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UK PM David Cameron's wife gives birth to baby girlBritish Prime Minister David Cameron's wife Samantha has given birth to a baby girl, his office said."Both the baby -- who was born weighing 6lbs 1oz (2.7 kg) -- and Mrs Cameron are doing very well," a statement from the prime minister's Downing Street office said.The last British prime minister to have a baby in office was former Labor leader Tony Blair, whose wife Cherie gave birth to their fourth child, Leo, in May 2000. Leo Blair was the first child born to a serving British prime minister for 150 years.The Camerons' baby, who has not yet been named, was born at midday Tuesday, a few weeks earlier than expected, while the couple were on holiday in Cornwall, southwest England.Center-right Conservative leader Cameron, 43, has led a coalition government since the election in May. Samantha Cameron, 39, announced shortly after the poll she would step down as creative director of luxury goods retailer Smythson.The couple have two other children, Nancy and Arthur, born in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Their eldest son, Ivan, died in February last year aged six. He had suffered from cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy.背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112235

Here and now, cub and cub, pound for pound. The bodies of the falling litter the battle field. The females approach to the victorious males willingly, and with a discerning eye. They gravitate to the eye of the storm, knowing that only the fittest gladiators can make a stand at the middle of the deadly arena. And they chemically choreograph to dance a mutual seduction begins. The cubs love ladders, hormone laden urine. He socks the soil with his brew. The smell may be packed with complex information about his genetic and physical fitness. Suitably pleased, she answers with her own stream of urine. His chromatic expression is known as flaming. He is faltering the sand to a complex set of receptors in the roof of his mouth.在这里,现在幼崽对着幼崽,十分均等。尸体像垃圾一样在战场上到处都是。雌性带着挑剔的眼光只对获胜的雄性心甘情愿。它们移动到了风暴眼,因为这些动物最清楚只有最适合的角斗士才能在致命的舞台中上演奇迹。他们情不自禁的为这场殊死搏斗跳起互相诱惑的舞蹈。幼崽们自小已经习惯用满载激素的尿液为自己的领地画地盘。他在土壤中标识着只属于自己的领地。味道中的复杂信息表示了他的遗传信息和身体健康程度。看着自己的尿液,她相当满意。他的这种举动或许被成为献殷勤。他用嘴嗅着这块地盘,自己则犹豫不决。165139

Some Economists, Officials in Asia Seize on the Positive on Economic Data亚洲各项经济数据相互矛盾  Recent economic data from Asia continue to show big declines in key indicators. But some economists say there are hints of a recovery.从亚洲各国传来的经济数据显示,关键指数均有大幅下跌。但是一些经济学家说,出现了一些复苏迹象。Every economist in Asia has probably been asked this question: is the worst over yet? The numbers across the region are conflicting.亚洲的每一名经济学家可能都被问过这个问题,最糟糕的阶段过去了没有?整个亚洲地区的经济数据相互矛盾。There is bad news: Japan's economy contracted an annualized 15 percent rate in the first three months ending in March from the same period last year - its deepest fall in more than 50 years. Exports - a key component in the economy - shrank 26 percent. 从日本传来的是怀消息。日本经济今年头三个月跟去年同比收缩了百分之15,这是日本经济50多年来最深重的下跌。日本经济的关键行业出口业则收缩了百分之26。But there are what some describe as "green shoots" of recovery. Consumer confidence in the world's second largest economy reached a 10-month high in April. Exports increased in March from February.不过也有一些被形容为是“萌芽”的复苏迹象。日本这个世界第二大经济体的消费者信心4月份上升到10个月以来的高点,3月份的出口比2月份有所增长。Kaoru Yosano, Japan's finance minister, looks forward. He says it seems the January to March period was the worst and that the economy is turning up a bit.日本财务大臣与谢野馨展望前景时说:“看起来一到三月份是最糟糕的阶段,经济开始有了一些上行迹象。”