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When Michael gave his speech from Neverland,迈克尔在梦幻庄园开记者会时we watched it in the green room backstage at this TV show.我们在后台的绿屏室观看l ask all of you to wait and hear the truth.我请求你们等真相揭发And l remember seeing it with La Toya thinking, #39;This is your brother我一边与拉托雅观看 一边心想 这是你亲弟弟#39;and you#39;re getting y to go on television你现在正准备要上电视#39;and l#39;m gonna ask you these questions我将要问你这些问题#39;and the lie detector#39;s gonna be swinging like crazy. #39;测谎器一定会大声作响And suddenly, La Toya#39;s price for that interview拉托雅那次访谈的价码had gone up to, like, ,000 from 0,000.突然从一万跳到十万Jack said, #39;You know, this is now the biggest story in the world,杰克说 这可是全球最抢手的新闻#39;and La Toya is going to be paid appropriately. #39;拉托雅应该得到应有的报酬And the show would not pay her that money,节目不肯付那个价钱and so, l ended up getting a free trip to Madrid.结果是我赚到一趟去马德里的机票They served a search warrant on me,他们对我发拘捕令which allowed them to view and photograph my body, including my penis,强制的观看并摄影我的身体 包括性器官my buttocks, my lower torso, thighs and any other area that they wanted.我的臀部 下半身 大腿 以及任何他们想要拍摄的部位Michael did talk to me about the strip search.迈克尔有跟我聊过脱衣搜身的事Basically, he said it was the most humiliating experience of his life.他说是他此生最感到羞辱的经历He couldn#39;t believe that it could happen.他从未想过会发生这种事He couldn#39;t imagine that the law provided for such a thing.他无法想象法律竟会允许这种事Who would stoop as low as trying to take pictures of a person#39;s genitals,有谁会没格调到愿意拍摄一个人的性器官and just trying to humiliate him like that?好来羞辱他?That was terrible.真是太糟糕了 Article/201510/403514China marks first Martyrs#39; Day我国迎接第一个法定烈士节People across China are holding various activities to mark Martyr#39;s Day.全国各地的人们举办各种各样活动以纪念即将到来的烈士节。For more, we#39;re joined live by Zhang Junshe, vice president of the Naval Research Institute of China.我们现在连线海军军事学术研究所研究员张军社进行详细报道。What impressed you most about the commemoration ceremony?最使您印象深刻的仪式是哪一个?And what can be done to encourage more of Chinese society to get involved in this day?我们可以采取何种措施鼓励社会上更多人参与这一纪念日? Article/201410/333582

When we first started,一开始时Michael came in and he looked really robust and healthy.迈克尔总是精神奕奕的He was sharp and focused,非常的专注and determined to prove his innocence.坚决地要明他的清白Even after the first day,只不过第一天而已you knew that these people were only after money,你就很清楚知道 这些人不过就是为了钱and this was the biggest hoax in the world that they were trying to pull.才编了这个天大的谎言They put witnesses on the stand to testify under oath他们要人发誓to things that never happened,指一些从未发生的事to things that were completely exaggerated and untrue.一些夸大其词或根本不真实的事They were willing to almost throw anything at the juty,他们什么都愿意跟陪审团说hoping something would stick.只要他们听进一件事Time for a diminutive mother of four, Janet Arvizo, to take centre stage.轮到四个孩子的妈上人席Her evidence could end the career of a pop legend.她的词可能终结一个超级巨星的事业What had upset me is they were reporting让我很火大的是everything that was said about Michael,他们一直播放指控迈克尔的言词but they wasn#39;t reporting anything in his defence.但辩护他的都没有播出lt looked like a feeding frenzy to me.媒体简直疯了The media were just out媒体全体出动to see the world#39;s greatest known celebrity fall to destruction.只是为了要看一颗巨星坠毁That#39;s where they thought their ratings in the future wouId come from.他们以为之后的收视都靠这个了And, for me, it was really a disgrace.我真的以他们为耻 Article/201511/406977

