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佛山治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好高明区男科挂号Chinese Officials to Restructure Beijing to Ease Strains on City Center北京市宣布市政府外迁计划Beijing will undertake a major restructuring of the capital government as part of a broader plan to create a giant urban corridor in northern China, officials said Saturday.官员在周六表示,北京将对首都市政府进行大规模重组,此举属于在北方建立一条城市走廊的宏伟计划的一部分。At the end of a Communist Party meeting, city officials said on the evening news that hospitals, wholesale markets and some of the city’s administrative offices would move outside the city center. Beijing is to limit its population to 23 million, slightly more than its current estimated population of 22 million, and reduce the population of its six core districts by 15 percent. Many important services will move to suburbs or neighboring Hebei Province, officials said.在晚间新闻中,市政府官员在一场党内会议的最后表示,医院、批发市场和北京市的部分行政机构将搬出市中心。北京将把人口控制在2300万,略高于当前的2200万。北京还将把城六区的常住人口减少15%。官员称,很多重要的务设施都将搬至郊区或是邻近的河北省。The centerpiece of the plan will be an administrative center in the Beijing suburb of Tongzhou, a historic move that reverses decades of urban planning that wedged government offices into the imperial city center. The move will begin by 2017 at the latest, the Beijing party secretary, Guo Jinlong, said in a speech.该方案的核心是在北京的郊区通州建立一个行政中心。这一历史性举措一反过去几十年让政府机构往皇城中心挤的城市规划。北京市委书记郭金龙在发言中表示,计划最晚将017年开始实斀?In addition, city officials said, 50 city hospitals will begin cooperating with hospitals in Hebei Province, and some will move important facilities to surrounding communities. The neurological unit in Tiantan Hospital, for example, will move to another suburb, Fengtai, by 2017, they said.此外,市政府官员表示,市0家医院将开始同河北省的医院合作,其中一些将把重要设施搬至周边地区。比如,他们称天坛医院的神经科将017年以前搬至丰台区。The city also said it would move 1,200 pollution-causing businesses out of the urban center.北京市还表示将把1200家污染企业搬出市中心。The moves are part of the creation of a major new urban area called Jing-Jin-Ji, after the three districts it encompasses. The city is trying to develop industries like tourism in poorer mountain areas surrounding the capital, with one area bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.这些举措是创建京津翼大型城市新区的一部分。北京市正试图在周边较贫困的山区发展旅游等产业,其中一个地区正在申022年的冬奥会。The plan has been debated for decades, but only began to be implemented in recent months as part of an effort by President Xi Jinping to reform the Chinese economy. The idea is to reduce the sort of duplicative, polluting enterprises like coking and steel that dominate the greater Beijing area and other large urban centers, and in their place create a more modern economic structure.该方案已讨论了数十年,但最近几个月才开始实斀?这是国家主席习近平发动的经济改革行动的一部分。其目的是减少重复性的污染企业,如在北京地区占主导地位的焦化厂和钢铁厂,代之以更现代的经济结构。Jing-Jin-Ji would have more than 100 million residents and be about the size of Kansas, with high-speed rail lines making most cities in the corridor reachable within an hour.京津翼新区将囊括1亿多人口,面积与堪萨斯州大致相当,并将建成高铁线路,让人们在一个小时以内抵达该走廊内的多数城市。来 /201507/386075佛山非淋菌尿道炎的治疗 Cruise ship victims mourned为沉船遇难者哀悼Sunday marks 7 days since the Eastern Star went down, and according to Chinese tradition, this is a key date on which to mourn the dead. Officials and rescuers stood in mourning and faced a battered cruise ship in the Yangtze River on Sunday as surrounding boats sounded their horns.7日是;东方之星;号客轮长江翻沉事件遇难人员的;头七;祭奠日,沉船打捞现场举行了哀悼遇难者活动,政府官员和救援人员面向遇难船舶肃立默哀,附近船舶鸣笛默哀。The death toll from the disaster reached 432 on Sunday, with 10 still missing.