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A blind footballer kicking a cat and call centre workers singing with their mouths full are among the stars of the most controversial adverts of the past 50 years.盲人足球运动员踢猫与呼叫中心人员嘴里塞满东西唱歌被列为过去50年来最受争议的广告。Abortion clinics, the Pope in a hard hat and a naked Sophie Dahl also feature in the first chart of the most complained about promotions of all time.此外,堕胎诊所、戴着安全帽的教皇与裸体的苏菲#8226;达尔也是观众投诉最多的广告。The details are revealed today by industry watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority, which has been criticised for its liberal approach and failure to support complaints from the public.英国产业监管机构广告标准局今日发布了广告细节,这些广告因为尺度太大,而且没有对公众投诉做出回应而受到批评。Five of the ten advertisements that appear in the league table were cleared by the ASA despite the avalanche of complaints they generated.尽管排行榜中的十大广告受到大量投诉,但还是有五个广告获得了广告标准局的批准。The most controversial commercial of the past 50 years is an advert for abortion charity Marie Stopes, which was shown on television in 2010.过去50年里争议最大的商业广告就是2010年电视上播出的一则玛丽#8226;史托帕斯堕胎慈善机构的广告。Critics said that allowing an abortion provider to advertise in this way normalised the procedure, even giving it credibility as a form of contraception.人士说,让堕胎医疗机构用这种方式做广告会让堕胎手术变得更常态化,甚至会让公众相信这是一种避形式。It provoked 1,088 individual complaints, with the figure rising to 4,688 once petitions were taken into account.这则广告引来1088个投诉电话,如果把请愿书也计算在内,投诉就达到了4688个之多。Next in the chart is the advertisement which drew the most individual complaints, not including petitions.排行第二的广告是不包括请愿书在内、个人投诉最多的广告。A total of 1,671 were unhappy about the 2005 promotion for fast food chain KFC, which featured footage of call centre workers singing with their mouths full. Many objected on the basis it could encourage bad manners among children.总共有1671人对2005年肯德基快餐连锁店的这一广告感到不满。在视频中,呼叫中心人员嘴里塞满东西唱歌。许多人反对这一广告,理由是它会怂恿孩子的不礼貌行为。Also in the top ten is a 1995 leaflet issued by the British Safety Council, featuring a picture of the Pope wearing a hard hat with the words: ‘The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt always wear a condom.’跻身前十的还有1995年英国安全委员会发的传单。传单上教皇头戴安全帽,旁白是:“第十一条戒律:汝须戴安全套。”It was intended to raise awareness of National Condom Week and promote safer sex, but the ASA accepted it was offensive to Roman Catholics.这一广告的本意是在全国避套周唤起人们对安全性行为的意识,宣扬更安全的性生活,但广告标准局承认该广告冒犯了罗马天主教。Since then, however, regulators have cleared the way for condoms to be advertised more prominently, and they can now be promoted on television before the 9pm watershed.不过,从那以后,监管人员就为避套广告扫清了道路,如今避套广告可以在9点前的黄金时段在电视上播出。In 2010, more than 1,300 complained about a TV commercial for the Paddy Power betting giant.2010年,1300多人投诉了一则为公司“帕迪鲍尔”做的电视广告。The footage of a blind football player kicking a cat across a pitch was said to be offensive to blind people and at risk of encouraging animal cruelty.在这段广告视频中,一位盲人足球运动员将一只猫从球场的一头踢到另一头。投诉原因是既不尊重盲人,又鼓励人们虐待动物。 /201206/185390


