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Arabs take a great leap forward In Astronomy, Engineering, Medicine.阿拉伯人在天文学 工程学 以及医药学上实现跨越性发展They create Algebra and Simplify Math,它们用数字0到9With the numbers zero to nine,Still known as Arabic Numerals.也叫做阿拉伯数字 创造了代数学和简易数学Ibn Firnas is fascinated by the laws of flight伊本·弗纳斯沉迷于飞行规律And has built his own flying machine.他建造了自己的飞行器What an extraordinary thing to try to do.这是一个多么伟大的尝试This crazy guy was willing to jump off a building这个疯家伙想要从一栋建筑物上跳下to improve the state of human knowledge.为人类认知水平做出贡献;By guiding these wings up and down, I will fly.;靠控制这翅膀的震动 我会飞起来;If all goes well, after soaring for a time,如果一切顺利 在飞行一段时间后;I will return safely.;我会安全返航Accounts at the time report:;He attached a couple of wings to his body,;历史文献记载道:他在身上安了一对翅膀;And from a great height flung himself into the air.从一个高建筑上俯冲直下;He flew a considerable distance,;As if he had been a bird.;他飞了相当长的一段距离 就像一只小鸟But without a tail, he can#39;t control his descent.但由于没有尾巴 他无法控制自己的降落 Article/201511/408452。

栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。 Article/201510/398996。

The British wars began here, in St Giles#39;s Cathedral, Edinburgh,on the morning of July 23rd, 1637,1637年7月23日清晨 英国内战正式在爱丁堡的圣吉尔大教堂打响and the first missiles that were launched were not cannonballs,they were footstools.但第一波攻击并非是威力惊人的加农炮 相反 仅仅是一些脚凳They were launched straight down the nave,and their targets were the dean and bishop of the cathedral.它们被直接扔进教堂中殿 而它们的目标则是教堂的主任牧师和主教The right reverends had just started to from a royally authorised new prayer book,牧师和主教们正准备 朗读新的皇家授权的祈祷书and it was this attempt to from the liturgy which had triggered a deafening outburst of shouting and wailing,就仅仅是准备朗读的仪式 就已经使教堂内民众发出了 震聋发聩的哭喊与哀号especially from the many women gathered in the church.特别是激怒了聚集在教堂中的女性The prayer book riots, though, were just the fuse.但对祈祷书的反对浪潮 仅仅是一根导火索What those who lit it wanted was to blow up the bishops and the whole royal church establishment in Scotland.而点燃这条导火索的人 目的在于 撼动主教以及苏格兰皇家教会体系的根基On February 28th, 1638,a national covenant was signed in a four-hour ceremony1638年2月28日 在长达四小时 伴随着布道和圣歌的仪式上along with sermons and psalms exhorting the godly to be the new Israel.勉励着虔诚的人创造新的乐园 同时签署了公约The next day, the covenant was brought here to the open churchyard at Greyfriars,第二天 他们将公约带至 格雷弗赖斯的露天教堂墓地之中where hordes of ordinary Scots added their signature.在那里很多苏格兰人也共同签署了公约Copies were made and distributed the length and bth of Scotland.很快 公约的副本 就被分发到了苏格兰的大街小巷 /201703/497043。

当海洋生物学家查尔斯 安得森在马尔代夫生活和工作期间,他注意到在每年的特定时候,大量的蜻蜓就会突然出现。他讲述了他是如何仔细跟踪一种名叫全球点水蜻蜓的很不起眼的蜻蜓的行迹,却不料发现它是世界上所有昆虫中迁徙旅程最长的。 Article/201503/362142。

