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开会那些事儿:乱写乱画假装很忙 -- 18::6 来源:chinadaily Bullet points, question marks, underlining and a couple of impressive looking equations.着重号,问号,下划线,还有其他几个令人印象深刻的方程式These are the methods used by one cheeky office worker to appear engaged in front of his boss during a mundane meeting.这就是一位调皮的员工用来在常见的会议上在老板面前假装很忙的方法The bored employee uploaded a copy of the hilarious handwritten notes he took during a conference to Reddit on Wednesday so others could learn how simple it is to fool you employer into thinking you're a productive member of staff.周三,这位觉得开会很无聊的员工将自己在某次会议期间手写的一份非常好笑的笔记上传到Reddit网站上,以便让大家学一下骗老板以为你效率很高有多简单'Pretend to pay attention and look like you’re writing important things even though it’s all BS,' he scrawled on a note pad.他在记事本上潦草地写道:“假装在注意听讲,看上去你在写啥重要的东西,其实啥也不是”'Indentation and bullet points are always a nice touch,' he added.他补充道:“缩进和着重号是不错的点缀”After sitting and listening another ten minutes, the officer worker jotted down some numbers and equations so it appeared he was paying close attention.又听了十分钟的会议内容后,这位员工草草记下了几个数字和方程式,看上去他在开会时很专心He had several other pointers about how underlining, using question marks and drawing arrows made your notes look legitimate from afar.他又提出了几条建议,告诉大家划线标注、使用问号、和画箭头如何能使你的会议记录远远看上去合情合理His last piece of advice was to make sure you jam some writing into the margins to 'avoided having to fill up more than one page'.他的最后一条建议是,在纸张边缘处写些字,免得还要另用一张'I can't wait until working in traditional offices are a thing of the past and working remotely from my bed becomes standard,' the man added.他补充说:“非常盼望在传统办公室工作的时期成为过去,在家办公成为新标准”Reddit users were quick to draw comparisons to their own 'waste of time' meetings, while others said the man should have used his time to be more productive.Reddit网站用户很快就将其和自己参加的“浪费时间”的会议作了对比也有些人说这位员工应该更高效地利用时间'Seriously, I don't know how many "mandatory" meetings I have that are better suited to be email or on the company messenger,' one user wrote.一位用户写道:“认真地讲,我不知道我参加了多少‘强制’会议,而这些会议内容其实以电邮或者公司内部通讯工具发送会更好”'I did that once too! Wrote something like "just writing things down so it looks like I'm paying attention". I still have the notebook at work,' commented another.“我也这么干过!写一些类似于‘随便写写,这样看起来我在认真参会’的东西在纸上我还保存有工作时的记事本”,另一位用户道The writer of another note, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, appears to have taken the man's advice, using dot points to jot down what a waste of time his hour and a half meeting was.《每日邮报澳洲版还拿到了另一份会议记录,写下这份会议记录的员工似乎已经采纳了前文所述员工的建议,使用圆点记下了这个长达一个半小时的会议有多浪费时间'Projector not working – standard. Good start.'“投影仪坏掉了,普遍情况,不错的开始”'No one is listening to you mate.... bla bla bla,' he wrote.“讲话的这位,没人在听你说啥啊……吧啦吧啦吧啦”,他写道He then took down the date of a quality audit with a short reminder to 'chuck a sickie' that day.之后他记下了质量审核的日期,加了个简短提醒,那天“请个病假”'That’s it. Great. 1.5 hours gone,' he wrote, marking the end of the meeting.“就这样,不错,会开了1个半小时”,会议结束时他写道The unidentified officer worker sat through another unbearable meeting on Thursday and compiled a sassy of what was said after wasting some time while he waited his boss to arrive. 这位身份不明的员工周四还耐着性子开完另一个让人难以忍受的会议,写下了一份活泼的会议记录等老板到会还耽误了一会儿时间'Oh yeah, minutes still waiting directors to arrive.'