  A solo trip is one of the most soul-stretching adventures you#39;ll take as a traveler. Without a companion by your side, you#39;ll have the opportunity to do anything and everything you want (Mamp;Ms for breakfast? Sure!). As a result, most explorers find that they emerge from a solo journey totally refreshed and inspired。对一个旅行者来说,独自旅行是最能舒展灵魂的冒险之一。身边没有旅伴,你想干什么就可以干什么(吃Mamp;Ms巧克力豆当早饭?当然可以!)。因此独自旅行过后,大部人都会发现自己精神焕发,对世界有了新的看法。Yet for women, there are often extra safety precautions to take. But that doesn#39;t mean women can#39;t or shouldn#39;t get out there. Here are the many reasons every woman should take a solo trip at least once。不过女人出去旅行通常需要采取额外的安全保障措施,但是这并不是说女人就不能、或者不应该出去走走了。这里列出了许多理由,解释为何每个女人都应该至少来一次独自一人的旅行。1. Solo travel makes you adaptable。1、独自旅行能提高你的适应能力。Missed flights, cancelled rides and changed plans make solo travelers incredibly resilient. After grappling through the ups and downs of a solo trip, you#39;re capable of bouncing back from pretty much anything life throws your way. It#39;s no wonder that women who travel are so darn dateable。误了飞机、车次取消、计划变动会让独自旅行的人学会随机应变。应对过独自旅行中的种种变数之后,无论生活丢给你什么烂摊子,你基本上也可以应对自如了。毫无疑问,旅行过的女人是非常有魅力的。2. It inspires you to create。2、独自旅行会激发你的创造力。Travel presents the perfect combination of vibrant culture, quiet time and exciting adventure that#39;s needed to fuel a new project. These influences are felt more strongly when you#39;re alone, making for endless creative potential。旅行会同时给你带来多的文化、静谧的时光和令人兴奋的冒险,这些正是启动一个新计划所需要的。当你独自一人的时候,影响会更加强烈,从而激发你无限的创造潜能。3. After a solo trip, you#39;ll be able to negotiate with confidence。3、独自旅行过后,你就可以充满自信地讨价还价了。Getting around abroad often requires haggling a price with a street vendor, grappling your way onto an earlier flight or scrambling last-minute to find an open hostel. Solo travelers develop the ability to negotiate these situations with ease, because she#39;s the only one there to do it for herself。在国外旅行经常需要跟街头小贩砍价、想方设法登上早一班的飞机或是赶在最后一刻找一家还没打烊的旅馆。独自旅行的人培养起了在这些场合中轻松讨价还价的能力,因为除了她自己没有人能够帮她了。4. You#39;ll know your strengths, and you#39;ll hurdle over weak spots。4、你会发现自己的长处、战胜自己的弱点。Solo travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of others#39; expectations. You#39;ll discover just how strong you are, and come out unafraid to tackle the next weak spot head-on。独自旅行不仅会强迫你离开自己的舒适区,还能让你把他人对你的期望抛在身后。你会发现你是多么强大,可以勇敢地战胜自己的弱点。5. Travel will broaden your network of strong female friends。5、旅游会让你结交到更多强大的女性朋友。A traveler comes across plenty of new faces while at it alone. And when a female traveler meshes with other strong, independent women, who knows what kind of power friendships could take shape?旅行者在独自旅行的途中会遇到很多新面孔。当女人在路途中结识到其她强大独立的女人时,谁知道友谊会有什么样的力量呢?6. ...and you#39;ll realize that your occupation doesn#39;t define you。6、你会发现你的工作并不能限制你成为什么样的人。It takes guts to drop everything and leave the real world behind, but those who take the plunge will find that the reward is massive. While work matters, a solo trip shows you that there#39;s no shame in pursuing what#39;s truly important。放下一切抛开现实需要很大的勇气,但那些敢于冒险的人会获得巨大的回报。尽管工作很重要,但一场独自的旅行会让你明白,追求真正重要的东西一点也不丢人。In short, travel empowers. And nothing is more valuable than that。总之,旅行会带给你力量,这才是最有价值的。 /201508/390210。

  China is so big and so complicated that most scholars have viewed it in glorious isolation. 中国地域之大、情况之复杂导致多数学者都以“光荣孤立”的视角看待中国问题。 In #39;Beyond the Middle Kingdom,#39; a new collection of essays edited by Indiana University professor and China-hand Scott Kennedy, some of the world#39;s leading China scholars attempt to turn that around exploring China in comparative perspective. 美国印第安纳大学(Indiana University)教授、中国问题专家甘思德(Scott Kennedy)最新主编出版了一部名为;Beyond the Middle Kingdom;的论文集,在这部论文集中,一些世界一流的中国问题学者尝试转换角度──以比较的视角来探讨中国问题。 