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Two years ago, a group of Moscow restaurateurs made what on paper looked like a sound business decision. They chose a trendy location — Moscow’s Gorky Park, an oasis for hipsters — and opened a gleaming new restaurant called Oyster Bar, which planned to purvey molluscs and other imported delicacies to the city’s cosmopolitan elite.两年前,一群莫斯科餐馆老板做出了一个理论上貌似不错的商业决定。他们选择了一处时尚之地——潮人聚集的莫斯科高尔基公园(Gorky Park),开办了一家名为“牡蛎酒吧”(Oyster Bar)的全新餐厅,准备为莫斯科的国际化精英群体提供牡蛎和其他进口美食。One year later, in the wake of western sanctions, Vladimir Putin announced Russia would ban an array of American and European food products, including cheese, beef and seafood. Oyster Bar tried to rebrand — boldly renaming itself No Oyster Bar and relying on a of local ingredients — but the gamble didn’t pay off. The restaurant closed a few months later.一年后,随着西方国家的制裁,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)宣布禁止进口来自美国和欧洲的大多数食品,包括奶酪、牛肉和海鲜。牡蛎酒吧试图改头换面——大胆地更名为“无牡蛎酒吧”(No Oyster Bar),并依靠本地食材提供餐品——但这次押注并未奏效。餐厅在几个月后关张。The fate of Oyster Bar seems to fit a familiar narrative. Threatened by increasing western influence in Ukraine and the rise of Nato, Putin is hitting back against the west both in Ukraine and through a culture war at home, where a propaganda campaign has made Moscow’s pro-western, oyster-eating minority the enemy.对于牡蛎酒吧的命运,我们似曾相识。由于受到西方在乌克兰影响力日增以及北约(NATO)扩大的威胁,普京既在乌克兰也通过国内文化战对西方进行回击。在俄罗斯,一场宣传战已将莫斯科亲西方的、喜欢吃牡蛎的少数派变成了敌人。It is an allegory straight out of Tolstoy’s playbook. InAnna Karenina, the corpulent, adulterous, French-speaking Oblonsky orders a meal of Flensburg oysters, Parmesan and Chablis. His friend, the proletarian hero Levin, prefers cabbage soup and porridge.这是托尔斯泰(Tolstoy)剧本中常有的一幕。在《安娜愠列尼娜》(Anna Karenina)中,臃肿、荒淫、操着法语的奥勃朗斯基(Oblonsky)要了一桌包括弗伦斯堡牡蛎、帕尔马干酪和夏布利酒的大餐。而他的朋友、无产阶级英雄列文(Levin)更喜欢卷心菜汤和粥。On the Oblonsky-Levin scale, I probably lean more to the former. Returning to Russia from abroad, I’ve been known to stick copious amounts of jamón, Brie and Parmesan in my handbag. Yet during the ban I’ve found myself eating things such as scallops from Murmansk and crab from Magadan — and licking my fingers after every bite.如果将奥勃朗斯基与列文放在天平的两端,我可能更倾向于前者。很多人知道,我从国外回到俄罗斯时,手提包里总是塞满了伊比利亚火腿、布里干酪和帕尔马干酪。然而,在禁令期间,我发现自己吃东西——如来自尔曼斯克(Murmansk)的扇贝和来自马加丹(Magadan)的螃蟹——时,每咬一口都要吮吸自己的手指。Alexander Yezhel, an expert in the Russian mollusc industry, is inclined to agree with me. A former colonel for Russia’s security services with piercing blue eyes and a permatan, Yezhel reinvented himself upon retirement as a small-business owner. His trade: oysters.俄罗斯牡蛎行业专家亚历山大叶热列(Alexander Yezhel)倾向于同意我的观点。这位有着一双锐利的蓝色眼睛的俄罗斯情报部门前上校,在退休后当起了做牡蛎贸易的小企业主。Yezhel says Oyster Bar didn’t survive because its owners were “dilettantes”. For stalwarts, such as his own company Zhemchuzhina (Pearl), switching to local molluscs from Russia’s Far East and Black Sea regions has been good for the bottom line. Because the domestic oysters are cheaper, he can sell them at a higher mark-up than the French ones he used to import, a business strategy that has led to a 50 per cent increase in Zhemchuzhina’s profits, he says.叶热列说,牡蛎酒吧之所以倒闭,因为其所有者“不专业”。对于内行的公司,比如他自己的Zhemchuzhina(意思为珍珠),转而销售来自俄罗斯远东和黑海地区的本土牡蛎带来了不俗的业绩。他说,因为本土牡蛎更便宜,较之过去进口的法国牡蛎可以赚取更高的差价,这一商业策略已经使公司利润增加了50%。This is the Kremlin’s dream scenario and illustrates the two-pronged goal of the food ban: to boost patriotism and give Russians a chance to thumb their noses at the west, while also giving a fillip to Russia’s agricultural industry, which has lagged behind since the fall of the Soviet Union.这是克里姆林宫梦想的一幕,而且展示了食品禁令的双重目标:提振国民的爱国主义,给俄罗斯人一个蔑视西方的机会,同时也可以刺激一下自苏联解体以来一直处于落后状态的俄罗斯农业。