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台江县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养原平市佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养方山县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养 “If you want to develop, build a road,runs the Chinese phrase. Beijing’s grand design to construct transport links between China and Eurasia represents the export of this simple philosophy. Beijing believes that building roads, railways and other infrastructure will help create a market in Eurasia for its goods.中国人常说:“要想富,先修路。”北京方面在中国与欧亚大陆之间构建交通运输网的宏伟计划,代表着输出这一简单哲理。中国政府相信,修建公路、铁路及其他基础设施将有助于为中国商品在欧亚大陆开辟市场。“The Chinese experience illustrates that infrastructure investment paves the way for broad-based economic social development, and poverty alleviation comes as a natural consequence of that,says Jin Liqun, president of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).亚洲基础设施投资(AIIB,简称亚投行)行长金立群(见上图)表示:“中国的经验表明,基础设施投资为广泛的经济社会发展铺平了道路,减贫是它的一个自然而然的结果。”But potential problems abound with financing the planned 0bn in investments. The payback period is often long, construction delays are common and political instability is widesp in the 64 countries embraced by the “New Silk Roadstrategy.但要900亿美元的投资计划提供融资还存在很多潜在问题。投资回收期往往很长,工期延迟很常见,而且“新丝绸之路New Silk Road)战略覆盖4个国家存在普遍的政治不稳定。The AIIB, a China-led multilateral institution with 57 member countries, is part of the potential solution. However, it plans to increase operations gradually, investing .5bn-bn in infrastructure this year, bn-bn next year and around bn in 2018, Mr Jin says.作为中国牵头的、拥7个成员国的多边机构,亚投行是潜在解决方案的一部分。然而,金立群表示,亚投行计划逐步加大运作规模,今年在基础设施领域投资15亿至20亿美元,明年投入30亿至50亿美元,2018年投入约100亿美元。The financing mother lode for the “One Belt, One Road(OBOR) initiative as the Silk Road project is known in Beijing will continue to come from bilateral lending by the Chinese policy banks, analysts say.分析人士认为,“一带一路One Belt, One Road)倡议的主要融资来源仍将是中国政策性提供的双边贷款。“China will most likely have more impact operating through the usual bilateral mechanisms such as the policy banks, including the Export-Import Bank of China and the China Development Bank,says Sarah Lain, research fellow at the Royal ed Services Institute, a London-based think-tank.伦敦智库——英国皇家联合军种研究院(Royal ed Services Institute)研究员萨#8226;莱恩(Sarah Lain)说:“中国通过通常的双边机制,如中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)和国家开发银China Development Bank)等政策性运作,将最有可能产生更大的影响力。”The Export-Import Bank of China, which promotes foreign trade and investment, lent more than bn in 2015. By comparison, the Asia Development Bank lent .1bn. More than 1,000 projects financed by the ExIm Bank were in 49 countries involved in the OBOR initiative, according to Xinhua, the official news agency.旨在促进对外贸易与投资的中国进出口,2015年发放贷款00亿美元。相比之下,亚洲开发银Asia Development Bank)只发放了271亿美元。据官方的新华社报道,由中国进出口提供融资的1000多个项目遍及“一带一路”倡议涉及9个国家。Not all projects financed by Chinese policy banks are driven by commercial logic, says Tom Miller, an analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics, a research company. A bn plan to finance an “economic corridorthrough Pakistan, linking the port of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea to north-west China, is motivated partly by the need to find an alternative route for oil imports from the Middle East to avoid rising tensions in the South China sea. Mr Miller says Chinese officials privately admit they expect to lose 80 per cent of their investment in Pakistan, 50 per cent in Myanmar and 30 per cent in central Asia.研究公司龙洲经讯(Gavekal Dragonomics)分析师汤#8226;米勒(Tom Miller)表示,并非所有中国政策性提供融资的项目都由商业逻辑驱动。中国计划为贯穿巴基斯坦的一条“经济走廊”——连接濒临阿拉伯海的瓜达尔港与中国西北地区——提60亿美元融资,该计划的动机在一定程度上是中国需要为从中东进口石油寻找一条替代路线,以防南中国海紧张局势影响能源供应。米勒表示,中国官员私下承认,他们预计在巴基斯坦的投资将损失80%,在缅甸及中亚的投资将分别损0%0%。Notwithstanding such forecast losses, Chinese lenders are starting to syndicate participation in OBOR projects to international private sector investors and lenders.尽管预期损失如此之大,中国各正开始组建辛迪加,将一带一路项目的参与权兜售给国际私人部门投资者和。“We are seeing a shift among the Chinese institutions in the OBOR projects toward syndication to international pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, private equity funds and others,says Henry Tillman, chairman and chief executive officer at Grisons Peak, a London-based investment bank.伦敦投行Grisons Peak董事长兼首席执行官亨#8226;蒂尔Henry Tillman)称:“我们看到一带一路项目中的中资机构正在转向国际养老基金、保险公司、主权财富基金、私人股本基金及其他机构,寻求建立辛迪加。”He says institutions are increasingly seduced by the promise of long-term returns of 6 to 8 per cent on OBOR infrastructure. Even some government agencies appear keen. IE Singapore, the state-owned trade development board, has agreed to a partnership with China Construction Bank to finance OBOR projects, with about bn in funding envisaged.他表示,国际机构日益被一带一路基建项目承诺的6%%的长期回报率所吸引。就连一些政府机构似乎都急切地要参与其中。新加坡国有的国际企业发展局(IE Singapore)已同意与中国建设(China Construction Bank)合作为一带一路项目提供融资,计划提供资金20亿美元。来 /201605/443829哈米顿氏乌龟批发采购价格报价

