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And that brings me to my first major我写《半边天》的两个信条之一of two tenets of ;Half the Sky.;是从这里得到启发的。And that is that这一个信条就是the central moral challenge本世纪of this century最大的伦理道德挑战is gender inequity.是性别不公。In the 19th century, it was slavery.在19世纪是奴隶制。In the 20th century, it was totalitarianism.在20世纪是极权主义。The cause of our time这两点直接导致is the brutality that so many people全世界这么多人因为性别face around the world because of their gender.而受到不公正待遇的残酷现实。So some of you may be thinking,你们中有些人可能在想,;Gosh, thats hyperbole.“天哪,这有点太夸张了。Shes exaggerating.;她是在夸大事实。”Well, let me ask you this question.那么请让我提出这个问题。How many of you think there are more males or more females in the world?你们中多少人认为世界上的男性比较多,或者女性比较多?Let me take a poll. How many of you think there are more males in the world?我们来问卷调查吧。多少人认为世界上男性比较多?Hands up, please.请举手。How many of you think -- a few -- how many of you there are more females in the world?多少人认为世界上女性比较多?Okay, most of you.好了,绝大多数。Well, you know this latter group, youre wrong.之后举手的,你们都错了。There are, true enough,百分之一百的事实是,in Europe and the West,在欧洲和西方国家,when women and men女人和男人have equal access to food and health care,在饮食和医疗享有同等待遇,there are more women, we live longer.女性比男性多,因为女性寿命较长。But in most of the rest of the world, thats not the case.然而在其他地方,事实正相反。In fact, demographers have shown人口统计显示,that there are anywhere between 60 million目前人口中,and 100 million存在着missing females in the current population.约6000万到1亿的女性人口缺口。And, you know, it happens for several reasons.原因有几个。For instance, in the last half-century,比如,20世纪后50年内more girls were discriminated to death死于歧视的女孩than all the people killed on all the battlefields比整个20世纪内死于战场的人in the 20th century.还要多。Sometimes its also because of the sonogram.还有一个原因是超声波的使用。Girls get aborted before theyre even born资源的稀缺when there are scarce resources.导致女孩甚至在出世前就被抛弃。This girl here, for instance,比如,这个女孩,is in a feeding center in Ethiopia.当时在埃塞俄比亚的一个补给中心。The entire center was filled with girls like her.整个中心都是和她一样的女童。Whats remarkable is that her brothers, in the same family,值得注意的是,她的亲生兄弟们,were totally fine.却全部安然无恙。In India, in the first year of life,在印度,from zero to one,从零到一岁之间,boy and girl babies basically survive at the same rate男婴和女婴的存活率相同,because they depend upon the breast,因为都靠母乳喂养,and the breast shows no son preference.母亲的乳房不会多爱儿子一点。From one to five,从一岁到五岁,girls die at a 50 percent higher mortality rate整个印度,than boys, in all of India.女孩的死亡率比男孩高50%。The second tenet of ;Half the Sky;《半边天》的第二个信条,is that, lets put aside the morality of all the right and wrong of it all,让我们暂且不去争论道德理论和对错,and just on a purely practical level,在最现实的层面,we think that我们认为,one of the best ways to fight poverty and to fight terrorism战胜贫困和恐怖主义的最佳途径is to educate girls就是让女孩接受教育,and to bring women into the formal labor force.让女人成为正式劳动力。Poverty, for instance.拿贫困来说。There are three reasons why this is the case.我有三个原因。For one, overpopulation is one of第一,人口过剩the persistent causes of poverty.持续地导致了贫困的发生。And you know, when you educate a boy,一个接受了教育的男孩,his family tends to have fewer kids,倾向于生更少的孩子,but only slightly.不过这种倾向很弱。When you educate a girl,而一个接受了教育的女孩,she tends to have significantly fewer kids.会强烈地倾向于少要孩子。The second reason is第二个原因it has to do with spending.与消费有关。Its kind of like the dirty, little secret of poverty,某种意义上,可以说是贫困的which is that,肮脏的小秘密,not only do poor people穷人不仅仅take in very little income,收入少得可怜,but also, the income that they take in,而且,他们也不懂they dont spend it very wisely,如何理智地花钱。and unfortunately, most of that spending is done by men.很不幸,大部分消费都是由男人决定的。