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South Korea, a country devoid of oil.南韩,一个缺乏石油的国家。Seoul, a city where one fourth of Koreans live, with one of the worlds#39; highest gasoline consumption.首尔,四分之一韩国人口居住的城市,拥有世界上最高的汽油消耗量。The situation is getting worse. Car usage is increasing. Petroleum costs are rising. Parking spaces are scarce. People are stressed out. Every day a Seoul driver wanders five hundred meters to find a parking space. In a month, this equals fifteen kilometers or one liter of gas.这情形每况愈下。汽车使用率增加。石油成本上涨。停车位一位难求。人们精神紧绷。首尔的驾驶每天要绕五百公尺才能找到停车位。在一个月内,这等于十五公里或是一公升的汽油。S-oil, one of the four oil companies in Korea took action. It is on a mission to save oil. Right here. Right now. Thus begins the HERE Campaign.S-oil,韩国的四间石油公司之一,采取了行动。它正在执行节省石油的任务。就在这里,就是现在。因而开始了“HERE”活动。It sent up a HERE balloon for each parking space. As a car parks in it, the balloon falls. When the car exits, the balloon rises. Cars can spot these balloons from afar. They can spot open parking spaces without wandering. Finding quick parking means saving oil. One easily spotted parking spot is worth one liter of oil saved.它在每个停车位都升起“HERE”气球。当车子停入,气球就会下降。当车子驶离,气球便回升。车辆可以在远方就看见这些气球。他们不必绕东绕西就能找到空的车位。快速找到车位代表着节省石油。一个能够快速被找到的停车位价值等同于节省了一公升的石油。I think there is nothing more economical than this especially in the times of high oil price.我认为没有什么比起这更经济实惠,尤其是在这个高油价的时代。This seems to be a good idea since you could see an empty parking spot from distance.这似乎是个好主意,因为你在远方就可以看见空的车位。It was amazing to see a balloon in the parking lot.在停车场看到气球很神奇。I seriously couldn#39;t make it without the balloons.没有气球我还真的无法做到。Result:;HERE; balloons have saved drivers#39; gas expenses through a new and interesting method. S-oil, the oil seller gained the impression of an oil-saving company. Save oil. Save time. Save money. Through ;HERE; balloons, the public is directly engaged with S-oil#39;s identity.结果:“HERE”气球以新颖且有趣的方式为驾驶节省汽油的开。S-oil,赢得省油公司形象的汽油销售商。省油,省时,省钱。透过“HERE”气球,大众直接参与了S-oil的企业本体。;HERE; Taking action for a better world.“HERE”为了更美好的世界而行动。Save oil, Save earth. S-OIL.省油,救地球。S-OIL。 Article/201411/341970A New Level of Archery丹麦神射手 Lars Andersen—这真是太疯狂了!Centuries ago, master archers were able to perform incredible feats of archery. These skills have long since been forgotten, but the Danish archer Lars Andersen is trying to reinvent what has been lost.几世纪以前,神射手们能表现出不可思议的射箭技艺。 这些技法已被遗忘许久,但丹麦弓箭手 Lars Andersen 试着重现被遗落的技法。He uses forgotten historical methods, and holds all his arrows in the same hand he shoots with. Once, this technique was widesp, and Assyrian artwork shows that the method was at least 5,000 years old.他利用被遗忘的早期技法,将他所有的箭握在他射箭的同一只手上。曾经,这技巧十分普遍,而亚述人的艺术品显示出这方法至少有五千年历史。Arab Archery, the most extensive historical book ever made about archery, states, ;This is the best type of shooting and there is nothing beyond it in power or accuracy.; Using this technique, Lars has set several speed shooting records, and shoots more than twice as fast as his closest competitors. And being able to shoot fast is just one of the benefits of the method.《阿拉伯射箭集》,史上内容最丰富的射箭史书,指出:“这是射箭的最佳样式,在威力及精准度上无可匹敌。”利用这种技巧,Lars 创下许多急速射箭记录,并比记录最接近的对手速度快超出两倍。而能够快速射箭仅是这技法的众多好处之一。But the big question is, why has it been forgotten today?但重要的问题是,为何这技法如今被遗忘了?About 10 years ago, Lars started using a bow. The arrows, he carried in a quiver on his back. Surprisingly, the quiver turned out to be useless when it came to moving fast. The back quiver is a Hollywood myth, and was not common in the past, but it is still sp all over the world.