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Matt Brittin, president of Google’s European operations, complained this week that EU officials “could be better informed than they are”. It might help if Google did not write “confidential” on every page of its contracts with mobile phonemakers. 谷歌(Google)欧洲业务总裁马特#8226;布里廷(Matt Brittin)上周抱怨称,欧盟(EU)官员“本可以更懂行一点”。如果谷歌没有在与手机制造商所签协议的每一页上都标注“机密”字样,或许会有利于欧盟官员更懂行。 It is another tough week in Brussels for Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Having been assailed over the “right to be forgotten” in search results, how it competes in online shopping and the tax it pays in Europe, it faces EU antitrust charges over its Android mobile software. With dominance of internet search comes a lot of bother. 对谷歌的母公司Alphabet而言,这是其又一次在布鲁塞尔吃苦头的一周。针对在搜索结果中给予用户“被遗忘权”(right to be forgotten)、网络购物领域的竞争手段以及在欧洲缴税等问题,谷歌已经遭受过痛击,而今,它又面临欧盟对其安卓(Android)移动操作系统提出的反垄断指控。互联网搜索领域的主导地位给谷歌带来了很多烦扰。 In general, I sympathise with Mr Brittin. There are, as he says, “some places in Europe#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;where the first inclination is to protect the past from the future”. It is being harshly treated over how it displays shopping results and the right of European citizens to eliminate search links they dislike. But on Android — perhaps the most important case for Google’s future — he is wrong. 总的来说,我比较同情布里廷。正如他所言,“欧洲某些地方的……第一反应通常是保护过去不被未来碾压”。在显示购物搜索结果以及保护欧洲公民移除自己不喜欢的搜索链接的权利方面,谷歌都遭到了苛刻对待。但在安卓这个或许对谷歌未来最重要的案件上,他错了。 Google is Microsoft light. The way that it has exerted influence over how mobile phones run on Android is subtler and more calculated than Microsoft’s brute force approach to broadening its desktop monopoly in the early 2000s. While Microsoft insisted on its right to repel all competitors by packing what it felt like into Windows, Google has left open a degree of choice. 谷歌比微软(Microsoft)更高明。比起微软在2000年代初为扩大其对台式机的垄断而采取的强力方式,谷歌对手机如何运行安卓系统施加影响的方式更不易被觉察、更处心积虑。微软通过随意所欲地在Windows系统中捆绑安装各种软件,强硬地坚持其打击所有竞争对手的权利,而谷歌则留出了一定的自由选择余地。 Google’s strategy for Android has been a masterpiece of craftiness, a case fit for a business school study of how to advance without appearing to attack. Android “fosters competition at every level of the mobile market”, Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, insisted repeatedly at a Senate committee in 2011. Yet, somehow, Google still ended up firmly in control. 谷歌的安卓战略是缜密构思的典范,适合作为商学院研究如何不露痕迹地进攻的经典案例。谷歌董事长埃里克#8226;施密特(Eric Schmidt) 2011年在美国参议院委员会再三坚称,安卓系统“在移动市场的各个层面都促进了竞争”。然而,不知为何,谷歌最终依然实现了对市场的牢牢控制。 It is worth examining how Google did this — how Android ended up with 81 per cent of the global smartphone market last year, while Google applications such as search were loaded on most of Europe’s Android phones. It was quite a coup but Margrethe Vestager, EU competition commissioner, should fillet the deals that helped to enable it. 值得我们研究的是,谷歌是如何做到这些的——去年,安卓占到了全球智能手机市场的81%,欧洲多数安卓版手机都安装了谷歌搜索等谷歌应用。谷歌确实下了一盘妙棋,但欧盟竞争事务专员玛格丽特#8226;维斯特格(Margrethe Vestager)应该仔细研究一下帮助谷歌实现了这一结果的那些协议。 First, in 2005, Google acquired Android, a small company making an operating system based on Linux open source software. It seems implausible now but it worried at the time that its search franchise could be locked out of mobile by powerful phonemakers such as BlackBerry (it was long ago). 首先,谷歌于2005年收购了安卓,那是一家小公司,设计了一款基于Linux开源软件的操作系统。如今看来似乎难以置信,但当时谷歌担心,谷歌搜索可能会被黑莓(BlackBerry)等强大的手机制造商封杀(确实是很久以前的事了,久到黑莓还很强大)。 Although Google kept Android free, its claim to being open source is tenuous. Google controls software development and makes any phone maker that wants to use the Android trademark stick to its standards. Any company that “forks” Android, as Amazon did with the Fire phone — using the source code in its own way — loses the brand and the marketing clout that comes with it. 虽然谷歌一直未对使用安卓系统收费,但其开放源代码的承诺却经不起推敲。谷歌控制着软件开发,让任何想使用安卓商标的手机制造商都得遵循它的标准。任何对安卓系统进行“分”(fork)、也就是用自己的方式使用源代码的公司——如亚马逊(Amazon)在Fire手机上尝试的那样——都无法再使用安卓这个品牌,也就丧失了这个品牌附带的市场影响力。 /201604/438958

  Growing Old 美国老年人 Happy birthday! Do birthdays really make people happy? Of course they do. Birthdays celebrate the day we were born. Moreover, that extra candle on the cake represents another year of growth and maturity-or so we hope. We all like to imagine that we're getting wiser and not just older. Most of us enjoy observing the miracle of growth in others, as well. For instance, seeing our children develop and learn new things makes us feel proud. For Americans, like people in most cultures, growing up is a wonderful process. But growing old? That's a different story. 生日快乐!生日真能使人快乐吗?这是当然的啊,庆生是庆祝我们来到世上的日子,除此之外,蛋糕上多加一蜡烛也代表了另一年的成长与成熟--或者说至少我们希望能如此。我们都喜欢想象着自己能够越来越有智能,而不只是变老,我们大部份人也同时较喜欢观察别人成长的奇迹。例如:看到我们的孩子长大并学习新的事物使我们感到骄傲。而对美国人而言,就像大部份其它文化中的人们一样,长大是一个美好的历程,但是变老呢?那可就是另外一回事了。 