China Real Time recently caught up with Mr. Kennedy to get the lowdown on the new approach. “中国实时报”(China Real Time)栏目近期采访了甘思德,以深入了解这种新的思路。 Most China experts look at the middle kingdom in isolation, why is that? 《华尔街日报》:多数中国问题专家都以孤立的视角看待中国,为什么会是这样呢? Because of China#39;s size, the complexity of Chinese culture, and the country#39;s long history, many experts begin with the untested assumption that China is unique, and that comparison would only yield contrasts. 甘思德:中国的地域,中国文化的复杂性以及漫长的历史让许多专家一开始就做出想当然的假设,认为中国是与众不同的,如果进行对比只能发现差异。 Just as important, learning Chinese and doing field work in China requires a huge amount of time and energy. Since Chinese is not the main language in any other country, save perhaps in Singapore, the skill set China specialists have is not as portable as say for experts who do research on countries where people speak Spanish, French, or Arabic. 同样,学习中文和在中国进行田野调查也需要耗费大量时间和精力。由于中文在任何其他国家都算不上主要语言(也许除新加坡以外),与在西班牙语、法语或阿拉伯语国家做研究的专家相比,中国问题专家所具备的一套技能搬到中国并不那么好用。 You#39;ve uncovered a misunderstanding in what the term #39;middle kingdom#39; actually means? 《华尔街日报》:你发现人们对“middle kingdom”这个名词的理解有误? The Chinese word for China, zhongguo, is often mis-translated as #39;Middle Kingdom.#39; In fact, a more accurate rendering is #39;central states,#39; plural, not singular. The central states were those kingdoms that existed in what is today central, east and southeastern China during the Spring and Autumn Period prior to the Qin Dynasty and the creation of a unified country. 甘思德:汉语“中国”一词常常被错误地翻译成“Middle Kingdom”。其实更准确的译法应该是“central states”(注:中部列国),“states”为复数,而不是单数。“中部列国”是指秦朝(Qin Dynasty)统一中国之前,春秋战国(Spring and Autumn Period)时期位于今天中国中部、东部和东南部的王国。 Given this history, the more contemporary meaning of zhongguo likely is more about unifying the country than being in the center of the world. Foreigners ─ not Chinese people ─ use the term #39;Middle Kingdom#39; to imply Chinese see themselves as part of a superior civilization. But Chinese do not conceive of #39;zhongguo#39; as #39;Middle Kingdom.#39; So if there#39;s a Middle Kingdom complex, it#39;s the West#39;s, not China#39;s. 从这段历史来看,“中国”一词更现代的含义可能与统一国家(而不是处于世界中心)联系更为紧密。外国人──而非中国人──用“Middle Kingdom”一词暗示中国人认为自己的文明更优越。但中国人并不把“中国”理解成“Middle Kingdom”。所以,如果说存在“Middle Kingdom”情结的话,那也是西方的,而不是中国的情结。 What#39;s wrong with looking at China in isolation? 《华尔街日报》:如果以孤立的视角看中国,会存在什么问题? Whether we like it or not, we all compare China to other places. When you say that China is large, isn#39;t pro-environment, is ethnically homogenous, has a lot of inequality, or is highly corrupt, you are implicitly making comparisons. I advocate being explicit about cross-national comparisons because doing so reveals unexpected similarities and differences. 甘思德:不论我们喜不喜欢,我们都会把中国与其他地区进行对比。当你说中国很大,中国不重视环境保护,民族单一化,不平等或者腐败问题严重时,你其实是在进行隐性比较。我提倡进行显性的跨国比较,因为这样可以揭示出让人意想不到的共同点和不同点。 One obvious comparator is Asian neighbors like Korea and Japan. But there are some important differences in China#39;s growth story. 韩国和日本等亚洲邻国显然可以作为中国的比较对象。但中国的发展历程与这些国家之间存在一些重要区别。 Many Chinese officials have hoped that China would follow the lead of its East Asian neighbors. There is a common commitment to active industrial policy and limited faith in the ability of free markets to generate socially valuable outcomes. 许多中国官员期望中国追随其东亚邻国的脚步。