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Chemist Leo BaekelandIn the opening scene of The Graduate, Benjamin (played by a young Dustin Hoffman) is awkwardly working an affluent Southern Calinia crowd at a graduation party arranged him by his parents when a family friend offers one of the century's most famous pieces of cinematic advice "I just want to say one word to you. Just one word plastics." Millions of moviegoers winced and smiled. The scene neatly captured their own late 60's ambivalence toward the ever more synthetic landscape of their times. They loved their cheap, easy-to-clean mica countertops, but envied—and longed —the authentic touch and time-lessness of marble and wood.The chord struck by that line in The Graduate under-scored how much had happened in the six decades since the summer of 19, when Leo Baekeland made the laboratory breakthrough that would change the stuff our world is made of. A Belgian-born chemist-entrepreneur, Baekeland had a knack spotting profitable opporties.He scored his first success in the 1890s with his invention of Velox, an improved photographic paper that freed photographers from having to use sunlight developing images. With Velox, they could rely on artificial light, which at the time usually meant gaslight but soon came to mean electric.It was a far more dependable and convenient way to work. In 1899 George Eastman, whose cameras and developing services would make photography a household activity, bought full rights to Velox the then astonishing sum of million. Starting around 19, Baekeland and an assistant began their search.Three years later, after filling laboratory books with page after page of failed experiments, Baekeland finally developed a material that he dubbed in his notebooks "Bakelite". The key turned out to be his "bakelizer", a heavy iron vessel that was part pressure cooker and part basement boiler.With it, he was able to control the maldehyde phenol reaction with more finesse than had anyone bee him. Initial heating of the phenol and maldehyde (in the presence of an acid or base to get the reaction going) produced a shellac-like liquid good coating surfaces like a varnish.Further heating turned the liquid into a pasty, gummier good. And when Baekeland put this stuff into the bakelizer, he was rewarded with a hard, translucent, infinitely moldable substance. In a word plastic. 663he was clearly a beginner at dairy work.从他挤一头牛花费的时间来看,对牛奶场的活儿,他显然是一个新手 5331

觉察到这位挑战者的窘境,禅师说道:“你拥有高超的弓箭术,但你缺乏自如射箭的心境”After winning several archery contests,the young and rather boastful champion challenged a Zen master who was renowned his skill as an archer.The young man demonstrated remarkable technical proficiency when he hit a distant bull’s eye on his first try,and then split that arrow with his second shot. “There,”he said to the old man, “see if you can match that!”Undisturbed ,the master did not draw his bow,but rather motioned the young archer to follow him up the mountain.Curious about the old fellow’s `intentions,the champion followed him high into the mountain until they reached a deep chasm spanned by a rather flimsy and shaky log.Calmly stepping out onto the middle of the unsteady and certainly perilous bridge ,the old maser picked a far away tree as a target,drew his bow,and fired a clean,direct hit. “Now it is your turn,”he said as he gracefully stepped back onto the safe ground.Staring with terror into the seemingly bottomless and beckoning abyss,the young man could not ce himself to step out onto the log,no less shoot at a target. “You have much skill with your bow,” the master said ,sensing his challenger’s predicament, “but you have little skill with the mind that lets loose the shot.” 73

To Apologize 表达道歉 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: A: Oh, excuse me. I just spilled my coffee on your carpet. B: Don't worry about it. A: Anyway I want to pay the cleaning. B: It's no big deal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A: I have been waiting Mr. T. Carpenter thirty minutes. B: I'm sorry, but he's still in a meeting. A: Well, how much longer do you think he will be? B: Oh, he should be finished soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A: I'm sorry I got angry at you at the party. B: That's too bad. Everyone will be disappointed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A: I'm sorry if I've caused any problem. B: No, no problem at all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A: I'm sorry I'm late. Have you been waiting long? B: No, I just got here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A: Oh, I'm terribly sorry, sir. Are you all right? B: I'm all right. Don't worry. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A: Ouch! B: Oh, I beg your pardon. 道歉 表达 sorry been

  “没关系”用英语怎么说? --1 3:: 来源: “没关系”用英语怎么说?学了“对不起”怎么说,该来看看“没关系”了下面是一些常见的“没关系”表达,你都会用吗?1. That's OK!没关系!. That's alright!没关系!3. Don't worry about it!不用担心!. It's nothing!没什么!5. Never mind!別放在心上!6. It doesn't matter!无所谓!7. No problem!没问题!这七个表达法表达“没关系”时,在语气和意义上没有什么大的不同,所以用哪一个都可以了 没关系用英语怎么说

