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长春市中心医院妇科检查长春第一医院妇科检查乳腺盆腔炎输卵管长春朝阳妇幼保健院在线咨询 Natalie Morales: Barash recently completed a study that defines what she calls the "New Wife". Who is she? A young educated woman in her twenties who decides that while a career is important, marriage and family come first. Susuan Sharpiro Barash: She wants to stress free marriage, she wants to have time with her children and her husband.Natalie Morales: So they see women who have tried to have it all as having failed in summer garden, their personal and professional lives?Susuan Sharpiro Barash: I don't know about fail, but I think very disappointed. And I think that is a myth of having it all.Music: Love and marriage, love and marriage, Natalie Morales: Marlene Mcmahon and Rachel Driling are exactly the kind of women Barash says are examples of the new wife. Marlene put herself through college before starting a career in medical publishing. She met her husband Michael when she was 24, they now have 8-week-old MeKeller.Music: What a world! What a life, I am in love...Marlene Mcmahon: Being able to, you know, take her to school, and go to PTA meetings and beat every dance with sidle and make her lunch, I can't even imagine not being able to do that.Music: Lucky me, can't you see I'm in love...Natalie Morales: Marlene planned to work part time at some point, but for now she leaves the heavy financial lifting to her husband.Marlene Mcmahon: We compliment each other, so he is more successful having, knowing that I can take care of our children, and I am more successful knowing that I don't necessarily have to worry it as much, because he's gonna make sure our hot water has got turned off.Natalie Morales: What does this mean then for the trailblazers who did pave the way for many of us who have careers and have families?Susuan Sharpiro Barash: The trailblazers were not able to get rid of that second shift that remains today, studies show us that women who work all day still come home to the second shift for their children.It's hard to put that together.Natalie Morales: Rachel D's mom Linda Chambers was a baby boomer who tried to do it all as an accountant and mother of 2.Linda Chambers: I really love my job, I love what I do, and I didn't wanna give that up to be a permanent stay-at-home mom, and I had a lot of stress, you know.Natalie Morales: That stress made daughter Rachel resolve to do things differently.Music: Baby, love. my baby, Love. I need you, I know I need you...Natalie Morales: Married at 26, she stays home with son Dashwood and works just 4 times a month as a nurse practitioner.Rachel: I would much rather sacrifice material items, myself, I would, my husband and Dashwood...and to be old for us to have me stay at home with our son.Miss Magazine senior editor Michele Kort finds Barash's trend troubling.Michele Kort: It will be a step backward if women blame this choice on their hardworking mothers, and didn't look at the societal situation that creates that kind of stressKid: No, no, no...Natalie Morales: The harsh reality is there is no easy answer for joggling career and family, especially for women in demanding professions. Doctor Grace Kang is an unmarried 37-year-old pediatric cardiologist with 14 difficult years of medical training finally behind her.Grace Kang: I think it would have been very difficult to have a husband and a family and to do well in my training, to succeed, really succeed at it.Natalie Morales: Doctor Kang has no regrets and feels confident that a marriage and a family are in her future.Grace Kang: I don't think it's too late, Natalie Morales: So then we talk now the 21st century wife, what does she represent?Susuan Sharpiro Barash: She is probably the smartest of all, because she is willing to scrutinize, the recent past, and to take the best from each decade.200707/15187McCain Urges Stemming Sp of Nuclear Weapons 麦凯恩敦促制止核武扩散 The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, spoke about the dangers of nuclear proliferation Tuesday in a speech in Denver, Colorado. Meanwhile, there is only one week left in the Democratic primary battle between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 预计能得到共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员星期二在科罗拉多州丹佛市的讲演中谈到了核武器扩散的危险性。