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Where would we be without the media? How would we get information about the world? All of us are interested in the news. We all want to know what’s happening around the world. We switch the TV on just to watch the news. It seems as though every train passenger has a newspaper. The journalists who bring us the news do a very important job. Many risk their lives to bring us the news from the world’s danger zones. Unfortunately, many reporters are killed while they are covering a war. The media make us feel we are part of the world. We become experts on other countries and on the big news stories. The media also bring us many unforgettable images, such as a man walking on the moon. Really, the media show us history as it happens. Article/201105/138568有声名著之儿子与情人 Chapter10 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见 Article/200809/47926

Many primitive peoples believed that by eating an animal they could get some of the good qualities of that animal for themselves. They thought, for example, that eating deer would make them run as fast as the deer. Some savage tribes believed that eating enemies that had shown bravery in battle would make them brave. Man-eating may have started because people were eager to become as strong and brave as their enemies. Among civilized people it was once thought that ginger root by some magical power could improve the memory. Eggs were thought to make the voice pretty. Tomatoes also were believed to have magical powers. They were called love apples and were supposed to make people who ate them fall in love. Later another wrong idea about tomatoes grew up - the idea that they were poisonous. How surprised the people who thought tomatoes poisonous would be if they could know that millions of pounds of tomatoes were supplied to soldiers overseas during World War II. Even today there are a great many wrong ideas about food. Some of them are very widesp. One such idea is that fish is the best brain food. Fish is good brain food just as it is good muscle food and skin food and bone food. But no one has been able to prove that fish is any better for the brain than many other kinds of food. Another such idea is that you should not drink water with meals. Washing food down with water as a substitute for chewing is not a good idea, but some water with meals has been found to be helpful. It makes the digestive juices flow more freely and helps to digest the food. Many of the ideas which scientists tell us have no foundation have to do with mixtures of foods. A few years ago the belief became general that orange juice and milk should never be drunk at the same meal. The reason given was that the acid in the orange juice would make the milk curdle and become indigestible. As a matter of fact, milk always meets in the stomach a digestive juice which curdles it; the curdling of the milk is the first step in its digestion. A similar wrong idea is that fish and ice cream when eaten at the same meal form a poisonous combination. Still another wrong idea about mixing foods is that proteins and carbohydrates should never be eaten at the same meal. Many people think of b, for example, as a carbohydrate food. It is chiefly a carbohydrate food, but it also contains proteins. In the same way, milk, probably the best single food, contains both proteins and carbohydrates. It is just as foolish to say that one should never eat meat and potatoes together as it is to say that one should never eat b or drink milk. 许多原始时代的人都相信,若是吃了某种动物就能得到那种动物所具备的某些优良特性。例如,他们认为,若是吃鹿肉就能跑得跟鹿一样快。某些野蛮中部落的吃人生番相信,若把在战斗中表现得很勇敢的敌人的肉吃掉了,那就会使自己变得勇敢。因为那些人很想使自己变得像敌人一样地强壮和勇敢,这才开始有了人吃人的作法。 在开化了的人们当中,一度认为生姜的根,有种魔力可以改善人的;认为蛋类的食品能使人的嗓音变得甜美;西红柿也有些魔力,把西红柿叫***情苹果,人们认为吃了西红柿的人会堕入情网。 关于西红柿后来又生出来一种错误观点--西红柿有毒。在第二次世界大战期间,数百万磅的西红柿曾供应给海外的士兵食用,那些认为西红柿有毒的人们,若是知道了这一史实,他们该会大吃一惊。 即使在今天,关于饮食也有许许多多的错误观点。其中有些错误观点流传甚广。 一种错误观点就是认为鱼是最佳的健脑食品。之所以认为鱼是一种很好的健脑食品,只是因为吃鱼对人的肌肉、皮肤和骨骼发育有好处。但是没有任何人能明鱼对人的大脑比其他许多种食物都更加有什么好处。 还有一种错误观点就是,就餐时不应该喝水,用水作为一种咀嚼的代替物而把食物冲下去到胃里并不是一个好点子。但是人们发现就餐时喝点水的确有好处,水可以使胃的消化液更加自由地流动,这有助于消化食物。 有些科学家告诉我们的许多观点都是些根本没什么根据的。之所以有这些没根没据的观点都是由于各种食物的互相搭配不当所产生的。几年前有种看法很普遍,那就是在同一餐中绝不应当又喝橙汁又喝牛奶,因为橙汁中的酸性物质会使牛奶凝结成乳块因而消化不了。事实上,牛奶在胃里总会遇到胃的消化液,而这种胃液总是要把牛奶变成乳块的。把牛奶变成乳块是在消化牛奶的过程中的第一个步骤。还有一种类似的错误观点,就是在同一餐中又吃鱼肉又吃冰淇淋(甜筒)会形成一种有毒的化合物。 关于搭配食物还有一种错误观点,那就是在同一餐中不能既吃蛋白质又吃碳水化合物(淀粉)。例如,很多人认为砚是碳水化合物(淀粉)食品。是的,面包里主要是淀粉,可是面包里也含有蛋白质。同理,牛奶也许是既含有蛋白质也含有淀粉的最好的一种食品了。如果说不能把肉和土豆一起吃,这正像说不能吃面包同时又喝牛奶一样,这两种说法都是同样愚蠢的。 Article/200802/27804

