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巴南区去抬头纹多少钱重庆涪陵中心医院激光脱毛Facebook doesn#39;t hold many press conferences. But when the world#39;s biggest social network does talk to journalists, the briefings are always best when founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg goes off script.Facebook没有召开很多新闻发布会。但当这个世界上最大的社交网络确实与记者交谈时,简报总是最佳的当创始人兼首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格即兴演讲时。The 28-year-old man did so on Tuesday, at the launch of Graph Search, when he openly described a ;wider strategic rift; with Google and revealed for the first time why negotiations between Facebook and the search giant broke down over privacy.这位28岁的男人是周二在图像搜索发布会上这么做的,当他公开描述了与谷歌的一种“更广泛的战略分歧”,并首次透露为什么Facebook与该搜索巨头在隐私方面的谈判破裂。According to Zuckerberg, Google was less willing (or able?) to change its search algorithm so that once a wall post or photograph was deleted from Facebook it vanished from the rival company#39;s search results. Microsoft was able to do this and has partnered with Facebook since 2010.据扎克伯格说,谷歌不愿(还是不能?)改变其搜索算法,这样一旦一张海报或照片在Facebook被删除后它就从竞争对手公司的搜索结果中消失了。微软能够做到这一点,自2010年以来就与Facebook合作了。;Trying to think whether it#39;s reasonable to get into this,; said Zuckerberg in a Qamp;A session, prompting a flurry of sudden interest from the assembled journalists. ;I think the main thing is about when people share something on Facebook, we want to give them not only the ability to broadcast something out but also change their privacy settings later and take the content down.“试想进入这是否合理,”扎克伯格在一个问答环节说,激起与会记者的一时兴趣。“我认为最主要的事情是当人们在Facebook上分享东西时,我们想给他们的不仅是能传播一些东西,而且也在改变了他们的隐私设置后把内容记录下来。;That requires incredibly quick updating ... We need that content to be gone immediately ... You need infrastructure that can support that and that takes a lot of commitment from the partner.”“这需要难以置信的快速更新…我们需要这些内容立即消失……你需要基础设施可以持,这需要从合作伙伴那获得很大的承诺。”;Microsoft was more willing to do things that were specific to Facebook. Google has a system that works really well for them about how they treat information across their company, and I think that our system was different in ways that people share information and want to give them flexibility after the fact – that was the biggest stumbling block.“微软更情愿做的事情都是针对Facebook的。谷歌有一个系统真的非常有效,关于他们怎样对待经过他们公司的信息,我认为在人们分享信息的方式上我们的系统是不同的,并想要在事实之后给予他们灵活性,那是最大的绊脚石。;That may have just been the specific thing in the negotiation, it may have been a symptom of a bigger strategic rift, but that is at least where the discussion fell apart the last time we spoke about it.;“那可能只是在谈判中特定的东西,它可能是一个更大的战略分歧的症状,但那至少是上次我们谈到它时讨论土崩瓦解的地方。”Zuckerberg was responding to a question by Search Engine Land#39;s Danny Sullivan, who covered the launch of Graph Search in depth on his site.扎克伯格是在回应搜索引擎专家丹尼#8226;苏利文提出的问题,报道了他网站上深度图谱搜索的发布。According to Facebook insiders, Zuckerberg was not referring to fresh discussions with Google ahead of the launch of Graph Search. The dispute goes back to the ;cold war; days when Google and Facebook fell out over the ownership of personal data and, latterly, Google#39;s move into social with Google+.根据Facebook的内部人士,扎克伯格指的并不是在图谱搜索发布前与谷歌的新讨论。争议回到了“冷战”那些日子当谷歌和Facebook在个人数据的所有权之争的争吵,最近,谷歌以谷歌+进军社交领域。