东亚国家普遍致力于推行积极的产业政策,同时认为自由市场产生社会价值的能力有限。 But there are substantial differences between China and its neighbors. Policymaking in China is less coordinated and exhibits greater infighting and turf battles. Many of China#39;s economic policies are geared toward helping state-owned enterprises, more so than elsewhere in the region. And unexpectedly, China largely had lower trade and investment barriers than its neighbors in part because South Korea and Japan were given greater leeway until the 1980's because they were American allies during the Cold War. 但中国与其邻国之间存在相当大的差别。中国的决策协调性较差,内部纠纷和部门之间的地盘之争比较严重。中国的许多经济政策都是向国有企业倾斜的,这种倾向性比该地区其他国家要强。令人意外的是,中国的贸易和投资壁垒总体而言要比邻国少,这在一定程度上是因为,由于韩国和日本在冷战(Cold War)期间是美国的盟友,它们二十世纪八十年代之前一直能获得较大的自由空间。 Economic performance has also differed. China has actually enjoyed a longer #39;high-growth#39; era than any of its neighbors, but wealth there is much more unevenly distributed. 中国与邻国的经济表现也存在差别。中国的“高增长”期事实上比任何邻国都要长,但中国财富分配的不均程度也要比邻国严重得多。 Russia, as a former Communist state, also yields some fruitful comparisons. 我们也可以用曾为共产党国家的俄罗斯与中国做一番有意义的比较。 The Chinese state may be less functional than that of its East Asian neighbors, but China#39;s bureaucratic institutions and economy are much more robust than those of Russia. Take the auto sector. Cross-provincial competition and joint ventures with foreign partners have led Chinese automakers to substantially improve their performance over the last 15 years. By contrast, Russia#39;s auto companies have been far less successful as a result of Russia#39;s more chaotic inter-regional competition and less well-designed national policies. 中国政府的效能可能不如东亚邻国高,但中国的官僚机构和经济却比俄罗斯强大得多。我们以汽车行业为例。在过去15年中,跨省竞争以及与海外伙伴组建合资企业显著提升了中国汽车生产商的表现。而俄罗斯的汽车企业则远不如中国成功,因为俄罗斯的跨地区竞争比较混乱,国家政策的设计也不如中国合理。 And other emerging markets like Mexico, Brazil and India? 《华尔街日报》:如果将中国与墨西哥、巴西、印度等其他新兴经济体进行比较呢? These three democracies are excellent reference countries to understand the extent to which China#39;s authoritarian system shapes its political economy. There are clear differences, such as more aggressive business lobbying within these three countries as compared to China. For example, Mexican banks have successfully lobbied to be part of cross-national mergers and acquisitions, while their state-controlled Chinese cousins have not. But there are also surprising similarities across the four countries. Corruption levels, income inequality, and the unevenness of social welfare systems are similar. In addition, all four have faced similar difficulties moving higher up within the global supply chains. 甘思德:这三个民主国家为我们理解中国权力体系如何塑造其政治经济提供了很好的参照。差异是明显的,比方说,这三个国家企业界的游说活动要比中国有力。例如,墨西哥业曾成功游说政府允许业参与跨国并购,而中国国有则尚未获得成功。但这四个国家之间也存在惊人的相似。腐败程度、收入差距以及社会福利体系的不平等都是相似的。此外,这四个国家在提升自身在全球供应链中的地位时都面临类似的难题。 What does all this mean for our understanding of the #39;Beijing Consensus?#39; 《华尔街日报》:以上这些对我们理解“北京共识”(Beijing Consensus)有什么意义? The #39;Beijing Consensus#39; is a myth propagated by observers who have not bothered to compare China#39;s development experience to that of others. Systematic comparison yields both differences and similarities. Asserting that China is unique is no more valuable than recognizing that each of the world#39;s 192 countries has something special about themselves. Slogans such as the Beijing Consensus or China Model are more useful for advertising campaigns than for genuine understanding. 