  To J. H. Reynolds Teignmouth, May 3rd 1818My dear Reynolds;What I complain of is that I have been in so an uneasy a state of mind as not to be fit to write to an invalid. I cannot write to any length under a disguised feeling. I should have loaded you with an addition of gloom, which I am sure you do not want. I am now thank God in a humour to give you a good groats worth— Tom, after a Night without a wink of sleep, and overburdened with fever, has got up after a refreshing day sleep, and is better than he has been a long time; and you I trust have been again round the Common without any effect but refreshment.An extensive knowledge is needful to thinking people—it takes away the heat and fever; and helps, by widening speculation, to ease the Burden of the Mystery; a thing I begin to understand a little, and which weighed upon you in the most gloomy and true sentence in your letter. The difference of high sensations with and without knowledge appears to me this—in the latter case we are falling continually ten thousand fathoms deep and being blown up again without wings and with all the horror of a bare shouldered creature—in the mer case, our shoulders are fledge, and we go thro’ the same air and space without fear.It is impossible to know how far knowledge will console us the death of a friend and the ill ‘that flesh is heir to.I compare human life to a large Mansion of many apartments, two of which I can only describe, the doors of the rest being as yet shut upon me—The first we step into we call the infant or thoughtless Chamber, in which we remain as long as we do not think—We remain there a long while, and notwithstanding the doors of the second Chamber remain wide open, showing a bright appearance, we care not to hasten to it; but are at length imperceptibly impelled by the awakening of the thinking principle—within us—we no sooner get into the second Chamber, which I shall call the Chamber of Maiden-Thought, than we become intoxicated with the light and the atmosphere, we see nothing but pleasant wonders, and think of delaying there ever in delight However among the effects this breathing is father of is that tremendous one of sharpening one’s vision into the heart and nature of Man—of convincing ones nerves that the World is full and misery and heartbreak, pain, sickness and oppression—whereby This Chamber of Maiden thought becomes gradually darkened and at the same time on all sides of it many doors are set upon—but all dark—all leading to dark passages—We see not the balance of good and evil. We are in a mist—We are now in that state—We feel ‘the burden of the Mystery,’ To this point was Wordsworth come, as far as I can conceive when he wrote ‘Tintern Abbey’ and it seems to me that his Genius is explorative of those dark Passages. Now if we live, and go on thinking, we too shall explore them.Your affectionate friendJohn Keats 8797。