【新闻精讲】The sharing economy was hardly inspired by the needs of the rich. But in some ways it suits them perfectly. The whole idea depends on people having spare assets that they are willing to rent out to total strangers. Who has more idle assets than the super-rich? And who loves extra income more than people who have spent their lives accumulating money?分享经济并非由富人的需求所催生,但在某些方面,这一经济模式却完全贴合其需求。这一模式的整体理念是基于人们拥有空闲资产且愿意出租给陌生人。谁能比超级富豪拥有更多闲置资产?谁又会比这些终生金钱挂帅的人更爱额外收入?suit v.适合spare adj.空闲的idle adj.空闲的accumulate v.积累On the other side of the market, bustling plutocrats are an ever-present source of demand for temporary accommodation and bursts of luxury. The system can even have a strange public-relations benefit. A wealthy boss who makes use of NetJets won’t need to explain to his shareholders why he bought a jet, even as he treats the one he flies on as though it were his own.在市场的另一边,在商界忙碌的小富豪们对临时租用住所和时不时的豪奢生活总有需求。分享经济甚至能带来一种奇特的公关效益。豪阔的老板们可以通过NetJets享用如同自有私人飞机的务,而无须向股东解释为何斥资购买私人飞机。bustling adj.繁忙的- bustle v.忙碌plutocrat n.富豪- plutocracy 财阀统治accommodation n.住宿burst n.爆发- a burst of speed- the burst of a bubbleUber, a ride-hailing firm, and Airbnb, an accommodation-sharing service, are prominent in the luxury market as well as the mass market. Uber offers yacht trips in Dubai (UberYacht) and helicopter commutes in S#227;o Paulo (UberCopter). Airbnb does a booming trade in luxury apartments in London, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. There are providers in almost every cranny of the luxury landscape.网约车公司优步及住宿分享务公司Airbnb除了在大众市场大行其道,在奢侈品市场的务也很突出。优步在迪拜提供游艇旅行务(优步游艇),在圣保罗推出直升机接送务(优步直升机)。Airbnb在伦敦、香港、加勒比海的豪华公寓业务兴旺。富豪生活的方方面面几乎都有公司在提供务。hail v.呼叫- hail a taxi- ride-hailing 一键叫车 (a person who hails a car and is immediately picked up and driven to their destination for a time and distance-based fee.accomodation n.住宿commute n./v.通勤往返booming adj.繁荣增长的cranny n.缝隙landscape n.地形,领域GetMyBoat, a San Francisco-based company, gives customers access to motorboats, luxury houseboats, yachts and jet skis in 7,100 places around the world. Stratajet sells tickets on empty legs on private jets for the price of a business-class ticket or even less. Staller, which describes itself as the “Airbnb for horses”, helps horse-owners rent stalls near equestrian competitions. A home-sharing club called ThirdHome.com allows people with just a couple of homes to live as if they have a dozen.总部位于旧金山的GetMyBoat在全球7,100个地方向顾客出租托艇、豪华船屋、游艇及水上托。Stratajet以等同甚至低于商务舱的票价出售私人飞机的空驶航段机票。Staller自称是“务马匹的Airbnb”,帮助马主在马术竞赛场地附近租借马厩。名为“ThirdHome.com”的房屋共享俱乐部让仅拥有三两套房子的人们像是十多套房子的主人那样到处旅行居住。empty leg 空腿/空驶包机 (因客户“单程包机”产生“空驶包机”机会)stall n.马厩equestrian adj.马术的The same constraints that affect the wider sharing economy—NIMBY pressure groups who put their interests above the common good and regulators who fail to adapt to new technology—find echoes in the luxury market. With its helicopter service from Manhattan to the Hamptons, Blade has immeasurably improved the life of those New Yorkers who weekend on Long Island. That hasn’t prevented curmudgeons in Battery Park and Brooklyn Heights from complaining about the occasional whump-whump-whump over their heads.但奢侈市场同样面临更大范围共享经济所面对的制约——将自己利益置于大众利益之上的邻避压力群体及无法适应新技术的监管者。Blade提供从曼哈顿到汉普顿的直升机务,大大方便了到长岛度周末的纽约人,但无法阻止炮台公园和布鲁克林高地的倔老头们抱怨头顶偶尔出现的直升机轰鸣声。constraint n.限制NIMBY 邻避症 反对 (an acronym for the phrase ;Not In My Back Yard;)echo n.共鸣immeasurably adv.无限制地weekend v.度过周末- The family weekends in Beijing.curmudgeon n.坏脾气的人occasional adj.偶尔的whump-whump-whump n.轰隆声 Article/201703/498338。

