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美国习惯用语-第83讲:hick city slicker 世界各地存在一个普遍现象,那就是城市居民和农民之间互相瞧不起,用一些贬低对方的名称称呼对方。美国人在这方面也不例外。住在像纽约这种大城市的居民往往把农民看成是一些土里土气、脑子很简单,而且容易上当受骗的人。他们认为,农民只会跟猪和牛打交道,可是不善于和人打交道。这些城里人经常把农民称为:hick。Hick这个字和中文里的乡下老差不多。但是,一个hick并不见得一辈子做乡下老。请听下面这个例子: 例句-1: "See that well-dressed man across the room? That's Mr. Green. When he came to New York 20 years ago, he was only a hick fresh out of the cornfields of Kansas. But he turned out to be a lot smarter than he looked; they say he made ten million dollars last year trading in the stock exchange." 这个人说:“你瞧屋子那边那个衣着很讲究的人。那是格林先生。二十年前他来纽约之前,只不过是勘萨斯州种玉米的乡巴老。他当时虽然看起来不怎么样,但是脑子却非常灵活。他们说,去年他通过买进卖出股票就赚了一千万美元。” 下面是一个人在回顾他大学时代的一个同学: 例句-2: "My roommate in my freshman year was a real hick. He came from a town so small it didn't have a stop light, a building with an elevator or a movie theater." 他说:“大学一年级时和我住一个房间的那个同学真是个乡下老。他的老家是一个非常小的镇,那里连红绿灯都没有,没有一个楼里有电梯的,甚至连电影院都没有。” 美国农民的人数现在越来越少了。一百年前,美国有百分之四十二的人生活在农村。可是,随着城镇的发展和农业机械化,美国农民的人数现在已经下降到只占总人口的百分之二点二。在二十世纪,由于交通、收音机和电视的发展,城市和农村的区别已经在很大程度上消除了。可能正是因为这个原因,农民用来贬低城里人的名词很有限。他们常用的一个是:city slicker。Slick这个字的意思是很滑流。所以,一个city slicker 也就是说话很圆滑,衣着很时髦,但是很可能是一个不老实、不可信任的家伙。比如说,一个农民的女儿就要到城里去工作,这个农民对他的妻子说: 例句-3: "Yep, I told Susie not to go out with any of them city slickers with their smooth talk and fancy clothes. If she has to go out, look for a farm boy. He may be a hick, but she can trust him a whole lot more." 他说:“是的,我告诉苏琦不要和那些圆嘴滑舌、衣着讲究的城里人出去玩。要是她一定要出去玩,找一个农村来的男孩。他也许是个乡巴老,但是至少是可以信得过的。” 下面这个例子是对城里人的一个评价: 例句-4: "Sure, a city slicker looks smart as long as he stays in a place like New York. But you put him down on a farm and he won't do much better than a newborn baby!" 这句话的意思是:“是的,一个油滑的城里人在像纽约这种地方看起来都很精明。但是,你要是把他送到农村去,他肯定什么也不会干,比一个新生婴儿好不了多少。” 今天我们讲了有关城里人和农民用贬意的名词称呼对方的习惯用语。城里人把农民称为hick。农民把城里人叫做city slicker。 /200601/3038新东方最新英语口语学习词典K部分 /200707/15336

突破口语之情景对话(2):What's new with you2. What's new with you?有什么新情况吗?A: Hi. What's up?B: Nothing much. What's new with you?A: Not too much. I've been pretty busy.B: Me too. Seems like all I do is eat and sleep.A: Gotta go. Call me tonight.B: Okay. Check you later.译文:A: 你好啊!有什么新鲜事儿吗?B: 没什么。你有什么新鲜事吗?A: 也没啥。我近来一直很忙。B: 我也是,好象成天就是吃和睡。A: 我得走了,今晚给我打电话。B: 好吧。回头给你打电话。注解 :1) pretty (adj): rather 非常2) gotta:= I've got to 3) Check you later. = I'll call you later. /200708/16423

