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7. 偶尔校准电池就够了7. Calibrate only occasionally.多年来,使用充电电池的设备都需要“调整”或“校准”,这个步骤可以防止电池忘记自己实际上有多大充电电量。如今的智能手机电池已经没有这个问题了。For many years, devices that used rechargeable batteries required “conditioning” or “calibrating,” a procedure that prevented the battery from forgetting how much capacity it actually had. Today’s smartphone batteries no longer suffer from this issue. /201603/430750First LPs and record players made a comeback – now the cassette tape is rewinding back into our lives.起先是密纹唱片和唱机的重新流行,如今盒式磁带也回到了我们的生活。Music fans on both sides of the Atlantic are returning to the cassette two decades after they were replaced by the CD, and more recently digital downloads.二十年前,盒式磁带被CD取代;近几年CD又被数字下载取代。但如今,盒式磁带又重新成为了大西洋两岸音乐爱好者们的热门选择。This nostalgia for the old format comes despite the frustrations that led to their decline, including their tendency to become scrambled and jammed in players.盒式磁带容易卡带和缠进机器里,令人抓狂,也曾因此一度衰败,但是人们对老磁带的怀旧情绪却日益浓厚。Sales of music tapes are rising so quickly in the US that the Recording Industry Association of America, the trade body for music labels which also certifies gold and platinum records, is investigating ways to track sales for the first time since the early 1990s.在美国,盒式磁带的销量一路飙升,这促使美国唱片业协会自上世纪90年代初以来首度开始追踪盒式磁带的销售数据。美国唱片业协会是代表美国唱片业的贸易团体,同时它也负责金唱片和白金唱片的认。It is thought the revival was started by underground music acts. But now, more mainstream musicians have started producing albums on cassette again.有人认为,磁带的复兴是由地下音乐团体发起的。但是现在,越来越多的主流音乐人开始制作磁带形式的专辑。British singer Marina and the Diamonds released her last album, Froot, on cassette late last year. Albums from top US stars are also available on cassette, including Justin Bieber#39;s latest release, Purpose, and Kanye West#39;s Yeezus. They are being sold at fashion chains such as Urban Outfitters, as well as being available online. Meanwhile Hypnohouse Trax, a British dance music label, has put out a collection of its own on tape.去年,英国歌手美钻玛琳娜出的新专辑《果漾缤纷》就是磁带形式。美国顶级明星们也出了磁带形式的唱片,包括贾斯汀·比伯的最新专辑《目的》和坎耶·维斯特的《耶稣》。这些专辑在Urban Outfitters这类时尚连锁店均有售卖,网上也有货源。同时,英国舞蹈音乐公司Hypnohouse Trax也以磁带形式推出了他们的合集。Sales of cassettes in the UK could follow the path of vinyl record sales – which fell to a low of just over 205,000 in 2007, but have grown every year since and hit a 20-year high of 2.1million in 2015.盒式磁带在英国或许能成为第二个黑胶唱片。2007年,黑胶唱片的销量跌至20.5万张,但从那以后,其销量开始逐年攀升;2015年更是达到了二十年来的最高记录——210万张。The Oxford English Dictionary dropped #39;cassette player#39; from its concise edition in 2011. It now seems this may have been premature.2011年,《牛津简明英语词典》删除了“卡式录音机”这一词条。如今看来,此举似乎为时过早。And Sony stopped producing its iconic Walkman portable cassette player in 2010, although other brands, such as Philips, still make them.2010年,索尼宣布其标志性的便携式卡带音乐播放器(随身听)停产。不过飞利浦等其他品牌还在生产。Lee Rickard, 32, co-founder of independent record label Burger Records, which is based in Orange County, a suburb of Los Angeles, explained the appeal, saying: #39;Music just sounds different on tape, sometimes as it was originally intended to sound.伯格唱片公司是一个独立唱片制作团体,位于洛杉矶郊区奥兰治县。它的联合创始人,32岁的李·里卡德说:“磁带播放的音乐听起来有不同的感觉,有时候甚至可以还原音乐的韵味。”#39;Cassettes are compact, tangible, instant collectables, often with original and numbered artwork—and as cheap as a cup of coffee, so you can support your local artist without buyer#39;s remorse.“磁带是结构紧凑的实物,方便即时收藏;音乐内容有序且充满原始韵味,而且价格只相当于一杯咖啡。这样你在持本土艺人时也就不会肉痛了。”Burger Records has plans to release its own Burger Buddy, which will play tapes as well as convert them to computer-able MP3 files.伯格唱片公司计划推出新产品“伯格好伙伴”。它既能播放磁带,又能把里面的音乐转换成电脑可识别的MP3格式。 /201602/427440