Maiden No More 6不再是处女 6It was a Sunday morning in late October about four months after Tess#39;s arrival at Trantridge ,and a few weeks after the night ride in The Chase.这是10月末的一个星期天的上午,苔丝来到纯瑞脊已有四个来月,距离骑马到逐猎林那个晚上也有几个星期了。Carrying a heavy basket and bundle, Tess was walking towards the hills which divided her from the Vale,her place of birth.挎着一个沉重的篮子和包袱,苔丝正朝那些把她与她出生所在的山谷分开的山峦走去。The scenery and people on this side were very different from those in her village.这边的风土人情与她村里的大不相同。Marlott people mainly thought and travelled northward and westward, while on this side people were interested in the east and the south.马勒特村的人们主要想着往北部和西部迁移,而这边的人们感兴趣的是东部和南部。She walked up the same hill which drsquo;Urberville had driven down so wildly that June day.她正向一个山头爬去,6月的一天,就是在这座山头,德伯曾疯狂地急驰而下。On reaching the top of the hill,Tess paused and looked for a long time at the familiar green world of home.到达山顶后,苔丝停下了脚步,久久地凝望着家乡熟悉的绿色世界。It was always beautiful from here,but since she had last seen it,her view of life had changed.从这儿看上去,它总是那么美,但是自从她上次见到它以后,她对生活的看法已经改变了。She had learnt that wickedness exists,even where there is beauty,and now she could hardly bear to look down into the Vale.她已经懂得邪恶是存在的,哪怕是在很美的地方。现在她几乎无法再往下看山谷了。Then she looked behind her and saw a carriage coming up the same hill that she had just climbed,with a man leading the horse.Soon he caught up with her.她往身后看了看,发现一辆马车正朝着她爬过的同一座山驶上来,车上有一个人在赶着马。很快他就赶上了她。lsquo;Why did you slip away in secret like that?rsquo; asked drsquo;Urberville breathlessly.;为什么你要这样偷偷地溜走?;德伯上气不接下气地问道,lsquo;I#39;ve been driving like mad to catch up with you.Just look at my horse!;为了追上你,我像疯了似地赶车。看看我的马吧!You know nobody would have prevented you from going.I#39;m going to drive you the rest of the way, if you won#39;t come back with me.你知道没有人会阻止你走的。如果你不愿和我回去的话,剩下的路让我送你走。;lsquo;I won#39;t come back,rsquo;she said quietly.;我不愿回去。;她轻轻地说。lsquo;I thought so!Well,let me help you up.Give me your basket.rsquo;;我知道你会这么说的!那好,让我帮你上车吧,把篮子递给我。;She stepped up into the carriage and sat beside him.她登上马车,坐在他身旁。She had no fear of him now.现在她已经不怕他了。The reason for this was also the reason for her sorrow.不怕的原因也正是她痛苦的原因。They drove along,drsquo;Urberville making conversation and Tess thinking her own thoughts.车子往前驶着,德伯说着话,苔丝想着自己的心事。When they approached the village of Marlott a tear rolled down her cheek.当他们临近马勒特村时,一滴泪珠从她的面颊上滚落下来。lsquo;Why are you crying?rsquo;he asked coldly.;为什么要哭?;他冷冷地问道。lsquo;I was only thinking I was born over there.rsquo;;我只是在想,我出生在那儿。;lsquo;Well, we must all be born somewhere.rsquo;;嗯,我们都是要出生在某个地方的。;lsquo;I wish I had never been born,there or anywhere else!rsquo;she said quietly.;我希望我从没出生过,不论是在那儿还是在别的任何地方!;她轻声说。lsquo;Well,you shouldn#39;t have come to Trantridge if you didn#39;t want to You didn#39;t come for love of me, anyway.rsquo;;哦,如果你不愿意你就不应该到纯瑞脊来。反正,你也不是因为爱我才来的。;lsquo;That#39;s quite true.If I had ever loved you,if I loved you still,I could not hate myself for my weakness as much as I do now.rsquo;;一点儿不错。如果我曾经爱过你,如果我仍然爱着你,我就不会像现在这么恨自己的软弱无能了。;He did not look at her.他没有看她。She added,lsquo;I didn#39;t understand your intention until it was too late.rsquo;她继续说道:;当我明白了你的企图时,已经太晚了。;lsquo;That#39;s what every woman says.rsquo;;每个女人都这么说。;lsquo;How dare you say that!rsquo;she cried angrily, her eyes flashing at him.;你怎么敢这么说!;她愤怒地叫道,眼冒怒火地瞪着他。lsquo;My God!I could hit you!Did you never think that some women may not only say it but feel it?rsquo;;天哪,我会揍你的!难道你从没想过,有些女人不仅这么说,还真地这样感觉吗?;lsquo;All right,rsquo;he said laughing,lsquo;I am sorry to hurt you.;好吧,;他笑着说,;伤害了你我很抱歉。I did wrong;I admit it.Only don#39;t keep accusing me.我做错了事;;我承认。 只是不要再没完没了地谴责我了。I am y to pay for it.You need never work on the farms again.rsquo;我是准备付出代价的,你再也不用到农场干活了。;Her lip lifted slightly as she replied,lsquo;I will not take anything from you!I cannot!rsquo;她的嘴唇稍稍撅起,回答道:;我不会从你那儿拿任何东西的!我不会的!;lsquo;One would think you were a queen as well as being one of the real drsquo;Urbervilles!;人们会认为你是个王后,就像认为你是一个真正的德伯家族的人一样!Well,Tess dear,I suppose I#39;m a bad sort of man.哦,亲爱的苔丝,我想我大概是个坏人。I#39;ve always been one, and I always will be one.我一直是个坏人,将来也一直会是。But I promise I won#39;t be bad to you again.但是我保再也不对你做什么坏事了。And if anything should happen;you understand;if you are in any trouble or need anything,just drop me a line and I#39;ll send by return whatever you want.rsquo;如果有任何事情发生;;你明白;;如果你遇到任何麻烦或需要任何东西,来封短信就行了,我会送来你想要的任何东西。;She stepped down from the carriage and was going to leave him,when he stopped her and said,lsquo;You#39;re not going to turn away from me like that,dear?Gome,let me kiss you!rsquo;她从车上迈下来,正准备离他而去,他拦住了她,说道:;亲爱的,你不会就这样离开我了,是吗?来,让我吻你一下!;lsquo;If you wish,rsquo;she answered coldly.;如果你想这样的话,;她漠然地答道。She offered her cool cheek to him,but her eyes rested on a distant tree as if the kiss had nothing to do with her.她向他仰起了冰凉的脸颊,目光却停留在远处的一棵树上,仿佛这亲吻跟她丝毫不相干似的。