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Bruce Lee 'Lost' Interviewan unedited 25 minute interview with Bruce Lee (1940-1973) on the Pierre Berton Show. Recorded on 9th December 1971 in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee ... all raquo; is seen being himself, speaking candidly and informally about his life, his martial art beliefs and philosophy. Through the programme Bruce's supreme confidence, charisma and focus provide a tremendous insight into the young Bruce Lee - the man behind the legend.Bruce Lee: …if you have another to the extreme, you'll become, all of a sudden, a mechanical man, no longer a human being. So (you) it is a successful combination of both, so therefore, it is not only, I mean, so therefore, it's not pure naturalness, or unnaturalness. The ideal is unnatural naturalness, or natural unnaturalness.Pierre Berton: yin yang, eh?Bruce Lee: right man, that's it.Pierre Berton: uh, one of your students, James Coburn, played in a movie called Our Man Flint, in which he used karate. Was that what he learned from you?Bruce Lee: Um, he learned it after the film. Not...Pierre Berton: he went the, after he played in Our Man Flint.Bruce Lee: Right, right. You see, actually, I do not teach, you know, karate, because I do not believe in styles anymore. I mean I do not believe that there is such thing as, like, Chinese way of fighting or the Japanese way of fighting, or whatever way of fighting, because unless human being have three arms and four legs, we will have a different form of fighting. But, basically, we have only two hands and two feet. So styles tends to, uh, uh, uh, not only separate man, you know, because they have their own doctrines and then the doctrine became the gospel truth you know, that you cannot change, you know, and, but if you do not have styles, if you just say, "well, here I am, you know, as a human being, how can I express myself totally and completely?" now, that way, you won't create a style because style is a crystallization, you know, I mean, that way is a process of continuing growth.Pierre Berton: You talk about Chinese boxing....how does it defer, from, say, our kind of boxing?Bruce Lee: well, first we use the feet.Pierre Berton: uh-huh, that's a start.Bruce Lee: and then we use the elbow, and…Pierre Berton: you use the thumb too.Bruce Lee: you name it man, we use it!Pierre Berton: you use it all?Bruce Lee: you have to, you see, because I mean, that is the expression of the human body. I mean, the, everything, I mean, you know, not just the hand! And when you are talking about combat, well, I mean, if, if it is a sport now, now you talk about something else, you have regulations, you have rules, but when you're talking about fighting as it is…Pierre Berton: thorough, a real fighting. Bruce Lee: with no rules, well then, baby, you'd better train every part of your body! And when you do punch, now I'm leaning forward a little bit hoping not to hurt any camera angle, I mean you gotta put the whole hit into it, and snap it! And get all your energy in there and make this into a weapon.Pierre Berton: I don't want to tangle with you on any dark night, I'll tell you that right now! You came up to me pretty fast there! What…02/62499。

  • More than 100 villagers from rural Cambodia were detained briefly by the authorities in Phnom Penh after handing out leaflets detailing how government land concessions are affecting their lives.柬埔寨农村地区的100多位村民在散发有关政府出让土地对他们生活造成的影响的传单后,被金边当局短暂拘押。Early Thursday, about 120 villagers gathered to pray at a Buddhist shrine on the riverfront in Phnom Penh.星期四早上,大约120名村民聚集在首都金边河边的一个佛教寺庙里祈祷。Many were dressed in outfits designed to evoke a Cambodian version of the hit film "Avatar," which depicts the struggle of an alien race battling to save their forest from commercial exploitation. Protesters had green painted faces, green shirts and wore a green leaf as a hat.