People in Beijing posted pictures of the Great Wall on social media to help Dorian Murray, an 8-year-old cancer patient in the US, realize his dream of becoming famous in China.北京的网友近日纷纷在社交媒体上传长城的照片,帮助美国8岁的癌症患者多里安·默里实现在中国成为名人的梦想。In response to a Facebook post Murray#39;s father wrote on Monday, many people shared photos of themselves standing on the Great Wall holding signs that ;#D-STRONG.; 许多人分享了自己站在长城上举着写有#D-STRONG(意指多里安坚强)的标语的照片,响应多里安的爸爸11日在脸书上发布的帖子。Murray was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of pediatric cancer, when he was 4 years old. He went into remission in 2013 but later relapsed. Cancerous cells were found in his spinal fluid in December, and his family made the decision to stop treatment after January 1, news site china.com.cn reported on Wednesday.在默里四岁的时候,他被诊断出患有一种名叫横纹肌肉瘤的儿童癌症。2013年病情一度缓解,但之后再度复发。据中国网周三报道,去年12月,医生发现癌细胞已经扩散到他的脊髓液,在1月1日之后,他的家人已决定停止治疗。The boy#39;s story aroused attention in China when his father posted a conversation with his son on his Facebook page. According to the post, the boy said, ;Hey dad, you know what I really want before I go to heaven? I would like to be famous in China … because they have the bridge,; referring to the Great Wall.当这名男孩儿的父亲将他与儿子的对话上传到脸书主页上之后,这名男孩儿的故事迅速引起了中国网友的注意。帖子的内容是,这个小男孩说道:;爸爸,你知道我上天堂前最希望干什么吗?我想在中国成为名人……因为他们有那座桥(指长城);。This post had been shared over 3,600 times as of press time. By Wednesday, over 1,295 people from all around the world had posted their pictures holding #D-STRONG signs to support Dorian.截至记者发稿时,这一帖子已经被转发超过3600次。本周三,来自世界各地的超过1295人发布了自己带有#D-STRONG标语的照片,以此来持多里安。Many people have also used Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo to reach out to those planning to visit the Great Wall, asking them to take a #D-STRONG picture.此外,许多人也使用中国的社交平台--新浪微来呼吁那些打算前往参观长城的人们,照一张举有#D-STRONG标语的照片。 /201601/422390

They are classic cartoon characters as you have never seen them before。这些经典卡通人物的样子你之前绝对没见过的。One artist has re-created the childhood favorites to show how they might look if they were elderly movie stars。有位艺术家二次创作了我们童年时代最喜欢的卡通人物——如果他们变成了垂垂老矣的影星都是什么样子的呢?Los Angeles-based animator and illustrator Andrew Tarusov has come up with the series of drawings depicting the likes of Bugs and Lola Bunny at 77 and Tom and Jerry at 66.在洛杉矶工作的动画设计师、同时也是插画家的安德鲁·塔鲁瑟夫作了这一系列画作,描绘了兔八哥还有罗拉兔77岁的样子,还有汤姆和杰瑞75岁的样子。Tycoon: Mickey and Minnie Mouse don#39;t look poor in old age with each wearing plenty of jewels。企业大亨:米奇和米妮即使年迈也不落魄,两个人都穿金戴银。Separated: Donald and Daisy Duck split up because of Donald#39;s gambling, the Los Angeles artist imagined。劳燕分飞:在这名洛杉矶艺术家的画中,因为唐老鸭,他和黛西离婚了。Taking it easy: The years have been kind to Bugs and Lola Bunny who are aged 77 in this drawing of them。慢条斯理:在这幅画作中,岁月对于77岁的兔八哥还有罗拉兔还是很仁慈的。Homeless: Poor Goofy fell on hard times and ended up on the streets after failing to have insurance。无家可归:可怜的古非沦落到日子很不好过,因为没有保险最终露宿街头。Sylvester, now 73, looks a little worse for wear as he clutches a bottle of something in a brown paper bag while tweety stands on his arm。如今73岁的傻大猫,手臂上停着崔迪鸟,穿着有点破烂,手里抓着一个棕色的纸袋,里面有瓶不明物体。Doing well: Daffy Duck and Percy Pig look well for their seniority compared to many of their compatriots。过得不错:达菲鸭还有喜猪和他们的同胞比起来,晚年的他们看起来气色甚佳。 /201509/400913

