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“不要推脱责任”的英语口语怎么说 --30 :31:5 来源: "Buck”一词在英文中有很多解释,比如“钱、雄鹿、公兔、纨绔子弟、抵制、振作”等等,与其搭配的短语也能表达出丰富的含义,今天就来学习一些吧!1. big bucks (a lot of money)一大笔钱He owed me big bucks.他欠我很多钱. make a fast buck 一下子赚得一笔钱(通常指不义之财)He made a fast buck by smuggling.他通过走私一下子挣了不少钱3. feellook a million bucks 感觉精神非常好,看上去很精神Hey Jenny! You look a million bucks today!嗨,珍妮!你今天看上去不错啊!. pass the buck 推脱责任You were the one who took on this job. Don't try to pass the buck.是你接手这项工作的,别想推卸责任5. buck somebody up 使某人振作精神Come on, buck up. Things aren't that bad.得了,振作起来事情没有你想的那么糟6. buck up 在英式口语中有“加油,快点”的意思Buck up, or we'll be late.快点,否则我们就要迟到了

在家中的生活习惯用语 -- :57: 来源: 我经常下班以后运动I usually work out after work. *work out“训练,运动”I usually go to the gym after work.I usually exercise after work.我开始慢跑锻炼Ive started jogging.Ive started jogging. (我开始慢跑锻炼)Since when? (什么时候开始的?)我戒烟了I quit smoking. *quit“辞职,改变习惯”No, thanks. I quit smoking. (不,谢谢,我已经戒了)Good you. (你真伟大)I stopped smoking.I dont smoke anymore.Ive become a non-smoker.I no longer smoke.你常做梦吗?Do you dream often?Do you often have dreams?Do you dream a lot?最近我总是丢三落四的Ive been getful lately.Ive been getful these days. 日常英语 英语口语

A Wet Sunday In A Country Inn乡村客栈一个阴雨的星期天A wet Sunday in a country inn ! Whoever has had the luck to experience (1)one can alone () judge ofmy situation. The rain pattered against the casements; the bells tolled church with a melancholy sound. I went to the windows in quest of something to amuse the eye; but it seemed as if I had been placed completely out of the reach of ail amusement. The windows of my bed-room (3)looked out among tiled roofs and stacks of chimneys, while those of my sitting-room () commanded a full view of the stable yard. I know of nothing more calculated to make a man sick of this world than a stable yard on a rainy day. 乡村客栈一个阴雨的星期天!凡有幸度过这样一天的人,都能体会我现在的处境雨点子噼噼啪啪地打在窗子上,教堂里传来沉重的钟声,召唤人们去做礼拜.我走到窗前,想找一些赏心悦目的东西,但看来我已完全被摒于一切欢乐之外.从卧室的窗口望出去,是一片砖瓦的屋顶和林立的烟囱,而从起居室的窗口往下看,则能望见整个马厩院子我觉得再电没有比雨天的马厩院子更令人厌舸的了The place was littered with wet straw that had been kicked about by travellers and stable-boys. In one corner was a stagnant pool of water, surrounding an island of muck; there were several half-drowned fowls crowded together under a cart, among which was a miserable, crest-fallen cock, drenched out of ail life and spirit; his drooping tail matted, as it were, into a single feather, along which the water trickled from his hack; near the cart was a half- dozing cow, chewing her cud, and standing patiently to be rained on, with (5)wreaths of vapour rising from her reeking hide; a (6)wall-eyed horse, tired of the loneliness of the stable, was poking his spectral head out of a window, with the rain dripping on it from the eaves; an unhappy cur, chained to a dog-house hard by, uttered something every now and then between a bark and a yelp; (7)a drab of a kitchen wench tramped backwards and wards through the yard in pat- tens, looking as sulky as the weather itself; everything, iq short, was comtless and lorn, excepting a crew of hardened ducks, assembled like boon companions round a puddle and making a riotous noise over their liquor. .遍地是淋湿了的稻草,被旅客和小马倌们踢得凌乱不堪在院子的一角,一潭污水围着孤岛似的粪堆,几只几平被雨水淋透的鸡簇拥在一辆马车底下,其中一只可怜的公鸡,倒垂着鸡冠,被淋得没精打,毫无生气,它那耷拉着的尾巴粘结在一起,仿佛只成了一根羽毛,雨水顺着它从背脊往下直淌,高马车不远处.有一头睡跟惺忪的奶牛,嘴里嚼着反刍的食物,默默地站在那里,任凭雨水打在身上,湿淋琳的背上日出缭绕的水气;一匹眼珠小而眼白特大的马厌倦了马厩里的寂寞,把它那幽灵似的脑袋从窗口探了出来,屋檐上的雨水漓沥滴沥地落在它头上;一只不幸的杂种被链条拴在近旁的窝里,时时发出似吠似嗥的声音;一个邋遢厨娘拖着木屐,迈着沉重的步子在院子里进进出出,她那郁郁不乐的神色,就象阴沉的天气一样;总之,除了一群饱经风雨的鸭子,象饮酒作乐的朋友那样聚集在污水潭的四周呷呷嬉水而外,这儿的一切都令人感到凄凉的沮丧(1) One: 代词:这里指的是;A wet Sunday in a country inn;,作experience的宾语()judge of:对;;作出评价(3)looked out: (房间等)面朝()commanded a full view of;. 俯瞰;;的全景;居高临下,可以全部看见;;(5) wreaths of vapour: wreath是烟、云作螺旋状的涡圈,这里的wreath of vapour指缭绕升起的水气涡圈(6) wall-eyed: 眼白特别大的,两醒珠向外斜视的(7)a drab of a kitchen wench: 一个邋遢厨娘drab:不整洁的女人,邋遢女人荚语中常用a ; of a;这种名词结构来描写人或物,如a fool or a man(一个呆子般的男人),a beast of a Place(一个很脏的地方)等等 3688

