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Cohesion-tension Theory Atmospheric pressure can support a column of water up to meters high. But plants can move water much higher; the sequoia tree can pump water to its very top more than 0 meters above the ground. Until the end of the nineteenth century, the movement of water in trees and other tall plants was a mystery. Some botanists hypothesized that the living cells of plants acted as pumps. But many experiments demonstrated that the stems of plants in which all the cells are killed can still move water to appreciable heights. Other explanations the movement of water in plants have been based on root pressure, a push on the water from the roots at the bottom of the plant. But root pressure is not nearly great enough to push water to the tops of tall trees. Furthermore, the conifers, which are among the tallest trees, have unusually low root pressures. If water is not pumped to the top of a tall tree, and if it is not pushed to the top of a tall tree, then we may ask how does it get there? According to the currently accepted cohesion-tension theory, water is pulled there. The pull on a rising column of water in a plant results from the evaporation of water at the top of the plant. As water is lost from the surface of the leaves, a negative pressure, or tension, is created. The evaporated water is replaced by water moving from inside the plant in unbroken columns that extend from the top of a plant to its roots. The same ces that create surface tension in any sample of water are responsible the maintenance of these unbroken columns of water. When water is confined in tubes of very small bore, the ces of cohesion (the attraction between water molecules) are so great that the strength of a column of water compares with the strength of a steel wire of the same diameter. This cohesive strength permits columns of water to be pulled to great heights without being broken. 1口语句型天天讲:have a crush on 迷恋某人 -01-7 19:: 来源: have a crush on 迷恋某人  A I'm having this huge crush on Ted. I'm going to try and see if I can ask him out this weekend.  A: 我最近好喜欢 Ted 喔! 我想看看能不能约他这个周末出来  B: Well...But I heard that he is aly seeing somebody.  B: 嗯....但是我听说他已经有了交往的对象了  美国人关于交友的用词和我们有些不同这里的 "he is seeing somebody" 有可能指他刚正开始和某人交往, 也可能指他和对方已经交往了一阵子还有一个美国人常用来形容他们的「感情状况」的字是"relationship" 天天 口语 交往 seeing我相信,人的生命之所以有意义,正是由于其个人树立的目标与他所处的文明、时代和国家之间有着密切的联系 A New Control Of DestinyChildren used to play a game of pointing at someone, suddenly saying, “What are you?” Some people answered by saying, “I am a human being,” or by nationality, or by religion. When this question was put to me by a new generation of children, I answered, “an anthropologist.” Anthropology is the study of whole ways of life, to which one must be completely committed, all the time. So that when I speak of what I believe as a person, I cannot separate this from what I believe as an anthropologist.I believe that to understand human beings it is necessary to think of them as part of the whole living world. Our essential humanity depends not only on the complex biological structure which has been developed through the ages from very simple beginnings, but also upon the great social inventions which have been made by human beings, perpetuated by human beings, and in turn give human beings their stature as builders, thinkers, statesmen, artists, seers, and prophets.I believe that each of these great inventions—language, the family, the use of tools, government, science, art, and philosophy—has the quality of so combining the potentialities of every human temperament, that each can be learned and perpetuated by any group of human beings, regardless of