Growing old is not exactly pleasant for people in youth-oriented American culture. Most Americans like to look young, act young and feel young. As the old saying goes, "You're as young as you feel." Older people joke about how many years young they are, rather than how many years old. People in some countries value the aged as a source of experience and wisdom. But Americans seem to favor those that are young, or at least "young at heart." 在美国这个以年轻人为中心的社会中,老化对人们而言并不是一件愉快的事,大部份的美国人都希望自己看起来年轻、行动年轻、并且感觉年轻,如一句古老的名言说:「你感觉自己有多年轻,你就有多年轻。」老年人说自己的年龄时常开玩笑说自己是多少 years young,而不说多少 years old 。某些文化中的人视老年人为经验与智能的资源,可是美国人似乎比较喜欢年轻人,或者至少是「心里年轻」的人。Many older Americans find the "golden years" to be anything but golden. Economically, "senior citizens" often struggle just to get by. Retirement-typically at age 65-brings a sharp decrease in personal income. Social Security benefits usually cannot make up the difference. Older people may suffer from poor nutrition, medical care and housing. Some even experience age discrimination. In 1987, American sociologist Pat Moore dressed up like an older person and wandered city streets. She was often treated rudely-even cheated and robbed. However, dressed as a young person, she received much more respect. Of course, not all elderly Americans have such negative experiences. But old age does present unique challenges. 许多美国的老年人觉得他们的「黄金年代」一点都不黄金。在经济上来说,老年人常是挣扎着勉强度日。退休--通常在六十五岁的时候--使个人收入骤减,而社会保障制度的福利并不能补足差额,老年人常遭遇营养、医疗照顾、和居住环境的问题。有些人甚至曾经碰到年龄歧视的问题,在一九八七年有一位美国的社会学家派特?尔装扮成老人在街上游荡,结果人们多半对她很粗鲁,甚至骗她或抢她的东西,可是当她穿著年轻时,人们就对她尊重多了。当然也不是所有的美国老人家都有这样糟糕的经验,不过年纪大确实会遭遇一些特别的挑战。Ironically, the elderly population in America is expanding-fast. Why? People are living longer. Fewer babies are being born. And middle-aged "baby boomers" are rapidly entering the ranks of the elderly. America may soon be a place where wrinkles are "in." Marketing experts are aly focusing on this growing group of consumers. And even now the elderly have a great deal of political power. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), with over 30 million members, has a strong voice in Washington. 而很不幸偏偏美国老年人口又正在扩增中--很快速地扩增,为什么呢?因为现在的人越来越长命,婴孩的出生却减少,而当初在婴儿潮时出生现在是中年人的很快地就要进入老年阶段了,美国恐怕马上会成为一个皱纹「很流行」的国度。行销专家们已经开始注意这群人口持续增加中的消费者,而这群老年人现今甚至在政治上也相当有力,因为美国退休人员协会拥有超过三千万的会员,对华盛顿具相当的影响力。A common stereotype of older Americans is that they are usually "put away" in nursing homes and forgotten about. Actually, only about 5 percent live in some type of institution. More than half of those 65 or older live with or near at least one of their children. The vast majority of the elderly live alone and take care of themselves. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 75 percent own their own homes. Over a million senior adults live in retirement communities. These provide residents with meals, recreation, companionship, medical care and a safe environment. 一般人对美国老人家的刻板印象是被「遣送到」养护院去,然后被人遗忘。然而事实上,只有百分之五的人住在此类机构中,超过半数的六十五或六十五岁以上老人,是与孩子同住或住在其中一个孩子的附近。绝大部份的老年人是自己住并自己照顾自己的,根据美国户口调查局的统计,他们百分之七十五拥有自己的房子,超过一百万名老年人住在退休者的社区中,这些社区为其居民提供饮食、、友谊、医疗照顾、以及安全的环境。 Despite the challenges they face, Americans in their "twilight years" generally refuse to give up on life. They find a variety of ways to keep themselves active. To help them stay in shape, they may join mall walkers clubs, fitness programs and even the "Senior Olympics." They can enjoy hours of entertainment at senior centers and adult amusement parks. Many enroll in continuing education programs to maintain their mental skills. For Americans, if you're going to grow old, you might as well do it gracefully. 纵然他们遭遇挑战,处在迟暮之年的美国老年人通常还是不愿意放弃他们的生活,他们寻求各种不同的方法使自己更有活力,为了保持强健的身体状况,他们参加购物中心的竞走俱乐部、健身课程、甚至奥林匹克老人运动会。他们可以在老人中心和成人公园里逍遥好几个小时,许多人报名参加延伸制教育以维续他们的心智技能。如果你是将要进入老年期的美国人,你也可以优雅地做做这些活动。 /200804/33703



  The average American commuter spent 50hours in traffic last year. 去年,美国通勤者在路上等待的时间平均为50小时。As a nation, we spent eight billion hourssitting in our cars, waiting for lights to change, for the driver ahead tosneak into that parking spot, for an accident to be cleared.全体美国人总共花了80亿小时坐在车里,等待红灯变绿灯,等待前车司机驶入停车位,等待交通事故被处理。That’s not much more timethan many Europeans spend in cars. 这并不比许多欧洲人等在车里的时间多出多少。According to Inrix, a roadway and trafficanalytics company, drivers and passengers in Belgium spent 44 hours in trafficlast year; in Germany, 39 hours.交通路况分析公司Inrix称,比利时的司机和乘客去年等在路上的平均时间为44小时;德国人为39小时。Wherever it happens, new research suggeststhat all that sitting and waiting is exposing us to more pollutants than we’d take in ifwere we cruising along.新研究显示,不论在什么地方,比起一路畅行无阻,坐在车里等待会让我们暴露于更多污染物之下。According to a study published Thursday inEnvironmental Science: Processes amp; Impacts, pollution levels inside cars atred lights or in traffic jams are up to 40 percent higher than when traffic ismoving.根据上周四发表在《环境科学:过程与影响》(Processes amp; Impacts)上的一项研究,等红灯或者堵在路上之际,车内污染物的含量比交通顺畅时高出40%。Air quality is aly a problem outside ofcars: More than 80 percent of people living in cities where pollution istracked are exposed to air quality levels below World Health Organizationlimits. 车外的空气质量已经成问题了:污染水平受到追踪的那些城市的居民,超过80%暴露在质量未达世界卫生组织(World Health Organization,简称WHO)所设限值的大气中。