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巴勒斯坦西部城市,滨临地中海。始建于腓尼基时期,罗马帝国统治时期为巴勒斯坦 最重要的港口,并曾为首府。存有当时港市的遗迹如城墙、防波堤、剧场等。1940年成为犹太人居民点。现为一海滨休养地,建有旅馆、别墅、剧场、高尔夫球场等。07/77571Girl, 9, drives into cop car A 9-year-old girl took her grandmother's car and led police on a chase at speeds over 90 mph. WKRN's Teresa Weakley reports.This taken at 3:30 a.m. shows the nine-year-old girl that led police on a chase from Bell Road in Antioch down I-24 to Smyrna. You can see her alert and pointing around and awe of what's going on around her. Police say her grandmother called to report her missing and that her car keys were also missing."The girl we found out had actually taken the grandmother's Ford Focus."The grandmother also told the police that her granddaughter has autism."You know it's kind of gut-wrenching, because we want her to stop, and I think if she knows what's right and wrong, we know she would stop."Six minutes after the call came in, the police spotted the young girl on Bell Road. Police chased and then followed the young girl until she finally stopped in the middle of the Interstate."She'd actually stay stopped, the police car had aly been put in park miles she was exiting. She put it, she floored the vehicle and she struck the passenger car, the patrol car."This girl's family says that they had no idea that she even knew how to operate the vehicle, they were taken by complete surprise when all of this happened. She is now back at home safe with her family. And police say she will not be charged with anything.09/83967After months of awkward shores,theyre going home.The young albatross fledglings left behind days ago.Rave their engines on their nests, testing a forced wings and hauling wings that will power them around the world. Its time to fly or die.For Johnny rook,the casualties are merely a last chance to feast.Soon,there will be little but scapes left to sustain him to a brutal winter.The last fledglings now are making a leaper faith.Once on the wing, they may not come to shore for a decade,and then only to breed.From now on, theyre migrants.Circling the sullen world ,waded to the brillant skies and sleeping a solely bounds of earth.几个月的尴尬海岸飞行后,他们回家了。年轻的信天翁数天前被留在后面。他们在窝里进行训练,检验将带他们环游世界各地的强有力的翅膀。是时候要么飞行要么死亡。对于约翰鸭来说,伤者只是盛宴的最后一个机会。在不久的将来,将会有一点来维持他度过这个严冬。现在羽翼未丰的幼鸟正在使自己充满信心。一次飞翔中,他们不仅来到海岸,而且来这里繁殖。从现在起,他们就是移民。环绕着郁郁寡欢的世界,在天空下跋山涉水,在地上孤独一人。165850Hilton Humanitarian Prize Of .5 Million Goes To Bangladeshi NGO孟加拉国非政府组织荣获人道奖The world's biggest humanitarian prize has been awarded to BRAC, the largest non-profit organization in the developing world. The 2008 Hilton Humanitarian Prize of .5 million honors BRAC, a Bangladeshi-based NGO, for its achievements in helping to eradicate poverty in nine Asian and African countries.世界最大的人道主义奖颁给了孟加拉农村发展委员会(BRAC)这个发展中国家最大的非营利组织。2008年希尔顿人道主义奖的150万美元奖金颁给了孟加拉农村发展委员会这个总部设在孟加拉的非政府组织,因为孟加拉农村发展委员会在协助亚洲和非洲9个国家消除贫穷方面取得成就。Founder of BRAC, Fazle Hasan Abed, said he is particularly honored to receive the Hilton Humanitarian Prize on the International Day to Eradicate Poverty, a day to remember the billions of people living in extreme poverty. He said he and his organization have worked for 36 years for the alleviation of poverty.孟加拉农村发展委员会的创建人阿贝德表示,他觉得特别荣幸能在国际消除贫困日这一天获得希尔顿人道主义奖。国际消除贫困日是要提醒我们记得几十亿生活在极度贫困中的人。他说,他和他的组织已经努力工作了36年来缓解贫穷。He said BRAC, which was launched in Bangladesh in 1972, now reaches more than 110 million people in nine Asian and African countries with its holistic approach toward development.他说,孟加拉农村发展委员会1972年在孟加拉成立,现在以全面性发展计划向亚洲和非洲9个国家里1亿1千万人民伸出援手。He said BRAC will use the .5 million prize money to help poor people in southern Sudan.他说,孟加拉农村发展委员会将把这150万美元的奖金用来协助苏丹南部的穷人。"After 20 years of conflict in southern Sudan, the Sudanese peace, fragile peace is still holding and people have come back to their villages," he said. "We are now trying to organize them in providing them health care and education and micro-finance, particularly poor people having no access to education or health care. We are trying to provide that." 