race, and regardless of the type of civilization within which their progenitors lived; so that a newborn infant from the most primitive tribe in New Guinea is as intrinsically capable of graduation from Harvard, or writing a sonnet, or inventing a new m of radar as an infant born on Beacon Hill.But I believe, also, that once a child has been reared in New Guinea or Boston or Leningrad or Tibet, he embodies the culture within which he is reared, and differs from those who are reared elsewhere so deeply, that only by understanding these differences can we reach an awareness which will give us a new control over our human destiny.I believe that human nature is neither intrinsically good nor intrinsically evil, but individuals are born with different combinations of innate potentialities, and that it will depend upon how they are reared—to trust and love and experiment and create, or to fear and hate and conm—what kind of human beings they can become. I believe that we have not even begun to tap human potentialities, and that by continuing humble but persistent study of human behavior, we can learn consciously to create civilizations within which an increasing proportion of human beings will realize more of what they have it in them to be.I believe that human life is given meaning through the relationship which the individual’s conscious goals have to the civilization, period, and country within which one lives. At times, the task may be to fence a wilderness, to bridge a river, or rear sons to perpetuate a young colony. Today, it means taking upon ourselves the task of creating one world in such a way that we both keep the future safe and leave the future free. 957

一张一弛乃文武之道,工作固然重要,而适当的休息更重要若一味工作而不放松自己,就会失去生活的乐趣,工作也会失去本身的意义Busy 忙Once upon a time a very strong woodcutter asked a job in a timber merchant, and he got it. The pay was really good and so were the work conditions. that reason, the woodcutter was determined to do his best. His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area where he was supposed to work. The first day, the woodcutter brought 18 trees. "Congratulations," the boss said. "Go on that way!" Very motivated by the boss's words, the woodcutter tried harder the next day, but he could only bring trees. The third he tried even harder, but he could only bring trees. Day after day he was bringing less and less trees. "I must be losing my strength," the woodcutter thought. He went to the boss and apologized, saying that he could not understand what was going on. "When was the last time you sharpened your axe?" the boss asked. "Sharpen? I had no time to sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut trees..." 1859

地道英语:美国商店里常用的口语 -- :5:30 来源:   刚到美国, 在一家主题公园实习的时候,最令我惊讶的是我的supervisor不过是大一的学生,但他需负责日常岗位的安排,查货补货,解决客户纠纷等我的area supervisor则刚刚过二十一岁生日与我共事的同事大部分还是高中生所以整个园区(我在一家主题公园做food service)的运作几乎都由兼职学生负责问他们为什么要出来做兼职时,有的回答要买车,有的说要付车保险,也有说要旅游,更多的是跟我的 supervisor一样要付下学期的学费虽然我不觉得中国学生的能力比美国学生差,也不认为这些基层的兼职工作能极大提高美国学生的处事能力,但这些社会经验至少给了他们更多的自信以及涉足社会的资本  而这份工作对我这样一个外国学生来说,除了为旅游赚钱,还多了份局外人的乐趣,其中之一就是学美国人招待美国人,我做的是饮品销售,下面就是些你在美国商店可能会听到的用语:  务员可能会问:  What can do you?  How can I help you?  How are you doing today? Can I help?  How's your day? Do you want to have a sample today?  顾客可能会说一下一些话表达他想要点东西:  Sure, I think I want..  I guess I want..  Yes, I'd like..  Can I have..  I will be appreciated if you can..  当把食物给顾客时:  Here you go  Have a nice day!  Have a good one!  当务人员对顾客买东西表示感谢说“thank you”时,顾客会说:  Thank you (重读you表示回应)  Have a nice day  另外,有时顾客虽然先开口对说了:How is your day? 或者 how are you doing? 但他们可能并不期望你回答,紧接着就点了当然,也可以回答:“I am good”或者“I am great”  这些都是很简单的表达,但要脱口而出,对语言的熟练度很重要 口语 常用 商店 英语情景英语:去餐厅吃饭必备的口语和词汇 -- :9:58 来源:   Have you got a table two, please?  