“噢耶,还有分钟主管才能来”'No worries, plenty of time, got nothing else to do,' he wrote.“别担心,时间足够,没啥可做的”,他写道He slammed one man his 'boring' contribution, asking 'how does this relate to my project?'他还批评了一位在会上说的话“很无聊”的人,问道:“这和我的项目有啥关系?”'Wow this guy is putting people to sleep. Seriously.' he said, adding that he was the only one in the meeting who bothered to take notes.“噢这人把大家都催眠了,讲真”,他写道,他还补充说他是会上唯一一个不厌其烦地做记录的人Vocabularyjot down:草草记下,匆匆记下sickie:一天的病假英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编审:yaning。

个词看懂习近平今年首访 --5 ::35 来源: 国家主席习近平于月日至1日对巴基斯坦进行国事访问,于1日至日赴印尼出席亚非领导人会议和万隆会议60周年纪念活动【在巴基斯坦】home of brother兄弟的家This will be my first trip to Pakistan, but I feel as if I am going to visit the home of my own brother, said Xi Jinping.习近平说,这是我首次访问巴基斯坦,但我感觉就像到自己兄弟家中探访一样all-weather strategic cooperative partnership全天候战略合作伙伴关系China and Pakistan upgraded their relations to all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation Monday, eyeing perpetual friendship from generation to generation.中国与巴基斯坦一致同意将两国关系提升为全天候战略合作伙伴关系,致力于中巴世代友好core interests核心利益The two countries should support each other on their core interests, Xi Jinping said, noting that China firmly backs Pakistan's efts to safeguard its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.习近平说,两国应该维护彼此的核心利益他表示,中方坚定持巴基斯坦在维护其主权独立和领土完整方面所做的努力Iron Pakiron brotherhood巴铁铁哥们Chinese netizens even coined the term "Iron Pak" to refer to the unbreakable ties between China and Pakistan.中国网友甚至造出“巴铁”这个术语,用以形容中国和巴基斯坦之间牢不可破的友谊China-Pakistan Economic Corridor中巴经济走廊The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, called a flagship project of "One Belt and One Road", is at the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 1st Century Maritime Silk Road.中巴经济走廊位于丝绸之路经济带和1世纪海上丝绸之路交汇处,是“一带一路”的旗舰项目【在印度尼西亚】Bandung Spirit万隆精神Asian and African countries should carry on the Bandung Spirit, which upholds principles of solidarity, friendship and cooperation, and promote a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation.亚非国家应该继续弘扬“团结、友谊、合作”的万隆精神,促进合作双赢的新型国际关系three-point proposal三点倡议The three-point proposal by Xi Jinping includes boosting Asia-Africa cooperation, expanding South-South cooperation and promoting South-North cooperation.习近平提出的三点倡议分别为:深化亚非合作、拓展南南合作和推进南北合作historic walk历史性步行Asian and African leaders' "historic walk" Friday from Savoy Homann Hotel to Gedung Merdeka, or the Independence Building, was part of the commemorative events upon the 60th anniversary of the gathering in Bandung.日,亚非国家领导人一起参加"历史性步行",他们从萨沃尔-霍曼饭店步行前往万隆会议旧址——独立大厦,以纪念万隆会议召开60周年one plus one greater than two1加1大于Asian and African nations, Xi Jinping suggested, need to boost win-win cooperation and create the "one plus one greater than two" effect.习近平说,亚非国家加强互利合作,能产生“一加一大于二”的积极效应Bandung Message万隆公报Later on Friday, the leaders mally endorsed the Bandung Message, which urges stronger Asian-African cooperation.日晚些时候,各国领导人正式签署了《万隆公报,旨在进一步推动亚非合作(中国日报网英语点津 杜娟)。

