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哈市九洲妇科医院复查要钱吗哈尔滨宫外孕治疗费用大概是多少哈尔滨市九洲医院复查要钱吗 Business商业报道Telecom networks电信网络Twos company双巨头In an industry with a cost leader and a price leader, is there room for others?当一个行业里既有成本领导者又有价格领导者的时候,其它公司还有市场空间吗?REVOLUTIONS in technology bring benefits to millions,技术上的革新总是给数百万人带来好处,but the companies that make them happen do not always thrive.但是那些实现技术革新的公司却不一定会因此而兴旺发达。Even when demand is booming, competition to meet it can be brutal.即便是需求迅速膨胀,其市场竞争也会非常残酷。Makers of telecommunications networks know this only too well.通信网络设备制造商非常清楚这一点。They perform the unseen miracles that allow ever more people to talk, work and play on ever smarter devices just about anywhere,它们默默地创造着奇迹,让更多的人可以在任何地点通过更智能的终端聊天、工作和,but their rewards have been mostly meagre.但得到的回报却少的可怜。Merger and failure have thinned their ranks.频繁的并购和失败的经营导致这个行业的玩家不断减少。In Nortel, a Canadian equipment-maker, went bankrupt.在年,北电破产。This year Motorolas wireless-network division was bought by Nokia Siemens Networks, a Finnish-German joint venture created in 2007.同年,托罗拉的无线网络部门被诺西收购。Frances Alcatel and Americas Lucent merged in 2006.法国阿尔卡特和美国朗讯也早在2006年合并。None of these mergers has brought much success.然而这些兼并案例并没有获得多少成功。NSN has yet to make an annual profit.诺西的年度收益至今还是负的。On November 23rd it said it would shed 17,000 of its 74,000 workers and concentrate on mobile-broadband networks, for which demand is set to grow explosively, and on services,where it is relatively strong.在11月23日,诺西宣布将裁员17000人,将把经营聚焦于蓬勃发展的移动宽带网络业务和相对强劲的代维业务。It had aly sold a microwave-technology business; and on November 29th it announced the sale of another small unit.诺西已经出售了自己的微波业务部门;并于11月29日宣布售出了另一个小业务单元。Alcatel-Lucent reported falling revenues and negative cashflow in the third quarter.据报,阿朗在3季度销售额下跌,现金流为负。Investors are said to be impatient with its boss, Ben Verwaayen.投资者也开始对阿朗的老板本. 韦华恩失去耐心。Must all struggle?难道都是在苦苦挣扎么?All but two, it seems.似乎有2家是例外。Telecoms equipment is a scale game,通信设备制造业是一个规模游戏。says Richard Windsor of Nomura, an investment bank. Network-builders need scale to support the hefty fixed costs of research and development.一位来自野村券的分析师理查德.温莎说道。You can be either the cost leader or the technology leader.网络建造者需要规模效应来撑沉重的研发固定成本出。他说:你可以是成本领先者或是技术领先者。If youre neither of those, youre in a spot of bother.但如果你两头都不搭,那你就有麻烦了。The technological pace is set by Ericsson, a Swedish company that scoops more than a third of global mobile-infrastructure revenues, according to Gartner, a research firm.爱立信,这家技术研究型公司引领着技术的步伐; 据高德纳调查,这家来自瑞典的公司攫取了全球三分之一的移动基础网络建设收入。It boasts 27,000 patents and was part of a six-firm consortium that paid .5 billion for a load of Nortels patents in July.它声称拥有27000项专利,同时也是在7月份为收购北电专利付45亿美元的财团成员之一。Anyone mobile phones or networks needs an agreement with us, says Hans Vestberg, its boss.爱立信的老板汉斯?卫翰思宣称:任何一家设计手机或是网络的公司都需要和我们签订协议。The cost leader is Huawei, a Chinese firm.而成本领先者则是一家中国公司, 华为。Its global market share went up from 4.5% in 2006 to 15.6% in 2010, reckons Gartner, despite the political obstacles it faces in America.尽管它在美国市场遭遇了政治障碍; 但据高德纳估算,它的全球市场份额依然从2006年的4.5%增长至2010年的15.6%.Even Ericsson feels the price pinch.即使是爱立信也在为价格头疼不已。Its revenues have risen this year after falling in and 2010,虽然其收入在经历, 2010两个财年的下滑后,今年有所回升,but its margins have been slimmer.