  China Centre for Children#39;s Welfare and Adoption denied on Thursday having received an adoption application from a US gay couple.上周四,中国儿童福利和收养中心否认收到了美国同性恋夫妇的领养申请。An employee from China Centre for Children#39;s Welfare and Adoption told the Global Times that they only found out about Melissa Castro Wyatt#39;s case after ing her article on how her application is against China#39;s adoption rules on The Washington Post.中国儿童福利和收养中心的一名工作人员在接受环球时报采访时表示,他们只是在读过了梅利莎·卡斯特罗·怀亚特发表在华盛顿邮报上的文章,才了解到她的申请违反了中国的收养规定。The article titled ;I bumped into my fate, and against China#39;s adoption rules; has sparked heated discussion online, in which she said that she was denied the chance to adopt a 4-year-old disabled Chinese boy by a Chinese adoption agency, since a same-sex couple ;is one thing they will not consider.;这篇标题为:“我遇到了我的缘分,但却违反中国的领养规定”的文章在网上引发了激烈的讨论。作者在文中表示想收养一个4岁的中国残疾男孩,却遭到了中国领养机构的拒绝,原因是“他们绝对不考虑”同性恋夫妇收养孩子。The employee told the Global Times that when selecting adopters, adoption agencies would always take the kids#39; interest as the prime priority, which is the only rule. ;Our only goal and hope is that our kids can fit into the foreign countries,; said the employee.这位工作人员在接受环球时报采访时表示,在选择领养人时,领养机构通常会把孩子的利益放在首位,这也是唯一的要求。他说,“我们唯一的目标,唯一的期望就是,我们的孩子能适应外国的生活。”They refused to comment, however, on whether there was any ban on same-sex parents adopting.然而,对于是否有规定不允许同性恋夫妇领养孩子,他们拒绝回答。On the center website#39;s Qamp;A page for foreign adopters, one entry clearly states that the center will not look for adoptees for same-sex couples.在该中心关于异国领养的问题咨询页面上,有一条明确指出,该中心将不会寻找同性恋夫妇作为收养人。China#39;s marriage law only accepts families formed by heterosexual couples, and homosexual families are not protected by law, the statement says, claiming that The Criteria for the Classification and Diagnosis of Mental Disorders in China lists homosexuality as a psychosexual disorder.该声明指出,中国的婚姻法只接受异性夫妇组成的家庭,同性恋家庭不受法律保护,并声称在中国精神障碍分类与诊断标准清单中,同性恋被作为一种心理障碍。The statement also says that China#39;s ;traditional morality and customs; consider homosexuality an act against social norms and that since China#39;s Adoption Law has a principle that an adoption should not go against social morality, foreign same-sex couples cannot adopt children in China.该声明还称,中国的“传统道德和习俗”认为同性恋是违背社会公德的行为,中国的收养法则规定,收养不能违背社会公德,故外国同性恋者不能收养中国儿童。 /201603/431839


  A cool new service in Japan is meant to help busy career women cope with the stress of their hectic lifestyles. For about 7,900 yen, they can hire #39;Ikemeso#39; – cute men – to wipe away their tears, quite literally!当下,日本新兴一种酷炫务,能够帮助职业女性排解忙碌生活带来的种种压力。花上7900日元(约合420元人民币),日本妇女就能雇一名“擦泪帅哥”(日语叫Ikemeso)帮忙擦眼泪!Here#39;s how it works: You call the company and pick one of seven Ikemeso, who will then arrive at your workplace to help you release stress through crying. If you#39;re in tears aly, the licensed “crying therapist” will simply wipe your tears away with the softest handkerchief and comfort you with kind words. If work-related stress hasn#39;t pushed you to tears yet, the Ikemeso will play an emotional film meant to induce crying. After the is over, he#39;ll wipe your tears away.究竟是怎么回事呢?原来,顾客通过拨打电话,能从7位“擦泪帅哥”中挑选一名。随后,这位帅哥就会到达你的工作地点,助你痛哭减压。如果你已经哭成了泪人,“痛哭治疗师”会一边用最柔软的手绢擦去你眼角的泪水,一边温柔地安慰。如果你还未被工作压垮,失声痛哭的话,他就会放一部催泪的情感电影,并在观影后,为你擦干泪水。There are different types of guys you can choose from, depending on your taste – the little brother, the intellectual, the bad boy, the slightly older hot guy, and more. The service is all set to launch on September 24.顾客还能根据口味,选择偏爱的帅哥,其中就包括了邻家小哥、知识分子、坏小子、性感大叔等。这项务于9月24日正式推出。According to Hiroki Terai, the creator of Ikemeso, “Japanese women are under tremendous stress at the office here in Tokyo, which often ends in tears. We are here to provide a kind word and brush the tears away by one of our seven lovely men on call.”务的发起人寺井广树(Hiroki Terai)说:“在东京,职场女性承受的压力实在太大了,常常让她们失声痛哭。我们这7个帅哥随叫随到,希望其中一个能安慰她们,帮她们拭去泪水。”