没有面膜?看古代女神护肤秘籍 (双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 中国女神越来越多,而女神怎能没有护肤品呢?从款式到功能,味道到质地,护肤品可以满足你各种需求然而古代的娘娘们金枝玉叶,没有现代的超能护肤品,她们是如何做到青春永驻,永得圣宠的呢? 其实自古以来,中国女性就追求更白皙、更明亮的肌肤为了拥有晶莹剔透的肌肤,历代女性探索出去角质,美白和保湿这三个关键护肤步骤而尚未发明出护肤品的古代,娘娘们又是怎样护肤的呢? Chinese women have a long history of pursuing whiter and brighter skin. To achieve that luminous glow, generations of women have counted exfoliation, brightening and moisturizing as their three key steps. 1、淘米水 Rice Water 早在清朝(-19),中国女性就开始用淘米水护肤— —去除角质,使肌肤亮白 Chinese women utilized pan– water used to wash rice – to remove residue and brighten their skin, as early as the Qing Dynasty (-19). 那些水稻中的淀粉、维生素和蛋白质据说对皮肤十分有益即使在今天,用淘米水洗脸仍是最受欢迎天然护肤方式 Those produced from fine rice, in which its starch, vitamins and proteins are said to be beneficial to the skin. Even today, washing one's face with water used to clean rice is one of the most popular homemade skincare routines. . 浴豆 Bath Beans ;浴豆;,是由大豆粉、药材和香料,组成的棒状产品,在被北魏到南朝时期(公元前-589)是人们常用的护肤方式 ;Bath beans;, a bar-shaped product consisting of soy bean powder, medicinal herbs and fragrances, were often used from the Wei Dynasty to Southern Dynasty (AD -589). 大豆中的大豆异黄酮,具有一种非常类似于女性荷尔蒙雌激素的化学结构,据说对女性十分有益 The isoflavone from soybeans, which have a chemical structure very similar to the female hormone estrogen, are said to be good women. 3. 花卉制品 Floral Products 古代中医理论呼吁;以色补色;,为了像花一样健康的光泽,在很多美容产品里都加入了花朵成分 A theory in ancient Chinese medicine calls ;replenishing color with color;, hence the use of flowers in many beauty products that healthy glow. 中医经典之作《本草纲目,记录了大量的带有花成分的药方例如,一条使皮肤光亮的配方中有梅子、梅花、梨、樱桃、白烛葵、白莲花、红莲花、旋覆花和胡椒(300 克)、桃、木瓜花、芦荟、丁香,0克珍珠珍粉、50 克的四川雾花,和700 克的大豆粉 Compendium of Materia Medica, the bible of Traditional Chinese Medicine, records a large volume of pharmaceutical mulas with floral ingredients. instance, to brighten the skin, a mixture of plum, pear, cherry, candytuft, white lotus, red lotus, inula flowers and pepper (300g), peach and papaya flowers and aloes, clove and radsz(0g), 0g of pearl and jade crumbs, 50g of Sichuan spray flowers, and 700g of ground soybean powder were often prescribed. . .金属的使用 Use Metals 自魏晋时期(公元-),古人们就开始经常使用铅汞化合物来提亮肤色这种化学物质能够杀死黑色素细胞,从而使皮肤颜色变白然而,长期的在皮肤上使用铅产品将会导致铅中毒轻的结果会使皮肤变得更加粗糙,严重时,可能会导致死亡 Lead mercuride was frequently applied to brighten the skin since the Wei and Jin dynasties (AD -). The compound caused death of melanocytes, hence brightening the skin color. However, extended use of large quantities of lead on skin causes lead poisoning. In light cases, skin becomes more coarse; in severe cases, it causes death. 在古代,人们并不是不知道铅具有毒性《本草纲目中清晰的记载了铅的危害但是其迅速美白肌肤的功效仍吸引了许多年轻的女性,对她们而言对美的追求超越了健康 Ancient Chinese people were not unaware of the toxicity of lead. Compendium of Materia Medica clearly documents the harm of lead. But its speedy effect in whitening the skin still lured many young women in their pursuit of beauty over health. 在今天,化妆品中铅过量仍然是一个严重的问题纵然经过几千年的发展,人类的本性始终难以改变 Overdosing on lead in cosmetics remains a problem today. Even after thousands of years, human nature remains difficult to change. 最后,小编想说的是,爱美之心人皆有之,但只有在健康基础上的美丽才是真正的美丽! English Source: China Daily。