lsquo;You don#39;t give me your lips,Tess. I#39;m afraid you#39;ll never love me.rsquo;;你没有把你的唇递过来,苔丝。恐怕你永远不会爱上我。;It#39;s true. I have never loved you,and I never can.rsquo;She added sadly,lsquo;Perhaps I should tell a lie and then I could lead a comfortable life.But I have enough honour not to tell that lie.;是的,我从来没有爱过你,也永远不会爱上你。;她又伤心地加上一句:;也许我该撒个谎,这样我的日子就会好过了。但是我还有足够的自尊,不撒那个谎。If I loved you,I might have a very good reason to tell you so.But I don#39;t.rsquo;如果我爱过你,我会有很好的理由告诉你,但是我没有。;Alec sighed heavily,as if this scene were depressing him.亚历克沉重地叹了口气,好像这一席话令他很沮丧。lsquo;well,you#39;re very sad,Tess,and you have no reason to be.;嗨,苔丝,你很伤心。你这样是没有理由的。You#39;re still the prettiest girl for miles around. Will you come back with me? Say you will!rsquo;你仍是方圆数里内最漂亮的姑娘。你愿意回到我身边吗?说你愿意!;lsquo;Never,never!I#39;ve made up my mind, and I won#39;t come.rsquo;;不,不愿!我已经下定决心了,永远不会回去的。;lsquo;Then goodbye!rsquo;and Alec jumped up into his carriage and drove off.;那么,再见!;亚历克跳上马车,驾车走了。Tess did not watch him go,but continued her walk alone.苔丝没有看着他离开,只管一个人继续走着。It was still early in the day and the sun was not yet giving any warmth.现在还很早,太阳射出的光芒尚未有一丝暖意。Tess felt even sadder than the autumn sadness which surrounded her.悲凉的秋意笼罩着她,而她觉得自己的内心更加哀伤。But soon a man came up behind her,a man with a pot of red paint in his hand.但很快有个人从她后面赶了上来,手里提着一罐红色的颜料。lsquo;Good morning,rsquo;he said, and offered to carry her basket.;早上好!;他说,并提出帮她提篮子。lsquo;You#39;re up early on a Sunday,rsquo;he continued.;你在星期天起得可够早的。;他继续说道。lsquo;Yes,rsquo;said Tess.;是啊,;苔丝说。lsquo;A day of rest for most people, although I do more real work today than in the rest of the week put together.rsquo;;这是大多数人休息的日子。但我在这一天做的真正工作,比一星期的其余六天加在一块儿还多。;lsquo;Do you?rsquo;;是吗?;lsquo;In the week I work for man,but on Sunday I work for God.That#39;s better work,don#39;t you think?;别的日子我为人们工作,但星期天我为上帝工作。这是一种更好的工作,你不觉得吗?Wait a moment,I have something to do here.rsquo;He stopped at a gate, and in large red letters on the middle bar of the gate he painted some words from the Bible:等一下,在这儿我有点儿事要做。;他在一个大门前停了下来,并用很大的红字在门中间的栏杆上刷上《圣经》中的几个字:PUNISHMENT AWAITS YOU惩罚等着你In the soft air,against the gentle green of the trees and the peaceful fields, these great red words stared at Tess.在柔和的空气里,在嫩绿的树木和宁静的田野的包围中,这些大红字在盯着苔丝,They pointed a finger at her.This man was a stranger and could not know her story, but the words accused her.它们在指责她。 刷字的只不过是个陌生人,他并不知道她的经历,但这些红字在谴责她。lsquo;Do you believe what you paint?rsquo;she asked in a low voice.;你相信你刷的那些话吗?;苔丝轻轻地问道。lsquo;Do I believe those words?Do I believe I am alive!rsquo;;你问我相信那些话吗?就跟相信我活着一样!;lsquo;But,rsquo;she whispered,trembling,lsquo;suppose you were forced to do wrong?rsquo;;但是,;她的声音很低,有些发颤,;假如你是被迫做错了事呢?;He shook his head.lsquo;I can#39;t answer that question.I paint the words and leave others to think about them in their own hearts.rsquo;他摇了摇头:;我无法回答这个问题。我刷写这些话是留给人们用他们自己的心灵去思考的。;lsquo;I think they are horrible words!rsquo;cried Tess.lsquo;I#39;ll take my basket and go on now, and she walked away from him,her heart beating fast.lsquo;I don#39;t believe God said those things!rsquo;she thought,as she reached her village.;我认为这些话很可怕!;苔丝喊道。;给我篮子吧,我要走了。;她从他身边走开了,心在剧烈地跳动着。当她到达村子时,她想:;我相信上帝是不会那样说的!;There was smoke coming from her father#39;s chimney, but seeing the inside of the cottage made her heart ache.家里的烟囱冒着烟,但屋子里面的情景让她觉得心痛。It was as poor as ever.Her mother jumped up,surprised to see her.这儿还像过去一样贫穷。见到她,母亲觉得很奇怪,急忙站了起来。lsquo;Well,my dear Tess!rsquo;she said,kissing her.;哦,我亲爱的苔丝!;她一边说,一边吻着她。lsquo;How are you? Have you come home to be married?rsquo;;你好吗?你是要回来结婚的吗?;lsquo;No, not for that, mother.rsquo;;不,不是为那个,妈。;lsquo;What,isn#39;t your cousin going to marry you?rsquo;;什么,难道你表哥不打算跟你结婚吗?;lsquo;He#39;s not my cousin, and he#39;s not going to marry me.rsquo;;他不是我的表哥,他也不会跟我结婚的。;Her mother looked at her closely.lsquo;Come,you haven#39;t told me everything.rsquo;她的母亲关切地看着她。;过来,你还什么都没跟我说呢。;Then Tess went up to her mother,put her head on Joan#39;s shoulder,and told her the whole story.苔丝走近母亲,把自己的头靠在琼的肩上,把事情的来龙去脉都告诉了她。lsquo;And you haven#39;t persuaded him to marry you!rsquo;cried Joan.;而你没有说他跟你结婚!;琼叫道,lsquo;What#39;s the good of going there? Why didn#39;t you think of doing some good for your family instead of thinking only of yourself?rsquo;;那去那儿有什么好处?你为什么不能想想为家里做点儿好事,而不是只考虑你自己呢?;Tess was confused.苔丝很迷惑。Alec had never mentioned marriage to her.亚历克从来没有提过要跟她结婚。But even if he had,she would never have accepted him, because she did not love him.而即便他提过,她也永远不会接受他的,因为她不爱他。This made her hate herself for what she had done.这一点让她为自己所做的事而恨自己。She would certainly never love him in the future.将来她当然也不会爱上他的。She did not quite hate him, but did not wish to marry him,even to remain respectable.