Some will undoubtedly find the whole idea sexist, but Terai claims that the company has been receiving queries non-stop ever since they launched the website last week. He also insists that the service is not a hoax. “More and more women are trying to hold down professional jobs these days but the male dominated, workaholic workforce makes it hard for them,” he said. “We want such put-upon women to have a good cry and feel better when they feel targeted.”毫无疑问,不少人会觉得这想法充满了性别歧视,但寺井广树称,自公司网站上线一周来,他们接到了顾客源源不断的咨询电话。他坚称,这项务并非恶作剧。“如今,越来越多的女性都尽力保住自己的工作,但男性工作狂依旧称霸职场。”他说,“我们希望压力过大的女性能好好哭上一场,遭受不公平待遇时不至于灰心丧气。”“Who doesn#39;t feel better after a big boo-hoo?”“毕竟,大哭一场后,谁不会感到如释重负呢?”The term Ikemeso is a word play that combines ikemen (hot guy) and mesomeso (crying). Oh, and speaking of ikemen, remember Shabani the handsome gorilla that used to drive Japanese women nuts?Ikemeso这个词由ikemen(帅哥)和mesomeso(大哭)结合而来。说到帅哥,不知你还记不记得名古屋动物园那只迷倒日本妇女的大猩猩?For now, Ikemeso seem to only cater to stressed employees, but judging by the positive feedback the service has gotten even prior to its official launch, it#39;s fair to assume it will soon be more widely available.目前,这项务仅面向备受压力的职业女性。不过,鉴于其尚未正式推出便大获人气,今后或许会面向各个群体。It#39;s a bizarre service, to be sure, but not by Japanese standards. After all, we#39;re talking about the country that came up with strange ideas like a slow taxi service, a dress-rental business for men who want to feel like princesses or a rent-a-friend service, among many others.实话说,“帅哥擦泪”听起来颇为疯狂,但放在日本,大概算稀松平常。毕竟,发生在日本的奇事太多了,比如慢车务、男人租公主裙务、租友务等等。 /201509/400967




  When I awoke one recent morning in Prague from unsettling dreams, I found myself changed into a tourist on a mission. Changed, anyway, from the traveler I had been when I lived in Prague for three years in the 1990s.不久前的一天早晨,我在布拉格从不安的睡梦中醒来,发现自己变成了一名怀揣使命的游客,不再是1990年代在布拉格旅居三年期间的那个我。Back then, whatever associations I had between the city and the writer Franz Kafka, a native son, were negative. I loathed the commercialization of Kafka, his face scrawled across coffee mugs and T-shirts in souvenir shops, his name emblazoned on awnings of Old Town cafes and restaurants.那时候,我对这座城市以及出生于此的作家弗朗茨·卡夫卡(Franz Kafka)的所有印象都是消极的。我对把卡夫卡商品化的做法感到厌恶:纪念品商店里的咖啡杯和T恤衫上印着做工粗糙的卡夫卡头像,老城的咖啡厅和餐馆的雨篷上也醒目地印有他的名字。Yet there was always something nagging at me about never having explored the Kafka trail in Prague, an integral part of the city’s cultural history. On top of that, Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis,” in which the protagonist, Gregor Samsa, finds himself transformed into a bug, was first published in book form this month a century ago.不过,我仍然介怀于自己从未探索过卡夫卡的足迹。与卡夫卡有关的景点是这座城市文化历史的核心。此外,本月还是卡夫卡的中篇小说《变形记》(The Metamorphosis)首次出版100周年。这部作品讲述了主人公格里高尔·萨姆莎(Gregor Samsa)变形为昆虫的故事。And so, I thought, what better time to finally explore the writer and the city with which he is inextricably intertwined. In doing so I’d talk to a fairly diverse group of people about how this city may have influenced one of his most famous works — and how it may have shaped the famously tortured writer himself.于是我想,终于可以借此机会研究一下这位作家以及与他有着千丝万缕联系的城市了。我打算与不同类型的人探讨这座城市如何影响了卡夫卡最著名的作品——以及这位性格拧巴的作家本身。Once while standing at a window at the Oppelt House at Old Town Square 5, Kafka looked out at the square and said, “This narrow circle encompasses my entire life.” He wasn’t exaggerating, as I learned on a tour booked through the Franz Kafka Society.卡夫卡曾经站在旧城广场5号Oppelt House的窗前,看着窗外的广场说,“我的一生都关在了这个小圆圈里。”在弗朗茨·卡夫卡学会(Franz Kafka Society)协助安排的一次行程中,我才知道他这话一点不夸张。