与此同时,民主党参议员奥巴马和克林顿之间的初选战只剩最后一个星期了。Senator McCain said as president he would ensure U.S. leadership to stem the sp of nuclear weapons. McCain said his approach would not rely too heavily on either direct talks with adversaries or the threat of military force.  麦凯恩参议员说,他如果当上总统,就会确保美国主导制止核武器扩散的行动。麦凯恩说,他的行动方式将不会过度依赖与敌对方的直接对话,也不会依靠军事威慑力量。"Our highest priority must be to reduce the danger that nuclear weapons will ever be used," he said. "Such weapons, while still important to deter an attack with weapons of mass destruction against us and our allies, represent the most abhorrent and indiscriminate form of warfare known to man." 麦凯恩说:“我们首要的当务之急务必是降低动用核武器的危险性,与此同时同等重要的是:制止对我们和我们的盟友发动大规模杀伤性武器的袭击,这类袭击是人类历史上最令人发指并滥杀无辜的战事。”McCain's speech was interrupted several times by anti-Iraq war protestors, prompting McCain to restate his pledge to remain in Iraq until the U.S. achieves victory there. 麦凯恩的讲话多次被反伊拉克战争的抗议者打断,这促使麦凯恩只得再次申明自己的承诺,即美国将留守伊拉克直到取得胜利为止。"And by the way, I will never surrender in Iraq, my friends, I will never surrender in Iraq," he added. 他在示威者的呼声中说:“朋友们,顺便告诉大家,我绝不在伊拉克投降,决不投降!”McCain hopes to benefit this week from fundraising help from President Bush. Tuesday's fundraiser in Arizona marks their first joint appearance since the president endorsed McCain at the White House nearly three months ago. 麦凯恩希望本周能在布什总统帮助募款的努力下得益。星期二在亚利桑那州的募款活动是自从布什总统近三个月前在白宫表示持麦凯恩以来,两人的第一次共同公开露面。Meanwhile, the Democratic primary race between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is now in its final week. 与此同时,民主党在奥巴马参议员和克林顿参议员之间展开的初选竞争已进入最后一周。Clinton has been campaigning in the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where she is favored in Sunday's primary. 克林顿一直在美国的自治政区波多黎各竞选,她在当地将在星期天举行的初选中处于优势地位。"I pledge to you that I will end the war in Iraq, bring our troops home and take care of our veterans the way they should be cared for!" she said. 克林顿说:“向你们保我将结束伊拉克战争,让我们的部队返回家园,并将使得我们的退役军人得到他们应有的照顾。”Senator Obama is favored in the last two primaries on June 3, in Montana and South Dakota. 奥巴马参议员在6月3号举行的最后两次初选中、即蒙塔那州和南达科他州的初选中,都处于优势。Increasingly, Obama has been ignoring Senator Clinton and focusing instead on Senator McCain. 奥巴马已逐渐不再理会克林顿而把矛头指向麦凯恩。"He deserves admiration for his service to our country, but he is running for a third Bush term," he said. "Look at his foreign policy. He wants to continue a war without end." 奥巴马说:“麦凯恩为国效劳是值得称赞的。但是他其实是在争取布什第三次连任。从他的外交政策可窥一斑。他想要无休止地继续一场战争。”Obama is expected to hold a significant lead over Clinton in the delegate count when the primaries end on June 3. Most experts predict that the Democratic race is likely to end soon thereafter. 预计当初选在6月3号结束时,奥巴马将会在代表人数上大幅领先于克林顿。大多数专家都预计这场民主党总统提名的角逐在6月3号后不久结束。John Fortier monitors U.S. politics at the American Enterprise Institute and was a guest on VOA's Encounter program. 在美国企业研究所研究观察美国政治的约翰.福捷参加美国之音的访谈节目时说:"Ultimately, Hillary Clinton is running out of time," he explained. "There is not much left for her. They are both doing well, and Hillary Clinton may end up with a few more delegates in the last few contests, but she is not going to catch him. And we are likely to see, I think, June as the time where ultimately she sees that the handwriting is on the wall, the vote is official, and she probably concedes in a week or so after the last primary." “希拉里.克林顿最后没有时间了。她剩下的时间不多了。他俩都干得不错, 而克林顿可能在最后几次角逐中会多赢得几名代表,但是她不可能赶上奥巴马。而我想,我们很可能会看到在6月份克林顿会认识到命运已定,而选举也正式成为定局,于是她很可能会在最后的初选结束后的一两星期内认输退让。”The Democrats hold their national nominating convention in Denver in late August, while the Republicans meet in Minneapolis-St. Paul the first week in September. 民主党将在8月下旬于丹佛市举行代表大会,而共和党人将在9月的第一周于明尼阿波利斯-圣保罗召开大会。 200805/40325长春省妇幼保健院怎么样好吗