栏目简介:Two university canteens in Shanghai have started offering street food, including crayfish and barbecued items until late at night. School officials say they want to offer students a healthy and affordable alternative to eating at nearby unlicensed street food stalls. Our reporter Song Wenjing takes a look. Article/201703/492629。

Hey guys, welcome to Off the Great Wall. I#39;m Dan.嗨,大家,欢迎来到 Off The Great Wall。我是 Dan。And I#39;m Yi.而我是 Yi。We told you guys about the legend of Chang#39;e, the Lady of the Moon before. And a lot of you guys asked us about her companion, the Jade Rabbit, and how it came to be. So, here it is.我们之前告诉过你们嫦娥的传说,那个月亮上的女人。然后你们之中许多人询问我们关于她的同伴,玉兔,以及它是怎么成为玉兔的。所以,这不就来了。A long time ago in ancient China, there was a god called Wu Gang. Wu Gang#39;s job in the heavens was to create divine medicine. And the most common of which was the pill of immortality, which all immortals have to take every thousand years to remain immortal. During a trip to Earth, Wu Gang gave a few pills of immortality to humans. Because of this, the Jade Emperor was furious, and punished Wu Gang by making him cut down a massive tree. There was a twist though. The tree was a magical laurel tree, and whatever Wu Gang cut from the tree, it would just grow right back. Thus Wu Gang was condemned to cut this tree for all of eternity.很久很久以前在古代中国,有一位叫吴刚的神。吴刚在天庭的工作是制作仙药。其中最常见的就是长生不老药,那种药所有神祇每千年都必须吃来保持长生不老。在一趟去凡间的旅程中,吴刚将几粒长生药丸给了人类。因此,玉皇大帝勃然大怒,并藉着让他砍一棵巨大的树来处罚吴刚。但这之中却有个花招。这棵树是一颗有魔力的桂树,无论吴刚从树上砍下什么东西,它都会就立刻长回。因此吴刚被判砍这棵树直到永远。The Jade Emperor needed someone else to man Wu Gang#39;s post as divine medicine maker. He wanted to find someone who was trustworthy, responsible, and extremely honest. The Jade Emperor thought that humans are too smart and easily corrupted. So he decided to choose an animal for the job, and sent three divine beings down to Earth to take on the task of finding such an animal.玉皇大帝需要另一个人来担任吴刚作为仙药制造者的职位。他想找一个值得信赖、负责任,并且全然老实的人。玉皇大帝觉得人类太过聪明而且容易堕落。所以他决定选一只动物负责这工作,并派三位神仙下凡人间执行寻找这种动物的任务。These three divine beings decided to conduct the search in a forest. They transformed themselves into three old men and sat in the middle of the forest and begged in a loud voice. ;Please, help us. We are lost and have not eaten anything for three days. We are too weak to move, so please bring us some food.; Many animals heard their cries and rushed to see what was happening.这三位神仙决定在一个森林进行搜寻。他们把自己变成三个老人坐在森林中央然后大声请求。「拜托,帮帮我们。我们迷路了而且已经三天没吃任何东西。我们太虚弱无法移动,所以请带给我们一些食物。」许多动物听到他们的叫喊,并匆匆跑去看发生什么事。Three animals, in particular—the fox, the monkey, and the rabbit—were most sympathetic, and went into the forest to search for food for the men. The fox found some cassava, the monkey found some fruits, only the rabbit did not find any food even though it searched throughout the forest. When the rabbit came back to the old men and saw them eating the fruits and cassava, it felt very bad that it did not find them any food. So, the rabbit jumped into the fire to sacrifice itself, so the old men could eat it.