请问您有两个人的桌子吗?  Have you booked a table?  您预定餐桌了吗?  Have you made a reservation?  您预定了吗?  smoking or non-smoking?  吸烟区还是非吸烟区?  Would you like something to drink?  您想喝什么?  Would you like to see the ?  您需要看菜单吗?  点菜就餐的典型次序是:找一张桌子坐下-看菜单-点菜-付钱-离开英语语言的表达基本上也是依照次顺序“订餐”在英文中有两种说法,即to book a table 和 make a reservation在英国以及在其它很多国家,餐厅一般划分为吸烟区和非吸烟区一进餐厅,务员会主动征询客人的意见,然后引领客人前往所选择的区域就餐  Excuse me, could I see the , please?  打搅一下,我能看看菜单吗?  Are you y to order?  您现在可以点餐吗?  first coursestasters  第一道菜/开胃菜  maincourse  主菜  dessert  甜食  Could I have the bill, please?  请拿账单来,好吗?  How would you like to pay?  请问您怎样付款?  在西餐厅就餐,菜单一般由三类不同的菜别组成the first course或者starters是指第一道菜,往往是汤、一小碟色拉或其它小吃第二道菜是主菜,fish and chips是鱼和炸土豆条,它同“roast beef and york shir pudding——牛肉布丁”、 “shepherd spie——牧羊人的馅饼”一样,都是典型的英国传统菜肴最后一道是甜食——或冷或热,但都是甜的西方饮食习惯是先吃咸的,后吃甜的西餐菜单名目繁多,有时不易读懂遇到这种情况,可以请务员解释一下   口语 词汇 必备 吃饭Jet black: 乌黑 -01-6 3:8:57 来源: 我们见惯了用jet来表示“喷气式飞机”,假若您看到jet black是否感到有些突兀?如:“jet black hair”、“jet black beard”从以上搭配,您大致可猜出jet black表示“黑色的”,但黑到什么程度?Jet(黑色的)与jet(喷气式飞机)是否在词源上存有联系?Jet(黑色的)和jet(喷气式飞机),实际上是我们汉语中常说的“同形异义字”Jet(喷气式飞机)的祖先可追溯到希腊词语jacere,表示“投掷,扔”,由此衍生出两个表示扔弃的词语jettison和jetsam,用来形容“船或飞机遇到紧急情况时为减轻重量向外抛出的货物”世纪,jet进入英语词汇,当时表示“突出,伸出”; 大约世纪晚期,jet用来指“受强压而喷出来的水”,自此衍生出世纪的“喷气式飞机”,指“从喷气管中喷出的热气”Jet(黑色的)源于世纪的古法语词jaiet,jaiet的词根又可追溯至希腊词gagates,指小亚细亚一个名叫Gagae小镇的一种“黑玉”,这种黑玉质地坚硬且富有光泽,属于褐煤的一种到世纪中期,jet或jet black开始用来指乌黑发亮的色泽举个例子:Her hair is as black as jet(她的头发如黑玉一般乌黑发亮)(中国日报网站编译) black 飞机 世纪 表示

Archaeology Archaeology is a source of history, not just a humble auxiliary discipline. Archaeological data are historical documents in their own right, not mere illustrations to written texts. Just as much as any other historian, an archaeologist studies and tries to reconstitute the process that has created the human world in which we live -- and us ourselves in so far as we are each creatures of our age and social environment. Archaeological data are all changes in the material world resulting from human action or, more succinctly, the fossilized results of human behavior. The sum total of these constitutes what may be called the archaeological record. This record exhibits certain peculiarities and deficiencies the consequences of which produce a rather superficial contrast between archaeological history and the more familiar kind based upon written records. Not all human behavior fossilizes. The words I utter and you hear as vibrations in the air are certainly human changes in the material world and may be of great historical significance. Yet they leave no sort of trace in the archaeological records unless they are captured by a dictaphone or written down by a clerk. The movement of troops on the battlefield may "change the course of history," but this is equally ephemeral from the archaeologist's standpoint. What is perhaps worse, most organic materials are perishable. Everything made of wood, hide, wool, linen, grass, hair, and similar materials will decay and vanish in dust in a few years or centuries, save under very exceptional conditions. In a relatively brief period the archaeological record is reduced to mere scraps of stone, bone, glass, metal, and earthenware. Still modern archaeology, by applying appropriate techniques and comparative methods, aided by a few lucky finds from peat-bogs, deserts, and frozen soils, is able to fill up a good deal of the gap. 1576双语盘点:女人发飙爱用的危险语句 -- :5:39 来源:   1. You are not wearing THAT, are you?(你烦不烦?)  