It is significant because, if correct (and Google refuses to comment), it adds to the emerging theory that Google#39;s highly complex search algorithms are increasingly at odds with the social web. Put simply: how would you feel if a photograph you removed from Facebook could still be found by people searching Google? Or an embarrassing Facebook that appeared in Google searches for your name even though you had been deleted on the social network?它是重要的,因为如果正确的(谷歌拒绝),它增加了谷歌高度复杂的搜索算法越来越不符合社交网络的新理论。简单地说:如果你在Facebook上删除的照片仍然可以在人们搜索谷歌时被发现你会有什么感受?或者一个令人尴尬的Facebook视频以你的名字出现在谷歌搜索上,即使你已经在社交网络上删除了?The worry for Google is that it will come to be seen as the reason why nothing can ever be fully removed from the internet. That is a problem for Google#39;s brightest brains to address as Facebook and Twitter expand the social web into more areas of our lives.谷歌担忧的是它将被视为任何东西都不能从互联网上完全删除的原因。这是一个需要谷歌最聪明的大脑来解决的问题当Facebook和Twitter将社交网络更多的地扩大到我们的生活中。 /201301/220953重庆市第八人民医院做双眼皮 沙坪坝人民医院图片

重庆星辰整形医院去痘多少钱To hear Microsoft#39;s top brass tell it, their 101,914-person, 7 billion company is made up of fanciful dreamers with a mission to empower the masses.根据微软(Microsoft)高层的说法,这家拥有101,914名员工、市值3,270亿美元的公司由一群梦想家组成,他们的使命是赋予大众以力量。At a press event today to introduce the Surface Pro 3 tablet, chief executive SatyaNadella and Surface Computing head Panos Panay repeatedly spoke of the ;dreams; and ;empowerment; that can be achieved with the company#39;s new mobile device. The new Surface Pro is sleeker, faster, thinner, and lighter than its previous version, the executives said. It will allow people to perform business tasks such as word processing. And it ;will replace the laptop.;在今天的Surface Pro 3平板电脑发布会上,微软首席执行官萨提亚o纳德拉和Surface部门领导帕诺斯o潘乃反复提到,利用微软这款新型移动设备可以实现“梦想”,获得“力量”。高管们表示,新款的Surface Pro比前两代产品更加轻薄时尚、运算速度更快。它能够让人们完成文字处理这类商务工作,还将“取代笔记本电脑。”If nothing else, the Surface Pro 3 may be Microsoft#39;s latest attempt in fulfilling its own long-held dream: to be a major player in a tablet market dominated by Apple, Amazon, and Samsung.Surface Pro 3也许是微软为实现自己多年梦想所做的最后一次尝试,也就是在由苹果(Apple)、亚马逊(Amazon)和三星(Samsung)统治的平板电脑市场上成为强劲的竞争者。Though the company has long offered ;tablet computers,; the device#39;s modern incarnation has been a problem for Microsoft (MSFT). Even before Apple (AAPL) introduced the iPad in 2010, pundits predicted that tablets would eventually replace the laptop, just as the laptop had largely replaced the desktop computer. For Microsoft, that spelled trouble: Office and Windows have long been two of the company#39;s most lucrative products. While PCs running Windows still dominate the laptop market, Apple#39;s iOS leads the tablet market. To say that Microsoft is a distant third is an understatement.尽管微软长期供应“平板电脑”,但怎样让这种设备变得时尚一直是这家公司的老大难问题。甚至在2010年苹果推出iPad之前,许多专家就预计平板电脑最终会取代笔记本电脑,正如笔记本电脑在很大程度上取代了台式机一样。对微软而言,这是一件麻烦事:多年来,办公软件Office和操作系统Windows都是这家公司最赚钱的两大产品。尽管台式机使用的Windows仍然统治着笔记本电脑市场,但苹果的iOS系统却在平板电脑市场遥遥领先。说微软是被远远抛在后面的老三都已经是有所保留了。(谷歌安卓和苹果iOS分列前二,这两大操作系统在平板电脑市场的占有率达到了97.9%。)One of the best ways for Microsoft to get its software on tablets would be to make its own. Thus, Surface.微软想要让自己的软件出现在平板电脑上,最好的办法之一就是研发自己的产品。因此,Surface应运而生。