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come/go with the territory to be a normal and accepted part of a particular job, situation, etc. 成为必然的部份(或结果) ,是...难免的put your foot in your mouthto say or do something that upsets, offends or embarrasses somebody (在语言或行为上)使人不安,冒犯别人,使人尴尬 /12/92050听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):What better way to bring people together than through food? Thats the idea behind the gastrodiplomacy movement.Mana Heshmati is bringing gastrodiplomacy to Southeast Michigan with her low-profit start-up Peace Meal Kitchen.She hosts pop-up events at different venues around Metro Detroit, highlighting different countries. A recent event paired traditional Iranian food with the film Offside, by Iranian director Jafar Panahi.;It begins to open the door, and its a really good introduction to the country and the culture,; Heshmati said.The proceeds from each event are donated to a non-profit that benefits the people of the showcased country.In the future, Heshmati hopes to reach more people.;Weve noticed most of our events bring out people who are very like-minded,; she said. ;But wed really like to figure out how to reach across the aisle, reach the people who wouldnt go out of their way to come to our events.;Listen to the full interview above.201703/496749

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。控control2011年,网络社会里有个字炙手可热,但凡饮食男女,只要还自认为是个网民,就不能不知道这个字;;;控;。 一系列的;XX控;,更折射出;控;已成为一种生活状态。;控;字广为流行,具有更为轻盈的意义空间和更为斑斓的语言景观。例如:萝莉控Lolita Complex正太控Shota Complex(Shotacon)御控Royal Sister Control大叔控Mutombo control微控MicroBlog control控,出自日语;コン(kon);,取complex(情结)的前头音,指极度喜欢某东西的人,喜欢的东西要冠在;控;字之前,例如:萝莉控Lolita Complex,正太控Shota Complex(Shotacon),御控:Royal Sister Control,大叔控Mutombo control,MicroBlog control微控等,这些什么控,什么控的,基本解释和;癖;相似。也可以放在名词前面做动词,表示强烈的嗜好和喜欢。把喜欢某一事物的人称为某某控,有时并不含贬义。 /201201/167735

亲爱的朋友们大家好,欢迎来到可可茶话会,我是Canace。又是新的一天,准备好今天的学习了吗?今天我们要学习的是怎么样来表达笑。听到幽默故事的时候,你会怎样呢?cant stop laughing笑得停不下来;laugh out loud(lol)开口大笑。笑点低的朋友们偶尔简直是笑掉了屁股:laugh my ass off。这些笑都是开怀大笑:bursting with laughter。看到同学出糗了,有的人发出冷笑:sneer;有的同学却强忍住笑trying not to laugh。逗小朋友玩,给他挠痒痒,他会咯咯地笑:giggle。有的朋友本性老实,跟人说话喜欢傻笑:smirk。这个单词还可以表示假笑:比如Come on, do not smirk at me like that.拜托!你不要那样对着我假笑。关于笑的表达我们就学了这么多,最后我想送给大家一个微笑:smile这个笑里包含着对持我的朋友们的感谢,对想学好英语的朋友们的鼓励,以及对我所有听众的祝福。 好了,今天就学到这里,咱们下期节目,拜拜!可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201108/151158习语:on the ball讲解:该习语源于棒球运动,用来形容球员机警地,全神贯注地注意着球,随时准备击球。先引申为多种含义:一是机灵的,警戒的,二是勤奋的,精心精意的,三是效率高的,出色的,有见识的。此外,其变异短语为:keep ones eyes on the ball。持范例:Her typing is on the ball她打字的效率很高(她字打得很熟练) 。The new publicity manager is really on the ball.新的宣传部主任确实很内行。Stanley had more on the ball than Brown.史坦利的脑筋要比布朗灵得多了。Hed better get on the ball if he expects to advance in this type of work.如果要在这一行有进展,他最好多留心。迷你对话:A : Who did the stupid thing?B : Maybe it was Dick.A : I dont think so. Dick has beenon the balland never does things like that.B : Then it must be a naughty boy who did it.参考翻译:A : 谁干的蠢事?B : 也许是迪克。A : 我想不是。迪克向来出色而精明,从来不干这种事情。