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Bush Offers Support For Mumbai Investigation布什持印度调查孟买袭击事件  U.S. President George Bush is pledging full support for the investigation into the terrorist attack in Mumbai that killed roughly 175 people in India's financial capital. President Bush has asked Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to travel to India. Secretary Rice will arrive in India Wednesday after attending a NATO meeting in London. Mr. Bush is keeping in direct contact with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. 美国总统布什保全力持对发生在孟买的恐怖主义袭击事件进行调查。印度金融首都发生的袭击造成大约175人丧生。布什总统同印度总理辛格最近几天一直保持着直接的联系。President Bush called Prime Minister Singh on Sunday. It was their second conversation since the Mumbai attack began to unfold on Wednesday. 布什总统星期天打电话给辛格总理。这是自从孟买袭击在星期三爆发以来,双方之间的第二次谈话。White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe says Mr. Bush underscored his full support for the investigation into the attack. He says the president assured the prime minister that the U.S. will provide all necessary resources and will work with the international community to bring those responsible for the bloodshed to justice. 白宫发言人约翰德罗说,布什强调全力持对这次袭击进行调查。他说,布什让辛格总理放心,美国将提供一切必要的资源,并将同国际社会一道合作,将那些制造流血事件的人绳之以法。Meanwhile, the terrorist attack half a world away dominated the news interview programs that air every Sunday on American television. 同时,在世界另一端发生的恐怖主义袭击消息充满了美国星期天的电视采访节目。On A's This Week, Richard Lugar - the senior Republican on the Senate Relations Committee - noted that India has linked the Mumbai terrorists to elements in Pakistan. He stressed the need for high-level diplomacy to deal with escalating tensions in the region. 在美国广播公司“本星期”节目上,参议院外交委员会资深的共和党人卢格说,印度认为孟买的恐怖份子可能同巴基斯坦的一些情报人员有关联。他强调需要进行高层外交磋商,解决该地区不断升级的紧张局势。"I am confident that there is a good opportunity at this point for the Indians and Pakistanis to understand that the dissident group that probably caused this could cause harm to both of them," said Senator Lugar. 卢格说:“我认为目前是一个很好的机会,使印度和巴基斯坦都明白,制造这次事件的异议组织有可能会对印巴两国都造成伤害。”Appearing on the same program, Democrat Jack Reed, a member of Senate Armed Services Committee, was asked about pressure from inside India on the government to do something to stop militants from crossing over from Pakistan. He said India is keeping a close watch on the next steps taken by the Pakistani leadership. 参议院武装力量委员会成员、民主党人里德也接受了“本星期”电视节目的采访。记者问他关于印度内部对政府的压力,促使政府采取措施制止激进分子从巴基斯坦进入印度的问题。他回答说,印度正在密切注视巴基斯坦领导人下一步采取的行动。"I think they are looking for some tangible signs from the Pakistanis, not just rhetorical flourishes - tangible signs that they are going to take effective action," said Senator Reed. 里德说:“我认为他们在期待巴基斯坦方面拿出一些具体的行动来,而不仅仅是口头上说得漂亮。他们要的是采取有效行动的实质性迹象。”The Pakistani Ambassador to the ed States - Husain Haqqani - told CNN's Late Edition that his country has condemned the Mumbai attack and is on the same side as India and the ed States in combating terrorism. 巴基斯坦驻美国大使哈卡尼对美国电视新闻网“晚间新闻”说,巴基斯坦谴责孟买袭击,并且在反恐战争中同印度和美国站在一起。"And I don't think we will leave any stone unturned in helping with the investigation or dealing with any individual or group that might have connection with it as long as we have evidence against them," said Husain Haqqani. 哈卡尼说:“我认为,我们将不遗余力地帮助调查,或者对付可能同这次袭击有关联的任何个人或组织,只要我们有足够的据。”Haqqani stressed that while the terrorists in this case may have lived or trained in Pakistan that does not mean there was any official sanction of their acts. He said Pakistan has also been a victim of terrorism, and it is time for Pakistanis and Indians to work together to deal with a common threat. 哈卡尼强调,参与这次袭击的恐怖份子可能居住在巴基斯坦,或者在巴基斯坦接受过训练,但这并不意味官方认可他们的行为。他说,巴基斯坦也是恐怖主义的受害者。现在是巴基斯坦和印度通力合作,对付共同威胁的时候了。200812/57602Tick up:上涨,上升Bounce back: to feel better quickly after being ill, or to become successful again after failing or having been defeated 恢复(健康或信心等),重整旗鼓lag:走的慢;落后;延迟Some of the runners in the race began to lag. 参加比赛的运动员中有一些开始落后了。 The children were tired and lagged behind their parents.Glimmer: 少许She showed no glimmer of interest in them. 她对他们没流露出丝毫兴趣。Spike:a sudden large increase in the number or rate of something 突然上涨 07/77768