Elsewhere, officials say things are looking up too. Indonesia's president says recovery is in sight by next year, while Hong Kong's financial secretary expects a slight rebound in exports by the end of the year. Taiwan's president proclaimed the worst is over, although the economy is still in recession.亚洲其他国家的官员也表示局面开始好转。印度尼西亚总统说,明年将看到复苏,与此同时,香港财政司长预计年底将看到出口有些许反弹。Singapore's president warned of a worse year, with the economy contracting by between six to nine percent. However, on Thursday, Singapore's Trade Ministry said the decline in the island's gross domestic product - a measure of overall economic activity - slowed in the first three months of the year, compared with the previous quarter.新加坡总统警告,这是最糟糕的年景,经济将收缩百分之6到百分之9。不过新加坡贸易部长星期四表示,标志着整体经济活动的国内生产总值今年头三个月与前一季度相比,下降速度放缓。There are mixed signals too from one of few economies in the region that is not in recession - China. Retail sales in April rose 15 percent from last year. Authorities see this as proof that China's 6 billion economic stimulus package is working. 中国是亚洲地区没有陷入经济衰退的不多几个经济体之一,那里同样传来了混杂的信息。零售跟去年同比上升了百分之15,当局将此看作是中国5千8百60亿美元的经济刺激方案在起作用的明。But exports continue to plummet, dropping nearly 23 percent in April from the same month last year. Industrial output, a measure of factory production, fell more than seven percent, a bigger-than-expected decline.但是出口继续下滑,4月份出口跟去年同比下降近百分之23。工业产出下降了百分之7以上,这个标志着工厂生产活动的指标数据跌幅比预期要大。Xu Lin is director-general of fiscal and financial affairs at China's National Development and Reform Commission. He says the economy has shown signs of a rebound since November, as seen in electricity consumption figures - an indicator for industrial activity. He says the government's main concern now is to maintain this momentum.中国国家发改委财政金融司司长徐林说,自从11月份以来,可以从表现工业活动的指数--电器消费数据上看,经济出现了反弹迹象。他说,政府现在主要关注的是如何保住这个势头。"The current indicators have shown that the economic recovery is moving in a "V" shape. But some indicators may not support that. But we cannot say by the indicators in April that we can prove that the "V" shaped recovery has been changed to a different direction," he said. "But if there will be more indicators to show that the recovery is changing the direction, then maybe we have to take additional measures to further consolidate the "V" shape."徐林说:“目前的指数显示,经济正在以V字形复苏。但是,有些数据也许并不持这一点。可是我们不能根据4月份的数据说,我们能够实V字形的经济复苏已经改变了方向。但是如果出现更多数据显示,经济复苏改变了方向,我们也许需要采取进一步措施来巩固经济的V字形复苏。”A "V" shaped recovery is the best anyone can hope for - the economy bottoms out quickly and sharply recovers. However, economists also talk about a "U" shaped recovery, where there is a longer slump before a gradual upturn. Worse is the "L" shaped recovery - which means a sharp drop and then no real growth for a long time, or a "W" shaped recovery - when the economy starts to recover, then quickly falls back into recession.V字型的复苏是一种最好的状况,因为经济在短时间之内触底,然后随即复苏。然而,经济学家同时也在谈论U字型复苏,也就是在经济谷底时间较长,而复苏的速度则比较缓慢。最糟糕的是L字型复苏,那表示经济直坠落地,并且长时间之内没有真正的成长。W字型复苏也很糟糕,这是当经济开始复苏的时后,又很快掉回衰退。Alan Oster, group chief economist of the National Australia Bank, says a "W" recovery will be unlikely because of the massive amounts of government money pumped into the world's economies over the past year.澳大利亚的首席经济学家艾伦.奥斯特说,不太可能出现W字型复苏,因为在过去一年政府对世界经济注入了大笔资金。"You push a lot of money into economies - through interest rates and fiscal policies - I think the machine works. To get to "W" you need something else - you need an interest rate followed by an oil price shock, which is what the '80s were," said Oster. "You need to say to me something else is going to come along and clobber us."他说:“通过调整利率和恰当使用会计政策,你向经济投放很多资金,我想这有用。要出现W字型复苏需要不同的条件,你需要利率随着石油价格震荡,就如1980年时一样。你需要告诉我还有其他的事物将来冲击我们。”