The stimulus the ban provides is great in theory. But it does little to solve the industry’s longstanding problems: primarily, poor logistics and a lack of incentive to modernise and make the industry more competitive. While Yezhel’s oyster business may be booming, it is still dependent on the entrepreneur’s warehouse of aquariums in the Moscow suburbs. So fragmented is Russia’s national logistics system that it is quicker and easier for a shipment of oysters to travel from the country’s Far East to central Russia via Moscow than it would be to make the journey between the two destinations directly.进口禁令带来的激励在理论上是巨大的。但对于解决该行业长期存在的问题基本上没有帮助:主要是糟糕的物流,以及缺乏现代化、提高俄罗斯农产品行业竞争力的激励机制。虽然叶热列的牡蛎生意或许很红火,但它仍依赖于这名企业家设在莫斯科郊区的水族仓库。俄罗斯的全国物流体系如此割裂,以至于一批牡蛎从远东地区经由莫斯科到达俄罗斯中部,要比直接在这两个地区之间运输更快速、更便捷。The ban isn’t making Russian food products more competitive but creating an artificial lack of supply and driving up food prices in the process.进口禁令并未让俄罗斯的食品更具竞争力,却人为制造了供应不足,在此过程中推高了食品价格。Annual food inflation has risen to 20 per cent in Russia since the ban. Yet few in Russia seem to either make the connection between the two or to mind. In a poll conducted this month by Levada Centre, Russia’s most respected polling agency, two in three respondents said they viewed the ban positively.自实施禁令以来,俄罗斯年度食品通胀率已上升至20%。然而,在俄罗斯,似乎很少有人将两者联系起来,或者在意这一点。俄罗斯最受尊敬的民调机构列瓦达中心(Levada Centre)本月做的一项民调中,三分之二的受访者表示,他们持这一禁令。 Authorities risk alienating a larger swathe of the population with its newest decree, which declares that any sanctioned European or American food products that have found their way into Russia must be destroyed on the spot.俄罗斯当局最近冒着惹恼更多俄罗斯民众的风险颁布了最新法令:任何禁运的欧洲或美国食品,一经发现进入俄罗斯,必须当场销毁。Since the ban took effect on August 6, Russian state television has shown blanket coverage of the staged destructions, which at times appear like a parody of Russian bureaucracy. In one , a dour Russian official gravely s out the death decree for three frozen Hungarian geese found in a Tatarstan food shop. With half-a-dozen witnesses watching, the geese are then carefully arranged on the ground and run over multiple times by a bulldozer.自该法令8月6日生效以来,俄罗斯国家电视台对销毁禁运食品进行了铺天盖地的报道,有时看起来像是在“高级黑”俄罗斯的官僚主义。在一段视频中,一名脸色阴沉的俄罗斯官员严肃地宣读着对在一家鞑靼斯坦人开的食杂店发现的3只匈牙利冷冻鹅的销毁令。在6名见者的注视下,这些鹅随后被煞有介事地排列在地上,然后用推土机反复碾压。In a country that lived through the Leningrad blockade and b lines, the destruction decree has not been as widely popular as the ban. Nearly half of Russians polled by Levada said they viewed the new measure somewhat or very negatively, arguing that the food should be donated to the needy instead.在一个经历过列宁格勒(Leningrad)大围困和购买面包都要排队的国家,销毁令并没有像进口禁令那样得到广泛持。勒瓦达中心调查的俄罗斯人中,将近一半受访者称,他们对新措施持有一定程度或者非常负面的看法,认为应该把这些食品分发给穷人,而非销毁。One friend said her 95-year-old grandmother had watched the broadcast of the destruction, convinced that the authorities were only destroying food that was rotten or dangerous, so difficult was it to believe that they would raze it for another reason.一位朋友说,自己95岁的祖母看了销毁食品的电视转播,但她相信当局只是在销毁腐烂或危险的食品,很难相信会因为其他理由将食品全部销毁。The new decree may not be working entirely. On a recent evening at a Mediterranean restaurant in Moscow, my waiter cheekily confided that the halloumi on my plate had come from Greece, one of the sanctioned countries. Banning Brie and bulldozing geese is an easy matter on paper. Getting rid of the systemic problems — well, that’s another matter.新法令可能也无法彻底实施。最近一天晚上,我到莫斯科一家地中海风味餐厅用餐,务生嬉皮笑脸地对我吐露,我盘中的哈罗米芝士来自希腊——禁运国家之一。禁运布里干酪、碾压冷冻鹅在理论上都很简单。而摆脱系统性问题——嗯,那是另一回事了。 /201509/397108