截至7日,客轮翻沉事件遇难人数升至432人,失踪10人。Many TV stations in China, including CCTV, Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV and Hunan TV, have canceled entertainment shows to mourn victims of the disaster.为悼念遇难者,央视、东方卫视、江苏卫视和湖南卫视等多家电视台暂停播出多档综艺节目。来 /201506/379318President Barack Obama has admitted that his failure to pass ;common sense gun safety laws; in the US is the greatest frustration of his presidency。奥巴马总统承认未能在美国通过“常识性安全法”,是任职期间遭受的最大挫折。In an interview with the B, Mr Obama said it was ;distressing; not to have made progress on the issue ;even in the face of repeated mass killings;.He vowed to keep trying, but the B’s editor Jon Sopel said the president did not sound very confident。接受B采访时,奥巴马表示,“尽管反复出现击事件”,但未能作出改变,因此感到“沮丧”。他发誓表示将继续尝试,但B编辑Jon Sopel表示,听起来,奥巴马并不自信。However, Mr Obama said race relations had improved during his presidency. But with just 18 months left in power, he said gun control was the area where he has been ;most frustrated and most stymied; since coming to power in .但奥巴马总统表示在任期间,种族关系得到了改善。奥巴马的任期还8个月,他表示009年当权以来,的管控是“受到阻碍”最多的一个领域;If you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it’s less than 100. If you look at the number that have been killed by gun violence, it’s in the tens of thousands,; Mr Obama said. ;For us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing.; 。“自9.11恐怖袭击之后,因恐怖袭击受害的美国人不00人。但有成千上万人死于暴力。”奥巴马说道。“但我们解决不了这个问题,这着实让人苦恼。”Mr Obama has pushed for stricter gun control throughout his presidency but has been unable to secure any significant changes to the laws。奥巴马任职期间一直努力实行更加严格的管控,但并没有能对相关法律作出实质性的改变。President Obama seemed very confident and very relaxed, as if he felt things were starting to go his way .After the midterm elections, Mr Obama looked as if he was walking around with a very heavy weight on his back, feeling very frustrated。之前,奥巴马总统很自信也很放松,仿佛事情开始按照他的期望发展。但中期选举之后,奥巴马肩上似乎扛起了重担,倍感失意。But since then he’s had the diplomatic deal with Cuba, the nuclear agreement with Iran, an Asian trade deal and several other successes. Suddenly, he has a spring in his step. He feels like he’s achieving quite a lot at the moment and he still has ambitions to achieve an awful lot more。但自此之后,奥巴马先后与古巴签订外交协议,与伊朗签订核计划协议,与亚洲签订贸易协议并取得其他若干成就。突然间,奥巴马的脚步轻松起来。他感觉此刻取得的成就甚多,他仍然是雄心壮志,期待取得更多成就。On race relations, Mr Obama said recent concerns around mass incarcerations were ;deserve intense attention; but insisted progress had been made。就种族关系来说,奥巴马表示与大规模囚禁相关的问题值得引起“广泛关注”,但他坚持表示已经取得了进展。Children growing up during the eight years of his presidency ;will have a different view of race relations in this country.;在奥巴马8年任期中成长起来的孩子,“会对种族关系有不同的认识。”Mr Obama was speaking to the B at the White House before departing for Kenya. Talking about how he was feeling after his recent successes, he said ;every president, every leader has strengths and weaknesses;. ;One of my strengths is I have a pretty even temperament. I don’t get too high when it’s high and I don’t get too low when it’s low,; he said。奥巴马出访肯尼亚之前在白宫接受了B的采访。谈到对最近取得的成功的看法时,奥巴马表示:“每个领导者都有优势和不足。”“我的一个优势是,我拥有平和的心态。情况好时不骄傲;情况差时不气馁。”来 /201507/387928佛山人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