201510/402130Cupertino is very famous for Apple Computer. And we are very honor to have Steve Jobs to come here tonight to give us special presentation. Mr. Jobs?苹果如今变得炙手可热Cupertino也沾光不少,今晚我们荣幸地邀请到乔布斯莅临现场。乔总?Welcome, Mr Jobs: you have a fan club here..欢迎你,这里貌似都是你的粉丝。Thank you. Apples grown like a weed, and as you know, weve always been in Cupertino.谢谢大家。苹果如雨后春笋般快速发展着,而Cupertino一直是我们钟爱的土壤。Started in an office par, eventually, got the buildings, we are in now the corner of the ends of 280.and those buildings hold maybe 2600 or 2800 people.从开始的工业园到现在的办公大楼280号公路尽头的拐弯处,这几栋楼能容纳 2600到2800名员工。But weve got almost 12,000 people in the area.可实际上我们的员工数量超过了12000。So were renting buildings - not very good buildings, either at an ever-greater radius from our campus and were putting people in those.不得已只能用租些差劲的写字楼给员工办公。所以我想把大家转移到离现有园区不远的一片区域。It is clear that we need to build new campus, so we just add space. That doesnt mean we dont need the one we got, we do need it, but we need another one to augment it.我们将用新的园区来扩充办公面积。现有园区也会继续保留,So weve got a plan that lets us stay in Cupertino. And we went out and we bought some land and this land is kind of special, to me.新园区还在Cupertino,因为这里对我巨有意义。When I was 13, I think, I called up... Hewlett and Packard were my idols.打小我就是惠普创始人 Hewlett和Packard的粉丝。And I called up Bill Hewlett, cause he lived in Palo Alto, and there were no unlisted numbers in the phone book, which gives you a clue to my age.Hewlett住在Palo Alto,13岁那年我给他打了个电话,年头所有的电话号码都印在大部头里,不好意思,暴露了我的年龄。And he picked up the phone and I talked to him and I asked him if hed give me some spare parts for something I was building called a frequency counter.我问他是否能送我些零件做频率计数器。And he did, but in addition to that he gave me something way more important.他不仅答应了,还给了我一份工作。He gave a job that summer. A summer job at Hewlett-Packard, right here (on) in Santa Clara, off 280, the division that built frequency counters. And I was in heaven.惠普的暑期实习,就在Snata Clara 280号公路旁边,我被分在计频器部门,简直像去了天堂。Well, right around that exact moment in time, Hewlett and Packard themselves were walking on some property over here in Cupertino, in Pruneridge,就在这个时候,惠普在Pruneridge买了块地,and they ended up buying it. And they built their computer systems division there.并在那里设立了计算机系统部。And as Hewlett - Packard has been shrinking lately, they decided to sell that property and we bought it.最近惠普并不景气,有意出售这块不动产,我们就买了下来。We bought that and we bought some adjacent property that all used to be apricot trees, apricot orchards and weve got about 150 acres.顺带还卖笑来原来的一片杏园,总面积有150英亩了。And we should like to put a new campus on that so that we can stay in Cupertino.我想在哪儿建个新园区,继续留在Cupertino。And weve come up - weve hired some great architects to work with, some of the best in the world, I think.我们请来最优秀的设计师,And weve come up with a design that puts 12,000 people in one building. Think about that, thats rather odd 12,000 people in a building, in one building.希望设计一栋能容纳12000人的大楼。一栋楼装12000人,是不是跟中国的学生宿舍一样不可思议?But, weve seen these office parks with lots of building and they get pretty boring pretty fast.你们看过一些工业园区空间拥挤、设计单调,So wed like to do something better than that. And Id like to take you through what we like to do. So this is supposed to work here. Here we go.我们希望改变这一切。给大家看看园区蓝图,Can you see this? So here is we are today, which is on Infinite Loop drive, against the intersection of D Anza and the 280.看得见么?苹果总部就在这里280号公路和D Anza十字路口的交汇处。201412/349354And the first myth is if you try really hard谣言一:如果你很努力地尝试,you can live to be 100.你就可以活到一百岁。False.错了。The problem is, only about one out of 5,000 people事实上,在美国,每五千人中只有一人in America live to be 100.能活到一百岁Your chances are very low.