她并不十分痛恨他,但她不想跟他结婚,哪怕是为了维护自己的尊严。lsquo;You ought to have been more careful if you didn#39;t want to marry him!rsquo;;如果你不愿嫁给他,你就应该更小心才是!;lsquo;Oh mother!rsquo;cried the poor girl,her heart breaking.lsquo;;哦,妈妈!;可怜的女孩哭道,她的心碎了。Why didn#39;t you warn me about men?I was a child when I left home!;为什么以前你没警告我要提防男人?我离开家的时候还只是一个孩子!I didn#39;t know how dangerous they can be,and you didn#39;t tell me!rsquo;我不知道他们会有多危险,你并没有告诉我!;lsquo;Well,we must make the best of it,rsquo;said her mother.lsquo;It#39;s only human nature, after all.rsquo;;嗯,我们必须尽量往好处想。;她母亲说,;毕竟,这只不过是人类的天性。;That afternoon the little cottage was full of Tess#39;s friends, girls who lived in the village and who had missed her while she had been away.那天下午,小屋里坐满了苔丝的朋友。她不在的时候,这些村里的姑娘们都非常想她。They whispered to each other that Tess was sure to marry that handsome gentleman.她们在私下里互相说,苔丝一定会嫁给那位英俊的先生的。Fortunately Tess did not hear them.很幸运,苔丝没有听到她们说的话。She joined in their laughing and talking,and for a short time almost forgot her shame.她加入到她们的欢声笑语中,在这段短暂的时间里,她几乎忘却了自己的耻辱。But the next day was Monday,the beginning of the working week, when there were no best clothes and no visitors.但第二天就是星期一了,一周的工作又开始了。这天人们不会穿最好的衣,也不会有人拜访。She awoke with the innocent children asleep around her,she who had lost her innocence.苔丝在一群睡在她身边的天真无邪的孩子们中醒来,她自己却已失去了贞节。She looked into her future,and grew very depressed.想到今后的日子,她变得非常忧郁。She knew she had to travel on a long,stony road, without help or sympathy.她知道她要走上一段漫长、坎坷的旅程,得不到帮助也得不到同情。She had nothing to look forward to,and she wanted to die.她对未来心灰意冷,她想死去。In the next few weeks, however, she became more cheerful, and went to church one Sunday morning.然而接下来的几个星期,她变得稍稍振作一点了。一个星期天的上午,她去了教堂。She loved listening to the well-known tunes, and gave herself up to the beauty of the music.她喜欢听那些熟悉的旋律,沉浸在那美妙的音乐中。She wondered at the composer#39;s power.她对作曲家的力量感到惊叹。From the grave he could make a girl like her, who had never known him,feel extremes of emotion.他虽已在坟墓当中,却能让一个像她这样与他素不相识的姑娘感受无限的。She sat in a quiet,dark corner listening to the service.她坐在一个安静、黑暗的角落里,倾听基督仪式和音乐。But when the village people arrived at church they noticed her and started whispering to each other.但是当村子里的人们来到教堂后,他们注意到了她并窃窃私语起来。She knew what they were saying and realized she could come to church no more.她知道他们在说什么,同时知道自己今后再也不能来教堂了。So she spent almost all her time in her bedroom,which she shared with the children.因此,她把自己整天关在这间与其他孩子们共有的卧室里。From here she watched the wind, the snow,the rain,beautiful sunsets and full moons,one after another.在这儿,她看刮风,看下雪,看雨点飘洒,看美丽的日落,还有一轮又一轮的满月。People began to think she had gone away.人们渐渐以为她外出了。She only went out after dark, to walk in the woods and the fields.只有在天黑以后,她才会出来,到树林里和田野上走走。She was not afraid of the dark or the shadows; it was people she was anxious to avoid.她不怕黑暗和阴影,她极力想避开的只是人群。She was at home on the lonely hills, but she felt guilty surrounded by innocent nature.在孤寂的山上她感到自在,但被纯净的大自然包围时,她又有一种负罪感。When it rained, she thought nature was crying at her weakness,and when the midnight wind blew she thought nature was angry with her.下雨时,她会想到是大自然在为她的软弱而哭泣;而午夜的狂风又让她觉得大自然在生她的气。But she did not realize that although she had broken an accepted social rule, she had done nothing against nature.她没有意识到,虽然她触犯了一条公认的社会戒律,但她却从没违反过自然。She was as innocent as the sleeping birds in the trees,or the small field animals in the hedges.她就像树林里熟睡的鸟儿或树篱下的田间小动物一样清白无辜。 Article/201203/173781The checker called the bag girl over, who went back to aisle 4 to do a price check. She returned shortly; .32 was indeed the correct price. The checker gave Delbert 64 cents to cover the overcharge and the tax. He told her that he thought he was supposed to get the item free if Ralfs overcharged him for it. She said, “Oh, we don’t do that anymore.”That figures, Delbert thought. Just before he got to the store exit, he saw an assistant manager. Delbert asked him about the overcharge policy. The man said, “Yes, for most items, if you’re overcharged, you’ll get the item for free. Let me get the manager for you.”When the manager arrived, Delbert explained his situation. Silently, the manager looked at the receipt and then asked for Delbert's 64 cents. The manager went to aisle 4 to check the price tag. He returned to Delbert about five minutes later. He gave him .32. Delbert thanked him. The manager said “You’re welcome,” but he didn’t say it in a friendly manner.Delbert didn’t feel sorry for the manager, the clerk, or the store. Their overcharge policy wasn’t posted anywhere for customers to see. The employees knew nothing about it, or else were told to keep quiet about it. Delbert had spent way too much time over the last 15 years trying to figure out Ralfs’ tricky and confusing price tags. They owed him a lot more than .32 for all his wasted time over all those years. Article/201108/1499078 Mr Craven comes home8 克莱文先生回家了While the secret garden was returning to life,当秘密花园恢复着生机的时候,a man with high,crooked shoulders was wandering round the most beautiful places in Europe.