长春子宫肌瘤专科医院Rice Urges Arab States to Boost Ties With Baghdad赖斯促阿拉伯国家加强伊拉克关系 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she will push Iraq's Arab neighbors to boost diplomatic relations and other ties with Baghdad as a counter-weight to Iranian influence. Rice leaves Saturday on a mission to the Gulf including an Iraq neighbors conference in Kuwait. 美国国务卿赖斯说,她将呼吁伊拉克的阿拉伯邻国同巴格达加强外交关系和其他联系,抗衡伊朗的影响。赖斯星期六将启程前往海湾国家,包括参加伊拉克几个邻国在科威特的会议。 The ed States has welcomed the stated commitments of key Gulf allies including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to set up embassies in Baghdad. But Rice is signaling impatience with a lack of action on such promises, and is making clear her intention to press the matter at the Kuwait conference. 美国对主要的海湾盟国,包括沙特阿拉伯和巴林发出的准备在巴格达设立使馆的承诺表示欢迎。但是,赖斯国务卿则对这个许诺之后不见行动的作法表示不耐烦,她明确表示要在科威特会议上在这个事情上施压。In a talk with reporters, Rice said security conditions in Iraq have vastly improved since the Bush administration began pressing the issue of Arab ties with Baghdad months ago.  赖斯对记者说,布什政府几个月前开始推动阿拉伯国家加强同巴格达的联系之后,伊拉克的安全局势大有改善。She said while Arab states need not match the U.S. diplomatic commitment to Iraq as evidenced by the new 0 million American embassy in Baghdad, they should be represented into order to as she put it "confirm and work for Iraq's Arab identity" in the face of Iranian influence.  赖斯说,尽管阿拉伯国家不必和美国一样,在巴格达建造一座价值7亿美元的大使馆,以此作为对伊拉克的外交承诺的见,但是他们应该将承诺逐渐体现出来,面对伊朗的影响,阿拉伯国家要实伊拉克的阿拉伯特性,并为此工作。"Iraq should be fully reincorporated into the Arab world," Rice said. "It think that in and of itself will begin to shield from influences of Iran that are nefarious influences. Iran is a neighbor. It's going to have influence. But Iraq is first and foremost an Arab state. It's a state in which Iraqi nationalism is very strong, and the neighbors ought to be reinforcing that." 赖斯说:“伊拉克应该全面融入阿拉伯世界。我认为它自己应该开始抵制来自伊朗的影响,这是一种邪恶的影响。伊朗是伊拉克的邻国,必然会有影响。但是伊拉克首先是一个阿拉伯国家。这是一个伊拉克民族主义非常强烈的国家,这些邻国应该强化这一点。”Iran will be represented at the Kuwait ministerial though Rice said she has no plans for any direct contact with the Iranian delegation. 伊朗将参加在科威特举行的部长级会议,不过赖斯说她没有和伊朗代表团直接接触的计划。She said Iran must end what she termed "malign actions" that undermine the Baghdad government, and said ultimately the stability and success of Iraq is in the interests of all of its neighbors including Tehran.  她说,伊朗必须结束她所称的“恶意的行动”,停止削弱巴格达政府。赖斯说,伊拉克的稳定和成功最终符合所有邻国、包括德黑兰的利益。Rice said the stress on Iranian meddling by senior U.S. figures including Iraq military commander General David Petraeus does not mean the threat from Sunni insurgents in Iraq has disappeared. But she said the position of groups like al-Qaida in Iraq has been significantly weakened:"The context for al-Qaida and the Sunni insurgents, to the degree that they continue to operate is a far less hospitable context, in which their base of operations, Anbar [province], is overwhelmingly controlled-cities like Ramadi and Faluja - by legitimate Iraqi authorities," Rice said. "And the rebuilding of those cities gives reason to the people of those provincial cities to continue to support the government." Rice said Iraqis are turning security gains into political progress, and she suggested that no other country in the Middle East is doing a better job of trying to peacefully reconcile its Sunni and Shiite Muslim communities. 