但利润却变少了。Mr Vestberg explains that Ericsson has been building new networks for mobile operators and modernising old ones.卫翰思先生解释道,这是因为爱立信在为移动运营商建设新网络同时改造旧网络。That means winning open tenders and taking an initial hit to margins.这就意味着它每赢得一个公开招标就开始一次对利润的冲击。Mr Windsor says that the companies caught in the middle lack the margins either to invest on Ericssons scale in Ramp;D or to fight Huawei on price.温莎先生称:这些公司都遭遇了利润瓶颈,既无法做到像爱立信对研发的投资规模,又不能和华为打价格战。NSN was loth to compete on prices before Rajeev Suri became its boss in , says Bengt Nordstrom of Northstream, a consulting firm.据北流咨询公司的本格特?诺德斯特姆称,在年拉吉夫?苏瑞担任诺西的老板以前,诺西根本不愿意开打价格战。Its market share is down to around a sixth, even with Motorola;它以前从母公司继承了1/4的全球市场份额,it inherited a quarter from its parents.而现在其市场份额连同托罗拉算在一起,已下降到了1/6。Now Mr Suri is taking an axe to costs, though he has not said exactly what he will chop.如今苏立先生大刀阔斧削减成本,尽管他并没有明确表示要砍掉哪一部分。He thinks others will also have to narrow their ambitions.他认为其它公司同样将会采取收缩战略。Life will get no easier for those squeezed between the Swedes and the Chinese.那些被瑞典人和中国人夹在中间的公司日子会不好过。Ericssons scale and technical edge are handy when, say, talking to mobile operators wanting to handle lots of data faster and without interference.对于那些想要获得更快处理海量数据和抗干扰技术能力的运营商,爱立信凭借所拥有的规模和技术优势可以手到擒来。And for those for whom cheap kit is paramount, Huawei will still be hard to beat.而对于那些以设备价格低廉为至上原则的运营商市场里,华为则难逢敌手。 /201305/238287大庆让北医院在线咨询

黑龙江九州医院网上咨询Asset-management companies in China中国的资产管理公司Lipstick on a pig看上去很美China is still dealing with the mess left by previous bank bail-outs中国仍在收拾金援留下的烂摊子Aug 24th 2013 | SHANGHAI |From the print editionNEWS surfaced this week that Cinda, an asset-management company (AMC) created during China’s last round of banking bail-outs, is talking to bankers about a stockmarket flotation. That raises an intriguing question: how would the Chinese government handle its next banking crisis? If experience is a guide, it will be through a combination of enormous injections of public money, the creation of complicated structures and the obfuscation of data.本周新闻,创建于中国上轮金援期间的资产管理公司信达正在对话家,讨论发行股票。这引起了一个有趣的问题:中国政府如何处理下一次危机呢?如果以经验为指导,中国政府会通过注入大量的公共资金,创造复杂体系,模糊处理数据等一系列措施。In the 1990s the government shut down many inefficient state-owned enterprises (SOEs). That forced banks to acknowledge loans to those entities as duds. Non-performing loan (NPL) ratios soared, so officials engineered an elaborate bail-out. Central Huijin, an SOE capitalised by the central bank and finance ministry, put money into the banks. On one estimate, these equity infusions topped 0 billion.上世纪90年代,中国政府关闭许多低效率的国企。这使得被迫接受贷给关闭国企的贷款作废。不良贷款率陡升,于是官方启动了复杂的金援。由央行和财政部注资成立的中央汇金向注入资金。据估计,这些企业注资高达1500亿美元。NPLs were hived off into four new AMCs: Huarong, China Orient, China Great Wall and Cinda. From 1999 to 2004 loans worth over 2 trillion yuan (2 billion) were transferred. Though mostly bad, the loans were usually sold at full face value. They were paid for with ten-year bonds, backed by the finance ministry, that the AMCs issued to the big state-owned banks. But since most NPLs failed to recover in that time, these bonds were extended another decade. In short, the bail-out is still going on.不良贷款被分离成了四个新的资产管理公司,分别是华融,中国东方,中国长城和信达。