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广州市长安医院治疗不孕不育广州市哪里可以解扎手术最好The chemistry between Jack Ma, the hyperkinetic Chinese billionaire, and Michael Evans, whose friends tend to describe as “low key” and “Canadian”, is unlikely to be the main reason the two struck up a friendship 10 years ago.一个是精力旺盛的中国富豪马云(Jack Ma),一个是常被友人形容为“低调”和“加拿大人”的迈克尔埃文斯(Michael Evans),这二人之间的化学反应不太可能是他们十年前建立友谊的主要原因。Mr Evans, an Olympic gold medallist in rowing and a former Wall Street executive, was running Goldman Sachs’ Asia operations and the two met for one reason: money. Goldman co-ordinated the initial public offering of Alibaba.com, Mr Ma’s first publicly listed company, in Hong Kong.埃文斯是一名前华尔街高管,曾获得奥运会皮划艇项目的金牌,他在管理高盛(Goldman Sachs)亚洲业务时结识了马云,而促成他们相识的原因是——钱。当时高盛负责协调阿里巴巴网络(Alibaba.com)在香港的首次公开发行(IPO),这是马云的首家上市公司。Fast forward 10 years and this week Mr Evans, who stepped down from Goldman in 2014 after 21 years, was hired by Mr Ma to become Alibaba’s president in charge of its international operations.一晃十年过去。2014年,在高盛工作了21年的埃文斯宣布辞职,本周他被马云聘为阿里巴巴总裁,负责该集团国际业务。“We are turning to a proven international leader who has been connecting China and the rest of the world for most of his career,” said Mr Ma.马云表示:“我们将迎来一位久经考验的国际化领导者,他的大部分职业生涯都致力于将中国与世界其他地区连接起来。”Joining Goldman in 1993 and becoming partner in 1994, Mr Evans was originally brought to China in 2004 by Hank Paulson, the bank’s chief executive at the time and who went on to become Treasury secretary in 2006 and has maintained a keen interest in Sino-US relation.埃文斯于1993年加入高盛,1994年就成为合伙人。2004年,在高盛当时的首席执行官汉克保尔森(Hank Paulson)带领下,埃文斯第一次来到中国。保尔森于2006年成为美国财政部长,对中美关系一直保有浓厚的兴趣。In fact, Mr Evans is the second protégé of Mr Paulson’s to be snapped up by Alibaba — Jim Wilkinson, the group’s senior vice-president for corporate affairs was Mr Paulson’s chief of staff at the Treasury.事实上,埃文斯是保尔森被阿里巴巴挖走的第二个门生。阿里巴巴负责企业事务的资深副总裁吉姆威尔金森(Jim Wilkinson)曾是保尔森在财政部的幕僚长。Lucas van Praag, a former colleague at Goldman who now runs the public relations company Fitzroy Communications, says Mr Evans was a “classic Goldman person, very driven, very focused, very determined”.埃文斯的前高盛同事、现在运营着公关公司Fitzroy Communications的卢卡斯范普拉格(Lucas van Praag)说,埃文斯是一个“典型的高盛人,非常有干劲,非常专注,非常坚定。”But “if he wanted a new chapter in his business life, it wasn’t going to be at Goldman Sachs”, he adds.但是“如果他想开启商业生涯的新篇章,就不能在高盛”,他补充道。Based in Hong Kong from 2004, Mr Evans helped many of China’s biggest companies go public and became a key conduit to US capital markets for a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs.埃文斯从2004年起驻香港工作,帮助多家中国大企业上市,并成为中国新一代企业家进入美国资本市场的重要渠道。“Mike has deep experience with China and played an instrumental role in the first wave of landmark Chinese listings such as China Mobile and PetroChina,” says Fred Hu, chairman of investment firm Primavera Capital and a former Goldman economist in China.前高盛中国经济学家、投资公司春华资本(Primavera Capital)的主席胡祖六(Fred Hu)表示:“迈克尔有着丰富的对华经验,而且在中国移动(China Mobile)和中国石油(PetroChina)等中国企业里程碑式的首轮上市潮中发挥了重要作用。”When he returned to New York in 2011, Mr Evans was seen as a possible successor to Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s chief executive, when the company was still reeling from the financial crisis.2011年埃文斯返回纽约时,被视为高盛首席执行官劳埃德贝兰克梵(Lloyd Blankfein)的可能接班人,当时这家公司仍处于金融危机的影响中。