想得到的多就永远不要奢望太多智者不会在意他们得不到的东西On Achieving SuccessWe cannot travel every path. Success must be won along one line. We must make our business the one life purpose to which every other must be subordinate.I hate a thing done by halves. If it be right, do it boldly. If it be wrong, leave it undone.The men of history were not perpetually looking into the mirror to make sure of their own size. Absorbed in their work they did it. They did it so well that the wondering world sees them to be great, and labeled them accordingly.To live with a high ideal is a successful life. It is not what one does, but what one tries to do, that makes a man strong.“Eternal vigilance,” it has been said,“is the price of liberty.” With equal truth it may be said,“Unceasing eft is the price of success.” If we do not work with our might, others will; and they will outstrip us in the race, and pluck the prize from our grasp. Success grows less and less dependent on luck and chance. Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures. The great and indispensable help to success is character. Character is a crystallized habit, the result of training and conviction. Every character is influenced by heredity, environment and education. But these apart, if every man were not to be a great extent the architect of his own character, he would be a fatalist, and irresponsible creature of circumstances. Instead of saying that man is a creature of circumstance, it would be nearer the mark to say that man is the architect of circumstance. From the same materials one man builds palaces, another hovel. Bricks and mortar are mortar and bricks, until the architect can make them something else. The true way to gain much is never to desire to gain too much. Wise men don’t care what they can’t have. 5958

实用口语:淑女绅士养成记 看英国人在什么时候说Sorry -01- :5: 来源: 一提起英国,总会让人联想到温文尔雅的英国绅士和彬彬有礼的英国淑女,而他们每天总是Sorry和Thank you不离口他们到底犯了什么错,要每天跟人家说抱歉?小编目测,他们犯的错还真不少:1. Walking into someone撞到别人. Nearly walking into someone差点撞到别人3. Being walked into被撞到了. Nearly being walked into差点被撞到了5. Walking into a door撞到门6. Not hearing what someone has said没听见别人说什么7. Thinking you heard what someone said but being so scared of being wrong about what they said that you ask them repeat it, just in case听到别人说什么,但是怕听错,以防万一,叫别人重复一遍8. Calling someone on the phone打扰到别人打电话9. Answering the phone in someone else's presence当着别人面听电话. Being late迟到了. Being early早到了. Using too much milk放太多牛奶. Not using enough milk没放够牛奶. Coughing咳嗽. Sneezing打喷嚏. Swearing骂人. Spilling your pint on someone你把酒洒到了别人身上18. When someone spills their pinton you别人把酒洒在了你身上19. When you pay a packet of chewing gum with a tenner because you don't have anything smaller买口香糖没零钱,要用英镑付款. When the bartender mishears your order酒保听错了你的订单1. When the bartender drops your change as they pass it back to you, even though it's clearly their fault酒保找你零钱时,钱掉地上了,即使这是他们的错. Checking your phone查看手机时3. Not replying to an email没回复电邮时. Replying to a work email over the weekend周末回复工作电邮时5. When offering your seat to someone a millisecond late让座慢了1毫秒6. Not offering a drink to someone within the first seconds of them entering your house别人进了你家门秒,还没给人倒东西喝7. Asking a shop assistant help叫店员帮忙时. Not having a stamp, lighter and pen on your person at all times要用邮票,打火机和笔时,发现没带9. Paying in coins something用钢镚儿买东西时30. Asking someone in the street anything at all (directions, lighter etc)在大街上向别人求助时(譬如问路或者借打火机等等)31. Not having something or knowing something someone on the street asks you 大街上有人找你帮忙,而你帮不上的时候3. Sending something back to the kitchenbar if it's rawwronglikely to kill you点的东西送上来发现不熟、送错了或者可能会要了你的命,需要送回后厨或者吧台时33. Making an early taxi driver wait until the agreed time you wanted to leave at的哥比约定的时间早到了,你让人家等时. Making a joke someone else doesn't get开了一个别人不觉得好笑的笑话35. Not getting someone else's joke抓不到别人玩笑的好笑点36. Someone else's baby being sick on you别人家的孩子看你不顺眼时 英国人 绅士 口语