An Indiana groom was fatally struck by a car Saturday after he pulled over to help a stranded motorist hours after his wedding.据美国福克斯新闻网站12月15日报道,美国印第安纳州一名男子在婚礼结束后的返程中停车帮助被一位困在雪地里的司机,却不幸被三辆车撞上,当场遇难。The Chicago Sun Times reports 49-year-old William Knight was driving with his bride Nikki to a hotel after their 5:00 p.m. ceremony when he spotted a vehicle in a ditch.据《芝加哥太阳时报》报道,现年49岁的威廉?奈特和新娘尼基在14日下午5点的婚礼仪式结束后驱车前往一家旅馆。大约晚上11时45分左右,他们看到一辆车被困在了雪地里。Nikki Knight told the paper Sunday her husband told her “we#39;ve got to stop, it#39;s late and they need help.” She says she stayed inside the car while her husband went out to the other vehicle.尼基说,威廉跟她说“我们必须停车,夜深了,他们需要帮助”。在她的印象里,当了12年兵的丈夫非常乐于助人。Knight said she then heard a thud, and went outside to investigate. William Knight and the driver of the other car, 42-year-old Linda Darlington, did not have pulses. The Chicago Sun Times reports authorities say it appears Knight and Darlington were first struck by one car and then hit two more times by two vehicles behind the first. His widow says Knight served as a U.S. Army Ranger for about 12 years, and would always put himself on the line to help others. ;I went from a being a newlywed to a widow in less than 48 hours—the highest high to the lowest low,; Nikki Knight said. ;It#39;s a blur.;威廉?奈特下车后,尼基在车上等着他。忽然间,尼基听到“砰”的一声巨响,她赶忙下车一探究竟,却震惊地发现丈夫和被困车辆的司机、42岁的琳达?达林顿已经没有了脉搏。“我在48小时内从新娘变成了寡妇,从快乐的巅峰坠入了痛苦的深渊,”尼基悲痛地说。Police said all drivers involved in the crash remained at the scene. No charges had been filed as of Sunday afternoon.当地官方称,威廉?奈特和达林顿似乎先是被一辆车撞倒,接着又被该车后面的两辆车撞上。目前所有涉案司机都在现场,截至当地时间15日下午,尚无人受到控告。 /201312/269258The rise of some careers – those of Lawrence Summers and Barack Obama, for example – is meteoric. They speed, seemingly unhindered by any obstacle, towards the positions of highest power.有一种人在事业上可谓平步青云,例如劳伦斯#8226;萨默斯(Lawrence Summers)和巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama):他们似乎没有遇到任何阻碍,就迅速坐上了最高权力的宝座。Janet Yellen belongs in a different category. Her rise was slow but implacable, and this year, at the age of 67, she overcame the president’s preference for his former adviser Summers to win the most powerful economic job of all: chair of the US Federal Reserve.但珍妮特#8226;耶伦(Janet Yellen)属于另一种人。她的事业上升速度缓慢,但势不可挡。今年,67岁的她力克奥巴马总统对前经济顾问萨默斯的偏爱,赢得了代表经济领域权力巅峰的职位:美联储(Fed)主席。Accepting the nomination from Obama with the broadest of smiles, in her Brooklyn accent, the first woman to hold the post showed the determination to tackle high unemployment that has been her calling card as Fed vice-chair.在接受奥巴马总统提名时,笑容舒展的耶伦操持着她的布鲁克林口音,表达了自己解决失业率高居不下问题的决心——这是她担任美联储副主席期间广为人知的一张名片。耶伦是美联储的首位女性掌门人。“While we have made progress, we have further to go,” she said. “Too many Americans still can’t find a job and worry about how they will pay their bills and provide for their families.”“尽管我们取得了一些进展,但前面还有一段路要走。”她说,“还有太多的美国人仍没有找到工作,仍愁着如何才能付掉各种账单、才能供养家庭。”Yellen grew up in a working-class area of New York but her family was well-provided for: her father was a doctor who worked from the ground floor of their terraced house. Academically, she excelled. It was traditional for the editor of the school newspaper to interview the student graduating top of the year so Yellen ended up interviewing herself.耶伦在纽约一个工薪阶层社区长大,但她的家庭条件不错:她父亲是医生,工作地点就设在他们家所住的排屋一楼。耶伦学业出众。她是校报的主编,按照校报的传统,主编要采访当年毕业生中的第一名,结果耶伦自己采访了自己。She went to Brown University and then on to Yale for a doctorate. Her professor was James Tobin, the future Nobel laureate who refined Keynesian economics in the 1950s and 1960s but was also intensely interested in the real world of policy. “He encouraged his students to do work that was about something,” Yellen said of Tobin after he died. “Work that would not only meet a high intellectual standard but would improve the wellbeing of mankind.”她先是就读于布朗大学(Brown University),后来又赴耶鲁(Yale)攻读士学位,师从后获得诺贝尔经济学奖的詹姆斯#8226;托宾(James Tobin)。托宾于上世纪五六十年代改良了凯恩斯的经济学理论,同时也极为关注现实世界的政策。