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原味人文风情:Today#39;s youth are selfish, lazy, and ignorant.现在的年轻人自私、懒散又愚昧。Okay...嗯哼...Crybaby millennials need to stop whinging and work hard like the rest of us.哇哇叫的千禧世代得停止发牢骚然后像我们其他人一样好好努力。That#39;s bad!那样说不太好!The most obnoxious, self-entitled, lazy and willfully ignorant generation ever to pollute the surface of the earth.最讨人厌、自我感觉良好、懒惰而且顽强无知的世代,污染地球表面的一代。The me, me, me generation.我我我的世代。That#39;s not true. And that#39;s upsetting.那不是真的。而且那很让人沮丧。There are a lot of stereotypes.有很多刻板印象。We#39;re lazy, entitled, unambitious, disloyal, disconnected.我们懒、傲骄、没上进心、不忠诚、冷漠疏远。I#39;m the founder of Stand Tall, which is an organization that helps women and girls get back on their feet after they#39;ve been in an abusive relationship.我是 Stand Tall 的创办人,那是一个帮助女性和女孩们重新站起来的组织,让她们在经历一段暴力关系后能好起来。Starting one of the largest college safety apps in the U.S. that has over a million users.建立美国最大的校园安全应用程序之一,用户有超过一百万人。I raised nearly one million dollars for children with serious illnesses.我为重症孩童募集将近一百万美金。I wanna dedicate my space trip to every single person who suffers from mental health issues.我要把我的太空之旅献给每个受心理疾病所苦的人。Starting my own business at the same time as completing my GCSEs and now A Levels.在完成 GCSE 课程同时开创自己的事业,现在在进修 A Level 课程。Words that come to mind when I think of millennials: opportunity, hope, ambitious, driven, passionate, always looking for the next solution, universal, want to make the world a better place, tenacious and versatile.当我想到千禧世代时心中出现的词是:机会、希望、有野心、积极、热血、永远找寻下一个解答、万事通、想让世界变得更好、坚韧而且多才多艺。 Article/201609/469096成都市中心医院医生介绍TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457808成都华西妇产儿童医院包皮手术怎么样Fishing practice begins when the cubs are four months old.小水獭在4个月大时就开始学习Only the adults have the speed and agility needed to make a catch.只有成年水獭才具备所需的速度和灵巧Adults share their catches with their squabbling cubs.成年水獭把“战利品”与幼崽一起分享,小家伙们立刻抢成一团Most otters are solitary,大部分水獭都是独自生活but these rich, warm waters can support large family groups and even bigger predators.但是这些富饶温暖的水域足以养活大型家族,甚至更大的掠食动物Mugger crocodiles, four metres long, could easily take a single otter.4米长的恒河鳄能轻松捕获一只落单的水獭But confident in their gangs, the otters will actively harass these great reptiles.不过集合起来的水獭颇有胆量,反而会主动骚扰这些大块头的爬行动物。Team play wins the day.群体作战通常会取得胜利The Mara River, snaking across the plains of East Africa.马拉河蜿蜒地穿过东非平原As the land flattens out, rivers slow down and lose their destructive power.由于地势平坦,河水流速变慢,没有了原来的破坏力。Now they#39;re carrying heavy loads of sediment that stains their waters brown.河流中带着大量的泥沙,水变得很浑浊。 Article/201705/5098194 Saying Goodbye道别Closing a conversation结束谈话。I think I#39;d better leave now.It#39;s getting late.我想现在我该走了。天色已晚了。I#39;m afraid I must be leaving now.I have taken up a lot of your time.恐怕我现在必须离开了。我已经占用你许多时间了。I#39;ll have to be going now.Thank you very much for you entertainment.我现在得走了。非常感谢你的款待。I must be off now.我现在必须离开了。Nice talking to to you.跟你谈话真好。I#39;m sorry I look up too much of your time.抱歉,点用你太多的时间了。Well,I guess I#39;d better be leaving.嗯,我想我最好是离开。Well,I must say goodbye.嗯,我必须说再见了。I#39;m afraid I#39;ve overstayed my welcom.我恐怕已经在这待了太久了。I really have to run.我得赶紧走了。Well,drop in again when you have time.那,有时间的话,再来玩。I had a good time.我玩得很愉快。I really had a pleasant evening.我真的度过了一个愉快的晚上。It was a very nice party.这真是一个美好的宴会。Saying goodbye说再见Goodbye再见。Bye.再见。See you later.再见。See you.再见。So long.再见。Good night.晚安Good wishes(分别时)祝愿Bon voyage.一路顺风Hope to see you next time.希望下次再见到你。Hope you have a nice trip.祝你旅途愉快。Have a pleasant journey.祝你旅途愉快。I wish you a pleasant journey.祝你旅途愉快。Safe landing.祝你一路顺风。Give my best regards to your father.请代我向你父亲致意。Conversations会话 /200706/14682四川省第二医院官网专家在线咨询