特别有三只动物──狐狸、猴子和兔子──最富同情心,于是它们跑进森林寻找食物给老人们。狐狸找到些树薯、猴子找到些水果,只有兔子没找到任何食物,即使它搜遍了森林。当兔子返回老人们身边,并看到他们吃着水果和树薯时,它感到很抱歉因为它没给他们找到任何食物。于是,兔子跃入火推牺牲自己,这样老人就可以吃它了。Oh my God! So the rabbit committed suicide?我的天!所以兔子自杀了?Rabbit suicided.兔子自杀了。Oh my God! It#39;s so selfless of it.天啊!它太无私了。This is definitely not a children#39;s selflessness. No, it#39;s not.这绝对不是一种儿戏的无私。不,这不是。So anyways, the three divine beings were so touched by the rabbit#39;s selflessness that they decided to bring it back to heaven. The Jade Emperor heard about the rabbit#39;s actions and was convinced that he had found his next divine medicine maker. The rabbit worked very hard to learn how to create divine medicine, and soon mastered the skills, making the emperor so happy that he decided to make the rabbit fur snow white with a dazzling heavenly glow. The rabbit fur was so white and smooth, just like precious jade, which is why other divine beings started to call the rabbit the Jade Rabbit.总之无论如何,三位神仙深受兔子的无私感动,于是他们决定将它带回天庭。玉皇大帝听到兔子的举动,并确信他已找到他的下一任仙药制造者。兔子非常努力地学习如何制造仙药,且不久就掌握技巧,这使玉帝十分喜悦,并决定使兔子的毛变得雪白,且有着耀眼的神圣光辉。兔子的毛皮如此雪白滑顺,就像珍贵的玉,这就是为何其他神仙开始叫兔子「玉兔」。I thought jade was supposed to be green.我以为玉应该要是绿色的。No. But there is such thing as bai-yu, which is white jade as well.不。但是有种东西是白玉,也就是白色的玉。You know. Never...never...never seen white jade.你知道。从...从...从来也没见过白玉。Well, it exists.好吧,但它真的存在。One day, the Queen Mother of the West King looking for the Jade Rabbit and asked for a few extra pills of immortality. The Jade Rabbit told the Queen Mother that each immortal can only receive one pill every thousand years, and the Jade Emperor forbad any additional pill be given. The Queen Mother was very upset and said, ;What are you afraid of? You think that I will give these pills to mortals?; The Jade Rabbit did not dare to refuse the Queen Mother and gave her the extra pills. A short time later, the Jade Rabbit heard that the Queen Mother gave the pills to Houyi, who was a mortal, and was afraid that trouble will soon befallen.有一天,西王母娘娘去找玉兔,并要求更多长生不老药。玉兔告诉王母娘娘每位神每千年才能得到一颗药丸,而且玉皇大帝禁止任何额外的药丸被分送出去。王母娘娘十分生气,并说:「你在怕什么?你是觉得我会把这些药丸给凡人吗?」玉兔不敢拒绝王母娘娘,给了她额外的药丸。不久之后,玉兔听到王母娘娘把药丸给了后羿,他是个凡人,就害怕灾难不久会降临。One day, enraged Jade Emperor came to the Jade Rabbit. As the heaven shocked, the Jade Rabbit fell on its knees and confessed that it gave the extra pills to the Queen Mother of the West out of fear, and would therefore accept any punishment the emperor deemed. The Jade Emperor saw that the Jade Rabbit admitted its mistake, so he asked the rabbit to determine a fitting punishment for itself.一天,震怒的玉皇大帝来到玉兔那。当天庭震动,玉兔双膝跪地,并坦承是它出于畏惧给了王母娘娘更多药丸,因此将接受任何玉帝觉得它该受的惩罚。玉皇大帝看玉兔承认自己的过错,于是他就叫玉兔替自己决定一个适合的惩处。