许多村民装扮成热门电影《阿凡达》中的形像。这部电影讲述的是潘多拉星球的纳美人为保护他们的森林免被商业开发而与地球人对抗的故事。柬埔寨的这些抗议者们用绿色涂料涂在脸上,身着绿色衣,头戴树叶做成的帽子。Raising awareness of deforestationThey said they had come to the capital to let the public know of the troubles they face in rural areas where huge tracts of forest have been leased to domestic and foreign businesses.他们说,他们来到首都是要让公众了解他们在农村地区面临的困境,那里的大片森林已经租给了国内和外国的企业。Villager Kao Chart, who traveled from the northeastern province Kratie, said the forests are being cleared and people like him are losing their livelihoods. He said 20 people came from his area, and are praying to the Buddha for help. He also said taking care of the environment is a priority.来自东北部桔井省的村民考·查特说,森林正在消失,像他这样的人正失去生计。他说,有20个人来自他那个地区,他们向佛祷告祈求帮助。他说,保护生态环境是首要任务。201108/150254。
  • "No English, no job" for some Japanese office workersIn a bid to plug dwindling domestic consumption by tapping into overseas markets, some of Japan's big-name retailers are telling their employees to start speaking English -- or find another job.As Japan's population shrinks, the country's retailers are increasingly looking to boost sales by expanding abroad and some firms are waking up to the necessity of being able to speak the global language of business in order to succeed overseas.Rakuten, Japan's biggest online retailer, plans to make English the firm's official language, while Fast Retailing, operator of the Uniqlo apparel chain, wants to make English more common in its offices by 2012 and plans to test its employees for proficiency."It's about stopping being a Japanese company. We will become a world company," Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani said last week at a news conference in Tokyo -- conducted almost entirely in English.Employees at Rakuten, which hopes overseas sales will eventually account for 70 percent of all transactions made through its websites, will need to master English by 2012 to avoid facing the sack."No English, no job," Mikitani told the Asahi newspaper.Other high-profile Japanese companies, including automakers Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor, have announced moves to make the use of English more common in the workplace.Some experts say the switch to English is healthy but just one of the changes companies need to make to go global."What's interesting is that these companies really stand out as pioneers," Jeff Kingston, director of Asian Studies at Temple University's Japan campus."They have a relatively new outlook. They realize that Japan is going to need to strike into foreign markets given the dormant state of its economy," he said.Vocabulary:plug: to fill a hole with a substance or piece of material that fits tightly into it 堵塞;封堵dwindle: to become gradually less or smaller (逐渐)减少,变小,缩小tap into: 打入(市场),开拓生意wake up to: become aware of 意识到;认识到apparel: clothing, when it is being sold in shops/stores (商店出售的)衣,装proficiency: skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity 精通;熟练get the sack: 被解雇;被开除dormant: not active or growing now but able to become active or to grow in the future 休眠的;蛰伏的;暂停活动的背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108875。
  • The MySpace Effect MySpace和其母公司之间的相互影响 News Corp. COO, Peter Chernin, discusses how MySpace has influenced its parent company's business model, and vice-versa.Is there a Myspace effect when you are a big so-called established Media Company? Can you point at things at Myspace, that you are doing differently throughout news corp that you weren't doing before myspace, or vice versa, is there a news corp. effect at a, what was strictly, what it was, essentially internet start-up? Yeah, I think there is clearly an effect on both sides of the company. you know, I’m not sure that it’s not subtle in some ways. but I think that if you look at, i