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Children's Day 儿童节 -- :39: 来源: Children's Day 儿童节  Children's Day is on June 1st. On that day schools always organize children to celebrate it. They are singing, dancing and playing to the full. They are very happy.  But do you know the background of it?  The National Women's Federation held a meeting in Moscow in 199. At the meeting they suggested June 1st of every year should be Children's Day.  So we have the special festival.  6月1日是儿童节在这一天学校总是要组织孩子们来庆祝他们尽情地唱歌、跳舞、玩耍他们很开心  但是你知道它的来历吗?  199年国际妇女联合会在莫斯科举行会议会上他们提议每年的6月1日定为儿童节  我们有了这个特殊的节日。

搞笑英语话剧:武松打虎 -- :9:56 来源: 搞笑英语话剧:武松打虎第一幕:喝酒   武松:Hello! I am Wu Song. The most handsome, the most famous, the most clever man in Liang Shan. I am going home to kill my sister in law Pan jinlian! She poisoned my brother. I told my brother Pan jinlian was dangerous. But My brother still married her. (叹气,唉….跟音乐一起唱且跳舞)Dangerous, dangerous! The girl is dangerous.   武松(见到酒店一家):A restaurant! Good. I am hungry. (进屋坐下)Waiter! Wine! Wine! The best wine!   小二:Hi, sir. Sit down please. Would you like XO, Er Guo Tou, Mao Tai, or Qing Dao beer?   武松:(晕晕乎乎地)How much is the XO?   小二:1880 ( 展示大瓶酒,醒目的标价)   武松:Open…Open…..(喷嚏)(小二将酒瓶起开)   武松:(面怒,片刻无语)Open the window please!Not the wine. I want some er guo tou! It’s strong enough.  小二 [热门]新《水浒 :You….You…..(敢怒不敢言, 转身倒碗二锅头),Ok. Here you are.   武松:Anything to eat?  小二:Would you like sandwiches, hamburgers, b, or pizza?   武松:Ten pizzas, please.   小二: Here you are!   武松:(喝一口酒)Good wine, very good wine!   (小二上了两碗酒www.seo93.com,武松喝了,却是不再倒了)   武松:I want more wine. Why not serve me?务员!淘宝最有效的减肥药排行榜怎么不倒酒了?   小二:Sir, More pizzas OK, more wine no way! 客官,要比萨饼就给您,这酒就不添了   武松:(生气) Why? I have money! (扔钱倒桌上)   掌柜:Look! (指着 “三碗不过冈”牌子)This wine is very strong. One bowl, comtable. Two bowls, can’t walk. Three bowls, drunk and fall!,(叫店小二示范) 喝一碗神清气爽,喝两碗保你浑身无力,喝三碗就立刻醉倒,最多喝保你酒精中毒,命都没有了……   武松:(喝一口,挤笑)Who am i? Wu Song! Even 18 bowls is nothing me. Give me wine!(咆哮,敲桌子) 不是我狂妄,这酒劲虽大,可我绝对是应付得了,就是喝上十八碗也只是漱口而已,倒酒www.jdlqq.com!   掌柜:But you must call this number first.(掏出手机,出示电话号码, 旁边注明棺材预订), Then I will serve you more wine.   武松:(勉强同意,做打电话状)Hello!.......   小二:Here is your wine. But your last meal, I think.你的酒来了!慢慢喝,估计是你最后一顿了   (武松冷哼一声一次次举起大碗,眨眼间十八碗酒就下了肚吃完了,拎着他的棍子就走)   小二:Where are you going, sir?  务员:Oh, my god. You want to die? There is a tiger there. It has eaten 30 People. You’d better not go today. It’s dark. 客官万万去不得!如今景阳冈上有只华南虎,天一黑就出来害人,已经害了三十几个人,官府限期叫猎户去捉,冈下都有广告,除了中午,都不能过冈,现在已经快天黑了,你不要命就去吧我看你还是在我这里住一晚最好   武松:(醉醺醺地) A tiger? I’ll kill it! Look ! I am so strong. I am good at Kong Fu!(秀肌肉,舞弄棍子,踢腿)老虎?我要杀了它! 看我有多壮!我的功夫多棒!   掌柜:You are drunk. Don’t go.看你这样子就知道你喝多了,怎么说起胡话了?可万万去不得!   武松:(生气) Go away! (摇摇晃晃走了) 切,减肥药哪种好最讨厌人家小看我了,一边呆着去   掌柜:(摇头叹气)e mi tuo fo! God bless you! A men! (阿弥陀佛,上帝保佑,阿门) 搞笑英语话剧:武松打虎。

三年级英语作文:Housework --1 01:57:1 来源: Housework? Honestly eaking I never do houseworks. My mum does all of them. I hate doing houseworks because it is boring and tiring, and Learning English is boring and tiring enough me. Whenever my mum ask me to wash dishes her I shout to her o Way! Study is aly impoibly hard me and more housework can only drive me closer to madne." That#39 all I know about housework.。

