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Other body-builders such as Lou Ferrigno, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, as well as Mr. Schwarzenegger have all expressed all their huge impact of Bruce Lees physiques had on them.其他健美运动员 例如罗 弗里格诺 李 哈尼 多利安 耶茨 还有施瓦辛格先生都承认受李小龙体格有巨大影响。There are a surprising number of professional bodybuilders who were Bruce Lees fans, and really, it comes down to Bruce Lees abs.He has legendary set of abs, deep cuts, incredible serratus of muscles.And I think body-builders admire that.惊人的是 很多专业健美运动员都是李小龙的粉丝 这得归功于他的腹肌,他的腹肌简直太不可思议了 如锯齿一般。我认为健美运动员对此都梦寐以求。In the body-building world, I think Bruce Lee came in and really was one of first proponents of definitions as opposed to just sheer bulk,cause if you look at the bodybuilding champions of that era, they were all this massive. They were just huge.And it was him who really came in and said symmetry, definition, you know, getting cut was the big thing.健美界中 我觉得李小龙可能是肌肉轮廓的最初持者之一 而非纯粹追求大块头,可以看看同时代欧洲的健美冠军 他们都是那种大块头,只有他真正悟道 坚持对称 轮廓 线条才是王道。But that was the first time... it was really with Bruce Lee that that became something to aspire to.As well as inspiring bodybuilder, Bruce Lee was quick to use their techniques in his own work-outs.这真是首次... 真正在李小龙之后才逐渐转向此方面,李小龙不仅激发健美运动员的灵感 他还迫不及待地将对方的技术引入自己的锻炼。He was kind of pioneer in a number of different things, whether it was just dieting or extra training.But he was one of the first that I knew of that actually incorporated, you know, bodybuilding and bodybuilding type movements into his regime as a... as a martial artist.感觉他像引领了很多不同领域 无论是饮食还是额外训练,但他是我了解的唯一一位 呃 真正能在健美运动钻研出自己领域的格斗家。Back then, even now, they felt that in training and weight lifting,its gonna restrict your ability to punch or your speed or make you kind of slow or stuff like that where I think he took it to a different level,and he made it more sports specific on his actual movements that he did in the gym.They were actually to enhance his ability as a fighter.在那之前 甚至现在 很多人都认为健美 比如说举重,会限制出拳力度 速度什么的 会使自己动作变慢,我倒觉得李小龙把健美提升到了另一层面,将自己在训练馆中的实际动作更加体育化,最终也确实提高了他的格斗技能。201402/275057He took another leave of absence in 他在年再次请病假when he receved a liver transplant.去接受肝脏移植手术Some wondered it he would有人在猜ever return to Apple.乔布斯能不能再回到苹果公司There was great concern about what would happen那一刻大家都很关心with Steve being away on medical leave of absence.乔布斯请了病假后苹果会怎样?It turned out that Tim Cook,而事实明提姆库克Steve Jobs number two,他当时是乔布斯的副手is a superb operations executive.他是个很好的营运管理人员But Jobs came back again,不过乔布斯再次重返苹果and introduced a new product.还推出新的产品;And wed like to show it to you today for the first time...我们今天想和大家介绍的and we call it the iPad是前所未有的iPadHes been on stage making过去30年来product presentations for over 30 years他一直乐于在台上推介新产品and theyre the same.从来也没变过The reason for that is because his passion,因他对于他的工作because hes so committed to the product,和他的产品都充满热情that thats what comes through.他一直也是这样When hes on stage当他站在台上hes an iPhone or an iPad他就变成iPhone或iPadand its that product on stage presenting himself to you.就像那产品在台上向你推介一样Hes having fun.他觉得很好玩Thats a secret to be a successful这是他成功的秘密as he is you need to have fun要像他那样觉得好玩才可成功you cant be drudgery.不可以觉得是件很闷的差事 /201310/262587公司业绩不顺,老板盯住员工加班,这群球迷员工也誓死抵抗加班。俗话说团结力量大,团队合作不仅体现在提升公司业绩上,也可以体现在——恶整顶头上司方面,牛头马面装神弄鬼,不把Boss吓出精神病誓不罢休。当然,广告创意需要,各位蠢蠢欲动者请勿擅自模仿哦!敬请欣赏Pepsi Max广告之“老板,你该回家歇着了”篇。 