“他鼓励自己的学生做点实事,”耶伦在托宾去世后说,“这些事不仅要在学术上达到高标准,而且要有助于增进人类的福祉。”Her first tour at the Fed, working as an economist, came in 1977 where she also met her husband-to-be, George Akerlof, in the central bank’s cafeteria. “We liked each other immediately and decided to get married,” wrote Akerlof after he won the 2001 Nobel Prize in economics. “Not only did our personalities mesh perfectly but we have also always been in all but perfect agreement about macroeconomics.”耶伦第一次加入美联储是在1977年,担任经济学家。也是在美联储的咖啡厅里,她遇到了未来的丈夫乔治#8226;阿克洛夫(George Akerlof)。“我们一见钟情,然后决定结婚,”阿克洛夫在获得2001年诺贝尔经济学奖后写道,“我们不仅性格非常契合,而且在宏观经济学上也一直能达成几乎完美的共识。”A successful, but not stellar, career in academia followed at the University of California, Berkeley. The couple collaborated on research and Yellen was a popular teacher at the university’s Haas School of Business.这对夫妇随后在加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)开始了一段成功的执教生涯,但彼时他们的成就还不太耀眼。耶伦与丈夫在研究上相互协助,而她也是该校哈斯商学院(Haas School of Business)颇具人气的教师。Her destiny seemed to be that of any other university professor. But Yellen’s qualities – her interest in policy, the meticulous way she prepared and thought about problems and her social skills – had been noted by colleagues, some of whom were close to, or part of, the Clinton administration.那时,等待耶伦的命运看上去与其他大学教授没什么两样。但在那时,她的才干——对政策的兴趣、预备和思考问题时的一丝不苟、以及社交能力——已经引起了一些同事的注意。他们中的一些人跟克林顿政府关系密切、或就在克林顿政府内任职。In 1994, aged 48, Yellen became a Fed governor and over the next 20 years there followed a succession of policy jobs: chairman of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, president of the San Francisco Fed and, finally, vice-chair of the Fed itself.1994年,当时48岁的耶伦成为美国联邦储备委员会委员。在接下来的20年里,她又相继担任了若干与政策相关的职务,包括克林顿总统时期的白宫经济顾问委员会(Council of Economic Advisers)主席,旧金山联邦储备(San Francisco Fed)行长,以及美联储副主席。Her ascent has not been entirely smooth. The period in the White House was difficult, say colleagues from that time, as she ran up against political operators. But that experience also taught her steeliness. Good luck to any official who “forgot” to invite her to an important meeting.耶伦的升迁之路并非一帆风顺。据她过去在白宫的同事讲,耶伦那时的日子并不好过,她经常在操纵政治的人那里碰钉子。但那段经历也让她炼成了钢铁般的意志。那些曾“忘记”邀请她参加某个重要会议的官员,祝你们好运。Yellen’s arrival will improve the Obama administration’s dismal record of appointing women to top economic jobs. She will join Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, at the helm of the global economy. The two are friends and can be spotted sitting next to each other at events such as the annual Kansas City Fed conference.耶伦出任美联储主席,将改善奥巴马政府在任命女性担任经济领域重要职务方面的糟糕记录。她将跟随国际货币基金组织(IMF)主席克里斯蒂娜#8226;拉加德(Christine Lagarde)的脚步,加入世界经济掌舵者的行列。她们俩是朋友,在堪萨斯城联邦储备的年度会议等活动中,可以看到两人坐在一起。“I’m overjoyed,” said Lagarde, when asked about the selection of Yellen. The new Fed chair, she added, is “as good as you can get”.当被问及对耶伦被选中的感想时,拉加德说:“我非常高兴。”她补充道,这位新任美联储主席是“现有的最佳人选”。 /201312/269280

A few years ago, executives at PepsiCo gave the Ramp;D department a challenge: Find a way to cut the sodium content of snack foods, while still keeping the salty taste consumers crave.几年前,百事可乐公司(PepsiCo)的高层给他们的研发部门出了个难题:想办法降低零食中的钠含量,同时保持消费者喜欢的那种咸味。After toiling away in their own labs and searching across the packaged-foods industry for ideas, the scientists found what they were looking for — in a global research lab that was studying osteoporosis.为了寻找思路,该公司的科研人员在自家的实验室里想尽了办法,还把包装食品行业翻了个遍。最终,他们在一家研究骨质疏松症的全球性实验室里找到了。What do salty snacks and bone disease have to do with each other? Nothing, except when it comes to so-called open innovation. The osteoporosis researchers had developed a way to create nanoparticles of a low-sodium, salt-like substance by “smashing calcium into tiny particles and re-growing it,” says Andy Zynga, CEO of innovation firm NineSigma. That gave PepsiCo’s food scientists a whole new perspective on the task, so “the company went on to solve its problem in a truly innovative way.”