胶州市马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养BEIJING: A Chinese soldier who was stuck in India for over 50 years after he crossed over the border following the 1962 war today arrived here with his Indian family members to an emotional reunx with his Chinese kin.北京:一个在1962年战争后穿越边境后滞留印度的中国士兵在今天随同他在印度的家人一同到达这里,和他在中国的亲戚激动团聚。Wang Qi 77 was received by his close Chinese relatives besides officials of the Chinas Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indian embassy when he arrived here along with his son daughter-in-law and grand daughter from Delhi-Beijing flight.今年77岁的王琪与他的儿子儿媳孙女一同乘德里-北京的飞机到达后,受到他在中国的亲属的迎接,随同接机的有中国外交部和印度大使馆的官员。Wang became emotional as he hugged his relatives their first reunx after he crossed into Indian side over five decades ago.当他在五十年前跨越印度边界之后拥抱首次重聚的亲人时,情绪变得激动起来。来 /201702/493100柘城县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养 Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim issued a call for national unity early Wednesday, as his country faced a rising death toll from a suicide attack that killed at least 36 people at Istanbuls Ataturk international airport.土耳其伊斯坦布尔的阿塔图尔克国际机场自杀袭击造成的死亡人数仍在上升之际,比纳利·耶尔德勒姆总理星期三凌晨发出全国团结的呼吁。这次袭击导致至6人死亡。Yildirim, flanked by members of his cabinet, said three suicide bombers arrived by taxi Tuesday evening at the busy airport and opened fire with automatic weapons, shooting randomly at bystanders before detonating explosives as police closed in. The attack wounded 147 people.耶尔德勒姆总理在内阁成员的簇拥下表示,三名自杀炸弹手星期二晚乘坐出租车抵达繁忙的机场,用自动武器任意扫射人群,随后在警察逼近之际引爆炸弹。这次袭击还造成147人受伤。VOAs Dorian Jones in Istanbul said one of the bombers detonated his explosives outside the international arrival terminal. That area is usually packed with people waiting for transportation. The two other attackers are believed to have tried to enter the terminal, which is protected by heavily armed police and X-ray machines.美国之音驻伊斯坦布尔记者琼斯说,其中一名炸弹手在国际机场的抵达航站楼外引爆炸弹。那个地点通常挤满候车的旅客。另外两名自杀手据信试图进入有武装警察和X光检测机保护的航站楼。There was no immediate claim of responsibility. But Yildirim said early evidence pointed to an attack by Islamic State extremists, whom he identified by the Arabic pejorative Daesh. He called the attack ;cowardly; and vowed his country would continue to press its fight against extremism.目前还没有人声称对爆炸负责。但是耶尔德勒姆总理表示,初步据指向伊斯兰国极端分子,他用了一个阿拉伯有贬损意味的词“达伊沙”来称呼他们。耶尔德勒姆指责这起攻击是“懦夫行为”,并誓言土耳其将继续打击极端主义。来 /201606/451943沂源县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养

扁头长颈龟怎么样好养吗Senator John McCain and the largest US war veterans group have condemned Donald Trump for comments about the family of a slain Muslim-American soldier, as new polling shows Mr Trump slipping behind White House rival Hillary Clinton.参议员约#8226;麦凯John McCain)和美国最大的战争老兵团体谴责唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)关于一位阵亡美国穆斯林士兵家属的言论。同时最新民调显示,特朗普的持率落后于对手希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)。In a searing 700-word letter, Mr McCain attempted to distance himself from Mr Trump, whom he had previously endorsed, as a leading veterans group denounced his attack on the decorated soldier’s parents, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who addressed the Democratic convention last week.在一封充斥着火药味的700字的信中,麦凯恩企图与自己早先持的特朗普保持距离。一个主要老兵团体谴责了特朗普对这位获得勋章的军人的父母希兹里#8226;Khizr Khan)和加扎拉#8226;Ghazala Khan)的指责,加扎拉上周在民主党全国代表大会上发表了演讲。Over the weekend, Mr Trump suggested that Mrs Khan had stood silently next to her husband at the convention because “maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say and has previously mocked Mr McCain for being captured as a Vietnam prisoner of war.特朗普在周末表示,希兹里在民主党大会上站在丈夫的身旁一言不发,是因为“或许她没有被允许讲话”,他早先还嘲笑了麦凯恩在越南战争中被俘的经历。