  He said a prayer.他在祈祷He says this at the start, and it helps with a successful ending.他在开始的时候祈祷,有助于一个完美的结局I think it#39;s beautiful, it#39;s like a ritual.那只羊很好,像是在做某种仪式Yes, like that, yes.嗯,对,确实The chef has asked me厨师要求我to make a dish to complement the lamb for the new year#39;s feast.让我为节庆做一道主菜以外的菜I#39;ve cooked a lot of places in my time but this, this beats it!我以前在很多地方都做过菜,但这一次更有意义I want to use local ingredients but with my Chinese style of cooking.我准备用当地食材但用中国菜的技法来煮There#39;s the chef#39;s daughters, over there.这是厨师的女儿,那边那个They look like him!她们长得像他I#39;m making my version of a very famous Uyghur dish called polo.我正在做一道我自己版本的非常著名的维族菜“手抓饭”This is rice pilaf flavoured with onion, fine strips of carrot,这是一种肉饭,放上了洋葱和胡萝卜条dried fruit and nuts.干果,坚果Add a little bit of water just boiling here,放一些水让它滚起来which I#39;ll flavour with some saffron that I got at the market.通常我还会放一些我从市场买来的藏红花调味The saffron should go into hot water.藏红花要放到滚水中This helps release the aroma that will infuse the dish.这样才能让它释放的香味渗透到食材中I#39;m also adding a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of cumin.我会在放一点点盐和一勺孜然That#39;ll be flavourful.味道就会很浓郁了Cumin isn#39;t a spice we use much in Chinese cooking孜然不是我们在做中式烹调时常用的香料because it#39;s got such a strong flavour.因为它的味道太浓郁了But it#39;s very popular in Middle Eastern dishes.但是在中东菜里会用得很普遍When the oil is hot in the wok, add two chopped onions当锅里的油够热的时候,放两个切碎的洋葱进去and stir fry for about a minute.然后拌炒一分钟Then add the carrots, salt and pepper放入胡罗卜,盐和胡椒and stir-fry for another couple of minutes.然后再拌炒几分钟I#39;m just putting in some celery,我放了一些芹菜trying to use everything that it#39;s in their resources.我准备吧他们能提供的都用上That#39;s local, yeah.这是当地的食材,嗯I#39;m going to cover that, because that will maximise the temperature.我准备盖上锅盖,以使温度达到最高This should be left to simmer for around eight minutes.让它炖个8分钟左右I have here some lovely pistachio and apricot seeds, and some raisins.我要放一些开心果和杏仁,还有葡萄干We#39;re really here at the crossroads of east and west.我们真是东西方烹饪结合了And this is very Middle Eastern, using all these nuts.把这些坚果撒进去,这就很有中东风味了Next, the rice goes in.然后,放米Now this rice is a little bit like short grain, we#39;ll just warm it up.恩,这些米看起来很像糯米,我们把它加热What I#39;ll add is my liquid of water and saffron,然后加入藏红花汤a little bit of salt and spices.再加一点点盐和香料Finally add the pistachio nuts, apricot kernels raisins最后放进开心果,杏仁和葡萄干and chopped celery leaves.然后是芹菜It#39;s different, it#39;s good different, the taste is good,看起来很不同,但是好的不同,味道会很好and it looks pretty and colourful.颜色也很好OK, thank you, Chef.嗯,谢谢你,厨师The onions are really sweet, the rice is cooked through and tender,洋葱真甜,米饭熟透了很软the raisins in there really add a sweetness, yeah,葡萄干增加了甜味,嗯and the apricot kernels, a good crunch! Good texture.杏仁呢,吃起来脆脆的,好口感 Article/201511/409133

