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李华来公司找Larry,两人一起去吃午饭。今天我们要学两个常用语: icy和warmed up to.LH: Larry, 今天上班忙吗?LL: Well it has been alright all morning, but I am kind of nervous about this presentation I have to make this afternoon.LH: 不就是做个演示吗,又不是第一次,你有什么好紧张的?LL: The client who I am presenting to is somewhat icy towards me.LH: Icy? 你是说那个客户对你特别冷淡?LL: Yes, she is very cold and icy to me. I hope that I can impress her with my presentation.LH: 别担心,有些人生性冷淡,可能并不是针对你。上学期跟我一起做项目的一个男生就特别icy.LL: And...in what ways is he icy?LH: 他从来不笑,就连他在脸谱网页上的照片都是一脸苦相,好象别人欠了他的钱。别人跟他说话,他就瞪着别人,没有一丝表情。LL: That guy sounds like an icy character. How did you deal with having to work with him?LH: 还好我们是一组人,不光我们两个。大家分配好工作,他用了一个周末,就把自己份内的事情做好了。LL: Thats good. He may have been icy, but he sure was efficient.LH: 一个学期下来,他脸上总算有了笑容,but for a long time he was very icy towards us.LL: Hopefully my presentation will get through to todays client.LH: 肯定没问题。我发现,有些人对人冷淡,其实是因为他们自己不擅长社交。LL: I hope youre right. The last thing I want to do is offend one of our clients.LH: 你唯一能做的就是做好份内工作,对客户格外客气。这样,即使她对人冷淡,可能还是会对你有个好印象。LL: Thanks, Li Hua, that is great advice. I am going to go now, wish me luck.LH: 加油!MC:李华和Larry晚上一起吃饭。LH: 你今天下午的展示做得顺利吗?LL: It went really well! I was nervous that the client would be icy towards me, but she seemed to really enjoy the presentation. I think she really warmed up to me.LH: Warmed up to you? 你是说那个客户已经对你不再冷淡,开始喜欢你了吗?LL: Yes, that is exactly right.LH: 你觉得她逐渐对你热情起来,是因为你今天下午的表现吗?LL: I dont know Li Hua. I hope so. I think it went really well. She really seemed to be enjoying it by the end. At first she seemed very icy, but when I was done she had warmed up and was smiling.LH: 太好了!我就说过吧,她冷淡不是针对你。就象我们项目小组的那个男生,经过一个学期的合作,熟了以后就从冷淡变得热情了。LL: Often when someone seems icy, it just takes a little time for them to warm up to you.LH: 没错。那个客户对你的表现很满意,是不是说订单有戏了?LL: I hope so. That would definitely make the executives warm up to the idea of me being on the team.LH: 是啊,没准老板一高兴,还会给你涨工资呢!LL: Its possible. Say, Li Hua, have you seen this show called ;The Street;?LH: 我特别喜欢看。What do you think?LL: Well at first I didnt really like it, but after watching it a few times, I have warmed up to it.LH: 这么说,不仅可以warm up to一个人,还可以warm up to一件事情喽?LL: Yes Li Hua, because I gradually came to like the show, I warmed up to it. This is just like how the icy client warmed up to my presentation.LH: 我明白了。那你开始的时候为什么会觉得这个剧没意思呢?LL: When I first started watching it, I found the characters to be a little bit annoying, especially that one icy man. Over time, though, I have warmed up to them.LH: 我同意,戏里面的一些角色是不太招人喜欢,可以剧本写得很棒,扣人心弦。LL: The plots of the episodes are what caused me to warm up to the show.LH: 你看,快八点了,今天是星期三,正好要播出一集新的。LL: Lets watch it then!今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 icy, 意思是冷若冰霜。另一个是warm up to, 意思是逐渐开始接受和喜欢。 /165607。