你的机会太小了。Even though its the fastest growing demographic in America,尽管现在美国正处与人口增长最快的时期?its hard to reach 100.活到一百岁仍然还是很困难的The problem is问题在于,that were not programmed for longevity.我们人类没被设为长寿,We are programmed for something called只是被预设为需要达到procreative success.繁衍的成功的状态I love that word.这个词棒极了It reminds me of my college days.让我回想起我上大学的时候?Biologists term procreative success to mean生物学对生殖成功的定义是?the age where you have children你有孩子的年龄and then another generation, the age when your children have children.以及下一代,你孩子有他们自己孩子的年龄After that the effect of evolution达到这个年龄后,生物遗传的意义completely dissipates.就完全淡化了?If youre a mammal, if youre a rat不论你是哺乳动物,老鼠or an elephant, or a human, in between, its the same story.大象,人,或是其它,道理都一样So to make it to age 100, you not only have to have所以要活到一百岁,你不仅要had a very good lifestyle, you also have to have won有一个很好的生活方式,你还必须the genetic lottery.拥有长寿基因的好运The second myth is,第二个谣言是,there are treatments that can help slow,拥有能够帮助我们减缓reverse, or even stop aging.倒转甚至阻止衰老的方法False.错When you think of it, there is 99 things that can age us.说到这,有99种可能会使我们老去。Deprive your brain of oxygen for just a few minutes,让大脑缺氧,仅几分钟those brain cells die, they never come back.就会使得脑细胞死亡并永不能复活Play tennis too hard, on your knees, ruin your cartilage,过度打网球会损害膝盖的软骨the cartilage never comes back.你的软骨永远不再复原。Our arteries can clog. Our brains can gunk up with plaque,我们的动脉会堵塞。大脑会因血小板凝结and we can get Alzheimers.而得老年痴呆症There is just too many things to go wrong.我们体内有35万亿个细胞Our bodies have 35 trillion cells,出问题的可能性太多trillion with a ;T.; Were talking national debt numbers here.我们这里说的是国债数量。Those cells turn themselves over once every eight years.这些细胞每八年翻转一次And every time they turn themselves over每次翻转都有一些损伤there is some damage. And that damage builds up.这些损伤And it builds up exponentially.以指数性规律成长。Its a little bit like the days when we all had有点像是那段时间里Beatles albums or Eagles albums我们都有披头士和老鹰乐队的相册一样and wed make a copy of that on a cassette tape,我们会复制盒式磁带and let our friends copy that cassette tape,并让朋友们也复制and pretty soon, with successive generations很快,代代相传that tape sounds like garbage.磁带现在听起来过时了Well, the same things happen to our cells.同样细胞也是如此。Thats why a 65-year-old person这就是为什么一个65岁的老人is aging at a rate of about的老化速度125 times faster是一个12岁孩子than a 12-year-old person.的125倍So, if there is nothing you can do所以如果没有什么能够to slow your aging or stop your aging,减缓或停止老龄化201507/385903I meet young comedians all the time, they just say 我总碰到有年轻喜剧演员跟我说I just want to do colleges, I just play small clubs, I just play jazz s 我只想对大学生表演 我只想在小俱乐部表演等等You should always try to find the topless audience you can 你总应当竭尽所能找最顶级的观众Its how you get better and what you do 这才能让你变得更好You know when I was starting out the comedy down in Los Angeles 我最开始在洛杉矶表演喜剧的时候I personally asked for the toughest slot of the night 请求在最难的地方进行表演I wanted to follow Richard Pryor every night 我每晚都要紧随理查德·普赖尔because I knew that Richard blow the audience out, so they would be exhausted因为我知道理查德讲完后 观众已经有些疲了and then I got up when I found out very quickly I didnt have 20 minutes 然后我上台 我没有20分钟可以表演I had about six minutes 我只有大约6分钟because that was the only stuff that was really funny 因为只有这段时间能够讲有趣的东西and I threw anything else out and built on that six minutes until you get better我把无关紧要的内容都删减掉 专注于这6分钟Number 19 第19点all manufacturing has a scrap rate 所有行业都有报废率The more product you put out, the greater your chances of error 生产的产品越多 出错的几率就越大Accept criticism, resolved to do better 接受批评 努力改进You know something, people say, I never bad reviews. I always bad reviews 有些人说自己从不看差评 我则很喜欢看差评youll learn more from your critics than you will ever learn from your friends 从批评者那里学到的东西会比从朋友那里学到的要多得多And number 20, the last one remember 第20点 也是最后一点anybody can have a life 任何人都有自己的生活要过careers are hard to come by 职业很难获得So with that I say, Happy Mothers Day 就这些 母亲节快乐And thank you so much for this great honor. Thank you 感谢大家给了我这份荣誉 谢谢201601/44

