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We know which one youve been at fella!伙计 那实在太危险了啊I recognise these different behaviours.这些行为并不陌生They obviously apply to us humans too.人类也有同样的行为But the interesting thing is但有趣的是how this population divides very clearly into different tribes按照不同行为猴子很容易被归类those that like it dislike it or actively avoid it.喜欢酒的 不喜欢的 敬而远之的Its very similar to what you see in human populations.它们与人类的分类非常相似Its probably around 25% that dont like it其中25%的猴子不喜欢喝50% that like it some of the time and50%的猴子有时爱喝25% who if given the chance they will drink every day that they can.还有25% 如果给它们机会就会拼命喝You would just see a very different reaction.而且酒后会出现截然不同的反应I think... Well we see it in humans too.人类也是一样的Not everyone responds to alcohol the same way.每个人酒后的反应都不同I know that there are friends of mine像我和我的一些朋友with whom I dont particularly like to drink alcohol!都不喜欢喝酒And I think that really the fundamental systems实际上 人体的生理系统that are altered when you drink alcohol在酒精的刺激下会发生变化are the same in a monkey and in human.这一点上 猴子和人类都一样201506/382940栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201509/398768

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First lady Michelle Obama will attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral Friday without her husband.周五,第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将出席南希·里根的葬礼,奥巴马并不参加。The Washington Post reports rather than attending the funeral in California, President Obama will instead keep his commitment to speak at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.华盛顿邮报报道,没有参加加利福尼亚举行的葬礼,奥巴马总统将履行他的承诺,在德克萨斯州奥斯汀市举行的西南偏南艺术节上讲话。The Obamas released a joint statement about the former first lady after learning of her death Sunday, saying, ;We remain grateful for Nancy Reagan’s life, thankful for her guidance, and prayerful that she and her beloved husband are together again.;周日得知前第一夫人去世的消息后,奥巴马发布联合声明,称“我们仍对南希·里根的一生心存感激,感谢她的指导,祈祷她和她亲爱的丈夫又在一起了。”This isn’t the first high-profile funeral President Obama skipped recently. The White House faced criticism after Obama failed to show at former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral last month.这不是最近奥巴马总统第一次错过备受瞩目的葬礼。上个月奥巴马没能出席前最高法院大法官安托宁·斯卡里亚的葬礼,白宫遭到批评。Former first ladies Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Rosalynn Carter are expected to attend Reagans funeral. 前第一夫人希拉里·克林顿,劳拉·布什和罗莎琳·卡特将出席里根的葬礼。She will lie in repose at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Wednesday and Thursday and will be buried next to her husband.她将于周三和周四在罗纳德·里根总统图书馆停灵,并将安葬在她的丈夫旁。译文属。201603/430314