咸味零食和骨质疏松有什么瓜葛?如果不提到所谓的“开放式创新”,它们就一点儿关系也没有。创新公司NineSigma的首席执行官安迪o辛加指出,骨质疏松症的研究人员找到了制造低钠类盐纳米颗粒的办法,那就是“把钙碾成细微颗粒,然后让它们重新生长”。这让百事可乐的食品科学家对如何完成自己手中的任务有了全新的思路,就这样,“该公司开始用一种真正的创新途径来解决自己的问题”。PepsiCo isn’t the only one to have based a big innovation on an idea that originated in a totally different business, for a different purpose altogether. Procter amp; Gamble, for instance, found a way to reduce the wrinkles in shirts fresh out of the dryer by starting with a polymer invented by a computer chip expert at a European university.以源自不同行业、不同初衷的点子为基础而开展重大创新的企业并非只有百事可乐一家。举例来说,宝洁公司(Procter amp; Gamble)找到了减少烘干衬衣起皱的办法,而其起点是欧洲一所大学的计算机芯片专家所发明的聚合物。Zynga, whose firm counts Xerox, Pfizer, Kraft, Siemens, and many other heavy hitters among its clients, says any company can make profitable use of ideas from other, seemingly unrelated fields. The first step in what’s commonly called open innovation, he says, is to reframe the question of what you’re looking for.辛加的公司务于施乐(Xerox)、辉瑞制药(Pfizer)、卡夫食品(Kraft)、西门子(Siemens)等诸多重量级公司。他说,任何企业都可以在看似不相关的领域找到可用于盈利的点子。这通常被称为开放式创新,而这项工作的第一步就是重新梳理你正在探究的问题。“State the problem in its most basic form,” he suggests. In Pamp;G’s case, instead of looking for ideas on, say, “how to make fabrics less wrinkly,” the company put the word out that it sought proposals on “relaxing surface tension of an organic material.” Expanding the definition of the goal “lets you cast a very wide net, so you can find workable solutions in places you might never have thought of looking,” Zynga says.辛加的建议是“用最基本的形式来表述问题。”在上述案例中,宝洁在寻找思路时并没有问“怎么才能让织物不那么容易起皱呢?”相反,该公司寻求的方案是“降低有机材料的表面张力”。辛加说,扩大界定目标的范围“可以让人们广泛撒网,从而在可能永远也想不到的领域里找到可行方案”。NineSigma has built a database of more than 2 million companies, nonprofits, and university labs worldwide, where its teams of consultants search for useful technologies on clients’ behalf, but Zynga maintains that anyone with a tricky problem to solve can do something similar.NineSigma建立的数据库包含全世界的200多万家公司、非营利组织和大学实验室。该公司顾问团队在这里为客户搜寻有用的技术。但辛加仍然认为,面对棘手问题,任何人都可以采用类似的解决方法。“Start with a basic problem statement that doesn’t limit you to your own industry,” he suggests. “Then, go and talk to suppliers, customers, and universities. Some of our clients have technology scouts who are constantly going to conferences to talk with experts in other fields, to see what they can apply to improving their own products.” The more varied technologies you have to choose from, he adds, the better your chances of “advancing above and beyond what your competition is doing.”他建议说:“从问题的基本描述着手,不要局限于自己的行业。然后,和供应商、客户还有高校进行交流。我们的一些客户有技术侦察人员,这些人经常去参加会议,目的就是和其他领域的专家交谈,看看有没有什么东西可以用来改善自己公司的产品。”辛加指出,可供选择的技术越是多元化,就越有可能“达到比竞争对手更高的层次,走的比他们更远。”That’s not to say that an innovation from elsewhere will always be welcome in-house. One obstacle to open innovation is a cognitive bias that psychologists call “functional fixedness,” meaning that a company’s own Ramp;D experts “can’t get past the way they have always looked, and where they have always looked, for solutions,” Zynga says. “Ironically, the more success they’ve had with their usual approach to a problem, the harder it is to imagine a totally different one.”但这并不是说企业总会欣然接受源于别处的创新。开放式创新的一个障碍是一种认知倾向,心理学家把这种倾向称为“功能固着”,意思是说公司自己的研发专家“无法摆脱他们以往寻找解决方案的途径和领域。”辛加说:“具有讽刺意味的是,通过常用方法成功解决的问题越多,想出一个完全不同的解决方案就会变得越困难。”To change that, Zynga suggests appointing what he calls “a functional fixedness SWAT team — a group of innovators who embrace the idea of collaborating with others outside industry walls.” He’s seen such teams unearth enough helpful ideas from surprising sources that they’ve inspired their colleagues to “evolve from a closed loop to an open one.”