从1999年到2004年,超过两万亿元人民币(2420亿美元)的贷款被转让。尽管大部分是不良贷款,然而这些贷款通常是以全额票面价值卖掉。它们在财政部的持下以十年期债券的形式卖掉,这些资产管理公司将其发行给大型国有。但是因为当时大多数的不良贷款无法偿还,这些债券又延期十年。总之,金援还在继续。What the AMCs have done with their assets is unclear, as they have not released proper accounts. Some NPLs have been sold but reportedly at only 20% of face value. To deal with the resulting cash crunch, Cinda sold bonds to the finance ministry. Anne Stevenson-Yang of J Capital, a research firm, observes that these bonds have since been wiped clean from its balance-sheet without any explanation for where they went: “The AMCs seem to be virtual holding-tanks where the debt doesn’t stay and doesn’t depart either.” Some think they may be insolvent.这些资产管理公司用他们的资产做了什么不得而知,因为他们没有公布资产账户。一些不良贷款被出售,但是据报只有面值的20%。为了解决资金短缺,信达将债券卖给了财政部。调查公司J Capital的Anne Stevenson-Yang说,这些债券已经在没有对去向做出任何解释的情况下从资产负债表中抹去了。这些资产管理公司实质上似乎是掩盖债务的幌子,债务既不在这些公司也没有分发。一些人认为这些公司资不抵债了。That hasn’t stopped the AMCs expanding into other areas. They have gobbled up small banks and expanded into fund management, broking, commodities trading and insurance. Cynics speculate that all this has been done to give an illusion of rounded prosperity, perhaps as a prelude to a wave of public offerings.这没有让这些资产管理公司停下扩张的脚步。他们吞并了小型,,将业务扩展到基金管理,经纪业,商品交易和保险业。怀疑者推测所有这些都是都是全面繁荣的假想,或许是一波公开发行股票行动的前奏。In preparation for Cinda’s flotation on the Hong Kong exchange, the government poured 15 billion yuan into the firm in 2010 as it became a joint-stock company. Another 10 billion yuan was invested in it last year by strategic investors (including Standard Chartered, UBS and Citic Capital, a private-equity firm). Huarong is also rumoured to be seeking strategic investors, ahead of a possible listing next year.为了准备信达在香港股市上市,政府在2010年向该公司注资150亿元人民币成立合资公司。去年包括渣打,瑞银集团和私募股权公司中国中信在内的战略投资者去年向信达投资了100亿元人民币。也有谣言称华融也正在寻找战略投资者,争取明年上市。Why now? With loans soaring and bad debts likely to follow suit (see chart), Chinese officials realise that the next banking crisis may be near. They may well be hoping to lure in fresh investors, to draw a line under previous bail-outs and raise capital for new ones. Huarong and Cinda now claim to make profits, but given their murky accounts, that is hard to verify. A headline in the South China Morning Post sounded this warning: “China’s insolvent toxic-waste dump Cinda for sale”.为什么是现在呢?随着贷款的增加,坏账可能随之而来(见表),中国政府意识到下一次危机可能不远了。他们可能希望吸引新的投资者,与上次的金援划清界限,为新的金援募集资金。华融和信达现在宣称在盈利,但是鉴于他们含糊的账户,这一说法难以实。南华早报的头条发出警告:无力偿还债务的坏账回收站信达待售。 /201308/254012哈尔滨阿城区打胎多少钱 哈尔滨香坊区做无痛人流费用

哈尔滨市中医院上下班时间 Telling jokes谈独特玩笑Have you heard the one…你有没有听过…Groucho Marx liked a good oneGroucho Marx喜欢听精的No Joke: Making Jewish Humour.By Ruth Wisse.不许说笑:犹太式的玩笑THIS sharp and thoughtful study presents a reviewer with an unusual challenge: which joke do you e? One cannot tell them all, both because space forbids it and because some of them replicate, in order to mock and render harmless, noxious Jewish stereotypes.尖锐而又内涵的研究将一个不寻常的挑战放在读者面前:这句玩笑你引自何处?人们通常说不出所有之乎者也来,一方面是篇幅限制,另一方面是很多玩笑是照葫芦画瓢的,用以嘲讽和带恶意的或没有恶意的犹太人的固有看法。