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Snow Leopard: Apple's million OSAs expected, the latest update to Apple's (AAPL) flagship Macintosh operating system — Mac OS X Snow Leopard — is going on sale Aug. 28 for the previously announced price of . Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster has done some quick back-of-the-envelope calculations and concluded Apple is in it less for the money than for the strategic advantage it hopes to gain over Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows 7, schedule to ship in October. According to Munster, Apple is likely to sell 5 million copies of Mac OS X v10.6 in the remaining month of its fiscal fourth quarter for an average selling price of of — less than and more than the .95 Up-to-Date price Apple has offered customers who bought MacBook Pros after June 8. At 60% gross margin, that comes out to million, or $.05 per share — a bump that Munster believes has aly been baked into the Street's Q4 estimates. So what's really going on here, he asks rhetorically? Despite the long list of improvements Apple is touting — it claims to have "refined" 90% of the more than 1,000 "projects" that make up the OS X — Munster describes Snow Leopard as "a minor upgrade … without many significant new features." In Munster's view, Apple is using Snow Leopard as "an opportunity to sell it at a lower price ( vs. 9 previously) and market the new OS as a selling point for the Mac platform over the Windows platform. In other words, Apple is promoting the Mac platform as a superior alternative to Windows in terms of newer technology, more frequently, for less money. The release of Snow Leopard is not about new features; rather, it is about keeping Mac users up to date with the latest technology vs. Windows XP and Vista users on antiquated technology." /200908/82464。

On the same day that Apple jolted the tech world with the announcementit will manufacture some Mac computers in the U.S., another piece of tech news slid by largely unnoticed: Two of Apple#39;s Taiwanese suppliers were also planning to bring jobs home.就在苹果(Apple)宣布它将在美国生产部分Mac电脑这一令科技界震惊的消息那一天,当天的另一则科技新闻却基本未引起外界的注意,这则消息是:苹果的两家台湾供应商也计划将部分就业岗位转移回台湾。Apple#39;s announcement has made bigger waves because Apple is Apple, and because outsourcing has long been a big headline-grabber in the U.S. But it#39;s also been bigger because, rather than trumpet their decision the way Apple has, the two Taiwanese companies -- Catcher Technology Co. and Largan Precision Co. -- haven#39;t sought the limelight.苹果的这则声明之所以能引起更大的反响,既是因为苹果毕竟是苹果,也是因为业务外包一直是美国媒体大肆报道的消息。但还有一个原因就是,宣布将回迁部分就业岗位的可成科技(Catcher Technology Co.)和大立光电(Largan Precision Co.)原本就没打算像苹果那样大张旗鼓地宣传其回迁部分生产业务的决定。The announcement that Catcher and Largan planned to invest in new factories in Taiwan that will create some 3,800 jobs over the next few years came not from the companies, but from Taiwan#39;s government, which approved the companies#39; investment plans on Dec. 6.宣布可成科技和大立光电计划在台湾投资设立新工厂、并以此在未来几年创造约3,800个就业岗位这一消息的不是这两家公司,而是台湾政府。12月6日, 台湾政府批准了这两家公司的投资计划。