To date, Surface hasn#39;t been a success. Microsoft has lost more than .2 billion on its tablet business so far, prompting analysts to call it a ;money pit.; Even with sales doubling year-over-year in the fourth quarter, Surface tablets make up less than 10% of the market, according to industry tracker IDC.迄今为止,Surface还不能算得上成功。截至目前,微软已经在平板电脑业务上亏损了超过12亿美元,分析家们把它称作“资金无底洞”。根据信息技术行业务提供商IDC的数据,尽管Surface在2013年第四季度的销量同比翻番,在市场上的占有率却仍然不到10%。Today, amid the fluffy talk of dreams and empowerment, Microsoft showed it has at least listened to past criticisms of the Surface.如今,在对梦想和力量的侃侃而谈之中,微软表现出他们至少听取了人们过去对于Surface的批评。The flimsy attachable keyboard made it hard to work on your lap? Microsoft added an extra magnetic attachment to make it more secure.轻薄的外接键盘让人很难把Surface放在膝盖上使用?那好,微软现在增加了一个额外的磁性扣,让它能放得更稳。The upright ;kickstand; angle made the tablet hard to draw on? Microsoft made it fully flexible. (The crowd applauded at this feature.)“Kickstand”架的竖直角度让Surface用起来很不方便?现在人们可以灵活调整架的角度了。(人们对这项功能赞不绝口。)The keyboard#39;s trackpadperformed badly? Microsoft reduced the friction on it.键盘的触控板效果很差?微软降低了它的擦。The small 10.6-inch screen made it too small to get real work done? Microsoft expanded the Surface screen to 12 inches, without adding any weight. Microsoft also reduced the device#39;s thickness from 10.6 millimeters to 9.1 millimeters without making it weaker, and demonstrated the feat by dropping a device on a carpeted floor.10.6英寸的屏幕太小了,真正干活时很不方便?微软把新一代Surface屏幕增大到了12英寸,却没有增加设备重量,反而还把产品的厚度从10.6毫米减少到9.1毫米,却无损它强度。为了明这点,演示者还把Surface摔在了铺着毯子的地面上。And so on. Panay walked the crowd through an hour#39;s worth of feature demonstrations, showing off the Surface#39;s versatile click-pen, automatic cloud synching, andside-by-side computing abilities.还有许许多多其他功能。潘乃用了足足一个小时向听众们展示产品的特性,包括Surface的多用触控笔、自动云同步,以及并行计算能力。With the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is saying that it is no longer scared of tablets killing laptops. (The market incentives are certainly helping.) In fact, it wants to fire the first shot, and Panay closed the event by proudly declaring that the Surface Pro 3 will be the tablet that will replace the laptop. (It goes on sale tomorrow with a 9 price tag.)有了Surface Pro 3,微软表示他们不再害怕平板电脑淘汰笔记本电脑了。(市场的刺激显然起到了作用。)实际上,微软自己就想打响淘汰战的第一,在发布会的最后,潘乃自豪地宣布:Surface Pro 3将会是取代笔记本电脑的平板电脑。(这款产品将于明天上市,售价799美元。)His premise is flawed, of course. The laptop doesn#39;t need replacing, at least not yet. Today, the laptop remains a ;need-to-have; product; the tablet is a ;nice-to-have; product. Analysts are even predicting a peak in tablet sales -- last quarter, unit sales of iPads actually declined.当然,他的预测还有缺憾。笔记本电脑还不需要被取代,至少目前如此。如今,笔记本电脑仍属于“必需品”,而平板电脑还是“有更好,没有也行”的产品。分析家甚至预测平板电脑销量将会达到峰值——但实际上,在上一季度,iPad的销量还出现了下滑。But Panay clearly wants the Surface Pro 3 to change that. In saying so, he inadvertently made the best argument against the dominance of tablets himself: 96% of iPad owners also own a laptop, he noted. ;You#39;ve been told to buy a tablet, but you know you need a laptop,; he said. By declaring war on the laptop, Microsoft is fighting an enemy that might not be there.不过,潘乃显然希望Surface Pro 3能够改变这一点。但他在抛出这个理论时,一不小心提出了对自己“平板电脑统治论”的最好质疑:关于96%的iPad用户也拥有笔记本电脑这一事实,他表示:“人们都让你去买平板电脑,但你自己知道,你依然需要笔记本电脑。”微软在向笔记本电脑宣战,但与此同时,它面对的也许是一个根本就不存在的敌人。 /201405/300113遂宁打瘦脸针的价格 All is not well at Japan’s flagship electronics maker.这家日本的旗舰电子产品制造商可谓诸事不顺。