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See how to do an exercise at home that targets your inner thighs.本视频将告诉你怎样在家中进行大腿内侧肌肉的锻炼。Step 1: Get a empty box1.找一个空箱子The best way you can work your inner thighs is to take an empty box and place some dumbbells or weights in the box. You don’t have to use weights; you can use any other stuff that’s heavy.锻炼大腿内侧肌肉最好的办法是找一个空箱子,在箱子里放一些哑铃或砝码。你不一定非要使用砝码,可以使用任何重物。Step 2: Place wieght in the box2.在箱子里放置重物In this here I’m using two 15 lb dumbbells, so I have 30 lbs in the box right now. But you can start off with whatever weight you’re comfortable with.在本视频中我使用的是两个15磅的哑铃,也就是箱子里有30磅的重物。但是你可以从自己感到舒适的任何重量开始锻炼。Step 3: Work your inner thighs3.锻炼大腿内侧肌肉As you can see, all I’m doing to work my inner thighs is kicking the box with the side of my foot. Now there are many different ways you can work your inner thighs with this exercise. You can kick the box like I’m doing here or you can get an even better inner thigh workout by adding more weight in the box and then dragging or sliding the box across the floor with the side of your foot like I’m doing now. As you can see, before I drag or slide the box in this version of the exercise I’m getting a real good stretch in my inner thighs first and then I drag or slide the box across the floor.你可以看到,我锻炼大腿内侧肌肉的方法就是用脚的一侧踢打箱子。使用这项运动来锻炼大腿内侧肌肉的方法有许多种。你可以像我这样踢打箱子,也可以在不增加箱子里的重量的情况下取得更好的锻炼效果。你可以像我这样使用双脚拖动箱子在地板上滑行。你可以看到,在拖着箱子进行这项运动之前,我首先对大腿内侧肌肉进行良好的伸展准备活动,然后才拖动箱子在地板上滑行。Step 4: Do this sitting down:4.坐着进行这项运动:Now if you’re lazy you can sit down in a chair and do this exercise. The best way to do this exercise sitting down is to just time yourself and do this exercise sitting down non-stop for 90 seconds and then resting for two or three minutes and then doing it again.如果你很懒,可以坐在椅子上进行这项运动。坐着进行这项锻炼最好的方法是为自己计时,连续做这项运动90秒钟,然后休息两三分钟,然后继续锻炼。Thanks for watching Best Exercise For Firming Up Inner Thighs.感谢收看“塑造大腿内侧肌肉的最佳运动”视频节目。 Article/201209/198702据美国媒体报道,荷兰政府12月30日宣布,荷兰将立即开始对飞往美国的乘客启用全身扫描安检设备,以防止今后再出现类似今年圣诞节炸机未遂事件的袭击。”穆塔拉布25日从尼日利亚飞抵荷兰阿姆斯特丹,在斯希普霍尔机场通过了安全检查并登上飞往美国底特律的飞机。Netherlands uses full-body scanners for airports security checksDutch authorities are insisting the country uses full-body scanners for security checks at airports, despite concerns about invasion of privacy. Following the failed attempt to bomb a Delta Airlines plane destined to the US, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam will have the new devices to scan US-bound passengers.It's a tough call but security concerns eventually override privacy worries.The Dutch authorities say normal metal detectors failed to detect the explosives Nigerian suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was carrying, allowing him to board the Delta Airlines flight.Guusje Ter Horst, Dutch Interior Minister, said, "The security gates that we have at our disposal now only detect metal objects and therefore we apply random body searches. This system is of course not fool-proof and that is why we have decided to make use of scanners at Schiphol for flights to the ed States."Neither the European Union or the US had earlier approved the routine use of a full-body scanner. Many passengers have also objected to its use, because radio waves generate a picture of the body through a person's clothing to spot hidden weapons or packages.The new scanner, however, will have a new software which projects a processed image onto a computer screen rather than the original body picture.The Dutch government has also given information about its investigation into the attempted attack on the US plane over Christmas.Guusje Ter Horst, Dutch Interior Minister, said, "The first conclusions of the investigation are that the preparations for the failed attack were fairly professional, but that the execution was amateurish. Secondly, the explosives used were neither easy to handle nor risk-free to prepare. "The Dutch security authorities have stressed the use of full-body scanners is necessary as they believe there is a new security threat... The warning follows recent information that the Nigerian suspect had links with Al Qaeda. Article/200912/93556You are a nerd, but it doesn#39;t mean you have to stay that way forever. We want you to be cool, you want to be cool...here#39;s how to be cool.你是个呆子,但是这并不意味着你永远都是这样。我们希望你能酷一点,你也希望能够酷一点。以下是我们的一点建议。Step 1: Get Some Skills1.掌握一些技巧Take something you like and get really good at it. Video games don#39;t count. They isolate you. Write. Surf. Snowboard.Anything. Being good at something makes you interesting - it gives you something to talk about and builds your confidence.培养一些兴趣爱好,并且要擅长。视频游戏不算数,因为这会让你和外界隔离。书法,冲浪,滑雪,任何事情都可以。某个方面的特长会让很有趣,也让你有和别人谈论的话题,并增强自信心。Following the fads is a dead end. Choose your own adventure and stick with it.追逐风尚是行不通的,选择自己的爱好,并且坚持下去。Step 2: Don#39;t Advertise2.不要做广告Everybody has a MySpace page, but you don#39;t need to load it up with revealing photos of yourself. Don#39;t overpost. Over-advertising yourself - or your iPhone or your sports car - is not cool.每个人都有自己的个人主页,但是你不需要上传炫耀自己的照片。不要过度宣传。大肆宣扬你自己,或者你的手机,或者你的跑车,都不能扮酷。Step 3: Get A Gimmick3.耍一点花招Quote Shakespeare. Do a card trick, or appreciate art. This will become your guaranteed ice breaker in any awkward social situation.引用莎士比亚的话。玩牌,或者欣赏艺术。在任何难堪的社交场合,这些都可以成功地帮你打破局面。Step 4: Don#39;t Be The Last To Leave4.不要最后一个离开You have better things to do than just hang around your friend#39;s house.你还有更好的事情去做,而不是一直逗留在你朋友的房间。Step 5: Don#39;t Do Everything You#39;re Told5.不要跟随别人的指令Really. Even by us.是的,即使是我们说的。Thanks for watching How To Be Cool.感谢收看“怎样扮酷”视频节目。 Article/201211/209260