Governments in the region have been spending their way out of the crisis - handing out cash to citizens, building new highways, funding new programs, to revive business activity. Some countries, such as China, have indicated that they will take additional measures if their first stimulus efforts are inadequate. 在亚洲地区各国政府花费许多钱来脱离这场危机,包括发放现金、兴建新的高速公路、资助新的计划,来恢复商业活动。有些国家,例如中国,已经表明如果第一批的刺激力度不够的话,他们将会采取额外的措施。"For the central government, I think we have enough resources to support the economy to move to the "V" shaped recovery," said Xu.徐林说:“对于中央政府来讲,我想我们拥有足够的资源来撑经济走向V字型复苏。”No matter the shape of the recovery, economists say one thing is certain: when Asia passes the worst of the crisis, the economic landscape will have aly changed. Asia's export-driven economies will have started to seek a less vulnerable growth model. Xu says, in the aftermath of the slump, China's exporters will face different business conditions, and the economy will have to rely more on domestic demand for growth.不管是哪一种字型的复苏,经济学家说有一件事是确定的,就是当亚洲渡过了危机最糟糕的时刻,经济版图已经改变。亚洲出口导向的经济必将开始寻找不那么脆弱的成长模式。徐林说,衰退的后果就是,中国的出口商将面临不同的商业局面,而经济成长将必须更加仰赖国内需求。05/70946

Google: Growth beyond search 2:45The tech giant generates the majority of its profits from search. Where will it turn to become a diversified company?Do you think that Google won't be able to escape going forward? One is that when you hire so many people, they can’t all be Rhodes Scholars and genius of other sorts, and the other problem is that it will be extremely difficult for any Google employee to make anywhere near the kind of wealth, that the early Google employees made. It’s just not possible in a company with 19,000 people to make a hundred million dollars, and so, the people who are truly motivated by money or who have an idea but they think it’s going to be the next Google are going to have no choice but to leave Google to pursue their dreams.You know it’s funny to think about the challenge that Google faces because it has been so successful, because it’s so profitable, but the fact of the matter is that Google really only has one revenue stream, that this is a very sensitive topic around Google, because they know that mature, great companies have a diversified revenue stream, they have multiple products, they have multiple hits, and so Google is doing a lot of things, it owns YouTube, it’s trying to do advertising for radio and for television and for newspapers, it’s trying to get into this plate advertising. So far, none of these things have worked in a big way, now that doesn’t mean that Google won’t have some hits at some point, it also doesn’t mean that Google is going to run into financial trouble anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it’s extremely unlikely that that will happen. But at some point, and I can’t tell you when, they will need to have other products that produce billions of dollars of revenue the way search advertising does, and they are very aware of that. The working on a handful of things that some of which aly are producing money just not serious money in the Google sense, so for example, Google has a series of products called Google LABS, which are online versions of a lot of the products that Microsoft has like word processing and spsheets and email program, that’s a multi hundred million dollar business for Google right now, but that’s nothing compared to the similar business that Microsoft has that they are emulating, Google also is working on providing open software for social networking sites, it’s doing something very similar called Android, which is a software for cellular phone carriers. The goal in both cases is to try to get this broad community of people using Google software so that they can then feed those people into Google’s advertising engine. These are big initiatives, there are multi-year initiatives, and it’s simply too soon to say if this will turn into the kind of financial rewards, that Google has reaped for its advertising products so far.01/61369

