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2019年08月21日 09:52:19

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. In a few days, our Nation will celebrate Thanksgiving. Like millions of Americans, members of Congress will travel home for the holiday. Unfortunately, as they get to work carving their turkeys, they're leaving a lot of unfinished work back in Washington, D.C. And unless they complete this work soon, middle-class Americans will pay higher taxes and American troops will not receive the critical funding they need to fight and defeat our enemies. Many middle-class taxpayers will face higher tax bills unless Congress acts on the Alternative Minimum Tax, or AMT. The AMT was designed to ensure that the wealthy paid their fair share of taxes. But when Congress passed the AMT decades ago, it was not indexed for inflation. As a result, the AMT's higher tax burden is creeping up on more and more middle-class families. To deal with this problem, Congress has in recent years passed temporary legislation that prevented most middle-class taxpayers from having to pay the AMT. But this year, Congress has yet to pass this legislation. A failure to do so would mean that 25 million Americans would be subject to the AMT -- more than six times the number that faced the tax last year. If you are one of those 25 million, you would have to send an average of ,000 more to the IRS next year. This is a huge tax increase that Americans do not expect and do not deserve. The longer Congress waits to fix this problem, the worse it will get. Last month, Treasury Secretary Paulson wrote a letter to members of Congress warning that delaying action on legislation to fix the AMT could create confusion for millions of taxpayers and delay the delivery of about billion worth of tax refund checks. Congress has ignored Secretary Paulson's warnings -- and we are now beginning to see the consequences. On Friday, the tax forms for 2007 had to be sent to the government printer. And because of Congress's refusal to act, the IRS will be forced to send out tens of millions of tax forms that will almost certainly end up being wrong -- wasting your money, delaying refunds, and making it even more complicated to figure out your taxes. It is clear that Congress's failure to adjust the AMT for inflation was a mistake. Unfortunately, Congress seems determined to compound this original mistake by making another one. Last week, the House passed a bill that provides relief from the AMT -- but raises other taxes. Congress should not use legislation that millions of Americans are counting on to protect them from higher taxes in one area as an excuse to raise taxes in other areas. I will veto any bill that raises taxes as a condition of fixing the AMT. Members of Congress must put political theater behind them, fix the AMT, and protect America's middle class from an unfair tax hike. Congress is also failing to meet its responsibilities to our troops. For months, Congress has delayed action on supplemental war funding because some in Congress want to make a political statement about the war. On Wednesday, the House passed a bill that once again has Congress directing our military commanders on how to conduct the war in Iraq as a condition for funding our troops. We do not need members of Congress telling our commanders what to do. We need Congress listening to our military commanders and giving them what they need to win the war against extremists and radicals. Congress knows I'll veto this bill. During this time of war, our troops deserve the full support of Congress -- and that means giving our troops the funding they need to successfully carry out their mission. I urge Congress to work quickly and send me a clean bill so we can fulfill our obligation to our brave men and women in uniform. With both of these delays, congressional leaders are choosing political posturing over the priorities of the people. These choices have real-world consequences for our taxpayers and our troops. When members of Congress return from their two-week-long Thanksgiving vacation, they will have only a few weeks left on the legislative calendar before they go home again for their Christmas break. I call on Congress to use the time that is left to do what is right -- and pass AMT relief and fund our troops in combat. Thank you for listening. 200801/23819淮安妇保医院白带异常多少钱淮安市第二人民医院白带异常多少钱淮安医保医院