The W.H.O. has estimated that poor air quality isresponsible for the deaths of 3.7 million people younger than 60 in 2012.据WHO估计,2012年,糟糕的空气质量是导致370万不满60岁的人死亡的原因。 Researchers at the University of Surrey inEngland took to the streets of Guildford, a typical English town, to look atthe effects of traffic on concentrations of polluting particles. 英国萨里大学(University of Surrey)的研究人员走上典型英式城镇吉尔福德的街头,研究交通堵塞对颗粒污染物浓度的影响。They also analyzed how ventilation settingschanged those concentrations inside of cars.他们还分析了通风设置会如何改变车内污染浓度。The scientists took their measurementsinside a car as it traveled on a six-kilometer loop, passing through 10 trafficintersections. 这些科学家让车辆沿一条六公里长的环路行驶,途经10个交通路口,同时在车内进行测量。They tracked the concentrations ofdifferent-size particles of air pollution —ranging from courseto fine —at each intersection.他们在每一个路口追踪了从粗到细不同尺寸的颗粒污染物的浓度。In a car stuck in traffic, shutting all thewindows and turning off the fan or heat reduced concentration doses of thesmallest, most hazardous particles by up to 76 percent.塞车时,关闭所有车窗、关掉风扇或暖气,会让车内危害性最强的最小颗粒物的浓度降低至多76%。The researchers also found an increase insmaller particles inside the vehicle compared with larger ones when the heatwas off and fans were on full blast, drawing in air from outside. 研究人员还发现,当关闭暖气并把风扇开到最大档来吸入外部空气的时候,车内较小颗粒物的浓度与较大颗粒物相比有所增加。Those findings suggest that the ventilationsystem was more effective at filtering out larger particles than smaller oneswhile stopped at intersections, reducing the concentration doses of thoseparticles up to 68 percent, they said.他们说,这些结果表明,车辆停在路口之际,通风系统能够更有效地过滤较大颗粒物而非较小颗粒物,让前者的浓度下降至多68%。And while they were only at trafficintersections for about 7 percent of total commuting time on average, the timeaccounted for as much as 10 percent of their exposure to harmful particles. 尽管在路口停留的时间平均只占总通勤时间的大约7%,但研究人员在这段时间里接触到的有害颗粒物,却相当于总接触量的10%。The exposure was more than six timesgreater in cars with open windows than for pedestrians at three- or four-wayintersections.在丁字路口或十字路,在窗户打开的车里接触到的有害颗粒物浓度比行人高六倍多。So when you’re stopped at anintersection, roll up the windows, and breathe easier.因此,停在路口时,请把窗户关上,呼吸也要更轻一点。 /201609/464128PALO ALTO, Calif. — After years of scorning the political process, Silicon Valley has leapt into the fray. 加州帕洛阿尔托——在对政治方法嗤之以鼻多年之后,硅谷跳入了这类纷争。The prospect of a President Donald J. Trump is pushing the tech community to move beyond its traditional role as donors and to embrace a new existence as agitators and activists.唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普(Donald J. Trump)成为美国总统的可能性,促使科技界超越作为捐赠者的传统角色,开始扮演鼓动者和活动人士的新身份。A distinguished venture capital firm emblazoned on its corporate home page an earthy anti-Trump epithet. 一家知名风险投资公司在其网站主页上醒目地展示了一条粗俗的反特朗普口号。One prominent tech chieftain says the consequences of Mr Trump’s election would range between disastrous and terrible. 一位有名的科技界大佬表示,特朗普当选总统将带来从灾难到恐怖的各种后果。Another compares him to a dictator. 另一位则把他比作独裁者。And nearly 150 tech leaders signed an open letter decrying Mr Trump and his campaign of anger and bigotry.有近150名科技界领袖签署了一份公开信,谴责特朗普及其竞选活动充满愤怒与偏执情绪。Not quite all the action is anti-Trump. 并非所有的行动都是反对特朗普的。Peter Thiel, a founder of PayPal and Palantir who was the first outside investor in Facebook, spoke at the Republican convention in July. 今年7月,Paypal和Palantir两家公司的创始人之一、同时也是Facebook首位外部投资者的彼得#8226;蒂尔(Peter Thiel),在共和党全国大会上做了发言。The New York Times reported on Saturday that Mr Thiel is giving .25 million to support Mr Trump’s candidacy even as other supporters flee. 《纽约时报》上周六曾报道,蒂尔要拿出125万美元资金持特朗普的竞选,尽管其他持者正在撤离。(He also recently gave million to a super PAC that supports Senator Rob Portman, the Republican freshman running for re-election in Ohio.)(最近,他还给一家超级政治行动委员会[super PAC]提供了100万美元资金,该委员会持共和党新人罗布#8226;波特曼[Rob Portman]参议员在俄亥俄州竞选连任。Getting involved in politics used to be seen as clashing with Silicon Valley’s value system: You transform the world by making problems obsolete, not solving them through Washington. 在过去,介入政治被认为与硅谷的价值观冲突:你通过让问题不再是问题来改变世界,而不是通过华盛顿解决它们。Nor did entrepreneurs want to alienate whatever segment of customers did not agree with them politically.企业家也不希望疏远在政治上与他们观念相左的那部分消费者。Such reticence is no longer in style here.这类含蓄如今不流行了。We’re a bunch of nerds not used to having a lot of limelight, said Dave McClure, an investor who runs a tech incubator called 500 Startups. 我们是一群书呆子,不习惯受到太多关注,投资人戴夫#8226;麦克卢尔(Dave McClure)说。他管理着一家名为创业500(500 Startups)的科技孵化器。But to e Spider-Man, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’但是拿蜘蛛侠的话来说,‘能力越大,责任越大’。Mr McClure grew worried after the Republican and Democratic conventions as Mr Trump began to catch up to Hillary Clinton in the polls. 在共和党与民主党全国大会召开之后,特朗普开始在民意调查中赶上希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton),麦克卢尔因此越来越担忧。He wanted Silicon Valley to do more, and so late last month he announced Nerdz4Hillary, an informal fund-raising effort.他希望硅谷能做得更多,所以上月末他公布了非正式的资金募集项目Nerdz4Hillary。An initial group of donors pledged ,000; the goal was to ask the nerdz for small donations to match that sum. 最早的一批捐赠者承诺提供5万美元;其目标是向书呆子们募集小额捐赠,以期达到同样的数额。