广告视频英语文本:Boss: Guys, I know its been a rough month, but were gonna have to work till the night. What the hell is that parrot doing here?A: Parrot? What parrot?B: Sir, everything all right?Boss: You...C: Boss, you dont look so good...D: Bye the burnout, sir. Maybe you should go home.Boss: OK. Maybe I still can wait till Monday.D: Thanks! Man. 重点英语单词学习:Burnout: n.1. A failure in a device attributable to burning, excessive heat, or friction. The termination of rocket or jet-engine operation because of fuel exhaustion or shutoff. The point at which this termination occurs. 燃料烧尽(航空);2. Physical or emotional exhaustion, especially as a result of long-term stress or dissipation. One who is worn out physically or emotionally, as from long-term stress. 精疲力竭。201404/284924Youll want to wear these cool duct-tape boots whenever youre mucking around in the mud.无论何时,当你在泥泞的道路上蹒跚前行时,你肯定想穿一双这种炫酷的靴子。You Will Need你需要Scissors剪刀Cardboard硬纸板Insoles鞋垫Socks袜子Newspaper报纸Duct tape胶带Shoe insoles (optional)鞋垫(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Cut sole1.切割鞋底Cut two soles from the cardboard, using the insoles from your shoes as guides. Then slip your cut-out soles into an old pair of socks.用鞋垫做模板,从硬纸板上切下两块做鞋底。然后把切下的鞋底放入一双旧袜子。You can also insert an old pair of insoles into the socks.也可以直接把一双旧鞋垫塞到袜子里。Step 2 Stuff with newspaper2.填充报纸Stuff the socks with newspaper to create a form for the boots. Add extra stuffing to the tops of the foot and ankle areas to make sure youll be able to easily slip them on and off.向袜子中塞满报纸,打造靴子的形状。脚掌顶部和脚踝部位多加一些填充物,确保可以顺利地穿上和脱下。Step 3 Add duct tape3.添加胶带Apply duct taping horizontally across the middle of the foot areas. Overlap pieces of tape by about 1/2-inch. Tape the socks until theyre completely covered.脚掌部位水平添加胶带,胶带之间重叠大约0.5英寸,直到袜子被完全覆盖。Step 4 Remove stuffing4.取出填充物Remove the stuffing and try the boots on for comfort. Carefully cut areas that are too large or too small, and re-tape as necessary.取掉填充物,试穿一下是否舒适。认真修剪太大或太小的地方,如果需要的话重新添加胶带。Step 5 Pray for rain5.等待下雨天Pray for rain so you can go outside and play in the mud with your cool duct-tape boots.期待雨天的来临,这样就可以穿着这双简约的泥地靴在泥泞中玩耍了。In 2008, at least 540 mudslides set off by rain were reported around the world, killing more than 2,100 people.2008年,全世界共报道至少540起泥石流,造成超过2,100人死亡。视频听力由。201310/262854

Seeing his chance, the male makes his move.是行动的时候了。Constant moisture in the Gaoligongshan forests means that throughout the year there are always fruits on the trees.高黎贡山的森林总是保持着湿润的气候,这意味着这里终年都出产水果。Such abundance of food encourages a high diversity of fruit eaters more commonly found in the tropics.如此丰盛的水果吸引了各式各样原本仅存于热带地区的“水果派”们。The black giant squirrel is found only in undisturbed rainforest. At close to a metre in length, its one of the worlds largest squirrels.大黑松鼠原本只生活在原始雨林中。体长近一米的大黑松鼠是世界上体型最大的松鼠之一The mystery is that these forests are growing well outside the tropics.神奇之处在于这些森林远离热带却依旧繁茂。By rights, none of this jungle, or its animals, should be here. These are bear macaques. Theyre found only in tropical and sub-tropical jungle.要是公正的说,雨林及其间的动物本不该存在于此。这是短尾猕猴。他们通常只生活在热带亚热带的丛林中。With a tiny home range of just a few square kilometres, they depend on the abundant fruit that only true rainforests can provide all year round.之所以能够在这片方圆千米的袖珍家园生息。靠的是全年丰足的水果供给。这种得天独厚的饮食条件足以媲美热带雨林。To the European plant hunters, these northern rainforests must have seemed a fantastic and mysterious lost world.对欧洲的植物猎人而言,北方的雨林简直是奇幻美妙的失落世界。 /201404/288795

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