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爱丽丝看到白兔摆弄着名单,非常好奇,想看看下一个作人是谁For some minutes the whole court was in confusion, getting the Dormouse turned out, and, by the time they had settled down again, the cook had disappeared. `Never mind!' said the King, with an air of great relief. `Call the next witness.' And he added in an undertone to the Queen, `Really, my dear, YOU must cross-examine the next witness. It quite makes my forehead ache!' Alice watched the White Rabbit as he fumbled over the list, feeling very curious to see what the next witness would be like, `--for they haven't got much evidence YET,' she said to herself. Imagine her surprise, when the White Rabbit out, at the top of his shrill little voice, the name `Alice!' Article/201105/134421Commander Zadak was in his room at the biggest hotel in Kisangani.Suddenly,he heard the phone.在基桑加尼最大的饭店,扎达克司令正呆在他的房间里。突然,电话铃响了。;Commander?;someone said,very quietly.;A man and a woman—from Ship OM-45—in prison 888.;the phone went dead.Zadak put the phone down, stood up, and left his room.“司令吗?”有人非常平静地说,“一个男的和一个女的——从OM-45号飞船上来的——正在888号监狱里。”电话挂断了。扎达克放下听筒,站起身,离开了他的房间。Prison 888 was a big white building without windows, near Gog#39;s house.There were a lot of guards at the gate, and some more guards marched past the bulding.All the guards carried guns.888号监狱座落在高格家附近,是座没有窗户的高大的白色建筑。监狱门口有许多卫兵,还有更多的卫兵从监狱门口走过。所有的卫兵都带着。Commander Zadak walked across the road to the prison.;I want to visit someone.My name is Commander Zadak.;扎达克司令穿过马路来到监狱门前:“我是扎达克司令。我要见一个人。”;I#39;m sorry,Commander,;a guard said.;We can#39;t open the gate.Nobody can go in without a letter from Earth Commander.;“对不起,司令,”一个卫兵说,“我们不能开门。没有地球司令的信谁也不能进去。”;That#39;s all right,;Zadak said,and walked along the road,past the prison.“好吧,”扎达克说。他顺着马路从监狱旁边绕了过去。A guard ran behind him.;Excuse me,Commander,;he said quickly.;Please come back tonight. I can open the back gate at midnight. You can see the two people from Ship OM-45.;一个卫兵从后面赶了上来。“对不起,司令,”他说得很快,“请您今天晚上来吧。午夜的时候我可以打开后门。您能见到从OM-45号宇宙飞船来的那两个人。”Zadak looked at the guard.;Your captain#39;s going to kill you.;扎达克注视着那个卫兵:“你们队长会杀了你的。”The guard smiled.;My captain phoned you about the two people from OM-45.He#39;s the brother of Captain Seru.;那个卫兵笑了:“是我们队长给您打电话,告诉您OM-45号那两个人的事的。他是塞鲁船长的哥哥。”Zadak didn#39;t smile.;The prison commander is going to kill you and your captain.;扎达克没有笑:“监狱长会把你和你们队长都杀掉的。”;It doesn#39;t matter,;the guard said.;We want to help.;“没关系,”那个卫兵说,“我们愿意帮忙。”;Midnight,;Zadak said,and walked away.“午夜。”扎达克说了一声就走了。At midnight there were four guards at the front gate of prison 888,and there was one guard at the back gate.The guard opened the gate and Zadak went in.The guard said nothing.午夜时分,888号监狱正门前有四个卫兵,还有一个卫兵守在后门。那个卫兵打开后门,扎达克走了进去。卫兵什么也没说。They walked downstairs into a big room. A lot of prisoners slept on the floor because there were no beds or chairs.Kiah and Rilla sat on the floor near the door.他们走下楼梯进了一个大房间。那个房间里没有床也没有椅子,许多犯人睡在地板上。凯和瑞拉坐在门边的地板上。;You can talk for five minutes, ;the guard said quietly. ;The next guard arrives at 12. 15.;“你们可以谈五分钟,”那个卫兵悄悄说,“下一班卫兵十二点一刻来。”Kiah and Rilla stood up. ;Good evening, Commander,; they said.