斯科设计师Ulyana Sergeenko这么说道:“哪怕是在最为寒冷的那些天,这里的女性都会努力做到漂亮和优雅。我喜欢俄罗斯女性这种时时刻刻都希望让自己看上去处于最佳状态的做法。我坚信一个女人应该让自己漂亮优雅,不管发生了什么。”Sergeenko’s hard-line approach to sub-zero style is something she applies to her own winter wardrobe. “It’s not only about fur. There’s a whole range of amazing and beautiful things you can only wear in winter – muffs, angora shawls, funny woollen mittens and gaiters, beautifully embroidered coats, heavy capes, bright puffer jackets and valenkí – really warm, comfortable boots made from dense felted wool. It’s a very traditional Russian thing. When it’s freezing cold for months and keeping yourself warm is your highest priority, you really have to be creative to avoid being stuck with the same combination of clothes every day.”Sergeenko给出的“零下着装建议”,其中有很多单品也是她为自己准备的。“并不是仅仅只有皮草。其实有许多漂亮的东西是只能在冬天才能穿戴的——袖套、安哥拉羊毛披肩、羊毛手套和靴套、有着精美刺绣的外套、厚重的斗篷、明艳的羽绒和雪地靴——这种用皮毛一体的羊皮做成的靴子真的非常保暖,舒适度也不错。这是一种非常传统的俄罗斯饰。当持续几个月的零下低温到来时,保暖才是最重要的事情,但又要多花点心思,免得每天都以差不多的形象示人。”You can match Sergeenko’s eclectic cold weather style with Brora’s embroidered shawls (£109) and folk-patterned cashmere gloves (£45); bright puffer jackets (£59.90) from Uniqlo and wool cape-coats (£299) by Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis.你可以在Sergeenko给出的冬季着装基础上,再搭配以Brora的刺绣披肩(售价109英镑)和有着民族风图案的开司米羊毛手套(售价45英镑)、优衣库的两色羽绒(售价59.90英镑)以及Somerset by Alice Temperley的羊毛斗篷外套(售价299英镑)。Olga Dunina, fashion director at Vogue Russia, has a more forgiving approach. “This winter I’m wearing a Chanel parka and Marc Jacobs lace-up combat boots with chunky knit socks. Or alternatively an Acne oversized sheepskin biker jacket with chunky knits from Stella McCartney and wool ribbed tights. It’s all about layering, most often with a chunky scarf I can use like a hood, and cashmere underwear from my favourite Russian cashmere designer, Tegin.”《Vogue》杂志俄罗斯版的时装总监奥尔加·杜妮娜(Olga Dunina)给出的方案则有更广阔的选择空间。“这个冬天,我穿着的是香奈儿的皮衣和马克·雅各布斯(Marc Jacobs)的系带军靴以及Stella McCartney的粗针短袜。或者还会选择一件Acne的宽松型羊皮机车夹克以及Stella McCartney的粗针毛衣和羊毛紧身衣。多层次混搭,通常我还会再来上一条编织围巾,可以用作头巾;以及由我最喜欢的俄罗斯开司米羊毛设计师Tegin出品的羊毛内衣。”As for men, Igor Garanin, fashion director of GQ Russia, says: “It’s all about layers and enormous scarves. Looking smart is the best way to keep warm with cashmere shirts and ties. This winter I really love the thick cashmere cardigans from Ballantyne, double-breasted coats by Dries Van Noten and scarves from Faliero Sarti.”至于男性,《GQ》杂志俄罗斯版的时装总监伊戈尔·加拉宁(Igor Garanin)说:“配搭和宽大的围巾最重要。穿戴羊绒衬衫和领带是让你看起来轻巧灵活并还能保暖的最好办法。这个冬天,我最爱的是来自Ballantyne 的超厚羊毛开衫、Dries Van Noten的双排扣外套,以及Faliero Sarti 的围巾。”Danish-born designer Peter Jensen, who swapped the freezing winters of his homeland for a different kind of cool in London’s East End, says: “I always start wearing two pairs of socks from the end of October – a normal pair and a pair of thick knitted ones. My mother still knits them for me. It is the only thing she can be bothered to knit now.”如今躲开自己家乡严寒的冬季,在伦敦东区工作和生活的丹麦设计师皮特·詹森(Peter Jensen)说:“我通常从10月底就开始穿两双袜子了——一双是普通袜子,另一双则是非常厚的针织袜。我的母亲现在还在为我织呢。这是目前为止她唯一百织不厌的东西。”And when he goes home? “I really like Sunspel’s thermal underwear and their cashmere scarves and gloves. I also have a great Junya Watanabe for Gloverall duffel coat with a zip-in padded lining. I wear my own label hats in lambswool. But my favourite cold weather essential is a heart-shaped hand-warmer. You just click it and it heats up. It makes you feel like you can go Christmas shopping for hours.”那他要是回家的话又穿什么呢?“我喜欢Sunspel的热能内衣以及他家的羊毛手套和围巾。我还有一件非常棒的渡边淳弥的牛角扣粗呢大衣,衬里装有可以拆卸的拉链。我还会戴上自己品牌的羔羊毛帽子。但要说我最爱的冬季必需品,那还得是那只心形的暖手炉。你只需要摁它一下,它就开始发热,暖和得让你觉得足可以应付好几个小时的圣诞血拼。” /201301/223555谷城县人民医院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱襄阳妇幼保健医院做无痛人流多少钱襄阳大型男科医院

襄阳第四人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱襄阳第一人民医院流产多少钱At auction spot, someone has lost a bag, in which has the vital document.The owner says, ;Once who picked it up brings it to me, I will take out 200 dollars to remunerate reward him or her.;On hearing the news, another chap shouts out:; I reward 300 dollars.;拍卖会上,有人的包丢了,里面装有重要文件。物主说:“有谁拣到送还,我将拿出200美元以表酬谢。”话刚出口,就听有人喊:“我出300美元。” /201307/247632襄樊妇幼保健院中医院流产怎么样中航工业三六四医院宫颈糜烂怎么样

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