中国狮身人面像:聚焦中国建筑仿建热潮 -- ::5 来源: 最近,中国修建了一座巨大的狮身人面像复制品而此前,中国曾仿建了一系列的古埃及建筑 As well as the knockoff Great Sphinx of Giza, the Lanzhou Silk Road Cultural Relics Park has built replicas of the Greek Parthenon and other world wonders.除开这座仿建的狮身人面像建筑外,兰州丝绸之路文化遗址公园已经建成了包括希腊帕台农神庙和许多其他世界奇迹在内的复制品Lanzhou, in northwest China, is hoping the famous fakes will draw tourists, as well as the film and gaming industries, reported China Daily.据《中国日报报道,兰州寄希望于这些世界著名建筑的仿制品可以招揽游客,同时促进当地电影和游戏产业的发展The town was once a major trading hub on the Silk Road, which China is trying to revive.中国目前正在试图复兴丝绸之路,而这座城镇曾是丝绸之路上一个重要的贸易枢纽It is just the latest of many copies of world famous monuments, and sometimes entire towns, to appear in the country.然而,这座狮身人面像只不过是中国最新建造的许多世界著名建筑(有时甚至是整座城镇)中的一个而已This sphinx may not be the largest but, made partly of corn, it blended well with its natural surroundings at an exhibition in Shouguang, Shandong province, in April.在四月份山东寿光的一场展览上,有一座狮身人面像(部分建造材料是玉米),它也许不是最大的,但是它很好的融入了周围的自然环境The head of this sphinx - almost the size of the Giza original - here separated from its body, on the outskirts of Shijiazhuang, Hebei province.在河北省石家庄市郊外,这里只有一个狮身人面像的头部,几乎和吉萨原址一样大It was recently dismantled by local authorities after Egypt complained to Unesco that its use as a film and TV filming location violated international conventions, the People’s Daily reported.据《人们日报报道,当地政府将这座狮身人面像拆除了,因为埃及向联合国教科文组织申述,称将狮身人面像用于电影和电视剧拍摄场景违反了国际公约This one possibly looks a little past its best, but can you guess where it is? (Answer below).这一个狮身人面像看起来足以以假乱真了,但是你能猜出这是哪儿吗?(在下面)This full-size replica in Chuzhou, Anhui province, is, like the latest one, part of a "heritage park", although this version has been livened up considerably with some paint.这是位于安徽滁州一个等身大小的狮身人面像仿制品,就和兰州的那座建筑一样,也是一个“遗址公园”的一部分,尽管主办方为了让它看起来更有生气一点而体贴地刷上了油漆Corn, stone, plaster...ice? The creators of China’s monumental fakes are certainly inventive with building materials, as this giant frozen sculpture at the Ice and Snow Festival in northeast Harbin demonstrates.玉米,石头,石膏…冰?中国这些仿制建筑的创造者们在建筑材料的使用上的确非常有创意,在哈尔滨的冰雪节上展示了一座巨大的冰雕狮身人面像Perhaps hoping to recapture some of the ancient wisdom represented by Giza’s iconic structures, a library in Wuhan, central China, is shaped like a pyramid, with a somewhat creative replica of the Great Sphinx standing outside.也许是为了获得一些由吉萨标志性建筑所代表的古埃及人的智慧,武汉一座图书馆的外形被塑造成为了金字塔模样,外面还很有创意地竖立了一座狮身人面像的仿制建筑But the fondness eign replication does not end with ancient Egypt.但是中国对外国仿制建筑的喜爱并不仅限于古埃及Replicas of famous Washington buildings are common in China, but this is surely the only one that combines the Capitol with a Chinese temple design.华盛顿著名建筑的复制品在中国很常见,但是这座建筑无疑是唯一一个将美国国会和中国寺庙结合在一起的设计The same park, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, also contains replicas of the pyramid at France’s Louvre, some Chinese ancient buildings and, of course, Giza’s Sphinx.河北石家庄的这座公园里拥有法国卢浮宫和一些中国古代建筑的复制品,当然,还包括狮身人面像France is a not just popular with Chinese tourists leaving the country. Copycat Eiffel Towers can be found all over, with this one in a luxury real estate development in Hangzhou, eastern China, standing at an impressive 1m (350ft).中国出国旅游的人非常热衷于前往法国埃菲尔铁塔的仿制品在中国几乎随处可见在杭州一处高档房地产楼盘,有一座高达1米(约合350英尺)的埃菲尔铁塔仿制品The builders of this housing development in Hefei, eastern China, were doubtless grateful they had slightly more modern tools to hand than did the creators of the original Stonehenge in the UK.合肥一处房地产楼盘建造了一座巨石阵这座楼盘的建造者们一定非常感激,因为和英国古人建造巨石阵时相比,他们能够使用更加先进的工具Less common than some of the iconic Western sights, Moscow’s Kremlin nonetheless gets its own mini-me in Beijing’s World Park.尽管不如其他西方标志性建筑那样常见,但是北京世界公园还是建造了一座迷你版的克里姆林宫And that one we were not sure about? Here it is from another angle. Yes, it is the Egyptian original. No, not convincing at all.哪一个建筑我们难辨真假呢?从另一个角度来看看对,这张图片是埃及的原址不,简直不能令人信。

