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Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia said on Wednesday that they had indicted five people, including two research scientists, on charges of stealing trade secrets about drugs to treat cancer and other diseases from GlaxoSmithKline, the British drug giant.费城联邦检察官周三表示,他们已起诉五人从英国制药巨头葛兰素史克公司(GlaxoSmithKline)窃取商业秘密。这些商业秘密涉及治疗癌症和其他疾病的药物。其中两人是药物研究科学家。According to prosecutors, the two scientists, Yu Xue and Lucy Xi, worked at Glaxo’s research facility in Upper Merion, Pa., and emailed and downloaded confidential data about a dozen or more company products to associates who planned to sell and market the trade secrets through a company they set up in China, called Renopharma.检方表示,这两名科学家薛羽(音)和露西·席(Lucy Xi)在葛兰素史克位于宾夕法尼亚州上梅仁(Upper Merion)的研究机构工作。她们下载了该公司十几个或更多产品的机密数据,并通过电邮发送给同案犯。后者谋划通过自己设在中国的任诺药业(Renopharma),出售和推广这些商业秘密。Some of the documents involved a monoclonal antibody, a type of cancer treatment, that the company was developing. The indictment, unsealed on Wednesday, describes Ms. Xue, 45, as “one of the top protein biochemists in the world,” who was the co-leader of the company’s project to develop the drug.其中一些资料涉及葛兰素史克公司正在研制的抗癌药物单克隆抗体。周三公布的起诉书称,45岁的薛羽是“全球最顶尖的蛋白质生物化学家之一”。她也是该公司研发这种药物的联合领导者。Federal prosecutors with the Eastern District of Pennsylvania said that to conceal their crime, Ms. Xue and two other associates, Tao Li and Yan Mei, agreed to put the proceeds in the name of Ms. Xue’s sister, Tian Xue, who was also charged. Ms. Xi worked with Ms. Xue at Glaxo and was married to Mr. Mei, prosecutors said.宾夕法尼亚东区的联邦检察官表示,为了掩盖罪行,薛羽和另外两个同伙李涛(音)、梅岩(音)决定将收益转到薛羽的薛天(音)名下,薛天也在本案中遭到指控。露西·席是薛羽在葛兰素史克的同事,也是梅岩的妻子,检察官说。The indictment es emails among some of the people charged in the indictment, and accuses them of plotting to seek investors in China to market their own products from stolen research.起诉书援引了嫌疑人之间的一些电子邮件,指控他们谋划在中国寻找投资者,推广他们根据窃取的研究成果自制的产品。In a statement, the company said it had been cooperating with federal authorities and “we do not believe the breach has had any material impact” on the company’s business or research and development activity.葛兰素史克在一份声明中表示,公司已经在与联邦当局开展合作,“我们认为,这起泄密事情并未对公司的经营或研发工作造成重大影响”。Lawyers for the defendants could not be reached immediately for comment.记者无法立即联系到被告律师请求置评。 /201602/424092

When it comes to service workers, as a society we completely disregard the manners instilled in us as toddlers.每当面对务业从业者,我们这个社会上的人会完全无视自己年幼时被灌输的礼仪。For seventeen years, I have awoken to those workers, to clinking silverware rolled in cloth and porcelain plates removed from the oven in preparation for breakfast service. I memorized the geometry of place mats slid on metal trays, coffee cups turned downward, dirtied cloth napkins disposed on dining tables.过去17年里,我一醒来就会注意到这样的务人员,注意到准备供应早餐期间裹在餐布里的叮当作响的餐具,以及从烤箱中取出的瓷盘。我会记得餐具垫被放在金属托盘里的形状、咖啡杯被倒扣以及弄脏了的布餐巾被撂在餐桌上的样子。I knew never to wear pajamas outside in the public courtyard, and years of shushing from my mother informed me not to speak loudly in front of a guest room window. I grew up in the swaddled cacophony of morning chatter between tourists, professors, and graphers. I grew up conditioned in excessive politeness, fitted for making small talk with strangers.我知道永远不要穿着睡衣走到外边的公共庭院里;我母亲年复一年发出的嘘声让我明白,不能在客房的窗前高声说话。我成长于游客、教授和摄像师晨间压低声音闲聊的嘈杂声中。在长大成人的过程中,我习惯了那种适用于与陌生人寒暄的过度礼貌。I grew up in a bed and breakfast, in the sticky thickness of the hospitality industry. And for a very long time I hated it.我是在一个提供住宿和早餐的客栈里,在有着厚重的酒店业氛围的环境里长大的。有很长一段时间我对此颇为憎恶。