200804/35464长春超导可识无痛人流哪家好 Zimbabwe Political Rivals Sign Landmark Power-Sharing Deal穆加贝和反对派签署权力分享协议 The president of Zimbabwe and two opposition leaders have signed a power-sharing agreement aimed at ending the Zimbabwean crisis. The accord follows months of negotiations mediated by South Africa. 津巴布韦总统穆加贝和两名反对派领导人签署了旨在结束该国危机的权力分享协议。此前,各方在南非的斡旋下进行了几个月的谈判。Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe and opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara shook hands over the agreement before half-a-dozen African heads of state and several thousand supporters in Harare.  在哈拉雷,津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对派领导人茨万吉拉伊以及穆塔姆巴拉在6位非洲国家领导人和几千名持者的面前握手,祝贺协议的达成。After three decades of undisputed rule, the accord calls for Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF party to share power with the opposition. Mr. Mugabe noted that the agreement contains elements that neither he nor the opposition liked.  在历经30年无异议的统治之后,这项协议要求穆加贝领导的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线和反对党分享权力。穆加贝指出,这份协议中包含一些他和反对派都不喜欢的内容。"History makes us walk the same route," Mugabe said. "We may disagree on that route and this is what we were doing. But now there are areas where we find ourselves in agreement. And as we move forward, as long as certain salient (important) principles are recognized we will find more room for agreement." 他说:“历史让我们走上同样的路。我们可能对这条路存有分歧,过去我们之间确实有分歧。不过现在我们在一些方面达成了共识。随着我们合作的发展,只要一些重要的原则得到认可,我们就能找到更多的合作空间。”He said these principles included recognition of Zimbabwe's sovereignty. And he accused foreign powers that levied economic sanctions against his government of seeking to impose solutions to Zimbabwe's problems. 他说,这些原则包括承认津巴布韦的主权。他指责那些向他的政府实施经济制裁的外国势力试图把解决方案强加于津巴布韦。Under the accord, Mr. Mugabe is to continue as head-of-state and preside over cabinet meetings. Mr. Tsvangirai, who heads the largest faction of the Movement for Democratic Change, is to assume the newly created post of prime minister and chair the newly created Council of Ministers. 根据这项权力分享协议,穆加贝将继续担任国家元首的职务,并且主持内阁会议。反对党“争取民主变革运动”最大派系的领导人茨万吉拉伊将担任新设立的总理职位,并负责新设立的部长委员会。A smaller opposition (MDC) faction led by Arthur Mutambara, is to receive three ministries and Mutambara is to assume one of two newly created positions of deputy prime minister. 穆塔姆巴拉所领导的“争取民主变革运动”中的一个较小派系,将得到三个内阁部长的职务。在新设立的二个副总理职位中,穆塔姆巴拉将担任其中一名副总理。The president's party is to receive 15 ministerial portfolios, while Mr. Tsvangirai's group is to receive 13 ministries and the Mutambara faction is to receive three cabinet posts. Mr. Tsvangirai said he signed the agreement because he believes it represented the best opportunity to build a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe. In a reference to the political violence that has plagued Zimbabwe, Mr. Tsvangirai said his hope for the future ran deeper than his grief over past sufferings and he called for the new leadership to overcome its rivalries. 茨万吉拉伊说,他之所以在协议上签字是因为他觉得这份协议给建立一个和平和繁荣的津巴布韦带来最好的机会。在谈到津巴布韦发生的政治暴力时,茨万吉拉伊说,他对未来寄予的希望超过对过去苦难感到的悲哀,他还呼吁新的领导层能化解彼此间存有的敌意。"As Prime Minster-designate, I call on all supporters of both ZANU-PF and MDC to unite as all Zimbabweans," Tsvangirai said, "to put the interests of our people and our nation first and to work together for a new Zimbabwe. Divisions, polarization and hatred belong to the past." 他说:“作为指定的总理,我呼吁所有持非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线和争取民主变革运动的人团结起来,大家都是津巴布韦人,要把人民和国家的利益放在首位,为建立一个新的津巴布韦而共同努力。分裂、分极和仇恨都属于过去。”The opposition won a majority of the parliamentary seats in elections last March and Mr. Tsvangirai received the most votes in the presidential race. But Mr. Mugabe won the runoff vote after Mr. Tsvangirai withdrew, citing a campaign of state-sponsored intimidation in which more than 100 of his supporters were killed. 今年三月,反对党赢得议会的多数席位,而且茨万吉拉伊在总统竞选中获得多数选票。但是,在茨万吉拉伊退选后,穆加贝赢得了决选胜利。茨万吉拉伊说,因为政府策划的大规模恐吓活动导致100多名他的持者死亡。200809/48905长春宽城区人流需要多少钱