商务部:年,中国贸易务达1万亿美金 --31 ::5 来源: 中国商务部部长高虎臣说,第个五年计划(-)期间,中国务贸易量有望进入“黄金时代”,年,进出口将超过1万亿美金,这将为世界务企业带来商机 During the th Five-Year Plan (-), China’s trade in services are expected toenter a "golden era" and imports and exports will exceed $ 1 trillion by , which will bring huge business opporties to the world’s service enterprises, said Gao Hucheng,minister of China’s Ministry of Commerce.中国商务部部长高虎臣说,第个五年计划(-)期间,中国务贸易量有望进入“黄金时代”,年,进出口将超过1万亿美金,这将为世界务企业带来商机Thanks to governmental support, the Chinese service industry has witnessed rapid development in recent years and demand services continues to expand, Gao said this when delivering a speech at the China Beijing International Fair Trade in Serviceswhich kicked off on May .在5月日拉开序幕的中国北京国际务贸易览会上,高说,多亏政府的持,近年来,中国务业发展迅速,务需求持续扩张The world economy is recovering amid in-depth adjustment and the status of the service sector is rising. This will lead products and services all over the world to better integrate into the global value chain and become the major area to obtain added value and boosters of economic growth, Gao also noted this during his speech.在演讲中,高强调,伴随着深度调节和务业地位的上升,世界经济正在复苏这将使得全球的产品和务更好的融入世界价值链,成为获得附加值和推动经济增长的主要领域During the th Five-Year Plan, China’s trade services saw an average annual growth of.5 percent, twice the world’s average. In , service trade reached billion, .6 percent up from , ranking second in the world.第十二个五年计划期间,中国贸易务每年平均增长.5%,是世界平均水平的两倍年,务贸易达到70亿美金,比年上涨.6%,排位世界第二Development of trade in services has played a significant role in promoting transmation and upgrading of China’s eign trade, as well as in catalyzing economic restructuring and enhancing innovation amongst ordinary people, according to Gao.高说在推动中国对外贸易转型和升级,促进经济结构转型和提高普通民众创新方面,务贸易业的发展扮演着至关重要的角色In recent years, the consumption structure of households has upgraded from material consumption to services and demands life services such as tourism, culture,entertainment and health have also risen rapidly.近年来,家庭消费结构已经从物质消费升级为务消费,对诸如旅游,文化,和健康的生活务消费需求已经快速上升。

川普:非法移民待遇比美国退伍军人更好 --31 ::5 来源: 美国大选人们人物川普抨击美国政府,指责非法移民待遇要比退伍老兵更好,呼吁关注老兵生活状态 Illegal immigrants in the US often get better care than the nation’s military veterans, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said.共和党总统候选人川普曾表示,非法移民在美国受到的待遇经常要好于美国退伍军人"We’re not going to allow that to happen any longer," he told a bikers’ rally in Washington DC.在华府的一场骑行者集会上,川普说道:“我们不能够让那样的事情再继续下去了!”Mr Trump did not provide any evidence his assertion.川普并没有提供任何据来佐自己的这一断言Last year, the billionaire sparked anger by attacking the military record of Senator John McCain, a mer prisoner of war.去年,这位亿万富翁因为抨击约翰·麦凯恩议员的军事记录而惹得众怒约翰·麦凯恩议员曾是一名战俘Mr Trump said Sen McCain was only considered a hero because he was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.川普说麦凯恩议员之所以被当成英雄,仅仅是因为他曾是越战战俘He then added: "I like people who weren’t captured."随后他补充道:“我喜欢那些没有被俘虏的人”Since then Mr Trump, who never served in the military, has tried to repair the damage by frequently honouring veterans at his rallies and holding fundraising events them.