B : 那么一定是哪个调皮鬼干的。 /201204/179070世界杯期间,不少人都熬夜看球了吧;考试前夕,很多同学会熬夜复习吧。随着工作学习压力的增大、生活内容的丰富,现代人似乎越来越习惯于熬夜了。可是熬夜多少会影响身体健康以及第二天的精神状态,所以大家还是要尽量避免熬夜哦~今天我们来看一些句子,学习其中关于“熬夜”的各种地道说法吧。1.stay up熬夜eg:I want to stay up tonight and watch the late show.今晚我不想睡觉,等着看深夜电视节目。eg:I will make this radio work even if I have to stay up all night.即使通宵不眠,我也要把这台收音机修好。 2.Burn the midnight oil (熬夜)以前的人都是用油灯来照明,如果有人在深夜时分燃点灯油,即表示那个人仍在努力的埋头苦干。现今,我们已不会再燃点油灯,但是这意思依然保留下来,因而有Burn the midnight oil这个成语的出现。Burn the midnight oil是指通宵达旦地工作,亦即是我们所谓的开夜车。要Burn the midnight oil的时候,实在是一件令人劳累的事,那么,大家就要小心身体了!eg:“Angela is a workaholic. She always burns the midnight oil on her work. Angela是一个工作狂,她时常也在通宵工作。 3.相关成语Pull an all nighter  与Burn the midnight oil的意思相通。如:Teachers do not encourage students to pull an all nighter for exams. They should pay attention during lessons.”(老师不会鼓励学生在试前才温书至深夜,他们应该上课时专心听书才对。) I stayed up late last night to watch the final game of the World Cup.我昨晚熬夜看了世界杯决赛。 Late hours dont agree with me.我不习惯熬夜。(keep late hours晚睡晚起) Did you burn the mid-night oil again last night?你昨晚又熬夜了吗? Its usual for him to sit up late at night.他经常晚上熬夜。 Some people prefer sitting up to going to bed early.有些人宁可熬夜,也不早睡。 He is a night owl.他是个夜猫子。 She was tired out by these long vigils.长期熬夜使她筋疲力竭。 College students often pull an all-nighter at the end of a semester.一到学期末,学生们就经常通宵学习。 /201209/201436

Hello Nicole,hello LA.And Nicole welcome back.Youve been here many many times.你好Nicole 你好LA Nicole 欢迎你回来 你之前来过好几次了吧Yeah,good to see you again.Thank you,I entered the building and they said this was the 12th time是的 很高兴再次见到你 谢谢 我今天一来他们告诉我这是第12次了It is your 12th time here.Thats awesome.是的 这是你第12次上我们节目 太棒了And LA we met actually I was sitting next to you at the Grammys.Exactly,that was the first time that we metLA 我们在格莱美颁奖典礼上见过 当时我坐在你旁边 没错 那是我们第一次见面And youre a big deal,you got like all kinds of people that have been attached to you你可是个大人物 你身边有很多巨星啊Jay-z and Justin Bieber and Pink and lots and lots.Yes and we were sitting together and it was at the Grammys像是Jay-z Justin Bieber Pink 等等 是的 在格莱美上我们当时坐在一起Outkast won the album of the year and they called me onto the stage,rightOutkast获得了年度专辑奖 他们把我叫上台去了 对吧And you were sitting next to me.So you look good and charm当时你就坐在我旁边 那时候你看起来很有风范Oh good,Im so glad to hear that.Hang out with me whenever you want.Id love to,whenever you want太好了 很高兴你这么说 随时欢迎你跟我一起出去玩 我很愿意 随时都可以So you are doing the X Factor for what reason LA你为什么会加入《X音素》呢 LABecause I was jealous of these guy who was finding all the talent in the world因为这小子总能找到天才歌手 我太嫉妒了Because he has this great platform of X Factor all over the world.He was finding so many stars and I was really jealous他有像《X音素》这样的好平台 他找到了那么多明星 我真的太嫉妒他了And thats why I did it,so.really?Yes so I called him and said let me on in the action,Simon.这就是我加入的原因 真的吗 没错 然后我就打电话给Simon 希望他能让我加入What happened was he came to my house.I didnt konw what it was about,and he said I wanna be on the show事情是这样的 他来到我家 我并不知道怎么回事 然后他说 我想加入这个节目I said good,I want you to be on the show and that was it.That was easy,yeah.