Five ways to deal with stressAngela Burt-Murray of 'Essence' magazine and Dr. Gail Saltz tell TODAY's Natalie Morales how to deal with the anxiety this festive seasonI've heard about the recent survey that found a third of us are living with extreme stress. Well, as the holiday is approaching, the shopping season kicks in, it's not gonna get any easier. So we've decided it's time to enlist some stress reducing help from Angela Burt-Murray as the editor-in-chief of Essence magazine and Dr. Gail Saltz Today contributor…and contributing psychologist as well as biologist. Nice to have you here. Psychiatrist. Sorry about that. Good to have you. So this is a time of the year when all of us, I think, get so overloaded. And I know this is something that your ers have written in voraciously about, isn't that right?Absolutely, absolutely, one of the things they're telling me about is as they're coming down to the end of the year, they're feeling a lot of pressure with work deadlines, financial pressure, family obligation, and of course, shopping for the holiday.Yeah, and Gail, I mean, speaking of the holidays, how does the stress just escalate during this time of the year?The bottom line is women still bear the burden for the holidays. They are still, you know, whether they are working or not working, or single, or whatever the case may be, they are the one to sort of, are the, you know, make the holiday, and they feel that was to keep up everything else that they're doing during the year and not only make the holiday but make the Norman Rockwell, you know June Creeper sort (Right) of perfect holiday.And that includes, generally involving family and family adds a lot of stress too and a lot of time I think it's as you said women tend to bear the burden alone. You feel like I've got to be the one who has to do it all alone.They have to make it all beautiful, they have to make it all delicious, they have to meet their children's expectation, and they have to manage all those family relationships. And think about it, these are the relationships, that usually you don't necessarily see the people during the year all the time. And yet they all come to your home and you have been together for a long period. And that can actually add a lot of stress.So you say investigate old stories to help manage families, what do you mean by that?What I mean by that is I think women often feel the expectation because they are thinking I wanna do it like I remembered my mother doing it. Or I wanna do it differently than my mother did it, but these old stories about how perfect they're supposed to be, they come from somewhere. And if you understand where that expectation is coming from, you'll have a better chance of being more objective about. You know, maybe I don't have to bake 100 different varieties of cookies; maybe that's not where the load comes from. (Right) Maybe that's something my mother chose to do but I'm gonna do it differently.And part of the investigating, some of the feelings a lot of women feel guilt around this time of a year too, right? (Oh, sure.) And you say that's the part of the thing that you have to get rid of.Right! You have to let go of the guilt. They tell you when you get on an airplane that in a case of an emergency when the oxygen mask/ comes down, put it on yourself first. You have to save yourself before you can help others. So it's really important that you let go of the guilt, prioritize and learn when you have to say no to something that you are just not able to do.And moving onto money, because there's another big issue on the holidays (Yeah) and Gail, you say it's time to realign expectations, what do you mean by that?I mean you have to…first of all you have to decide, you know, what really matters. And you know, again I advocate for the relationships matter/, so if you're stressed out about money, if you are overspending, if you are gonna put yourself into debt later, then you are going to be an anxious, grumpy mom (Yeah) that actually no one is gonna really wanna be around. And when the credit card bill comes, you would be even grumpier in January. And it would stress your relationship (Right) and so you really need to make up a plan that's reasonable for after the new year.Exactly. Angela says to have a solid financial plan. Yeah, get a budget, and do something really simple like avoid the holiday crowd and just shop online. You can shop by price and you can also…a lot of retailers have special programs where you can get free gift wrap and free pa(cked )eh..delivery. So it's easy and cost-effective.Some of the burden, (absolutely) some of the stress also with your husband and your boyfriend, your partner, Gail, you say the important thing is to really share the burden.You know, the interesting thing is, actually, people like to be needed. If you say 'you know what, this year Thanksgiving we are doing a potluck, can you bring the sweet potatoes? Can you bring the dessert?' You said to your sister, 'you know, we are gonna be together, can you do this?' People actually like to contribute and feel that they are part of things and they are needed. But women hate to ask. They feel like that makes me less then, if I farm it out. And actually it is really a mistake. And if you would ask, ask your spouse. 