This was supposed to be the first coup in a new Taiwanese sweetener program to lure businesses back home. But both Catcher and Largan -- which maintain operations on both sides of the strait -- have declined to make any on-the-record comments to China Real Time or other publications and have expressed their desire to avoid media attention. A Catcher official said that #39;moving back#39; was a mislabeling, as the company will continue to operate factories in China, despite expanding its Taiwan operations.两家公司在台湾投资设厂的计划有望成为台湾政府在出台新的优惠措施以吸引本地企业回流方面的首批成果,但可成科技和大立光电都拒绝向“中国实时报”栏目和其他出版渠道就此事发表正式,并表示他们不希望媒体关注此事。这两家公司在台湾海峡两岸都有业务。可成科技的一名管理人士说,称该公司将业务“回迁”台湾是一种错误的说法,因为尽管它将扩大自己在台湾的业务,但可成科技仍将继续在中国大陆开设工厂。The difference between the two #39;onshoring#39; stories illustrates how Taiwan#39;s manufacturing woes, though similar in some ways to the U.S.#39;s, are in other ways more complicated. Taiwan#39;s tech companies -- which have largely moved production to mainland China for cost reasons over the past few decades -- have to juggle delicate and sometimes conflicting relationships with governments on both sides of the strait, along with the interests of their big-brand foreign customers.苹果和这两家台湾公司在处理将业务回迁本土一事上有如此不同的态度,这说明美台两地制造业所面临的困境有其不同之处。台湾制造业所面临的困难虽然在某些方面与美国相似,但在其他一些方面却更为复杂。台湾的科技企业在过去几十年里已经基本上将其生产业务迁移到了中国大陆,以降低成本,但他们却不得不同时拿捏好与海峡两岸的政府以及与他们大牌海外客户的商业利益间的微妙关系,而且这些关系有时还彼此存在矛盾冲突。With wages rising across China and growing labor unrest threatening operations at mainland factories, Taiwan sees an opportunity to try to convince its #39;salmon to swim back home,#39; as local media have put it. Officials at Taiwan#39;s Industrial Development Bureau, which announced Catcher#39;s and Largan#39;s factory plans, said they didn#39;t know of any companies willing to discuss their participation in the program.由于中国各地的工资都在上涨,而中国大陆日渐增多的劳工骚乱事件也在威胁着当地工厂的运营,台湾从中看到了说本地企业将业务回迁台湾的机会,台湾当地媒体将这种回迁称之为“大马哈鱼洄游”。台湾经济部工业局的官员们说,他们不知道有哪些台湾公司愿意谈论他们参与台湾政府吸引本地企业回流的计划。宣布可成科技和大立光电回台湾投资设厂计划的就是台湾经济部工业局。Hui-Ying Chen, deputy director of the IDB#39;s industrial policy division, said Taiwanese companies returning to invest often want to stay low-key, possibly to avoid accidentally offending clients or the local governments they work with. She said that since many of these companies continue to run factories in China, they likely want to avoid saying anything that might come off as negative toward the business environment there. Moreover, Taiwanese upstream suppliers tend to hold a strong belief that any publicity is bad publicity.该局产业政策组副组长陈慧英说,返回台湾投资的台湾企业常常希望保持低调,这可能是为了避免无意中冒犯到客户或他们与之打交道的地方政府。她说,由于这些台湾企业有许多仍在中国大陆经营有工厂,他们或许希望避免发表任何可能会被解读为对大陆当地商业环境持负面看法的言论。此外,台湾的上游供应商往往都坚信,任何形式的公众关注都不是好事。#39;When they call for information, they will leave their telephone number, but often they won#39;t even tell us what industry they are in,#39; she said. #39;Although they want to invest in Taiwan, many don#39;t want their names announced.#39;陈慧英说,当台湾企业向经济部工业局有关部门咨询信息时,他们应该留下自己的电话号码,但他们甚至连自己属于哪个行业都不愿透露;虽然他们希望投资台湾,但他们不希望自己的名字被宣布出来。Taiwan#39;s new reinvestment incentives began last month, with an aggressive goal of more than doubling the returning investment from overseas Taiwanese businesses to 200 billion New Taiwan dollars (US.89 billion) over the next two years. Companies need to meet certain requirements, such as producing critical components or marketing products under their own brand.台湾新推出的再投资优惠措施于上月出台,其雄心勃勃的目标是,未来两年内使海外台湾企业重回台湾本土进行的投资增加一倍以上,达到新台币2,000亿元(合68.9亿美元)。