I was late to my own fifth birthday party in the park because a guest arrived five hours late without apology. Following a weeklong stay in which someone specially requested her room be cleaned twice a day, not once did she leave a tip for housekeeping. Small-business scammers came for a stop at the inn several times. Guests stained sheets, clogged toilets, locked themselves out of their rooms, and then demanded a discount.我曾经没能准时去公园参加自己的五岁生日派对,只因为一位客人迟到了五个小时,而且连声道歉都欠奉。某个人住店一周,专门要求其房间每天打扫两次,却没有留过一次整理房间的小费。诈骗小企业的人光顾过几回。客人把床单弄脏,把厕所弄堵,把自己锁在房间外,然后要求打折。There exists between service workers and their customers an inherent imbalance of power: We meet sneers with apologies. At the end of their meal, or stay, or drink, we let patrons determine how much effort their server put into their job.务业从业者和客人之间存在天然的权力失衡:我们用道歉应对冷嘲热讽。我们让顾客在他们吃喝住宿之后自行决定,务人员在提供务上有多用心。For most of my life I believed my parents were intense masochists for devoting their existences to the least thankful business I know: the very business that taught me how to discern imbalances of power. Soon I recognized this stem of injustice in all sorts of everyday interactions. I came to understand how latent racism, sexism, classism and ableism structure our society — how tipping was only a synonym for “microaggression.”在生命的大部分时间里,我都觉得我父母是极端的受虐狂,他们把自己的一生献给了我所知的最不讨好的生意:也是教会我如何辨别权力失衡的生意。很快,我就在各种日常交往中注意到这种不公平。我开始明白,潜在的种族主义、性别歧视、阶级歧视和残障歧视如何充斥我们的社会——给小费如何只是“微歧视”的一个同义词。I became passionate. Sometimes enraged. I stumbled upon nonprofits, foundations, and political campaigns. I canvassed for Senate candidates, phone-banked for grass-roots action groups, served as a board member for the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, reviewed grant applications for nonprofits and organized events for the nearby children’s hospital.我变得狂热起来。有时还很愤怒。因为偶然的机缘,我加入了非营利组织、基金会和政治运动。我给参议员候选人拉票,给草根行动团体接听电话,担任南亚利桑那州女性基金会(Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona)的董事会成员,审核非营利组织的经费申请,还为附近的儿童医院组织活动。I devoted my time to the raw grit of helping people, and in the process I fell irrevocably in love with a new type of service: public service. At the same time, I worked midnight Black Friday retail shifts and scraped vomit off linoleum. When I brought home my first W-2, I had never seen my parents so proud.我把自己的时间投入到帮助别人的历练之中,在这个过程中,我义无反顾地爱上了一种新型的务:公共务。与此同时,我也做着黑色星期五的夜班零售工作,清理油毡毯上的呕吐物。当我把自己的第一份工资单拿回家时,从没见父母那么自豪过。The truth, I recently learned, was that not all service is created equal. Seeing guests scream at my parents over a late airport taxi still sickens me even as I spend hours a week as a volunteer. But I was taught all work is noble, especially the work we do for others. Slowly, my mother’s gingham apron began to look more like metal armor. I learned how to worship my parents’ gift for attentive listening, easily hearing the things guests were incapable of asking for — not sugar with their tea, but somebody to talk with while they waited for a conference call. I envied their ability to wear the role of self-assured host like a second skin, capable of tolerating any type of cruelty with a smile.我最近发现的事实是,并非所有的务都是天生平等的。看到客人因为接机出租车迟到而对我的父母大叫大嚷,仍然让我感到厌恶,尽管我每周也会花数小时时间做志愿者。但我从中学到的是,所有的工作都是高贵的,尤其是我们为他人做的工作。慢慢地,我母亲的格子布围裙看起来也更像金属盔甲了。我知道了如何欣赏父母细心倾听的天赋,他们很容易就能明白客人没有准确提出的要求——不是给他们的茶里加糖,而是在他们等待一个电话会议时能有人跟他们聊天。我羡慕他们能那么自然地扮演胸有成竹的东道主角色,能带着微笑忍受各种恶言。Most of all, I admired my parents’ continuous trust in humanity to not abuse their help. I realized that learning to serve people looks a lot like learning to trust them.最重要的是,我钦佩父母一直相信人性,相信人们不会对不起他们提供的帮助。我意识到,学习给人们提供务和学会相信他们极其相似。 /201706/512972

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