凯和瑞拉站起身:“晚上好,司令。”他们说。Zadak looked at the prisoners.;Why are all these people here?;he said to Kiah and Rilla.;They#39;re in prison because Gog doesn#39;t like them.扎达克看了看那些犯人:“这些人为什么被关在这儿?”他问凯和瑞拉。“高格不喜欢他们,所以把他们关了起来。I talk to Gog about rain, I talk to him about the AOL, but he never listens. Today,someone told me about some fires in the new forest here in Africa; but Gog doesn#39;t want to hear about those fires.;我跟高格说了下雨的事,还有人工臭氧层的事,可是他根本不听。今天有人告诉我非洲那些幼林失火了,可是高格根本不想听火灾的事。”Zadak laughed angrily.;And he doesn#39;t want to hear about my trees in Australia.He never listens to me.He#39;s always thinking about Mars,Not about our beautiful planet Earth.;扎达克愤怒地冷笑了一声:“他也不想知道澳大利亚我那些树林的事。他从来不听我的。他总想着火星,从来不想想我们美丽的地球。”Kiah listened carefully.;Take it easy,Commander,;he said quietly.;Please talk to Adai.Adai wants to help.He can come back from the Moon and help you.;凯认真听着。“别太在意,司令,”他平静地说,“请您和阿岱谈谈。他会帮忙的。他可以从月球回来帮助您。”;No,;Zadak said.;I phoned Adai this afternoon. He#39;s a good man and he wants to help.But I don#39;t need help.I#39;m going to stop Gog:I#39;m going to kill him.;“不行,”扎达克说,“今天下午我给他打了电话。他是个好人,也愿意帮忙。可我不需要帮助。我要阻止高格;我要杀了他。”Kiah closed his eyes for a minute.; Gog#39;s guards have guns. They can kill you,Commander,; he said. ;You need more people to help. Wait for Adai. He can help you to look for more people.;凯闭目凝神了一会儿。“高格的卫兵有。他们会杀了您的,司令。”他说,“您需要多一些人帮忙。等等阿岱。他能帮您找更多的人。”;No, Kiah;, Zadak said quietly. ;I don#39;t want more people. Adai can come back to Earth after Gog is dead—after I am dead, perhaps. I don#39;t want Adai to die, too.;“不,凯,”扎达克平静地说,“我不需要更多的人。阿岱可以在高格死了以后——也许我死了以后再回来。我不希望阿岱也来送死。”;Excuse me,Commander,;the guard said.He looked at the clock near the door.“对不起,司令。”那个卫兵说。他看了看门边挂着的表。;OK.Let#39;s go, ;Zadak said to the guard.He looked at Rilla and then at Kiah.His eyes were very blue.;Goodbye,; he said.“好吧,咱们走。”扎达克对卫兵说。他看了看瑞拉又看了看凯。他的双眼晶莹碧蓝。“再见了。”他说。;Goodbye,Commander,;Kiah said.“再见,司令。”凯说。;Be careful!;Rilla cried.;And good luck!;“要小心!”瑞拉喊着,“祝您好运!”Early that morning,Earth Commander#39;s house was quiet.A guard opened the door.那天清晨,地球司令的家里非常安静。一个卫兵打开房门。;Good morning, Commander Zadak,;he said.;Earth Commander isn#39;t in his office.;“早晨好,扎达克司令,”他说,“地球司令不在办公室。”;That#39;s all right,;Zadak said.;I can wait.;“没关系,”扎达克说,“我可以等。”Zadak went upstairs and waited.扎达克来到楼上开始等待。At eight o#39;clock Bel came into the room.;Good morning,Commander,#39; she said.;You#39;re early this morning.Are you happier today? Earth Commander was very angry with you yesterday.Don#39;t begin talking about rain or the AOL today.;8点钟的时候贝尔走了进来。“早晨好,司令,”她说,“今天您可真早。您今天高兴点了吗?因为您地球司令昨天非常生气。今天可别上来就谈什么雨水或者人工臭氧层的事了。”Zadak smiled,but his blue eyes were cold.;No,;he said.;I#39;m not going to talk about rain today.;扎达克笑了,可他的蓝眼睛里透着寒光。“不会的,”他说,“今天我不准备谈雨水的事。”Just then,Gog came into the room.He looked at Zadak.;What#39;s wrong?Why are you here at eight o#39;clock in the morning?;正说着,高格走了进来。他看着扎达克:“这是怎么了?你为什么早晨8点钟就来这儿?”Zadak took his gun from his pocket.Gog saw the gun and his face went white.His eyes were dark and afraid.For a sec-ond nobody moved.扎达克从衣兜里掏出了。高格看见了那,脸色煞白。他目光灰暗,充满恐惧。一时间大家都僵在了那儿。Suddenly,Bel#39;s black and white cat ran into the room.