  It is dawn and the sun is rising黎明,朝阳升起as it has every day for the last 5 billion years.五十亿年如一日For millennia it has been a constant golden disk千万年来,太阳一直有如一个金色圆盘般地shining its unchanging light onto the Earth.照耀着地球But look through the glare and the true face of the sun is revealed.但在眩目的外表下,藏着太阳的真面目Not constant,but constantly changing.不是恒常,而是瞬息万变Turbulent, and violent.动荡而狂暴Its worst tantrums canwreak havoc on the Earth.太阳的暴烈变化,会让地球陷入混乱To understand the sun is to understand想了解太阳the forces that drive the universe.就得了解推动宇宙运行的力量If we can control those forces we can unlock the power of the stars.若能控制这些力量,就能解开恒星的力量The power of our sun.解开我们太阳的力量The story of the sun starts 13 billion years ago with the Big Bang.太阳的故事始于130亿年前的大爆炸In an instant the universe was born宇宙在瞬间诞生and since then it#39;s been expanding at the speed of light.后此便以光速不断扩张Within the universe there are a hundred billion galaxies.宇宙里有一千亿个星系Our galaxy is but one of them.我们的系只是其中一个In it there are 100 billion stars.系中有一千亿颗恒星And towards the edge of one of the spiral arms在其漩涡结构的边缘is an almost insignificant dot.有一个微乎其微的小点A medium-sized, not very bright,undistinguished star.那是一个大小、亮度中等的平凡恒星Up close it is a different story.但近看就不是那么回事了On the planets closest to the sun,最靠近太阳的行星Mercury and Venus,the heat is intense,金星和水星,表面因高热their surfaces scorched.而成为一片焦土Further out through the solar system the sun#39;s rays weaken.太阳光在太阳系中,随着距离拉长而减弱Until they are powerless against the chill of space.直到无法抵挡太空的凛冽The outer planets are frozen.外行星上是一片冰封景象But in the middle lies the Goldilocks planet.所谓的“金发行星”位置适中Not too hot, and not too cold.不太热,也不太冷In fact it#39;s just right,事实上是恰到好处and life has flourished in the warm glow.生物在这里的和煦阳光下,生生不息All life on Earth owes its existence to the sun.地球上所有生物,皆因太阳而存在It powers every natural system.太阳是自然界所有系统的能量来源And sustains every plant and animal.是所有动植物的命脉Without the sun the planet would be a barren,少了太阳,地球将会一是片荒芜lifeless ball of rock.死寂Recognising that power humans have always worshipped the sun.深谙太阳力量的人类,自古就崇敬太阳But we have also always striven to understand it.但我们也一直努力想要了解它These monuments are more than just temples.这些纪念碑不只是神庙They are calendars and observatories.也是日历与瞭望台Tools for studying the sun.是用来研究太阳的工具And some of them are still operational.其中有些至今仍可运作 Article/201503/366476。

  维塔莉莫森特唱了她的最新专辑——留下你的睡眠。接近于被遗忘的十九世纪的歌词配上她完美的声音的表演把TED的观众们倾倒了。 Article/201507/383487

