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经典句型:And I got a temperature. 我还发烧了。A:Have you got a headache?甲:您头痛吗?B:Yes. And I got a temperature.乙:是的。我还发烧了。A:I think you need a blood test.甲:我想您需要去验血。经典句型:I feel so sick and I feel like going to throw up all the time. 我感觉恶心,总是想吐。A:I feel so sick and I feel like going to throw up all the time.甲:我感觉恶心,总是想吐。B:Have you eaten something bad?乙:您是不是吃了什么不干净的东西?A:Im not sure.甲:我也不清楚。B:Have you got a bad stomach?乙:您胃疼吗?A:No. I havent got a stomachache.甲:不,我胃不疼。句型讲解:feel like意思疋感见如何、想要,后面要接“动词+ing”的形式。如:I feel like fainting now.我感觉要昏倒了。 /201408/323090。

第四篇 外出旅游在机场1. 词组句型切断, 关掉switch off, turn offsentence patterns:Dont switch off the TV now.In some countries, the mobile phone is asked to switch off when a driver drives a car.Please turn off the mobile phone, because you are in class.行李baggage, luggagesentence patterns:This time I carry six pieces of luggage.Do you want to take some baggage?费fee, tuition, fare, expensesentence patterns:If you want to join in, you must pay the entrance fee.Our tuition is five thousand four hundred yuan one year.What is the bus fare to Beijing?In the vacation, the students can travel at a half fare.He heired a car, regardless and expense.订票book, make a reservationsentence patterns:Did you book a ticket before?During this busy time, you should make a reservation.机票a first-class ticket, an open return ticket, a one-way ticketsentence patterns:Yesterday he booked a first-class ticket.To save money, he booked an open return ticket.Do you want to book a one-way ticket? /201207/192627。

晚上告别Good night. Night.晚安。A:Good night.晚安。B:Good night.晚安。Good night. See you tomorrow.晚安,明天见。Good night. Ill see you tomorrow morning.晚安,明早见Good night. See you in the office.晚安,公司见。Guess I should get going. Good night.我想我该走了。晚安。Well, have to go. Good night.我得走了。晚安。本句省略了主语“I”还原成原句应该是;l guess I should get going.;。;guess;在这里意思是“想,认为”。Good night. Have a nice time.Good night. Have a good time.Good night. Enjoy yourself.晚安,祝你玩得愉快。A: Good night. Have a nice time.晚安,祝你玩得愉快。B:Thanks. Im sure I will.谢谢,我一定会的。Oh, God, its late. Ive got to go.啊,这么晚了,我得走了。A: Oh, God, its late. Ive got to go.啊,这么晚了,我得走了。B: Remember me to your parents. Hope to see them soon.替我向你父母问好。希望不久能见到他们。remember me to“代我向…问好” ;have got to;是;have to;的口语表达方式。 /201412/347662。

同意It sure is.=Sure的确如此。A: This city is really comfortable to live in.在这个城市生活很舒适。B:It sure is.的确如此。I think so.I believe so.I suppose so.我也这样认为。A:The girl is quite cute.这个女孩很可爱。B:I think so.我也这样认为。suppose v.认为,猜想I agree.我同意。I agree with you.我同意你。I am for it.我赞同你。A: We should go now. The time is too limited.我们得走了。时间太紧了。B:I agree.我同意。I couldnt agree more.我非常同意。A: We need more practice.我们需要更多的实践。B:l couldnt agree more.我非常同意。I agree with you on this point. Im with you there.在这一点上我同意你的看法。agree with sb.“同意某人的观点、看法”I certainly agree on this opinion.我当然同意这个观点。A:The film is moving.电影很感人。B: I certainly agree on this opinion.我当然同意这个观点。I agree totally.我完全同意。Im all for it.我十分赞同你。Thats just what I was going to say.那正是我想说的。Thats exactly what I had in mind.这正是我所想的。Thats fine with me.我觉得那样很好。Sounds like a good idea.听起来不错。A: How about going to the cinema?去看电影怎么样?B:Thats tine with me.我觉得那样很好。I guess youre right.没错儿。A: I think shes a nice woman.我认为她人很好。B:I guess youre right.没错儿。Thats exactly my own idea.Im of exactly the same idea.那正是我的想法。Great!很好!A: How about this suggestion?这个建议怎么样?B:Great!很好!What a good idea!好主意!Thats a wonderful idea!这个主意好极了!I suppose thats true.我认为这是正确的。A: Dont you think husbands should obey their wives?像不认为丈夫应该听从妻子的吗?B: I suppose thats true, or there wont be peace at home.我认为这是正确的,不然家里难有安宁。obey v.从,顺从Exactly.的确是这样。A:A nice weather!天气不错B:Exactly.的确是这样。肯定对方说的话时使用。I think it will work.我觉得这行得通。I think its all right.我觉得这样可以。Its my feeling that shes made the right decision.我觉得她的决定是对的。A: What do you think of Janes choice?你觉得简的选择怎么样?B: Its my feeling that shes made the right decision.我觉得她的决定是对的。Thats fair.那就行了。A: How about my doing the dishes next time?下次我洗碗怎么样?B:Thats fair.那就行了。I cant object to it.I dont have any objection to it.我无任何异议。No problem here.这儿没问题。object to“反对”objection n. 反对,异议I really feel for you.我与你想法一样。I see what you mean.我了解你的意思。 /201501/352441。