企业要享受这些优惠措施需要满足几个条件,如在台湾生产重要零部件以及用自有品牌进行产品营销等。The big lure is that returning companies can increase the proportion of foreign workers they hire to 40% of their work force from 30%, says Ms. Chen. Companies often cite a paucity of domestic blue-collar workers as a barrier.陈慧英说,这些新优惠措施的一大诱人之处是,返回台湾进行投资的企业可以将企业内外籍劳工占员工总数的比例由目前的30%提高到40%。台湾企业常常说,本地蓝领工人不足是妨碍他们在台湾投资的一个因素。The measure has been controversial, though, especially among unions, who say that this opens the possibility of importing cheaper labor and disadvantaging domestic workers. Taiwan currently has the same minimum wage for foreign and domestic blue-collar workers, but business groups have been advocating separate wage tracks.但这些优惠措施也引发了争议,特别是工会人士的不满,他们说这些措施为台湾引进较为廉价的外籍劳工创造了可能性,而这种做法对本地劳工不利。目前台湾的本地蓝领工人和外籍蓝领工人都适用相同的最低工资标准,但台湾的商业团体一直建议政府让这两个群体分别适用不同的最低工资标准。The incentives have also drawn some criticism from economists such as Kenneth Lin, economics professor at National Taiwan University, who says the island needs to incentivize automation instead of cheap labor if it wants its companies to move up the value chain. Stan Shih, doyen of Taiwan#39;s tech industry and founder of the island#39;s largest computer company Acer, also recently warned that Taiwan has to make sure the manufacturers it lures back produce high-value products.这些优惠措施也招致了台湾大学经济学教授林向恺等经济学家的批评。他说,如果台湾希望自己的企业沿着价值链向上攀升,它需要采取措施鼓励这些企业提高自动化水平,而不是使用廉价劳工。台湾科技业资深人士、台湾最大电脑企业宏碁股份有限公司(Acer)的创办人施振荣最近也警告说,台湾必须确保它吸引回来的制造商将生产高价值产品。Acer Chairman J.T. Wang had a more positive appraisal. Local media ed him as saying at a recent tech event that the focus on reinvestment was the #39;most correct thing#39; Taiwan#39;s government has done in five years.但宏碁董事长王振堂对这些优惠措施却有较为积极的评价。台湾当地媒体在报道中援引他最近在一个科技界活动中的话说,将关注点放在吸引台湾企业回台再投资上是台湾政府五年来干的“最正确的事”。 /201301/222101。

Chinese search engine giant Baidu plans to buy the entire share capital of NetDragon Websoft’s subsidiary 91 Wireless for .9bn, making it the biggest acquisition deal in China’s internet industry if it succeeds.中国搜索引擎巨擘百度计划以19亿美元收购网龙公司(NetDragon Websoft)的子公司91无线(91 Wireless)。若交易成功,这将成为中国互联网业最大一笔收购交易。NetDragon, an online game development and mobile internet business based in Fujian province, said yesterday Baidu had agreed to buy its 57.41 per cent stake in 91 Wireless for .09bn. Baidu has offered to buy out the other shareholders on the same terms.总部位于福建的网络游戏开发和移动互联网公司网龙昨天表示,百度已同意以10.9亿美元收购91无线57.41%的股份。百度将按相同条款,向91无线其他股东购买全部股份。91 Wireless is a leading mobile internet company in China. It developed and runs two major smart-phone app distribution platforms for iOS and Android systems on the websites Sj.91.com and apk.hiapk.com. Total downloads on the two platforms exceeded 12.9bn by the end of 2012, the company says.91无线是中国领先的移动互联网公司。它在Sj.91.com和apk.hiapk.com网站上,为iPhone操作系统和Android操作系统开发和运行两大智能手机应用分发平台。该公司表示,到2012年底,这两个平台的总下载已经超过129亿次。Baidu agreed to purchase the outstanding 42.59 per cent stake from 91 Wireless’s remaining shareholders on the same terms offered to NetDragon, taking the total price of the deal to .9bn – surpassing the bn Yahoo paid to acquire 40 per cent of online auction site Alibaba in 2005.百度将按与网龙签署的相同条款,收购91无线剩余的42.59%股权,使得总收购价格达到19亿美元,超过2005年雅虎(Yahoo)10亿美元收购阿里巴巴(Alibaba)40%股份的交易。