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!A 22-year-old is considered to be part of which generation?22岁的年轻人是哪一代人?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道的话,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it millennials, baby boomers, silent generation or Generation X?是千禧一代、婴儿潮一代、沉默一代还是X世代?You#39;ve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People born in the 1980s or #39;90s are generally considered to be millennials.20世纪8、90年代出生的人被称为千禧一代。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your Shoutout. 那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: OK, so it#39;s the generation born after 1980 to either late baby boomers or early Gen Xers. 1980年后出生的人要么是后婴儿潮一代,要么是X世代早期的。Last year, Pew Research reported that millennials have less money than the generations before them, but they#39;re more optimistic about having it in the future.去年,皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)报道千禧一代要比上一代人穷一些,但他们很乐观,相信未来会赚到钱的。Politically, they say they#39;re more independent than their predecessors and they#39;re less likely to describe themselves as patriotic than Gen Xers or baby boomers. 从政治上讲,他们觉得自己比上一代人更独立,他们把自己称作爱国者的可能性要比X一代和婴儿潮一代的人小。Millennials are the most racially diverse generation in U.S. history. 千禧一代是美国历史上种族最多样化的一代。Their shared expertise with technology is something that separates them in the U.S. workforce.他们都很精通技术,这使得他们在美国劳动力中显得特别。 /201503/365398Looking to hook up, or maybe even fall in love? These scientifically proven flirting techniques will increase the odds that your seduction attempts succeed.想要结识对方,甚至已经坠入爱河?下面这些经科学明的调情技巧将增加你的诱惑成功的机会。You Will Need你需要Smile微笑Female friends女性朋友Alcohol酒精Conversational skills对话技巧Open-mindedness开明Perspective洞察力Steps步骤STEP 1 Smile!1.微笑If you#39;re a woman with your eye on a particular guy, smile at him. According to research, a man finds a woman who smiles directly at him significantly more attractive than a woman who looks at him without smiling.如果你是女性,看上了一名特别的男孩,向他微笑。根据一项研究,男性认为直接向他微笑的女性比看着他不笑的女性更有吸引力。Body language like hair-flipping and lip-licking can also be effective.拨弄头发和舔嘴唇等身体语言也有效。STEP 2 Get some groupies2.聚集一些狂热追随者If you#39;re a guy on the make, have a few female friends on hand who are willing to beam adoringly at you now and then. One study found that women are likely to find a man more attractive if they see other women smiling at him.如果你是大有希望的男性,在你周围聚集几个愿意不时向你放电的女性朋友。一项研究发现,女性可能认为有其他女性向他微笑的男性更有吸引力。STEP 3 Buy them a drink3.为他们买一杯饮料Buy the object of your desire a drink. The phenomenon known as ;beer goggles; may be scientifically true: in one experiment, people who had been drinking found faces of the opposite sex 25 percent more attractive than their sober counterparts did, because alcohol stimulates the part of the brain we use to determine facial attractiveness.为你倾心的对象购买一杯酒水。“啤酒护目镜”现象从科学上来讲可能是正确的:在一份实验中,正在饮酒的人认为异性有吸引力的可能性比清醒的人高25%。因为酒精会刺激大脑中决定面部吸引力的部分。STEP 4 Make it about them4.对话围绕对方进行Make the conversation all about them -- ask questions, show interest in their answers, use their name, laugh at their jokes, and flatter them. Psychologists who#39;ve studied flirting say if you can make someone feel good about themselves, they#39;ll feel good about you.对话全部围绕对方进行——问他们问题,对他们的表现出兴趣,用他们的名字,对他们的笑话发笑,奉承他们。研究调情的心理学家表示,如果你能让某人自我感觉良好,他们对你的感觉也会很好。STEP 5 Demonstrate open-mindedness5.表现出开明的精神Let them change your mind about something. According to one researcher, people on a date find a person who agrees with them more attractive than a person who disagrees with them, but they find someone who switches positions to agree with them the most attractive of all.让他们改变你对某事的观点。一位研究人员表示,约会的人发现赞同他们观点的人比不赞同他们观点的人更有吸引力,但是他们发现改变自己的立场,赞同他们的人是最有吸引力的。In a study, men who chatted for just 5 minutes with a pretty woman experienced a temporary boost in their testosterone levels immediately after.一项研究发现,与漂亮女性聊天五分钟之后,男性的睾丸素水平就会立即上升。 Article/201501/357289

  After Michael made Off The Wall, and then Thriller,迈克尔发完Off The Wall与Thriller后l knew then that it was like shooting a rocket up to the moon.事业就像是火箭一样的起飞Were you aware of the sales?你知道有多少销售量吗?l pretry much did the album and just sat back and watched.我基本上做完专辑后 就放手让它去了He saw where he wanted to go他清楚自己的目标and he went there.并向那里前进And nobody could stop him.没有人挡得住他He went to a level他所到达的层次that only the vety great have obtained.是少数超级巨星所抵达的He wanted to be the best and he was the best.他想要成为世界第一 就真的成为世界第一God took that little man and he says,神当初一定跟他说#39;Okay now, you take over the music world. #39;去吧 去征音乐界#39;lt now belongs to you. #39;那是属于你的What made him so special他独特的地方is that he was held back是他压抑了许久for so long一直隐藏着that when he was finally released, all of it came out.释放时马上一发不可收拾He just lit the stage on fire.在舞台上造成轰动He stole the show from everybody, including the Jackson 5.他的成就过了一切 包括当初的杰克逊五人组Michael was into his fans.迈克尔很爱他的歌迷To make all these people that happy, it charged him up, it really did.能带给这么多人欢乐是他最大的动力My fondest memoty is the Motown 25.我最喜欢的是《城25周年纪念》We were on that show,我们同台-and he premiered the moonwalk. Wow. -That was something.-而他首次跳月球漫步 -真的很厉害 Article/201509/401029You Will Need你需要Good conversation skills良好的对话技巧Intelligence智慧Liberal political views自由的政治观点Steps步骤STEP 1 Be coy1.腼腆Be coy when you first meet a Gemini you like. They enjoy a little mystery, and become bored by those they can win over too easily.当你初次遇到自己喜欢的双子座时,娇羞一点。他们喜欢有点神秘的感觉,如果太容易得到,他们很快就会厌倦。STEP 2 Invite them on a mystery date2.邀请他们神秘约会Geminis love to be surprised, so tell them that all they need to know about the date is what to wear, and you’ll take care of the rest.双子座喜欢惊喜,所以只告诉他们约会时应该穿什么衣就可以了,其他的事情全部由你来搞定。Geminis tend to be brainiacs, so you can’t go wrong with a date that appeals to the intellect, like a lecture, a book ing, or a political rally.双子座都聪明而勤奋,所以你不能弄错与知识有关的约会,比如讲座,读书会,或者政治集会。STEP 3 Sharpen your conversational skills3.历练对话技巧Sharpen your conversational skills by boning up on current events for your date; Geminis are curious and articulate.专心致志于现在的约会,提高对话技巧;白羊座都很好奇,也很善于表达。STEP 4 Ask their opinion4.询问他们的观点Ask for their opinions. The only thing Geminis love more than hearing themselves talk is spouting opinions and giving advice.询问他们的观点。发表观点和提供意见是除了自言自语之外双子座最喜欢的事情。STEP 5 Be tolerant5.容忍Be tolerant – of both your Gemini love interest and others. Geminis lean toward the left and won’t tolerate narrow-mindedness in a lover.容忍一点,无论是双子座恋人的兴趣还是其他。双子座不容忍恋人狭隘的思想。STEP 6 Stay flexible6.灵活变通Stay flexible. Geminis are free spirits who chafe under restrictions and schedules. Don’t freak if they’re late, or it will be the last time they’ll agree to meet you at all.灵活变通。双子座崇尚自由的精神,在限制和安排的牢笼下他们会愤怒。如果他们迟到的话不要大惊小怪,否则这将是他们和你最后一次见面。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/336385