约十年前,Lars 开始使用弓。箭,他装在背上的箭筒里带着。出乎意料地,箭筒在快速移动情况下变得毫无用武之地。背式箭筒只是好莱坞迷思,在过去并不常见,但它仍在全世界普及。Why? Because modern archers do not move. They stand still, firing at a target board—something that was unknown in the past. These archers also started placing the arrow on the left side of the bow, just as archers do in movies. This is probably due to the fact that aiming at a stationary two-dimensional target makes you aim with one eye instead of two. This one-eyed aiming also led to bows with front sights and other technical gadgets, but that#39;s another story.为什么?因为现代弓箭手不移动。他们站定,射在标靶上--一个在过去是未知的物品。这些弓箭手也开始将箭置于弓的左边,就像电影里的弓箭手做的一样。这有可能是因为瞄准一个静置的平面目标使你用单眼而非双眼瞄准。这种单眼瞄准法也使配有前置瞄准器以及其他科技配备的弓出现,但那又是另一个故事了。However, placing the arrow left around the bow is not good while you#39;re in motion. By placing the arrow on the left side, your hand is on the wrong side of the string, so you need several movements before you can actually shoot.然而,将箭置于弓的左边在你移动时并不有利。将箭放在左边,你的手会在弦的错误一侧,因此在你真正发射前,你需要许多动作。From studying old pictures of archers, Lars discovered that some historical archers held their arrows on the right side of the bow. This means that the arrow can be drawn and fired in one single motion, which is both faster and better, and this was not the only problem with archery today.从研究古老弓箭手图,Lars 发现一些早期的弓箭手将他们的箭握在弓的右侧。这代表箭能够以单一动作拿取并发射,那更快又更有效,而这并非现今射箭的唯一问题。Lars realized that what we thought was historical archery only works well for modern target archery and Hollywood films. If he wanted to learn the shoot like the master archers of all, he would have to unlearn what he had learned and start ing historical manuscripts today. He would have to find his way back to a time when archery was simpler and more natural, exactly like throwing a ball, an essence making archery as simple as possible.Lars 理解到,我们如今认为是早期射箭的技法,只适用在现代标靶射箭及好莱坞电影。如果他想要学像所有神射手那样的射击,他将需要忘掉他所学过的,并开始研读今日留下的早期书稿。他会需要找到他的方法回到一个射箭更为纯粹且更为自然的时期,就像丢球一样,一个尽可能让射箭变得简单的要素。It is harder to learn how to shoot this way, but it gives more options, and ultimately, it#39;s also more fun. A war archer must have total control over his bow in all situations, and must be able to handle his bow and arrows in a controlled way, under the most varied of circumstances.学会如何这样射箭是更加困难的,但它给予了更多选择,且最终,它还更有趣。一名战地弓箭手必须要在所有情况下完全掌控他的弓,且必须要能够以受控的方式掌握他的弓箭,在最多变的情况之下。The old manuscripts told Lars that master archers could shoot the bow with both hands and still hit the target, so he began practicing. It is also described that an archer in motion must be able to hit a blade so that the arrow splits in two parts, like this.古老书稿告诉 Lars,神射手可以用双手射箭,且仍能射中目标,所以他开始练习。书稿中也描述移动中的弓箭手一定要能够击中刀锋,好能让箭劈成两半,像这样。Archers could also pick up enemy arrows and shoot them back, or grab arrows while on the move and fire them rapidly. There are even myths of archers who could grab an enemy#39;s arrow and shoot it back. Lars took it a step further, and he#39;s now able to catch an arrow while jumping and fire it before he hits the ground.弓箭手还可以捡起敌人的箭并回射,或是在移动同时拿箭并迅速射出它们。。甚至有传说,有能够抓住敌人来箭并回射的弓箭手。Lars 又更上一层楼,他现在能够在跳跃同时抓住箭,并在他着地前射出。Perhaps most importantly, modern slow archery has led people to believe that war archers only shot at long distances. However, Lars found that they could shoot at any distance, even up close. This does require the ability to fire fast, though.也许最重要的是,现代不急不徐的射箭引导人们相信,战地弓箭手只能远距射箭。但是,Lars 发现他们在任何距离都能射箭,甚至近距离。然而,这确实需要快速发射的能力。