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襄樊铁路医院妇科大夫襄阳市的医院鱼梁洲开发妇幼保健院中医院割痔疮多少钱 Vuvuzela enters the dictionaryThe World Cup, global warming and the credit crunch have all inspired the latest additions to the English language.The vuvuzela, the horn instrument which provided the soundtrack to this summer's football extravaganza in South Africa, is one new entry in the Oxford Dictionary of English, which is based on how language is really used.The battle to deal with climate change has given us carbon capture and storage - the process of trapping and storing carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels - and geo-engineering - manipulation of environmental processes in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.The credit crunch has introduced toxic debt to the language - debt with a high risk of default - and quantitative easing - the pumping of new money into the national supply by a central bank.Cyberspace produces a constant supply of words and phrases. The dictionary now offers social media - websites and applications used for social networking - and microblogging, or posting short entries on a blog.In all there are more than 2,000 new items in the third edition of the dictionary, which was originally published in 1998.Other new entries are :* wardrobe malfunction: when someone exposes an intimate part of their body after clothing slips;* chill pill: a notional pill to make someone calm;* bromance: a close but non-sexual relationship between two men;* LBD (little black dress): This refers to the simple evening or cocktail dress that, it is claimed, should be part of every womans wardrobe; and* frenemy: a person that one is friendly with despite a fundamental dislike.Vocabulary:extravaganza: any lavish or opulent show, event, assemblage, etc.(盛典,铺张华丽的表演)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111760But they cant migrant to greener pastures until the last of the youngest has been winged. So Mother has become stingy and edgy. Waiting for the migration ahead, she tones oily secretions over every bit of her fly equipment. A bats wings are essentially enormous webbed hands. It longed to single bones providing the straps to unfold and manipulate the flight membranes.但是直到最年幼的孩子长出翅膀前,它们还不能迁徙到绿绿的牧场。所以母亲已经开始变得吝啬急躁。等待迁移的过程中,她强调飞行羽翼上的每一处分泌物。一只蝙蝠的翅膀从本质上来说都是巨大的手蹼。它长长的单个骨头提供背带展开操纵飞膜的能力。As dusk settles, the migration begins. The little reds wings sping 3 feet tip to tip, blacken the skies with their departure. Tonight, they have to travel many miles with their newly winged young. And inexperience on the wing would prove deadly.在暮色中迁移开始。小红翅膀们每次都要展开3英尺宽,他们的离开染黑了天空。今晚,他们必须用这些年轻的新翅膀穿越数英里。对于翅膀的操作毫无经验无疑是致命的。Parenting is risky business. Migrants around the world will risk everything for the next generation. But before you can breed, you must earn the right. And in Africa, one species is y for battle.父母的养育本身就是冒险的做法。然而世界各地的迁徙者们甘愿为下一代冒一切风险。你可以繁殖前,你必须获得这项权利。在非洲,一个物种正准备投入战斗。词语解释:1. pasture n. 草地2. secretion n. 分泌物201111/162203襄阳襄城区人民中心医院月经不调多少钱