我说好 我也希望你来 事情就是这样 就这么简单 没错That was fantastic,and Nicole you are enjoying doing this as well.Yeah,I signed on because I wanted to you know mentor talent那太棒了 Nicole 你也觉得做评委很开心吗 是啊 我想要指导有才华的歌手 所以我来了And you know be with Paula Abdul.You wanted to be like us.Right,because you and Paula kind of go way back,right.另一个原因嘛 我想跟Paula在一块儿 你想跟我们一样 好 其实你和Paula认识挺久了吧Youve known Paula for a while.Uhh I mean,my dad have,because growing up I was little bit of obssessed.I still get excited when I see the mole有回到过去的感觉 嗯 对我爸爸来说可能是的 因为我从小就对Paula有些着迷啊 看到脸上的痔我依旧会感觉很兴奋呢 /201611/480333特别声明该文章钟的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: I don’t know why bucks have such a great charm that a great many people are after nothing else.我真不知道为何钱有这么大的吸引力,许多人为了追求它,其余的什么不要了。B: They want to be filthy with dough and think it the only source of their happiness.他们一心专在钱眼子里,认为这才是幸福的源泉。A: But many rich guys don’t think they are truly happy. There is always some empty feeling deep inside them.但是有钱人并不认为自己幸福,他们内心深处总会有种空落落的感觉。第二、 对话精讲1 核心地道表达【核心短语】be filthy with dough【解词释义】dough在美国俚语中的意思是“金钱”。Filthy在这里在这里是表示说话者的不赞成,是反义词。He tricked her into marrying him by pretending that he was filthy with dough.他装做很有钱的样子,从而骗得她和他结了婚。A single woman who is filthy with dough is always respectable.一个很有钱的独身女子,总是很令人敬重的。I am filthy with dough and will pay him well.我有钱,会很好酬报他的。【典型例句4】With all his conceit and extravagance he is not filthy with dough . I fancy, as he affects to be.他尽管很神气,爱讲排场,但我觉得他并不象他装的那么有钱。第二、 句海拾贝1. Somebody has a charm that...【使用情境】描述某人有......的魅力。【指点迷津】这个句子实际上是使用同位语从句,补充说明这个charm是什么,说明这个charm的具体内容。【句型操练】He has a natural charm that audience love and respect.他具有令观众爱戴和尊敬的自然魅力。2. Somebody is after...【使用情境】描述某人追求什么东西。【指点迷津】介词after有追求的意思。【句型操练】I am not after money and fame.我不追求名利。3. There is some empty feeling deep inside somebody.【使用情境】描述某人的心境空荡荡的,感到空虚无聊,乏味,没有精神追求。【句型操练】Since their marriage broke up, there has been some empty feeling deep inside Mary.自从他们的婚姻破裂之后,玛丽内心深处一直感到空荡荡的。 /201309/256234听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):During the presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump blasted Ford Motor Company for building cars in Mexico. But despite the rocky start, a recent Bloomberg piece explains how Bill Ford, Jr., executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, is trying to maintain a relationship with the president.Keith Naughton wrote that article for Bloomberg, and he joined Stateside to talk about the pairs evolving relationship, which he describes as a ;delicate dance.;Naughton gave us a breakdown of whats known of the pairs relationship up to this point:Trump and Ford have been in touch, either over the phone or in person, since Trump was elected. Ford met with Trump at Trump Tower to set the record straight regarding Ford’s more than 90-year history of building cars in Mexico, and its investment in American auto plants.Also after the election, Ford called Trump when the company canceled plans to move production of a Lincoln SUV from a plant in Kentucky to a