如何熟练运用美国人思维练口语? --6 :8:7 来源: 有6种技巧,是美国人和美国人之间交流的关键性东西,如果我们能掌握这6种技巧,就可以更好地理解美国人的思维,从而学好口语   第一,如何用英文简单界定一个东西的技巧美国人和美国人交谈80%是想告诉对方这个事物是什么我们的课本尽管词汇难度不断加深,但思维逻辑结构却只停留在一个水平上中国人常说Where is the book(这本书在哪儿)?很少有人说What is a book(书是什么)?而美国的小学生就开始问:What is the book?这种Where is the book只是思维的描述阶段但是我想连大学生也很难回答What is a book?因为中国传统英语教学模式没有教会学生表达思想的技巧   第二,如果已经学会界定,但理解还有偏差,那就要训练How to explain things in different ways(用不同的方式解释同一事物)一种表达式对方不懂,美国人会寻找另一种表达式最终让对方明白因为事物就一个,但表达它的语言符号可能会很多这就要多做替换练习传统的教学方法也做替换练习,但这种替换不是真替换,只是语言层面的替换,而不是思维层面的替换比如,I love you(我爱你)我们教学的替换方法就把you换成her,my mother等,这种替换和小学生练描红没有什么区别这种替换没有对智力构成挑战,没有启动思维这种替换句子的基本结构没变,我听不懂I love you,肯定也听不懂I love her如果替换为I want to kiss you,I want to hug you,I will show my heart to you等,或者给对方讲电影《泰坦尼克,告诉对方那就是爱,这样一来对方可能就明白了这才叫真正的替换也就是说用一种不同的方式表达同一个意思,或者一个表达式对方听不清楚,举一个简单易懂的例子来表达,直到对方明白   第三,我们必须学会美国人怎样描述东西从描述上来讲,由于中美的文化不同会产生很大的差异我们描述东西无外乎把它放在时间和空间两个坐标上去描述美国人对空间的描述总是由内及外,由里及表而中国人正好相反从时间上来说,中国人是自然的时间顺序来描述我们描述一个东西突然停住时,往往最后说的那个地方是最重要的美国人在时间的描述上先把最重要的东西说出来,然后再说陪衬的东西只有发生悲剧性的事件,美国人才在前面加上铺垫这就是中国人和美国人在时间描述上的巨大差别   第四,要学会使用重要的美国习语不容易学、易造成理解困惑的东西就是"习语"比如北京人说盖了帽儿了,外国人很难理解,这就是习语所以和美国人交流时,能适当地运用美国习语,他马上就会觉得很亲切,也很爱和你交流那么什么是习语?就是每个单词你都认识,但把它们组合在一起,你就不知道是什么意思了   第五,学会两种语言的传译能力这是衡量口语水平的一个最重要标准因为英语不是我们的母语,我们天生就有自己的母语很多人都认为学好外语必须丢掉自己的母语,这是不对的   第六,要有猜测能力为什么美国人和美国人、中国人和中国人之间交流很少产生歧义?就是因为他们之间能"猜测"我们的教学不提倡"猜测"但我觉得猜测对学好美国口语很重要在交流中,有一个词你没有听懂,你不可能马上去查字典,这时候就需要猜测来架起一座桥梁来弥补这个缺口,否则交流就会中断   中国人学习口语讲究背诵,背句型、背语调,结果就是很多人讲口语的时候讲着讲着眼就开始向上翻,实际上是在记忆中寻找曾经背过的东西如果他要是能猜测的话,我想也就不会出现这种现象   以上就是我所说的学会用美国人思维方式的6个技巧中国学生如果能做到这6点,用较短的时间肯定能学好口语   再说说英语语音的问题我们中国人不需要钻牛角尖,一定追求发音像一个本地人,只要我们的发音不至于让对方产生误解就可以了我们在平时,不需要迷信什么科学方法,只需要记住一点:模仿但一定要模仿标准的英语或美语在模仿的基础上,每天保持1个小时的自我口语练习,这个练习必须假想一个双向交流的场合,即仿佛有人与你交流一样   最后,讲讲英语的用气问题我们在发音时,尽量气运丹田,而避免用肺发音,这可以使英语发音洪亮圆润 美国 口语 思维

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