will give you an example of the myspace effect on news corp. which is a lot of people, you know, wrote about Hulu upfront and wrote about,you know,when we were getting y to start Hulu which is an idea that ultimately we came up with, with N and everyone sort of talk about big media, talk about clown co., which is my particular favorite. but, you know, if we did anything right at Hulu, and I think we did a lot of things, it’s we were relentlessly focused on the audiences and focused on the user experience and we never got caught up in we were a big media company we had to protect this and we have these rules or that. Every decision we made, we made through the lens of What's gonna enhance the user experience, what's gonna make this better for the user. and I think that very much came from, from having managed Myspace. You know, I think, if you cut it two years earlier, everybody was writing that, you know, we were gonna "foxify" Myspace and we were gonna change it and we were gonna do this. And i think one of the things we learn very quickly in Myspace was,it frankly wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t our property, it was the users' property, it was something they control,it was their content, and we were only as good as our ability to give them tools and to give them access to things that interested them, but to the degree we started ever pushing things down on them, we figured out pretty quickly that that was gonna be a disaster. and I think that focus on the user and that focus on we are only as good as how users perceived us was very instrumental in making us do a lot of things right at Hulu. And I think that sort of effect goes throughout a lot of things. I think if you look at how we think about all sorts of digital iterations in the company. I think we’ve done a reasonably good job of looking out through the lens of user experience. Right.I think… I suppose~ Myspace is very helpful. Conversely, I think, you know, has news corp. helped MySpace? I think absolutely, you know I think that / it's been giving some operating discipline and I think it's certainly been giving a lot of cash which never hurts, you know, for you to try to build up. Well, I was gonna to say the decision to create a Hulu versus put whatever bad investments into fox.com etc, / , which I’m sure, you know, you must have had people internally who would have preferred that you've done at the time, I’m guessing that was, you know, a view that you might not have had if you hadn’t done Myspace and some/ those other. Look I ,I was, I was never particularly interested in doing it through fox.com because I think if you think about you know, what users needed, what users needed / first and foremost is aggregation. You know if you think about who, when you are a user and the first question you had to do is go now, was that a comedy central television show or a Fox show, or did N produce it for Fox? And I’ve got to go to 37 different websites we believe very clearly that aggregation was a tremendous benefit to users.参考中文翻译:新闻集团的Peter Chernin探讨了MySpace对其母公司商业模式的影响,以及对本身的影响。你们是如此强大的媒体集团,MySpace对你们有什么影响呢?你可否列举出一些在收购MySpace前后新闻集团有什么不同,或者,反之,开始互联网产业之后新闻集团对MySpace有什么影响呢?是的,我认为对公司双方都有明显的影响。你知道,我不确定是不是在某些方面的影响比较微弱。但是,我可以给你举例说明MySpace怎样影响新闻集团的。当我们和N合作推出Hulu视频网站时,很多人写了关于Hulu的文章,谈论大的媒体集团,谈论我最喜欢的clown co.。但是,你知道,如果我们在Hulu网站方面做了什么正确的事情,而且我们也已经做了很多,那就是我们始终无怨无悔的以观众为中心,始终考虑用户的经历,我们从来都没有被“我们是大媒体,应该保这一点”的思想束缚,我们也没有这样那样的规定。我们所做的每一项决定,都是考虑怎样会增强用户的体验,怎样对用户最好。我想,这主要是因为我们管理了MySpace。我认为,我们很快从MySpace学到的就是,这不是我们的财产,这是用户的财产。这是由用户控制的,这是他们的内容,我们所作的只是尽自己的能力给他们一个工具,是他们一个途径来接触自己感兴趣的东西。但是从这种程度上讲,我们开始把所有的东西加给用户啊,我们很快得出结论,这将会是一个灾难。我认为集中于用户,仅仅满足于达到用户期望的那么好对我们做好Hulu是非常工具化的。我觉得那些影响贯穿了很多事情。我认为如果你看一下我们怎么思考公司内部所有的数据循环,你就会发现我们在用户体验方面做得相当不错。对。我想……我认为……MySpace非常有帮助性。相反地,新闻集团有没有帮到MySpace呢?我认为绝对有影响。你知道,它给了MySpace一个运营规则,给了MySpace很多资金来建设的更好。我还想说一下关于建立Hulu来与fox.com 相抗衡的决定,如果你内部有人的话,我确定那时候会有人持你的决定。我猜想,在你没有做Myspace之前你不会有这样的观念的。看,我在做fox.com的时候从来不会对这些特别感兴趣因为我认为,用户需要什么,用户最需要什么是一个集合体。你知道,作为一个用户,你进入一个网站第一个问题就是,会不会有喜剧节目或者fox show,N是不是会为FOX做节目?我研究了37个不同的网站,确信该集合体对用户非常有益。200811/57466。
