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即学即用英语会话词典B部分:初次见面交谈 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15008山东济南阳光女子医院是公立医院吗?As my brother Jim would say, ;go figure; International terrorism, stateless actors, pandemic disease. 我兄弟吉姆竟然说 ;没人说得清; 国际恐怖主义 无国籍行动者 大范围流行病A political movement that can be organized from your cell phone Twitter can literally unleash a revolution. 一场政治运动可以由你们的手机来组织 毫不夸张 推特能够发动一场革命And ground breaking journalism can be transmitted around the world from your kitchen table. 惊天动地的新闻 能从你的餐桌传播到全世界Todays technology has transformed the way we interact with the rest of the world and among one another. 今天的科技深刻变革了 我们同自己 同世界的交流方式There are more voices today than ever influencing governments and the course of events. 比起以往任何时候 现在都有更多声音 影响着政府及事件进程So it should be no surprise why those who understand this world less well than you do. 所以 并不让人惊奇 那些人正是因为不能像你们一样理解这个世界Feel uneasy But Im not at all surprised by the confidence. 所以才会感到不安 你们如此的自信 我并不感到惊奇You all feel today as you graduate from this great University You are so much better prepared. 你们今天都将毕业于这所伟大的大学 你们准备得如此充分And youve aly begun to change things significantly even before youve stepped off this field. 你们已经开始了对世界的深刻影响 从你们踏出这块场地之前就已开始Just look at whats happened since youve entered high school The fundamental shift thats taken place in America. 回想你们进入高中时的情景 美国对LGBT群体(同性恋 双性恋 及跨性别者)201610/470332济南妇幼保健院处女膜修复So to test it, we did the following experiment. First, we took the story and played it backwards.我们用以下的实验来测试。我们先将故事倒过来播放,And that preserved many of the original auditory features, but removed the meaning.这保留了很多原有的听觉特征,但是故事不再具有意义。And it sounds something like that.听起来像这样:And we flashed colors in the two brains to indicate brain areas that respond very similarly across people.在两个大脑里,我们用闪现的颜色来显示相似脑区块的响应。And as you can see, this incoming sound induced entrainment or alignment in all of the brains in auditory cortices that process the sounds,如你所见,进入耳朵的声音诱使所有受测者大脑内处理声音的听觉皮层全都同步了but it didnt sp deeper into the brain.但同步的现象并未深入大脑。Now we can take these sounds and build words out of it.然后我们把字汇加到声音上。So if we take Jim OGrady and scramble the words, well get a list of words.若拼凑重组吉姆·奥格雷迪的用字,我们会得到一长串词汇。An animal...assorted facts...and right on...pie man...potentially...my stories动物...事实上...就在...馅饼人...可能...我的故事And you can see that these words start to induce alignment in early language areas, but not more than that.大家看到这些字开始对准了,但只发生在前期的语言区,别的区没对准。Now we can take the words and start to build sentences out of them.我们把这些字汇排成句子。And they recommend against crossing that line.他们建议不要逾越那条线。He says: ;Dear Jim, Good story. Nice details. Didnt she only know about him through me?;他说:“亲爱的吉姆,好故事。很详细。你不知道她是经由我才认识他的吗?”Now you can see that the responses in all the language areas that process the incoming language become aligned or similar across all listeners.如同你们看到的,所有的人、所有接收语言处理区的响应都一致,或者很相似。However, only when we use the full, engaging, coherent story do the responses sp deeper into the brain into higher-order areas,然而,只有当我们使用完整、引人入胜、连贯的故事时,反应才会进入大脑的深层区域,which include the frontal cortex and the parietal cortex, and make all of them respond very similarly.包括额叶皮层和部分顶叶皮层,从而令所有人都出现非常相似的反应。201609/469098天桥区妇幼保健站妇科挂号

