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长春阳光医院妇科长春打胎最好的妇科医院How To Run in Cold Weather on HowcastStep 1: Wear the right fabricsWear clothing made of fabric that wicks moisture away from your body, like polypropylene. Avoid cotton, which holds onto moisture. Fleece hats and gloves or mittens are a good choice because they allow skin to breathe, preventing your scalp and hands from getting too sweaty.第一步:穿合适的衣穿那些能透气的编织成的衣,比如聚丙烯。不要穿不透气的棉衣。羊毛帽子和手套或是连指手套都是很好的选择,因为他们能透气从而使皮肤呼吸,要避免头皮和手出太多的汗。Step 2: Lay it on thickIf the temperature is between 0 and 20 Fahrenheit, wear two or three tops under a windproof jacket, wind pants over insulated tights, and a hat and gloves. If it dips below 0, add another top, another bottom, a pair of glove liners or an extra pair of mittens, and wrap a scarf around your mouth.第二步:如果温度在0-20华氏温度之间,在防风夹克衫上还要穿2层,紧身衣上要套放风的裤子,并戴帽子和手套。如果低于0度华氏温度,再多穿一层。加层手套内衬或是再戴副连指手套,或是围条头巾。Tip:Don’t make the mistake of overdressing – a good general rule is to dress for 20 degrees higher than the temperature because you warm up while running.小贴士:不要穿太多——总的原则穿衣要高出当时的温度20华氏温度,因为当你跑步时你会热。Step 3: Protect your feetWear running shoes with Gore-Tex uppers – they’ll keep out any wetness – and thick socks made of anything but cotton, which can cause blisters by absorbing moisture.第三步:保护好双脚穿有排汗功能的高泰斯鞋帮的跑鞋,只能穿棉袜,别的材料会吸收湿气而使脚形成水疱。Step 4: Warm up insideBefore you head outside, do something inside that gets your blood flowing but doesn’t make you sweat, like walking up and down the stairs a few times.第四步:在室内做些热身活动在你去户外之前,做些舒展的热身活动但不要让你出汗,比如反复上下楼梯。Step 5: Run like the windIf wind is a factor, start out running into the bluster and end your run with the wind at your back. That way, the wind won’t give you a chill after you’ve worked up a sweat.第五步:像风一样快跑如果跑步时有风影响,开跑时要跑进风中,结束跑步时背部面向风。那样做的话,你出汗后也不会感到冷。Step 6: Divide and conquerOn extremely cold days, consider dividing your normal run into two sessions so you’re not outdoors as long.第六步:将时间分段在特别寒冷的日子,要考虑将你正常的跑步分成2部分,以便不在室外呆的时间过长。Step 7: Beware of black iceBeware of roads that look wet but may, in fact, be covered with ice.第七步:要小心隐藏的冰要小心那些看起来潮湿的路面,也许路上覆盖着冰。Step 8: Be a quick-change artistChange out of sweaty clothes as quickly as you can after your run so you don’t get the chills.第八步:迅速换衣在跑完步后要尽可能快地换掉衣,这样你就不会感冒。201011/117190磐石无痛人流手术多少钱 Chris Moon gives expert advice on:克里斯#8226;穆恩在这个视频中给出了专家级的建议:How can my office save energy on lighting in the office?如何让我办公室中的照明设施节能?Offices can save energy on lighting by replacing the bulbs with low-energy filaments, first of all.首先,办公室照明节能可使用低耗能的细丝灯泡取代普通灯泡。They can also ensure that lights are switched off when theyre not being used,还要确保照明设施在不使用的时候处于关闭状态。and progressive companies now are zoning lights so that not all of them are coming on all of the time.而且进步的公司现在正采用灯光分区的方法,即并非所有的灯都在同一时间亮起。Theyre introducing sensors and other ways in which lights only come on as theyre needed rather than just being on permanently.他们引入传感器和其他的方法来使灯只在需要时候才亮起,而不是仅仅像以往那样永久性亮起。201207/191513长春霉菌阴道炎治疗要多少钱

长春市重庆路附近大医院长春做人流人流医院哪个好 长春市阳光妇科医院是私立还是公立的?