甘思德:“北京共识”是一些观察家宣传的没有真正获得太多认同的说法,他们未将中国的发展经历与其他国家进行比较。通过系统的比较,我们既能认识到不同之处,也能认识到相似之处。所谓中国与众不同的说法并不比承认全球192个国家均有独特之处更有价值。“北京共识”或“中国模式”(China Model)等口号在广告宣传中用处更大,它们并不是对问题真正的理解。 What#39;s the next step for the study of China through the comparative lens? 《华尔街日报》:通过比较视角来研究中国的话,下一步要做什么? There are still many areas of governance, economic policy, business performance, and international behavior that await more in-depth and systematic comparisons. Equally important, comparativists typically operate at the national level. But there is a tremendous amount that can be learned by sub-national comparisons. We may be able to gain more insights by comparing, for example, the growth strategies of Shanghai to Los Angeles, Cairo, and St. Petersburg, than comparing China with the ed States, Egypt, and Russia. 甘思德:现在仍有许多与治理、经济政策、企业表现及国际行为相关的领域有待更深入、更系统的比较。同样值得一提的是,持比较视角的学者一般是在国家层面上考察问题的。但我们也可以通过次国家对比学到很多东西。我们可以把上海的经济增长战略与洛杉矶、开罗、圣彼得堡进行对比,这可能会比对比中国、美国、埃及和俄罗斯更有启发。 /201207/192942

  Science and technology.科技Psychology心理Snot fair!太不公平啦!Exactly when is something perceived as ;not fair;?究竟在什么情况下人们会觉得;不公平;?AS THE bankster phenomenon has so eloquently illustrated, Homo sapiens is exquisitely sensitive to injustice. Many people grudgingly tolerated the astronomical incomes of financial traders, and even the cosmological ones of banks#39; chief executives, when they thought those salaries were earned by honest labour. Now, so many examples to the contrary have emerged that toleration has vanished.强盗家的现象已经有力地明,人类对于不公平是敏感至极的。过去,许多人对于操盘手高到天上去的收入,甚至是高管天文数字一般的薪酬,虽愠愠不平,但尚能忍耐,他们曾以为这些收入是靠诚实劳动赚来的。但如今,随着大量反例的出现,公众的忍耐已经不复存在。Surprisingly, however, the psychological underpinnings of a sense of injustice-in particular, what triggers willingness to punish an offender, even at a cost to the punisher-have not been well established. But a recent experiment by Nichola Raihani of University College, London, and Katherine McAuliffe of Harvard, just published in Biology Letters, attempts to disentangle the matter.然而让人惊讶的是,心理学上对于不公平感的成因尚未能做出很好的解释,尤其是为何人们不惜付出代价也要惩罚侵犯者。但是,英国伦敦大学学院的尼古拉·雷汉尼(Nichola Raihani)和哈佛大学的凯瑟琳·麦考利夫(Katherine McAuliffe)最近进行的一项实验尝试对这个问题抽丝剥缕,这一实验的结果发表在了最近的《生物学快报》上。Dr Raihani and Ms McAuliffe tested two competing hypotheses. One is that the desire to punish is simple revenge for an offence. The other is that it is related to the offence#39;s consequences-specifically, whether or not the offender is left better off than the victim.雷汉尼士和麦考利夫女士对两种对立的猜想进行了验。第一种猜想认为,惩罚侵犯者的欲望只是一种报复心理。另一种猜想则认为这与侵犯的结果有关--具体来说,即侵犯者的境况是否比受害者更好。Until recently, the temptation would have been to advertise for undergraduate volunteers for such a project. Instead, Dr Raihani and Ms McAuliffe decided to follow a new fashion in psychology and recruit their human guinea pigs through a system called Mechanical Turk. This arrangement, run by Amazon, a large internet firm, pays people registered with it (known as Turkers) small sums of money to do jobs for others. That allowed the two researchers not only to gather many more volunteers (560) than would have been possible from the average student body, but also to sp the profile of those volunteers beyond the halls of academe and beyond the age of 21.一直到最近,像这样的项目往往会通过广告吸引大学生志愿者。