商河县妇科整形哪家医院最好的德州市人流医院VOA流行美语 48: REDNECK / IN THE STICKS今天李华从 Michael那儿学到了两个新词 redneck 和 in the sticks。M: Come in!L: Hi Michael! 真抱歉,我没先告诉你就来了。你的电话一直占线, 所以我没法打电话给你。M: That's no big deal. I was on the phone with my friend Bob who lives in Georgia. He is such a redneck!L: 原来这样。对了,你把你朋友叫什么来着?你说他是什么啊?M: I said he's a redneck, R-E-D-N-E-C-K.L: 一个红的脖子? 这是什么意思啊?M: A redneck is someone from the countryside who lives a country lifestyle.L: 所以你叫一个人 redneck就是说他是乡下人或很土气。哎,这样 说别人很不礼貌吧。M: Well, maybe. If you call someone a redneck, it means you think that they are not very cultured or sophisticated.L: 你就因为你朋友住在乡下,你就开他玩笑说他是redneck ,未免 不太好吧。M: I'm not really making fun of him. Some people are proud to be rednecks. Bob likes to call himself that.L: 你说叫他redneck,Bob他还很得意呀。那我就不懂了。在中国, 大多数住在乡下的人都巴不得往城里跑呢。M: Well, the U.S. is different. Being a redneck doesn't mean being poor or uneducated. It is a way of living, I guess.L: 那么rednecks到底像什么呢?你来说说。M: Let me see, how can I describe them? When we say someone is a redneck we mean they are from the south, and speak with a southern accent。L: 现在我懂了, redneck 呢一般是指美国南方人,或者说话有南方 口音的人。不过说真的,那些南方口音我真的听不太懂。M: Also, rednecks like life in the countryside. They enjoy sports such as hunting or fishing. They like living in areas with lots of open space.L: Hmm, rednecks他们不住在 城市,他们更享受乡下的生活。M: Exactly. Also, most rednecks have blue-collar jobs, or work on a farm. By the way, Li Hua, be careful how you use this word. Some people might get angry if you call them a redneck.### ### ###L: 哎,对了,Michael,你那个红脖子朋友Bob为什么事打电话给你 啊?M: Well, he asked me if I wanted to visit him this summer. I'm not sure if I really want to go though.L: 真的吗? 为什么你不想去呢?M: He lives out in the sticks. There's nothing for me to do out there.L: 他生活在那儿?The sticks 是什么地方啊?M: Oh, when I say in the sticks, that just means in a rural area, far from a big city.L: 噢,原来是指乡下啊。哎哟,只不过离开城市几天,这样你也受 不了啊?M: Well, I am used to city life. I don't know how to fish or hunt, and I really don't like farm work. I don't think I would like living in the sticks.L: 你觉得你不适合乡下的生活啊,不过偶尔去呼吸一下新鲜空气不 是挺好的吗?M: I guess. Maybe I should visit him.L: 要是有人自称是 redneck 的话,他也许觉得生活在乡下 in the sticks 也是很值得自豪的了?M: Actually, the phrase in the sticks is not very polite. You shouldn't tell someone that they live in the sticks unless you are just joking with them.L: 奥,说别人 live in the sticks 并不是很好,除非你是在开玩笑啊?M: You are right. Usually when you say something is in the sticks you mean it is far from anything civilized.L: 其实美国人并不懂得什么是真正的乡下。就算他们住在乡下好了, 只要一开车就到城里了嘛。M: That's true. Still, some places out in the sticks are pretty far from a big city, even if you drive a car.今天李华学到了两个新词:redneck 和 in the sticks 。Redneck 是指乡下人。 In the sticks 则是指远离城市的农村地区。 /200602/3123【中文这样说】我非常喜欢游泳。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style I very like swimming.American Style I like swimming very much. /200604/6401淄博妇幼保健院咨询专线Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Address北京奥运开幕式致辞Mr. President of the Peoples Republic of China, Mr. Liu Qi, Members of the Organizing Committee, Dear Chinese Friends, Dear Athletes,中华人民共和国主席先生,刘洪先生,奥组委的成员们,亲爱的中国朋友们,亲爱的运动员们:For a long time, China has dreamed of opening its doors and inviting the worlds athletes to Beijing for the Olympic Games.长久以来,中国一直梦想着打开国门,邀请世界各地的运动员来北京参加奥运会。Tonight that dream comes true. Congratulations, Beijing!今晚,梦想变成了现实,祝贺北京!You have chosen as the theme of these Games One World, One Dream. That is what we are tonight.你们选择“同一个世界,同一个梦想”作为本届奥运会的主题,今晚就是这个主题的体现。As one world, we grieved with you over the tragic earthquake in Sichuan Province. We were moved by the great courage and solidarity of the Chinese people.我们处在同一个世界,所以我们像你们一样,为四川大地震的沉重灾难而深感悲恸。中国人民的伟大勇气和团结精神使我们备受感动。As one dream, may these Olympic Games bring you joy, hope and pride.我们拥有同一个梦想,所以希望本届奥运会带给你们快乐、希望和自豪。Athletes, the Games were created for you by our founder, Pierre de Coubertin. These Games belong to you. Let them be the athletes Games.各位运动员,我们的创始人皮埃尔·德·顾拜旦是因为你们而创立了现代奥林匹克运动会。奥运会属于你们。让奥运会成为运动员的盛会。201611/479295齐河县中心医院剖腹产需多少钱

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