They have not come through yet. 他们目前还没有实现这个目标。We’re kind of optimistic we’ll get the other ,000 in a few weeks, Mr McClure said.我们比较乐观,预计再过几周就能筹到另一个5万美元,麦克卢尔说。That relatively slow pace reflects Silicon Valley’s shifting position: Even as it becomes increasingly free with its opinions, it has been less free with its checkbook. 这种相对有些慢的步伐反映出硅谷立场的转变:尽管在硅谷表达观念上变得日益自由,但动用票本还没那么方便。The most recent data, from late August, shows Mrs. Clinton taking in .7 million from the tech community, according to Crowdpac, a start-up that tracks donations. 追踪捐赠信息的创业公司Crowdpac来自8月末的最新数据显示,克林顿在科技界募集了770万美元的资金。By that point in 2012, Crowdpac says, President Obama had raised million from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.而据该公司统计,2012年至这个时间点时,奥巴马已经从企业家和风险投资家那里募集了2100万美元。Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of the business networking site LinkedIn, offers a snapshot of Silicon Valley’s evolving approach to politics.商业社交网站LinkedIn联合创始人雷德#8226;霍夫曼、亿万富翁(Reid Hoffman)的举动显示了硅谷在对待政治的策略上的演进。Mr Hoffman was a top Obama donor, giving million to the Priorities USA political action committee, something several of his peers did as well. 霍夫曼是奥巴马最大的资助者之一,曾向优先美国(Priorities USA)政治行动委员会捐赠100万美元资金,他身边的人也做了同样的捐赠。Last month, Mr Hoffman garnered worldwide publicity for saying he would donate up to million to veterans’ groups if Mr Trump released his taxes, a remote possibility that never came to pass. 上个月,霍夫曼表示,如果特朗普公布自己的纳税情况——可能性极小,迄今未实现——他将捐赠高达500万美元的资金给退伍老兵组织,此举引发了全世界的关注。He has castigated Mr Trump in interviews, saying he was speaking for those who were afraid.他还曾在接受采访时严厉指责特朗普,称他是在为那些恐惧的人说话。Mr Hoffman’s outright donations, however, have been smaller this election cycle. 不过,霍夫曼的直接捐赠在这个选举周期一直比较少。In May, he gave 0,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund. 今年5月,他给希拉里胜利基金会(Hillary Victory Fund)捐了40万美元。Asked if there was more recent giving that had not shown up in federal election records, Mr Hoffman cryptically responded in an email, Looking at some PACs, etc. 在被问到最近是否有更多的捐赠没有被联邦选举委员会记录时,霍夫曼在一封邮件中措辞隐晦地回应道,正在看一些PAC之类的。He declined several opportunities to elaborate.他多次拒绝就此做出详细说明。Even as Priorities USA has raised 3 million this election cycle, far exceeding its total in 2012, its tech contributions have dwindled. 尽管优先美国在这个竞选周期内募集了1.33亿美元,远远超过2012年的总额,但它获得来自科技界的资金有所减少。The only familiar tech name this time around is John Doerr of the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers, who gave 0,000.这次大选的捐赠者中,唯一熟悉的科技界名字是风险投资公司凯鹏华盈(Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers)的约翰#8226;多尔(John Doerr),他捐赠了50万美元。The AOL co-founder Steve Case said his September endorsement of Mrs. 今年9月,美国在线(AOL)联合创始人史蒂夫#8226;凯斯(Steve Case)通过发表于《华盛顿邮报》(The Washington Post)的一篇专栏文章,宣布了他对克林顿的持。Clinton, via an op-ed in The Washington Post, was the first time he ever publicly declared for a candidate. 他说这是他第一次公开宣布对一位候选人表示持。I always focused on policy and avoided politics, he said. 我一直关注政策,而避免介入政治,他说。But if Trump were elected president, I would be disappointed in myself for not acting.但如果特朗普当选总统,我将会为自己当初没有采取行动而感到失望。He was less certain about donating money to Mrs. Clinton, saying it was probable but not certain.对于捐钱给克林顿,他相对没那么确定,只表示有可能,但并不确定。Mason Harrison, Crowdpac’s head of communications, explained the gap. Crowdpac公关总监梅森#8226;哈里森(Mason Harrison)解释了这种落差。Donors give to support candidates they love, not to defeat candidates they fear, he said.捐赠人捐钱是为持自己喜欢的候选人,而不是为了打败令他们感到担忧的候选人,他说。A few billionaires are taking the opposite approach, acting instead of talking. 也有几位亿万富翁采取了相反的策略,用行动说话,而不发声。Dustin Moskovitz, a founder of Facebook, said he was giving million to various Democratic election efforts — the first time he and his wife, Cari Tuna, have endorsed a candidate. Facebook联合创始人达斯廷#8226;莫斯科维茨(Dustin Moskovitz)表示,他在给民主党的各种竞选活动捐赠2000万美元,这是他和妻子卡里#8226;图纳(Cari Tuna)首次给一位候选人背书。He declined to be interviewed.他拒绝了时报的采访请求。Part of the problem for Mrs. Clinton is that, however preferable she may be to Mr Trump in the tech community, she pales in comparison to President Obama. 克林顿的问题部分在于,不管她在科技界看来比特朗普有多么可取,都无法与奥巴马总统相比。After some initial misgivings, Silicon Valley found its champion in him. 在打消最初的一些疑虑之后,硅谷当时将赌注压在了奥巴马身上。There has been a revolving door between tech and the Obama administration, just as previous Democratic administrations had a revolving door with Wall Street. 在科技界和奥巴马政府之间,存在一道旋转门,就像之前的民主党政府与华尔街之间一样。In June, President Obama seemed to suggest that he might become a venture capitalist after his term ends.去年6月,奥巴马总统似乎暗示,在总统任期结束之后,他可能会选择做一名风险投资人。Mrs. Clinton is not as enthusiastic toward Silicon Valley and its disruptive ways. 克林顿对硅谷及其颠覆性的方式没有那么大的热情。In a speech in the summer of 2015, she noted that start-ups in the on-demand or so-called gig economy — Uber, Airbnb and their ilk — were unleashing innovation but also raising hard questions about workplace protection and what a good job will look like in the future.她曾在2015年夏季的一次演讲中指出,按需型经济,或说零工经济中的创业公司——优步和Airbnb之类——既是释放创新,同时也在工作场所安全保障和未来什么样的工作是好工作方面,带来一些难题。