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上海市曙光医院纹眉多少钱上海曙光医院去眼袋多少钱崇明膨体隆鼻多少钱 Achievement on Science and Technology南北朝时期的科技成就During this period of near-constant political and military strife, achievements on agriculture,chronometer and mechanical manufacture found a farther way.在这个充满了不断的政治与军事冲突的年代,农业、计时器和机械制造上却取得了更加深入的成就。Jia Sixie who is a viceroy of Northern Wei compiled a book named Essential Skills in Improving People’s Life in which he summed up laboring people’s experience and skills in farming and husbandry.北魏官员贾思勰一本名为《齐民要术》的书,在书中他总结了劳动人民在农业与饲养方面的经验与技能。The practice of some advanced skill of planting and drought control narrated in the book had been proved to be effective.其中一些有关种植与干旱控制的先进技术被验了是行之有效的。Another important geographic work is Notes on Water Classic, written by Li Daoyuan.另一本重要的地理学著作是郦道元的《水经注》。The comprehensive geographic work recorded the hydrology of the Yangtze River area including detailed records of the source, vegetation, relief and networks of 1252 rivers and watercourses with ample illustrations and maps.这本综合性的地理学书籍记录了扬子江流域的水文地理,其中包含详尽的水源、植被、赈济与1252条河流和水道之间关系的记录并配有丰富的例与地图。Ancient watermarks in the form of 14—scaled fish and inscriptions have been found in White Crane Ridge in today’s Chongqing.以拥有14片鳞片的鱼为图样的古老水位标示和刻印在今天重庆的白鹤桥被发现。Those records of the hydrology of the Yangtze River accord with the narration in this book.那些扬子江的水位记录与这本书中所描绘的一致。Zu Chongzhi (429—500), an outstanding scientist invented a kind of millstone driven by water power.祖冲之(429——500)是一位杰出的科学家,他发明了一种由水力驱动的磨石。This mill effectively relieved people of the heavy and inefficient handiwork.这种磨可以有效地将人们从沉重低效的手工劳动中解放出来。What makes him known is that he had correctly placed the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter between 3.1415926 and 3.1415927 while the western mathematician didn’t figure it out until several centuries later.让他闻名于世的一件事是他正确的算出了圆周率的数值为3.1415926到3.1415927之间,而西方的数学家直到7个世纪之后才计算了出来。 /201510/398422The reason dogs are not allowed in space travel不被允许在太空遨游的原因What#39;s going on here? Who the hell opened a window!?发生了什么?到底是谁开了一扇窗!? /201512/417751上海人民医院玻尿酸多少钱

上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院光子脱毛多少钱Drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial to the heart, a new study has revealed. Those who drink wine, spirits or beer regularly are less prone to heart failure and heart attacks than people who rarely or never drink.一项最新研究表明,适度饮酒对心脏有益。那些规律饮红酒、烈酒或啤酒的人与从不或极少饮酒的人相比,患心力衰竭和心脏病发作的几率要小。Three to five drinks a week are part of a heart-healthy lifestyle, scientists concluded.科学家对此做出总结:每周喝三到五杯酒是对心脏有益的健康生活方式。Drinking a little alcohol every day can be part of a healthy lifestyle, Imre Janszky, a professor of social medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology said. When consumed in moderation, alcohol does more good than harm, he added.挪威科技自然大学社会医学教授伊姆勒·央斯基表示,每天少量饮酒是健康生活方式的一部分。他还补充说道,只要适度饮用,酒精就会利大于弊。It#39;s primarily the alcohol that leads to more good cholesterol, among other things,#39; he said. But alcohol can also cause higher blood pressure, so it#39;s best to drink moderate amounts relatively often.#39;“最主要的是,酒精能够产生更多有益胆固醇。”他说。“但酒精同时会造成高血压,所以,最好是规律饮酒,且每次适量。”There is a general consensus among the scientific community that three to five drinks a week can be good for the heart.在科学界一直都有一个共识:每周三到五杯酒是对心脏有益的。The relationship between alcohol and heart health has been studied in many countries, including the USA and southern European nations,#39; Professor Janszky said.“包括美国和南欧一些国家在内的很多国家已经研究了酒精和心脏健康的关系。”央斯基教授说。 /201602/427702静安假体丰胸多少钱 上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院激光去斑手术价格

