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The -year-old songstress was the sexy siren once again as she permed her set of songs at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Monday.星期一,岁的泰勒·斯威夫特在新加坡室内体育馆举行了演唱会,一连几首劲歌嗨翻全场,再一次让全场歌迷见识到她独特的魅力The seven-time Grammy winner didnt miss a beat, taking up an electric guitar to play a few notes the crowd alongside her lead guitarist.这位7次格莱美奖的获得者不仅只是唱歌,还总是即兴参与弹奏,抱着电吉他走到吉他手那里弹上几个音符Taylor changed at one point into a lacy black dress and knee-high boots to perm a song at her grand piano.弹奏钢琴时,她换上了一条花边黑色长裙和一双长靴She threw her head back and let her hair fall back as she hammered the piano keys enthusiastically.她一边向后甩动她的秀发,一边富有地重重地弹奏钢琴键,整首歌演唱得很有感觉Taylor pulled another quick change, this time showing off her lithe figure in a pair of red shorts and clingy blue top.在几首歌之后泰勒又换上了另外一套演出,这一次她穿着一条红色热裤,上面搭配着蓝色紧身衣,好身材一览无余The superstar permed songs including State Of Grace, Red, Teardrops On My Guitar, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.当天这位超级明星一连演唱了首歌,包括:《State Of Grace《Red《Teardrops On My Guitar《I Knew You Were Trouble《We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 3798。

Reboots, remakes, and long awaited sequels lean heavy on nostalgia. It not uncommon to see a few winks and nods from the filmmaker that acknowledge the first movie, and the things fans loved about it. So we werent surprised when we noticed a few of those moments in Jurassic World — but then we kept noticing them... and noticing them.重拍、翻拍,还有期待已久的续集很大程度上都打怀旧牌在影片中看到导演向前作致敬的片段也很正常,影迷们也很喜欢这些部分所以,我们在《侏罗纪世界中看到一些与前作类似的镜头也就不奇怪了而且,这些镜头还不少呢1. Opening on the Egg以龙蛋作为第一个镜头Jurassic World hints at the horrors to come in its opening scene by showing us an egg much like the one John Hammond marveled at in Jurassic Park. While Hammond was watching a Velociraptor hatch, cooing and awwing over a born killer, this time we see our new monster break through its thin shell and behold the world the first time as horror movie music swells in the background.《侏罗纪世界中一开始向我们展示的龙蛋就跟《侏罗纪公园里约翰·哈默德所遇到的龙蛋一样,暗示了随之而来的惊恐《侏罗纪公园中,哈默德是看着伶盗龙孵化、牙牙学步最后成长为一名天生的杀手,这一次在《侏罗纪世界中,我们看到的是一只新的小怪兽自己破壳而出,第一次看到整个世界,而这时响起恐怖电影标配的背景音乐. The Family Comes to Visit家庭成员来访In the first movie, we watched as John Hammond grandchildren, Tim and Lex, made their way through the park. This time we follow two brothers, Zach and Gray, who are visiting Jurassic World to see their aunt, Operations Manager Claire Dearing.在《侏罗纪公园1中,我们看到的是约翰·哈蒙德的孙子:提姆和莱克斯穿过公园的画面这一次,我们看到的是两兄弟,扎克和格雷来到侏罗纪世界拜访他们的阿姨——营运经理克莱尔·狄琳3. A Familiar Gate熟悉的大门The second and third Jurassic movies were set on Isla Sorna, aka Site B, so Jurassic World is the first movie set on Isla Nublar since Jurassic Park.《侏罗纪公园系列的第二和第三部是发生在索纳岛,而《侏罗纪世界则是头一回设定在努布拉岛A lot has changed on Nublar since Hammond dino park scheme imploded in chaos, but the gates still look the same. A tour guide in Jurassic World inms us early on that they used wood from the original gate when crafting the new version, and they kept it the same style, too.自从哈蒙德的恐龙主题公园在混乱中爆炸后,努布拉岛发生了很大的变化,但是大门看起来基本没变侏罗纪世界的一个导游告诉我们,在制作新的大门时,有从原来的大门上取木材,并且保持与原来的大门相同的风格. Dr. Henry Wu Is Back亨利·吴士回来了The only actor in Jurassic World who was in any of the previous movies is B.D. Wong, who reprises his Jurassic Park character, Dr. Henry Wu, in Jurassic World. This time he taken his geneticist role much farther, helping to create the new hybrid Indominus Rex.