The Jade Rabbit thought about this and knew that it was responsible for Chang#39;e, now living in the lonely Moon Palace. So the Jade Rabbit told the emperor that the punishment should be that the Jade Rabbit will also go live in the Moon Palace with Chang#39;e and be lonely forever, and also continue to make medicine. The Jade Emperor thought this was a great idea. And this way, no divine beings can have access to the Jade Rabbit and the pill of immortality.玉兔想想,然后知道它该对嫦娥付出责任,她现在住在凄凉的广寒宫内。于是玉兔告诉玉帝那惩罚应该是,玉兔也会去和嫦娥住在广寒宫,并永远孤寂,但也还是会继续制药。玉皇大帝觉得这是个好主意。如此一来,不会有神仙可以靠近玉兔和长生不老药。So, how did the Jade Rabbit think that it was responsible for Chang#39;e living on the moon? Explain.所以,玉兔怎么会觉得自己该对嫦娥住在月亮上负责?请解释。Well, if you remember, Houyi was the guy who received the immortality pill from the Queen Mother of the West, right? And see, Houyi#39;s wife is Chang#39;e, and Houyi, who received the pill did not actually get to eat it. His wife did. And then, she, you know, flew off onto the moon and lived in the Moon Palace so she#39;s now lonely. And of course, I don#39;t think that the rabbit is responsible, but it really blames itself. So now, it#39;s like the faithful companion of Chang#39;e.嗯,如果你记得,后羿就是从王母娘娘那得到长生不老药的人,对吧?然后你看,后羿的妻子是嫦娥,可后羿,拿到药丸的人其实没能吃到药。是他的老婆吃的。于是她,你知道,就飘到月亮上并住在广寒宫,所以她现在孤孤单单的。但当然,我不觉得兔子有责任,但它真的很内疚。 于是现在,它就像是嫦娥的忠实伙伴。I see. And we see them together all the time now.我懂了。然后我们现在常常看他们在一起。One plus one does equal two.一加一的确等于二。Chinese legends are very much like the Greek legends, if you guys have ever, you know, the Iliad. It#39;s like, ;Wow, this relationship with this, you know, it#39;s really complicated and everyone#39;s related to everybody.;中国传奇和希腊传说十分相似,如果你们曾经,你知道,读过伊里亚德(希腊史诗)。这就像是:「哇,这个和这个的关系,你知道,这真的很複杂而且每个人都和每个人有关连。」Right. So, you know, if you want to check out the story about Houyi and Chang#39;e, you can check out the we aly made, and it#39;ll explain the details in there.是的。所以,你知道,如果你想看看关于后羿与嫦娥的故事,你可以看看我们已经做好的影片,而影片内会说明所有细节。注:由于视频不符合相关规定,本期无视频,敬请谅解! Article/201412/343058。

I want to make a dish with traditional Sichuan flavours.我要做一道具有传统四川风味的菜I#39;m going to call it crispy, fragrant Sichuan sausage.我把这道菜叫做脆香川肠It is about experimenting, I do like to improvise sometimes算是一次尝试吧 我有时就爱即兴创作because that#39;s what I do at home.在家里我经常这样First, I#39;m boiling some of Jenny#39;s aunt#39;s homemade sausages.首先 我煮了一些Jenny姑姑家自制的香肠It is a Chinese cook#39;s dream to have all these ingredients,拥有所有的这些食材是中国厨师的梦想but I#39;m going to use the wood ear mushrooms但我今天要用木耳来做because they#39;ll be lovely and crunchy.它们很可爱而且很脆Texture is always important in Chinese dishes,对于中国菜来说 质地非常重要but if you like, you could use oyster mushrooms instead.不过用平菇来做也是可以的I#39;ve been pointed to these lovely pickled chillies.我选用了这种可爱的泡椒I#39;m going to keep the seeds这些籽我要留着一起炒because I know this family likes their food hot.因为这家人喜欢吃辣嘛These look like spring onions, or scallions,这种菜看起来像葱一样but they#39;re actually suan miao, which is the garlic shoots.其实这是蒜苗 是蒜的嫩枝The sausages should be y after just ten minutes of boiling.香肠煮10分钟就可以了Shape is important, it#39;s all about presentation外形很重要 这关系到整道菜的卖相and also cooking techniques.也跟烹饪技巧息息相关The same applies to vegetables蔬菜也是一样的道理if you cut them on the angle, you expose more surface area,如果你是切斜刀 那么切面就会更大they#39;ll cook a lot quicker in a wok.