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Folk Arts in Making Moon Cakes制作月饼的民间工艺Eating moon cake is a palatable custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon cake relief patterns colorful,both in terms of art and cultural implication. Fairy tales told through moon cake relief patterns include ;pairing fish;;;Baby with coiled hair;;;Sal tree of life;;and story of the jade hare from the moon palace.吃月饼是中秋节的美味定制。月饼浮雕图案丰富多,无论是在艺术和文化内涵方面。童话故事告诉过我们,月饼浮雕图案包括“配对鱼”、“卷曲头发的宝贝”、生命“生命树”,和广寒宫的玉兔的故事。 /201607/454247

Planning a barbecue but worried about the weather? Don’t be put off: follow these tips for great grilling come rain or shine. Plus: recipes you can cook in the oven or over coals计划烧烤的同时会担心天气吗?不要推迟:遵循这些提示,大烧烤就会风雨无阻。另:你可以在烤箱或者煤炭上面烹饪食物When it comes to great British sports, barbecuing in the rain is right up there with aggressive queueing and passive-aggressive apologising as something we are born to do. Battling the elements, we tell each other as we tog up, is all part of the fun – but this summer is testing even my fondness for grilling in Gore-Tex.当谈到英国体育运动时,很有争议的雨中烧烤是我们出生后就会做的事情。淋着雨时一边打扮一边逗趣,,是整个运动期间最有乐趣的一件事-但今年夏天,我在戈尔特斯最喜爱的烧烤正在接受挑战。However bad the weather gets, don’t bring your barbecue into the garage or even the kitchen; carbon monoxide poisoning is much, much worse than wet feet. If you don’t happen to have an overhanging roof to keep things dry but well ventilated, invest in a large umbrella that will cover both you and the grill – a sturdy parasol will do the job, and free up your hands to turn the food and drink the beer. Where there’s rain there’s often wind, too, so make sure it’s well weighted down, or you could get a lot wetter once the fire brigade turns up. In really gusty conditions, position your barbecue at 90 degrees to the prevailing gale.不管天气多坏,都不要把烧烤架搬到车库,甚至厨房;一氧化碳带来的毒气远比弄湿脚要严重的多。如果你没有一个屋檐让所有物品保持干燥而且通风良好,那么请利用一把大伞,遮挡住你和烧烤架 - 一个坚固的遮阳伞将完成这项任务,并解放你的双手来翻食物,喝啤酒。A hands-free parasol might help …一个免提遮阳伞就可以做到……If you’re in the market for a new model, a kettle barbecue with a tight-fitting lid is a wise investment to keep the heat in and the water out. Bear in mind that whichever sort you have, rain will bring the temperature down, so it’s wise to add a little more charcoal than you usually would. Food will take longer to cook, and I find it’s also easier to burn things – mostly because I’m so reluctant to open the lid to check on them.如果你在市场上正在寻找一个新的模型,用紧身盖水壶烧烤是一个明智的选择,它可以保持温度并且雨水淋不到。请记住,无论你有何种办法,雨水依然会将温度降下来,所以明智的做法是比平时多添几块木炭。这将会需要更长时间来烘烤,我觉得它也更容易把物品烧着 - 主要是因为我很不爱打开盖子去检查。If the weather looks uncertain, it’s better to have something that can either be cooked in advance and finished on the barbecue, as in the ribs recipe below, or that doesn’t require searing heat, such as the peppers. Save the steak and seafood for another day, and concentrate instead on stuff that can be cooked low and slow without too much interference from the chef; this is the time to break out the brisket, and make the most of side dishes that can be prepared in the kitchen.如果天气情况不确定,最好准备一些可以提前煮熟或者也能烧烤的食物,如下面的肋骨配方,或者不需要加热,如辣椒。为某一天准备好牛排和海鲜,将精力集中到可慢煮小火煮的食物上,无需厨师太多干扰;现在我们信心十足,可以在厨房内准备能两用的小菜。Sometimes, however, even the stoutest Brit has to admit defeat and head indoors. Happily, these recipes have been designed to be just as good whether you’re inside or out.但是,有时甚至连最倔强的英国人也不得不承认失败,转到室内。令人高兴的是,有些食谱,无论你是室内还是室外,都可以烹饪。Roasted red pepper and walnut soup, or chargrilled red pepper and walnut salad比如:烤红辣椒和核桃汤,或炭烤红辣椒和核桃沙拉。Mustard and beer short ribs芥末和啤酒排骨译文属 /201608/460276

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