要改变这种情况,辛加建议成立一个他所描述的“功能固着‘特警小组’,也就是一个由创新人员组成的团队,其中的成员愿意和本行业以外的人进行合作。”辛加见过这样的团队从意想不到的地方发掘出了大量有用的点子,从而给同事们带来启发,让他们的思路“从封闭走向开放”。 /201411/344397The brother of China#39;s last emperor who was pushed off the throne more than 100 years ago has died.100多年前被迫退位的中国最后一位皇帝的弟弟去世了。Puren was the youngest brother of the final Qing monarch Puyi, who ruled for four years until 1912.爱新觉罗·溥任是清朝最后一位皇帝溥仪最小的弟弟,溥仪在位4年,于1912年退位。The 96-year-old died on Friday after beingtaken to hospital with pneumonia in February, his family said.溥任周五去世,享年96岁,二月份的时候因肺炎住院,他的家人说。He had been suffering from poor health and memory loss in recent years.最近几年,他的身体和都很不好。One of his sons told The Legal Evening Newsthat Puren - who took the Chinese name Jin Youzhi - was #39;almost deaf#39;.他的一个儿子对《法制晚报》说,溥任——又名金友之——之前;几乎聋;了。#39;He even couldn#39;t hold a pen... he couldn#39;t recognise people,#39; the son added.;他都没办法拿笔,认不清谁是谁,;他的儿子说。The former emperor is pictured (right) with their father and younger brother in front of a beautiful picture溥仪(右)与父亲以及弟弟拍照Puyi became emperor in 1908 when he was two years and ten months old. His abdication ended the rule of the Qing dynasty,which began in 1644.溥仪1908年继位时才2岁零10个月大。他的退位结束了清朝的统治,清朝始于1644年。After the government took power in 1912Puyi and his close family were forced to live within the walls of the Forbidden City, where they retained imperial traditions and were tended to by eunuchs.在政府1912年接管权力后,溥仪和他的家人被迫居住在紫禁城墙里,在这里他们保留了皇家的传统,并且还有太监照顾他们。They were expelled from the palace complexin 1917.1917年他们被赶出紫禁城。Puren established a primary school with the help of his father in the 1940s and continued to teach until he retired in thelate 1960s. He reportedly had three sons and two daughters.1940年代,在父亲的帮助下溥任建立了一所小学,一直教学,直到1960年代退休。据报道,他有三个儿子和两个女儿。The Communist party which took power in 1949 also reportedly gave him a place on the local Beijing branch of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference, a mostly symbolic body.中共于1949年掌权,并赋予他北京政协委员的职位,政协是个象征性的机构。A memorial for Puren will be held at the Babaoshan Cemetery in Beijing.北京八宝山公墓将举行他的追悼会。 /201504/370630

Tumbling oil prices have long been seen as kryptonite for clean energy companies — and share prices of some of the world’s best known renewable power groups have slumped in the wake of the latest slide in crude.油价暴跌一向被视为清洁能源企业的克星。近期原油价格大幅下滑,一些世界最知名的可再生能源集团的股价也随之猛跌。Shares in Denmark’s Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine supplier, dived after the oil producers’ cartel Opec decided not to cut production in late November and prices are still down 11 per cent, noticeably below the broader market.11月末石油输出国组织(Opec,简称欧佩克)决定不减产后,丹麦维斯塔斯公司(Vestas)的股价应声暴跌——目前跌幅仍达11%,明显逊于整体股市表现。维斯塔斯是全球最大的风力涡轮发电机供应商。The Chinese solar panel giant, Yingli Green Energy, and Tesla Motors, the US electric carmaker, have suffered even sharper share price falls. Crude’s surprise rise of a barrel to .40 on Wednesday did little to halt the decline.还有两只股票跌幅更大,中国太阳能电池板巨头英利绿色能源(Yingli Green Energy)和美国电动汽车制造商特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)。即使周三原油价格意外回涨3美元,至63.4美元每桶,也未能遏制这两家公司股票的跌势。Even before Opec’s move, lower oil prices appeared to be hitting hybrid cars in the US, where sales were down 11 per cent in November compared with the same month last year. Sales of some models of fuel-hungry sports utility vehicles, meanwhile, were as much as 91 per cent higher last month than a year ago.在欧佩克做出不减产决定之前,油价下跌似乎就已经开始冲击美国混合动力车市场。11月美国混合动力车销量同比下降11%。同时,一些耗油量大的运动型多功能车(SUV)销量同比上升了91%。