松原妇幼保健妇保医院妇科是公立医院吗 Best Tips For DietingTop Tips for Dieting. Get that fabulous figure you've always craved by following these dieting tips. Videojug will give you that motivation to succeed!Step 1: DON'T ‘GO ON A DIET' : CHANGE YOUR DIET(不是节食,而是改变饮食习惯)This may seem like surprising advice in a about dieting, but it's well known that when you cut down your normal food intake, your body goes into famine mode, and your metabolism slows down. That means that, when you start eating normally again, you store fat more rapidly than before, and put on the weight you worked so hard to lose. Many diets insist on a restrictive regime or an unusual combination of foods. There is no way that you can keep this up for long – so when you get fed up you start eating all the wrong foods and the weight goes back on again.Step 2: THINK POSITIVE – THINK HEALTHY(积极点,想象好的结果)Visualise yourself as you want to be, slimmer and healthier. Dieting doesn't have to mean deprivation when you focus on what you really want. Change how you think about food, remembering that image of you as you want to be, and focus on all the foods you CAN eat while losing weight and CAN keep on eating for the rest of your life. Don't focus on what you CAN'T eat. At least three times a day, concentrate on how you see yourself in future, as permanently healthier and slimmer; then think about what you will be eating today.Step 3: QUICK FIX DIETS ONLY WORK SHORT-TERM(快速节食只能短期见效)Immediate results are guaranteed with quick fix diets.But most of us can't keep them up for long, and it could be that the first few pounds you lose are not fat, just excess water. Beware the diets that cut out a major food group, or invite you to eat one type of food in isolation. You will lose weight, but to keep it off you need to find a sustainable diet.Step 4: KEEP A FOOD DIARY(记录饮食日志)Eat as you normally do for one week, and keep a note of EVERYTHING that you eat, WHEN you eat it and WHY you eat it.This will help you understand what triggers your desire for food. Your diary will help you become aware of these triggers so you can choose to avoid themStep 5: LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW(学习阅读)Throw away the faddist diet books - but do books that advocate healthy eating combined with reasonable exercise.There's plenty of information on the web, including the UK's Food Standards Agency website.Did you know that there's a healthy weight for YOU? It's different for everyone and the eat well website shows you how to work out yours.The B website's Healthy Living section is also useful, with pages on weight and nutrition, giving information on sensible slimming, how to stay motivated, and how to stay at your ideal weight.Step 6: CHANGE THE WAY YOU SHOP(改变购物方式)Don't go shopping when you're hungry or tired – that's when you buy the wrong foods for losing weight, the so-called comfort foods .When you are shopping, notice how you do it.. Do you do it on automatic, buying all the usual things? Now's the time to do it differently.Only buy the foods that will support your desire to lose weight. Give yourself a bit more time to explore healthy alternatives to your usual diet.Fresh, home-made food beats prepared meals hands down when it comes to dieting– no hidden fats and sugars to put weight on you. Also, keep some things to hand in the cupboard or in the freezer, so that if you don't have time to get to the shops, you can still eat healthily.Step 7: GET MOVING - EXERCISE IS ESSENTIAL(保持运动)It's quite simple, if you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight.The most important thing is to find exercise that you like and that you find reasonably easy to do, like walking for ten minutes a day, to start with.You can build up what you do each week, taking it steadily. This way, you're much more likely to keep at it.Yoga and water aerobics are two of the gentler forms of exercise. Most sports centres offer drop-in classes and you don't have to commit yourself till you've tried it.Even if you find exercise tough at first, this will be one of the parts of your diet that will bring you a great sense of well-being.Remember that ANY exercise you do is better than none. It will make you feel happier and more energetic because it releases endorphins, the body's natural highs.Step 8: NEVER SKIP A MEAL – ESPECIALLY BREAKFAST(每顿都要吃饭,尤其是早餐)Set yourself up for the day by eating something that takes a long time to digest, like muesli, or eggs and wholemeal toast.If you're one of those people who just doesn't fancy eating breakfast, make sure the first thing you do eat is along these lines, rather than a sugar-rich snack mid-morning.This will keep your energy levels more constant, and won't leave you prey to sugar cravings later.Step 9: TAKE TIME TO EAT.