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TED演讲视频:讲述简洁前田约翰工作于MIT的媒体实验室。他从事于技术和艺术融合的领域,这个领域很复杂。这个演讲就是要为您细细道来。 Article/201703/500134

How do rovers drive on Mars? First of all there#39;s no joystick for driving a Mars rover,Before a rover ;hits the road;.Engineers send computer commands overnight,Telling it where to go the next day,Depending on how tricky the terrain is Rover drives have two options.探测器如何再火星上漫游?首先,驾驶好奇号可没有操纵杆可用,在好奇号上路之前,工程师会在头天晚上下达指令,告诉它第二天要去的地方,根据地形的棘手程度,驾驶员可有两种选择。They can send a string of specific commands like:Drive forward five meters;then turn right 90 degrees,The rover turns its wheels enough times to add up to five meters,And then turns in place,Or if it looks safe,They can let the rover think on its own,They write commands like:See that rock over there?他们可以发送一条特定的指令比如:向前直行5米,然后右转90度,好奇号开始转动轱辘直到累计达到5米远,然后原地转向,或者在没有危险的时候,他们可以让好奇号自己想法子,他们会给出这样的指令:奇奇,看到那块石头了么?Find your way there safely,Then using two cameras like human eyes,The rover gets a 3D view of hazards,Such as large rocks and steep slopes,After mapping the danger zones,It plots the safest route to avoid them,Either way,Did the rover complete its drive as planned? Engineers double-check when the rover sends back A postcard of its new spot on Mars!自己找条安全的路过去吧,他们使用了如人眼一般的两架相机,好奇号便可以得到一个三维视角,在绘制完有大石头或陡峭山坡,这样的危险区域的地图后,它找出最安全的一条路开避开危险,无论哪种方式,好奇号最后是按计划完成任务了么?工程师会根据好奇号传回的明信片,再次它在火星上最新的位置! Article/201503/364737

栏目简介:Meanwhile, the annual archery World Cup event also wrapped up yesterday in Pudong. This year it was hosted in a new location to attract more spectators. Here#39;s Cui Hui#39;ao, once again. Article/201701/486554

What I#39;m looking at is the profile of a young man-his straight nose and his strong jaw line show classical good looks and strength, and he#39;s looking keenly into the distance-the tilt of the head commanding and suggestive of vigorous forward movement.上面铸有年轻男子的头像,鼻子与下巴的线条笔直,表现出古典美与力量。他凝视远方,前倾的头部流露威严,似乎要奋力向前。We#39;ve got no way of knowing whether this is an accurate likeness of Alexander but it must be him, because as well as human hair this man has ram#39;s horns.我们无法了解这个头像是否反映了他的真实相貌,但我们十分肯定他的身份,因为银币上的人除了人类的头发之外,还有一对公羊角。It#39;s the horn symbol, well-known throughout the ancient world, that leaves the viewer in no doubt that we#39;re looking at an image of Alexander the Great.公羊角的象征意义在古代社会尽人皆知,毫无疑问,这就是亚历山大。The horns are associated with the god Zeus-Amon-a hybrid of the two leading Greek and Egyptian gods, Zeus and Amon.公羊角所代表的宙斯-阿蒙神是希腊与埃及两位最重要神祇的结合体。So this small coin is making two big statements-it asserts Alexander#39;s dominion over both Greeks and Egyptians, and it suggests that, in some sense, he is both man and god.因此,这枚小小的银币具有双重含义:其一,亚历山大统治着希腊与埃及,其次,他既是凡人,也是神。Alexander the man was the son of Philip II of Macedon, a small kingdom a few hundred miles north of Athens.作为人的亚历山大是马其顿国王腓力二世之子。马其顿是个位于雅典以北数百英里的小国。Philip expected great things of his son and he employed the great philosopher Aristotle as Alexander#39;s tutor.腓力二世对儿子寄予厚望,聘请了著名的哲学家亚里士多德来教导他。Alexander came to the throne in 336 at the age of 20, with an almost limitless sense of self-belief.公元前三三二年,二十岁的亚历山大登上王位, 自信满满,His goal was to reach the ;ends of the world and the Great Outer sea;, and to do this he embarked on a series of wars, crushing rebellions by Athens and the other Greek cities, and then turning east to confront the long-standing enemy of the Greeks-Persia.声称自己将到达“陆地与海洋的尽头”。为完成这一宏愿,他发动了一系列战争,首先平息了雅典与其他希腊城市的反叛,然后挥师向东,讨伐希腊的宿敌波斯。Persia was at that point the greatest empire on earth, sprawling from Egypt across the Middle East and central Asia to India and almost to China.波斯是当时世界上最伟大的帝国,领土囊括埃及、中东、中亚,直达印度,几乎与中国接壤。 Article/201410/336901

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