但是雷汉尼士和麦考利夫女士决定采取心理学界新近流行的一种方法,借由一个叫做;机械土耳其;的系统招收他们实验的小白鼠。这一系统由网络巨头亚马逊公司组织,注册用户(被称作;特客(Turker);)为别人工作后可以领到小额的酬劳。通过这个系统,两位研究者不仅找到了比普通学生群体更多的志愿者(560名),还得以将志愿者的范围扩大到了学术界以外和21岁以上的人群。Dr Raihani and Ms McAuliffe asked their Turkers to play a game. In it, the volunteers were paired and given small sums of money. One member of a pair could then take a predefined sum from the other, or not, as he chose. After that the other could, at a certain cost to himself, impoverish his opponent to a greater degree.雷汉尼士和麦考利夫女士请参与实验的特客玩了一个游戏。在游戏中,志愿者以两人一组一一配对,并各自获得一小笔钱。组里的一名志愿者可以选择是否从另一名组员那里拿走预定数量的钱。之后,另一位组员在自己付出一定代价的前提下,可以大量减少对方的财产。The first player might receive ten cents, 30 cents or 70 cents. The second player always received 70 cents. The first player was then allowed to take 20 cents of the second player#39;s money. Finally, the second player could reduce the first player#39;s total sum by 30 cents, but at a cost of ten cents to himself-in other words, he lost money too by doing so.每一组的游戏者甲最开始可能会收到10美分、30美分或是70美分作为起始财产。而游戏者乙则总会收到70美分。然后甲被允许先从乙处取走20美分。最后乙可以选择使甲的财产减少30美分,但是作为代价他自己也必须拿出10美分--换句话说,这么做乙自己蒙受了损失。The crucial point of the game is that in all three cases the second player suffers the same absolute loss if the first chooses to take money from him. The offence, in other words, is identical. But in the first version of the game he remains ahead if he does not retaliate (50 cents v 30 cents), in the second he comes out equal (50 cents v 50 cents), and in the third he ends up behind (50 cents v 90 cents).这个游戏最关键的一点在于,无论甲的起始财产是多少,只要甲选择拿走乙的钱,乙都要蒙受完完全全的损失。也就是说,不论哪种情况,乙所受到的侵犯总是一样的。但在第一种情况中(即当甲的起始财产是10美分),如果乙不采取反击,他还能保持领先(50美分比30美分),第二种情况下(甲的起始财产为30美分)甲乙平局(50美分比50美分),而第三种情况(甲的起始财产为70美分)中,乙则会以落后告败(50美分比90美分)。The upshot was that in the first two cases about 15% of second players chose to retaliate if they had money taken. This was more or less the same as the number in all three versions of the game who ;retaliated; even though they did not have money taken (a course of action allowed by the rules). In the third version, though, more than 40% of second players retaliated when money was taken from them-even though the outcome was still that the first player ended up ahead, with 60 cents to the second player#39;s 40 cents.游戏的结果显示,在前两种情况中,只要钱被拿走,15%扮演乙的志愿者会选择反击。而综合三种情况来看,乙在钱没有被拿走的前提下依然选择向对方进行反击的现象也大概占15%。但在第三种情况中,一旦钱被拿走,超过40%扮演乙的志愿者会采取反击--即便甲仍然会以60美分比40美分的优势取得游戏的胜利。On the face of things, this result suggests that what really gets people#39;s goat is not so much having money taken, but having it taken in a way that makes the taker better off than the victim. That will clearly bear further investigation, for example by looking at the case where the first player begins the game better off than the second. It is intriguing, though, that even such trivial sums of money can provoke thoughts of revenge. In light of this, the fate awaiting those astronomically paid bankers could be a particularly nasty one.乍一看,这样的结果意味着真正让人感到愤恨的不是自己的钱被拿走,而是拿走钱的人在拿走钱后财产比受害者多。显然这个结论需要更多的调查加以明,比如假如从一开始甲的钱就比乙多,结果会如何。有意思的是,就是这么不起眼的几十美分也能激发人的报复心理。从这一点看来,等待着那些拿着超高薪待遇的家们的命运颇为险恶。 /201207/192794狮子座——The Three Musketeers《三剑客》书中的三位剑客非常像狮子的!而且这本书中牵涉到了皇室的问题,就更加符合狮子们的王者之风拉!