  看美剧学习地道美语 --31 :: 来源: 1. I'm a laundry virgin.这句口语很有趣,是我在《老友记里学到的翻译过来就是“我从未洗过衣”Virgin这里的含义是“从未……过的人”在美国中学生眼里,高中毕业举行的prom party是他们人生中最重要的派对Boys usually dress up and ask their girls to be his date. Most of these teenagers lose their virginity during or after the party.男生们往往好好打扮一番,约女生出去很多人在晚上上或者是晚会后就失去了童贞相信大家已经看懂了virginity的含义从词源上讲virgin最早出现在中古英语时期,表示“a girl who is not married and with no sex experience”这个词流行到今天,已经超越了gender的界限,现在也用来形容“处男”下次如果你在酒吧里遇到一个男老外狡猾的和你说I'm a virgin.你就可以回他一句“Knock it off, if you are, then I am a saint.”(少来了,如果你是处男,我就是圣人了)关于laundry再送给大家一句地道的美语“Everyone has a little dirty laundry”(每个人都有不可告人的秘密),相当于“Everyone has a skeleton in his closet”. I'm not one to kiss and tell.女性朋友们注意了,这个世界上总是有,他们到处沾花惹草之后还喜欢吹嘘炫耀,这就是kiss and tell这个短语在美国的出版界很流行在美国,总统在即将卸任时通常都会写些自传或回忆录,记录鲜为人知的白宫轶事,泄露“幕后”的“春光”这种现象就叫kiss-and-tell我不用说大家都可能会想起来,像Bill Clinton的《My life还有他的秘书Monica Lewinsky(莱温斯基)与Clinton风流韵事之后的kiss-and-tell story—《My love life(我的爱情生活)看来,白宫的确是个吸引眼球,迅速致富的好地方,只要你想kiss and tell3. Knock on wood.很多老外和我说中国人比较superstitious(迷信),my anwser always will be 'that's not true’然后,我会拿出很多他们迷信的例子,knock on wood便是其中一例在以基督信仰为根基的西方国家,过去很多教堂的门都是木制的如果一个人要寻求保护,最好的方式就是“敲”开教堂的“木”门进入教堂寻求庇护,knock on wood便由此而来这个短语现在多是表达一种祝愿,翻译过来就是“祝好运常在祝远离不幸”等除了knock on wood以外,西方国家还有很多奇怪的“迷信传统”比如spilling salt means bad luck(撒盐意味着霉运)、walking under a ladder can bring mistunes(在梯子下穿过会带来厄运),还有break a leg(祝你好运)、my ears are burning(有人在说我的坏话)等等迷信的表达. Did you guys hit it off?Hit it off表示“合得来”,“聊得投机”或“相处融洽”这里拿出来是要专门聊聊hit这个词Hit可是个极品口语小词其用法非常广泛想要让人直言不讳,就可以说hit me with it;如果……给你留下了很深的印象或一个想法突然冒出来,地道的表达可以是it hit me that …;let's hit the road就是马上上路,hit the books则是用功读书另外,hit当名词可以作为“引起轰动效应”之用比如:You know what, the movie Avator was the biggest hit last year.去年电影阿凡达取得了巨大成功在短语搭配里最容易让人误解的短语就是hit on somebody,它真正的意思就是“勾引…”《老友记第一季里就有一段,说Joey拍着逃婚出来的Rachel说:JOEY: And hey, you need anything, you can always come to Joey. Me and Chandler live right across the hall. And he's away a lot. (说自己住对门,室友Chandler常不在,意味深长)MONICA: Joey, stop hitting on her! It's her wedding day! (今天她大婚,你还勾引她)5. I've got to hand it to you!像You don't want to do that.(你最好不要那样做)、You're telling me.(这还用你说,我早就知道)、Look smart!(快点,赶快)、My dogs are barking.(我的腿累得走不动了)等等句子一样,I've got to hand it to you.可千万不要理解成“我得把它交给你了”这句话的意思有点像You're really something!(你真了不起)或You rock.(你真牛),翻译过来就是“我真是了你了!”举个例子:I've got to hand it to you. How could you know that?真了你了,你怎么知道那件事的? 美剧 学习 地道

  佐治亚理工学院的工程师们在海军部持下,已经研制出一种智能衫,它能监视与生命有关的征兆,并向医生发出紧急信息New guard health Smart Shirt Georgia Tech engineers,sponsored1) by the Navy,have developed a Smart shirt that can monitor your vital signs and beam urgent) messages to your doctor.In combat,the shirt could be a lifesaver:it can detect bullet wounds with optical sensors3) and radio back to HQ help.Within the next five years,doctors may use it to keep an eye on post-op patients,athletes and astronauts.And new parents worried about SIDS?Tiny wired pajamas).Stress Glove In the 80s,wearing a single glove made you look cool.These days it may keep you from losing your cool.MIT's Galvactivator is a fingerless glove rigged5) with an LED display that glows bright white when your stress hormones go into high gear.The glove measures skin conductivity,a reliable indicator6) excitement levels.It could help the anger-prone to control their tempers:like the warning light in your car,it comes on when you start overheating.It could also help you signal romantic interest across a crowded room,if winks and come-hither gestures don' t work. 187To Richard Woodhouse, 7 October 1818 My dear Woodhouse, The best answer I can give you is in a clerk-like manner to make some observations on two principle points, which seem to point like indices into the midst of the whole pro and con, about genius, and views and achievements and ambition and cetera. 1st. As to the poetical Character itself (I mean that sort of which, if I am any thing, I am a Member; that sort distinguished from the Wordsworthian or egotistical sublime; which is a thing per se and stands alone) it is not itself - it has no self - it is every thing and nothing - It has no character - it enjoys light and shade; it lives in gusto, be it foul or fair, high or low, rich or poor, mean or elevated - It has as much delight in conceiving an Iago as an Imogen. What shocks the virtuous philosopher, delights the camelion Poet. It does no harm from its relish of the dark side of things any more than from its taste the bright one; because they both end in speculation. A Poet is the most unpoetical of any thing in existence; because he has no Identity - he is continually in - and filling some other Body - The Sun, the Moon, the Sea and Men and Women who are creatures of impulse are poetical and have about them an unchangeable attribute - the poet has none; no identity - he is certainly the most unpoetical of all God's Creatures. If then he has no self, and if I am a Poet, where is the Wonder that I should say I would write no more? Might I not at that very instant have been cogitating on the Characters of Saturn and Ops? 97