  The History of Valentines Day情人节的由来This is the day we celebrate love. Welcome to watchmojo.com, and today well be learning more about Valentines day.这是我们欢庆爱情的日子。欢迎收看watchmojo.com,今天我们会学到更多有关情人节的东西。You choo-choo-choose me?你选、选、选择了我?Happy Valentines!情人节快乐!Valentines day is celebrated annually on February 14. On this day, people exchange greeting cards and presents in the name of love and St. Valentine, which is why it is also known as St. Valentines Day or the Feast of St. Valentine.情人节每年在二月十四日受人庆祝。在这天,人们以爱情及圣瓦伦丁之名交换贺卡及礼物,这也是为什么它同样也以圣瓦伦丁节或圣瓦伦丁的盛宴为人所知。It is the feast of the martyrdom of St. Valentine. Please, Jack. Dont tell me youre one of those convenient Catholics that only goes to church every Sunday.这是圣瓦伦丁殉难的节日。拜托,Jack。别告诉我你是那些只在每个周日上教堂贪图方便的天主教徒之一。In the Christian tradition, there were several martyred saints with the name Valentine or Valentinus. According to legend, one of these Valentines was a priest who went against the orders of Roman Emperor Claudius II by conducting marriages between soldiers and their loved ones. These actions ultimately led to his execution.在基督教传统中,有数个名叫Valentine或是Valentinus的殉难圣徒。根据传说,这些Valentine中其中一名是一位牧师,他透过主持士兵及他们恋人的婚礼,违抗了罗马皇帝Claudius二世的命令。这些行动最终导致了他的处决。However, before being put to death, St. Valentine cured his jailers daughter from blindness and fell in love with her. His last communication with her was a letter signed ;From your Valentine,; and this marked the very first Valentine greeting.然而,在被处死之前,圣瓦伦丁治好了他狱卒的女儿的盲眼,并和她相恋。他与她最后的联络是一封信写着“你的瓦伦丁留”,而这也纪录了第一个情人节的问候。To honor him, Pope Gelasius I made February 14 St. Valentines Day in 496 AD.为了向他致敬,教宗Gelasius一世在西元496年订定二月十四日为圣瓦伦丁日。Some believe the choice of this particular date was an effort by the Christians to curb the celebration of a pagan fertility festival called Lupercalia. Taking place between the 13th and 15th of the month, the festival honored a Roman god and the founders of Rome through rituals of sacrifice and feasting.有些人相信这特定日期的选择是基督徒做出的努力,以遏止一个叫做“牧神节”的异教徒祈求多产庆典的庆祝活动。在该月的十三日及十五日之间举行,这个庆典借由牲礼及盛宴的仪式来向罗马之神及罗马的建国者表达敬意。The association of romantic love with Valentines Day did not actually emerge until the Middle Ages when a poem by Englishman Geoffrey Chaucer linked February 14 with the start of the mating period for birds.浪漫爱情与瓦伦丁日的结合实际上并没有出现,直到中世纪前,当一首由英国人Geoffrey Chaucer写的诗将二月十四日与鸟类交配期间的开端连结在一起。As Valentines Day earned more literary mentions, it grew in popularity over the centuries. People soon adopted the tradition of exchanging romantic handwritten notes with one another.当瓦伦丁日得到更多文学上的叙述,它在数世纪间受欢迎度逐渐成长。人们很快地采用了互相交换浪漫手写字条的传统。Then, in the 1800s, a woman named Esther Howland became inspired by the fancy and intricate cards being made in England. By spearheading the mass production of similar cards in the ed States, she became known as ;The Mother of the American Valentine.;然后,在1800年代,一名叫做Esther Howland的女性受到那些在英国制作的花俏及精细卡片所启发。借由引领在美国类似卡片的大量制作,她变得以“美国情人节之母”为人所知。During the next century, the celebration of Valentines Day expanded to include gift-giving of items like flowers, chocolate and jewelry. These tokens of affection are exchanged not only between romantic partners but also between loved ones and friends.在接下来的一个世纪间,情人节的庆祝活动扩展到包含物品的礼物赠与,像是鲜花、巧克力及珠宝。这些爱慕之情的象征不只在恋人间交换,也在心爱的人及朋友间交换。All women should look as tasty as you when theyre old.所有女人当她们上了年纪时,都应该要看起来像你一样秀色可餐。With billions of dollars spent on cards and gifts annually, Valentines Day has been criticized in recent years for being too commercial. Regardless, it is widesp in popular culture and continues to be the subject of literature, movies, television episodes, and more.由于每年有数十亿元花费在卡片及礼物上,情人节在近几年被批评太过于商业化。尽管如此,它在大众文化中广为流行,并持续成为文学、电影、电视影集及更多东西的主题。Today, Valentines Day is celebrated around the world, especially in Europe and North America.今天,情人节在世界各地受人庆祝,特别是在欧洲及北美洲。I made it especially for you.我特别作了这个给你。Oh, thanks.喔,谢谢。Many other countries also have a day dedicated to love, though it may have another name, fall on other dates, or involve different customs.许多其他国家也有献给爱情的日子,但是它也许有另外的名字、落在其他日子、或是包含不同的习俗。For some Valentines Day cooking ideas, or for more great historical s, be sure to subscribe to watchmojo.com.想要一些情人节的烹饪点子,或是想要更多超棒的历史相关影片,一定要订阅watchmojo.com。There you have it: young love full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality. From Henderson High on Valentines Day, Im Greg Gilkins, and its Channel 13.这就是了:充满承诺、充满希望、漠视现实的年轻爱情。在情人节从Henderson高中报导,我是Greg Gilkins,这里是第十三频道。201503/361668

