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长春吉林大学三院扣扣吉林省长春市妇女儿童医院社保卡长春中日联谊医院妇科咨询 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Major changes could be coming tomorrow in the services for people living with a mental illness or a developmental disability in Michigan.Tomorrow, state lawmakers are expected to release their final budget for fiscal year 2017-18 for the Department of Health and Human Services.That budget will reveal if Republicans have chosen to shift control of mental health funding – which amounts to nearly .5 billion in annual Medicaid payments – away from public mental health organizations, and transfer it to private insurers.For more than a year, there have been many, many discussions about this. The state convened whats called the Section 298 Workgroup to come up with recommendations for the legislature. So-called Affinity Groups were also held across the state to hear the ideas and concerns from consumers and their families.For parents of children with disabilities, this is a deeply personal issue. Many of them, like Bob White and Gail Marsh, work hard to advocate on their childrens behalf so that they can get the mental health services they need to lead healthy, happy and productive lives. They both joined Stateside to talk about their struggles and successes with the states mental health care system and why they are worried about the prospect of changing the system their children rely on.White is the father of two sons who are on the autism spectrum and he lives in Clarkston, and Marsh is the mother of an adult daughter who has Down Syndrome and shes from Grand Rapids.For White, this has been an issue close to his heart for more than four decades. His oldest son, Fred, is 46 years old, and his younger brother Michael is 32. The White family has experienced Michigans mental health system before there was widesp care available. According to White, when Fred was diagnosed with autism 43 years ago, there was no ;playbook; for parents to follow.Fred has lived in a small group home for the last 16 years, while Michael currently lives in an ;independent supported; apartment and has a job.Marshs daughter Kayla is 27, and has been involved in Michigans mental health care system for nine years. When Kayla turned 22, her independent spirit drove her to move out of her parents home to start on her own path, like many young adults do. She currently lives in a shared housing arrangement that is paid for by Medicaid and Marsh has watched as Kayla has exceeded her expectations of living on her own. ;Wildly successful; is how she described it.Robert has been lobbying for mental health care on behalf of his son and many others like him and he explained why he includes a picture of his two sons on the cover of every narrative that he submits to Lansing, Washington D.C., or even to local governments.;I feel its so critical to take the emphasis off of, in this case, a line item budget or a bell curve or an actuarial study, and put the focus back on the individuals who are going to be affected by any of the changes,; White said.White and Marsh both explained that they have been relatively happy with the care their respective children have received, but that no system is perfect. Marsh points out that in her experience, its not very user friendly and it can be tough to navigate, but her main concern is that it is a public system.;When we stray away from a public system, were going to lose that public accountability and the transparency,; Marsh said. ;A private health plan is not subject to the Open Meetings Act and theyre not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. So there is no public transparency and accountability. I dont know that Veridian or Molina or Priority Health would welcome me to sit in on a board meeting.;White echoed her concerns as he fears that the quest for profits could get in the way of quality health care for patients.;When we talk about moving the [mental health care] system away from a public entity ... to managed health care organizations, I think of it, often, as a shift from stakeholders to shareholders,; White said. ;And what gets lost in shifting the emphasis of why an MCO, that now has responsibility, or an HMO, for behavioral health, why they exist. Do they exist for profitability? Or do they exist for the benefit of maximizing the services that not only our sons, and Gails daughter and others, deserve, but its their civil rights, human rights and constitutional rights. Its not an elective.;White said he is not afraid of change, he just wants his family, and other families like his to be a part of that change.Parents want nothing more than to keep their children safe and happy. But for White and Marsh, the uncertain future of Michigans mental health care system leaves them feeling anxious because they may not always be there to fight for them.;My wife and I are afraid to die,; White said while fighting back tears. ;Every year, we as parents, we arent going to be around to advocate on their behalf. To make the trips to Lansing, to go to the meetings. We have to come up with something thats more sustainable so that we have the confidence that when were not here, that our two guys, Gails daughter and others like them, are going to be taken care of.;Gail echoed those sentiments. ;I said that to the group of 135 persons at the Section 298 work group, I told them that myself and other families that Im aware of, we have a confession, like Bob, are hoping that our sons and daughters dont live longer than we do because we cant trust that theres a system thats going to take care of them.;Listen to the full interview above to hear more about their children and how they rely on mental health services as well as Marshs examples of how privatizing ;doesnt work; and why White describes it as a form of ;outsourcing.;201706/512850长春人流医院哪家权威