自那以后,川普从未在军中役过,一直试图修复和军人团体破碎的关系在竞选集会上,川普经常表达自己对老兵的尊敬,还为他们举行筹款活动His latest comments came at the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally on Sunday, which was dedicated to remembering POWs and those missing in action.川普在上周日发表了这一讲话,当时现场正举行一年一度的滚雷托车集会,该集会的目的是为了纪念战俘和在行动中失踪的人Despite previous criticism, many in the crowd cheered Mr Trump.尽管之前川普曾对这群人有过批评,但是现场许多人都为川普欢呼"What I like about Trump is that he is one of us. He’s not a politician," 5-year-old Louis Naymik was ed as saying by the Associated Press news agency.美联社援引5岁的路易斯的话说:“我喜欢川普,他是我们的一份子,他不是一个政治家”Mr Trump - who has made controversial comments on a number of issues - was speaking ahead of the 7 June Calinia primary.据说,川普将在6月7日的加州初选中领先,(尽管)他曾就许多事件发表了有争议的He is running unopposed in Calinia after his Republican rivals pulled out and he reached the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. It has yet to be malised.川普在加州没有对手了,因为他共和党内的竞争对手都弃权了,而他自己也得到了足够代表的持、从而获得共和党提名他的提名资格还没有被正式发表The Associated Press says Congress and many states have written an assortment of laws and policies designed to restrict government services to people in the country illegally.据美联社透露,美国国会和许多州已经制定了许多不同的法律和政策,以此来限制政府对国内非法移民的务。

达沃斯:中国的千禧一代已经来临 -- 19::53 来源:chinadaily 在天津夏季达沃斯论坛分论坛“中国的千禧一代”上,众多嘉宾围绕“中国的千禧一代”展开深入讨论与会嘉宾认为,中国的“千禧一代”正在深刻改变中国的创意产业及消费习惯 请看相关报道: ;The millennials are a very different generation. They were born and bred at a time when China's economy and wealth were growing rapidly, so most have no memory of the hunger and instability experienced by their parents,; said Zhang Lifen, a journalism professor at Shanghai's Fudan University and mer editor-in-chief at FTChinese.com, at a meeting at the World Economic um, which began Sunday. 前FT中文网总编辑、复旦大学新闻学院教授张力奋说:“千禧一代是一个特殊的群体,他们出生和生长在中国经济和财富快速发展的时期,没有经历一个物质极其贫乏的年代,没有饥饿感” “千禧一代”(millennials)指世纪90年代初期出生,1世纪初期进入成人期的一代这一词汇源于1991年威廉;施特劳斯和尼尔;豪出版的《Generations一书,陈述了他们的社会时代阶层理论,后被称为“施特劳斯-豪代际理论” 波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)的数据显示,未来的消费增长(consumption growth)中,有三分之二将由千禧一代贡献,他们的消费需求更加凸显个人偏好(individualized preferences) 中国的“千禧一代”是被互联网深刻影响的一代人,是中国互联网的“原住民”(digital natives)他们愿意为知识付费,愿意为虚拟产品付费,他们已逐渐成为新一代的生产和消费主力群体 “千禧一代”的另一个特点是不怕挑战权威: They are not afraid of challenging authority. When they don't agree with you, they say it outright. At the end of the day, they are the ones who know what their peers want. 他们不怕挑战权威他们不同意你的观点就会直接说出来最终,他们才是知道同龄人想要什么的人 其他各种年代名称与起源: Lost Generation——迷惘的一代 “迷惘的一代”常用来泛指任何失去了价值观或道德迷失的一代大多数情况特指一战期间至结束后成长起来的年轻一代因为战争造成人口锐减和战后漫无目的、失去方向的生活得以此命名 Greatest Generation——最伟大的一代 根据牛津英语辞典(Oxd English Dictionary),“最伟大的一代”指二战期间(1939-195年)步入成年的年轻一代美国人这个词的命名或多或少都与美国新闻记者汤姆;布罗考在1998出版的一部畅销书《The Greatest Generation相关这一代人中的很多经历了战争,后又继续投身国家的建设事业,也被称为G.I.Generation(大兵的一代) Silent Generation——沉默的一代 这一代人指出生在二十世纪二十年代中期至四十年代初期由于经济大萧条和二战造成的低生育率,这一代人口量锐减 Baby Boomers——婴儿潮一代 这也是最为熟知的美国一代称谓,“baby boomers”或“boomers”指二战后随之而来的生育大潮中出生的一代,通常是195-1960年出生的人词汇baby boom(系值生育的显著高峰期)在二十世纪后期收录到美国英语词典中 Generation X——X一代 尽管“X一代”通常指1980-1990年代初进入成年期的美国年轻人,但这个词汇在几十年前就已经出现了该词汇可以追溯到世纪50年代,更为广泛地用于“未来尚不确定的年轻一代” Generation Y——Y一代 照字母顺序看来,“Y一代”肯定是紧随着“X一代”出现的这一代人大多出生在婴儿潮时期,也叫回声潮世代(echo boomers)这一代人口数量高于上一代,且生活态度和价值观与“X一代”截然相反,具有冷静和物质的特性,是世纪内拥有命名的最后一代。