  Devote some of your leisure, I repeat, to cultivating a love of ing good books. tunate indeed are those who contrive to make themselves genuine book-lovers. book- lovers have some noteworthy advantages over other people. They need never know lonely hours so long as they have books around them, and the better the books the more delightful the company. From good books, moreover, they draw much besides entertainment. They gain mental food such as few companions can supply. Even while resting from their labors they are, through the books they , equipping themselves to perm those labors more efficiently. This albeit~ they may not be deliberately ing to improve their mind. All unconsciously the ideas they derive from the printed pages are stored up, to be worked over by the imagination their future profit. 76673Learn to Live in the Present Moment To a large degree,the measure of our peace of mind is determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment.Irrespective of what happened yesterday or last year,and what may or may not happen tomorrow,the present moment is where you are --always. Without question,many of us have mastered the neurotic1) art of spending much of our lives worrying about a variety of things --all at once.We allow past problems and future concerns to dominate our present moments,so much so that we end up anxious,frustrated,depressed,and hopeless.On the flip side,we also postpone our gratification,our stated priorities),and our happiness,often convincing ourselves that ‘someday’ will be better than today.Untunately,the same mental dynamics3) that tell us to look toward the future will only repeat themselves so that ‘someday ’never actually arrives.John Lennon once said,‘Life is what's happening while we're busy making other plans.’When we're busy making ‘other plans’,our children are busy growing up,the people we love are moving away and dying,our bodies are getting out of shape,and our dreams are slipping away.In short,we miss out) on life. Many people live as if life were a dress rehearsal5) some later date.It isn’t.In fact,no one has a guarantee that he or she will be here tomorrow.Now is the only time we have,and the only time that we have any control over.When our attention is in the present moment,we push fear from our minds.Fear is the concern over events that might happen in the future--we won' t have enough money,our children will get into trouble,we will get old and die,whatever.To combat fear,the best strategy6) is to learn to bring your attention back to the present.Mark Twain said,‘I have been through some terrible things in my life,some of which actually happened.I don't think I can say it any better.Practice keeping your attention on the here and now.Your efts will pay great dividends7). by Richard Carlson 86

  英文自我介绍 英文自我介绍大全 --7 :31:6 来源: 英文自我介绍 英文自我介绍大全一、 英文个人自我介绍Hello, everyone, I call XX.大家好,我叫XXMy personality alacrity is bright, the love makes friend我的性格活泼开朗,爱交朋友I like to some philosophy books usually,我平常喜欢阅读一些哲理性的书籍,I love to discuss a problem with friends together,我爱和朋友们一起讨论问题,Know me to feel very happy with everyone,认识大家我感到很高兴,Hope in the day of aftertime to get along with everyone delectation.希望在今后的日子里与大家相处愉快谢谢!Thanks!二、英文应聘自我介绍范文随着职场竞争越来越大,在求职是不仅要做好中文自我介绍,英文自我介绍也是找工作中少不了的内容,那么,你知道如何作英文自我介绍吗?以下是一则英文应聘自我介绍范文,仅供各位参考Good morning !It is really my honor to have this opporty an interview,I hope i can make a good permance today. I'm confident that I can succeed.Now i will introduce myself brieflyI am 3 years old,born in shandong province .I was graduated from qingdao university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of .I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.In July , I began work a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDao city.Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.And in August ,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked a eign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete this position.I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.That’s all. Thank you giving me the chance.自我介绍 (self-introduction)1.Good morning. I am glad to be here this interview.First let me introduce myself.My name is ***, 3.I come from ******,the capital of *******Province.I graduated from the ******* department of *****University in July ,00. 5 英文自我介绍 英文

  To Fanny Keats, July 18 My dear Fanny; I have been gaining strength some days it would be well if I could at the same time say I am gaining hopes of a speedy recovery. My constitution has suffered very much two or three years past, so as to be scarcely able to make head against illness, which the natural activity and impatience of my Mind renders more dangerous—It will at all events be a very tedious affair, and you must expect to hear very little alteration of any sort in me some time. You ought to have received a copy of my book ten days ago I shall send another message to the booksellers. One of the Mr. Wylies will be here today or tomorrow when I will ask him to send you George’s letter. Writing the smallest note is so annoying to me that I have waited till I shall see him. Mr. Hunt does every thing in his power to make the time pass as agreeably with me as possible. I the greatest part of the day, and generally take two half hour walks a day up and down the terrace which is very much pestered with cries, balld singers, and street music. We have been so untunate so long a time, every event has been of so depressing a nature that I must persuade myself to think some change will take place in the aspect of our affairs. I shall be upon the look out a trump card— Your affectionate Brother, John 75。