The guide, Ondrej Skrabal, a 23-year-old law student, showed me the building where Kafka was born (or, rather, the building that replaced it), and from there we hit what seemed like a dozen other places he had resided — so much so that it became underwhelming. “That far left window on the third floor,” Mr. Skrabal said, pointing to another building on Old Town Square and pausing. “Yes, Kafka lived there, too.”导游翁德雷·什克拉巴尔(Ondrej Skrabal)是一名23岁的法律系学生。他向我介绍了卡夫卡出生时的建筑(更确切地说,是后来的重建品),我们从那里出发,又找到了他住过的十几个地方——数量太多,都没留下什么印象。“三楼最左边的那扇窗,”什克拉巴尔指着旧城广场的另一栋建筑说,“对,卡夫卡也曾住在那里。”We passed by a shop his father had owned and stopped to take in the intriguing Franz Kafka Monument (where Dusni and Vezenska Streets meet in Old Town), a 12-foot-high bronze statue of an upright empty suit with a smaller man — bearing the resemblance of Kafka — riding on his shoulders. It’s a popular photo op among tourists, and a 12-inch version of it is the literary award that the Franz Kafka Society gives to winners of the annual Kafka Prize.我们路过了卡夫卡的父亲经营过的一家商店,停下来观看了引人驻足的弗朗茨·卡夫卡纪念像(在老城区的都斯尼大街[Dusni]和维森斯卡大街[Vezenska]交汇处),这座12英尺高的铜雕像包括一套直立的西装空壳,以及骑在西装肩上的一名体积稍小的男子,他的外形酷似卡夫卡。游客很喜欢在这拍照,弗朗茨·卡夫卡学会每年授予卡夫卡奖得主的奖品就是这个雕像的12英寸缩小版。Aside from the statue, my Kafka tour wasn’t proving to be particularly memorable. But then we got to Kamzikova 6, a building in a small hidden alley just off Old Town Square. The building housed a restaurant called U Cerveneho Pava (At the Red Peacock) and a Segway rental shop aimed at Russian tourists. “Here,” Mr. Skrabal said, pointing to the door, “was a high-class brothel and Kafka regularly came here to chat with the girls.”除了这座雕像,我的这趟寻找卡夫卡之旅并没有特别令人难忘。不过随后,我们来到了Kamzikova大街6号,这栋建筑位于旧城广场旁边一条不易察觉的小巷里。楼里的一家餐厅名叫U Cerveneho Pava,还有一家针对俄罗斯游客的赛格威电动踏板车租赁商店。什克拉巴尔指着门口说,“这里曾经是一家高级妓院,卡夫卡经常来与女孩子们聊天。”“You mean ‘chat,’” I said, using air es.“你的意思是,‘聊天’,”我说着,在空中比划了一对引号。“No, really,” he said, “Kafka was interested in all types of people, and he really did come here to have philosophical discussions with the prostitutes.”“不,确实是聊天,”他说,“卡夫卡对不同类型的人感兴趣,他的确是来与们讨论哲学的。”The one Kafka home Mr. Skrabal didn’t take me to was Parizska 30, where the writer lived when he wrote “The Metamorphosis” — that building was destroyed in 1945; today, an InterContinental Hotel stands in its place. “The Metamorphosis” takes place entirely in an apartment, and Kafka scholars have said the writer used his fourth-floor apartment at the time as a model for the one in the story.什克拉巴尔没有带我们去的卡夫卡故居位于Parizska大街30号,就是《变形记》的创作地点——那栋建筑在1945年被毁;那里如今是一家洲际酒店。《变形记》的故事完全发生在一间公寓内,研究卡夫卡的学者们说,作者以自己位于四楼的公寓作为故事中的原型。I wasn’t staying at the hotel, so I took the elevator to the rooftop restaurant, Zlata Praha. From the outdoor terrace, with the Gothic and Baroque spires of Old Town at my back, I looked down at Svatopluk Cech Bridge, an Art Nouveau span that would have been only a few years old when the writer lived there.我没有呆在酒店里,而是乘电梯来到了屋顶的餐厅Zlata Praha。在露台上,我的身后是旧城的哥特式和巴洛克式尖塔,我看到了楼下的斯瓦特普鲁克·切赫桥(Svatopluk Cech Bridge),卡夫卡在那居住时,这座新艺术风格的桥才建成没几年。This was, more or less, Kafka’s view from 1907 to 1913. He wrote to a friend about the then-new bridge, saying that this part of the Vltava River had been popular for suicide attempts: “It will always be more pleasant to walk across the bridge up to the Belvedere than through the river to Heaven.”我所看到的差不多就是1907到1913年间卡夫卡看到的风景。他在给一位友人的信中提到了这座当时刚刚建成的新桥,称伏尔塔瓦河(Vltava River)的这一河段颇受自杀者欢迎:“从桥上走到观景楼,总比从这条河进入天堂要愉快得多。”Another important Kafka site that is now a hotel is the erstwhile insurance office where Kafka worked from 1908 to 1922; he complained in his diary that a company business trip was the reason the ending of “The Metamorphosis” was so unsatisfying.另一处与卡夫卡有关的主要景点,是卡夫卡1908年到1922年工作过的保险公司,不过那里现在已是一家酒店;卡夫卡曾在日记中抱怨,就因为公司安排的一次出差,让《变形记》的结尾不尽如人意。