plant in Mexico. Trump was then quick on the Twitter finger, and sent out a message taking credit for saving that plant.Now the pairs relationship is taking another turn. Ford Motor Company came out against the presidents executive order on immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The company said the order went against company values, but was careful not to specifically criticize the White House.Listen to the full interview above to learn what conversations between Bill Ford and Donald Trump are like, including how both sometimes find themselves ;speaking in sound bites.;201702/490779

I would be at the first doctor,I will make the laundry lesson to be the first doctor我将是他的第一个医生 会从洗衣开始 学习成为他的第一位医生This is not happening to me,so I cant imagine how you live your whole life这我都没亲身经历过 所以我不能想象 当知道自己的生活出了问题Knowing that something is not right for you and having to live in that way而且还不得不以那种方式生活 怎样在那种生活里活下去I just think thats such a sad thing to have to go through your life and have people not to accept you for who you are我想那将是痛苦的一生 不得已过那样的生活 而且人们还不会接受那个真正的你Youve got to,I have to hear this becasue you know I adore when you speak your mind,and I want to hear you thoughts on people that they are saying that they should boycott the show你讲出了你的心声 我很敬佩你 我想听听 你对那些要抵制《与星共舞》的人的看法that they are asking people not to watch Dancing with Stars,what would you say to them他们呼吁其他人不要观看《与星共舞》 你想对他们说什么You know,I dont know if people are that determined and they are going to use对于那些异常坚定要抵制的人you konw if you get that excess time and that amount of hostility,I am not sure that I could say anything to you如果你们有那么多的时间和那么大的敌意 我不知道能对你们说什么would make you change you feelings,you know because those are such feelings of hostility and fear that I dont know可以让你们改变想法 因为我无法体会到那些敌意和恐惧I dont have the magic words that could make you feel more comfortable and you know soothe you into not being terrified,if my child dances on the Dancing with the Fuck star我也说不出什么动听诱人的话 能让你们感到舒 舒心 我不会惧怕这些 如果我的孩子在所谓的《与混蛋共舞》节目里跳舞Here you go.Thats what I am saying.well,listen and that is the key thing to remember,this is your child就这样 这就是我想说的 请记住这才是关键 这是你的小孩and I think if any mother out there is just listening to this我想任何一个在电视机前 听到这些话的母亲们都好好想想You know what if someone attack your child,how would you just try to put yourself in someone elses shoes如果你的孩子被别人攻击 你会怎么办 试着设身处地的想想Chaz,do you want to say something to your mom before we go,because this was a surprise for youChaz 在你离开前想和你妈妈说什么吗 这对你来说是个惊喜啊It was a surprise mom,just hi mom.thank you for all the support and I will give you a call later.确实是啊 妈妈 向你打个招呼 妈妈 谢谢你对我的持 待会儿我会给你打电话的 /201610/475014网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:大吃一顿Lets go out to pig out!我们出去大吃一顿吧!【讲解】pig out (on sth.) : 大吃一顿,大吃特吃【情景一】很多在校的学生朋友们都有这么一个习惯,大考之后,一定出去大吃一顿,犒劳一下自己。All the exams are finished, lets go out to pig out!所有的考试都考完了,我们出去大吃一顿吧!【情景二】大病痊愈,此刻我真的很想出去大吃一顿,吃从来没吃过的比萨,但是我不喝啤酒,哈哈!We pig out on pizza and beer.我们大吃比萨饼,大喝啤酒。 /201204/177920

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