The most telling joke is one that Ruth Wisse, professor of Yiddish literature at Harvard, attributes to Immanuel Olsvanger, a folklorist who was born in Poland in 1888 and who collected Yiddish humour. Here it is, paraphrased. When you tell a joke to a peasant, he laughs three times: once when you tell it, next when you explain it to him and finally when he understands it. The landowner laughs twice: once when you tell it and again when you explain it. The policeman laughs only when you tell it, because he does not let you explain it and so never understands. When you tell a Jew a joke he says, “Ive heard it before. And I can tell it better.”有个讲的最多的笑话是 哈佛希伯来语文学教授Ruth Wisse属于Immanuel Olsvanger ,后者是个搜集希伯来语笑话的民俗学家,于1888年出生于波兰。这里只是转述一下。跟农民讲笑话他会大笑三次,第一次是你给他讲的时候,第二次是你向他解释的时候,最后一次是当他终于听懂的时候。地主会笑两次:你讲的时候还有听你解释的时候。而警察只会在听你讲时候笑一笑,他不会让你解释所以他也不会听懂。但当你跟一个犹太人讲笑话时,他会跟你说“噢,这我以前就听过,我可以讲的更好”。His joke hinges not just on Jews fondness for humour, but also on Jewish verbal dexterity, competitiveness and anxiety over social status. But, as Ms Wisse explains, the Jewish reputation for humour is neither universal nor ancient. The connection began with the Enlightenment, but even in the late 19th century Londons chief rabbi felt obliged to defend Jews against charges of humourlessness. Jews in Arab countries do not seem to have had the laughing gene, but in the Yiddish-speaking world—and in America and Israel, where many, if not most, Jews descend from Yiddish speakers—the connection between humour and Jews is so strong as to be almost axiomatic. Ms Wisse sees it as similar to “French cuisine” or “Turkish baths”.他的玩笑不拘泥于犹太式的幽默,更有犹太人的巧舌如簧,和在社会地位上犹太人的竞争力与焦虑感。但Wisse教授解释说,犹太人的幽默感,名声在外,说既不是被普遍接受的也不是有史可溯的。这种形象起源于启蒙时期,但19世纪末的伦敦的犹太教大法师都感到有必要反驳犹太人无幽默感的说法阿拉伯世界的犹太人也不像有笑神经的人,但在希伯来语世界以及美国和以色列,很多犹太人,如果不是绝大多数,犹太人与幽默的联结在希伯来语世界中强大得如同与生俱来,不言自明的一样。Wisse教授把这种怪圈比作“法国烹饪”或者“土耳其浴”一样。To her credit, Ms Wisse offers no general theory of Jewish humour in her book, preferring description and textual analysis, at which she excels, to psycho-historical puffery. Yet certain traits persist across temporal and geographic boundaries. Jewish humour tends, paradoxically, to provoke both relief and discomfort, as with Heinrich Heines sharp send-ups of Jewish converts in early 19th-century Germany. Much of it tends towards the absurd: consider the inspiring lunacy of Lenny Bruce, the dark surrealism of Franz Kafka or the comparatively light version that imbues the short fiction of Etgar Keret, an Israeli writer.出于她信誉的原因,Wisse并没有在书中做出犹太式笑话的概括性的论述,而是在她擅长的历史心理学吹赞方面做了些描述以及逐字逐句的分析。但在一定时间、地理范围内是有确切依据的。犹太式幽默常常是似是而非的,带来轻松或者抒发不悦,就像19世纪初德国的Heinrich Heine对犹太人尖酸嘲讽改变了一样。很多犹太人都偏荒诞:比如鼓舞人心的疯子Lenny Bruce,暗黑超现实主义的Franz Kafka又或者相比之下程度较轻的以色列短片科幻小说作家Etgar Keret。Jewish humour also rests on a closeness but separateness from the societies in which Jews lived—particularly Yiddish-speaking Jews in Europe—and on paradoxes. “A culture forged in the ancient East that developed in the modern West, and a theology founded in divine election whose adherents have been targeted for genocide—such incongruities tickle the modern Jewish imagination,” explains Ms Wisse. In other words, it is much better to have defiant, life-affirming laughter than tears and lamentation.犹太式幽默同样依存于一个与他们生活的社会分离的,私密的环境以及种种悖论。Wisse教授解释说,“一个由古老东方育在现代西方发展的,他们的神学体系建立在曾经历过大屠杀的后代的牧师选举制之上的文明-诸如此类的不协调启发着当代犹太人的想象力。”也就是反抗着总是好的,生命赋予我们比泪水和哀鸣更多的欢笑。 /201404/293151哈尔滨看妇科检查的医院哪里好黑龙江省九州好不好?



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