  从遗传学角度来说,强壮的的个体永远很能吸引异性的注意。。。。。。。 好了,我们不是生物学课程,今天Jenny要告诉你的就是和WORK OUT、健身这个话题有关系的一些内容,告诉大家各种美好的肉体应该怎么说,以后在gym见到Mr. Muscle,就知道怎么和他们开聊了。201507/387043。


  600,000 people badly affected by rainstorms in southern China中国南方60万人受暴雨影响Heavy rain is sweeping across a large swath of southern China, affecting over 600,000 people.中国南方的大片地区遭遇暴雨,超过60万人受到影响。The national weather authority has issued a rainstorm alert in South Chinas Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong, and Hainan Provinces, as well as Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.国家气象局已在南方的浙江、江西、贵州、广东、海南省、广西壮族自治区等地区发布了警报。Heavy rainfall has abated today in many parts of the region, but it will begin again tomorrow.今天暴雨在多地已呈现减弱趋势,但预计明太难将会重新开始降雨。Lightning has killed one person and a building collapse due to flooding has killed one and left four missing in Guangxi.广西省,闪电造成1人死亡,由洪水造成的建筑物倒塌使得1人死亡、4人失踪。Weather forecasters warned of possible landslides and mud-rock flows in the region in coming days.天气预报称未来几天该地区可能会出现山体滑坡及泥石流。201506/380973Only feet to go now,but this is no time to lose concentration.胜利就在前方 现在决不能分神Ok, come on.Last bit, youve got a good grip there.好了 上来吧 最后一步 这儿有一个手能抓的地方You got it?thats good.I love climbs like this.你上来了吗 太好了 我喜欢这样的攀登You look at it at the start,I love climbs like this.开始的时候 你觉得爬上去可能要花不少功夫But actually if you break it down into little chunks,但事实上 如果你把它分解成每一小步its doable.And Im quite pleased,not bad for a broken shoulder two months ago.这是可以克的 这很不错了 两个月前我的肩膀骨折了呢A good drop down there.Ok, lets get move.这里的石壁很陡峭 好了 我们走吧Im further south now on the lookout for food.我现在前往南部寻找食物Its early in the year,theres little in season,现在是早春 这个季节的食物很少but if youve got a strong stomach,you can usually find something to eat.但若有一个强壮的胃 你总能设法找到吃的Hang on, back up Theres some deer droppings Theres some deer droppings停一下 后退 这里有一些鹿的粪便 看见了嘛And, actually, you can, you can eat these,and because the deer have very fast digestion,其实 这些东西你是可以吃的 因为鹿的消化很快 they dont actually absorb all of the nutrients out of it.它们通常无法吸收里面的所有 营养成分But you only want to eat it, really,if its from a grazer,animals living off grasses and berries.除非你真的想要吃下去 这是食草动物的粪便 就是以草和浆果为食的动物Out here in the olden days, they actually used to consider these like little multivitamins.古时候 人们通常都把这看做 小型的多种维他命剂the reason is theyll absorb most of the nutrients,but leave like a concentrated amount in there.原因是它们吸收了大多数的营养 浓缩了的一定量营养在里面201602/427161Chinese student freed by Iraqi police在伊拉克被扣押中国学生获释A Chinese college student who was detained in northern Iraq after mistakenly being identified as a terrorist was freed by local police Monday.周一一名在伊拉克北部被误作恐怖分子而被拘留的中国大学生已平安获释。According to the Chinese embassy in Iraq, Liu Tuo studies archaeology at Chinas Peking University.据中国驻伊拉克大使馆称刘拓为北京大学考古文学院学生。Earlier this month he went to Iraq to visit historical sites, but was detained by police and was suspected of having links with ISIL.本月早些时候他在前往伊拉克考察古迹时被误抓,但被警方拘留而且被误认为同极端恐怖组织“伊斯兰国”有关。Liu is now preparing to return to China.刘拓现在正准备返回中国。 译文属201507/389358