黄荣亮此前在《侏罗纪公园所有系列片中均有出演,这一次《侏罗纪世界中回归的只有他一个,他所饰演的角色依然是亨利·吴士《侏罗纪世界里他所饰演的遗传学家将创造出一个名为Indominus Rex(变种霸王龙,新型转基因恐龙))的恐龙新物种5. Mr. DNA Is Back! (And He Played by the Director)DNA先生回来了(由导演所饰)Mr. DNA is the little animated character who, in the first movie, helped explain how scientists cloned all those dinosaurs. Well he makes his way back into Jurassic World, only this time he included in a holographic display, and played by none other than director Colin Trevorrow.DNA先生是一个动画人物,在第一部影片中,他帮忙解释科学家是如何克隆恐龙的而这一次在《侏罗纪世界中,DNA先生是全息拍摄,并由导演科林·特莱沃扮演6.Dino-Snot Is Still Good a Laugh恐龙打喷嚏依然是一个笑点In Jurassic Park we laughed as Lex got hit with the full brutal ce of a brachiosaurus sneeze. In Jurassic World we laugh as some hapless kid at the dino petting zoo learns not to get too close to that blowhole.《侏罗纪公园中,看到莱克斯被蜿龙打喷嚏所释放的力量击倒时,我们大笑不止《侏罗纪世界里看到恐龙宠物园里的一些倒霉小孩吃了亏认识到不能太靠近恐龙的鼻子时,我们也同样放声大笑7.And Some Familiar Equipment一些眼熟的设备After a brief search of the place, Zach and Gray find an old Jurassic Park maintenance garage complete with the jeeps from the first movie, and a pair of night vision goggles like Tim and Lex played with in Jurassic Park.一番短暂的搜索之后,扎克和格雷找到了老侏罗纪公园维修车库里的吉普车,这车在第一部影片中有出现过,同时还有提姆和莱克斯在侏罗纪公园里摆玩过的一副夜视镜8.They Use a Flare to Get the T-Rex Attention都用燃烧棒吸引霸王龙的注意When we first see the Tyrannosaurus rex in Jurassic World, it being fed a goat (just like in the first movie) with a flare next to it. Later, when Claire wants to lure the T-Rex out of its enclosure and into a fight with Indominus Rex, she uses a one of the same flares. In Jurassic Park, Dr. Grant got the T-Rex to look his way with a flare as well.霸王龙在《侏罗纪世界首次露面时,正在被喂食一只山羊(跟第一部里一样),旁边有一只燃烧棒后来,克莱尔想要把霸王龙从围栏中引出来去跟暴虐霸王龙交锋时,用的也是燃烧棒在《侏罗纪公园中,格兰特士也是用燃烧棒吸引霸王龙9.The Same Ending同样的结局Jurassic Park and Jurassic World essentially end the same way: The humans evacuate Isla Nublar, leaving it to the dinosaurs to rule.《侏罗纪公园和《侏罗纪世界的结局都一样:人类最终逃离了努布拉岛,将岛交由恐龙来统治 3851。

买下;林书豪;两项商标究竟有多大的商业价值?据美国福布斯杂志评估,仅;林书豪;这个名字的价值就约1亿元人民币Jeremy Lin is going on offense to protect Linsanity.林书豪本人加入;Linsanity;商标争夺战The Knicks sensation this week applied trademark rights to Linsanity, The Huffington Post learned late Friday after obtaining his application. One of Lin attorneys confirmed it. ;Were prepared to protect his intellectual property rights,; said Pam Deese at the Washington, D.C., law firm of Arent Fox. She declined to comment further. Lin paid a filing fee of ,65 to cover use of the trademarked term on all manner of apparel, including underwear. In a detailed listing of goods, the filing seeks to protect its use on everything from action figures to beverage sleeves and backpacks.根据《赫芬顿邮报的报道,林书豪的代理律师确认,林书豪已经提出Linsanity商标注册申请,保护属于自己的知识产权根据报道,林书豪共付了5美元的申请费用,来保一定有效期内,对其商标的任何衣饰方面的使用均要受到其法律上的认可在一份更为详细的商标使用清单中,林的申请范围更是从公仔,饮料杯套,到背包图案通通囊括其中,无所不包According to the document, Lin filed his application on Feb. , several days after two Calinia men entered the cash-in derby to trademark Linsanity. But Washington, D.C., trademark attorney Josh Gerben told The Huffington Post that those claims will likely turn into a procedural air ball, costing the two men time and money. Lin move with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office could also jeopardize an online venture of one of the men, Andrew Slayton. By selling ;Linsanity; T-shirts on his Linsanity.com website, Slayton is playing fast and loose with certain protections, Gerben said. He believes the marketing tactics of Slayton and his website potentially violate the trademark rights of the New York Knicks and the publicity rights of Lin, whose sudden success with the Knicks has generated the term Linsanity.其实早在林书豪月日提出商标使用权申请的好几天前,两名加州男子已经分别提出了将 Linsanity注册为商标的申请不过因为一些程序拖沓,二人所花费的时间及金钱可能最终还是竹篮打水一场空另有Linsanity.com的创办人Andrew Slayton靠卖林氏衬衫谋取暴利,网站里卖的衬衫的颜色跟尼克斯队队的颜色也是如出一辙,律师表示该网站可能已经侵犯到了纽约尼克斯队的商标权利和林书豪本人的公共权利。