Today the neo-Baroque building is the Hotel Century Old Town Prague, which has some not-so-subtle Kafka references: a bust of the writer; a restaurant named after one of his fiancées, Felice; and, just outside of Room 214, a photo of the writer and a plaque indicating it had been his office.这座新巴洛克风格的建筑如今是一座美憬阁世纪古城布拉格酒店( Hotel Century Old Town),里面很容易发现一些与卡夫卡有关的痕迹:他的半身像;一座以他的未婚妻费利斯(Felice)命名的餐厅;就在214房间外,挂着一张卡夫卡的照片,牌匾上显示这里曾是他的办公室。I had hoped to stay in Kafka’s former office, but it was booked. So I went with plan B: sneak up to the second floor to get a peek at the room. I got to the door and saw the plaque and photo; I considered knocking on the door, but it was 8 a.m. and I didn’t want to disturb its occupants.我希望住进卡夫卡以前的办公室,但房间已经被别人订了。因此我采取了第二套方案:溜到二楼,偷看一眼那个房间。我走到了门口,看到了牌匾和照片;我本想敲门,但当时是早上8点,我不想打扰里面的房客。I stopped into the Franz Kafka Museum, in the Mala Strana neighborhood, hoping to find a treasure trove of “Metamorphosis” artifacts and information. The self-guided tour provided an entertaining and educational hour on the writer, but there wasn’t much about his famous story.我还参观了位于布拉格小城社区的弗朗茨卡夫卡物馆(Kafka Museum),希望找到《变形记》的艺术品和信息。这趟走马观花的旅程很有趣,也增加了我对卡夫卡的了解,但没有找到很多有关这部名作的信息。A couple of days later I turned to the Franz Kafka Society Center, behind the Franz Kafka Bookstore in Josefov.几天后,我求助了位于约瑟夫城弗朗茨·卡夫卡书店背后的弗朗茨卡夫卡学会中心。“Many Czechs were unfamiliar with Kafka until recently,” Marketa Malisova, the center’s director, said, explaining that his writing was banned during the German occupation of World War II and then became unpopular after the war because of anti-German sentiment (Kafka was a Czech Jew who wrote in German).“许多捷克人对卡夫卡知之甚少,直到不久前这一状况才得以改变,”中心主任马尔凯塔 ·马利绍娃(Marketa Malisova)说,她解释说,他的作品在德国占领时期被禁,战争结束后因为人们的反德情绪不受欢迎(卡夫卡是捷克犹太人,用德语写作)。“And then there’s the Communist period,” she said. “Because he foretold the tyranny that was to come, the Communist regime didn’t exactly promote his writing.”“后来到了共产主义时期,”她说。“因为他预言了即将到来的专制统治,共产主义政权不可能宣传他的作品。”It wasn’t until after the 1989 Velvet Revolution when tourists from Western Europe and the ed States began turning up wanting to see the Kafka-related sites that Czechs recognized his importance. “I met a local guy here in Prague in the early ’90s,” Ms. Malisova said, “who asked: ‘Who is this Kafka guy? Is he American? I only see American tourists with Kafka T-shirts.’ ”直到1989年的天鹅绒革命之后,来自西欧和美国的游客开始涌入,想要一睹与卡夫卡有关的景点,捷克人才意识到他的重要性。“90年代初,我在这里遇到一名当地男子,”马利绍娃说,“他问我:‘这个卡夫卡是谁?是美国人吗?我只见过美国游客穿印有卡夫卡的T恤衫。’”Just before I said goodbye to Ms. Malisova, she pulled out a book in a plastic container. It was a first printing of “The Metamorphosis”; on its cover was the image of an open bedroom door, a man looking away and covering his face in horror.就在我向马利绍娃女士告别之前,她从塑料箱子里抽出一本书,是《变形记》的第一个版本;封面上是一扇敞开的卧室门,一名男子看向别处,惊恐地捂着脸。Kafka was quite vague about what kind of insect or beast Gregor Samsa had metamorphosed into. He specifically used the phrase “ungeheuren Ungeziefer,” a “monstrous vermin,” as some of his English-language translators have interpreted it.对于格里高尔·萨姆莎变成了哪种昆虫,卡夫卡的表述相当模糊。他特别使用了“ungeheuren Ungeziefer”,有些英文译者把它译成“巨大的害虫”。“Not that, please, not that!” he wrote in a letter to his Leipzig-based publisher in 1915, reacting to a potential cover to the very first edition. “The insect itself cannot be drawn. It cannot even be shown at a distance.”“不要画那个,请一定不要画那个,”他在1915年写信给莱比锡的出版商时,对于第一版的封面设计给出了这样的反应。“昆虫本身是不能被描绘出来的。它甚至也不能从远处展示。”That hasn’t stopped ers from conjuring up images of the protagonist as a beetle or cockroach. This includes the infamous Czech artist David Cerny.但这并没能阻止读者把主人公想象成一只甲虫或,包括著名的捷克艺术家大卫·塞尔尼(David Cerny)。