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49. I#39;ll get it.第49单元 我来接(电话)/应(门)A: The telephone is ringing. Can you answer it, Sue?甲:电话在响。你能接一下吗,休?B: OK, I#39;ll get it. It#39;s for you, Jeff.乙:好的,我来接。是找你的,杰夫。A: Thanks, Sue.甲:谢谢,休。类似用语I#39;ll answer lt. 我来接(应)。百宝箱接到要找某人的电话时,除了用“It#39;s for you.”之外,还可说“It#39;s your phone call.“或”It#39;s your call.”,甚至‘‘Your call.’’亦可,但千万不可说“It#39;s your phone.”,此表示“那是你的电话机。;可就闹笑话了。 /201505/374086Welcome to English in a Minute, where we teach you all about idioms in American English.欢迎收听《一分钟英语》,在这里我们将教您美语中的一些俚语。Sometimes American English doesn#39;t seem to make sense. Like this:有时候美语并不是字面上的意思。比如:Gloria has a lot of things going on in her life right now.Gloria现在可多事要做了。Yes, she does. Her parents are sick. Her car is not working.是的,她爸妈生病了,她的车坏了。She#39;s building a new house and she just got a new job.她在建新房子,她刚刚才获得一份新工作。Wow! That#39;s a lot of stress.哇喔。压力真多。One more thing and she#39;s going to be a basket case!还有一点,她快绝望啦!(a basket case)Will Gloria really become a container for baskets?Gloria真的变成一个装东西的篮子了么?I don#39;t think so.If you experience a lot of stress or try to handle too many things at the same time, your life might become very difficult.我可不这样想。如果你面临着很多压力,试图同时解决很多事情,你的生活可能会变得很难。The nervous strain or tension might wear you out and leave you with a sense of hopelessness.紧绷的神经可能会使你崩溃,让你走投无路。That#39;s what a basket case means.a basket case(绝望)就是这个意思。And that#39;s English in a Minute.以上就是本期的《一分钟英语》。 /201410/331587今天无锡滨湖区计生局向张艺谋夫妇寄发社会抚养费征收决定书。张艺谋夫妇需缴纳社会抚养费总额达748万余元,若夫妻俩不提起行政复议或诉讼,应在30日内一次性缴清。逾期将加收滞纳金并申请强制执行。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:Renowned Chinese movie director Zhang Yimou and his wife Chen Ting, have been ordered to pay off a fine of 7.48 million yuan (.23 million) within 30 days for violation of the family planning policy, CCTV reported.据中央电视台报道,中国著名电影导演张艺谋和妻子陈婷因超生需在30日内缴清罚款748万元。【讲解】violation of the family planning policy是违反计划生育政策,在这里可以理解为超生;pay off是付清,偿清的意思。周四,无锡滨湖区计生局向张艺谋夫妇寄发社会抚养费征收决定书(written decision)。张艺谋导演因执导2008年北京奥运会开幕式(Beijing Olympics opening ceremony)令世界瞩目(dazzled the world)。张艺谋,现年62岁,导演作品包括卖座影片(blockbuster)《红高粱》(Red Sorghum),《大红灯笼高高挂》(Raise the Red Lantern)以及《十面埋伏》(House of Flying Daggers)等。上个月,他接受新华社专访时承认超生(breach the family planning regulations),有三个孩子,并道歉。他说,“我做错了就是做错了,我不会怪别人,我汲取教训。我现在愿意全面配合(cooperate fully with)无锡计生委的调查,尽快地使这个事情有一个结果。”中国的计划生育政策(family planning policy)于上世纪70年代开始实行(introduce),目的是为了控制(rein in)中国增长迅速的人口(booming population),规定城市夫妻只能生一胎,农村夫妻如果第一胎是女儿,可生二胎。这项政策近期放宽,允许一方是独生子女(only child)的夫妻可以生二胎。 /201401/27218117.Don#39;t worry (about a thing).别担心Oh,no!I forgot to call the delivery company about that package.