(慢慢吃)You aly know that one of the secrets of dieting lies in changing your relationship with food.Sit down to eat and take the time to enjoy it. Remember, if you rush your food, you hardly notice that you've eaten, and you end up feeling hungry again long before it's really time to eat.That's when you tend to want a fatty, sugary snack, just what you don't need.Step 10: DRINK PLENTY OF WATER(喝多多的水)Why does drinking water help you to lose weight?We often confuse thirst with hunger. Sometimes you may reach for food when what you really need is a long drink of water. Try it.When we don't drink enough water, we retain fluid. Paradoxically, the more water we drink, the less fluid we retain; when we don't drink enough water, the body holds on to fluid, causing bloating.So aim for six to eight large glasses of water a day.Step 11: EAT FIVE PORTIONS OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLES PER DAY(水果和蔬菜)Fruit and vegetables are what you need to eat to get all your vitamins and minerals. They also contain lots of water, and fill you without fattening you.They are the stars of the slimmer's diet. Five portions a day is the minimum suggested.Step 12: EXERCISE PORTION CONTROL(少吃多餐)Slimmer people tend to eat smaller portions.A sensible sized portion would be about the size of the palm of your hand, not including your fingers.Experts recommend a good balance of protein and carbo-hydrate, with a little fat.Step 13: YOU CAN EAT SNACKS ON A DIET(可以吃零食)The key to losing weight is to keep your energy levels constant and you can only do that if you eat regularly.Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are the times we experience a drop in energy levels. That's when we need a healthy snack.Good examples of healthy snacks are:Some fruit and a few nutsRaw vegetables and a tasty dipRice cakes or oat cakes with low fat cheese or humusThe key here is to keep it a snack-sized snack.Step 14: SOME FATS ARE GOOD(一定的脂肪是有益的)Fats are essential to a balanced diet – use those that are found naturally in unprocessed food, such as olive oil, sunflower oil, oily fish, nuts and seeds.Go easy on the fats found in red meat, cream, butter and cheese.Avoid hydrogenated oil – it contains trans fatty acids, which have no known nutritional benefit.Some major food retailers have aly started to keep this off their shelves.And be careful when you're buying ‘low fat' foods, they may be high in sugar or salt instead. Read the labelsRemember, it's all about having a balanced diet.Step 15: AVOID REFINED SUGAR(别炼的糖)It's not just the sugar you might put in tea and coffee, it's all the sugars hidden in processed foods and ymade meals.Two reasons for cutting down on sugar – one is, it sharply affects blood sugar levels, so you get a feel-good surge followed by a slump in energy that makes your body crave more sugar.The other is that the body converts sugar to glucose, and, if you're not doing physical work to use that glucose, the body stores it as fat.Step 16: CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL(少喝饮料)Don't worry – you don't have to cut out alcohol altogether BUT remember this:Alcohol is high in calories, which convert quickly to glucose and can be stored as fat.To slow down this process, have something to eat when you have a drink, and try and restrict your drinking to a couple of glasses, two or three times per week.Step 17: TRY SOMETHING NEW EACH WEEK(每周都尝试新的食物)Don't get bored.Eating needs to be interesting when you're developing new, healthier habits, so experiment with new foods. Look out for things you haven't cooked before, and try them.If you can't find what you need in a cookery book, there are recipes for everything on the internet and how about trying some of the recipes on the VideoJug website.Step 18: BREAKING YOUR DIET IS NORMAL!(偶尔可以回归到正常饮食)Don't try to be perfect. Everybody needs a break from a restrictive diet sometimes.Whether you're going out for a special meal, or just in need of a break, enjoy it and don't feel guilty because you've aly made the commitment to healthier living.Step 19: SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL.(少就是美)Losing weight is about eating fewer calories than you burn off in your everyday life and to lose a pound a week, you need to create a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day.So make small changes – for example, eat some fruit instead of a chocolate bar, or choose the low-fat alternative to your normal food, and take two brisk 15 minute walks a day.The rate at which you lose weight will vary.Most medical experts agree that it's healthy and sustainable to lose one or two pounds a week and as long as the overall trend is downwards . . . . you're doing well.Step 20: REWARD YOURSELF(犒劳自己)Keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself each time you lose, say, five pounds.Choose something that has nothing to do with food –– something that makes you feel good, to remind you how proud you are at what you have achieved.Good luck! And we wish you every success as you try Dieting the Videojug way .201107/142837长春五棵树经济开发区人流费用松原妇女儿童医院诊疗中心怎么样



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