  • Unemployment in the West西方国家的失业情况The quest for jobs追逐工作It is not impossible for politicians to reduce the West’s frighteningly high unemployment levels对于政客们来说,降低西方国家令人为之恐惧的高失业率并不是不可能的A LITTLE geographical imagination helps to convey the scale of joblessness in the West. If the 44m people who are unemployed in the mainly rich members of the OECD lived in one country, its population would be similar to Spain’s. In Spain itself, which has the West’s highest jobless rate (21%), the number of people without work matches the combined population of Madrid and Barcelona. In America the 14m people officially jobless would form the fifth-most-populous state in the union. Add in the 11m “underemployed”, who are working less than they would like, and it is the size of Texas.一张小的地理图片便能有助于映射出西方国家的失业情况。在经济合作组织中,如果一些主要的发达成员国有4400万失业人口居住在一个国家,这就相当于西班牙的总人口数。而就西班牙本身而言却有着西方国家最高的失业率,达到21%。这些没有工作的人口加起来相当于皇家马德里和巴塞罗那两城市人口的总和。在美国,官方统计的失业人口为1400万,足以组成该国的第五大州。另外还有1100万未充分就业的人口,这相当于田纳西州的人口规模。The landscape is not uniformly bleak. Germany, for example, now has a lower jobless rate than before the financial crisis. But in most of the rich world the proportion of people unemployed, though down a bit from its peak in , is still alarmingly high, even as fears mount that several countries may be slipping back into recession. And the human cost of the economic crisis is paid largely by those who are out of work, for joblessness increases depression, divorce, substance abuse and pretty much everything that can go wrong in a life. 情况并不都是惨不忍睹的。例如,德国较金融危机之前相比,如今失业率却相对较低。但是在大多数富裕国家,失业人口的比重较年顶峰时相比,尽管有所降低,但仍然居高不下,令人担忧,甚至一些国家随着恐惧的加深,会再次滑落到经济衰退时期。经济危机中人类所付出的代价主要有失业者们“买账”,他们的抑郁症状增加,离婚率上升,滥用物质,很多东西会使他们的一生误入歧途。Worse, today’s joblessness is a particularly dangerous sort. A disproportionate share of those out of work are young, and youth unemployment leaves more scars, in terms of lower future wages and greater likelihood of future unemployment (see article (http://www.economist.com/node/21528614) ). Joblessness is also becoming more chronic. In America, famous for its flexible labour market, the average jobless spell now lasts 40 weeks, up from 17 in 2007. In Italy half of those without work have been so for more than a year. Long-term unemployment is harder to cure, as people’s skills atrophy and they become detached from the workforce. Its shadow lingers, reducing future growth rates, damaging public finances and straining social order for years to come.更为糟糕的是,当今的失业是一个特别危险的因素。由于失业造成的分配不公“摊”在年轻人身上,考虑到未来的低工资和可能性较高的失业,年轻时期的失业情形留下了更深的伤疤。失业也正在变得极重难返。以灵活市场就业出名的美国如今平均失业时间会持续40个周,与2007年的17个周相比有所上升。在意大利,一半的失业者遭遇这种情形不止一年。由于人们的技术会不断“萎缩”,而他们又变得与世(劳动者)隔绝,所以长期的失业很难“治愈”。阴影—未来的经济增长率有所下降、公共财政遭到损坏及未来的社会秩序变的歪曲—挥之不去。201109/154245。
  • Dueling Claims of Victory in Afghan Presidential Election阿富汗两候选人宣称获胜 官员促静候官方结果Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission is asking voters and the media to ignore claims by competing camps that their candidates captured a first-run victory in the presidential election. Meanwhile, a prominent U.S.-government funded institute says the electoral process appears to have been credible "so far."阿富汗的独立选举委员会正要求选民和本国媒体不要理会各阵营声称自己的候选人在第一轮总统选举中获胜的说法。与此同时,美国政府资助的一个卓有声望的研究机构说,这次选举的过程到目前为止看来还是可信的。The campaigns of both incumbent President Hamid Karzai and his top challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, are both declaring a first-round victory. That despite election officials saying the ballot totals from individual polling sites have not yet reached the capital. 现任总统卡尔扎伊和他最强大的对手阿卜杜拉都宣称获得了第一轮选举的胜利。尽管选举官员说,从各投票地点汇总的票数尚未送达阿富汗首都。A candidate needs more than 50 percent to avoid a runoff election.