一个高大、驼背的男人正在欧洲最美的地方游荡。For ten years he had lived this lonely life,10年来他就是过着这种孤独的生活,his heart full of sadness and his head full of dark dreams.他的心中充满了悲凉,脑海也为黑暗的恶梦所占据。Everywhere he.went,he carried his unhappiness with him like a black cloud.他每到一处,情绪总是忧郁的,像被一团黑色的云笼罩着。Other travellers thought he was half mad or a man who could not forget some terrible crime.别的游客觉得他是半个疯子,或是个无法忘掉某种恐怖罪行的人。His name was Archibald Craven.他的名字就是阿奇伯德·克莱文。But one day,as he sat by a mountain stream,但是有一天,当他坐在山谷中的一条小溪旁时,he actually looked at a flower,他注视着一朵花,and for the first time in ten years he realized how beautiful something living could be.10年来他第一次意识到生命可以是这么美丽。The valley seemed very quiet as he sat there,staring at the flower.山谷非常幽静,他坐在那儿,凝视着那朵花,He felt strangely calm.心中异常的平静。‘What is happening to me?’he whispered.“我怎么了?”他低声说,‘I feel different —I almost feel I#39;m alive again!’“我感觉不一样了——我几乎觉得自己又活了!”At that moment,hundreds of miles away in Yorkshire,也就在那一刻,在几百英里外的约克郡,Colin was seeing the secret garden for the first time,and saying,柯林第一次见到了秘密花园,正在说着,‘I#39;m going to live for ever and ever and ever!’“我会永远永远活下去!”But Mr Craven did not know this.但克莱文先生并不知道这些。That night,in his hotel room,he slept better than usual.那天夜里,在旅店的房间里,他睡得比平时香。As the weeks passed,he even began to think a little about his home and his son.几周过去了,他甚至开始有点想家,有点想他的儿子。One evening in late summer,as he was sitting quietly beside a lake,he felt the strange calmness again.一个夏末的晚上,他静静地坐在湖边,再次感到那种奇异的平静。He fell asleep,and had a dream that seemed very real.他睡着了,做了一个非常真切的梦。He heard a voice calling him.他听见一个声音在叫他,It was sweet and clear and happy,the voice of his young wife.声音甜美、清晰而欢快,那是他年轻的妻子的声音。‘Archie!Archie!Archie!’“阿奇!阿奇!阿奇!”‘My dear!’He jumped up.‘Where are you?’“亲爱的!”他跳起来,“你在哪儿?”‘In the garden!’called the beautiful voice.“在花园里!”那美丽的声音说。And then the dream ended.然后梦就醒了。In the morning,when he woke,he remembered the dream.他早晨醒来时,还记得那个梦。‘She says she#39;s in the garden!’he thought.“她说她在花园里!”他思索着,‘But the door#39;s locked and the key#39;s buried.’“可是门是锁着的,钥匙也埋起来了。”That morning he received a letter from Susan Sowerby.那天上午他收到了苏珊·索尔比的信。In it she asked him to come home,but she did not give a reason.信上她请他回去,却没说明为什么。Mr Craven thought of his dream,and decided to return to England immediately.克莱文先生想起他的梦,决定立刻动身回英国。On the long journey back to Yorkshire,he was thinking about Colin.在回约克郡的漫长路途中,他想起了柯林。‘I wonder how he is!“不知道他怎么样了!I wanted to forget him,because he makes me think of his mother.我想忘记他,因为他总是让我想起他的妈妈。He lived,and she died!他活着,可她却死了!But perhaps I#39;ve been wrong.也许是我错了。Susan Sowerby says I should go home,so perhaps she thinks I can help him.’苏珊·索尔比说我应该回家,也许她是想让我帮助柯林。”When he arrived home,he found the housekeeper very confused about Colin#39;s health.他回到家里,发现管家对柯林的身体状况大为不解。‘He#39;s very strange,sir,’said Mrs Medlock.“他很怪,先生,”梅洛太太说,‘ He looks better,it#39;s true,“他看上去好些了。真的,but some days he eats nothing at all,and other days he eats just like a healthy boy.可有时他什么都不吃,有时又吃得像健康的孩子一样。He used to scream even at the idea of fresh air,以前只要提到新鲜空气他就要尖叫,but now he spends all his time outside in his wheelchair,with Miss Mary and Dickon Sowerby.可现在他每天都坐着轮椅去外面,跟玛丽和狄肯·索尔比一起。He#39;s in the garden at the moment.’这会儿他在花园里呢。”‘In the garden!’repeated Mr Craven.“在花园里!”克莱文先生重复着。Those were the words of the dream!那正是梦中听到的话!He hurried out of the house and towards the place which he had not visited for so long.他冲出房子,奔向他很久都没再去过的地方。He found the door with the climbing plant over it,and stood outside,listening,for a moment.他找到被藤蔓遮蔽的门,站在外面,听了一会儿。‘Surely I can hear voices inside the garden?’he thought.“我真的听到里面有声音吗?”他想,‘Aren#39;t there children whispering,laughing,running in there?“难道那不是孩子们在里面低语、嬉笑、奔跑吗?Or am I going mad?’还是我快要发疯了?”And then the moment came,when the children could not stay quiet.当孩子们难以保持安静时,这一刻终于到来了。There was wild laughing and shouting,and the door was thrown open.开心的笑声和欢叫声中,门被撞开了,A boy ran out,a tall,healthy,handsome boy,straight into the man#39;s arms.一个高高的、健康漂亮的男孩跑了出来,正好撞进他的怀里。Mr Craven stared into the boy#39;s laughing eyes.克莱文先生直愣愣地看着孩子欢笑的眼睛。‘Who—What?Who?’he cried.“谁呀——什么?这是谁呀?”他叫起来。Colin had not planned to meet his father like this.柯林没想到会这样见到他的父亲。But perhaps this was the best way,to come running out with his cousin and his friend.但是同他的表和朋友一起跑出来,也许这才是最好的方式。‘Father,’he said,‘I#39;m Colin.“爸爸。”他说,“我是柯林。You can#39;t believe it!您不会相信的!I can#39;t believe it myself.连我自己都不能相信。