在锅里也熟得更快In with the garlic, then in with all the sausages.放入蒜 然后是香肠I#39;m going to wok fry the sausages first, so they get a bit crisp.香肠先下锅炸 这样会有酥脆的口感This is what my grandmother would do,这是我奶奶的做法cook the ingredients separately, then bring it all together.先将作料分开烹饪 然后再一起混炒Takes a little bit more time, but hopefully, should be worth it.可能会多花一点时间 但效果不会让人失望I#39;m just going to add the vegetables in now,我现在要下蔬菜了all of them together at the same time.所有的一起下锅You do need to be careful,要小心otherwise you#39;ll set your hair on fire.注意头发别被烧着The cooked vegetables are set aside,做好的蔬菜先放在一边and then, inspired by Jenny#39;s aunt#39;s fish dish,因为受到Jenny姑姑做水煮鱼的启发I#39;m making a kind of hot oil dressing,我在做一种用辣椒酱和花椒based on chilli bean paste and Sichuan flower pepper.制成的香辣油料酱汁Mmm, it#39;s sour, it#39;s spicy, it#39;s hot, it#39;s numbing heat.嗯 酸酸的 香香的 辣辣的 麻麻的So what I#39;m going to do is just throw this all back in the wok,我现在要做的 就是把这些都倒回锅里and toss it all together,所有的东西一起翻炒so that all the flavours are mixed in really well.这样所有的味道都能充分地混合了That is my crispy, fragrant, Sichuan sausage这就是我独家特制的脆香川肠with wood ear mushrooms,配料有木耳garlic shoots and pickled chilli.蒜苗和泡椒And it#39;s so hot,好辣啊it#39;s a numbing heat.嘴都麻了This is a true Sichuan dish, I think,我觉得这应该是正宗的川菜了this will actually blow your head off good.肯定会辣得让人爽翻的I could give some of the fly restaurants a run for their money.我可以把这道菜拿出去推销给街边的小饭馆了 Article/201508/390881。

Headaches are not only painful; they can affect your work performance and zap your energy. Instead of reaching for pain pills, try these natural cures.头痛不仅痛苦,还会影响你的工作表现,消耗你的能量。不要选择止痛片,尝试下面这些天然疗法。You Will Need你需要A washcloth一条毛巾A hot water bottle一个热水瓶A calming environment平静的环境The ability to relax放松的能力Steps步骤STEP 1 Use a cold compress1.使用冷敷法Wet a washcloth in very cold water or place a damp washcloth in the freezer for 10 minutes. Place over your forehead.用非常冷的水把毛巾浸湿,或者把湿润的毛巾放在冰箱中10分钟。把毛巾敷在额头上。Use a few drops of peppermint oil on the cold cloth to speed relief.在湿毛巾上滴几滴薄荷油可以更快起到舒缓效果。STEP 2 Use heat2.热敷Place a very warm washcloth or hot water bottle across your forehead. Place a heating pad across your neck and shoulders to relax tight muscles.在额头上放一条非常暖的毛巾或热水瓶。在脖子和肩膀周围围一条取暖电热毯,放松紧张的肌肉。STEP 3 Massage3.Rub the painful area of your head with gentle, circular pressure for seven to 15 seconds.以轻柔,打圈的动作揉搓头部疼痛的部位,坚持7至15秒钟的时间。STEP 4 Lie quietly4.静静地躺下Lie down in a dark, quiet room and release tension by focusing on relaxing your back, neck, and shoulders.躺在黑暗安静的房间里,集中精力放松背部,脖子和肩膀,缓解紧张情绪。STEP 5 Nap5.小睡Nap for an hour to ;sleep off; the pain.小睡一小时,把疼痛睡走。STEP 6 Eat and drink6.吃喝Eat regular meals and drink lots of water. Hunger and dehydration can cause headaches; getting proper nutrition and fluids can put the odds back in your favor.吃普通的饭菜,大量饮水。饥饿和脱水会导致头痛;补充适当的营养和液体可以让你赶走头痛。Tension, stress, sinus congestion, lack of sleep, caffeine withdrawal, and spinal problems can all cause headaches.紧张,压力,鼻窦充血,缺乏睡眠,咖啡因效果下降和脊髓问题都会导致头痛。 /201501/355219。