Even if it looks like a question, this phrase is actually a suggestion or a despotic order, depending by the woman’s mood. It’s quite a dangerous phrase, because if you, men, don’t know how to react appropriately, it is every time followed by a looong discussion. The meaning of“You are not wearing THAT, are you” could be either a) she does not like it or b) it is not appropriate the occasion. Regardless the case, the translation of this rhetoric question is “YOU’RE NOT WEARING THAT!”, so run and change  She: Oh, hell … please tell me you are not wearing that outfit tonight, are you It’s hideous!  He, ironic: No, see, I was in the closet and you wasn’t around to help me, so this outfit must have been hanging right next what you wanted me to wear. Well, I am going to change now  即使其看起来像一个问题,这一句实际上是一项建议或专制的命令,其取决于女人的心情如果男人不知道如何适当地回应,这将是一个很危险的句子,它的出现通常之后会有个很长很长的争论“你烦不烦” 的意思有二:1)她不喜欢;)当时不是时候不管情形如何,这个修饰句翻译过来就是“你不烦啊!”要改变方式  她:哦,请你告诉我你烦不烦今晚的装?好丑啊!  他(讽刺道):不,你看,我在壁橱里,你不想帮我这件衣应该挂在你想让我穿的衣的右边嗯,我想有些变化  . Listen to me! Are you listening?(听我说!你在听吗?)  If your girlfriend or wife has something to say, pay attention. When women use the phrase “Listen to me!”, you are still on safe ground, she gives to you a second chance to engage in the conversation. But when she is using “Are you listening”, you are dead. She will explode, she will freak out, your evening is ruined  She: Now listen to me, ’cause I’m only gonna say this once: if I catch you another time playing computer games, you will be in big trouble mister! Now go and fix that broken washing machine!  He: Can’t I relax half an hour?  She: We can relax together. Why do you have to lose so much time with your stupid PC games Am I not important enough Why do you prefer to play games than spend time with me Are you listening?  He: Yes, my dear!  She: No, you are not listening! You are still think at  World of Warcraft. Your insanely obsession with those absurd PC games drives me crazy. Are  computer games really the answer to relaxation you !  如果你的女友或妻子想说什么,一定要注意听, 当女人使用“听我说”这一句时,你还是安全的,她还会给你参与对话的第二次机会但当她使用“你在听吗”这一句时,你就死定了她将勃然大怒,极度抓狂,你的晚上也将泡汤  她:现在听我说,因为我此次只是想说:如果我下次抓到你打游戏,你的麻烦就大了!现在去修理那台坏了的洗衣机!  他:我不能休息半小时吗?  她:我们可以一起休息你为什么要在无聊的打游戏上浪费这么多时间?我不够重要吗?为什么你宁愿打游戏也不愿为我花时间?你在听吗?  他:亲爱的,我听着呢  她:不,你不在听你在《魔兽世界里你沉溺于这些荒唐的电脑游戏让我抓狂,电脑游戏能让你放松吗?……  3.Do you know what day is today?(你知道今天是什么日子吗?)  Birthday, one week, one month, one year anniversary…engagement anniversary, wedding anniversary, international women’s day … some women celebrate anything and everything they can tie a significant meaning to. If   you get the anniversary, you are screwed. She will give you, but she won’t get it  She: Do you remember what day is today?  He: How could I get it It’s Friday  She: It’s our anniversary…  He: Oops, I’m just a guy! You know how bad my memory is…  生日、认识一周、一个月、一周年……订婚一周年、结婚一周年、国际妇女节……一些女人庆祝所有其可以附加重要意义的日子如果你忘记了周年纪念,那么你就麻烦了只要她不忘记,她是不会原谅你的  她:你记得今天是什么日子吗?  他:我怎么会忘记呢?今天是星期五  她:今天是我们的周年纪念……  他:喔,我可真是个糊涂蛋,你知道我的记性很不好……  语句 危险 女人 盘点

每个人内心的美丽才是生活的本质,简单地说,你就是你,不管是在你生活的任何阶段,都不要隐藏你自己,而是,去释放你自己,跟着感觉走!Hi there, and welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. Life is going on and on, and it's carrying us with it as it goes. I hope that you're able to pay close attention to the journey and get all you can out of it, enjoying all these moments that you've been given along the way. . . . There is no place you can go to hide from the thoughts that you keep contemplating over and over inside your mind... There is no place you can venture where your true emotions will be concealed and the secrets of your heart will not show... There is no place in this whole wide world you can travel to where your spirit does not direct or guide you towards your destiny... Life is the experience of being you; no one can ever be someone other than who they are... The beauty found in each and every person is the essence of life...Simply, you are who you are and whatever time you have