为啥一周的周末是两天? -- :: 来源: 我们已经习惯了一周有两天周末,它是怎么来的,你知道么? In a nation where people work more than anyone else in the industrialized world, the two-day weekend helps keep us sane.工业化世界,大家都争相拼工作量,在这样的国家里,双休日有助我们保持理智No matter how exhausted you are at your nine-to-five, the promise of two full days set aside socializing, sleeping in, and brunching in the afternoon always looms on the horizon.无论你朝九晚五有多劳累,都保能匀出两整天时间参与社交、睡个懒觉、下午的时候早中餐一起吃,而这正有愈演愈烈之势People working 0 years ago weren’t so lucky.The modern work week began to emerge during the industrial revolution—thanks in part to our hard-partying predecessors.两百多年前的人可没那么幸运现代工作周在工业革命期间应运而生,这多亏了我们夜夜笙歌的先祖们Reserving one holy day a week rest and worship is an ancient tradition. Things took a turn in Britain during the 19th century when workers started using their one day off pleasure. After cramming a week’s worth of fun and debauchery into a single day, employees would often come into work the next morning hungover or end up taking the whole day off to recuperate.一周留出一天瞻礼日休息休息、做做礼拜是一古老传统在19世纪的英国,事情发生了转折,工人们开始花一天时间享乐,而把整个星期的玩乐和逍遥压缩成一天后,员工们第二天早晨上班常常是宿醉未醒、或者要请上一天假恢复疲劳In the face of newly-med labor unions and pressure from religious groups to keep Sundays holy, the five-day, 0-hour work week was signed into law with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.当时工会成立不久、宗教团体又施加压力要求礼拜天作瞻礼,一周五天工作制、每周四十小时的工作量签署成为法律,写入了1938年颁布的《公平劳动标准法中The practice of playing hooky on the first day of the work week, also known as "Saint Monday," became so common in the 19th century that many employers started making Saturdays a half-day as a compromise.工作日第一天偷个懒,即人们所知的“圣周一”在19世纪非常普遍,不少雇主开始安排周六干半天活,作为折衷While the two-day weekend is a fairly recent phenomenon, today some people are working to extend it even longer.尽管双休日这一现象近年才有,如今仍有人想要延长双休。

高考前夕 73所野鸡大学曝光 --5 ::50 来源: Half a month bee millions of high schoolers take Chinarsquo;s national college entrance exam, a new batch of fake colleges has been exposed.距高考还有半个月,新一批的虚假大学被曝光A list released last week on sdaxue.com, a site that helps students choose higher educational institutions, exposed 73 Chinese universities or colleges as unaccredited diploma mills. The website has published its annual list of fake schools since . This list pushes the total number of phony colleges exposed to over 00.上大学网致力于帮助学生们选择高等院校上周,网站公布的虚假大学名单又揭露了73所颁发未经授权书的院校自年以来,该网站每年都会公布虚假大学的名单,累计公布00多所虚假大学On the list are 3 schools in Beijing where many of the countryrsquo;s top universities are located. Shandong was second, with eight fake colleges, while Shanghai has seven.其中有3所虚假大学位于中国众多高等学院的所在地;;北京;山东共有8所虚假大学,位居第二;上海共有7所,位居第三Names of institutions are usually slightly altered versions of the names of real universities and colleges to confuse prospective students. Accreditation is usually fabricated or out of date. According to the website, 66 of the 73 bogus colleges were not on the college list published by the Ministry of Education (MOE), while 6 used old names of legal colleges. One used an alternative name of a Party school in Beijing.