他说:“苏丹南部经历了20年的冲突,苏丹的和平是很脆弱的,而且仍然没有落实,苏丹人民已经返回他们自己的村落。我们现在将他们组织起来,尤其是对那些没有能力获得教育和医疗照顾的穷人,试图向他们提供医疗照顾、教育和小额信贷。我们正在试图提供这些务。”BRAC won out over more than 225 nominees. A member of the prominent panel of international jurors, Princess Salimah Aga Khan, said it was a challenge to select an organization that has accomplished something unique in the humanitarian field.孟加拉农村发展委员会从225个被提名的组织中胜出。国际评审小组的著名成员--萨丽麦公主表示,选出一个在人道主义领域完成独特成就的组织是很具有挑战性的。"BRAC filled so many areas of excellence. It would be hard to find another organization that has accomplished so much, in so many areas," she said. "Literally millions, 110 million people have been helped out of poverty. I, and the other jurors, were especially moved by the organization's emphasis on women. BRAC sees women as change agents, not for their families, but for their communities as a whole." 她说:“孟加拉农村发展委员会在这么多领域取得了杰出的成就。要找到另外一个在同样多领域拥有同样多成就的组织是很困难的。1亿1千万人接受帮助脱离了贫穷。我和其他评审人员对这个组织把重点放在妇身上尤其觉得感动。孟加拉农村发展委员会将妇女视为改变的动力,这不是指她们改变家庭,而是指她们改变了整个社区面貌。”Today, BRAC's programs reach three quarters of Bangladesh's population of 153 million people through the efforts of more than 110,000 micro-finance officers, teachers, health staff and enterprise managers.今天,在超过11万名的小额信贷职员、教师、医疗团队和企业经营者的努力下,孟加拉农村发展委员会的计划向孟加拉1亿5千3百万人口的四分之三伸出援手。In recent years, BRAC has expanded its programs globally and now has operations in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, southern Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone.在最近几年中,孟加拉农村发展委员会已将计划向全球扩展,现在还在阿富汗、斯里兰卡、巴基斯坦、坦桑尼亚、乌干达、南部苏丹、利比里亚、塞拉利昂等国家运作。200810/53167Street parties街道聚会 Party like it's 1981聚会就像回到了1981年Hanging out the bunting for William and Kate 为威廉和凯特悬挂旗That was then 那是当时的情形“PRINCELY marriage is a brilliant edition of a universal fact” that “rivets mankind”, observed Walter Bagehot, a Victorian editor of The Economist. It is also a good excuse for a knees-up; specifically, according to a national tradition dating to the “peace teas” held to celebrate the Versailles treaty in 1919, for decking residential streets with Union flags and setting up makeshift tables in the road. Despite some naysaying predictions to the contrary, the tradition will be honoured on April 29th, when Prince William marries Kate Middleton: the Local Government Association says party organisers have submitted over 2,000 requests for road closures.经济学人维多利亚版主编Walter Bagehot 说,王子的婚礼是“吸引人类”的普遍事实中的一个辉煌版。这也是举办一场活跃聚会的好理由,尤其是按照国家传统,可追溯至为庆祝1919年凡尔赛条约签订的“和平茶”,人们用欧盟旗装饰住宅街道并临时在道路上放置桌子。尽管有相反的否认预测,该传统都会在每年4月29日举行,当威廉王子娶了凯特米德尔顿:地方政府协会表示,聚会组织者已经提交超过2,000封要求封锁道路的要求。 Communal street parties reflect the fuzzy political fad of the “Big Society”, David Cameron’s term for the local civic activity that he desperately wants to cultivate. To help jolly people along, the day has been designated a one-off bank holiday; local councils have simplified the licensing process for celebratory events; some government departments have used Twitter to encourage participation. Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha are hosting an exemplary party in Downing Street, having applied to close their aly inaccessible road.社区街道聚会反映了“大社会”(大卫卡梅隆用于极度要求培养地方公民活动的说法)的模糊的政治风潮。为了帮助人们快乐起来,该日被指定为一次性的长假,地方议会简化了庆祝活动的许可程序,有些政府部门使用Twitter来鼓励参与。 卡梅伦和他的妻子萨曼莎是在唐宁街举办了盛大的聚会,申请封锁已经无法通行的街道。Yet since William’s parents, Charles and Diana, married in 1981, the country’s streets have become markedly more fragmented. A report last year by Co-operatives UK, a trade body for co-operative businesses, compared polling data from 2010 with a survey conducted in 1982 and concluded that, judging by how well people know others in their street and how often they interact, Britons are “less than half’ as neighbourly as they were 30 years ago. Many of next month’s revellers will be introducing themselves as they put up the bunting.然而,自从威廉的父母——查尔斯和黛安娜在1981年结婚之时,该国的街道已明显变得更加分散。 英国合作社(一合作企业贸易机构)将2010年的投票数据与1982年的一项调查进行了对比,结果得出的结论是,根据人们在街道上与他人认识程度与互动的频繁度,英国人与邻里的关系还不如30年前的“一半”。下个月许多狂欢中在举起旗之时将会自我介绍。