哦,我的天!我忘记让货运公司发包裹了!Don#39;t worry.I called them this morning.别担心,今天早晨我已经给他们打过电话了。18.Good luck!祝你好运!I#39;m runing in a ten kilometer race this coming weekend.这个周末我要参加10公里的长跑比赛。Well,good luck!Let me know how you do.是吗?那祝你好运!要告诉我结果啊。19.How come?为什么会这样呢?You have on a necktie for a chang.How come?你换领带了。为什么呢?Yesterday was my birthday and my girlfriend gave it to me,昨天是我的生日,女朋友把它送给了我,so I decided to wear it today.所以我决定今天戴上它。20.Be careful!小心!/保重!We#39;re going to go shopping at Ginza next Sunday.下周日我们会到Ginza购物。Be careful!It#39;s quite expensive there.你可要当心啊!那里的东西可不便宜。21.Come (on) in.请进。Nice to see you,John.Come (on) in.约翰,见到你真高兴。请进。Thanks.How you been?谢谢。最近你还好吧?22.Help yourself.请自己取用。Do you mind if I use your pen for a second?我可以用一下你的钢笔吗?Not at all.Help yourself.没问题,你自己拿吧。23.Here (you are)./Here you go.给你。Waiter,could I have a ,please?务员,请把菜单给我好吗?Certainly.Here you are,sir.当然可以。先生,给您。24.I doubt it./I doubt that.我看未必。I can#39;t decide whether to take an umbrella.我不知道是否该带一把伞。Think it#39;ll rain this afternoon?你觉得今天下午会下雨吗?I doubt it.The weather report said it#39;ll be clear all day.我看未必。天气预报说今天一天都会是晴天。25.Never mind!没关系!/不用担心。Did you say something to me?你刚才和我说话了吗?Never mind!It wasn#39;t really important.没什么的,不是很重要的事情。26.by the way.顺便问一下/顺便说一下Do you need any paper supplies this month?这个月你还需要一些纸吗?We need a case of copier paper,and,by the way,a box of large index cards.我们需要一箱复印纸。顺便说一下,我们还需要一盒大索引卡。27.Have a good time./Have fun.玩得愉快!Mother,I#39;m going to the beach now.妈妈,我要到海滩上去了!Okay.Have a good time.好的,祝你玩得愉快!28.hopefully但愿。The last mail pick-up is at 4:30.最后一次取信时间是4:30。Hopefully,I#39;ll be able to finish typing this report by then.但愿在此之前我能把这篇报告打完。29.Hurry up!快点!The bus leaves in ten minutes!Hurry up!公共汽车十分钟内会开的。快点!Oh!I didn#39;t realize it was so late.哦,我没意识到已经这么晚了!30.I#39;ll get it./I#39;m coming!我去接听。/我马上就来。I#39;ll get it.It#39;s probably for me.我去接电话,可能是找我的。31.What#39;s the problem?/What seems to be the problem?出什么事情了?Oh,I#39;m glad to see you!啊,见到你真高兴!Why?What#39;s the problem?为什么?出什么事了? /201501/354371

一般疑问句在通常情况下采用升调,句子的最后一实词用升调,其他部分保持平调。发音举例Do you ↗understand? 你明白吗?Are you ↗y ? 你准备好了吗?Is this your ↗book? 这是你的书吗?Will you help ↗me? 你愿意帮我吗?Will you go abroad next ↗month? 你下个月要出国吗?一般疑问句通常是助动词放在句首,并且必须用“是或不是(yes或no)”来回答,这就是为什么一般疑问句也叫Yes – No Questions。当说话者在重复某事或询问某人的时候,一般疑问词如果用降调,则表示无礼。发音举例Will you be late ↘ again? 你又要迟到吗?Is there anything you want to↘say? 你还有什么想说的吗?Did you tell him my ↘ secret? 你把我的秘密告诉他了?Have you finished your ↘ work? 你完成你的工作了吗?I ask you again: do you know the ↘ man? 我再问你一遍:你认不认识这个人想要短期强化口语技巧或长期改善口语水平的朋友欢迎报名苏珊的网络课程:点击此处进入。 /201407/310812

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