  Dreaming about FutureNow is the time to dream. When things are at their worst, when people say there is no hope, when the future looks bleak, now is the time to dream. get about transport hikes, CPF cuts, ERP and GST raises. There is so much more in store, greater things to see, new heights to reach, new depths to hollow.Now is the time to dream. If we have a large enough ambition to serve an entire commy ourselves instead of looking to the government answers, would not ours be a better place? If we enlarge our thinking and invite a wider circle to contribute to the vision of a better Singapore, is it not better than complaining about long queues and less savings?Is it not better that we dream dreams and reach more instead of concentrating on what we have less? So let us meet, let us talk, let us gather in discussion a better Singapore. Let us articulate our hopes, our missions, our values and our vision instead of waiting the government to state it us.Let us recognize and respect diverse approaches and questions and celebrate our unique Singapore culture, a blend of many races, born out of adversity but perhaps spoiled in prosperity. And let us not laugh, declare foolish or cower in alarm if different views result from our efts.Those who emerge strongest, as Singapore did 37 years ago, belonged to many races, many aptitudes, many interests, and many points of view but happened to pull together. Should we be fired with a passionate vision to work on something that needs doing, let us not wait the government to give us a grant, a handout or a memo on how to go about doing it.Let us move, on our own accord, with the commy, expecting nothing but seeing everything. We are not hopeless. We are not children without voices. But we are restricted in our own minds. We self censor our thoughts fear of reprisal. We hush our voices fear of being heard. 7

  怀特先生的信念也成为我私生活的信条,以它为行动准则,我为人类的奉献更多做奉献让自己心满意足,心态平和,虽然它们本不是我的天性这就是我得到的回报,我的福祉的确,我相信,美国的物质主义非常需要精神力量的调剂这种精神力量必须表现在帮助同胞、为同胞务上How to Give Your Money AwayMany years ago I met a man whose unique psychology helped me to shed a life of struggle and uneasiness great happiness, peace of mind, and a measure of success I otherwise would not have attained.  His name was George Robert White, a man who was orphaned and impoverished at a tender age. Yet, a man whose God-given beliefs made him both a material and a spiritual millionaire at thirty.  My path to success, and to what I had considered its natural result- happiness-was the ordinary road over which most American businessmen travel, namely, endless hours of hard work, social contacts, wise investments, headaches and heartaches.  To be sure, in a materialistic sense, I had traveled a long way from my father’s farm in Nova Scotia. I had become an executive in a multi-million dollar drug firm. But where was the resulting happiness that my material gain was supposed to have afded me?  In my private moments of mental inventory, I discovered that I had no more peace of mind, nor was I less afraid of the problems of life and death, than many years bee, when I planned my road to happiness and success by the flickering lamp in my father's tiny farmhouse. The reason was, I had neglected spiritual values in my anxiety material gain.  It took the kindly advice of George Robert White, to open the pathway me to happiness and freedom of mind. The important lesson Mr. White taught me is this If we are to be happy, if we are to be successful in every aspect of the word, if we are to live truly full lives, we must share ourselves, as well as our material gain, with our fellow men.  As a young man, Mr. White took over the leadership of a small soap-manufacturing plant in Boston, and throughout his career he gave away to charity a large part of his net profits.  Yet, despite his unusual business practices, Mr. White built that tiny concern into the world-famous Cuticura Corporation, and became the multi-million-dollar manufacturer of Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Shampoo.  I shall never get Mr. White's words "Personal success, business success, built upon materialism alone, are empty shells concealing disappointment, saddened lives," which he epitomized by saying "Cast your b upon the waters and it will come back in abundance."  Since Mr. White's death, I have endeavored, as his successor, to adhere to his code of ethics. Two dollars out of every three dollars profit earned by our corporation is shared with others in helping to make our nation a better place in which to live.  We, in our corporation, believe that it is not sufficient only to manufacture as fine a product as is possible-millions of dollars over the years are being shared by our corporation the advancement of medicine and science, chemical research, art and beauty.  In my personal life I have adopted Mr. White's beliefs, and, in doing so, I have become much better equipped to serve humanity.  My reward, my blessings, have come to me in the m of personal satisfaction and peace of mind that had been substantially eign to me.  Yes, I believe that spirituality is the needed seasoning to America's materialism. But it must be that kind of spirituality that takes the m of help and service toward our fellow men. 936

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