In the beginning, archers probably drew arrows from quivers or belts, but since then, they started holding the arrows in the bow hand, and later in the draw hand. Taking it to this third level, that of holding arrows in the draw hand, requires immense practice and skill, and only professional archers, hunters, and so on, would have had the time for it. When gun started replacing bows, this technique was forgotten.一开始,弓箭手也许从箭筒或腰带抽箭,但自此后,他们开始以持弓手拿箭,接着再用拉弓手拿。将其带到这第三个层次,用拉弓手拿箭的层次,需要大量练习和技术,而且只有职业弓箭手、猎人等等能有时间做这件事。当开始取代弓箭时,这个技术便被遗忘。And the only reason Lars is able to do it is because he spent years practicing intensely. The hard part is not learning how to hold the arrows but learning how to handle them properly, and draw and fire in one single motion. No matter what method is used, it works in all positions, and while in motion, whether rolling, running, or on horseback.Lars 能够做到这的唯一原因,是因为他认真地花上数年练习。困难的部份不在于学习如何握箭,而是学习如何适当地拿着它们,并在单一动作内抽出并射击。无论使用哪种方式,它在所有位置都行得通,还有在移动时,无论在滚、在跑,或是在马背上都行得通。It also works with sharp arrows and powerful bows. And while there is no doubt that those war archers of the past were stronger and more fit than Lars is, his arrows still penetrate chainmail armor and the heavy gambeson worn beneath it. It is difficult to compare actual striking power, though. Modern archers use only one hand, but in the past, some archers allegedly used both hands to give the arrow more power.它也适用于锋利的箭及强大的弓。虽然过去那些战地弓箭手毫无疑问地都比 Lars 还有力且强健,他的箭还是能射穿锁子甲,以及穿在下方的笨重软铠甲。但很难去比较实际的攻击力道。现代弓箭手只用一手,但在过去,有些弓箭手据称使用两手好赋予箭更大威力。Old manuscripts tell us that it was common to hold three arrows in the draw hand at once while keeping more in the belt quiver. We know that some archers held more, and in a way, the bow was the ultimate weapon. Who can escape 10 arrows fired quickly after another?古老书稿告诉我们,拉弓的手一次拿三把箭是很正常的,同时更多箭留在箭筒里。我们知道某些弓箭手拿得更多,且某方面来说,弓是终极武器。谁能够逃过十快速连射的箭呢?From old texts, we know that Saracen archers were expected to be able to fire three arrows in 1.5 seconds, and very skilled archers were even faster. Lars has managed to shoot three arrows in 0.6 seconds, but while speed is important, hitting the target is essential.从古老文本中,我们知道撒拉森的弓箭手应能在 1.5 秒内射出三箭,且技艺高超的弓箭手甚至还能更快。Lars 成功做到 0.6 秒内射出三箭,但虽然速度很重要,命中目标还是必要的。To test accuracy and speed at the same time, Lars set up an experiment, where he shot incoming arrows with arrows of his own. But he took it one step further. In the 1938 movie, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Robin Hood splits an arrow down the middle. Some consider this the ultimate archery trick. They are wrong.为了要同时测试准确度和速度,Lars 设立一场实验,实验中他用自己的箭射向飞射而来的箭。但他又更上一层楼。在一部 1938 年的电影《罗宾汉历险记》中,罗宾汉从中射穿一箭。某些人认为这是终极的射箭技巧。他们错了。The ultimate archery trick is splitting an incoming arrow in two with one of your own. We do not recommend you trying this at home.终极射箭技巧是用你自己的其中一箭将飞射而来的箭劈成两半。我们不建议你在家尝试这技巧。Thank you for watching.感谢你的收看。 Article/201508/390918Introduction and equipment导言和装备Welcome to your first study on ski.欢迎第一次来滑雪Never ski before,从来没有滑过雪吗we are gonna take through everything you need to know.我们会教你全部的必要知识Firstly, we will have a quick look at equipment首先我们来介绍下滑雪装备to show how to get skis on and off.演示下如何穿脱雪板And then, sliding down the hill nicely and gently on a very easy slope.然后演示下在缓坡慢速滑行The next thing is the first control: a break of a snow pole.然后是如何通过犁式控制雪板减速And finally, put some turns together, so you can control your descent down the slope.最后把转弯连起来,好让你能在下滑时控制速度It is a gorgeous day. Let’s give it a go.