Private equity fund IDG owns 10.39 per cent of the company; Singapore’s Temasek holds 5.71 per cent through Vertex; and Richard Li, chairman of PCCW and the younger son of Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, has 4.14 per cent through Pacific Century. David Wei, former chief executive of Alibaba.com, is also a shareholder in 91 Wireless, according to the statement.私募股权基金IDG拥有该公司10.39%的股份;新加坡淡马锡(Temasek)通过旗下祥峰集团(Vertex)持有5.71%的股份;香港电讯盈科(PCCW)董事长、亚洲首富李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)的次子李泽楷(Richard Li)通过盈科拓展(Pacific Century)持有4.14%的股份。声明称,阿里巴巴前首席执行官卫哲(David Wei)也是91无线的股东。Baidu’s purchase of 91 Wireless is a bold move by the group into mobile internet, an area considered more and more important as users shift from PCs to smartphones. The biggest Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, is also rapidly developing its mobile internet business.百度收购91无线是该集团进入移动互联网的一个大胆举措。随着用户从个人电脑转向智能手机,移动互联网领域正被视为越来越重要。中国最大的电子商务公司阿里巴巴也在快速发展其移动互联网业务。The acquisition follows Baidu’s purchase of PPS Net TV’s internet business for 0m in May and online site iQiyi.com last year.在此之前,今年5月百度曾以3.7亿美元收购PPS网络电视互联网视频业务,去年收购了在线视频网站iQiyi.com。NetDragon said the disposal of 91 Wireless would enhance its earnings and broaden its capital base. But its shares dropped nearly 18 per cent to HK.88 in morning trading, as 91 Wireless is seen as part of its core business.网龙表示,出售91无线将增强其盈利,拓宽其资本基础。但在早盘交易中,网龙股价下跌到19.88港元,跌幅近18%,因为91无线被认为是其核心业务之一。 /201307/248360。

Boeing has forecast that China will overtake the US as the world’s largest aviation market, extending a surge in single-aisle aircraft demand.Randy Tinseth, a Boeing vice-president, said the reordering of the market would occur by 2033. Chinese air travel, as measured by revenue passenger kilometres, is only about half as large as the US and Canada’s combined.In its annual China market forecast, Boeing projected that Chinese airlines would buy 6,000 aircraft worth 0bn in the next 20 years, with single-aisle aircraft accounting for more than two-thirds of demand.The size of China’s fleet is expected to triple, to about 7,000 aircraft, over the same period. Boeing’s previous forecasts have underestimated purchases of single-aisle aircraft. “I don’t think we anticipated the demand in emerging economies and from low-cost carriers,” said Mr Tinseth, whose forecast echoes similar predictions by rival Airbus.The growth of low-cost China carriers is expected to be an important source of demand. In July, China Eastern became the first of the big three airlines to launch a budget carrier.Boeing also expects new international routes to spur sales of the 787 Dreamliner.China Southern and Hainan Airlines took deliveries of their first Dreamliners last year, with Hainan deploying it on a new service from Beijing to Boston.Boeing has not outlined any plans to manufacture aircraft in the country, while China’s own Comac has struggled with product delays. “China is trying to do [what Airbus did in 40 years] in an accelerated manner,” Mr Tinseth said. 波音(Boeing)预测,中国将取代美国成为世界最大的航空市场,单通道客机将因此在更长时间内面临需求激增的局面。波音副总裁兰迪#8226;廷塞斯(Randy Tinseth)说,市场规模排名的这一变化将发生在2033年。按客公里收入(RPK)计算,中国的民航运量仅约为美国和加拿大之和的一半。波音在其对中国市场的年度预测中预计,中国的航空公司会在未来20年里购买6000架客机,总值8700亿美元,其中单通道客机占总需求的三分之二以上。同期,中国的机队规模将扩大至现在的3倍,达到7000架。波音此前的预测低估了单通道客机的购买量。“我认为我们没有预计到新兴经济体和低成本航空公司的需求,”廷塞斯说。他的预测呼应了波音竞争对手空客(Airbus)做出的类似预测。低成本航空公司的增长预计将成为需求的重要来源。7月份,中国东方航空(China Eastern)成为中国三大航空公司中首家设立廉价航空公司的公司。波音还预测,新的国际航线将刺激波音787梦幻客机(787 Dreamliner)的销售。中国南方航空(China Southern)和海南航空(Hainan Airlines)去年接收了它们的首批梦幻客机机型,海航将其用于北京至波士顿的新航班上。波音还没有拟定任何在中国生产飞机的计划,中国本土的中国商用飞机公司(Comac)则在努力解决产品延迟交付的问题。“中国正在努力以一种加速的方式完成(空客在过去40年完成的工作),”廷塞斯说。。