Then there are the evolving attitudes to monarchy. The proportion of Britons who want to abolish the monarch has hovered around 30% for decades, but indifference and ridicule have risen. Chris Gittins of Streets Alive, which provides advice on parties, recommends that, given the mix of attitudes likely to be found on most streets, organisers should consider branding their shindigs as ecumenically as possible.那时对于君主制会有变化的态度。想要废除君主制的人群比例近几十年来一直徘徊在30%左右,但漠视和嘲笑的人数却增加了。Alive街道的Chris Gittins提供了聚会意见,他建议大部分街道可能会有不同的态度,组织者应当考虑尽可能普遍的将狂欢搞的刻骨铭心。The self-explanatory lobby group Republic is offering to console some of the most monarchy-allergic. Membership has risen sharply, to around 14,000, since William’s engagement was announced, says Graham Smith, its campaign manager, echoing the surge in interest in its Swedish equivalent in the run-up to the marriage of Crown Princess Victoria in 2010. Republic has been granted permission to close Earlham Street, a cobbled road in Covent Garden, to host a “Not the Royal Wedding” party, “celebrating democracy and people-power rather than inherited privilege”.明显的游说团体为一些最讨厌君主制的人提供了一些安慰,自从威廉订婚的消息被宣布以后,格雷厄姆史密斯说,会员人数急剧上升,达到约14,000人。相当于2010年瑞士维多利亚公主的婚礼一样,人们洋溢着兴趣。这个共和国认为封锁阿勒姆街(考文特花园的一条鹅卵石路)来举办“非皇家婚礼”聚会——庆祝民主和人们权利而不是继承的特权,是理所应当被批准。201105/134581

BanyanThe great wave滔天巨浪A look at how Japan views the sea—and itself日本之自身观amp;海洋观解读Jun 2nd 2011 | from the print editionAT AROUND the age of 70, Katsushika Hokusai, still bounding with artistic energy, created “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji”, a series of ukiyo-e, or woodblock prints. His most famous, since reproduced on everything from Tintin books to tea cups, is “Beneath the Wave off Kanagawa”, painted around 1830.葛饰北斋70岁上下之时,艺术细胞仍然丝毫未减,创作了《富士三十六景》系列浮世绘(也叫做木板水印画)。而他最有名的作品莫过于1830年左右创作的《巨浪下的神户川》了,从丁丁书到茶杯上都可见这部巨作的影子。Most Westerners, when viewing it, focus on the wave itself, which towers over Mount Fuji in a show of almost implacable force, all the more terrifying considering the three fragile boats under it. Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, wrote in “A History of the World in 100 Objects” that the picture reflected frightened fishermen and an insecure, cloistered Japan about to be forced by American gunboats into the modern world. But Japanese art critics differ—and they have a point. In the picture the boatmen look more serene than fearful, as their vessels slice through the waves. Their stillness in the face of danger is all the more poignant in Japan, as they have a job to do. They are racing to deliver fresh fish to market, and yet they remain, as far as many Japanese see it, in delicate balance with nature.面对这幅画,大多数西方人关注的都是浪花本身,巨大的浪花高高地盖过富士山脉,显示出近乎无法抵挡的威力,再想想三艘岌岌可危的小船还摇曳在巨浪下,那就更加令人心惊胆战了。大英物馆主任麦克格瑞格在“100物件看世界历史”中如是写道:这幅画展现了在美国炮舰的逼迫下,受到惊吓的日本渔民连同有失稳固而又与世隔绝的日本国一起被迫走向现代化。但是日本艺术家对此提出了不同的看法,他们也有自己的道理。图画中,小船在巨浪中摇曳之时,渔民表现出的平静大于恐慌。因为还有工作要做,所以面对危险,渔民沉着冷静,而这一情况出现在日本就更是令人心酸了。渔民们争先恐后地将鲜鱼运到市场,而在许多日本人看来,渔民一直与自然保持着微妙的平衡。201106/139640

Ok, so we called Steve Jobs a guru a few times aly.Lets think about that.好的,我们有时会称史蒂夫;乔布斯为大师。让我们谈谈。People can definitely go overboard about their enthusiasm for the man and his company.对于这个男人及他的公司,人们热情似火,毫不保留挥洒自己的。And I admit I am partly guilty of that. But that was also part of Steve Jobsgrand plan.我承认自己有点偏激。但这也是史蒂夫;乔布斯计划的一部分。Over the years, he creates a self-contained ego system with the device, with the portable into the universe as the budget membership.在过去的几年中,他运用这一设备创造了自我独立的系统,只要进入这个便携的世界,你就无法自拔。And the king of that universe was Jobs himself, equal parts CEO and rock star.而乔布斯本人则是宇宙之王,身兼首席执行官及摇滚明星。The devices, the company, the man himself, the corporate world has never seen anything like it. And maybe never will again.这些设备,公司及这个人,企业世界从未见过这样的事。也许永远也不会了。All that it likes the Holy Grail.这有这些就像圣杯一样。Yes.是的。To me, a brand is one simple thing. And that is, trust.对我来说,一个国际品牌就只有一件简单的事。那就是长此以往的信任。词语解释:1. guru n. 宗师2. universe n. 宇宙163925

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