“That’s not a perception that he fought to have people recognise, but he certainly didn’t dissuade people from thinking it,” says one former colleague. “Mike was there as a very strong potential heir apparent, to a throne that was not likely to be given up.”埃文斯的一位前任同事表示:“他并没有力求让人们认识到这种可能性,但他肯定也没有阻止人们这么想。当时迈克尔显然是一个非常强有力的可能继任者,但他要继承的是一个不太可能被放手的王位。”Mr Blankfein stayed on and Mr Evans eventually left at the end of 2013.贝兰克梵依然留任,而埃文斯最终在2013年底离开。“A number of people thought he’d have gone sooner,” says one former colleague.一位前同事表示:“很多人以为他会更早离开。”Mr Evans was almost immediately scoped by Alibaba for an independent board seat which he took up last September.埃文斯离开高盛后,阿里巴巴几乎立即向他提供了成为独立董事的机会,去年9月他接受了这一职位。In his new post, he will be the point man in persuading big US brands to open ecommerce stores on Alibaba platforms. He will also be charged with selling Alibaba to Wall Street as the stock price, which sailed to a high of 9 in November after listing at in September, dipped below this week.升任阿里巴巴总裁后,埃文斯将成为说美国大品牌在阿里巴巴平台上开设电商店铺的牵头人。他还将负责向华尔街兜售阿里巴巴的股票。本周阿里巴巴的股价跌破80美元,自去年9月以每股68美元的价格上市后,其股价在去年11月冲到过119美元高点。“He’s exactly what Alibaba needs,” says Mr Van Praag. “I cant imagine that he was hired for his ability to turn around the stock price, but I think that his understanding of what investors want and how they think about opportunities is probably critical.”范普拉格说:“他正是阿里巴巴需要的人才。我不觉得他之所以获得聘用,是因为他拥有扭转股价的能力。但我认为他知道投资者想要什么,以及他们对机会的看法,这一点可能才是关键。” /201508/392308东莞哪个医院做人工授精 Several factors have dogged the nascent wearable technology market. The lack of breakthrough innovation around batteries, for one, requiring wearers to plug in on-the-go gadgets more than they’d like. The lack of sophistication around tiny user interfaces is another, though that will no doubt improve over time.有几个因素一直困扰着依然处于襁褓期的可穿戴技术市场。比如,电池领域缺乏创新,导致用户只能随身带着充电宝之类的设备。此外,可穿戴设备的界面过于简单,尽管随着时间的推移,这方面无疑将获得改善。But a big one? The social factor. Beyond the geeks of Silicon Valley and elsewhere, it’s just not cool to wear a watch, glasses, or headset that’s as big as a hood ornament.还有一个大问题,即社交因素。除了硅谷等地的少数极客以外,很少有人觉得戴着一个像汽车徽标那么大的手表、眼镜或耳机之类的设备,是件很酷的事。That’s going to change, according to Juniper Research. The British market observer believes that the wearable technology market will grow to billion by 2020—and the key will be making the connected gadgets virtually indistinguishable from their disconnected peers.英国市场观察机构瞻研究公司声称,这种情况可能会发生变化。该公司认为,到2020年,可穿戴市场的价值将增长至800亿美元。关键在于如何让可穿戴设备和谐地融入人们的穿着,看起来不那么“显眼”。That means that Apple must be on to something as it continues to make atypical hires from the fashion and apparel world. Observers, includingFortune‘s own Philip Elmer-Dewitt, believe the new talent will help smooth the rough edges of a technology that’s as personal as a bracelet, watch, or ring. (So, apparently, does Google.) The best wearables, and the ones best positioned for profitability, may be those that allow their technology to completely recede into the background.由此可以发现,苹果公司不断从时尚和饰领域挖人的反常举动,必定是有所图的。包括《财富》记者菲利普o艾尔默o德怀特在内的许多观察人士都认为,新招募的时尚界人才将把智能手镯、手表、手环之类的私人物件打磨得更加精致(谷歌公司显然也在这样做)。最好且最有可能获利的可穿戴产品,可能就是那些能使它的技术完全融入到背景中的产品。Nevertheless, wearables will be a diverse growth market that’s not merely Internet-connected jewelry. Wearables that attach to the skin, such as MC10’s Biostamp, are also part of this category—though they’re in a “more embryonic state” and require a much larger shift in consumer habits than a smart watch, Juniper says.