You probably missed The New York Times photograph that showed a revealing picture of New Yorkers’ rides into work on commuter trains. The photographer stood behind a long series of rows, three seats to a row. In the photo, every window and aisle seat - and not ONE middle seat - is occupied. The train is otherwise crowded; the aisles are jammed with standees - all of them ignoring the available middle seat. Some people are even sitting on the floor.不久前,纽约时报刊登的一张照片,上面展示的是纽约人乘坐通勤火车的图景。摄影师站在一长溜三人座的座位后拍得这张照片。在照片上,每个窗户和靠走道的座位都有人坐,但没有一个人坐中间那个座位!车厢里真的很挤,就连过道上也站满了人,有些人甚至坐在地板上,可人们好像根本没看见三排座中间的那个座位。The accompanying story explores why Americans despise center seats, though not mentioning the unavoidable fact that many of us are, shall we say, rather husky. 和照片配图的文章探究了为什么美国人不喜欢坐中间座位。不过文章没有提到一个无可回避的事实,那就是,我们很多人,嗯,块头儿相当大。It seems that women, in particular, feel uneasy sitting elbow-to-elbow with strangers. And while being jammed into a window seat even farther from the middle aisle can also seem claustrophobic, at least there’s a view. 看来,很多人,特别是女性,对于和陌生人肩并肩坐在一起觉得很不舒。坐在最里面,虽然有点被囚禁的感觉,但至少还能看看窗外的景色。For the poor sap in the middle, there’s a real possibility of being squished between the extremely obese, insufferably chatty, overly perfumed or repulsively unbathed. So, before or after a tiring day, a lot of people would rather stand.而坐在中间,如果被夹在又肥又壮、喋喋不休、香水喷得太多或者不喜欢洗澡的人当中,那就惨了。因此,不管是要开始新的一天,或者在结束了一天的辛劳工作后,很多人情愿站着。201105/134423

A total of 87 new Republican House members will be sworn in Wednesday. Many of them are young Tea Party activists, supporters of a very limited role for government and low taxes, and they say they want to change the way things are done in Washington. 星期三将有87名新任共和党国会议员宣誓就职。其中很多人都是年轻的茶党活动人士,他们持大量限制政府职能,降低税率。他们还说希望能够改变华盛顿做事的方式。Incoming Republican Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania told the CBS News program "Face the Nation" he experienced culture shock when he arrived.来自宾夕法尼亚州的共和党议员迈克.凯利在美国哥伦比亚广播公司“面向全国”节目中说,他抵达华盛顿之后感受到了文化冲击。"My early time here in this city, it is so different than where I come from, because I live in a real world where people actually have to use their own money to pay for things," said Kelly. "So, this idea that you can keep doing this or doing that ... and I love this fact that 'We are going to pay for it.' 'We' are not paying for anything, not 'we' in Washington. The people, the American taxpayer pays for everything. And that is what bothers me, there is such a disconnect between this town and the rest of the world."他说:“我来到这座城市不久,这跟我的家乡差别巨大。因为我生活的是一个真实的世界,那里人们付帐是要花自己的钱的。所以,这种你可以不断做这做那的想法......以及‘我们会付帐’的现实我很喜欢。但是,‘我们’不会为所有东西付帐,这个‘我们’不是在华盛顿的‘我们’,是人民。美国纳税人要为一切付帐。这是让我担心的地方,华盛顿和世界其他地方是如此脱节。”Democratic lawmaker Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida told CBS the election campaign is over and Republicans need to stop talking about the "real world" and embrace the hard work of actually governing."What remains to be seen is whether members like Mike Kelly are going to be able to turn their essentially campaign rhetoric into some kind of reality," said Wasserman.On Wednesday outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history, is expected to hand the gavel over to John Boehner, a veteran Republican lawmaker from Ohio. She strongly defended the accomplishments of the outgoing Democrat-controlled Congress, saying she has no regrets.星期三,即将离任的众议院第一位女议长佩洛西预计将把议长的锤子交给资深的俄亥俄州共和党议员约翰.贝纳。佩洛西为即将下台的民主党控制的国会强烈辩护,表示她没有任何遗憾。201101/122592

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