“In recent days, Donald Trump disparaged a fallen soldier’s parents,Mr McCain wrote. “He has suggested that the likes of their son should not be allowed in the ed States to say nothing of entering its service. I cannot emphasise how deeply I disagree with Mr Trump’s statement. I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers or candidates.”麦凯恩写道:“近日,唐纳#8226;特朗普指责一位阵亡军人的父母。他表示,他们的儿子这类人不应该获准进入美国——更不用说役了。我无法强调我是多么不认同特朗普先生的言论。我希望美国人理解,这些言论不代表共和党、我们党的官员或其他候选人的观点。”“Election year or not, the [Veterans of Foreign Wars] will not tolerate anyone berating a Gold Star family member for exercising his or her right of speech,said Brian Duffy, head of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, a 1.4m member veterans group, referring to military families who have lost loved ones in combat.有着140万名成员的老兵团体“海外战争退伍军人协会Veterans of Foreign Wars)会长布莱#8226;达菲(Brian Duffy)表示:“无论是否是选举年,海外战争退伍军人协会都不会忍受有人训斥金星勋章获得者的家庭成员行使言论权利。”此言指的是那些在作战中阵亡的军人的家属。Going into last week, Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton were tied with 42 per cent support, with Mr Trump receiving a 3 percentage point bump following the Republican convention in Cleveland.上周开始时,特朗普和希拉里的持率都为42%,特朗普在克利夫兰共和党大会之后的持率飙升3个百分点。But in recent days he has sparked fresh controversy with comments that raise questions about whether he will be as successful in riding out rough patches as he was during the primary election campaign, now that the general election is approaching and he faces the task of winning over a broader electorate.但在最近几天,他发表了新的有争议言论,使得人们怀疑他是否将会像初选期间那样所向披靡,因为大选即将来临,他面临争取更广泛选民的任务。According to a new CBS News poll, 46 per cent of US voters said they would vote for Mrs Clinton in November, while only 39 per cent said they would vote for Mr Trump following the Democratic convention last week.哥伦比亚广播公司新闻CBS News)新的民调显示,在上周民主党大会召开之后6%的美国选民表示,他们将1月投票持希拉里,而只9%的选民表示,他们将投票持特朗普。来 /201608/457844 China has called on the Roman Catholic Church to attempt to improve relations with the East Asian country by adapting Catholicism to Chinese society.中国呼吁罗马天主教会推动天主教适应中国社会,改善对华关系。Chinas head of religious affairs, Wang Zouan, expressed hope Tuesday that the Vatican will ;take actual steps to create beneficial conditions for improving relations; between the church and China, according to the state news agency Xinhua.新华社报道,中国国家宗教事务局局长王作安周二表示,希望梵蒂冈能够“为实现改善(教廷与中国的)关系创造有利条件”。Wangs remarks were made at a meeting of Chinas official Catholic Church in Beijing.王作安的讲话是在北京举行的一次中国官方天主教会会议上发表的。China severed relations with the Holy See -- the Catholic Churchs supreme body of government -- in 1951, two years after the Communists assumed power in China. The Vatican has maintained official ties with Taiwan, which China claims as its own.1951年,中国共产党夺取中国政权两年之后,切断了与罗马教廷的关罗马教廷是天主教会的最高管理机构。梵蒂冈与台湾保持官方关系。Since the split, China has maintained that the party-controlled Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association has the authority to appoint Chinese bishops. The Holy See insists that right belongs only to the pope. The dispute is one of the primary reasons Sino-Vatican relations have not been re-established.自断交以来,中国坚持认为共产党控制下的中国天主教爱国会有权任命中国主教。梵蒂冈认为这项权利只属于教宗。这个争端是中国和梵蒂冈没有重新建立关系的主要原因之一。Wang said the Chinese government hoped the Vatican would adopt a more flexible and pragmatic approach and take action to improve relations. He did not specify what actions the Chinese government would like the Vatican to take.王作安说,中国政府希望梵蒂冈采取更灵活务实的态度,采取行动改善关系。他没有具体说明中国政府希望梵蒂冈采取什么行动。Prospects of an agreement between the two sides suffered a setback last week when a Chinese government-supported bishop who was excommunicated by the Vatican participated in the ordination of new bishops.上个星期,一位被梵蒂冈驱逐但受到中国政府持的主教参加了新主教的任命仪式,给双方达成协议的前景蒙上了阴影。The Vatican said last week it was convinced Catholics in China are ;waiting with trepidation for positive signals that would help them have trust; in discussions between the two sides ;and hope for a future of unity and harmony.;梵蒂冈上星期说,他们相信中国的天主教徒“在等待着正面的信号,能让他们信任梵中双方的讨论,并期待能有团结和谐的未来”。The ruling Communist Party in China has long been concerned that opposition to the party could be sp by religious and other civic organizations outside its control.中国共产党长期以来一直担心,反对中共的力量可能通过在其控制之外的宗教和其它公民组织而发展壮大。来 /201701/486335开原市靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养缅甸陆龟怎么样好养吗



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