天气不错,让我们开始吧First things first. The skis,先来介绍下雪板tipped ski, tailed ski.板头和板尾Binding board goes forward nice and simple.板子很容易向前滑行Bindings,固定器toe binding, heel binding.脚尖部分 脚跟部分These things are gonna hold you on the ski.固定器把你固定在雪板上And here we go to a ski break.这里是止滑器Basically, when you are on a ski that being out of a way,当你踩在雪板上时 止滑器收起you do take a tumble that release, break pop down,当你摔跤雪板脱落的时候 止滑器会释放stop the ski sliding down and killing someone.防止雪板下滑 伤害他人Underneath, plastic pace, you are gonna slide down by this.板底 塑料板底是主要的滑行部分And each side of that, you’ve got a metal edge.两侧是两条金属板刃If anybody refer to the wooden edge,如果有人说到“立刃”they talk about tipping the ski one the side and using that metal edge.是指横向倾斜雪板 以利用金属板刃滑行All you need to know.基本上就是这些The heel binding get two positions: close and open.固定器脚跟部分有两个位置 锁紧和打开when you in the ski, you’ll be closed to get yourself fixed.当你踩在雪板上时 固定器锁紧You are gonna play the ski to hint the hole in the back,需要脱下雪板时 需要用雪杖尖顶在固定器的凹陷处push down firmly, lift the heel, and you’ll up.用力施压 然后抬起脚跟 就脱下雪板了The bare mind, if you do take a tumble. It is a good chance to heel binding.要记住如果你摔倒雪板脱落的话It still be closed,很有可能脚跟固定器仍在锁紧位置so you’ll spend less time trying to get the ski on.It is almost closed.这时候雪鞋是卡不进去固定器的Push down, open the binding,需要压住后固定器使其打开and you let it go again.就可以卡进雪鞋了注:本文翻译由en8848字幕组完成。 Article/201504/367894TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201511/407018

For the fetus, studies have shown decreased body fat,对胎儿而言,研究表明锻炼能够减少脂肪improved stress tolerance,提高抗压能力and advanced neural behavioral maturation.促进神经行为成熟Walking is a good exercise for everyone.散步对所有人而言都是不错的锻炼方式Brisk walking gives a total body workout快速走路能够锻炼全身and is easy on the joints and muscles.而且能够锻炼关节和肌肉If you were not active before getting pregnant,如果怀前锻炼很少walking is a great way to start an exercise program.那么散步则是开始锻炼的一种不错的方式Also, swimming is a very good exercise游泳也是一种不错的锻炼方式because it works so many muscles因为可以锻炼很多肌肉and the water supports your weight和撑体重的体液to avoid injury and muscle strain.可以避免肌肉拉伤It also helps you stay cool还可以帮助保持冷静and helps prevent your legs from swelling.避免腿部肿胀Cycling provides a good aerobic workout;骑自行车是一种很好的有氧运动however, the change in weight但是,体重变重can affect your balance会影响平衡力and make you more prone to falls.让人更易摔倒You may want to stick with也许会有人想要在期坚持stationary or recumbent biking later in pregnancy.固定或斜倚骑自行车Aerobics is a good way有氧运动是一种很好的方式to keep your heart and lungs strong.能够保持心肺强壮There are even aerobic classes甚至还有一些有氧健身课designed just for pregnant women.这是专为妇设计的Low-impact and water aerobics幅度较小的水中有氧运动also are a good exercise.也是很好的锻炼方式For women who exercised before pregnancy,对怀期前经常锻炼身体的女性而言running is a great exercise.跑步是很好的锻炼方式If you were a runner before you became pregnant,如果在怀前你经常跑步you may be able to continue running during pregnancy那么你可以在怀期间继续坚持跑步although you may have to modify your routine.尽管可能需要修改一下自己的日程Make sure that you talk to your doctor一定要和医生沟通about whether running during pregnancy确保怀期间跑步is safe for you.是否是安全的Strength training is also beneficial体能训练也是很有益的because it helps keep muscles strong因为它可以强健肌肉and prevents some of the aches and pains common in pregnancy.避免期常见的疼痛Again, caution is advised with strength training.另外,建议大家在进行体能训练时一定要小心After the first trimester of pregnancy,早期妊娠阶段之后women should not do exercises妇不应再进行that require them to lie flat on their backs.需要平躺的锻炼This could include bench press or abdominal exercises.这包括台式压床或腹部训练等While regular exercise is highly recommended期的常规训练还是大力推荐的during pregnancy, some activities should be avoided.