然而,可穿戴产品毕竟是一个多样化的增长市场,它的意义不仅是一件能上网的饰物。那种能够依附在皮肤上的产品,比如MC10公司开发的“生物印章”,也可归入这一类别,不过这种技术还处于“萌芽初期的状态”,和智能手表相比,它需要消费习惯的更大转变。Many technology companies—including Apple, ARM, Google, Intel, Lenovo-Motorola, LG, MC10, Microsoft, Omate, Qualcomm, Sony, and Withings, plus wearables-savvy design firms like Gadi Amit’s NewDealDesign and Yves Béhar’sFuseproject—are well-positioned to benefit from the boom. With the right features, consumers are, too.许多科技公司都准备从可穿戴潮流中获益,包括苹果、ARM、谷歌、英特尔、联想—托罗拉、LG、MC10、微软、Omate、高通、索尼、Withings,以及一些知名的可穿戴设备设计公司,比如加迪o阿米特的NewDealDesign和维斯o贝哈的Fuseproject公司。只要有了恰当的功能,消费者也会从中受益。 /201503/362738广州中山附属第三医院不孕专家

天河哪里人流好Apple has removed hundreds of apps from the iTunes App Store that secretly collected personal information from anyone who downloaded them.苹果公司已经从苹果商店中下架了上百个应用软件,这些应用都涉及秘密收集用户私人信息。Most of the 256 affected apps were made in China, but they were available worldwide on the app store and were downloaded 1 million times, according to app analytics service SourceDNA, which first discovered the problem.根据一款名叫SourceDNA的分析务应用软件提供的数据,这次下架的256个应用中大部分出自中国,但是他们在苹果商店中面向了全球,而且已经被下载了100万次。也正是这个软件第一个发现了这个窃取信息的问题。The apps#39; creators used a software development kit from a Chinese advertising company called Youmi, which allowed the developers to put ads in their apps. That#39;s kosher.这款应用的创始人使用了一款由名叫有米的中国广告公司提供的软件开发系统,这个软件让应用软件开发者可以在自己的应用里加入广告,这是可以的。But Youmi#39;s software gathered information about the people who downloaded the apps, including their email addresses and iPhone serial numbers -- sending all that data to Youmi#39;s servers. That skirted Apple#39;s strict privacy guidelines for app developers.但是有米的软件从下载了它的使用者哪里收集了信息,包括电子邮箱和电话序列号,并且将所有数据穿回给有米的务器。这种做法有悖于苹果公司对应用软件开发者严格的隐私保护要求。And the way Youmi designed the software hid that fact from the developers and Apple#39;s iTunes App Store gatekeepers.而且有米这个软件的设计方式将事实隐藏起来,使其不被使用它的软件开发者和苹果商店的守卫发现。SourceDNA did not say which apps were affected. The company told Apple about the problem on Sunday, and Apple removed the apps on Monday.SourceDNA 没有说那些应用软件受到影响。这家公司于周日向苹果公司举报了这件事,苹果公司在周一就移除了这些违规的应用软件。;This is a violation of our security and privacy guidelines,; Apple said in a statement. ;The apps using Youmi#39;s SDK will be removed from the App Store and any new apps submitted to the App Store using this SDK will be rejected.;“这是对我们的安保系统和隐私保护条例的一次攻击,”苹果公司公开表示,“使用了有米的SDK的应用软件都将会被从苹果商店里清除,而且所有申请在苹果商店上架的应用如果使用这个SDK也将会被拒绝。”Anyone who aly downloaded the apps will still be able to use them but the apps won#39;t be updated.任何已经下载了这些应用的用户还能够继续使用,但是这些应用将不能再上传数据了。The data collection does not appear to be the developers#39; fault, since Youmi was disguising the fact that its software was sending that data to its servers. Apple said it is working with the app developers to update their apps, ensuring they are safe for customers and in compliance with the app store#39;s guidelines. The apps are banned from the store until they are fixed.收集信息并不是软件开发者的失误,因为是有米在隐瞒事实,这些被窃取的数据实际上都是传回到了它自己的务器里。苹果公司表示他们正在和应用软件的开发者一起解决问题,重新上载这些应用,保它们现在对消费者是安全的并且完全遵守苹果商店的规定的。被禁止使用的应用在修护好了之后仍然可以重新回到商店。This is the third big lapse in Apple#39;s typically tight app store security in the past month.这是上个月苹果公司一直严苛的苹果商店安全系统的第三次大漏洞。