六年级英语作文:My Dream Home --1 :: 来源:   I have two kinds of dream homes. One is quiet, and the other is on a busy street.  I want a quiet home because I want to have a rest there. The house is on the gra. In front of the house, there is an ale tree. I want to have many ales to eat every autumn. I also want to play the swing at the tree. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two sitting rooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a big study. There are lots of books in the study and there is a computer in it. I can books, surf the Internet and play computer games there.  I want a flat on the busy street. Itrsquo close to my school. I have seven rooms. The biggest one is the sitting room. There is a TV and a comtable armchair oosite the TV. After dier, I sit in the armchair and watch TV. Itrsquo very nice. I have a balcony. I can enjoy the suhine on it.。

旅游英语口语情景对话:旅馆预订(part 6) -- :: 来源: A: Can I reserve a hotel room? B: I assure you, that's not a problem. What is your full name, please? A: My name's John Sandals.B: It's a pleasure to assist you. Please tell me when you'll be needing the room, sir.A: If my plans don't change, I'll need a room April till April .B: Sir, our room prices are slightly higher than you may have thought. Will that be okay?A: Tell me how much it will be, and I can tell you if it's okay.B: Only per night, bee taxes, of course.A: a night? That's a fair price.B: Now, as the room, sir, do you prefer smoking or nonsmoking?A: Nonsmoking, please.by 58en.com 旅游英语口语B: Nonsmoking. Now, sir, does a single queen-size bed meet your approval?A: I have absolutely no problem with that.B: Queen, nonsmoking. Okay, sir, your room is reserved. Now if you'll just give me your phone number.A: Not a problem. The number is 66-555-39. B: Thank you making a reservation with us. We look ward to seeing you in April!by 58en.com 旅游英语口语 旅游 英语口语 情景。

My favourite animal -- :56: 来源: My favourite animal I like animals very much, such as horses,monkeys, cats, tigers and so on. But I like dogs best. Why? Because they are very cute and nice. I have a white dog. Its name is Bobo. She is a female dog.She comes from Beijing,China.She wears white clothes and she has two big eyes and a small month.She often walks round and round at home.It has nothing to do.She likes eating ice-cream so much.So do I.When I eat ice-cream,she will look at the ice-cream carefully,So I will give her some to eat.I think Bobo is the cutest dog in the world.。

dolls 小学英语作文范文 -- :: 来源: dolls  hello,boys and girls! i’m susie. i have many dolls.their names are mimi,rose and mike. what lovely dolls they are!look!mimi is in red skirt.  she looks very nice. rose is a student. there are some books in her hands.she is ing. oh,where is mike? “hi, i’m here!”mike is a lovely boy. he likes playing football. look, his shoes are broken.today he is in a blue sweater. i like them very much.  do you have dolls,too?please tell me,ok?。

A Clock 钟 -- :1:3 来源: A Clock 钟  This is a clock. It has a round face. And it has two hands-one is long hand, the other is a short hand.  The short hand stands the hours, and the long hand stands the minutes. Some clocks have three hands-two long hands, and a short one. One of the long hands is much thinner. It stands the second. We can tell the time by a clock.  这是一只钟它有一张圆圆的脸它有两条指针-一条长针,一条短针  短针代表小时,长针代表分钟一些钟有三条针-两条长针,一条短针长针中的一条细得多,它代表秒我们可以用钟来报时。

Ier Beauty -- :58:6 来源: Ier Beauty Recently, many beautiful, sender actresses have been posing sexy pictures to earn money. It is an easy way to become famous. However, their beauty goes no deeper than their lovely skin. If we understand what real beauty is , we can enrich ourselves with books to gain knowledge, or participate in all sorts of activities to gain experience. In my opinion, a dazzling and confident smile comes from someone with inner beauty.。

我的爷爷和我(My Grandpa and me ) -- :9: 来源: 我的爷爷和我(My Grandpa and me )   in this old photo, it’s my grandfather and me. my mum took it us ten years ago. the tall and strong man in the photo was my grandpa. he had black hair, blue eyes, big nose and a big mouth. he was a teacher when he was young. at that time, he was very kind,honest and hardworking. his pupil always said he was a good teacher. now he is retired. beside my grandpa was me.  i was a cute, healthy baby. but at that time, i had no hair, so i often wore a hat. i was a very naughty baby too. i was always in trouble. but my grandpa said who was not naughty when he was young. maybe naughty is the children’s nature. so, i like my grandpa very much. i think he knows the children very well.  we were happy in the old house. but now, my family move into shawan, so we are far away from my grandpa. one year ago, we got a letter from my grandfather. he said he would come to shawan to see us. i am very excited. i hope that day can come soon. at that time, we will be very happy together.。