但一些活动还是应当避免Downhill snow skiing and racket sports下坡滑雪,和球拍类运动can change your center of gravity会改变重心and can cause balance problems.引发平衡问题Exercising at altitudes higher than 6,000 feet在海拔6000英尺以上的地方进行锻炼can increase your risk of altitude sickness会引发高原反应making it harder for you to breathe呼吸困难and may cut down on your baby#39;s supply of oxygen.或许还会中断对婴儿的供氧Contact sports such as ice hockey, soccer,身体接触项目,如冰球,足球and basketball could result in harm和篮球会伤及to both you and your baby.母亲和胎儿Lastly, SCUBA diving should be avoided最后,应避免在期进行水肺潜水during pregnancy due to the large amount因为有大量的of pressures from the water.压力来自水中This could put your baby at risk这会使胎儿处于危险的境地for decompression sickness.易发生减压病Standing for long periods of time站立时间should also be avoided as much as possible.不能过长Activities such as gymnastics, water skiing,如体操,滑水and horseback riding where there is an increased risk和骑马等运动也要避免,因为会增加of falling should be avoided during pregnancy.摔落的危险With any type of exercise you#39;d like to try,不管想尝试哪种锻炼方式be sure to discuss it with your doctor ahead of time.都要确保和医生提前沟通If you are an athlete, let your doctor know,如果你是个运动员,那就告知医生so you can get any special care you may need.这样你就可以受到需要的任何特殊照顾In conclusion, proper weight gain during pregnancy总之,期适量的增加体重is essential in maintaining the health and wellbeing是必须的,可以保持母体of both the mother and fetus.和胎儿的身体健康Modest, consistent weight gain is the goal.适量地持续地增加体重是主要目标Nutrients such as iron, Vitamin D,例如铁元素,维生素Domega-3 fatty acids, and Folic Acid欧美加3脂肪酸,叶酸之类的营养素are important to supplement during pregnancy.应当在期着重摄入Increased calorie intake of 340 and 452 kcals推荐把热量的摄入量are recommended during the second and third trimesters.在中晚期妊娠阶段增加至340到452千焦Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial期锻炼非常有益not only for the mother, but also for the fetus.对母体和胎儿都是如此The nutrition and exercise recommendations今天提到的营养和锻炼建议discussed in this presentation are important对妇都是非常重要的for pregnant women but can be maintained但是也可以在生产后坚持下去after pregnancy for a healthy lifestyle.以保持健康的生活方式 Article/201503/366129

See if you can ID me. In total land area, I`m one of the largest countries in the world. But my population is less than that of Texas. I`m made up for two territories and six states and I`m located in the southern hemisphere.你是否能把我鉴别出来。我是世界上陆地面积最大的国家之一。但我的人口比德克萨斯州还少。我位于南半球,由两大版图及六个州组成。Good day, mate. I`m Australia, and my 23 million people are governed by a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.好的,伙计。我就是澳大利亚,在君主立宪制和议会民主制统治下,有二千三百万人口。Even though Australia is a member of the British commonwealth and its chief of state is Queen Elizabeth II, Australia`s law making power lies with its parliament. And that parliament, not Australian voters, decides who the country`s leader will be.虽然澳大利亚是英联邦成员国,其国家首领是伊丽莎白二世,但澳大利亚的立法权由议会决定。议会决定谁将担任国家领导人,而不是澳大利亚选民。It just decided on a new one. Former Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in yesterday as Australian`s 29th prime minister. He`s replacing former leader, Tony Abbott.决定新的领导人。前通讯部部长特恩布尔马尔科姆取缔前领导人托尼阿伯特,宣誓就任澳大利亚第二十九任总理。While many citizens are concerned about Australia`s slowing economy, Prime Minister Turnbull will have the additional challenge of stabilizing the country`s leadership. He`s Australia`s fourth prime minister in a little more than two years.与此同时,许多民众都在关注澳大利亚放缓的经济,特恩布尔总理将面临更多的挑战,稳定其国家领导地位。他是两年多里澳大利亚的第四任总理。译文属。 /201509/398985

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