长春市南关区中西医结合医院专家预约Chinese Drug Maker Begins Production of Bird Flu Vaccine中国开始批量生产人用禽流感疫苗 Officials in China have given permission for a Chinese drug maker to begin commercial production of a human vaccine against bird flu after clinical trials showed it was effective. Scientists worldwide are trying to find a way to prevent transmission of the virus. 在临床试验显示禽流感疫苗有效之后,中国官员已经批准大批量生产人用禽流感疫苗。世界各国的科学家正在寻找防止禽流感病毒传播的途径。 Officials from Sinovac Biotech, which jointly developed the vaccine with China's Center for Disease Control, say two clinical trials showed the vaccine worked.  北京科兴生物制品有限公司的负责人说,两期临床试验明疫苗有效。该公司和中国疾病预防控制中心联合研制出这种人类使用的禽流感疫苗。The development is a promising sign for scientists who have worked for years for develop a vaccine to protect humans from the H5N1 strain of bird flu. The virus has infected nearly 400 people and killed at least 238 worldwide, most of them in Asia.  这一进展对多年来为防止人类感染H5N1型禽流感病毒而努力研制疫苗的科学家来说是一个喜讯。在世界范围已经有近400人感染这种致命病毒,并导致至少238人死亡,其中大多数死亡病例发生在亚洲。Experts worry that the H5N1 strain could cause a deadly flu pandemic in humans.  专家担心,H5N1型禽流感病毒有可能导致出现人之间传播的致命传染病。So far, most human victims have caught the virus from sick poultry. But there have been some cases of human-to-human exposure. 迄今为止,人类死亡病例大多是因为病人接触生病的家禽而感染禽流感病毒的,但是也出现了几例人与人之间感染的病例。Malik Peiris teaches microbiology at Hong Kong University. He was among the scientists who first identified the virus when it appeared in the city 11 years ago, and was part of a team that provided the genetic map of the bird flu virus and its mutations. 马利克.佩利斯在香港大学教授微生物学,11年前香港爆发禽流感时,他是发现H5N1型禽流感病毒的首批科学家之一,并参与了禽流感病毒基因图以及基因变异的研究小组的工作。"The concern of course is that if you give this virus enough time to keep on exposing the human population, sooner or later the virus might learn the trick of transmitting from human to human and then we would have a pandemic and actually quite a nasty pandemic at that," Peiris said. 佩利斯说:“人们担心的是,如果这种病毒有着足够的时间接触人体,那么它迟早能学会如何在人类之间传播,到那时我们将面临一场流行病的爆发,后果相当严重的。”Peiris says it is crucial to find an vaccine now because there is a strong chance that the infection rate could grow rapidly. He says the history of H5N1 appears similar to that of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which appeared in China in 2002, and sp around the world, killing nearly 800 people. In Hong Kong, 299 people died.  佩利斯说,目前极为关键的是要研制出疫苗,因为禽流感病毒的感染率极有可能很高。他说,H5N1型禽流感病毒的历史看起来跟萨斯病毒相似。2002年在中国爆发的萨斯病蔓延到世界范围,导致近800人丧生,香港有299人死于萨斯病。"If you go back to the story of SARS, again it was quite a similar situation as we can see now in retrospect, again it was a virus found in animals and animal markets in southern China and probably over a number of years it was repeatedly infecting humans," Peiris said. "But finally it did adapt and learn how to transmit from human to human and then it led to this global outbreak that we saw."  佩利斯说:“如果我们回顾一下萨斯病的历史,就可以看到一个相当雷同的现象。萨斯病毒也是在动物身上、在中国南方动物市场上发现的病毒。病毒在好几年间反复被人类感染上。这期间,萨斯病毒最终学会了适应人体,学会了如何在人类之间进行传播,最后导致了一场我们目睹的全球性萨斯病的爆发。”Since the H5N1 flu reappeared in 2003, the virus has sp worldwide, and has led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of chickens, ducks and other birds. Indonesia has the highest human bird flu fatalities, at 107 deaths, followed by Vietnam at 52.  自从H5N1型禽流感病毒2003年再此出现以来,已经在世界范围蔓延开来,导致千百万只鸡鸭和其他禽类的死亡和宰杀。印度尼西亚是人类感染禽流感死亡人数最多的国家,有107个死亡病例,其次是越南,有52人死亡。