Last week, Apple banned a group of apps that were able to peek into encrypted communications between the iPhones they were installed on and the servers the phones communicated with.上周,苹果公司又叫停了一组偷窥苹果用户之间加密的聊天内容的应用软件,安装了这些软件的电话和与这部电话有信息交流的务器都遭到了偷窥。上周,苹果公司又叫停了一组偷窥苹果用户之间加密的聊天内容的应用软件,安装了这些软件的电话和与这部电话有信息交流的务器都遭到了偷窥。In late September, the app store suffered a major attack, forcing Apple to remove dozens of popular apps that had been infected by malware. The malicious apps were capable of duping customers into giving up their iCloud passwords and opening dangerous websites.九月底,苹果公司遭到了一次大型攻击,导致苹果不得不移除几十个受到恶意软件攻击的热门应用。这些恶意软件可以骗用户说出他们的苹果云秘密,或者打开危险的网页。 /201510/405132广州长安医院人工受精 Volvo is bringing Made in China to American drivers. The Swedish carmaker plans to export a roomy, long wheelbase version of its S60 saloon to the US from Chengdu in China, where it operates a factory with its owner and Chinese joint-venture partner Geely.沃尔沃(Volvo)正在将“中国制造”的汽车送到美国司机的手中。这家瑞典汽车制造商计划从中国成都向美国出口一款内部较宽敞、轴距较长版本的S60轿车。目前,沃尔沃在成都与它的母公司兼中国合资伙伴吉利(Geely)运营着一家汽车制造厂。The vehicle, called the S60L, marks a possible turning point for the motor industry, as a mainstream carmaker pilots the long-awaited introduction of Chinese vehicles in the US, the world’s second-biggest auto market — albeit with a European badge.这款名为S60L的汽车可能标志着汽车业的转折点,它标志着一家主流汽车制造商开始试行一个备受期待的计划:向美国引进中国制造的汽车——尽管这款汽车仍顶着欧洲的徽标。目前,美国是全球第二大汽车市场。“It’s something that’s unique and we’re very proud to be the first,” says Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, speaking at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.在底特律北美国际汽车展(North American International Auto Show)上发言时,沃尔沃首席执行官哈坎#8226;萨缪尔森(Hakan Samuelsson)表示:“这是十分独特的经历。让我们非常自豪的是:我们是第一个这样做的人。”China’s car manufacturers have so far failed to make a dent in the global auto market, despite the fact that it is now more than three decades since Volkswagen set up one of the country’s first big joint ventures. For example, BYD, the electric carmaker backed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, had planned to introduce China-made vehicles in the US in 2010, but the plans fizzled out.自大众(Volkswagen)在中国创办首个大型合资企业以来,时间已过去了逾30年。然而到目前为止,中国汽车制造商仍未对全球汽车市场产生很大影响。比如,曾获亿万富翁沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)投资的电动汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD),曾计划在2010年向美国引进中国制造的汽车,结果却不了了之。Volvo began production of the S60L at the Chengdu plant in 2013, and has capacity to make 120,000 vehicles each year.沃尔沃于2013年开始在成都的工厂生产S60L,其产能为每年12万辆。The question is whether US consumers are y for vehicles made in China, which lacks a strong reputation in carmaking despite it being the world’s biggest producer of manufactured goods and boasting industrial prowess in areas from consumer technology to textiles.现在的问题在于,美国消费者是否为接受中国制造汽车做好了准备。毕竟,虽然中国是全球最大的制造品生产国,在包括消费高科技产品和纺织品在内的领域,中国也以强大的工业实力而自豪,但是中国在汽车制造领域的名声并不是十分响亮。“This is something the industry is going to watch very closely,” says Stephanie Brinley, analyst at IHS Automotive. “We want to understand how consumers feel and are going to react, but right now we just don’t know.”思迈汽车信息咨询公司(IHS Automotive)分析师斯蒂芬妮#8226;布林利(Stephanie Brinley)表示:“汽车业对此将极为关注。我们很想了解消费者的感受,并了解他们将会如何回应,然而目前我们还对此一无所知。”Volvo says it is simply making best use of the global manufacturing footprint offered by Geely. It stresses the factory equipment, training and employee qualifications are the same whether in Gothenburg or Chengdu.