THE PRESIDENT: Merry Christmas, everybody! This is one of our favorite times of the year in the Obama household, filled with family and friends, warmth and good cheer. Thats even true when I spend all night chasing Bo and Sunny away from the cookies we leave for Santa.总统:大家圣诞快乐!在奥巴马家,这是一年里大家最喜欢的日子,家里高朋满座,到处洋溢着温暖和欢声笑语。而且我一晚上都得把波波和撒尼赶到一边,免得它们把留给圣诞老人的饼干吃掉了。Its also my favorite weekly address of the year, because Im joined by a special holiday guest star: Mrs. Obama.这也是我一年里最喜欢的一次每周讲话,因为与我一起的还有一位特别的节日明星:奥巴马夫人。THE FIRST LADY: Merry Christmas, everyone. Here at the White House, weve spent the past month helping everyone get into the holiday spirit.第一夫人:大家圣诞节快乐!在白宫,我们花了一个月的时间为大家准备,让大家感受到今年的节日气氛。Our theme this year is “A Timeless Tradition,” and the decorations in each room reflect some of our countrys most cherished pastimes-from saluting our troops and their families to helping children dream big dreams for their future.今年,我们的主题是“永远的传统”,每个房间的装饰都反映了我们国家一段最珍贵的传统,有向军人和军属致敬的主题,还有帮助儿童畅想未来的主题。And weve invited thousands of families here to the White House to enjoy the festivities-because theres no holiday tradition more timeless than opening our doors to others.我们还邀请了几千个家庭来到白宫,共同欢度节日,因为,没有什么传统比敞开家门迎接八方来客这个传统更悠久了。THE PRESIDENT: Today, like millions of Americans and Christians around the world, our family celebrates the birth of Jesus and the values He lived in his own life. Treating one another with love and compassion. Caring for those on societys margins: the sick and the hungry, the poor and the persecuted, the stranger in need of shelter-or simply an act of kindness.总统:今天,与成千上万的美国人民,以及全世界的基督教徒一样,我们一起庆祝耶稣基督的生日,纪念他用一生实现的人生价值。对待他人充满爱和。关心生活在社会边缘的人士:病人和吃不上饭的人,穷人和造虐待的人,需要保护的陌生人,或是一个简单的善举。Thats the spirit that binds us together-not just as Christians, but as Americans of all faiths. Its what the holidays are about: coming together as one American family to celebrate our blessings and the values we hold dear.这是将我们团结在一起的精神,不仅仅对基督徒如此,这也是各种信仰的美国人民所认可的精神。这正是节日的意义所在:像一个美国大家庭一样团结起来,共同庆祝我们的价值观,彼此祝福。During this season, we also honor all who defend those values in our countrys uniform. Every day, the brave men and women of our military serve to keep us safe-and so do their families.在这个节日里,我们也向身穿军装,保卫我们的价值观的军人们致敬。每一天,英勇的男女将士以及他们的家人们都在为国务,保卫我们的安全。THE FIRST LADY: So as we sing carols and open presents, as we win snowball fights...第一夫人:所以,我们唱圣诞歌,收到礼物,打赢雪仗的时候…THE PRESIDENT: Or lose snowball fights...总统:或者打输雪仗的时候…THE FIRST LADY: Lets also take time to pay tribute to those who have given our country so much. Go to JoiningForces.gov to see how you can serve the troops, veterans, and military families in your community.第一夫人:我们别忘了向所有这些为这个国家付出这么多的人们致敬。你可以登录JoningForces.gov,网站上会告诉你如何为军人、退伍老兵以及你所在社区的军属务。And together, we can show them just how grateful we are for their sacrifice. Thats a tradition we all can embrace-today and every day.总之,我们可以向他们表达我们对他们付出的牺牲的感激之情。这是我们今天以及未来每一天都会保持下去的传统。THE PRESIDENT: So on behalf of Malia, Sasha, Bo, Sunny, and everyone here at the White House-Merry Christmas. May God bless our troops and their families. And may God bless you all with peace and joy in the year ahead.总统:因此,我们谨代表玛莉亚、萨莎、波波、撒尼以及在白宫过节的所有人,祝大家圣诞节快乐!愿上帝保佑我们的军人以及他们的家人。愿上帝保佑大家在新的一年里平安吉祥!201512/418757