The Clinton campaign declined to comment. 克林顿竞选团队拒绝置评。The Trump campaign did not respond to a query.特朗普竞选团队也没有对询问做出回应。But perhaps being vocal is a temporary condition after all. 不过,或许这种发声最终只是一时的现象。The venture firm CRV was in the spotlight at the end of August with its blunt anti-Trump message, which included the earthy epithet. 8月底的时候,风险投资公司CRV曾因直率地传达反对特朗普的信息而备受关注,其中包括上文提到的那条粗俗的口号。A few weeks later, it cleaned up its website. 几周后,该公司从网站上删除了这条信息。The partners went from employing a publicist to seek out attention to declining interviews.几名合伙人从之前的雇佣公关人员以争取获得关注,转向拒绝接受采访。We reached everyone we wanted to reach, and hopefully influenced opinions, said Saar Gur, a CRV venture capitalist. 我们已经触及到我们希望触及的人群,但愿影响了他们的观点,CRV风险投资人萨尔#8226;古尔(Saar Gur)说。Then the buzz died down and we went back to our day jobs, which are super busy.然后喧嚣退去,我们回归自己极为忙碌的日常工作中。 /201610/472563

  GIGANTIC身形巨大The Stratolaunch aircraft is enormous, with a wingspan totaling 385 feet (117 meters), longer than the wingspan of any other aircraft and greater than the length of an American football field.平流层发射飞机身形巨大,翼展总长为117米,超过所有飞机的翼展,比一个美式足球场还要长。Among commonly seen aircraft, the double-decker Airbus A380#39;s wings span 262 feet (nearly 80 meters).在常见的飞机中,双层客机空客A380的翼展近80米。WEIGHT AND POWER重量和动力The Stratolaunch aircraft weighs 500,000 pounds (226,799 kilograms) empty, can carry 250,000 pounds (113,399 kilograms) of fuel, and with payload can take off at a maximum weight of 1.3 million pounds (589,676 kilograms).平流层发射飞机净重约227吨,可搭载约113吨燃料,最大有效载荷近590吨。It is powered by six engines of the same type used by Boeing 747s.它由6台波音747所用的同款发动机提供动力。AIR LAUNCH空中发射On launch missions, Stratolaunch will carry as many as three rockets attached to the center of the wing between the two fuselages. The rockets will be released, ignite their engines and carry small satellites weighing up to 1,000 pounds (453.6 kilograms) to low Earth orbit.在执行发射任务时,平流层发射飞机可在双机身中间、机翼中心位置搭载多达3枚火箭。飞机可以让火箭点火、发射,将其携带的重达454公斤的小型卫星送入近地轨道。According to Stratolaunch, the advantages of its system include being able to use numerous airports and avoid the limitations of fixed launch sites which can be impacted by weather, air traffic and ship traffic on ocean ranges.据平流层发射系统公司介绍,这套系统的优势在于能适应众多机场,固定发射场所可能会受到天气、空中交通状况以及海上船运状况的影响,而平流层发射系统能避免这些限制。HISTORY历史回顾Airborne launches date back decades, most famously to the X-15 program of the 1950s and #39;60s, when manned rocket planes were carried aloft under the wing of a B-52 bomber and released on hypersonic research flights.机载发射可以追溯至几十年前,最著名的是上世纪50、60年代的X-15计划,当时一架B-52轰炸机的机翼下搭载了载人火箭飞机,并在超音速飞行的测试研究飞行器上发射。In the 1990s, Orbital Sciences Corp. (now Orbital ATK) began releasing rockets from the belly of a converted L-1011 airliner to put small satellites into low Earth orbit.上世纪90年代,轨道科学公司(现为轨道ATK公司)从一架改装的L-1011客机的机身下发射火箭,将小型卫星送入近地轨道。More recently, Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, funded development of the Burt Rutan-designed SpaceShipOne, the first privately developed manned spacecraft.再之后,微软公司的联合创始人保罗?艾伦投资研发了伯特?鲁坦设计的“太空飞船一号”。这是第一架私人研发的载人航天器。Suspended between the twin-fuselages of a special jet, SpaceShipOne was carried to high altitude and released. It reached space on three suborbital flights in 2004.“太空飞船一号”由一架特制的双机身喷气飞机悬挂在机身中间,将其载入高空并发射。2004年,“太空飞船一号”经过3次亚轨道飞行进入太空。The same launch concept is being used for SpaceShipTwo, the passenger-carrying craft being developed for Sir Richard Branson#39;s Virgin Galactic space tourism enterprise.“太空飞船二号”应用了相同的概念,这架载人飞行器是为理查德?布兰森爵士的维珍太空旅游公司研发的。WHAT#39;S NEXT下一步会怎样Initial testing will focus on filling the six fuel tanks to ensure they are properly sealed and that related mechanisms are operating properly.首轮测试将对机上的6个油箱进行加油测试,检查其密封是否完好,以及相关机械的运行是否正常。The aircraft will then be taken back inside the hangar for weight and balance testing. Ground testing will lead to flight operations and the first launch demonstration, which is expected in 2019.随后,飞机将被拖回机库进行重量和平衡性测试,并有望在2019年进行陆地测试,进行飞行操作和首次发射展示。 /201706/512986How often have you bought something you felt wasn’t worth the money?你是否经常觉得自己买的东西不值那个价?What if you could set the price?要是你能自己定价呢?What factors would influence your number?哪些因素会影响你的定价?For years, behavioral scientists have studied such questions.多年来,行为科学家们一直在研究这样的问题。They often look at a model called P.W.Y.W. (Pay-what-you-want, that is.) The idea may seem like a consumer’s giddiest fantasy. But a real-life extreme version of the experiment unfolding at a restaurant in Montclair, N.J., is affirming the researchers’ predictions. It has been triggering a panoply of reactions — including anxiety, delight, incredulity, guilt and, yes, rampant opportunism.他们经常观察的是一个名为PWYW(Pay-what-you-want,付自己想付的价钱)的模型。这听来就像是消费者最为荒唐的幻想。但是这种实验的现实极端版正在新泽西州蒙特克莱的一家餐厅进行,基本实了研究者们的预测——它会引发各种反应,包括焦虑、高兴、怀疑、愧疚,以及——没错,便宜不占白不占。Zod Arifai, a local chef, is offering customers a with no prices for the month of August, encouraging them to order as many dishes as they’d like at his two side-by-side restaurants. When diners signal for the check, servers ask, “How much would you like to pay?”8月份,当地大厨佐德·阿里菲(Zod Arifai)给顾客们提供没有标价的菜单,鼓励他们在他的两个紧挨着的餐馆里随意点餐。