四川成都第三医院咨询电话成都体育学院附属医院有什么科栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431432The literal and figurative images of wealth are gradually changing, and some of the newest members of the world#39;s billionaire club are ever younger. In fact, a new report from private wealth consultancy Wealth-X lists the top 11 wealthiest individuals under the age of 35, revealing some fascinating facts. Three of those worked at Facebook, and seven of them live in the U.S., and get this, three of the top 11 are women. Here are the five wealthiest people on the planet under 35.财富实际的形象和意象正在逐渐改变,而世界亿万富豪俱乐部的一些最新成员更是前所未见地更年轻化。事实上,一份来自私人财富顾问 Wealth-X 的新报告列出 35 岁以下的最富11人,展现出一些有趣的事实。那11人中有3位在 Facebook 工作,其中7名住在美国,还有接招吧,最富11名中有3位是女性。这里是地表上35岁以下最有钱的5个人。Number five is 32-year-old Scott Daniel Duncan, heir to Dan L. Duncan, who was co-founder of Enterprise Products company, the largest publicly traded energy partnership. The younger Duncan has a net worth of five billion dollars and is also American.第五名是 32岁的 Scott Daniel Duncan,他是 Dan L. Duncan 的继承人,Dan L. Duncan 是Enterprise Products 公司的共同创办人,那是最大的上市能源合资公司。小 Duncan 拥有的资产净值为50亿美元,他也是美国人。Number four is 33-year-old Eduardo Saverin, with a net worth of 5.3 billion dollars. A Brazilian who lives in Singapore, he#39;s a co-founder of Facebook.第四名是33岁的Eduardo Saverin,资产净值53亿美元。一名居住在新加坡的巴西人,他是Facebook的共同创办人。Thirty-four-year-old Yang Huiyan of China is number three, and she#39;s worth 5.9 billion dollars. Her wealth is inherited, as the daughter of Chinese real-estate mogul Yang Guoqiang.中国34岁的杨惠研排名第三,她的身价值59亿美元。她的财富是继承来的,身为中国房地产巨擘杨国强之女。Thirty-one-year-old Dustin Moskovitz is number two, with a net worth of 9.3 billion dollars. He#39;s an American and was Facebook#39;s third employee.31岁的Dustin Moskovitz是第二名,资产净值93亿美元。他是美国人,且是Facebook的第三名员工。And number one probably doesn#39;t come as a surprise, although his level of wealth just might be more than you thought. Thirty-one-year-old American Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is worth 41.6 billion dollars.第一名或许不太是个惊喜,不过他的富有程度可能比你以为的更高。31岁的美国Facebook共同创办人兼执行长Mark Zuckerberg身价值416亿美元。And there are also some other millennials whose names you might recognize. They haven#39;t quite made the list, but they#39;re not too far off. Twenty-five-year-old Evan Spiegel is the CEO of Snapchat, with a net worth of 1.9 billion dollars. And Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy is only 26, and he aly has an estimated fortune of 1.8 billion dollars.还有其他一些你可能认得他们名字的千禧世代。他们还不太算在名单中,不过他们也离不远了。25岁的Evan Spiegel是Snapchat执行长,资产净值十九亿美元。Snapchat共同创办人Bobby Murphy才26岁,而他估计已经拥有十八亿美元的财产了。Be sure to check out the full list of the 11 wealthiest people under 35 on marketwatch.com.务必到marketwatch.com 看看35岁以下最富有的11人的完整名单。 Article/201605/444027甘孜州妇科疾病哪家医院最好的Watch out where you#39;re ting.And these are gonna be edible.小心脚下 这些都能吃 You don#39;t want to eat them raw.Really, you want to cook shellfish and try and keep them alive for something to eat later.你不会想生吃的 真的 你肯定会想吃熟的 那就要先养着 待会儿再吃I#39;m gonna keep them safe in my backpack.It#39;s a little tiddler.我就准备先养在我背包里 这是个小鱼儿Always collect as much as you can.一定要尽量多抓点Survival#39;s about making the most of what you come across.要生存下来就要尽量 利用遇到的东西Guatemala has some of the longest and largest caves in central America.危地马拉有中美洲 最大最长的洞穴Most of them are totally unexplored.其中大部分都未经勘探I#39;m gonna light the torch with my flint.我要用打火石点燃火把Very slippy on these rocks, just watch this out.这些石头非常滑 小心点Over millions of years, water#39;s worn the rock away,making these tunnels and caverns.经过水流几百万年的冲刷侵蚀 这里才形成了这些溶洞It just shows how powerful it can be.这正彰显了其巨大的威力Hey, listen.At least something lives down here.快听 竟然还有小东西生活在这下面The mayans used to think that caves like this were the gateways to the underworld.玛雅人一直认为这样的洞穴 是通往地下世界的门户They called it ;Shivova;,it means ;place of fear;他们称之为;Shivova; 意思是敬畏之地One of the big dangers is going into caves like this is not being able to find your way out again.很危险的一件事就是 进这样的洞之后 可能会再也找不到出路If I#39;ve learned anything about survival,you#39;ve always got to have an escape plan.所以逃生的秘诀就是 一定要制定一个逃脱计划And you know, a shape like this,it looks very unnatural.So if you have got to retreat,you#39;ve got some markers to follow.这样的形状 看起来很不寻常 所以万一要往回撤 得有一些标记引路 Article/201609/465438四川省生殖做药流

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