绿园区中医院属于几级医院Facebook is creating features in the current version of their app that will help it’s users find Wi-fi hotspots. 脸谱网正在其应用程序当前版本中创建功能,将有助于用户找到Wi-Fi热点。According to techradar.com, “It’s called Find Wi-Fi and,根据TechRadar网站,该功能叫作“寻找Wi-Fi”,Facebook has now pushed the button to roll it out globally. 脸谱网现在已经在全球推出该功能。Other phones apps are making it a priority to help their users find Wi-Fi. 其他手机应用程序正将其作为首要任务,帮助用户找到Wi-Fi。It will make it easier for anyone in more rural areas to find accessible Wi-fi, 这将使更多农村地区的人更容易找到可访问的Wi-Fi,which is extremely useful for any freelancer or business person working remote.这对任何远程工作的自由职业者或业务人员是非常有用的。译文属。201707/516030长春省人民医院人流要多少钱 一、边听边学Listen and Learn sunny-side up (煎蛋)仅煎一面的over easy 煎两面soft-boiled 半熟的hard-boiled 煮得老的poached egg 荷包蛋scrambled egg 炒鸡蛋omelet 煎蛋卷二、边听边说Listen and Speak ;How do you like your eggs? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;你喜欢什么样的鸡蛋?;;我不在乎!;Sunny-side up? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;只煎一面吗?;;我不在乎!;Poached on toast? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;土司荷包蛋?;;我不在乎! ;Scrambled with bacon? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;培根炒鸡蛋?;;我不在乎!;Over-easy? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;煎两面?;;我不在乎!;Soft-boiled? Hard-boiled? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;半熟还是煮老一点?;;我不在乎!;How about an omelet? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;来个煎蛋卷怎么样?;;我不在乎!;Come on, tell me! This isnrsquo;t fair.;;行啦,告诉我吧!这不公平。;I told you the truth. I really donrsquo;t care!;;我告诉你了事实。我真的不在乎!可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201201/168680长春市结核病医院人流价格表

农安县妇幼保健院宫颈肥大toast 祝酒,庆祝They toast the friendship between two countries他们为两国的友谊祝酒。A toast to your good health祝你身体健康Let's have a toast to your good luck!为你的好运干杯 mend fences 和某人或某国修补关系Pakistan leader seeks to mend fences with Kabul巴基斯坦领导人设法改善和喀布尔的关系。If they are to cooperate, they'll have to mend fences如果他们还想合作的话,就不得不修补他们之间的关系In order to mend fences I baked a cake for him为了跟他重归于好,我给他烤了个蛋糕。Think twice before you speak so that you don't have to mend fences later。三思而后行,免得以后还要修补关系 背景音乐:tik tok 应某位网友的要求 我今天把音量调低了些 但是个人觉得音乐的魅力不减啊 /201006/105482 大家好,欢迎来到,今天Canace继续为大家放送三句实用的口语表达,你做好准备了吗?1.Its up to you to decide whether to go or to stay.这句话和我们上期讲的一个句子类似:You can suit yourself about going or remaining. 意思是去或者留随你的便。今天讲的句子语气更好。短语up to表示由某人决定,its up to you是常用的句子,表示“听你的,由你决定”。Its up to you to decide whether to go or to stay. 是去是留该由你说了算。类似的还有its down to you!这种说法,意思为:这由你负责。例如:I can do no more, the rest is down to you.我不能继续做下去了,剩下的你来负责吧。2..We can meet at my house or yours, just as you wish.我们可以在我家见面也可在你家,随你的便。Wish是“希望”的意思,as you wish字面意思是“像你希望的那样”,口语中常用来表示“随你的便”。I will arrange to do as you wish. 我会按照你的希望去做。As for your departments plan, you can change as you wish. 至于你们部门的计划,你愿意怎么改就怎么改吧。3.More haste, less speed.4.Haste表示“匆忙”,speed是“速度”,想必大家已经猜到这句习语的意思了:欲速则不达。越是着急,速度反而越慢,心急吃不了热豆腐。例句:It is a case of more haste, less speed to use a big fire to fry your food. You will burn the food and have to cook another dish. 用大火烤食物是欲速则不达。你会把食物烤焦而不得不另烤一盆。今天我们学习了三个口语表达,分别是:It’s up to you. 由你决定。As you wish. 你随便。 More haste, less speed. 欲速则不达。温故而知新,才能收获更多。下一期的与您有约,再见!背景音乐:刘德华-Slip Away本节目属 /201509/399688长春阳光不孕不育医院正规吗?长春医科大学附属第一医院子宫肌瘤



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