为了困惑准大学生,这些机构通常将正规院校的名字稍加改变,他们的认书往往是伪造的或者过期的据上大学网报道,73所野鸡大学中有66所均不在教育部公布的《年全国高等学校名单中,6所冒用正规高校更名前或合并前的名称,1所冒用中共北京市委党校的别称These colleges usually woo and swindle high school graduates through slick recruitment sites.虚假大学一般通过空壳网站招收和欺骗高中毕业生Xinhua reporters contacted a dozen of them, all supposedly located in Beijing, but none of their phone numbers were available. Most of their addresses are in the suburbs, making them hard to find. Some, such as the address of ;Beijing Normal University of Science and Technology,; simply do not exist.新华社记者拨打了十多所北京字头虚假大学的联系电话,一个都没有联系上大多数院校都位于郊区,很难找到,一些院校的地址根本就不存在,比如;北京科技师范大学;;Approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, our college trains talent education and global labor services,; s the website of Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, reportedly located in Beijingrsquo;s Chaoyang District. The college claims more than ,500 graduates and excellent teaching facilities. Xinhua reporters could not locate the college at its address, although a vocational school was found. One of the school staff confirmed that no other college is located there, and that the vocational school was the only education institution in the vicinity.;我校是经北京市教委批准成立的一所融高等教育助学和国际劳务输出培训于一体的高等教育学校学院成立至今,已为社会培养500多位优秀毕业生校园教学设备一应俱全,; 虚假大学;北京建筑工程学院;官方网站上写道新华社记者来到其官网上标注的北京朝阳区地址,但并未找到该学校但是,附近的确有一所中专学校,学校工作人员说这里只有一所中专学校,附近没有其他的学校。

台风尼伯特袭击台湾,死66伤 -- :9:6 来源: 该风暴将于周六早晨袭击中国福建省,目前风暴已减弱为中等强度台风,在抵达中国大陆时应该会是热带风暴 Typhoon Nepartak hit Taiwan’s east coast on Friday, leaving two dead and 66 injured, as well as cing evacuations and disrupting services.台风“尼伯特”周五袭击台湾东部海岸,造成死66伤,目前已强制疏离,各种务中断More than ,000 people had to leave their homes as hundreds of flights were cancelled and offices and schools shut.超过1.5万人离开家园,几百个航班取消,各部门停止办公,学校停课The typhoon packed winds of up to 198kmhour (3mph) and made landfall just bee 00 local time in eastern Taitung.台风时速达到198kmh(3mph),并与当地时间00登陆台东东部The storm is expected to hit China’s Fujian province by Saturday morning.该风暴将于周六早晨袭击中国福建省The storm has now weakened to a medium-strength typhoon, according to the island’s Central Weather Bureau and should be a tropical storm upon reaching China.根据该岛的中央气象局,风暴已减弱为中等强度台风,在抵达中国大陆时应该会是热带风暴"The wind is very strong," a resident of Taitung told the Reuters news agency.“风力很强,”台东居民告诉路透新闻社说"Many hut roofs and signs on the streets have been blown away," another resident said.“许多屋顶和街道标志被吹走了,”另一位居民说Some 70,000 households have been affected by power cuts, Li Wei-sen, Taiwan’s Central Emergency Operations Center spokesman told news agency AP.台湾中央应急行动中心发言人Li Wei-sen告诉美联社说,约有7万户居民受停电影响He also added that railway services had been suspended, and more than 500 domestic and international flights cancelled.他还补充说,铁路设施已被暂停,超过500个国内和国际航班被取消Nearly ,00 soldiers have been deployed around the island, with 35,000 troops on standby to help with evacuations and disaster relief.已在该岛部署近00名士兵,还有3.5万士兵待命,以帮助疏散和救灾A storm is classed as a super typhoon if it reaches maximum sustained 1-minute surface winds of at least 65 ms (5mph), the equivalent of a category-five hurricane in the Atlantic basin.如果一场风暴保持65 ms (5mph)的风速至少1分钟将被归到超级台风类,等同于大西洋盆地五类飓风的等效Taiwan is often hit by typhoons, with super typhoon Dujuan killing three people and leaving more than 300 injured in Taiwan in .台湾常有台风袭击,年曾有超级台风杜鹃造成台湾人死亡,0人受伤。