The second type of deep computing is what we call data mining -- some people call it business intelligence, the ability to extract inside from mountains of information, and see relationships and trends that previously were not available or invisible. 第二种深入计算我们称之为数据分析处理 -- 有些人称之为商业情报处理,即从大量信息中提炼出有用情报,并分析出以前得不到或看不见的各种关系和发展趋势。Banks are looking at spending patterns and other demographic data to see which customers are more profitable over the long haul. Health-care companies are analyzing millions of patient records to find hidden indicators of disease. 在分析消费模式和其它统计数据,以弄清哪些客户长期的收益状况较好。医疗企业在分析成百万的病例以从中发现隐藏的疾病迹象。These tools are also helping slash the staggering cost of insurance fraud in the health-care industry, which is a hundred-billion-dollar problem in the ed States alone. Insurance companies can now spot every billion practices. One company in the ed States has saved 38 million dollars, having invested only 400 thousand in this technology. 这些工具还有助于削减 health-care 产业中惊人的保险欺骗损失,仅在美国这个损失就高达上千亿美元。保险公司现在能够发现任何欺诈行为。有一家美国公司仅在这种技术上投资 40 万美元就减少了 3800 万美元的损失。In one instance they found a doctor, who was sending it a bill once a week for a procedure that particular - usually was done once or twice in a life time. At some times the patterns and relationships that are uncovered are truly baffling. One retail chain discovered the following correlation -- for whatever reason, new fathers buy disposable baby diapers and beer on the same shopping trip. This led to many, many thoughtful ideas not at least which was they never discount diapers and beer on the same day. 有一次他们发现一个医生每周都要送来一份医疗检查帐单,而其中的一些项目一生也只会做一次或两次。有时发现的一些情况和关系着实令人难以理解。有一家零售连锁店发现了如下的相关联系:不管出于什么原因,新爸爸们总是在一次购物中同时购买一次性婴儿尿片和啤酒。这一点引发了很多很多很有思想的想法,例如他们从不同时对尿片和啤酒打折。201312/267725

So, having done these expeditions, and you know, really beginning to appreciate what was down there, such as at the deep ocean vents where we had these amazing amazing animals. They are basically aliens right here on Earth. They live in an environment of chemosynthesis. They dont survive on sunlight based system the way we do. And so, youre seeing animals that are living next to a 500 degree Centigrade water plumes. You think they cant possibly exist.在这些探险之后,你知道,我开始真正欣赏这些存在于海底的生物,比如那些深海温泉区我们看到的那些神奇生物。他们基本上是地球上的陌生生物。它们生活在一个化学合成的环境之中。它们不像我们生活在阳光为基础的系统下。因此,你见到生活在500度高温水流旁的动物。你以为它们可能并不存在。At the same time I was getting very interested in space science as well, again, you know the science fiction influence, as a kid. And I wound up getting involved with the space community, really involved with NASA, sitting on the NASA advisory board, planning actual space missions, going to Russia, going to the pre-cosmonaut biomedical protocols, and all these sorts of things, to actually go and fly to the international space station with our 3D camera systems. And this was fascinating. But what I wound up doing was bringing space scientists with us into the deep and taking them down so that they had access to astrobiologists, planetary scientists, people who were interested in these extreme environments, taking them down to the vents, and letting them see, and take samples and test instruments, and so on.同时,你知道,从小被科幻小说影响的我对于太空科学也非常感兴趣。我进入了美国国家航空航天局的顾问委员会,计划真正的太空任务,去俄罗斯,参与前宇航员的生物协定等事情,让宇航员带着3D摄像机进入太空站。这些非常有趣,但我真正想做的是将这些太空专家,行星学家和那些着迷于极致环境的人们带入深海,让他们看看深海,取一些样本做一些实验等等。So, here we were making documentary films, but actually doing science, and actually doing space science. I can completely close the loop between being the science fiction fan, you know, as a kid, and doing this stuff for real.所以我们在做纪录片,事实上是在做科学,做太空科学。我完全把孩提时对科幻小说的迷恋和现在把之变成现实结合起来了。 /201311/263505

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