  This is another ripe one.吃一个熟的Give it a go.尝尝吧Oh you#39;re not kidding. That#39;s quite strong.不试不知道 酒精味还真足Actually the cherry taste has diminished事实上 樱桃味已经变淡了but there is a hint of alcohol.但是有一缕酒精味道This quirk of evolution -the ability to turn sugar into alcohol -这种神奇的转变 糖转化为酒精takes us way back.可以追溯到远古时代But it#39;s what we do today when we harness billions of yeast cells但是如今 我们依靠数十亿的酵母细胞to make their poison for us利用简单的化学原理using a relatively simple piece of chemistry来制造这种;毒药;that we have obsessively reproduced across the planet.全世界都沉迷于酒品制造Once we#39;d tasted alcohol可以说 一旦沾酒it seems there was no going back.一辈子就离不开它了Like Popeye and spinach.就像大力水手吃了菠菜I would see it as part of a ritual yes. Part of my routine.对我来说 喝酒是习惯 日常所需I#39;m in a group everybody#39;s drinking ;Well come and join in!;一群人都在喝酒 他们会招呼我加入If I met a student who didn#39;t drink如果有同学说自己不喝酒I#39;d be like ;Really?!;我会说;不会吧;There#39;s a lot of business that get#39;s done over a glass of wine.好多生意都是酒桌上做成的 Article/201506/382401