顺德区容桂医院正规吗?怎么样Few years in recent decades dawned with as much of a sense of pessimism as 2014. One consistent theme in the predictions for the year was that 2014 looked eerily similar to 1914. Most pundits predicted doom and gloom, especially in east Asia. Yet, while there were many horrific events from thedowning of flight MH17 over Ukraine, to the abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria and the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant we have avoided outright world war. Now that the year is closed, with no repetition of 1914, it may be wise to investigate why the pundits were wrong, particularly on their ideas around the potential for conflict in Asia.近几十年来,很少有年份像2014年那样一开始就充满那么多的悲观情绪。对2014年的预测贯穿了一个主题,即这一年看起来914年相似得让人害怕。大多数学者的预测都是悲观和令人沮丧的,尤其是对于东亚。然而,虽然发生了许多可怕的事件——从马航MH17航班在乌克兰坠落,到尼日利亚数百女学生被绑架,以及“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)的崛起——但我们避免了全面的世界大战。现在,2014年已结束,没有重914年的悲剧。探究为什么这些学者预测错了(特别是他们认为亚洲存在冲突可能性的想法)或许是明智的。These were no lightweight pundits. The eminent historian Margaret MacMillan, in an essay for Brookings in December 2013, said, “We are witnessing, as much as the world of 1914, shifts in the international power structure, with emerging powers challenging the established ones.She added, “the same is happening between the US and China now, and also between China and Japan and also said that “there is potential for conflict between China and two of its other neighbours Vietnam and Malaysia as well.”这些专家都不是轻量级的。杰出的历史学家玛格丽特#8226;麦克米伦(Margaret MacMillan)0132月的一篇为布鲁金斯学会(Brookings)撰写的文章中说:“像1914年的世界一样,我们正在经历国际权力结构的转换,新兴大国正在挑战老牌大国。”她补充说,“如今,同样的一幕正发生在美国与中国,以及中国与日本之间”,同时她还表示,“中国与它另外两个邻国——越南和马来西亚——也有爆发冲突的可能性。”Graham Allison, the famous Harvard professor, also warned that east Asia was headed towards the “Thucydides Trap adding: “When a rapidly rising power rivals an established ruling power, trouble ensues.In early 2013, the then prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned that 2013 was looking dangerously like 1913. The Economist also warned at the end of 2013, “A century on, there are uncomfortable parallels with the era that led to the outbreak of the first world war.”哈佛大学著名教授格雷厄#8226;阿利Graham Allison)也警告说,东亚已走向“修昔底德陷阱Thucydides’s trap),他并补充道:“当一个迅速崛起的大国与一个老牌霸权国竞争时,麻烦接踵而来。013年初,时任卢森堡首相的让-克洛#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)警告称,2013年看起来913年一样危险013年底,《经济学人》杂The Economist)也警告说,“一个世纪已过去,当今世界却与那个导致第一次世界大战爆发的时代有不少相似之处,令人不安。”I experienced this pessimism personally in Davos in January 2014. Several leading western intellectuals asked me whether war would break out between China and Japan. I was so confident that there would be no war in east Asia that I offered to take bets with ten-to-one odds against myself with eminent western journalists. Two took up my bets. And I will be collecting on these bets when I return to Davos in January.2014月,我在达沃斯亲身感受到了这种悲观情绪。几位著名西方学者问我中国和日本之间是否会爆发战争。我非常有信心东亚不会发生战争,以至于我提出0的赔率与西方知名记者们打赌。两位记者接受了我的赌约。今月回到达沃斯时,我将收取他们的赌注。Why was I so confident that there would be no war in east Asia, either in the East China Sea or the South China Sea? The simple answer is that I know the Asian dynamic. While many Asian neighbours will make angry nationalist statements (and they have to do so to manage popular nationalist sentiments), they are also careful and pragmatic in their deeds.为什么我如此有信心东亚不会爆发战争,无论在东中国海还是南中国海?很简单,因为我了解推动亚洲变化的力量。虽然许多亚洲邻国会发出愤怒的民族主义声明(他们必须这样做来应对普遍的民族主义情绪),但他们的行动是谨慎和务实的。