That trend may not be so pronounced in other industrialised countries where taxes make up a bigger component of pump prices than they do in the US. And some analysts say the market has overreacted when it comes to wind and solar companies.这种趋势在其他发达国家或许不那么明显,因为与美国相比,这些国家的成品油零售价中税项所占的比例较大。一些分析人士称,对于风能、太阳能相关企业,市场反应过度了。However, there is still a large question about how a prolonged period of low crude prices might affect global investment in clean energy, which has climbed from bn in 2004 to about 1bn last year.然而,一个更大的问题是,假如原油价格长期处于低位,全球范围内的清洁能源投资会受到什么影响?此类投资已经从2004年的600亿美元攀升至2013年的2510亿美元。A large chunk of that investment has been powered by the growth of renewable energy subsidies and analysts say a sustained bout of cheap oil dents the arguments many governments make that consumers are better off funding renewables because fossil fuel prices are likely to rise while wind and solar prices fall.可再生能源补贴的增长带动了很大一部分清洁能源投资。分析人士表示,原油价格持续低企会削弱许多政府的以下论点,即投资发展可再生能源会让消费者享受更多实惠,因为化石能源价格可能会升高,而风能和太阳能价格会降低。“Much policy in recent years has been justified on the basis of scarce hydrocarbons and continually rising prices of said hydrocarbons,” said Ian Temperton of Climate Change Capital, a green investment specialist owned by Bunge, the global agribusiness.“近年来许多政策的依据都是烃类能源的稀缺性,以及这类能源持续走高的价格趋势,”跨国农业集团邦吉(Bunge)旗下绿色投资企业——气候变化资本(Climate Change Capital)的伊恩#8226;坦珀顿(Ian Temperton)说。This argument may have to be adjusted even if the latest oil-price rout eases, he says, because if governments end up taking tougher action on global warming, such as the international climate deal to be sealed in Paris next year, it may dampen fossil fuel use.坦珀顿表示,即使最近的油价崩盘有所好转,这种论点或许也需要调整,因为如果政府最终对全球变暖采取更大力度的行动,比如计划明年在巴黎签署的国际气候协议,这些行动或许会抑制化石能源的使用。“Policy makers will have to come to terms with the fact that if the plan is to stop using hydrocarbons before we run out of them, then they will go into oversupply and their price will fall in the long term,” said Mr Temperton.“政策制定者必须接受以下事实,如果相关计划是在我们逐渐用完烃类能源前停止使用此类能源,那么烃类能源将供过于求,其价格在长期来看将下降,”坦珀顿说。For the moment, it is still too early to be able to discern a meaningful impact on renewable investment trends from falling oil prices. But at first glance, history suggests the impact could be serious.就目前来说,要辨明油价下跌对可再生能源投资是否有实质性影响,还为时过早。但若是根据历史情况初步判断,这种影响可能会十分严重。A jump in crude prices during the 1970s Arab oil embargo prompted what looked like a new age of green energy, not least in the US.20世纪70年代阿拉伯国家石油禁运导致原油价格飙涨,使美国等国家迎来了绿色能源的新纪元。Solar panels went up on the roof of the White House then occupied by President Jimmy Carter, while a raft of energy conservation measures were launched and insulation rates rose.时任美国总统吉米#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)在白宫屋顶安装了太阳能电池板,同时政府推出了许多节能措施,绝热率也上升了。As oil prices came down, however, so did the White House solar panels, under President Ronald Reagan, along with investment in a nascent wind and solar industry. Sales of gas-guzzling vehicles, on the other hand, climbed.然而,当油价降了下来,白宫屋顶的太阳能电池板也在总统罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)任内被拆除,对新兴的风能和太阳能产业的投资也随之下降。同时,高油耗汽车的销量则提高了。Today, however, a new driver of clean energy investment has emerged in the shape of global warming concerns. This was not the case last century, when worries centred on too heavy a reliance on foreign oil imports.现在,全球对气候变暖的担忧成为了带动清洁能源投资的新动力。而在上世纪,情况并非如此,当时的忧虑主要集中在对外国原油进口的过分依赖上。“Back then the prospect of climate change barely registered as a policy concern,” said Maria van der Hoeven, executive director of the International Energy Agency. “Today we know otherwise,” she said, adding that governments should take advantage of the latest oil price slump to encourage more low-carbon investment, by eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and putting a meaningful price on carbon.