突然,贝尔那只黑白相间的猫跑了进来。;Guards! Guards!; Bel shouted.“卫兵!卫兵!”贝尔喊了起来。The cat jumped at Zadak,and Zadak hit the cat away from him.Bel ran across the room to Gog and Zadak, at that second, shot at Gog.But Bel was between him and Gog.She gave a cry and fell to the floor.Her hair looked very red on the black floor.那只猫朝扎达克扑过来,扎达克把猫抢到一边。贝尔朝房间另一头的高格跑去,就在这时,扎达克朝高格开了。可是贝尔正好跑到他和高格之间。她叫了一声就倒在了地板上。在黑色地板的映衬下她的头发显得越发红艳。;No!;Gog cried.;You shot Bel!;“不!”高格大喊,“你打死了贝尔!”Three guards ran into the room with their big guns and stood in front of Gog.三个拿着长的卫兵跑了进来,站在高格面前。;Kill him!; Gog shouted,and began to help Bel.“杀了他!”高格叫着,一边去扶贝尔。Zadak looked at the guards and then at Bel and Gog.Kiah was right:he was going to die.扎达克看了看那几个卫兵,又看了看贝尔和高格。凯说得对:他活不成了。;I#39;m sorry, Kiah. I#39;m sorry, Adai,; he said quietly. The guards shot Zadak. Slowly, he fell to the floor.“凯,阿岱,我对不起你们。”他平静地说。 卫兵们朝扎达克开了。他缓缓地倒在地板上。 Article/201203/174436彬格莱既然认为将来还有重聚的欢乐,难道我们不能希望这一天比她意料中来得早一些吗?将来做了姑嫂,不是比今天做朋友更满意吗?彬格莱先生不会被她们久留在伦敦的。She then the first sentence aloud, which comprised the information of their having just resolved to follow their brother to town directly, and of their meaning to dine in Grosvenor Street, where Mr. Hurst had a house. The next was in these words: ;I do not pretend to regret anything I shall leave in Hertfordshire, except your society, my dearest friend; but we will hope, at some future period, to enjoy many returns of that delightful intercourse we have known, and in the meanwhile may lessen the pain of separation by a very frequent and most unreserved correspondence. I depend on you for that. ; To these highflown expressions Elizabeth listened with all the insensibility of distrust; and though the suddenness of their removal surprised her, she saw nothing in it really to lament; it was not to be supposed that their absence from Netherfield would prevent Mr. Bingley#39;s being there; and as to the loss of their society, she was persuaded that Jane must cease to regard it, in the enjoyment of his.;It is unlucky, ; said she, after a short pause, ;that you should not be able to see your friends before they leave the country. But may we not hope that the period of future happiness to which Miss Bingley looks forward may arrive earlier than she is aware, and that the delightful intercourse you have known as friends will be renewed with yet greater satisfaction as sisters? Mr. Bingley will not be detained in London by them. ;;Caroline decidedly says that none of the party will return into Hertfordshire this winter. I will it to you:;;When my brother left us yesterday, he imagined that the business which took him to London might be concluded in three or four days; but as we are certain it cannot be so, and at the same time convinced that when Charles gets to town he will be in no hurry to leave it again, we have determined on following him thither, that he may not be obliged to spend his vacant hours in a comfortless hotel. Many of my acquaintances are aly there for the winter; I wish that I could hear that you, my dearest friend, had any intention of making one of the crowd--but of that I despair. I sincerely hope your Christmas in