For over two decades I have been writing about the rise of Asia and the dynamic driving it. There is an extraordinary consensus among east Asian leaders that Asia needs to use this window of opportunity to focus on economic development and growth. War is the biggest obstacle to development. If Asians were truly stupid, they would engage in such wars and derail their enormous development promise. Most Asian leaders, barring North Korea, understand well the dangers of war. Hence, while there will be tensions and rivalries in the region, there will be no wars in the region, in 2014 or in 2015. As 2015 unfolds, I would like to encourage all western pundits to understand the underlying Asian dynamic on its own terms, and not on the basis of western preconceptions.过去二十多年间,我一直在写关于亚洲崛起及其推动力量的文章。东亚各国领导人之间有一个了不起的共识:亚洲需要利用当前的机会之窗,把重点放在经济发展和增长上。战争是发展的最大阻碍。如果亚洲人真的愚蠢,他们或会卷入这样的战争,破坏自己巨大的发展前景。大多数亚洲国家(除了朝鲜)的领导人,都很明白战争的危险。因此,虽然这一地区会出现局势紧张和对抗,但无论014年还015年都不会爆发战争。随着2015年缓缓展开,我想鼓励所有西方学者根据亚洲本身的情况理解亚洲的根本发展动力,而非将理解建立在西方先入之见的基础上。来 /201501/352905佛山市包皮的治疗医院 顺德新世纪看前列腺炎好吗

顺德区新世纪男科男科专家The Palestinian death toll passed 400 yesterday as over 60 people were killed in Gaza City as Israel extended its ground offensive in its war against Hamas, sparking the most deadly day of fighting in the besieged territory.以色列扩大了针对哈马Hamas)的地面军事行动。昨日超0人在加沙Gaza City)丧生,这是近日加沙地带作战导致死亡人数最多的一天。截至昨日巴勒斯坦的死亡人数已超00人。Israel stepped up its attacks against the Islamic militants, targeting tunnel networks on the border and shelling the al-Shuja’iya neighbourhood in the east of Gaza City. The air and tank strikes, as well as gunfire, left many civilians, including children, dead or wounded.以色列加强了对伊斯兰主义武装人员的攻势,重点打击边境的地道网络,并对加沙城东部的al-Shuja iya区进行炮击。空袭、坦克袭击和炮火导致许多平民死伤,其中包括多名儿童。Hamas fighters engaged Israeli troops with rocket propelled grenades and gunfire. Journalists reported seeing dead and wounded in the streets, some of whom could not be treated because of the intensity of the fighting. Israel agreed to a ceasefire in the afternoon to let medics treat the injured.哈马斯武装人员用火箭推进榴弹和迎击以色列军队。据报道记者们在当地街道上看到死伤人员,由于战斗十分激烈,一些伤员无法得到救治。以色列在昨日下午同意停火,以便医务人员抢救伤者。Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of carrying out a “massacreand declared three daysmourning.巴勒斯坦总统马哈茂德#8226;阿巴Mahmoud Abbas)指责以色列进行“屠杀”,宣布哀悼三日。The US urged Hamas to accept a ceasefire deal to halt what secretary of state John Kerry called an “uglywar. Hamas had to “recognise their own responsibility he added.联合UN)敦促哈马斯接受停火协议,停止美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)所说的“丑陋”的战争。克里补充道,哈马斯应该“认识到自己的责任”。Israel’s military said that 13 members of its Golani infantry brigade had been killed in yesterday’s offensive, bringing the total Israeli military casualties to 18 in the nearly two-week-old war. Two civilians have been killed in attacks on Israel.以色列军方表示,在昨日的攻势中,其戈兰尼步兵Golani infantry brigade)3名士兵阵亡,这使以军在这场近两周的战争中的阵亡人数达8人。还有两名以色列平民在袭击中丧生。Diplomatic efforts to end the conflict continued, with Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general, set to fly to Doha to hold talks with Mr Abbas and Qatari officials.旨在终结这场冲突的外交努力仍在继续,联合国秘书长潘基Ban Ki-moon)将乘机前往多哈,与阿巴斯和卡塔尔的官员进行会谈。The UN said thousands more people had fled their homes to seek refuge in schools or other shelters because of the fighting.联合国表示,由于冲突,几千人从家中逃离,到学校或其他庇护场所避难。“We have seen another massive increase in displacement from Shuja’iya, but also in the east,said Bob Turner, head of UNRWA’s Gaza field office. The UN said it was sheltering 70,000 displaced people at 57 schools.联合国近东巴勒斯坦难民救济和工程UNRWA)加沙办公室鲍#8226;特纳说:“我们看到Shuja iya地带和东部地区的逃难人数又一次大幅上升。”联合国表示,已经万名难民安置7所学校里。来 /201407/313180 顺德区医院正规的吗陈村均安杏坛镇治疗龟头炎多少钱



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