  Hes seated cross-legged in the lotus position, a pose used for meditation and, as here, for teaching.他的莲花坐姿是佛教中冥想与说法时的姿势。But this statue-and the thousands made later that look so like it-has a purpose.Tibetan Thupten Jinpa, a former monk and interpreter to the Dalai Lama, explains how you use an image like this one as a help on your journey towards enlightenment:这尊佛像与后来出现的成千上万的类似佛像都有着同一个目的。曾做过僧人的图登金巴向我们解释佛像如何助人开悟:;What the religious practitioners do is to bring the image of the Buddha-by first looking at the image, and then bringing that image of the Buddha within oneself-in a sort of a mental image.And then reflect upon the qualities of the Buddha-Buddhas body, speech and mind. The image of the Buddha plays a role of recalling in the mind of the devotee, the historical teacher, the Buddha, and his experience of awakening, and also the key events in his life. There are different images, forms of the Buddha, that actually kind of symbolise those events. For example, there is a very famous posture of the Buddha, which is seated but with his hand in a gesture of preaching. Technically, this hand gesture is referred to as the gesture of turning the wheel of dharma, Dharmachakra.修行者凝视佛像,佛的形象随之进入他们的心灵。之后他们思考佛的身、语、意。佛像能令信徒想起佛陀,回忆起他的奉献、开悟以及重要事迹。不同形式的佛像实际上就代表了不同的事迹。比如,佛陀有一个很著名的姿势:结跏趺坐,手作说法印。其实严格来说, 这应该叫转法轮印,意为转动佛法之轮。And this is the hand gesture of our seated Buddha. The Dharmachakra, or Wheel of Law, is a symbol that represents the path to enlightenment, and its one of the oldest known Buddhist symbols found in Indian art.这正是本文中坐佛的手势。法轮象征了通往开悟的道路,是印度艺术中已知最古老的佛教象征。201504/369856


  Right. It is now 10.30 at night好的 现在是晚上10:30and I am hungry.我肚子很饿It has been, oh,25个小时前just about 25 hours since I last ate a meal我吃了最后一顿饭and the prospect of going to bed我将饿着肚子上床while hungry is not a great one.这可不怎么令人愉快I think its getting to me,我觉得它开始产生影响了because last night I had a dream因为昨晚我做了个梦and I dreamt I ate a sandwich梦到自己吃了个三明治and then I felt fantastically guilty.然后感到巨大的罪恶感So vivid, I had a look round to see那场景太生动了 我醒来后还四处查看if there were any crumbs in the bed, but there werent.床上是否有面包屑 不过并没有I guess time to go to work.是时候去工作了Simple dietary intervention简单的饮食干预can really change how the human body works.就能轻易地真正改变人体的基本运作方式It puts you in a higher risk category.你得癌症的风险略高Just as Valter warned me, the first day was tough.正如费尔特所警告的 第一天十分难熬Not really because I was that hungry,倒不是因为我有多么饥饿but simply because I had never done anything like this before.只因为这是一件我从未尝试过的事It was fear of the unknown.这是对未知的恐惧重点解释:1.fear of 害怕, 担忧例句:The nurse walked on tiptoe for fear of waking the patient.护士踮着脚走,生怕吵醒病人。2.look round 环顾例句:Lets take a look round the exhibition.咱们看看展览吧。 201510/404321。



  These crystals form when sea water trickling down from above海水从上面留下来的时候met hot waters coming up from below,遇到了下方的热水形成了这些水晶and it was in this mineral-rich mixing zone就是在这个富含矿物质的混合地带that these fingers of gypsum grew.长出了这些像手指的硫酸钙And they would have stayed there submerged如果地中海的海平面不下降if the level of the Mediterranean Sea hadnt dropped,露出了这片地质精华revealing this geological gem.它们将永远被埋藏在地下Sadly, I cant stay inside the geode for too long可惜我不能在这个晶洞里呆的时间太长as the moisture from my body will soon start to dissolve the gypsum.因为我身体的湿度会很快融化这些碳酸钙Its astonishing enough to think that the Mediterranean evaporated once,认为地中海曾经蒸发过这个想法已经够令人震惊的了but, in fact, this sea has come and gone many times in the last few million years.但实际上这片海在过去的数亿年里 曾消失出现过很多次And that has had some surprising effects,这导致了很多奇异的影响not just on the geology of this area,不仅是影响这片海洋的地质but also on the evolution of some of the animals that lived here.同时还导致了居住在这里的生物的进化During one drop in sea level, elephants roamed over the old seabed.海平面下降后大象会在原来的海床上闲逛But when water levels rose once more,但是水平面一旦上涨they were forced to take refuge on higher ground,它们就必须到高地上避难on land that was to become the island of Sicily.这片高低就成为了西西里岛201511/409892

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