Sony has projected its current fiscal-year loss will widen to more than .1 billion, a bigger loss than previously expected, as the Japanese company trims the value of its mobile communications business.随着索尼(Sony)下调了对其移动通讯业务的估值,这家日本公司预计本财年的亏损将超出之前的预计,达到21亿美元以上。The company said it will book an impairment charge of about 180 billion yen (.7 billion). The company is shifting gears in the mobile segment, now focusing on reporting more stable profits and concentrating on its premium lineup, while reducing the amount of models in its mid-range lineup. Sony had previously admitted sales of its mid-range smartphones, intended for emerging markets, hadn’t been as strong as the company had hoped.索尼表示,将计入一笔高达1,800亿日元(17亿美元)的资产减值。公司正在转变移动部门的运营方式,更多地着眼于稳定的盈利,将精力投入高端产品,同时减少中端机型的品种。索尼之前曾承认,针对新兴市场推出的中端手机销量不如公司预计的那样强劲。The mobile-phone business was Sony’s largest sales contributor last year, and was also the company’s most profitable electronics division just a year ago, according to The Wall Street Journal.据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)报道,去年,手机业务对索尼的销售额贡献最大,也是公司盈利最多的电子产品部门。In the past, Sony has said the company needs to expand its smartphone business because many areas in which it competes — including the cameras and games markets — are closely tied to mobile devices, the Journal has reported. Sony isn’t expected to exit the smartphones business, but is expected to be more selective about which countries it targets and which models it debuts.《华尔街日报》称,索尼曾表示公司需要拓展其智能手机业务,因为该公司参与竞争的许多领域——包括相机和市场——都与移动设备紧密相关。预计索尼不会退出移动手机领域,不过会更加谨慎地选择目标国家和首发机型。 /201410/331984城口县疤痕修复多少钱

重庆市九龙坡区中医院在线QQMARS - that#39;s where more than 450 Chinese people want to live.火星- 有450多中国人想住那。They#39;ve applied for one-way tickets to the red planet offered by Mars One, an organization based in the Netherlands hoping to establish a human colony there in 2023.他们已经申请了前往这颗红色星球的单程票,由Mars One提供,一个总部设在荷兰的组织,希望2023年在那建立一个人类定居地。On its website (www.mars-one.com), it says it hasn#39;t yet begun its astronaut selection program, but had so far received in excess of 37,000 applications, including more than 450 from China.在其网站上(www.mars-one.com),它说还没有开始宇航员的选拔程序,但迄今已经收到了超过37000份申请,包括来自中国的450多个。The non-profit organization announced its private spaceflight project in June last year saying that it would send a communications satellite and pathfinder to Mars by 2016 and land four astronauts in 2023 to establish a permanent settlement.这个非营利组织在去年6月公布了私人航天项目,表示到2016年将发送一个通信卫星以及火星探路者到火星,2023年四个宇航员在那登陆以建立一个永久定居地。After that, a new set of four astronauts would arrive every two years.在那之后,每两年四名宇航员组成新的一批将抵达那里。 Mars One is planning a reality TV show where the audience can select the astronauts and watch as they prepare for the epic journey.Mars One正计划一个电视真人秀节目,观众可以选择宇航员并看着他们准备史诗般的旅程。It said it had developed ;a precise, realistic plan based entirely upon existing technologies.;它表示它已经开发出了“一个精确的、现实的完全建立在现有技术基础上的计划”。It said the primary personal attributes of a successful astronaut would be emotional and psychological stability, supported by personal drive and motivation.它说一个成功宇航员的主要个人特质将是情感和心理的稳定,受个人动力和动机所持。;Once on Mars, there is no means to return to Earth. Mars is home,; its website says. ;A grounded, deep sense of purpose will help each astronaut maintain his or her psychological stability and focus as they work together toward a shared and better future.;“一旦上了火星,意味着不再返回地球。