The couple reportedly married in a private ceremony attended by family and friends. Pitt and Jolie obtained a marriage license from a local Calinia judge, who also conducted the ceremony in France.布拉德·皮特和安吉丽娜·朱莉从一名加州当地法官那里拿到结婚许可,并在法国举办了一个只有家人和朋友参加的私人婚礼Pitt and Jolie six children were also in the wedding. Jolie walked the aisle with her eldest sons Maddox, , and Pax, . Zahara, 9, and Vivienne, 6, threw flower petals while Shiloh, 8, and Knox, 6, served as ring bearers.皮特和朱莉的6个孩子也参加了婚礼朱莉在大儿子岁的Maddox和岁的Pax的陪伴下穿过长廊,9岁的Zahara和6岁的Vivienne播撒花瓣,8岁的Shiloh和6岁的Knox则托着婚戒Jolie, 39, and Pitt, 50, started dating while working together on the film ;Mr. And Mrs. Smith.; The couple, dubbed Brangelina, got engaged in April after seven years of dating.39岁的朱莉和50岁的皮特在年共演电影《史密斯夫妇时开始约会7年后,这对昵称为Brangelina(Brad + Angelina)的情侣于年月订婚The ;Maleficent; star spoke to People about her wedding plans in May :出演《沉睡魔咒的朱莉告诉《人物杂志她计划在年5月结婚:;Were just waiting it to be the right time with the kids, with work, when it feels right, ; Jolie said.“我们觉得是结婚的时候了,只是在等一个对孩子和工作都恰到好处的时间”;We talk about it occasionally, and the kids talk about it with us, which is verging on hysterical, how kids envision a wedding. They will in a way be the wedding planners. It going to be Disney or paintball - one or the other! Weve got a lot of different personalities in the house. Theyve got some strong opinions, ; she continued.“我们偶尔会讨论结婚,孩子们也会和我们一起聊,这多么不可思议啊,孩子们那么向往婚礼某种程度上,他们就是婚礼策划婚礼要么变成迪斯尼,要么变成弹游戏!家里每个人的性格都大不相同他们都很有主见”;It will be fun. That the important thing. When we do it, it will feel like a great day our family.; Jolie said.“婚礼会很有趣它非常重要,将会是我们家庭伟大的一天” 356。

Hugging as they pose on the red carpet, Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa couldnt look any happier.篮球巨星科比·布莱恩特和妻子瓦妮莎以亲密的搂抱姿势出现在在金球奖的红毯上,这对刚复合的夫妻看起来非常开心Just a few days after announcing they had cancelled their divorce, the pair appeared blissfully in love as they attended a party following the Golden Globes.就在几天前,科比夫妇宣布撤销离婚申请,他们出现在金球奖的庆祝派对上,这对看起来非常幸福恩爱Vanessa confirmed on Friday that the two had chosen to get back together, months after annoucing plans to divorce.在经历提出离婚申请的个月后,瓦妮莎在上周五实他们决定重归于好We are pleased to announce that we have reconciled. Our divorce action will be dismissed. We are looking ward to our future together, the statement, which Vanessa posted on her Instagram .瓦妮莎通过图片应用网站Instagram发布了复合声明:“我和科比很高兴地对外宣布:我们重归于好了,我们的离婚诉讼已经撤销,我们很期待之后的日子”The couple have been starting off the new year on the right foot and have been shamelessly posting photographs - and kind words - of each other on their social media profiles.新年伊始,这一对就出现了复合苗头,两人在社交网络上各种调情:发布彼此的照片并称赞对方The Lakers guard only joined Twitter on Jan. , but he aly managed to share an image of his wife sending him a big kiss. Last week the mother-of-two shared her love her husband on her Instagram, which she launched in December.效力于洛杉矶湖人队的科比在1月日才刚刚加入推特,但很快就分享了一张瓦妮莎奉上亲吻的照片瓦妮莎在去年月加入的Instagram,也通过社交网络表达了对丈夫的爱科比和瓦妮莎育有两女Vanessa filed divorce from Kobe in December , but the proceedings were never finalised. The mer dancer was apparently fed up after Kobe allegedly cheated on her multiple times with other women.瓦妮莎在年月申请与科比离婚,但离婚的正式程序一直没有完成据悉之前从事舞蹈工作的瓦妮莎提出离婚申请,主要是厌烦了小飞侠的种种不忠行为Kobe married Vanessa in 01 at Dana Point, Calinia, when he was 1 and she was 18, and reportedly without a prenuptial agreement.1的科比和18岁的瓦妮莎于01年在加州的德纳角结婚据报道他们并没有签订婚前协议 077。