I met him one day at the MeetFactory, an art center in the Smichov district where he has his studio. Prague is sprinkled with provocative pieces by Mr. Cerny — a sculpture of a urinating man (directly in front of the Franz Kafka Museum), a statue of the Czech patron saint King Wenceslas sitting on an upside down dead horse.有一天,我在斯密彻夫区(Smichov)的艺术中心MeetFactory见到了塞尔尼。他在那里开了一间工作室。布拉格很多地方都能看到塞尔尼充满争议的艺术作品,——一个正在撒尿的男子雕像(位于弗朗茨·卡夫卡物馆的正前方),还有捷克瓦茨拉夫国王坐在一只倒立的死马上的雕像。His most recent installation in Prague is a sculpture of Kafka’s head, set behind the Tesco department store in the center of town. The 36-foot-high head is made up of 42 moving chrome-plated layers, which move both in synchronicity and in opposing directions.他在布拉格的最新作品是一座卡夫卡的头部雕塑,位于市中心的乐购百货(Tesco)后面。这座36英尺高的头部雕像由42块移动的镀铬板组成,板面可以同向和反向移动。Mr. Cerny’s original idea was a fountain featuring three figures: a robot, referencing the Czech-language writer Karel Capek, who coined the term; a Golem, representing the Yiddish language; and Kafka’s beetle, referring to the German language. “I wanted to remind people that Prague was once a city of three languages,” Mr. Cerny said.塞尔尼最初的想法是建一组喷泉,包含三个角色:机器人,代表捷克语作家卡雷尔·恰佩克(Karel Capek),他曾发明了“机器人”这个词;魔像,代表意第绪语;以及卡夫卡的甲虫,代表德语。“我想提醒人们,布拉格曾经是说三种语言的城市,”塞尔尼说。Unfortunately, city water regulations prevented him from placing a fountain there, so instead he came up with the huge reflecting Kafka head, which is based on similar work of his on display in Charlotte, N.C., called “Metalmorphosis.”遗憾的是,城市的水资源管理规定禁止他在那里建喷泉,所以就有了这个巨大的卡夫卡头部雕像,设计源自于他正在北卡罗来纳州夏洛特展出的一个类似作品——“Metalmorphosis”。“I loved the irony that this sculpture faces a city government building in Prague,” he said. “Imagine you’re angry because the clerks are doing nothing, only saying for you to go to another office and then another office and another until finally you hear, ‘This office is closed.’ And then you walk out of the building, and there’s the huge head of Kafka looking at you, reminding you of the irony.”“这座雕塑正对着布拉格的市政府大楼,我喜欢这种讽刺意味,”他说。“想像一下,公务员们不干正事,互相推诿,踢皮球似的让你从一个办公室跑到另一个办公室,直到你听见一声“下班了”,然后你愤怒地走出政府大楼,看到卡夫卡的巨大头颅盯着你,提醒你这是多么讽刺。”A similar irony is not lost on Jachym Topol, the author of five novels and a political dissident in the 1970s and ’80s. I briefly met up with him at a literary festival in Prague, and when I mentioned Kafka, he was happy to talk about what Kafka means today.亚希姆·托波尔(Jachym Topol)身上也有这样的讽刺。他在上世纪七八十年代写了五部小说,是一位政治异见者。我在布拉格的一个文学节上与他有过一面之缘,当我提到卡夫卡时,他很乐意谈谈卡夫卡在当下的意义。“During the Communist regime, we used to make samizdat copies of Kafka’s works such as ‘The Metamorphosis,’ ” he said. “And now, along with the Charles Bridge and the castle, Kafka has become a part of Prague kitsch. He’s everywhere and he’s for sale everywhere. It’s his last joke.”“在共产主义政权下,我们曾经在地下印刷卡夫卡的作品,比如《变形记》,”他说。“而现在,如同查理大桥和城堡一样,卡夫卡已经成为了布拉格媚俗艺术的一部分。他无处不在,到处在出售他有关的东西。这是他最后的玩笑。”Latent jokes seemed to come up with nearly everyone I talked to about the writer, including Jaroslav Rona, the artist who created the Franz Kafka Monument — the statue of the writer riding atop an empty suit — at Café Louvre, an attractive high-ceilinged second-floor spot where Kafka would hang out with his writer friend Max Brod.潜在的玩笑似乎伴随着每一个我与之谈起这位作家的人,包括雅罗斯拉夫·罗纳(Jaroslav Rona),弗朗茨·卡夫卡纪念像(骑在空西上)的创作者。他在罗浮咖啡馆创作了这个雕塑,这间咖啡馆是一处颇有吸引力的二层空间,有高高的顶棚,卡夫卡和他的作家朋友马克斯·布劳德(Max Brod)曾在这里消磨时光。Mr. Rona’s first attempt at creating a sculpture for the competition to win the right to design the memorial was, naturally, a beetle. The final concept was inspired by a Kafka short story called “Description of a Struggle” — though it turns out that he inserted quasi-hidden references to “Metamorphosis” as well.