当食客示意埋单时,务员会问:“你想付多少钱?”With no price guidelines — such as a museum’s “suggested donation” — the offer compels diners to gaze inward and develop ad hoc criteria, in order to look a fresh-faced server in the eye and announce the meal’s value.Ayelet Gneezy, an associate professor of behavioral sciences and marketing at the University of California, San Diego, who has studied this model, said it could set off psychological conflict: Consumers like to see themselves as “fair” and even generous, but also want others to see them as “prudent and not a sucker.”两家餐馆不提供物馆的那种“建议捐款额”的参考价格,所以食客们只能自己思考,临时想出定价标准,然后看着青春焕发的务员的眼睛,说出自己想要付的饭钱。加州大学圣迭戈分校(University of California, San Diego)的行为科学和市场营销副教授阿耶莱特·格尼泽(Ayelet Gneezy)也研究过这个模型。他说,它会引发心理冲突:消费者想让自己显得“公平”,甚至慷慨,但也想显得“精明,不易上当”。“I know I’m going to overpay,” Morgan Torres said the other night as he perused the . “I don’t want them to think of me as ‘that cheap guy at table five.’ ”“我知道我会多付的,”有一天晚上,根·托雷斯(Morgan Torres)一边翻阅菜单一边说,“我可不想让他们称我为‘5号桌的那个小气鬼’。”At the next table, Sid Dvorkin was having no such crisis of conscience. He would simply base his amount on what he had paid for other meals at Blu. “The concept of overpaying is not something I gravitate toward,” he said.隔壁桌的锡德·德沃金(Sid Dvorkin)完全没有这样的道德危机。他根据以前自己在Blu餐厅的用餐价格来确定这顿饭要付的钱。“我是不会多付钱的,”他说。Given the P.W.Y.W. opportunity, consumers easily rationalize their decision, Dr. Gneezy said.Barbara Rowe and Richard Katz cooked up their own rationale: palate power. They paid for each of five dishes they loved, and for one they didn’t.格尼泽士说,消费者在面对PWYW时,是能够轻松合理定价的。芭芭拉·罗韦(Barbara Rowe)和理查德·卡茨(Richard Katz)确定了自己的定价标准:口感。他们给自己喜欢的5道菜每道付12美元,不喜欢的一道付8美元。When Mr. Arifai, 52, opened his first restaurant, Blu, in Montclair, a diverse suburb of New York City, a decade ago, The New York Times rated it “excellent.” Then he opened the more casual and also warmly praised Next Door, next door. Blu’s skate with cauliflower, wild mushrooms and truffle broth used to be ; Next Door’s meatloaf with chipotle glaze on soft polenta was .现年52岁的阿里菲10年前在纽约多元化的郊区蒙特克莱开设第一家餐厅Blu,当时《纽约时报》把它评为“优秀”。然后他在隔壁开了一家更随意但也同样受好评的餐厅,名字就叫隔壁(Next Door)。在Blu餐厅,配有花椰菜、野生菌和松露的煎灰鳐以前的价格是26美元。隔壁餐厅的肉糕在柔软的玉米糊上浇上墨西哥烟椒,以前的价格是14美元。Now, with his lease ending, Mr. Arifai has decided to move on, and eventually open a restaurant in Manhattan.现在,租约快到期了,阿里菲决定搬走,最终在曼哈顿开一家餐馆。A former rock guitarist with ungovernable hair, Mr. Arifai wanted to thank the community with a month of pay-what-you-want dining — despite the entreaties of family and friends who pronounced the concept “insane.”阿里菲曾是摇滚吉他手,留着一头不好打理的乱发。他想通过一个月的PWYW活动来感谢附近街区,尽管家人和朋友都认为这是个“疯狂的”主意,让他不要这么做。In the spirit of equality, he is serving the same at both restaurants. But at upscale Blu, with its sleek stemware and soft sconce lighting, diners are paying about more per dish than those at Next Door, with its bright, basic décor. (Alcohol isn’t included; the restaurants are B.Y.O.B.)为了公平起见,两家餐厅目前提供同样的菜单。但是Blu餐厅的环境比较高雅,有时髦的高脚酒杯和柔和的壁式灯光,隔壁餐厅则是明亮的普通装修。Blu餐厅的食客们给每道菜付的价钱平均比隔壁餐厅的大约多3美元(不含酒水,两家餐厅都允许自带酒水)。Over all, Mr. Arifai said, diners seem to be paying slightly less than half the old prices, though a direct comparison is difficult because these portions are somewhat smaller.“The majority of people want to take advantage of the offer, but also recognize that it feels weird,” said Kathleen D. Vohs, a professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota who writes about the psychology of money. “So they limit what they order, do a good job of valuing it, and then walk back from what it’s worth.”阿里菲说,总的来说,食客们付的价格略低于原来菜价的一半,其实很难直接比较,因为这个月的菜量比以前的略小。“大部分人想占便宜,但又觉得那样做不太好,”明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)的市场营销教授凯瑟琳·D·沃斯(Kathleen D. Vohs)说。她写过金钱心理学方面的文章。“所以,他们限制点菜量,认真衡量,然后决定菜价。”But at least once a night, the staff gets a bad taste — such as from the “young, smug” table of five that ordered 25 dishes, paid and left a tip.但是,每天晚上,员工们至少会碰上一桌极为吝啬的顾客,比如有一桌坐了5个“洋洋自得的年轻人”,他们点了25道菜,付了15美元,留下5美元小费。Indeed, at one end of the bell curve, customers will have an “economically rational” attitude, Dr. Vohs said: “ ‘I’ll take everything I can and leave no money, because the restaurant’s letting me do it.’ ”沃斯说,的确,一种极端情况是,顾客们采取“从省钱角度讲合理”的态度,“我会尽量多吃,一点钱也不给,因为餐厅允许我这样做”。One family ordered eight dishes and sneaked out, leaving a handful of dollar bills.有一家人点了8道菜,悄悄溜了出去,只留下几美元。“My daughter told me, ‘You gave people the option,’ ” Mr. Arifai said. “Maybe they’re poor and a night out means eating at McDonald’s. So that’s what they left. But you gave them a good meal.’ ”“我女儿说,‘你给了人们那种选择,’”阿里菲说,“也许他们很穷,出去吃饭一般都是去麦当劳。所以他们就留了那么点钱。但是你给他们提供了很棒的一餐。” But another family left a thank-you note with their modest amount. “The food and service was worth way more than we were able to leave.” It continued, “As a kid in college and a mother doing inconsistent freelance, without the deal we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to come.”