  While ramen noodles aren#39;t unhealthy per se, they aren#39;t packed full of vitamins either. But if you#39;re a fan of these cheap, tasty noodles, there are ways to make the meal more balanced.拉面从本质上来说是不健康的,而且也不含有足够的维他命。但是如果你喜欢吃这种便宜又美味的面条,也有办法让拉面的营养更加均衡。You Will Need你需要Ramen noodles拉面A source of protein蛋白质来源Vegetables蔬菜A computer with internet access能上网的电脑Spices, sauces, or stock (optional)香料,沙司或其他存货(可选)Peanuts or cashews (optional)花生或腰果(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Know your facts1.认清事实Read the label on your ramen. These noodles are mostly carbohydrates and fat, so you will want to balance that with protein, vitamins, and minerals.阅读拉面包装上的标签。这些面条的主要成分是碳水化合物和脂肪,所以你必须添加蛋白质,维他命和矿物质来平衡一下。STEP 2 Discard the flavor packet2.丢掉调味包Discard the flavor packet. It contains mostly sodium and is not healthy at all. If you really want the flavor, use one-quarter or less of the seasoning.丢掉包装中的调味包。其中主要含有钠,根本就不健康。如果你想要添加一点味道,可以使用其中四分之一或更少的配料。Replace the ramen seasoning with your own mixture of spices, sauces, or stock.用自己的香料,沙司和其他备货混合物和代替拉面中的配料。STEP 3 Add protein3.添加蛋白质Add a protein source to your ramen dish. Crack an egg into the boiling water for egg drop ramen, or add lean chicken or beef.向拉面中添加一些蛋白质。向烧开的水中敲入一个鸡蛋,做鸡蛋拉面,或者加一些瘦鸡肉或牛肉。Nuts are also a good source of protein. Stir peanuts or cashews into your noodles.坚果也是优质的蛋白质来源。向面条中加入花生或腰果。STEP 4 Add vegetables4.添加蔬菜Add nutrients to your ramen by mixing in vegetables. Broccoli and carrots are chock full of vitamins, but any mix of fresh or cooked vegetables will do the trick.混入一些蔬菜,为拉面增加营养。西兰花和胡萝卜都含有丰富的维他命,但是任何新鲜的或煮好的蔬菜混合物都可以。STEP 5 Cook and mix5.烹煮混合物Cook your noodles and additional ingredients, mix everything together, season, and serve.将面条和额外的成分烹煮,混合,加调料,享用。STEP 6 Check online6.上网查看Check online for more ramen recipes. The possibilities are endless.上网查看更多拉面食谱。拉面的做法是无穷无尽的。If you stretched out all the noodles in a package of ramen to form a straight line, it would be about 167 feet long.如果你把一包拉面中所有面条接成一条直线,可能有167英尺长。 /201411/343885

  TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373021

  Which brings us back to our pepper pot which, you will remember, is in the shape of a high-born Roman matron.我们再来看看这个贵妇造型的胡椒瓶。With her right forefinger she points to a scroll, and she holds this very proudly, rather like a graduate showing off a degree scroll in a graduation photograph.这位夫人的人手骄傲地握着一卷纸,右手的食指 搭在上面,造型很像一个在毕业照中自豪地展示书的学生。And it#39;s this that tells us that this woman is not only from a wealthy family, but that she is also highly educated.这告诉我们,这位女性不仅出身高贵,而且接受过良好的教育。There#39;s no doubt that this lady#39;s lunches would have had a very literary flavour.毫无疑问,这位女士有着厚重的文化底蕴。Although Roman women were not allowed to practice professions such as the law or politics, they were taught to be accomplished in the arts.罗马女性不能参与法律、政治等领域,但在艺术方面的课程却很多。And so singing, playing musical instruments, ing, writing and drawing were all accomplishments expected of a well-bred lady.成为一名淑女需要精通歌唱、弹奏、读写及绘画。虽然不能公开露面工作,And while a woman like this could not have held public office, she would certainly have been in a position to exercise real power.但一名这样的女性必然也发挥着相当的影响力。We don#39;t know who the woman on the pepper pot was, but there are clues to be found on other objects from the Hoxne hoard-a gold bracelet is inscribed UTERE FELIX DOMINA IULIANE,从胡椒瓶上我们无法确认这位女性的身份,但宝藏里的其他东西留下了一些线索。 一只金镯上刻着 “UTERE FELIX DOMINAJULIANE”,meaning #39;Use this happily Lady Juliane.意为愿它带给你快乐,朱利安女士。We will never know if the Lady Juliane is the lady on our pepper pot, but she may well have been its owner.虽然她未必是胡椒瓶上的那位贵妇,却一定是胡椒瓶的主人。Another name, Aurelius Ursicinus, is found on several of the other objects-could this perhaps have been Juliane#39;s husband?另有数件物品镌着奥列里乌斯乌尔西努斯的名字,他会是朱利安的丈夫吗?All the objects are small but extremely precious.这些物品的体积都不大,但价值极高。This was the mobile wealth of a rich Roman family-and it#39;s precisely this type of person who is in danger when a state fails.它们一定曾是一个罗马富裕家庭的财产,在政权崩塌之时,他们所受的冲击最大。There were no Swiss bank accounts in the ancient world-the only thing to do with your wealth in time of danger was to bury it, and hope that you lived to come back and find it.古代世界没有瑞士账户,只能将财宝都埋藏起来,希望日后有归来挖宝的机会。 Article/201503/362199

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