一名候选人需要得到百分之五十的选票才能避免决选。An unofficial tabulation by VOA of totals posted at three precincts in different neighborhoods of Kabul shows Mr. Karzai leading, but falling short of capturing more than half of the total ballots.Commission officials and international observer groups are asking the public, media and candidates to be patient and await official results. 选举委员会官员和国际观察员团体正要求公众、媒体和候选人耐心等待官方结果。Richard Williamson, the former U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations, is leading the monitoring delegation of the International Republican Institute, which is funded by the American government. 美国驻联合国前大使理查德.威廉森如今领导美国共和国际学会的阿富汗选举观察团,该研究机构是美国政府资助的。"Today, I've aly heard of two candidates declaring majority victory," he said. "If I recall, such good-natured horseplay happens in American elections, too. The key is that, by September 9th, they have a preliminary count that they are confident reflects what happened." 威廉森说:“今天我已经听到两名候选人宣布获得多数票的胜利。我记得这种非恶意的闹剧在美国选举史上也曾经发生。关键是到九月九号他们会有初步点票结果,他们相信这个数据是反映真实情况的。”Williamson adds "so far, it has been a credible election." 威廉森还说,到目前看来这次选举还是可信的。The Afghan Independent Election Commission, known as the IEC, had previously said partial results would be released 48 hours after the close of Thursday's polls. It now says preliminary totals will not begin to trickle out until Tuesday and certified final results will be released from September 17 through the 21. 阿富汗独立选举委员会曾经说,部分结果会在星期四投票结束的48小时后公布。该委员会如今说,在星期二之前不会透露初步结果,而确定的最终结果将在九月17号到九月21号之间宣布。In the meantime, rival camps are trading accusations of vote fraud. 与此同时,敌对阵营相互指责诈选。The IEC says such claims, if filed by candidates or others, will be investigated. The International Republican Institute is being more explicit, commenting in a release that the magnitude of reports of voting registration cards being sold and multiple voting warrants investigation. 阿富汗选举委员会说,如果候选人或者他人提出这类指控他们就将进行调查。国际共和学会的立场更为鲜明,他们在发表的公开信中说,要对有关出卖选举登记卡和滥发重复选举许可的大量报导进行调查。The organization also decries what it calls an "alarming amount" of fraud and abuse of state resources during the campaign period. The group also criticizes imbalanced election coverage by the state-run media "heavily favoring the incumbent." 国际共和学会也谴责了在竞选阶段滥用国家资源的欺诈行为之多,达到令人吃惊的程度。该团体还批评国营媒体所作的选举报导不平衡,‘极度偏向现任总统’。Another concern is a drop in voter turnout compared to the 70 percent seen in 2004. The IRI's Williamson told reporters Friday insecurity, due to Taliban threats to disrupt the election and retaliate against those who voted, was "a dominant factor" in reducing turnout. 另一个令人关注的问题是选民参选率低于2004年选举的70%参选率。国际共和学会的威廉森星期五对记者说,由于塔利班威胁要破坏这次选举、并对那些投票的人施加报复,所以形势不安定是参选率下降的‘一个主要因素’。Afghanistan's chief electoral officer, Daoud Ali Najafi, declines to confirm other officials' estimates of overall turnout dipping between 40 and 50 percent. 阿富汗的首要选举官员纳贾非拒不确认其它官员有关参选率总体下降到40%到50%的估计。"In the provinces under high security threat level maybe the turnout was low. But there are many provinces where the participants were high. Now it's very difficult for us, because we could not receive the final figures from the provinces. Soon, we will announce the turnout when we get the final figure," he said. 纳贾非说:“在安全威胁大的省份,参选率可能是低的。但是有许多省的参选率很高。目前我们还难以确定,因为我们还没得到各省的最终数据。在我们得到最终数据后,我们将很快宣布参选人数。”A low turnout and significant claims of fraud could bring into question the legitimacy of the election. Observers say that could undermine the new government and heighten ethnic tensions in a country with a volatile history of warlords and recent decades of civil war. 参选人数少和诈选指控多可能使得这次选举的可信度产生问题。观察人士说,在一个素有军阀割据的动荡历史、而近几十年来又有内战的国家里,选举的可信度问题可能会破坏新政府并且加剧族裔间的紧张关系。Afghanistan is currently battling - with the help of 100,000 foreign troops - an insurgency led by the Taliban.阿富汗目前在10万外国部队的持下正在与塔利班主导的叛乱活动作斗争。08/82205。
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