It was the garden,and Mary and Dickon and the magic,that made me well.是花园、玛丽、狄肯和魔法使我康复的。We#39;ve kept it a secret up to now.我们一直保守着这个秘密。Aren#39;t you happy,Father?爸爸,你不高兴吗?I#39;m going to live for ever and ever and ever!’我要永远永远地活下去!”Mr Craven put his hands on the boy#39;s shoulders.克莱文先生把手放在孩子肩上,For a moment he could not speak.好一会儿说不出话来。‘Take me into the garden,my boy,’he said at last,最后他说:“带我到花园里去,‘and tell me all about it.’告诉我这一切是怎么回事。”And in the secret garden,where the roses were at their best,在秘密花园中,玫瑰花盛开着,and the butterflies were flying from flower to flower in the summer sunshine,蝴蝶在夏日的阳光下、在花丛中飞舞,they told Colin#39;s father their story.他们向柯林的父亲讲述着他们的故事。Sometimes he laughed and sometimes he cried,他时而开怀大笑,时而落泪,but most of the time he just looked,更多的时间只是注视着他儿子那英俊的脸庞,unbelieving,into the handsome face of the son that he had almost forgotten.不相信这就是他几乎遗忘的那个孩子。‘Now,’said Colin at the end,‘it isn#39;t a secret any more.“现在,”柯林最后说道,“这不再是秘密了。I#39;ll never use the wheelchair again.我再也用不着轮椅了。I#39;m going to walk back with you,Fatherto the house.’爸爸,我要和你一起走——走回家去。”And so,that afternoon,Mrs Medlock,Martha,and the other servants had the greatest shock of their lives.于是那天下午,梅洛太太、玛莎,还有其他的用人都感受到有生以来从未有过的惊奇,Through the gardens towards the house came Mr Craven,looking happier than they had ever seen him.克莱文先生从花园走向房子,脸上露出他们从未见到过的幸福神态。And by his side,with his shoulders straight,his head held high and a smile on his lips,walked young Colin!而走在他身边,昂首挺胸、面带微笑的正是年轻的柯林! /201205/181635

This sounded better,so Alice turned back.这听起来还差不多,爱丽丝转回来。;Never get angry,;said the Caterpillar.;任何时候都别生气,;毛虫说。;Is that all!;said Alice,trying not to be angry.;就这些吗?;爱丽丝说,努力让自己别发火。;No,;said the Caterpillar.For some minutes it smoked its pipe and did not speak,but at last it took the pipe out of its mouth,and said,;So you#39;ve changed,have you!How tall do you want to be!;;不,;毛虫说。它吸着烟斗,好一会儿都没开口,最后把烟斗从嘴里抽出来,说道,;你已经变过了,对吗?你想长多高?;;I would like to be a little larger,sir,please,;said Alice.;Eight centimetres is really very small.;;我很想长高一点,;爱丽丝说。;80厘米实在太矮了。;For a while the Caterpillar smoked its pipe.Then it shook itself,got down off the mushroom,and moved slowly away into the grass.It did not look back at Alice,but said,;One side will make you taller,and the other side will make you shorter.;毛虫吸了一会儿烟斗。然后它晃晃身子,从蘑菇上下来,慢慢地爬到草丛里。它没有回头看看爱丽丝.只是说,;一边可以让你长高,另一边可以让你变矮。;;One side of what!;thought Alice to herself.;什么的一边?;爱丽丝心里想。She did not say this aloud,but the Caterpillar said, ;mushroom.;Then it moved away into the wood.她并没说出声来,可毛虫说,;蘑菇的。;然后它进了森林。Alice looked at the mushroom carefully,but it was round, and did not have sides.At last she broke off a piece in each hand from opposite sides of the mushroom.She ate some of the piece in her left hand,and waited to see what would happen.爱丽丝仔细看了看蘑菇,蘑菇是圆的,没有两边。最后,她从蘑菇正相对的两边一手掰下一片。她吃了点左手里的那片,然后等着看看会发生什么。A minute later her head was as high as the tallest tree in the wood,and she was looking at a sea of green leaves.Then a bird appeared and began to fly around her head,screaming, ;Egg thief!Egg thief!Go away!;一分钟后,她的头和森林里最高的树一样高,她看着那一片绿叶的海洋。这时,有只小鸟出现了并绕着她的头飞,尖叫着:;偷蛋的贼,偷蛋的贼,滚开!;;I#39;m not an egg thief,;said Alice.;我不是偷蛋的贼,;爱丽丝说。;Oh no!;said the bird angrily.;But you eat eggs,don#39;t you!;;不是?;小鸟生气地说。;但你吃蛋,对不对?;;Well,yes,I do,but I don#39;t steal them,;explained Alice quickly.;We have them for breakfast,you know.;;对,我吃蛋,但我不偷蛋,;爱丽丝赶忙解释。;你知道,我们早饭吃蛋。;;Then how do you get them,if you don#39;t steal them!; screamed the bird.;那么,如果不是偷,你们怎么弄到蛋的?;This was a difficult question to answer,so Alice brought up her right hand through the leaves and ate a little from the other piece of mushroom.She began to get smaller at once and, very carefully,she ate first from one hand,then from the other,until she was about twenty-five centimetres high.这个问题很难回答,爱丽丝把右手从树叶间抽出来,吃了点那片蘑菇。她马上开始变小了,然后,她小心翼翼地吃点这片,吃点那片,直到她有25厘米那么高。;That#39;s better,;she said to herself.;And now I must find that garden.;She began to walk through the wood,and after a while she came to a little house.;这还差不多,;她对自己说。;现在我得找到那个花园。;她走进树林,过了一会儿到了一所小房子面前。 Article/201203/174442My mother turned to me and said, "Sarah, do you want to go visit your grandmother and grandfather?" I nodded, clutching the dolls till in my hand. After stretching our legs, my mother became pretty upset at how I kept carrying the doll around. I hadn't let it go since we left the market. She took it from me and threw it on the ground. In her defense, she had been taking pills for depression, and her hormones had been incredibly active. I cried for about an hour after we left. We went to the graveyard, and we said our prayers.   