火星就是家,”该组织的网站说。“一个稳定深远的目的将帮助每个宇航员保持其心理的稳定,使他们专注于朝着一个共享和更好的未来而一起工作。”It lists five key requirements for applicants - resiliency, adaptability, curiosity, ability to trust, and creativity/resourcefulness.它对申请者列出了五个关键要求——弹性、适应性、好奇心、信任、创造力/足智多谋。Successful candidates will receive a minimum of eight years of training before they leave Earth behind.成功的候选人在他们离开地球之前将接受至少八年的训练。Ma Qiang, a 39-year-old Sichuan Province native, told Beijing Youth Daily he hoped to be selected to make his life ;worth living.;马强,一个39岁的四川人告诉《北京青年报》他希望被选中以使他的生命“值得活下去。”Ma said he survived the 2008 earthquake in the southwest province but had been deeply affected by what he had seen.马强说他经历了2008年在中国西南省份的地震,一直深受他所看到的东西的影响。After that, Ma wanted to do something to make his life worth living, he told the newspaper, and a journey to Mars could be the answer.在那之后,马强想做些事情来让他的生命有价值,他告诉记者,火星之旅可能会是。Wang Wenming, 30, from Kunming in southwest Yunnan Province, said his dream was to explore a new world.王文明,30岁,来自云南昆明,说他的梦想是去探索一个新世界。 /201302/223915 Facebook has hit back at a controversial Princeton study that claimed it would #39;die like a virus#39; and lose 80% of its users by 2015.Facebook对近期普林斯顿大学发布的一项有争议的研究进行了反击,该研究称到2015年,“Facebook就会像病毒传播一样”流失80%的用户。Researchers at the social network say the study is fatally flawed - and turned it on Princeton to prove their point.Facebook的研究员表示,这项研究完全是扯淡,还以其人之道还治其人之身了一把。Using the University#39;s own method, it found Princeton would have no students by 2021.根据普林斯顿大学的研究方法,Facebook的研究人员得出结论,到2021年,普林斯顿大学将会门下无人。Mike Develin, Lada Adamic, and Sean Taylor, of Facebook#39;s data team, used the same methods as the original paper to show that Princeton was facing a decline in undergraduates of 50 per cent in the next four years and would have none at all by 2021.Facebook找来了Mike Develin、Lada Adamic 和 Sean Taylor 这三位研究者,用普林斯顿大学的研究方法,明在未来4年里,普林斯顿大学将流失50%的学生,到2021年,普林斯顿大学将要关门。#39;Like many of you, we were intrigued by a recent article by Princeton researchers predicting the imminent demise of Facebook,#39; they wrote.Facebook的研究员们写道,“和你们大多数人一样,我们也对普林斯顿大学最近的一项研究感到好奇。这项研究竟然预测出了Facebook即将销声匿迹的结局”。#39;Using the same robust methodology featured in the paper, we attempted to find out more about this #39;Princeton University#39; - and you won#39;t believe what we found!“我们用了和普林大神们一样稳健的科学方法来对普林斯顿大学进行研究,你绝对不会相信我们得出了什么样的结论!”#39;our research unequivocally demonstrated that Princeton may be in danger of disappearing entirely.#39;“我们的研究明确地指出,普林斯顿大学大学将命不久矣。”They also used the same logic to show the world will run out of air by 2060.Facebook的研究者们还用同样的逻辑研究起了地球上空气的消耗情况,得出“到2060年地球上将不会剩下空气”的结论。#39;We don’t really think Princeton or the world’s air supply is going anywhere soon,#39; they said. #39;We love Princeton (and air).“我们真的不希望普林斯顿大学或者是地球上的空气消失,因为我们爱普林斯顿,也爱空气。”#39;As data scientists, we wanted to give a fun reminder that not all research is created equal – and some methods of analysis lead to pretty crazy conclusions,they said in a blog post.研究员们在客最后写道,“作为数据专家,我们只是想风趣地提醒大家,不是所有研究都可以用相同的方法来验的,用某些方法得出的结论只会贻笑大方。” /201401/274347泸州上睑下垂矫正费用遂宁唇部激光脱毛价格



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