沃尔沃表示,该公司所做的只是充分利用了吉利提供的全球生产基地。该公司强调,不论是在哥德堡还是在成都,工厂设备、人员培训以及员工素质都是完全一样的。“We are not talking about exporting a Chinese car,” says Mr Samuelsson. “It’s a Volvo. Nobody has said the S60 [made in Genk] is a Belgian car. We know the quality is absolutely the same, if not better.”萨缪尔森表示:“我们在讨论的并不是出口中国轿车。我们出口的是沃尔沃。没人会说在根克(Genk)市生产的S60是比利时轿车。我们知道的是,这些产品的品质就算不能说是更好,也得说是完全一样。”“In the end you have to be a bit humble and accept that the customers are the ones deciding.”“归根结底,大家还是应该谦卑一点,让顾客来做决定。”Honda sells its Chinese-made Fit car in Canada. But for some US consumers, the Volvo S60L will trigger some uncomfortable associations, according to analysts.本田(Honda)也在加拿大销售中国制造的飞度(Fit)轿车。不过,按照分析师的说法,沃尔沃S60L会让美国消费者产生不好的联想。“Many Chinese cars are not y for American primetime, as we’ve seen some very subpar Chinese vehicles displayed at American auto shows,” says Michelle Krebs, analyst for Autotrader.com. But she adds that very few US consumers know — or care — where their cars are made.Autotrader.com网站分析师米歇尔#8226;克雷布斯(Michelle Krebs)表示:“许多中国汽车都没有做好走入美国‘黄金档’的准备,尽管我们曾在美国车展上看到过一些十分低档的中国汽车。”不过,她补充说,美国消费者极少有人了解或关心汽车的产地。Volvo’s S60L, which has sold to about 25,000 customers in China since launch, forms part of the company’s wider plan to resurrect its fortunes in the US.自推出以来,沃尔沃S60L轿车已在中国出售了2.5万辆,该款车型是沃尔沃在美国打翻身仗的更大计划的一部分。Volvo this month reported record sales of 466,000 vehicles for 2014, thanks to strong growth in the Chinese market, the world’s largest by sales.由于在中国市场的强劲增长,沃尔沃这个月录得2014年销售46.6万辆的创纪录销量。目前,中国是全球汽车销量最大的市场。But the US, once Volvo’s biggest market, has been a problem and is now just 12 per cent of sales. The company sold 56,000 vehicles in the US last year, down 8 per cent on 2013.不过,曾一度是其最大市场的美国对沃尔沃来说却是个问题。如今,在沃尔沃销量中美国市场所占的比例只有12%。去年,该公司在美国的销量是5.6万辆,比2013年下降8%。“Our programme narrowed, so we concentrated on too few cars,” says Mr Samuelsson. “We have to reverse that.”萨缪尔森表示:“我们收窄了产品计划,专注生产的非常少的几类轿车。我们必须改变这种状况。”Volvo has put in place a new management team in the US and ramped up its marketing activities in the country.目前,沃尔沃已经在美国配置了新的管理团队,并加大了在美国的营销力度。Initial volume expectations by Volvo for the S60L in the US are low — about 1,500 a year. More important will be the XC90, a sport utility vehicle, and a new S60 saloon, being launched in Detroit.沃尔沃对S60L在美销量的初步预期很低,只有大约每年1500辆。对沃尔沃来说,更重要的车型将会是XC90这款运动型多功能车(SUV),以及在底特律推出的新款S60轿车。Mr Samuelsson wants to get the company selling 100,000 vehicles in North America by broadening its product range, part of a plan to reach 800,000 in global sales over the medium term. “We need to grow here faster and this [S60L] is a piece in that puzzle,” he says.萨缪尔森希望,通过增加产品种类,能让沃尔沃在北美的销量达到10万辆,从而实现在中期内达到全球销售80万辆的计划。他说:“我们需要在北美市场的快速增长,这款(S60L)车型就是这一完整拼图中的一块。”But the importance of the S60L stretches beyond its volumes.不过,S60L的重要性不止是在销量方面。Mr Samuelsson says the car could be followed by other Volvo models made in China for export. Analysts say rival manufacturers may replicate Volvo’s move, including Buick, the General Motors brand that builds its Envision crossover SUV in China’s Shandong province for the Chinese market.萨缪尔森表示,在S60L之后,沃尔沃还会出口其他在华生产的车型。分析人士表示,包括别克(Buick)在内的沃尔沃对手可能会采取与沃尔沃同样的举措。别克是通用汽车(General Motors)旗下品牌,它在中国的山东省针对中国市场生产昂科威(Envision)跨界车。 /201501/354150广州市第一人民医院体检多少钱

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