My mom needed to use the restroom in the funeral home, so while she was gone, I went exploring. It was pretty windy- the effects of Hurricane George. There was hardly anything worth telling about, as it wasn't too bad. I gradually sauntered into the woods and looked around, bored out of my mind. I stopped and did a double-take when I thought I saw my voodoo doll hanging from a tree, suspended by the neck, with a large bird by its side (strange, yes, I know).   I have no cordial relationship with birds. I neither like them nor dislike them. I don't know much about them at all. But I don't think I've ever seen such a large bird. It a little bigger than a vulture, but it probably wasn't by much.   A few years later, my step dad and my mother were gone from the house- a completely different house. They were both out to have a romantic dinner by themselves. It wasn't my first time being alone. I was lying on their bed, watching TV, when I heard something at the door. By that time, we had two dogs in the backyard. I went outside and walked around, one dog (a jack Russell) in my arm, the other dog (a chocolate lab) being dragged there by the collar. I looked to the window. Nothing. I turned back around, and my breath was taken.   Article/200904/669946 The Queen#39;s game of croquet第6章 王后的槌球游戏Near the door there was a rose-tree and three gardeners,who were looking at the roses in a very worried way.在门附近,有棵玫瑰树。旁边站了三个园丁,正焦虑地看着玫瑰花。;What#39;s the matter?;Alice said to them.;怎么啦?;爱丽丝问他们。;You see,Miss,;said the first gardener,;these roses are white,but the Queen only likes red roses,and she;;;你看,,;第一个园丁说,;这些玫瑰是白的,可王后只喜欢红玫瑰,而且她;;;;The Queen!;said the second gardener suddenly,and at once,the three gardeners lay down flat on their faces.Alice turned round and saw a great crowd of people.;王后!;第二个园丁突然说。三个园丁马上趴下,脸贴在地面上。爱丽丝转过身,看见一大群人。It was a pack of cards,walking through the garden.There were clubs(they were soldiers),and diamonds,and ten little children(they were hearts).Next came some Kings and Queens.Then Alice saw the White Rabbit,and behind him, the Knave of Hearts.And last of all,came THE KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS.这是一副牌,正在穿过花园。有方块(他们是士兵),梅花和十个小孩(他们是红桃)。随后是国王和王后们。这时,爱丽丝看见了白兔,他后面是红桃杰克,最后是红桃国王和王后。When the crowd came near to Alice,they all stopped and looked at her,and the Queen said,;Who are you?;这队伍来到爱丽丝跟前,大家都停下来打量她,王后说,;你是谁?;;My name is Alice,Your Majesty,;said Alice very politely.But she thought to herself,;They#39;re only a pack of cards.I don#39;t need to be afraid of them!;;我叫爱丽丝,陛下,;爱丽丝很有礼貌地说。她想,;他们不过是一副纸牌,我不怕他们!;;And who are these?;said the Queen,looking at the three gardeners.Then she saw the white roses,and her face turned red and angry.;Off with their heads!;she shouted,and soldiers hurried up to take the gardeners away.The Queen turned to Alice.;Can you play croquet?;she shouted.;这些人都是谁?;王后看着三个园丁问道。正在这时,她看见了白玫瑰,脸一下子气得通红。;砍掉他们的头!;她喊道,士兵们赶快把园丁们拉走。王后转向爱丽丝:;你会打槌球吗?;她喊着。;Yes!;shouted Alice.;会!;爱丽丝也喊着。;Come on,then!;shouted the Queen.The crowd began to move on,and Alice went with them.;那么来吧!;王后吆喝一声。大队人马接着走,爱丽丝跟着他们。;It#39;s;it#39;s a very fine day,;said a worried voice in her ear.Alice saw that the White Rabbit was by her side.;这;;这是个好天气,;她听见一个发愁的说话声。白兔就在她身边。;Very fine,;said Alice.;Where#39;s the Duchess?;;很好,;爱丽丝说。;公爵夫人在哪儿?;;Shhh!;said the Rabbit in a hurried voice.;She#39;s in prison,waiting for execution.;;嘘!;白兔很快说。;她在监狱里,等着受刑。;;What for?;said Alice.;为什么?;爱丽丝问。But just then the Queen shouted,;Get to your places!;, and the game began.正在这时,王后喊:;各就各位!;比赛开始了。It was the strangest game of croquet in Alice#39;s life!The balls were hedgehogs,and the mallets were flamingoes.And the hoops were made by soldiers,who turned over and stood on their hands and feet.Alice held her flamingo#39;s body under her arm,but the flamingo turned its long neck first this way and then that way.At last,Alice was y to hit the ball with the flamingo#39;s head.But by then,the hedgehog was tired of waiting and was walking away across the croquet-ground And when both the flamingo and the hedgehog were y,there was no hoop!The soldiers too were always getting up and walking away.It really was a very difficult game,Alice thought.这是爱丽丝见过的最奇怪的槌球游戏!球是刺猬,木槌是红鹤。弓形小球门由士兵组成,他们转过身去,红鹤腿着地站着。爱丽丝用胳膊抱着红鹤的身体,但红鹤把脖子一会儿转到这边,一会儿转到那边。最后,爱丽丝准备好用红鹤的头去击球。可正在这时,刺猬等烦了,穿过槌球场走开了。当红鹤和刺猬都准备好时,却没有球门!士兵们也总是站起来走开。这场球可是太难打了,爱丽丝想。The players all played at the same time,and they were al- ways arguing and fighting for hedgehogs. Nobody could agree about anything.Very soon,the Queen was wildly angry,and went around shouting;Off with his head!;or;Off with her head!;about once a minute.打球的人总是同时打,老是争吵,争刺猬。在任何一件事上大家意见都不一致。很快王后气坏了,她走来走去,大约隔一分钟就大喊;砍掉他的脑袋;或者;砍掉她的脑袋;。