Experts now consider the virus to be well entrenched in Southeast Asia and unlikely to be eradicated among poultry for years. Vietnam also plans to start clinical trials for a human vaccine. A vaccine designed using a current strain of the virus might not offer full protection against other mutated strains in the future. But experts say developing vaccines now could at the very least shorten the time needed to make a more effective vaccine in the case of a pandemic. 200804/33880 US Military, Afghan President at Odds Over Airstrike Deaths美军与阿总统对空袭结果说法不一Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned a U.S. airstrike in western Afghanistan that some Afghan officials say killed more than 70 civilians on Thursday. The U.S. military disputes the number of civilian casualties and insists the operation was a successful strike against a wanted Taliban commander. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊谴责美国星期四在阿富汗西部的空袭,阿富汗官员说那次空袭造成70多名平民丧生。美国军方对平民死亡数字表示异议,并坚持说,这次对一名受到通缉的塔利班指挥官的空袭行动取得了成功。President Hamid Karzai's office issued a statement Saturday strongly condemning what it called a "unilateral operation of Coalition Forces" in the Shindand district of Herat Province.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的办公室星期六发表声明,强烈谴责“联军部队在赫拉特省辛丹德区的单方面行动”。The statement said local political and security officials reported at least 70 people, including women and children were killed in the airstrike.  声明说,当地政府和安全官员报告说,至少70人在空袭中丧生,包括妇女和儿童。The U.S. military disputes the civilian casualty figures and says troops called for airstrikes after a group of wanted militants fired on a joint patrol of coalition and Afghan forces.  美国军方对平民死亡数字提出质疑,说由联军部队和阿富汗部队组成的一联合巡逻队遭遇一夥被通缉的激进分子火力攻击之后,请求实施空中打击。U.S. coalition spokesman, First Lieutenant Nathan Perry, told VOA the troops were able to search the compound following the battle to confirm the casualty figures.  联军部队美方发言人佩里中尉对美国之音说,战斗结束之后,联军部队对受到空袭的院落进行了搜查,确定了死伤人数。He says five civilians, who were believed to be related to the militants, were among the 30 people killed in the strike. 佩里说,有30人在空袭中丧生,其中有5名平民据信是激进分子的亲属。"There was aly a battlefield assessment of this operation," said the spokesman. "We want to point out that this was an Afghan army operation. Coalition troops were in support of the Afghan operation. And after the operation, those troops on the ground were able to do a battlefield assessment. Not only did they confirm that they killed 25 militants, they also confirmed the main target that they were in pursuit of."  佩里说:“已经对这次空袭行动做了战场评估。我们想要指出的是,这是一次阿富汗军队的行动,联军是持阿军的行动。这次行动之后,地面部队进行了战场评估。他们不仅实了他们消灭了25名激进分子,还确定了他们追剿的重要目标。”The spokesman said despite the initial battlefield assessment, U.S.-led coalition forces have launched an investigation into the airstrike. Afghan officials have also called for an investigation.  这位发言人说,尽管进行了初步战场评估,美国领导的联军部队还是对这次空袭展开了调查。阿富汗官员也要求进行调查。Civilians deaths from U.S. airstrikes are a contentious issue in Afghanistan and in recent months the Afghan government has been more assertive in publicly rebuking foreign allied forces for civilian casualties.  美国空袭造成平民死亡在阿富汗是个容易引起争论的问题,阿富汗政府近几个月对外国联军部队造成的平民死亡进行了语气更加强硬的公开指责。President Karzai said Saturday that so far, Afghan efforts to stop civilian casualties have not had "desired outcomes." The president said the government will soon announce new initiatives for avoiding civilian deaths.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊星期六表示,到目前为止,阿富汗争取制止平民伤亡的努力还没有取得“理想的效果”。卡尔扎伊说,政府很快会宣布避免平民伤亡的新措施。In the village in Herat where Thursday's airstrike occurred, hundreds of locals protested Saturday after rejecting offers of food and other aid from Afghan military troops. Local media reports said some of the protesters turned violent and soldiers fired on the crowd, injuring several people. 在星期四受到空袭的赫拉特省的这个村庄,数百名村民星期六举行抗议,他们拒绝了阿富汗军队向他们提供的食品等援助。当地媒体报导,一些抗议者后来开始使用暴力,阿富汗部队向人群开,有几个人受伤。200808/46605吉林大学中日联谊医院是最好的泉州妇科医院长春哪个医院看妇科病比较好



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