相同关键词:王者之风、尊贵、侠义精神The Three Musketeers is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, père, first serialized in March–July 1844. Set in the 17th century, it recounts the adventures of a young man named d#39;Artagnan after he leaves home to become a guard of the musketeers. D#39;Artagnan is not one of the musketeers of the title; those are his friends Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, inseparable friends who live by the motto ;all for one, one for all; .《三剑客》(又名《三个火手》)是以17世纪初期法国国王路易十三和手握重兵、权倾朝野的首相黎塞留红衣主教的矛盾为背景,穿插群臣派系的明争暗斗,围绕宫廷里的秘史轶闻,展开了极饶趣味的故事。书中的主人公少年勇士达达尼昂,怀揣其父留给他的十五个埃居,骑一匹长毛瘦马,告别及亲,远赴巴黎,希望在同乡父执的特雷维尔为队长的国王火队里当一名火手。在队长府上,他遇上阿托斯,波托斯和阿拉米斯三个火手,通过欧洲骑士风行的决斗,四人结成生死与共的知己。 /201208/196786



  Using tablet computers like Apple#39;s iPad and Samsung#39;s Galaxy Note just before bed can lead to a poor night#39;s sleep, according to research. More and more people are taking their tablets to bed with them to surf the web, check Facebook or email before switching off the light. But researchers are warning that the blueish light their screens emit can stop users getting a good night#39;s sleep. That is because this type of light mimics daylight, convincing the brain that it is still daytime.Blue light suppresses production of a brain chemical called melatonin, which helps us fall sleep. This is because our brains have evolved to be wakeful during daylight hours. By contrast, light which is more orange or red in tone does not suppress melatonin production, perhaps because our brains recognize it as a cue that the day is ending. Neurologists have known for years that staring at screens late in the evening can disrupt sleep - be they television screens, computer screens or mobile phone screens. However, because mobiles and tablets are by nature portable - not to say addictive - more people are taking them into the bedroom. Users also tend to hold them much closer to their eyes than a computer or television screen.Researchers at the Lighting Research Centre, at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, are warning that looking at tablet displays for more than two hours ;leads to a suppression of our natural melatonin levels as the devices emit optical radiation at short wavelengths; - in other words, they emit bluer light.很多人喜欢睡前躺在床上拿iPad或手机上网、看电影或者玩游戏。最近有研究显示,这种行为会影响睡眠质量。研究人员指出,iPad等设备的屏幕会发出蓝色的光,这种光与阳光类似,会抑制大脑分泌褪黑素,从而使其处于清醒状态,难以入睡。而长期睡眠不规律则可能增加肥胖和患乳腺癌的风险。对此,研究人员建议,睡前使用移动电子设备时可尽量将屏幕亮度调暗,并控制使用时间。另外,研究人员还建议平板电脑制造商调整自发光设备的频谱功率分布以减少其对用户睡眠状况的影响。 /201209/199427。

  The study#39;s authors said there was a plausible biological explanation for their finding. The preterm brain is particularly vulnerable to injury, and functional M.R.I. imaging of young adults born very preterm has found disruptions in brain networks similar to those found in psychiatric patients. In addition, genetic factors that would not by themselves lead to illness could be activated by preterm birth.该研究的研究者们还指出他们的调查结果有合理的生物学解释。早产儿的大脑易受到伤害,并且他们在那些过早出生的早产儿的功能性核磁共振成像中发现了脑网络的紊乱,这些紊乱与精神病人的脑紊乱相似。除此之外,那些独自不会导致疾病的基因可能会被早产激活。Dr. Peterson agreed that the study offered strong evidence ;for a causative relationship rather than simply an association.;彼得森士也认为这份研究提供了非常有力的据来明;早产与精神疾病之间的关系是因果关系,而不是简单的联系。;The study, published online last month in Archives of General Psychiatry, used obstetric data from the Swedish Medical Birth Register, which includes information on more than 99 percent of all hospital births in the country since 1973 and contains prospectively collected information on the 95 percent of Swedish women who attend antenatal clinics.