酒吧驻唱精的吉他弹唱把阿美吸引住了。看完表演后,阿美就上前去跟他聊天。年轻的歌手特别友好,他们好像聊得很开心。 Listen Read Learn May: Hey. I'm a visitor from China. I love your music. It's the best I've ever heard. Will you please spare a little bit of time for me?Singer: Sure. Thank you for saying that. Actually, those songs were sung for the first time today. I wrote them in the past two months.May: Oh, you wrote them all by yourself. That's amazing! Are you a regular singer here?Singer: You can say that. But my band and I also sing regularly in several other places, too.May: Cool. Your guitar skills are very impressive. How did you learn to play like that?Singer: I picked up guitar at an early age, maybe around 8 years old. Afterward, I taught myself by listening to some records of top players.May: Wow, that's unbelievable! You play so well, but you've never been to a real teacher. You will definitely be famous in the near future.Singer: Hope so. But I don't really care. Most of the time, I just sing to myself, and if it happens to make others happy, then it's not a bad thing.May: What's the good thing about being a bar singer?Singer: As long as I play regularly in bars, my guitar skills are improving fast. Moreover, I can meet some interesting people who turn to be lifelong friends.May: I suppose you guys share the same love for music.Singer: Yeah. But still, it's not all good. You know, there is no regular salary for any freelance bands. But anyway, music is the thing that supports us.May: Cool. Well, I love your dressing style, especially your bracelet.Singer: That makes me a punk singer. You know, I'm hooked to punk music these days.May: Me too. Well, I've got to go now. Thanks for your time.Singer: My pleasure. Have a good night. Bye.听看学阿美: 嗨。我是从中国来的游客。我喜欢你的音乐。它是我所听到过的最棒的。你有时间跟我聊一会儿吗?歌手: 当然。谢谢你喜欢。实际上,那些歌今天是第一次唱,是我在上两个月创作的。阿美: 哦,那些歌都是你自己写的。那太棒了!你是这里的驻唱吗?歌手: 可以这么说。但是我和我的乐队也在另外的几个地方驻唱。阿美: 好酷啊。你弹吉他的技术让人印象深刻。你是怎么学会弹吉他的啊?歌手: 我从很小就开始弹吉他了,可能是在八岁左右。之后,我就听一些顶级吉他手的录音来自学。阿美: 哇,真让人难以自信啊。你弹得这么好,但却从来都没有向一位真正的老师学习。在不久的将来,你一定能够出名。歌手: 但愿如此。其实我不是很在乎。大部分时间我都是唱给自己听,不过要是我的歌碰巧能让别人快乐,那么也不算是件坏事。阿美: 当酒吧驻唱的好处是什么呢?歌手: 只要我在酒吧里当驻唱,我的吉他水平就能够很快提高。而且我也可以认识一些有趣的人,有的可以成为一生的朋友。阿美: 我猜你们对音乐有着同样的热爱吧。歌手: 是啊。不过这种生活也不是完美的。你知道,对于自由乐队来说是没有稳定的薪水的。不管怎样,音乐是持我们的东西。阿美: 好酷。还有,我很喜欢你的着装风格,尤其是你的手镯。歌手: 那样我才像是个鬅克歌手啊。知道吗,我最近迷上了鬅克音乐。阿美: 我也是。哎呀,我得走了。谢谢你花时间陪我聊天。歌手: 很荣幸。晚安。再见。 /200806/43015。

不想再交往下去啦?如何用英语和男(女)朋友说分手呢,这里有十种说法,帮你说分手:Let’s break up.我们分手吧。 /201009/113945。

五分钟英语快餐 第99期:Have Faith in 相关专题: 社交美语英语口语 /200809/48038。

1、Hey, don't try to rip me off. I know what this is worth. 别想宰我,我识货. /12/92272。

We're quite interested in your carpets. How about your offer?我们对你们的地毯十分感兴趣,你方的报价如何? /201103/128363。