Jelly Recipe. A basic guide to making one of the world#39;s most famous and well-loved children#39;s desserts. Serve with ice cream for that complete experience. Sample our Jelly recipe.果冻的制作方法。果冻是世界上最著名的,也是最受儿童欢迎的食品。来学学如何做果冻吧。At a glance概览:Serves: 4份数:4份Step 1: You will need1.所需食材:#8226;90 g packet of flavoured jelly powder1包90克的风味果冻粉#8226;90 g packet of a different flavoured jelly powder1包90克混合风味的果冻粉#8226;500 ml hot water500毫升热水#8226;500 ml cold water500毫升冷水#8226;1 flat tray1只托盘#8226;4 glass serving bowls4只玻璃碗#8226;1 whisk搅拌机#8226;1 ladle1只长柄勺#8226;1 large bowl1只大碗Step 2: Make the jelly2.制作Pour the first packet of jelly powder into a large bowl and while whisking, add the hot water. Whisk until the powder has dissolved. Slowly add half of the cold water and whisk once more. Repeat exactly the same process with the second packet of jelly.将第一包果冻粉倒在大碗里,边搅拌边倒入热水,直到果冻粉完全溶解。然后再搅拌一次,边搅拌边倒入冷水,250毫升为宜。对于混合风味的果冻粉,做法与上面一致。Step 3: Transfer the jelly3.塑形Generously ladle the jelly syrups into separate glass bowls.用长勺将搅拌好的果冻浆盛到玻璃碗中。Step 4: Chill4.冷冻Place the jelly in the fridge and chill for 2-4 hours, or according to the instructions on the packet.把盛着果冻浆的碗放到冰箱中冷冻2-4小时,具体时间长短可根据果冻粉包装袋上的说明进行调整。Step 5: Present and serve5.取出享用Remove the jelly from the fridge when fully set and serve with cream or ice cream.完全成型后从冰箱中取出果冻,加上奶油或冰激凌就可以享用了。Thanks for watching How To Make Jelly谢谢收看本期“自制果冻”节目。 Article/201208/196109

【视频欣赏】工作中,生活中,学习中,无论是做什么,自信都很重要。一个自信的人,身上闪耀着自信的光芒,不仅是他自己,同时也会给他周围的人以积极、乐观的处事态度,更高办事效率,以及百折不挠的精神。【Transcript】Step 1: Speak to inner gremlinsGet rid of those subconscious negative thoughts that make you seem more shy and self-conscious. Telling yourself that you are great and that will reflect in your body language.1.自我暗示抛掉那些潜意识里消极的想法,因为它们只能让你看起来更害羞,更忸怩。告诉自己,自己是很棒的。这在你的肢体语言中也会有所体现。Step 2: Realign postureWhen you feel shy or nervous, you tend to curl up and do barrier gestures, which make your posture seem more negative. Stretch up to your full height,as if you are trying to touch the ceiling with the top of your head. Bring your shoulders back and down, arch your back slightly and make sure your weight is evenly divided on both feet.2.调整姿势感到害羞或是紧张时,人总会放不开手脚,做一些阻挡性的动作,这会让你的举止显得不够落落大方。舒展身体,就像你要用头顶到天花板一样。肩膀向后下方微倾,后背稍成弧度,确保两脚均匀承受身体重量。Step 3: StressStress can tighten jaw muscles, creating a rigid mouth which can affect your speech. Pressing the tip of your tongue into the roof of your mouth will relax your jaw and make your face look more relaxed.3.应对压力当人感到压力时,颚部的咀嚼肌会紧张,导致口齿不灵活,影响你讲话。用你的舌尖顶上牙膛可以让你的颚部肌肉放松,也让你的脸部表情显得更自然。Step 4: Stretch upUse more open and emphatic gestures and stop using body barriers, such as folded arms and legs and other self-comforting gestures. Stand with your hands down around waist height, using them to gesticulate rather than fiddle.4.放开手脚放开手脚,多用些吸引他人注意力的手势,不要用阻挡性的肢体语言,比如合拢手臂,盘起大腿,以及其他一些自我安慰性的肢体语言。站立时,双手下放,置于腰际。记住,双手是用来做些手势的,而不是用来乱摆弄的。Step 5: Denial gesturesCombat the small little facial gestures, such as little shrugs and rolling of eyes that take the confidence out of your speech, especially when talking about yourself.5.杜绝小动作杜绝某些小动作,如耸耸肩,滚滚眼球什么的,因为这会让你在说话时,特别是谈到自己时,显得自信不足。Step 6: Eye contactIncrease eye contact, look a little bit longer when talking to people, but don't turn it into a stare.6.加强目光接触加强目光接触,和别人说话时多看对方几眼,但不要盯着人家看。 Article/201008/112518

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