主持人Mike Bond和杨琳带你走进他们幽默搞怪的日常生活,带你边玩边学地道美语!今天献上2012年年终大戏!“美语好声音”精才艺PK!1. Be cut out for 有做某事的天赋;2. Behind the scenes 在幕后;3. Walk all over someone 随便欺负人;4. without further ado 废话少说;5. Tomorrow is another day. 明天一切都会好起来;6. Hold your horses 别着急内容来自: /201310/257375。

第二篇 求职与工作个人情况1. 词组句型姓名surname, full name, namesentence patterns:whats your surname?my surname is Yu.may i have your family name?his full name is John Henry Smith.her teachers name is Wang Hong.my brothers english name is Mark.近视near-sighted, short-sightedsentence patterns:im near-sighted.im too near-sighted to see the far distance.he has been short-sighted.he is short-sighted person.高tall, highsentence patterns:she is a tall girl.their home is near a high building.在心理上at heart, in spiritsentence patterns:she is a country girl at heart.he is young at heart.i shall be with you in spirit.甜的食物sweet, sweets, have a sweet toothsentence patterns:i like sweet food.he likes sweets.i have a sweet tooth. /201207/190199。

JESSICA在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:抢风头。YR:Hey Jessica!! 你听说那个大新闻了么?JESSICA:What? What happened?YR:就是上礼拜话剧社的演出啊! Anna完全不顾原来话剧的剧本,使劲抢戏,女主角的风头全被她抢去了! 听说她们俩在后台因此大吵了一架! 对了,这个“抢风头”用美语要怎么说啊?JESSICA:Hmm...抢风头就是“steal someones thunder;. Steal is spelled s-t-e-a-l; and thunder, t-h-u-n-d-e-r, thunder. Basically, steal someones thunder means to do something that takes attention away from what someone else has done.YR:没错! Anna 把本来属於女主角的戏份都抢去了,She totally stole her thunder! 现在学校里人人都在说这事儿。JESSICA:Ha! I think Anna is getting her 15 minutes of fame here!YR:15 minutes of fame? 出名15分钟?.....这是什么意思?JESSICA:15 minutes of fame means that shes only famous for a very short period of time.YR:哦...我明白了,这也就是短暂出名的意思吧! 就像上回电视真人秀单身女郎里的女主角,那会儿人人都在谈论她,现在节目结束了,她也就销声匿迹了。JESSICA:Yep! Reality shows definitely give a lot of people a chance to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame!YR:嗯,没错! 听说Anna原来都没被选进剧本,可后来她就一直巴结男主角Andy,这么才慢慢得到角色的!JESSICA:Hmm. Sounds like shes riding on Andys coattails! Coattail is spelled c-o-a-t-t-a-i-l, coattail. To ride on someones coattails means to use someone elses success to get ahead.YR:哦,就是趋炎附势的意思喽! So, Anna would not get a role in the drama without riding on the leading mans coattails! 这么说对吗?JESSICA:Exactly! Now tell me what youve learned today!YR:第一:抢风头是steal someones thunder.第二,短暂出名可以说15 minutes of fame ;第三:趋颜附势叫ride on someones coattails! /201306/242850。

Todd: OK, Devon, Ive been putting on a few pounds and youre quite a lean fit guy.好的,戴文。我最近长了几斤,而你看上去苗条又健康。Devon: Well, thank you.谢谢。Todd: What do you recommend? What can I do to lose weight?你的建议是什么?我怎样才能减肥呢?Devon: Well, I exercise a lot. I go running at least three times a week. But more than that I enjoy playing sports and so different sports use different muscles and all of it helps to lose that weight that you might have gained.我经常运动。我一周至少跑步三次。除了这点我还喜欢其他运动,不同的运动会锻炼不同的肌肉,这些运动都会帮助你减掉多余的重量。Todd: Yeah, well, actually, one of the problems is that I actually exercise a lot.好的,问题是,实际上我经常运动。Devon: Do ya?真的吗?Todd: Yeah, so maybe its my diet.是的,也许是我的食谱有问题。Devon: It could be and so in that case you might want to eat something perhaps more nutritious or maybe even less of what you do eat. Maybe, I eat three meals a day and I try not to snack in between. No potato chips. No popcorn. No candy bars.有可能,如果是这样,你应该吃些高蛋白的食物,并减少食物摄取的总量。我每天吃三顿饭,并且努力在餐食间拒绝零食。不吃薯条,爆米花,也不吃糖果。Todd: Thats pretty tough!这很难做到!Devon: It is tough but......Well, I must admit that I cheat every once in awhile but...确实很难,但我必须承认我也许骗得了一时,但……Todd: Ok, Ill give it a try....but actually, you see my problem is that I like junk food. So I have to choose: either I eat less or I eat a better diet. What do you think is more important?好的,我会努力尝试的……但实际上,我的问题是我喜欢垃圾食品。所以我必须选择:是吃少点儿,还是吃得更好点儿。你认为哪条更重要?Devon: I think that if you are exercizing then you should just eat what you want and eat less.我认为如果你最近在运动,那么最好吃想吃的食物,但是要减少量。Todd: Eat less. OK. This is going to be tough!少吃点儿。好的,这会很有难度!Devon: Well, I have no dought that you will do the best that you can.我毫不怀疑你会做到最好。Todd: Alright! Thanks a lot Devon.好的,谢谢你,戴文。注:译文属原创,,。 /201209/199021。