Larry到小燕工作的“金龙”餐馆去找她,发现餐馆里很忙。今天我们要学两个常用语,一个是jumping, 一个是joint. (Sound of a busy restaurant) LL: Hi, Xiaoyan. I was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop and say "Hi." -- Wow. This place is jumping! XY: 没错,真是忙死我了,今天是星期五,每到星期五和星期六晚上,这是餐馆最忙的时候。 LL: So, Xiaoyan, you obviously know that when a person says a place is "jumping" - they mean it is very busy. XY: 这我还能不知道,别忘了,我可是餐馆的领班。我早就知道,说什么地方jumping就是客人特别多,生意特别好的意思。 LL: Say, Xiaoyan, I'd like to stay and chat with you, but I know you have a lot of work to do. Is there a time when the restaurant isn't jumping? XY: 你也知道,金龙是中国城生意最好的餐馆,从来就没有闲的时候。 LL: But surely there are times when "The Golden Dragon" is not as jumping as it is tonight. XY: 相对来说,星期二晚上客人少一些,你要来吃饭,最好是星期二来。 LL: Okay, I will. See you later, Xiaoyan. XY: 哎,别急着走啊!虽然客人多,但我还是可以休息一小会儿。你等等啊,我跟同事交代一下。(用中文跟另外一位带位交代,对方用中文回答说,没问题。) LL: Are you sure she doesn't mind working for you when the place is jumping, Xiaoyan? XY: 没关系,就几分钟的时间,我怎么说也不能让你白跑一趟啊! LL: That's nice of you, Xiaoyan. You know, I was hoping to have dinner here at "The Golden Dragon", but I didn't expect that it would be jumping like this. How long is the wait for a table, anyway? XY: 现在来,差不多要等半个小时,再过一会儿,可能就要等上一个小时才有空位了。 LL: Thirty minutes to an hour? That's too long. Is there anyplace nearby I can have dinner that isn't jumping? XY: 我听说街对面那家德国饭馆挺不错的,而且随时有空位,要不然你去那边试试看? ****** LL: Well, I guess I will have to try the German joint, Xiaoyan. XY: 你刚才说joint, 我以前也经常听人这么说,joint到底是什么意思啊? LL: "Joint" is a slang for "place" - and it is often used to refer to restaurants, clubs or other places of entertainment. XY: 哦,我明白了,joint指的是饭馆、酒吧和夜总会这类地方。我今天又学了个新词。You should go to the German joint then. LL: I'm just sad I can't eat at your joint, Xiaoyan. After all, the Golden Dragon is the best Chinese restaurant in town. XY: 金龙确实是这里最好的中餐馆,但是我听说,对面那家德国餐馆真的很不错,不仅味道正宗,价格也很合理,你不会失望的。 LL: Say, Xiaoyan, maybe I can come back after I have dinner and you get off work, and we can go grab a beer at some joint nearby. What do you think about that? XY: 好啊,你吃完饭再回来找我,如果到时候,客人没有那么多了,我就提前下班,怎么一起去喝两杯。 LL: Okay. See you later! (Incidental music, door opening sound) LL: Hello, Xiaoyan. XY: Larry, 你回来了!Good to see you again. LL: Good to see you, too, Xiaoyan. So, is this joint still jumping or has business slowed down since earlier this evening? XY: 现在客人少多了,你等一下,我跟老板打个招呼,就可以走了。 LL: Do you know of any good joints nearby, Xiaoyan, where you can have a beer and listen to music? XY: 我知道附近有一个爱尔兰酒吧,可以一边喝酒一边听爱尔兰音乐,气氛特别好。 LL: That does sound like fun, Xiaoyan. How do we get to this Irish Pub from here anyway? XY: 走过去,三条街就到了。 LL: Well, let's hurry over to the Irish joint, Xiaoyan. I could really use a beer! 我们今天学习了两个常用语。一个是jumping, 是指一个地方客人多,生意繁忙。另一个是joint, 是指餐馆、酒吧、夜总会和俱乐部等消遣的地方。 /200812/59201。

NO-BOOK英语口语提高版 Lesson17-18文本:Lesson 17 Speak1.Speaking!2.Actions speak louder than words.3.Just stand up and speak out.4.I'm speaking for you.5.We speak the same language.6.Well,speak of the devil!7.They had an argument,and now they're not speaking.8.We're happy for him,not to speak of his parents.Lesson 18 Go1.Let's go fifty-fifty.2.Why don't we go Dutch?3.Pride goes before a fall.4.Easy come,easy go.5.There you go again!6.Go for it if you want it.7.She's going out with another guy.8.One,two,three,go! /201001/93838。

“2岁看《新闻联播》,7岁读《人民日报》”,“官样”十足的13岁“少先队总队长”黄艺,近日被网民戏称为“五道杠少年”,迅速走红,引发媒体、网民一片嘘声。黄艺的父母近日回应各方关注,希望网民宽容对待孩子。也有学者、律师等表达了“孩子无辜”的观点。请看《中国日报》的报道:Yu said the five-stroke armband is an innovation that was adopted by the Wuhan committee a dozen years ago. He declined to say what Huang's responsibilities are.于先生(武汉市少工委负责人)表示,“五道杠”队章是武汉少工委在12年前设立的,但他并未透露黄艺的责任是什么。文中的five-stroke armband就是指少先队员“五道杠”的队章。80后的朋友们小时候很多都佩戴过这种带杠的队章。目前少先队中最高只有three-stroke armband(三道杠)的大队长,five-stroke armband代表的总队长是一些地方的尝试。Stroke在这里指的是“笔画”。在游泳中,stroke还可以指各种不同的泳姿,比如back stroke(仰泳)、breast stroke(蛙泳)、butterfly stroke(蝶泳)等等。Stroke还可以用来指“高明的举措、巧妙的办法”,比如master stroke(绝招、妙举)。 /201105/135146。

How many credits do we need to get the degree?要修满多少学分才能拿学位?Credit: a part of a college or university program that you have completed successfully 学分 /09/85152。