Hertfordshire may abound in the gaieties which that season generally brings, and that your beaux will be so numerous as to prevent your feeling the loss of the three of whom we shall deprive you. ;;It is evident by this, ; added Jane, ;that he comes back no more this winter. ;;It is only evident that Miss Bingley does not mean that he SHOULD. ;;Why will you think so? It must be his own doing. He is his own master. But you do not know ALL. I WILL you the passage which particularly hurts me. I will have no reserves from YOU. ; Article/201109/152184Phobias are interesting things. Some of them are very serious and can have a really negative influence on life. The most common phobias are the fear of open spaces or closed spaces and the fear of heights and flying. Doctors say all phobias are treatable. Phobias are irrational fears of something. There is no logical reason why someone is afraid of going outside or of flying. It's all inside the sufferer's head. I understand some phobias like the fear of flying, but not others. Some people are afraid of babies, or computers, and even of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. That phobia has a really long Latin name. I wonder if there's a phobia about the English language. Perhaps that's grammarphobia. Article/201106/142392

I walked on around to the car and was standing outside of the driver's side waiting for them. It had been a calm, cool night in November (night before Thanksgiving, actually) and no wind. Suddenly, I felt a breeze come up and as I looked up at the trees above me, it was like there was thousands of fireflies in the branches. They lit up like a Christmas tree!  About that time, I heard Walt yell to Shawn, "RUN!" and I could hear them running, feet pounding, towards the car. I jumped in the driver side and started the car. As I did so, I looked and saw Shawn coming through the gate of the fence. As I sat there and looked, he appeared to trip or something had shoved him. He went flying through the dirt and gravel, landing on his hands and knees. He got up, continued on around the car and jumped in the front passenger seat. Walt then ran around and got in. (Note: keep in mind, Shawn was so far ahead of Walt, he was able to fall, get up and get in the car before Walt had even cleared the gate area.)   Article/200903/65398

The oldest boy came striding into sight. He had aly changed into his billowing black Hogwarts robes, and Harry noticed a shiny silver badge on his chest with the letter P on it.兄弟中最大的一个正大跨步地走来。他已经换上了黑色霍格瓦彻长袍。 哈利还注意到他胸前那个有字母;P ;的闪亮的银徽章。;Can#39;t stay long, Mother,; he said. ;I#39;m up front, the prefects have got two compartments to themselves;;;妈,此地不能久留。;他说,;那些学生的班长已经为他们自己预留了两个包厢了;;;;Oh, are you a prefect, Percy?; said one of the twins, with an air of great surprise. ;You should have said something, we had no idea.;;噢,你不也是个班长吗,伯希?;孪生兄弟中的一个问道,脸上一副非常惊讶的表情,;你本应说些什么的。;;Hang on, I think I remember him saying something about it,; said the other twin. ;Once;;;等会,我记得他曾经说过什么的。;另一个孪生兄弟说,;说过一次;;;;Or twice;;;或是两次;;;;A minute;;;等会儿;;;;All summer;;;说了整个夏天呢;;;;Oh, shut up,; said Percy the Prefect.;噢,闭嘴!;班长伯希大声叫道。