“那时,气候变化的前景几乎未被纳入政策制定的关注范畴,”国际能源署(International Energy Agency)总干事玛丽亚#8226;范德胡芬(Maria van der Hoeven)称,“如今我们知道情况不同了。”她补充道,各国政府应该利用这次油价下跌的机会,通过取消化石能源补贴以及制定合理碳税,鼓励增加对低碳产业的投资。There are now more than 480 climate change laws in countries around the world, up from fewer than 40 in 1997, according to Globe International, a legislator body that annually assesses laws to combat global warming.根据Globe International的数据,目前世界各国共有超过480部有关气候变化的法律,而1997年不足40部。该机构是每年对抵御全球变暖的法律进行评估的立法者团体。That includes those subsidies for wind farms and solar plants that have pushed up green-energy use worldwide, especially in countries such as Germany, Europe’s largest economy, where renewables now account for as much as a quarter of the electricity used.其中包含一些向风力发电厂和太阳能发电厂提供补贴的措施。正是这两类发电厂推动了绿色能源在全球范围的应用,特别是在欧洲最大经济体德国,可再生能源如今为德国供给1/4的电力。That support — plus the fact that the use of oil-fired power plants has declined sharply in many countries — is one reason analysts say share market slides in some renewables companies may be overblown.这种持措施,再加上很多国家的燃油发电站急剧减少的情况,是分析师认为一些可再生能源股已经跌得过多的一个原因。“The conventional wisdom is that if oil prices go down, then it drags down power prices and makes wind and solar look more expensive,” said Credit Suisse analyst Mark Freshney. The correlation is a lot more complicated now, he says. “But I think there is still a perception in the market that the link exists.”瑞信(Credit Suisse)分析师马克#8226;弗雷谢尼(Mark Freshney)称:“传统观点认为,如果油价下滑,便会拉低电价,使风能和太阳能显得更贵。”他称,这种关联如今变得复杂得多。“不过,我觉得市场中仍然有人认为存在这种关联。”Some parts of the clean energy industry, such as biofuels, may face a greater risk from cheap oil. But analysts say the broader investment outlook is uncertain.清洁能源产业中的个别领域,比如生物能源,遭受低油价冲击的风险可能更大。不过分析师称,整体产业投资前景目前尚不明朗。“We do not expect a lot of impact unless the oil price falls significantly further and stays at those lower levels,” says Angus McCrone of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a research group.“我们不认为会产生很大影响,除非油价进一步急剧下跌并维持在较低水平,”彭新能源财经(Bloomberg New Energy Finance)的分析师安格斯#8226;麦克龙(Angus McCrone)称。Even in regions where oil prices are linked to some gas contracts, such as Europe, it is difficult to see a short term impact on renewables, he says.麦克龙称,即使在油价与天然气合约存在关联的地区,比如欧洲,也不太可能看到油价对可再生能源形成短期冲击。“Weaker gas prices in Europe could give utilities a reason to burn more gas and less coal,” says Mr McCrone. “But there is no reason at the moment to expect an impact on wind and solar investment,” he says, because investment decisions are driven largely by national incentive schemes.“欧洲天然气价下跌,可能给公共事业部门提供一个燃烧更多天然气、减少使用煤炭的理由,”麦卡龙称,“但是,目前没有理由认为这会对风能和太阳能投资造成冲击。”他称,这是因为相关投资决定很大程度上是受国家激励计划的驱动。“The chances of early policy changes are slim, since no country would base its strategy for the future power mix on short-term movements in the spot price of gas,” he said.他称:“初期发生政策变动的几率不大,因为没有国家会把未来能源构成战略建立在天然气现货价格的短期波动上。”A shift in the way electricity is generated since the days of the Arab oil embargo is also important, say some wind industry leaders.风电行业的重量级人物称,自阿拉伯石油禁运时代之后发电方式的转变,也是一个重要因素。“We don’t compete with oil,” said Steve Sawyer, secretary-general of the Global Wind Energy Council.全球风能理事会(Global Wind Energy Council)秘书长史蒂夫#8226;索耶(Steve Sawyer)表示:“我们不与石油竞争。”“Twenty-five years ago there was a substantial amount of electricity generated by oil, but not now,” he said, adding the cost of wind power had declined so much that even with crude at a barrel, wind farms could be competitive with the diesel generation still used in some developing countries and island states.“25年前,石油发电量相当大,但现在不一样,”索耶补充称,风力发电的成本已经大为降低,即便原油价格降到每桶30美元,风力发电厂仍然可以与柴油发电(一些发展中国家和岛国仍然使用这种发电方式)竞争。 /201412/350067

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