襄阳第四人民医院早孕检查怎么样You walk into a fancy party. What is the oldest thing there? No, not your in-laws, or even your grandparents. It will be a diamond someone is wearing. Itrsquo;s not completely clear how natural diamonds are formed, and although it is known they are made from carbon, scientists are not sure how carbon gets to the extreme depths at which diamonds are made. Diamonds are formed very deep in the earth. The optimum depth for their formation is about 120 miles beneath the surface, in the molten mantle. The temperature and pressure necessary for diamonds to crystallize are mind boggling: the temperature must be over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pressure must be at least 690,000 pounds per square inch. To put that pressure in perspective, a 150 pound person exerts only about 3 pounds per square inch.你走进一个高档的聚会。那里什么东西是最古老的?不,不是你的in-law,或是你的祖父母。而是有人戴得钻石。人们尚未完全清楚天然钻石是如何形成的,虽然知道它是由碳构成的,科学家们还不确定碳是如何到达钻石形成的极端深度。钻石是在地球很深的位置形成的。其形成的最佳深度是在地表之下约120英里,在熔化的地幔曾。钻石结晶所需的温度和压力是超乎想象的,温度必须超过2000华氏度,每平方英寸压力必须至少达到69万磅。为了正确地看待这种压力,一个150磅的人每平方英寸施压大约只有3磅。165067襄阳男科哪里专业 Yael: Today, were talking penguin eggs.今天,我们来谈下企鹅的蛋。Don: Why?为什么?Y: Penguins lay their eggs on hard surfaces near coastlines, or they might dig burrows if the soil permits. And because theyre optimized for swimming rather than walking, its difficult for penguins to gather a lot of soft nesting material. See the problem?企鹅在海岸边坚硬的地表产蛋,如果土地合适,它们也会挖洞。因为它们更擅长游泳而不是走路,对企鹅来说要收集到很多柔软的筑巢的材料是很难的。明白问题了吧?D: Hmm! the penguin lifestyle isnt exactly eggshell-friendly.企鹅的生活方式对蛋壳来说并不很友好。Y: And thats not counting the nasty fights penguins can get into over things like space for their nests or burrows, and the stones that some species pile up around their nests if theyre in the open.那还不包括,企鹅为了争夺筑巢或洞穴领地而发生的激烈争斗,而且如果企鹅在开阔地,它们会在巢穴旁堆积石块。D: I bet all that hubbub isnt very good for eggs either. So do penguins lose more eggs than other species?我打赌所有的吵闹声对蛋也是不利的。那企鹅会比其它物种损失更多的蛋吗?Y: Actually, according to one study, only 2.6 percent of penguin eggs break from causes other than human interference or predators. That rate is similar to the rate in the rest of the bird world, even including those birds that have cushy nests and never fight near their eggs.事实上,根据一份研究显示,排除人类的破坏和掠夺者的影响,只有2.6%的企鹅蛋会破裂。这个机率和其它鸟类是一样的,甚至包括那些有舒适的巢穴且从不在蛋附近打架的鸟类。D: So how do they do it? By producing thicker shells?那企鹅是怎样做的?产出更厚的蛋壳?Y: Yep. Penguin eggshells are fifty percent thicker than expected for their size. But it isnt easy to produce thick egg shells. It requires a lot of calcium, more than female penguins normally get in their diets.是的,企鹅蛋壳比估计的尺寸要厚一般。但是不容易产出厚蛋壳,这需要很多钙,远多于雌性企鹅正常猎食中所获得的钙。D: And they cant just run to the store for a supplement.而且它们还不能去商店来补充。Y: Nope. So in the period right before they lay eggs, female penguins eat a lot of mollusks. The clam and mussel shells in their stomachs slowly leach calcium which is then used to form eggshells. Incidentally, thicker shells also help prevent breakage for birds that lay eggs on rocks, and for ostriches and rheas.不能。所以在企鹅产蛋前,雌企鹅会吃很多软体动物,胃中的蚌和贝壳类会缓慢 过滤用于形成蛋壳的钙。顺便说一句,厚蛋壳还能避免企鹅在岩石上产蛋时蛋壳的破损,就像鸵鸟和美洲驼一样。D: I always did wonder about those ostriches. 我总是对这些鸵鸟感到惊奇。201111/161594襄阳市第一人民医院有哪些医生

南漳县人民医院白带异常多少钱 5月8日,美国内政部长肯·萨拉萨尔宣布,自 “9·11”恐怖袭击事件后关闭的纽约自由女神像的头冠部分将于今年7月4日美国独立日重新对公众开放。为配合头冠部分的重新开放,纽约公园局将采取加高旋梯扶栏、增加值班人员等安全措施。 If you were watching the Today Show this morning, then you saw the most dramatic opening segment we can remember in quite a while. There they all are, our friends from the Today Show family in the crown of Lady Liberty to announce some big news concerning that statue. Our reports tonight from N's Mike Taibbi.Our gift from France was always one of those vertical man-made wonders, like the Washington monument, the Eiffel Tower, that entice kids to say" Can we climb to the top?" "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." and parents to say" I guess if you really want to". Well, maybe some grown-ups still like the idea. "I would walk every single stair to see the top.""I think it's awesome, it's about time."But to Today Show's Matt Lauer got this scoop from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar this morning that track to the top suspended since 911 are on again."Today we are announcing that on the 4th of July, we will open up the crown of the Statue of Liberty here in New York and New Jersey to the entire people of America."If you ever do get up there as I did in 1984 when Lady Liberty got a facelift for her septennial party, you will never forget it. Not everybody who wants to. You take the boat on to Liberty Island will get to visit the crown. That will be a lottery, a maximum of 30 people at a time. These Brooklyn six graders were so excited, they didn't notice my crown was on wrong."How many would you wanna climb all the way up to the top?"The statue was so huge. It arrived from France in 350 individual pieces in 214 crates that took 4 months to assemble. And your climb to the crown would be 250 feet up and 346 winding steps. Also be aware that the statue is designed to bend in a brisk wind, several inches, meaning you can feel like moving." I probably feel woozy, coz it sways back and forth."But the point is as at July 4th, if you want, you can feel like moving even as it moves you. Mike Taibbi, N News, New York.美国的象征——自由女神像在美国纽约市海港内有一座称被为自由岛的小岛。岛上矗立着一座巨大的雕像,当地华人称她为“自由女神”像 (Statue of liberty) 。其全称为“自由女神铜像国际纪念碑”,正式名称是“照耀世界的自由女神”。05/69691襄樊铁路医院男科挂号老河口市妇幼保健医院男科电话



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