不过,另一个付钱不多的家庭留下了一封感谢信。“这里的食物和务比我们能付的要好得多。” 信中还说,“我们家有个孩子在上大学,妈妈没有固定职业,收入不稳定,要是没有优惠,我们没机会来这里吃饭。”Dr. Vohs said that what might compensate for the low-ballers are the angst-ridden outliers squirming at the other end of the bell curve “who feel they have to make up for what they see as others’ misdeeds.”沃斯说,弥补少付饭费的可能是钟形曲线另一端的那些非常忧虑的顾客,“他们觉得自己必须弥补其他人的劣行(在他们看来,少付钱是劣行)”。The other night Lesley Jarbe was in a swivet as she anticipated that post-dessert moment of truth. She’d heard stories about the shortchangers.有一天晚上,莱斯利·贾布(Lesley Jarbe)在吃完甜点等待付钱时,变得焦躁不安。她听说了一些顾客占便宜的事。“I want to show the chef that I love his food and I appreciate what he’s doing,” Ms. Jarbe said. “And I worry about the kitchen staff! The waiters! I’m so anxious!”“我想让大厨知道,我很喜欢他做的食物,很赞赏他现在的做法,”贾布说,“我为厨房的员工们担心!还有那些务员!我非常担忧!”And then there was the customer who somehow manned both ends of the bell curve : He took advantage of Mr. Arifai’s generosity, even as he expressed concern about the server’s pending unemployment. The solution? He left for the food and a tip.还有一位顾客不知为何占据了钟形曲线的两端:他既想利用阿里菲的慷慨,又对务员可能马上失业而表示忧虑。那怎么办呢?他为食物付了5美元,给务员留了50美元小费。Profit aside — and it certainly will be — Mr. Arifai considers the endeavor a success. “I’ve learned that humanity is not as bad as we think,” he said. Yes, 20 percent are paying less than a dollar a dish. “But 80 percent are not.”撇开利润不谈(利润当然会受影响),阿里菲认为这次尝试是成功的。“我从中得知,人性并不像我们想的那么坏,”他说。是的,20%的顾客为一道菜付了不到1美元。“但80%的顾客不是这样的。”The other night as Andrew Manno, a waiter, was collecting money from a couple, their 6-year-old daughter asked, “Aren’t we supposed to pay what we want for our food?”有一天晚上,务员安德鲁·曼诺(Andrew Manno)在等一对夫妇付钱时,他们6岁的女儿问道,“我们是可以自己决定怎么付账吗?”Yes, Mr. Manno replied.是的,曼诺回答道。“I want to pay for my ice cream,” the child said. Then she reached in her bag and handed him a candy bar.“我想为我的冰激凌付账,”这个孩子说。然后她从自己的包里掏出一块糖,递给了务员。 /201508/396150

  The Four Great Inventions(1)四大发明(1)During the Song Dynasty, the Chinese people further developed the making of the compass, paper, gunpowder, and the art of printing.宋朝时期,中国人进一步发展了指南针、造纸术、火药和印刷术。Together, they are called the four great inventions that China contributed to the world.这些被 称为“四大发明”,是中国对世界作出的贡献。As early as the Warring States period the magnetic force of magnetite was discovered, and a sort of instrument was made of magnetite to show directions.早在战国时期,人们就发现了磁力,并用磁石制造了一种仪器,用它来辨别方向。This was certainly the earliest compass in the world.这无疑是世界上最早的指南针。During the Han Dynasty, people made a spoon-like compass.汉朝时期,人们制造了一种形如勺子的指南针。A small spoon, made of magnetite, with a very smooth bottom, was placed on a square copper plate.这是一个磁石制的勺子,勺子底很平滑,置于一个四方形的铜盘上。The center of the plate was ground smooth to make it easy for the spoon to move.盘子中心很光滑,因此勺子可以很容易地转动。When the spoon, after it was turned, came to a stop, its handle would point to the south.勺子停止转动后,勺柄所指的方向就是南方。This form of compass was further improved during the Song Dynasty.这种指南针在宋朝时期得到了改进。People made iron needles and rubbed them on a piece of magnetite, so that they would become magnetic.人们制造了铁针,把这些铁针在一块磁石上擦,使它们具有磁性。Then one such needle was hung with a thin th, or put on something light that floated on the water in a bowl.然后将它们用一根细线吊起来,或是将它们置于一些 可以漂浮在一碗水上的轻物体。The latter was the compass that was first used in navigation.后来这种用法首先在航海中使用。China was the first country in the world to use the compass on sea-going ships.中国是第一个在海船上使用指南针的国家,Historical records show that in 1099 -1102 the compass was used on ships sailing to or from Guangzhou.据历史记载,在1099年到1102 年的几年间,中国人就在来往于广州的海船上使用了指南针。 /201508/394012


  心情不好的各种英语表达老美很喜欢用 hard 这个字在许多不同的场合. 例如你说他对我很凶, 这个凶就可以用 hard. 或是安慰人家不要太难过, 则可以用 no hard feelings. 等等很多很多用法. 像 hard 这种简单的单字老美都是整天挂在嘴边的. 所以有时候学英文不一定要背很多艰深的单字, 但一定要把这种很简单但却很实用的字用的很熟! 这是个人一点小小的心得. 跟大家分享一下.1. He was so hard on me last night. 他昨晚对我很凶. Hard 这个字在美国用的很多, hard 的意思就是说态度很差, 对某人很凶, 对某人很刻薄, 或是对人很严格都可以用这个字. 所以 He was so hard on me last night 简单地说就是他昨晚对我不好, 可能是对你发脾气, 或是对你态度很差. Hard 也可以指让你觉得很难去调适的状况. 例如考试没考好你可以说 I didn't do it well in the test. It's so hard for me. 要安慰别人的话, 可以说 No hard feelings. 就是说不要有这样的感觉, 不要把 hard feeling 放在心上. 例如我同学考试没考好, 我就可以安慰他. No hard feelings, I believe you are gonna ace it next time.2. I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 我跟我女友关系非常不好. Have a hard time with sb. 就是说和某个人的关系处的特别不好. 特别是形容情侣或是夫妻之间. 如果你听美国的广播节目, 就常有人 call in 进来说 I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 通常如果那天特别适合吵架的话, 一天之内就可以听到好几次.   Hard time 还有一个很常用的用法, 就是说做什么事会有困难. 比如说最近 Star War 要上演了, 你想去看首映, 那么别人可能就会警告你说, You will have a hard time getting a ticket. (你要买到票是很困难的) 又比方说你朋友作错事, 但他却一直不承认他自己有错. 那这时你就可以说, Why do you have such a hard time admitting it? 你要承认错误有那么困难吗? 3. You're getting on my nerves. 你惹毛我了.照字面上来看这句话就是你碰到我的神经了, 引申为让别人生气的意思. 比如说别人一直取笑你, 你不高兴就可以说 You get on my nerve. 这句话的意思跟 jump on my back 差不多. Jump on my back 就是说某人去惹到你了, 试想如果有一个人在你背上跳啊跳的, 那会是什么样的感觉? 所以凡是有人去惹到你, 你就可以警告他说, You are jumping on my back!4. Get off my back, I didn't sleep last night. 不要再烦我了, 我昨晚没睡耶! 这句话跟上一句刚好是一对. 