罗纳为了赢得纪念像设计权的所创作的第一个雕塑,自然是一只甲虫。最终的设计灵感来自卡夫卡的短篇小说《争吵》(Description of a Struggle)——不过他在作品中也加入了《变形记》的隐喻。“All the other pieces in the competition were basically Kafka on a pedestal,” Mr. Rona said. “But what I did was, after ing ‘The Metamorphosis,’ I realized something about Kafka’s thinking: I love art where it isn’t obvious what the artist is thinking.“竞赛中的其他作品基本上都是基座上的卡夫卡雕像,”罗纳说,“而我的做法是,在读过了《变形记》之后,我了解到了卡夫卡的想法:我喜欢那些让人猜不透艺术家想法的艺术作品。”“And I think this was Kafka’s philosophy, too — not only in ‘The Metamorphosis,’ but in a lot of his writing. So I used that same type of thinking to create the monument to Kafka.”“我认为这也是卡夫卡的理念——不仅是在《变形记》里,在他的许多作品里都是。因此在创作卡夫卡的纪念像时,我采用了同样的思路。”I asked about possible “Metamorphosis” allusions. He smiled playfully and glanced down at his cappuccino. “I couldn’t imagine making a monument to Kafka without some kind of reference to ‘The Metamorphosis,’ ” he said. “So I planted a somewhat secret reference to it.”我询问了是否有与《变形记》有关的隐喻。他狡黠一笑,低头看了一眼他的卡布奇诺。“我无法想像为卡夫卡制作的一座纪念像能完全不提及《变形记》,”他说。“因此我用一种隐秘的方式提到了它。”After our meeting, I walked to the statue and took a closer look at its base. And there, as I stood among the photo-snapping tourists, I saw on the sidewalk around the base the outline of a beetle.我们的会面结束后,我走向这座雕塑,近距离地观察了它的基座。在拍照的人群中间,我在基座周围的人行道上看到了一只甲虫的轮廓。IF YOU GO 参观建议What to See景点推荐In Mala Strana, the Franz Kafka Museum (Cihelna 2b; 420-257-535-373; kafkamuseum.cz) is a good primer for those not familiar with the author and his work.对于不熟悉这位作家及其作品的游客,可以首先参观布拉格小城的弗朗茨·卡夫卡物馆(Cihelna 2b; 420-257-535-373;kafkamuseum.cz)。TheFranz Kafka Society (Siroka 14, 420-224-227-452; www.franzkafka-soc.cz) is a bookstore and center dedicated to the writer. You can also arrange private Kafka-themed tours through them.TheFranz Kafka Society (Siroka 14, 420-224-227-452; www.franzkafka-soc.cz)是一家书店,也是这位作家的研究机构。你可以在这里预定私人的卡夫卡主题的旅游专线。JayWay Travel (jaywaytravel.com) offers tours of Kafka’s Prague, taking literary travelers from his birthplace to his grave and everywhere else in between.JayWay Travel (jaywaytravel.com)提供“卡夫卡的布拉格”旅游线路,带领热爱文学的游客追寻卡夫卡从生到死的足迹。Founded in 2001 by artist David Cerny, the MeetFactory (Ke Sklarne 3213/15; 420-251-551-796; meetfactory.cz/en) is a complex that puts on live concerts and art exhibitions.MeetFactory (Ke Sklarne 3213/15; 420-251-551-796; meetfactory.cz/en)2001年由艺术家大卫·塞尔尼创立,是一个提供现场音乐会和艺术展览的综合区。Mr. Cerny’s Kafka art installation is behind the Tesco department store at the intersection of Narodni Trida and Spalena streets.塞尔尼创作的卡夫卡艺术装置位于乐购超市后面,民族大街和斯帕乐那大街交叉处。Jaroslav Rona’s Franz Kafka Memorial statue sits in Prague’s Old Town at the intersection of Dusni and Vezenska streets.雅罗斯拉夫·罗纳创作的弗朗茨卡夫卡纪念雕塑位于布拉格老城,都斯尼大街和维森斯卡大街交汇处。Where to Stay酒店推荐The InterContinental Prague (Parizska 30; 420-296-631-111; icprague.com) is centrally located and offers nice views of Old Town and Prague Castle.布拉格洲际酒店(Parizska 30; 420-296-631-111; icprague.com)处在核心位置,可以欣赏老城和布拉格城堡的风景。In the erstwhile Workers Accident Insurance Institute of the Kingdom of Bohemia, where Kafka worked, the Hotel Century Old Town (Na Porici 7; 420-221-800-800; centuryoldtown.com) is just outside of Old Town.卡夫卡曾经工作过的波西米亚王国工伤保险机构现在是美憬阁世纪古城布拉格酒店 (Na Porici 7; 420-221-800-800; centuryoldtown.com),就在老城外面。Where to Eat餐厅推荐A former Kafka hangout, Café Louvre (Narodni 22, 420-224-930-949; cafelouvre.cz) has been serving up coffee and cake for more than a century.卡夫卡常去的 Café Louvre(Narodni 22, 420-224-930-949;cafelouvre.cz)已有百年历史,出售咖啡和蛋糕。 /201602/427236。




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