1.The most famous and spectacular meteor shower, the annual Perseids, will peak on August 12th.1.一年一度的英仙座流星雨是最著名、最壮观的流星雨,一般在8月12日达到高峰。2.The Perseids are also called the ;Tears of Saint Lawrence; after a martyred Christian deacon whom the Romans burned to death on an outdoor iron stove in A.D. 258.2.英仙座流星雨也被称作;圣劳伦斯之泪;。这个称呼来源于公元前258年被罗马人烧死在大铁炉里的基督教殉道者圣劳伦斯。3.Technically, a meteor is merely the streak of light we see trailing a meteoroid. A meteoroid is any interplanetary object bigger than a speck of dust and smaller than an asteroid.3.严格说来,;流星;仅仅指;流星体;身后的那一道光,也就是我们看着划过天空那一道。而;流星体;则可以是太阳系内任意一个比尘埃大但比小行星小的天体。4.Once it hits Earth, a meteoroid suffers an identity crisis and becomes a meteorite.4.流星体一旦撞上地球,就变成了;陨石;。5.Chase that, Superman: Perseid meteoroids enter the atmosphere at approximately 130,000 miles per hour.5.英仙座流星雨的流星体进入大气层的速度约为130,000英里/时(209,215公里/时)。6.Meteorites contain the oldest known rocks in the solar system, as well as minerals that formed around other stars perhaps billions of years before our solar system was born.6.流星体中含有太阳系中已知的最古老的岩石,以及在太阳系诞生的几十亿年前在其他恒星周围形成的矿物。7.Each day, up to 4 billion meteoroids fall to Earth.7.每天落到地球上的流星体约有40亿个。8.Don#39;t worry. Most of them are minuscule in size.8.但是不用担心,它们中的绝大多数体积都非常小。9.Meteorite impacts have been blamed for hundreds of injuries, but only one has been verified by scientists. In 1954, Annie Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, was struck by an eight-pound meteorite that crashed though her roof and bounced off a radio into her hip while she was napping.9.许多人都声称曾被落下来的陨石砸伤,但真正被科学家实的陨石伤人事件只有一起。1954年,美国亚拉巴马州的Annie Hodges被一颗8磅重(约3.6千克)的陨石砸中:这颗陨石击穿了她的屋顶,砸中了一台收音机,并反弹起来击中了正在打盹的Annie的屁股。10.A study published in 1985 in the journal Nature calculated the rate of impacts to humans as .0055 per year, or one event every 180 years.10.1985年发表在《自然》杂志上的一份研究称,陨石伤人的比例约为每年0.0055人,或者说每180年1人。11.If you find a meteorite, the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society demands that you donate 20 percent or 20 grams, whichever is smaller, to a laboratory for future research. You can sell the rest.如果你找到了一块陨石,国际陨石协会命名委员会将要求你捐献它的20%或者20克(看哪个更小)给研究所以备研究。剩下的部分你就可以拿去卖钱了。12.Unless you found it in South Africa, where all meteorites are protected under the National Heritage Law and must be surrendered to the nearest authorities.12.除非你是在南非找到它的;;在南非,所有陨石都受到国家遗产法的保护,必须上交到就近的政府机构。13.Of the more than 24,000 meteorites known to have landed on Earth, only 34 are thought to have originated on Mars. Most of these have been found in Antarctica and North Africa because they are easy to spot on sand dunes and ice.13.在已知的落到地球上的2万4千多颗陨石中,据推测只有34%来自火星,它们大多是在南极或北非被发现的,因为落在冰面或沙丘上的陨石比较显眼。14.Martian meteorites can sell for 0 a gram. Space rocks fetch just a gram.14.火星陨石可以卖到500美元/克,其他陨石则只能卖2美元/克。15.To buy one, try eBay, which often lists more than 1,000 meteorites for auction.15.想买陨石,可以上eBay,那里待售的陨石常常超过1000颗。 /201201/169279。