上海市新华医院打溶脂针的费用The Three Kingdoms三国Battle of Red Cliffs赤壁之战In 208, Zhou Yu and Liu Bei led their forces to fight Cao Cao.208年,周瑜和刘备领导他们的军队抗击曹操。Cao Cao led a force of 300 000 to attack Wu.曹操带领300000兵力攻击吴国。Zhou Yu led the Wu forces (30 000) with Liu Bei’s forces (20 000).周瑜带领吴国的30000人马和刘备的20000人马。Cao Cao had previously linked his ships together because his men were mainly composed of Northerners who were not accustomed to fighting on water;they were also sick after an epidemic.曹操在开战前就将他的船只都拴在了一起因为他的军队中大多是北方人,不习惯于水上作战,而且将士们还感染了风寒。In the mean time, Huang Gai faked himself a turncoat, seeking giving top secret of Wu’s army to Cao Cao.同时,黄盖装作吴国的叛徒,企图将吴军的顶级机密告诉曹操。At the night of the battle, Huang Gai fabricated his escape from the South side of the Yangtse River where Wu’s camp is to the North side where Wei’s base is.作战之夜,黄盖假装从扬子江南边的吴军营地溜到了北边的魏军营地。Near the Northern bank, Huang Gai set his tail boat on fire.他在北岸附近点燃了自己的长尾船。The Cao Cao’s armada, connected together, was caught fired in the bay and nearly totally destroyed.曹操联接在一起的舰队在河湾上着了火,几乎全军覆没。Zhou Yu, at this time, sent his whole army against Cao Cao’s army which lost all its morale.这时周瑜派出所有士兵袭击丧失斗志的曹操军队。Cao Cao decided it would be best to retreat.曹操决定最好先撤退。The result of the Battle of Red Clifk greatly hindered Cao Cao’s expension across Yangtse River into the Southern China.赤壁之战的结果极大地阻止了曹操跨过扬子江向中国南部的扩张。 /201510/398244 The graying of the population could shrink the number of working-age adults by more than 10 percent in China by 2040, a report from the World Bank said on Wednesday.世界在周三的一则报告中称,人口的老龄化将会使中国在2040年时劳动力人口缩减至少10%。It means a net loss of 90 million workers in the country until that time, according to the report named ;Live Long and Prosper: Aging in East Asia and Pacific;.据世界的题为《福寿延年:东亚与太平洋地区的人口老龄化》的报告,它认为中国的劳动力到2040年将净损失9千万。;Developing middle-income countries in East Asia, such as China, are aly aging quickly and face some of the most pressing challenges in managing aging,; it said.“东亚的中等收入发展中国家,比如中国,人口老龄化在逐步加剧,并正在面临老龄化问题带来的最严重挑战。”报告称。East Asia, as the Word Bank#39;s research showed, is aging faster than any other region in history. Nearly 36 percent of the world#39;s population aged 65 and over, or 211 million people, live in this region, which is the largest share among all regions in the world.正如世界的报告显示,东亚地区的人口老龄化速度比史上其他地区要快。全世界65岁及以上的人口中有36%分布在东亚,人数达到2.11亿,在世界所有地区中占比最大。The bank warned that the rapid pace and sheer scale of aging in East Asia raises policy challenges, economic and fiscal pressure, as well as social risks. ;Without reforms, for example, pension spending in the region is projected to increase by eight to 10 percent of GDP by 2070.;世界警告说,东亚地区如此快的老龄化速度及其庞大的规模带来了政策的挑战、经济和财政压力,以及社会潜在威胁。“如果不改革,比如仅就养老金来说,到2070年该地区养老金出可能提高到占GDP的8%到10%。”Axel van Trotsenburg, regional vice-president of the World Bank#39;s East Asia and Pacific Region, said on Wednesday that ;East Asia Pacific has undergone the most dramatic demographic transition we have ever seen, and all developing countries in the region risk getting old before getting rich.;世界东亚太平洋地区区域副总裁阿克塞尔·冯·托森伯格在周三说,“在东亚太平洋地区我们亲历了最严重的人口巨变,本区域所有的发展中国家未老先衰。”He suggested a comprehensive policy approach across the life cycle to enhance labor-force participation and encourage healthy lifestyle through structural reforms in childcare, education, healthcare, pensions, long-term care and more.他建议通过对育儿、教育、医疗、养老金、长期保健等方面的结构性改革,制定覆盖整个生命周期的全面政策方案来提高劳动力的参与,激励形成健康的生活方式。The report also recommends a range of pressing reforms in China, including removing incentives in pension systems that have encouraged some workers, especially urban women, to retire too early.报告还推荐一系列的改革,包括取消养老金体系中的激励措施,比如曾鼓励一些工人,尤其是城市女性提早退休。Developing countries in the region can take steps to reform their existing pension schemes, including considering gradual increase in retirement age, it said.本区域中的发展中国家可以采取措施改革现有的养老金体系,包括考虑逐渐推迟退休年龄。 /201512/415325上海复旦大学附属华东医院绣眉多少钱上海玫瑰邹功伟医师割的双眼皮



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