;How come Percy gets new robes, anyway?; said one of the twins.;伯希这身新袍是怎么来的?;;Because he#39;s a prefect,; said their mother fondly. ;All right, dear, well, have a good term ; send me an owl when you get there.;;因为他是个班长啊,;母亲高兴地说,;好了,旅途愉快!到那儿以后记得派只猫头鹰给我。;She kissed Percy on the cheek and he left. Then she turned to the twins.她在伯希的脸颊上吻了一下,伯希便离开了。她转向她的双胞胎儿子。;Now, you two ; this year, you behave yourselves. If I get one more owl telling me you#39;ve ; you#39;ve blown up a toilet or;;;你们两个;;今年可得好好管住自己哟。如果我再收到一只猫头鹰来告诉我你们炸毁了厕所或者;;;;Blown up a toilet? We#39;ve never blown up a toilet.;;炸毁厕所?我们可从没干过这等无聊事。;;Great idea though, thanks, Mom.;;不过,这主意不错嘛,谢谢妈。;;It#39;s not funny. And look after Ron.;;这一点都不好笑。你们还得好好照顾罗恩。;;Don#39;t worry, ickle Ronniekins is safe with us.;;别担心,小脏猫和我们一起很安全。;;Shut up,; said Ron again. He was almost as tall as the twins aly and his nose was still pink where his mother had rubbed it.;住嘴!;罗恩再一次被激怒了,他鼻头上被掠过的地方现在仍是红红的。

Harry sat downoppositethe ghost in the ruff he#39;d seen earlier.哈利在他曾见过的戴着花环的鬼魂对面坐了下来。The ghost patted his arm, giving Harry the sudden, horrible feeling he#39;d just plunged it into a bucket of ice-cold water.鬼魂拍了拍哈利的左臂,令哈利感到自己的左手像是刚被浸入一桶冰水中一样恐惧。He could see the High Table properly now. At the end nearest him sat Hagrid, who caught his eye and gave him the thumbs up.他现在可以清楚地看到高台上的桌子了。坐在靠近他那端的最边上的哈格力对着他竖起大拇指。Harry grinned back. And there, in the center of the High Table, in a large gold chair, sat Albus Dumbledore.在桌子的正中央,有一张很大的金子制的椅子,艾伯斯·丹伯多坐在那里。Harry recognized him at once from the card he#39;d gotten out of the Chocolate Frog on the train.哈利一下就认出了他,因为在哈利坐火车来途中,他就曾出现在那张从巧克力青蛙糖中取出来的卡片上。Dumbledore#39;s silver hair was the only thing in the whole hall that shone as brightly as the ghosts.丹伯多的银白头发是整个大会堂里唯一能与鬼魂一样闪闪发亮的东西了。Harry spotted Professor Quirrell, too, the nervous young man from the Leaky Cauldron.哈利还发现屈拉教授,他就是那个从漏锅酒吧来的年青人。He was looking very peculiar in a large purple turban.他头戴一顶很大的紫色无边帽,看起来与众不同。And now there were only three people left to be sorted.现在只剩下三个人还没分配了。Thomas, Dean,a Black boy even taller than Ron, joined Harry at the Gryffindor table.托马斯·迪恩,一个又黑又高的男孩,加入了格林芬顿。Turpin, Lisa, became a Ravenclaw and then it was Ron#39;s turn. He was pale green by now.莉沙·特萍去了卫文卡罗。轮到罗恩选择了,他的眼睛已经是灰绿色的了。Harry crossed his fingers under the table and a second later the hat had shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!”哈利在桌下双手合十,几秒钟后,格林芬顿!帽子喊。Harry clapped loudly with the rest as Ron collapsed into the chair next to him.罗恩走下来,瘫坐在哈利身边的椅子上。哈利和其他人都为罗恩拼命拍手祝贺。Well done, Ron, excellent, said Percy Weasley pompously across Harry as “Zabini, Blaise,” was made a Slytherin.干得好,罗恩,太棒了!伯希·威斯里越过哈利,表情十分夸张地对罗恩说。这时,最后一位,布雷斯·扎毕尼选择了史林德林。Professor McGonagall rolled up her scroll and took the Sorting Hat away.麦康娜教授卷起羊皮纸,带着分类之帽走了。Harry looked down at his empty gold plate.He had only justrealizedhow hungry he was.The pumpkin pasties seemed ages ago.哈利低头看看面前空空如也的金盘子,才觉得自己已经饿极了。吃南瓜馅饼好像已是陈年往事了。Albus Dumbledore had gotten to his feet. He was beaming at the students, his arms opened wide,艾伯斯·丹伯多站起来,注视着台下的学生 张开双臂as if nothing could have pleased him more than to see them all there.仿佛在说没有什么能比见到他所有的学生济济一堂更高兴的了。