比如说你一早去上班, 老板就说你这个不是, 那个不是, 工作为什么又没做完, 这句话就可以派上用场了! 你可以大声地跟老板说, Get off my back. I didn't sleep last night. 然后再来你就可以准备收拾东西走路了. 因为你老板可能会跟你说, Then get out of my face, I don't want to see you again. 5. Cut me some slack! Give me some slack! 放我一马吧. Slack 就是松懈的意思, 虽然我写的中文解释不太一样, 但其实这句话跟 Get off my back 是一模一样的. 这二句在电视肥皂剧常可以听到, 有一次 Full house 里的老爸被家里的聪明的小鬼整的受不了, 他就说 Cut me some slack. 放我一马吧. 6. Don't let your father down. 不要让你的父亲失望.Down 在英文的口语里面解释成心情不好, 心情低落, 或是觉得很失望. 例如有一首很有名的英文歌曲里就有这么一句, Please don't let me down. 请不要让我失望. Down 也有沮丧的意思在内. 跟 blue (忧郁) 这个字差不多, 所以下次当你看到别人心情不好, 不妨过去问一下, Why are you feeling down? 或是 Why are you feeling blue?请注意 Let down 和 turn down 虽然听来很类似, 但它们的意思却截然不同. Let down 是让人家失望的意思, 而 turn down 则是拒绝别人的邀请. 7. I don't give a shit I don't give a damn. 不屑一顾Shit 跟 damn 都是最不值钱的东西, 连 shit 跟 damn 都不给, 就是说根本不屑一顾. 比如说你知道有人在背后说你坏话, 你就可以这么说, I don't give a shit. 8. People have dirty looks on their faces. 人们的脸都很臭.有一次老美跟我说他来上学的时候路上塞车, 车上的人脸都很臭, 他就是说 People have dirty looks on their face. 我当时觉得很有趣, 因为 dirty 在这里并不是指脏的意思, 或是说长的难看, 而是说脸很臭的意思, 各位觉得呢?9. Tough luck, but shit happens. 真倒霉, 但还是发生了.车子开到一半爆胎了, 你可以说的就是这一句. Shit 是不雅的字, 但这个字可以用在很多让你很不爽的事上. 例如本句 shit happens 就是那种令人不爽的事发生了. 或是像我同学有一次就跟我说, I did shit in the test. 就是说他考的很烂很烂.Tough luck 就是说运气实在糟透了, 我还听过另外一个讲法, 叫 rotten luck. 烂透了的运气. 二个意思上差不多.10. I got the short end of the stick. 这实在是我所能遇到最糟的情况了.比如说你跟人作生意被人倒了, 老婆跟人跑了, 儿子又生病, 自己的钱包又被扒了. 那么你就可以说 I got the short end of the stick. 像是有一次我们去吃 pizza, 它是已经分好一块块的, 大家一哄而上, 结果剩下最后一块最小的上面又刚好没 topping 的 pizza, 那个还没拿的人就开玩笑地说了这一句: I got the short end of the stick. /200803/31606

  Tesla briefly removed the word “autopilot” from its Chinese language website over the weekend, only days after receiving complaints about the way it markets the semi-driverless technology to potential owners in the country.在因向中国潜在用户推销半无人驾驶技术的方式而收到投诉仅仅几天后,特斯拉(Tesla)曾于上周末把“Autopilot”一词从其中文网站上短暂撤下。The group reinstated the original text yesterday, after the change had been noticed and widely reported online.在这一更改引起人们的注意并在网上广泛报道之后,该集团昨天又加上了最初的Autopilot字眼。Tesla said it had been a “mistake” to remove the word “autopilot” for the system, which has been at the centre of controversy in the wake of an accident this year in which a Florida man using the feature died when his car crashed into a turning truck.特斯拉表示,不用“Autopilot”一词描述该系统是一种“错误”。今年,美国佛罗里达州一名男子在使用这一功能时,所驾车辆与一辆转向卡车相撞,导致这名男子死亡。在那之后,“Autopilot”这个措辞成为争议核心。Tesla blamed a “process of changing any discrepancies in translation” across its Asian language websites for the error. It said its translation process had been going on for “many weeks”, and was not a reaction to the recent criticism it faced from a driver in Beijing whose vehicle crashed while on Autopilot last month.特斯拉将上述网页错误归咎于“更正(其全部亚洲语言网站的)翻译差异的过程”。该公司表示其翻译进程已持续“多周”,并不是对近期所面临批评的回应。这一批评来自北京一位司机,上个月他的车在Autopilot模式下出了车祸。Luo Zhen, who was uninjured, claimed Tesla had mis-sold the technology to consumers, who believed they were buying “self-driving” cars. He said a salesman gave him a demonstration in which he took his hands off the wheel and described the car as “self-driving”.这位名叫罗震(Luo Zhen,音译)的司机在事故中并未受伤,他声称特斯拉错误地向消费者推销了这种技术。这些消费者相信他们买的是“自动驾驶”汽车。他说,一名销售人员曾向他展示过双手脱离方向盘驾车,并称该车“自动驾驶”。Tesla has insisted the system, which takes control of steering and braking when on motorways, is an assistance package, and claims it never refers to the technology as self-driving.特斯拉坚称这一在高速路上控制方向盘和刹车的系统是辅助功能,并声称从未称该技术是自动驾驶。The mix-up over the Chinese wording comes as the company strives to shift from being a California start-up to a major international car manufacturer. It runs several Asian-language websites in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as mainland China, and is targeting increased sales across Asia.这一在中文措辞上的混淆出现之际,该公司正竭力从加利福尼亚州一家初创企业转型为大型国际汽车制造商。该公司在日本、台湾、香港和中国内地运营着几个亚洲语言网站,并以提升在亚洲的销售额为目标。Tesla’s Chinese website used the phrase “zidong jiashi”, which literally translates as “autopilot” but can also mean “self-driving”, a phrase analysts say is ambiguous. This has been replaced with a phrase meaning “automatic assisted driving”.特斯拉中文网站曾用过“自动驾驶”一词,该词字面上既可以翻译为“autopilot”,也可以理解为“self-driving”。分析师表示该词含义模糊。目前,该词已被“自动辅助驾驶”代替。The group said it constantly updated translations, but insisted the move was “nothing to do with current events”.该集团表示其一直在更新网站的翻译,不过它坚称此举“与当前的事件无关”。The company uses the term “Autopilot”, the same phrase used for aircraft that literally fly themselves, all over the world. Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder, has defended the use of the technology, saying it makes roads safer. Tesla has said owners must keep their hands on the wheel and be y to take control at any time while using the system. Mr Luo said he was not fully informed of this.该公司使用的“Autopilot”一词,与世界各地描述飞机自动飞行状态所用的词汇相同。特斯拉创始人埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)曾为这种技术的使用辩护,称其提高了道路安全。特斯拉曾表示,在使用该系统时,车主必须把手放在方向盘上并随时准备接手控制。罗震则表示他并未被完全告知这一点。 /201608/461138


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