楚州区妇保院治疗直肠炎多少钱淮安市检查妇科病哪家医院最好的R25qKD@g11W7mIFwGX5TLh[*v4It isnt right that a woman should get paid 59 cents on the dollar for the same work as a man.If you play by the rules, you deserve a fair days pay for a fair days work. It isnt right that, if trends continue, by the year 2000 nearly all of the poor people in America will be women and children. The rules of a decent society say: When you distribute sacrifice in times of austerity, you dont put women and children first. It isnt right that young people today fear they wont get the Social Security they paid for, and that older Americans fear that they will lose what they have aly learned [earned]. Social Security is a contract between the last generation and the next, and the rules say: You dont break contracts.We are going to keep faith with older Americans. We hammered out a fair compromise in the Congress to save Social Security. Every group sacrificed to keep the system sound. It is time Ronald Reagan stopped scaring our senior citizens.qpo.~7dCEpQ|V0;Zo42mj@h;ulDpK~P0m(SWm~a*(5~C5c%.HC2A%201201/167845The White House Blog-Welcome News, But No RestAs CEA Chair Christina Romer laid out earlier this morning, "Today’s employment report shows the strongest signs yet of healing in the labor market." The economy created 290,000 jobs in April, the vast majority of them private sector, and with new data incorporated April became the fourth consecutive months of positive job growth. Flanked by his economic team, the President spoke about the news in the Rose GardenDownload Video: mp4 (236MB) | mp3 (8MB) 英文文本请看下页 201005/103283金湖县妇幼保健所妇科疾病多少钱The essence of freedom is that each of us shares in the shaping of his own destiny.什么是自由的精髓,那就是共同努力塑造未来。Until he has been part of a cause larger than himself, no man is truly whole.在这项伟大事业中,没有人是完整的。The way to fulfillment is in the use of our talents; we achieve nobility in the spirit that inspires that use.实现这些需要我们的才能与智慧,通过它获得辉煌成功。As we measure what can be done, we shall promise only what we know we can produce, but as we chart our goals we shall be lifted by our dreams.当我们估量能够做什么时,我们只应许诺能做到的事。但在制订目标时,却要有远大的理想。No man can be fully free while his neighbor is not. To go forward at all is to go forward together.如果你的邻舍没有自由,你就不会得到完全的自由。只有共同前进才能前进。This means black and white together, as one nation, not two.这就是说黑人和白人共有一个国家,不是分为两个。The laws have caught up with our conscience. What remains is to give life to what is in the law:法律是按照我们的良心制订的。剩下的问题就是赋予法律条文以生命:to ensure at last that as all are born equal in dignity before God, all are born equal in dignity before man.保既然一切人在上帝面前生来就有同等的尊严,在人的面前也应有同等的尊严。As we learn to go forward together at home, let us also seek to go forward together with all mankind.我们在国内要学会团结所有人共同前进,让我们也努力求得全人类的共同前进吧。Let us take as our goal: where peace is unknown, make it welcome; where peace is fragile, make it strong; where peace is temporary, make it permanent.让我们实现这一目标,在那些不知道什么叫和平的地方,要使和平成为受人欢迎的东西;在那些和平脆弱的地方,要使它牢固起来;在那些和平只是暂时存在的地方,要使它成为永久的东西.After a period of confrontation, we are entering an era of negotiation.经过一段对抗时期,我们正进入一个谈判时代。Let all nations know that during this administration our lines of communication will be open.让所有国家都知道,在本届政府任期内,交流通道是敞开的。We seek an open world--open to ideas, open to the exchange of goods and people--a world in which no people, great or small, will live in angry isolation.我们谋求一个开放的世界——对各种思想开放,对物资和人员的交流开放,在这个世界中,任何民族,不论大小,都不会生活在怏怏不乐的孤立之中。We cannot expect to make everyone our friend, but we can try to make no one our enemy.我们不能指望每个人都成为我们的朋友,可是我们能设法使任何人都不与我们为敌。Those who would be our adversaries, we invite to a peaceful competition--not in conquering territory or extending dominion, but in enriching the life of man.我们邀请那些很可能是我们对手的人进行一场和平竞赛——不是要征领土或扩展版图,而是要丰富人类的生活。As we explore the reaches of space, let us go to the new worlds together--not as new worlds to be conquered, but as a new adventure to be shared.在探索宇宙空间的时候,让我们一起走向新的世界——不是走向被征的新世界,而是共同进行一次新的探险。With those who are willing to join, let us cooperate to reduce the burden of arms, to strengthen the structure of peace, to lift up the poor and the hungry.让我们同那些愿意加入这一行列的人共同合作,减少军备负担,加固和平大厦,提高贫穷挨饿的人们的生活水平。02/437816淮安中山男科专家

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