Welcome, he said. Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!欢迎你们!他说,;欢迎来到霍格瓦彻!欢迎新学年的到来!Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!Thank you!在开始晚宴之前,我想先说几句。我想说的就是:笨蛋!痛哭!剩饭!;;谢谢!;He sat back down. Everybody clapped and cheered. Harry didn#39;t know whether to laugh or not.他坐下了。每个人都鼓掌欢呼。只有哈利觉得哭笑不得。Is he — a bit mad?he asked Percy uncertainly.他是不是有点神经病?哈利不由得问伯希。Mad?said Percy airily. He#39;s a genius! Best wizard in the world! But he is a bit mad, yes. Potatoes, Harry?神经病?伯希得意地说,;他可是个天才!他是世上最好的魔法师!不过,他的脑袋确实有点问题。吃西红柿吗,哈利?;Harry#39;s mouth fell open. The dishes in front of him were now piled with food.哈利的嘴张得好大。在他面前的盘碟子里堆满了食物。He had never seen so many things he liked to eat on one table他从未见过那么多他爱吃的东西同时出现在桌子上roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes,烤牛肉、烤鸡、猪肉、羊肉、香肠、烟肉和牛排,还有煮西红柿、烤番薯fries, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup, and, for some strange reason, peppermint humbugs.薯条、约克郡市丁、雪梨、胡萝卜浓肉场,番茄酱,还有薄荷味的硬糖。The Dursleys had never exactly starved Harry, but he#39;d never been allowed to eat as much as he liked.杜斯利家族虽从没让哈利挨饿,但他也很少有机会随心所欲地吃上一顿。Dudley had always taken anything that Harry really wanted, even if It made him sick.就算是哈利喜欢吃他们自己讨厌的东西,达德里也总是拿走,不让哈利吃。Harry piled his plate with a bit of everything except the peppermints and began to eat.哈利每样食物都盛了一点就已经堆满一盘子了,当然,他没有要他不喜欢的薄荷糖。之后,他狠吞虎咽起来。It was all delicious.真是美味极了。 /201203/173850

The first report was that hundreds in the delta had died. But by the third day, estimates were that 40,000 people could be dead or missing, and perhaps one million might be left homeless. Bodies were floating in rivers that were mixed with ocean water. There was little fresh water and little food. For unknown reasons, the government was refusing most offers of international aid.The cyclone had hit the capital of Myanmar with winds of 120 mph. It was as powerful as Hurricane Katrina, which in 2005 destroyed much of New Orleans. Katrina killed 1,800 people and left about 100,000 people homeless.Meteorologists watched the cyclone closely and warned the Myanmar government about it two days before the cyclone hit the country. But the Myanmar government failed to warn citizens to prepare for the dangerous storm.“We were in our hotel,” said an American tourist who was visiting the capital with his wife. “We could see the weather changing, but the locals didn’t seem to be worried. When the wind smashed the windows in our hotel room, we started worrying. The wind blew the rain and tree branches and other debris into our room. We went into the bathroom and got into the tub. We didn’t feel safe in the bathroom, but where could we go? The wind howled and things banged around forever. We thought we were going to die for sure. When the storm finally passed, we looked outside. We couldn't believe the destruction. Mostly all we could see was just water.” There was no telling when power would be restored or when roads would be usable. The Myanmar government was doing nothing to help matters. “That’s because they prefer that we all die,” said an angry survivor. Article/201108/150532

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