乐宁外教口语天天练No.41Let's show some team spirit.team spirit意指 support for each otherLet's show some team spirit.译文:让我们展现我们的团队精神 /200610/9491

Now, Mr Speaker, it has been argued in the debate that airstrikes achieve nothing. Not so.议长先生,刚刚辩论中有人争辩空袭没有作用。并不尽然。Look at how Daesh’s forward march has been halted in Iraq.我们来看看Daesh在伊拉克的前进势头是怎样被阻挡的。The House will remember that, 14 months ago, people were saying: ‘they are almost at the gates of Baghdad’.本院应该还记得,14个月前,人们惊呼:它们已经逼近巴格达了!And that is why we voted to respond to the Iraqi government’s request for help to defeat them.于是,我们投票决定答应伊拉克政府的请求,帮助击败它们。Look at how their military capacity and their freedom of movement has been put under pressure.想知道它们的军事实力和移动自由受到了多大打击吗?Ask the Kurds about Sinjar and Kobani.去问问辛贾尔和科瓦尼的库尔德人吧!Now of course, air strikes alone will not defeat Daesh – but they make a difference.当然当然,仅靠空袭当然不能摧毁达伊沙,但空袭确实奏效!Because they are giving them a hard time – and it is making it more difficult for them to expand their territory.因为空袭会让它们吃尽苦头,会让它们更难以扩张地盘。Now, I share the concerns that have been expressed this evening about potential civilian casualties.我也同意今晚诸位对于平民伤亡所表达出的担心。However, unlike Daesh, none of us today act with the intent to harm civilians.但是,与达伊沙不同,我们没有人希望伤害平民!Rather, we act to protect civilians from Daesh – who target innocent people.相反,我们的行动正是在保护无辜平民免受达伊沙的伤害!Now on the subject of ground troops to defeat Daesh, there’s been much debate about the figure of 70,000 and the government must, I think, better explain that.关于出动地面部队击溃Daesh的问题,辩论焦点集中在7万人的数字上,我认为,政府需要作出更明确的解释。But we know that most of them are currently engaged in fighting President Assad.我们清楚这些人中的大多数正在和阿萨德总统作战。But Ill tell you what else we know, is whatever the number – 70,000,40,000,80,000 – the current size of the opposition forces mean the longer we leave taking action, the longer Daesh will have to decrease that number.然而,我想提醒诸位的是,无论这个数字是7万,4万还是8万,现在的反对派武装人数意味着,我们越晚采取行动,达伊沙就会把这个人数减到越低。And so to suggest, Mr Speaker, that airstrikes should not take place until the Syrian civil war has come to an end is, I think, to miss the urgency of the terrorist threat that Daesh poses to us and others, and I think misunderstands the nature and objectives of the extension to airstrikes that is being proposed.所以,议长先生,那些表示在叙利亚内战结束之前不应进行空袭的意见,在我看来,罔顾了达伊沙带来的恐怖主义威胁的紧迫性,并且误解了计划中空袭的实质和目的。And of course we should take action.我们当然应该采取行动。It is not a contradiction between the two to cut off Daesh’s support in the form of money and fighters and weapons, and of course we should give humanitarian aid, and of course we should offer shelter to more refugees including in this country and yes we should commit to play our full part in helping to rebuild Syria when the war is over.斩断达伊沙获得金钱、战士以及武器的渠道并不矛盾,我们当然应该给予人道主义援助,我们当然应该为包括在英国的叙利亚难民在内的所有难民提供庇护,而且,没错,我们当然应该承诺在战后对叙利亚的重建给予全面帮助。Now I accept that there are legitimate arguments, and we have heard them in the debate, for not taking this form of action now.我承认有人提出了合法性上的担忧,正如我们在辩论中听到的,认为不应该采取军事行动。And it is also clear that many members have wrestled, and who knows, in the time that is left, may still be wrestling, with what the right thing to do is.很明显,很多议员争论的是究竟怎么做才是正确的,而且在剩余的时间里,可能还会继续为此争论。201605/441072

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