'Hey, you take this part of shopping list and I will take this part of shopping list.' He's actually gonna feel good. And it's not dumping it. So you really should ask, you both will feel better. And feeling better is another really key topic. Angela, you say really focus on your wellness, your health during the holiday.Absolutely, during this stressful time, the health issues can become, you know, more prevalent. So you really need to make sure that you are eating right, you are getting enough rest and you are also listening to your body. And give yourself a little time out occasionally. You know, take time to meditate or just to focus on yourself. (have a cup of tea about the firer)Because after that, people, because they get anxious and stressed, they drink more during the holidays, (Right) they eat to satisfy their anxiety and they drink more alcohol, they go to more parties and you don’t feel good. So actually do other things to relieve your stress and be mindful of the overeating and the overdrinking. Right! Angela Burt-Murray, Dr. Gail Saltz, thanks so much. (Thank you)03/63947

Chinese investment in Europe 中国人在欧投资Streaks of red 红色条纹Capital and companies from China are sidling into Europe中国的资金和企业正在悄悄流向欧洲Jun 30th 2011 | from the print edition A RIDE in a London taxi from Canary Wharf, a financial district, to the Bank of England sounds like an inimitably British experience. It is also a Chinese one. 在伦敦搭出租车从金融区金丝雀码头到英格兰听起来像一次独特的英伦经历,那也是一次独特的中国经历。London’s black cabs are made by Manganese Bronze, which is part-owned by Geely, a Shanghai-based carmaker that also owns Volvo, a Swedish company. China Investment Corporation (CIC), a sovereign-wealth fund, has the third-largest stake in Songbird Estates, which controls Canary Wharf Group, the property firm behind the towers that dominate the city’s eastern skyline. CIC may soon become an investor in the Citigroup building, another landmark skyscraper, which is for sale.伦敦的黑色出租车都是由Manganese Bronze生产的,一家位于上海的汽车制造商吉利部分拥有该公司,吉利同时也拥有一家瑞典公司沃尔沃。一家主权财富基金中投是Songbird Estates的第三大股东,Songbird Estates控制着Canary Wharf Group,那家位于可以俯瞰整个城东的高楼后面的房地产公司。中投不久可能成为花旗大厦的投资者,这是待售的另一处地标式的天大楼。201108/147968

FOR the past year or two, the big economies have experienced a “multi-speed” recovery, as the IMF calls it. The recovery has resembled third-world traffic, where juggernauts and rickshaws, cars and cycles ply the same lanes at different speeds, often gettingin each other’s way.在过去的一两年,各大经济体经历了一次被国际货币基金组织称为“倍速”的复苏。此次复苏就像第三世界的交通,货车、人力车、汽车、单车以不同的速度行驶在同一条道路上,经常互相驶入别人的车道。But for the past month or two, this traffic has slowed in unison. The deceleration is evident in the prices of commodities, which have fallen by 8.6% since mid-February, according to The Economist’s commodity-price index. It is also reflected in American manufacturing. New orders for durable goods, such as engines and cars, fell by 3.6% in April (albeit after a strong rise the month before). Factory output is still growing modestly, according to the Philadelphia Fed’s latest survey, but has lost more momentum since March than in any two months since November 2008.但在过去的一两个月,这股复苏车流同时放缓,这减速可从商品价格看出。根据《经济学人》商品价格指数,自从二月中旬,商品价格已跌8.6%。这亦能从美国制造业看出。四月份耐用品(例如发动机与汽车)新订单数跌了3.6%(虽然前一个月才大幅上升)。根据费城联邦的最新调查,工厂输出虽然仍然保持一定程度的增长,但自从三月份便失去持续的动力,这两个月是2008年11月至今最疲弱的两个月。America’s recovery relied for longer than most on fiscal injections. But by early August the federal government will bang up against a debt limit imposed by Congress. Any deal to raise the limit would almost certainly require spending reductions, and failure to strike a deal at all would require drastic cuts as the government stops selling debt. Even if the government is allowed to keep selling debt, the Federal Reserve will soon stop buying it, as it reaches the end of its latest round of “quantitative easing”, a programme to buy longer-dated paper with freshly printed money.美国依赖注资来复苏的时间较其它国家要长,但联邦政府的债务将于八月初冲破国会所准许的顶限。要抬高债务顶限,就要节省开;若不能产生一个各方满意的办法,政府将停止出售债券,使各方面预算剧减。即使政府能继续发售债券,由于这一轮“量化宽松”政策——一个用新印钞票收购旧钞票的项目——临近结束,联邦储备局早晚会停购。The euro zone’s prospects of growing its way out of trouble are receding, according to surveys of purchasing managers by HS and Markit, an information provider. Their “flash” (ie, preliminary) index for the euro-area economy fell sharply from 57.8 in April to 55.4 in May, a drop not seen since late 2008. In services the pessimism expressed about the coming year was reminiscent of mid-, before the recovery had picked up any speed at all.而根据恒生及信息务商Markit所做的采购经理调查,欧元区摆脱泥淖的前景不佳。他们的欧元区经济初步指数从四月的57.8急跌至五月的55.4,是2008年末以来首次。悲观论调认为对于务业,在复苏重获任何一点动力之前,来年会是年中的再版。201106/139447

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