to be, you must not try to shadow yourself, but, rather, express yourself...let your spirit guide you! All you need is deep within you,it is an inner fire waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All you have to do is be still and take time to seek what is within, and you will surely find it. 66365天交际口语详解():害怕Part--实用对话详解 -- :9:58 来源: 详解实用对话FearHarry:Do you want to hear something spooky? I met my uncle yesterday.Sally:Big deal?! That’s not very scary. Next you’ll tell me he’s dead.Harry:He died? ten years ago.Sally:Stop playing around. You know, I get scared when you start talking like this.Harry:You big coward! I’m just joking.Sally:You know, I get spooked from ghost stories and scary movies. The scary movies made my hair stand on end, and keep me awake at night.Harry:Actually, I wasn’t completely joking. I saw him in a dream last night.Sally:Maybe you just miss him.Harry:Yeah, he was a great uncle, very kind to me, when he was alive?.Sally:Next time try not to scare me too much with your stories. You know it upsets me.Harry:OK. I promise.害 怕哈里:你想听我讲一些鬼的事情吗?我昨天遇到我叔叔了萨利:有什么了不起的!这并不吓人你接下来肯定会告诉我他死了哈里:他十年前就去世了萨利:别瞎说了你知道,你这么一说我就开始害怕了哈里:你真是个胆小鬼!我只是开玩笑而已萨利:你知道我被鬼故事和恐怖电影吓着了恐怖电影把我吓得头发都竖起来了,晚上也睡不着觉哈里:实际上,我也没有完全在开玩笑昨晚我确实梦到他了萨利:可能是你想他了哈里:是啊,他是个很好的叔叔,生前对我很好的萨利:下次可别拿这种故事来吓我了,你知道这会使我心神不宁的哈里:好的我保详细解说?“big deal”可以指“至关重要的大事,了不起的事物”用作反语时,表示蔑视,例如:We're getting a salary increase of 0 pounds a year, bee tax. Big deal! (我们的工资一年要增加0英镑,还是税前的这可真是一笔大钱啊!)?本对话中出现了“dead”和“die”,“详解惯用单句”中出现了“death”,这三个词的关系如下:动词为“die”,表示“死”;名词为“death”,表示“死亡”;形容词为“dead”,意为“死的”? 形容词“alive”意为“活着的”,只能用作表语,其后不能跟名词单 词spookya. 鬼的,怪异的scarya. 吓人的,可怕的cowardn. 懦弱的人,胆小的人spook spu:kv. 惊吓ghostn. 鬼,幽灵upsetv. 使…心神 不宁FUN 轻松:贴士在美国,邮寄平信(surface mail or ordinary letter)、明信片或小包裹,只需投入街区中设置的邮箱(mailbox)里但寄航空信件(air mail)、限时邮寄(special delivery)、限时快递(special express)、特快专递(express mail service)、挂号信(registered letter)或双挂号(registered with A.R.)等,就必须去邮局办理邮局除了邮寄信件、包裹外,也出售邮票摘自《 详解 实用 对话 害怕生活口语:老外叫外卖会用到的英语口语 -01-7 :: 来源: Order clerk: Hello, Torino’s Restaurant.1. 你好Torino 餐厅Nancy: Hello, I’d like to place a delivery order..你好我想叫一份外卖Order clerk: Can I have your address and the major cross streets, please?3. 您的地址在哪里?哪两条路的交叉口?Nancy: It’s Main Street, and the nearest cross streets are Speedway and Highland.. 大街, Speedway Highland 路口.Order clerk: Okay, it looks like you’re in our delivery area. What would you like to order?5. 好的你应该在我们的送货范围之内你想叫点什么?Nancy: I’d like an order of spaghetti. Does that come with any sides?6. 我想要一份意大利面有什么配菜么?Order clerk: You have a choice of soup or salad.7. 你可以选份汤或者色拉Nancy: I’ll have the salad.8. 那我要色拉吧Order clerk: Is that all? We have a $ minimum delivery orders.9. 就这些吗?外卖满$才起送Nancy: In that case, I’ll also take an appetizer sampler plate.. 这样的话,再来份开胃菜sampler plate(不知谁知道sampler plate或者sampler platter如何翻译) Order clerk: Okay, that’s one order of spaghetti and an appetizer sampler plate. You’re still short. Would you like a drink or some dessert?. 好的,您点了一份意大利面和一份开胃菜sampler plate您还差.要来一份饮料或者甜点么?Nancy: I’ll take an iced tea.. 给我来杯冰茶吧Order clerk: All right, but you’re still a dollar short.. 好的,不过您还差1美元呢Nancy: What can I get a dollar?. 一美元能买什么呀?Order clerk: There’s nothing on the a dollar, ma’am.. 一美元什么都不能买,夫人Nancy: And you won’t deliver my $ order?. 而且你们$不能起送?Order clerk: That’s our policy, ma’am.. 这是店里的制度,夫人 Nancy: All right, you win. Give me an order of b. How long will that take?18. 好吧给我一份面包要多久才能到? Order clerk: You should get your food in about an hour.19. 大概一小时后能送到您的那里 Nancy: An hour?!?. 一个小时?!? Order clerk: Yes, ma’am. You’ve ordered a lot of food and it takes time us to prepare it.1. 是呀夫人您刚才点了好多东西,我们得花时间去做呀 英语口语 口语 生活 clerk:

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