这份研究报告上个月在《普通精神病学文献》的网上发布,该研究使用了瑞典出生登记的产科数据。这些数据包括了瑞典1973年以来99%以上医院出生个体的信息以及95%的做过产前诊断的瑞典产妇的相关信息。The data on hospitalization came from the National Hospital Discharge Register, which contains records on all hospital diagnoses. The researchers connected the birth records to hospitalization data using the personal identification numbers assigned to all Swedish citizens.有关住院治疗的数据来自于国立医院出院登记处,包括所有医院诊断的记录。研究人员通过每个瑞典公民都有的个人身份识别号码将出生记录和住院治疗数据连接起来。The scientists considered two other pregnancy outcomes in addition to preterm birth: birth weight and Apgar score - a general measure of a newborn#39;s health - at five minutes. Being small for gestational age was significantly associated only with hospitalization for drug or alcohol dependency, and Apgar score only with depressive disorder.科学家们还分析了除早产之外的其它两种妊娠结果:出生体重和新生儿阿普加评分得分。阿普加评分是评估新生儿健康的一般性测量手段,在出生后五分钟进行检测。新生儿体重很轻只与住院治疗毒品和酒精的依赖有关联,而阿普加得分仅仅与抑郁症有关联。The association of hospitalization for psychiatric illness with preterm birth persisted after controlling for Apgar score, poor fetal growth, maternal sociodemographics and maternal psychiatric history.患精神疾病与早产之间的关联在人们对阿普加得分,胎儿成长不足,妇社会人口生活与妇精神病历史有一定的了解情况下一直存在。 /201207/190169

  1. When helping a woman pull her chair to the table, hold it and guide it. Don#39;t shove it against the back of her legs.1.为女士拉椅子的时候,要把椅子抓住了,留个角度,让女士好走过去。别让椅子腿碰到女士的腿。2. If you#39;re seated at a table with eight or fewer guests, wait for everyone to be served and for the hostess to begin eating before you dig in. At a long banquet table, it#39;s OK to start when several people are seated and served.2.如果就餐人数少于等于八人,那就等所有人都坐好了,女主人开始用餐了,再开动。如果是长餐桌,那么只要有几个人入座进食了,你也就可以开始吃了。3. All things not having to do with food should remain off the table: keys, clutch bags, cigarette packs, sunglasses, BlackBerrys.3.一切和食物无关的东西都不应该出现在餐桌上,包括:钥匙、手袋、烟盒、墨镜还有手机。4. Don#39;t snap your napkin open or unfurl it showily like it#39;s an Olympic flag.4.不要把餐巾展开,看起来像是在展示奥林匹克会旗一样。5. If you prefer not to have wine while dining out, don#39;t turn your glass upside down, and donrsquo;t make a big deal of saying you don#39;t drink. Simply place your fingertips on the rim of the glass and say ;Not today, thanks.;5.如果在用餐时你不想饮酒,不要把酒杯倒过来放,也不要很在意地宣布你不喝酒。只要轻轻地把指尖放在酒杯边缘,说一句;今天不喝,谢谢。;6. If you#39;re eating and want to take a sip, dab your mouth with your napkin to avoid staining the rim of the glass.6.如果你在吃东西的时候,想要啜一口饮料的话,那就先拿餐巾把嘴擦干净了,以免在杯子边缘留下残迹。7.Grabbing a bowl of salad or a saltshaker as it#39;s being passed to someone who asked for it is the equivalent of cutting in line: greedy and rude.7.把原本要递给别人的沙拉碗或者盐瓶从半道截下来,这基本上就等于在说:你是个既贪婪又粗鲁的人。8. On the subject of passing: Dishes go counterclockwise, but if someone to your left asks for something, you can hand it directly to him.8.餐桌上要传递东西的话,规则一般是逆时针传递。不过,如果坐在你左手边的人想要什么东西时,你也可以直接递给他。9. When you excuse yourself to go to the restroom, just say ;Please excuse me.;9.想去洗手间的时候,只要说;失陪一下;就可以了。10. When out with friends or family ; even at a fancy restaurant ; it#39;s OK to ask for your leftovers to be wrapped. But don#39;t do it at a business lunch or dinner.10.和朋友家人一起外出用餐,即使是到很高级的餐馆,也可以要求把吃剩下的食物打包带走。不过,如果是在商务宴会上,就不要这么做了。 /201112/163172


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