Alice began to feel worried.;The Queen is sure to argue with me soon,;she thought.;And what will happen to me then?They#39;re cutting people#39;s heads off all the time here.I#39;m surprised there is anyone left alive!;爱丽丝开始有点担心了。她想:;王后也会很快和我吵起来的,那可怎么办?在这儿他们一直在砍头。可奇怪的是居然还有人活着!;Just then she saw something very strange.She watched carefully,and after a minute or two she saw that the thing was a grin.;It#39;s the Cheshire Cat,;she said to herself.;Now I#39;ll have somebody to talk to.;这时她看到一个很奇怪的东西。她仔细看,过了一会儿她看出来了,是一张咧着笑的嘴。;是切舍猫,;她心里想。;现在我可有人说话了。;;How are you getting on?;said the Cat,when its mouth appeared.;你怎么样?;猫问,嘴完全显露出来了。Alice waited.;I can#39;t talk to something without ears,;she thought.Slowly the Cat#39;s eyes,then its ears,and then the rest of its head appeared.But it stopped at the neck,and its body did not appear.爱丽丝等了等。她想,;我没法跟一个没耳朵的东西说话。;慢慢地猫的眼睛,然后是耳朵,然后是头都出来了。但到颈部就停下来了,身子没出来。Alice began to tell the Cat all about the game.;It#39;s very difficult to play,;she said.;Everybody argues all the time, and the hoops and the hedgehogs walk away.;爱丽丝就给猫讲球赛的情况。;这球赛太难打了,;她说。;每个人都在吵个不停,球门和刺猬还总是走开。; Article/201203/175142

Basking in the Land of Smiles "泰"好玩!What do you look for when choosing a travel destination? We all have our own ideas about what makes a great vacation, but no matter what you are looking for, there is a good chance that you will find it in Thailand. It has something for everyone. Just 15 years ago, fewer than 1 million people traveled to Thailand every year. Those travelers liked what they found, and quickly sp the word. Today, the polite and hospitable Thais play host to more than 8.5 million visitors annually, all of whom are eager to experience Thailand's ancient culture and sample its many attractions. Adding to its many charms, Thailand is also very affordable. Exploring this diverse country can be so inexpensive that many vacationers find that a fun-packed day in Thailand is far less expensive than a quiet night out in their own country. Perhaps the first delight to seduce even the most discerning traveler in Thailand is its cuisine. Thai food is regularly rated as some of the best in the world. Most cooking is done with fresh ingredients and frequently employs garlic or chillies with plenty of lime juice, lemon grass, or coriander. These help produce dishes that are spicy, yet deliciously fragrant with a distinctive tang. Sampling Thailand's diverse dishes will give you the energy to explore its many sights. The capital, Bangkok, and other older cities are graced with elegant ruins and beautifully decorated temples. In these places, one can wander at leisure and learn about the country's rich artistic heritage. If you are more of a nature lover, consider heading north to Chiang Mai. There you can find many opportunities to trek into the hills, explore jungles and waterfalls, visit the hill tribes of the area, or experience the once-in-a-lifetime pleasures of bamboo-rafting or elephant-riding. After all that trekking and sightseeing, you may want to relax and soothe away your aches and pains. Thailand also is a great place for pain and stress relief. Places for massage and reflexology are everywhere, y to work on your tired body and leave you feeling refreshed. Having a traditional Thai massage can be one of the highlights of your visit. If lying on the beach is your thing, head for one of the many hundreds of beautiful islands that rest along Thailand's lengthy coastline. The beaches in Thailand are some of the best in the world. They range from packed resort spots with plenty of water sports to quiet, idyllic, picture-perfect retreats, where only the gentle sound of the ocean can be heard. People may leave Thailand and settle back into the hustle and bustle of real life, but the image of Thailand never really leaves them. For this reason, many travelers choose to return again and again to the unforgettable "Land of Smiles". 选择旅行目的地时,你考虑的重点是什么呢?我们都有自己理想的度假方式,但无论你考虑的重点是什么,你都有可能在泰国找到你想要的。每个人想要的东西泰国都有。 就在15年前,每年去泰国旅游的人不到100万人。那些游客喜欢他们在泰国发现的一切并很快地将它传了出去。如今,礼貌又好客的泰国人每年要接待8500多万游客。这些游客都迫不及待地想要体验泰国的古老文化,还可亲临许多引人入胜之处。 泰国的魅力还在于它的物价是低廉的。游览这个多姿多的国家可以很省钱。很多旅游者发现,在泰国度过快乐充实的一天比在自己国家晚上外出一次花费的还要便宜得多。 到了泰国,第一个让人高兴的,连品味一流的旅行家都无法抗拒的就是泰国美食了。泰式料理通常被列为世界上数一数二的美食。大多数的菜肴都是用新鲜的材料烹调而成,常佐以大蒜或拌有大量酸橙汁、柠檬草或芫荽等。这些调料有助于烹制辛辣、浓郁、具有独特香味的菜肴。 品尝了泰国各式各样的美食后,你就有充沛的精力去游览当地多处景点。典雅的遗迹和装饰华丽的庙宇把首都曼谷和其它古老的城市装扮得美不胜收。置身其中,我们可以轻松地边漫步边了解这个国家丰富的艺术遗产。 如果你热爱大自然,可以考虑到清迈一游。在清迈,你会有很多机会徒步走进小山,探索丛林、瀑布,造访当地山地部落,或体验一生一次乘竹筏和骑大象的乐趣。 在漫步山林和周游名胜后,你可能想要放松一下,舒缓腰酸背痛。泰国也是舒缓疼痛及压力的好地方。和足底的地方到处都有,可以随时随地为您疲惫的身体做,让您感觉精神振奋。享受传统的泰式会是你旅游中的重要内容。 如果躺在沙滩上享受日光浴是你的最爱,那就去一个小岛吧!沿着泰国绵长的海岸线,有上百个美丽的小岛。泰国的海滩也是世界上数一数二的。既有一个紧挨一个的备有水上运动设施的度假胜地,也有宁静得只能听到海浪拍岸的田园如画般的休养所。 人们离开了泰国,回到熙熙攘攘的都市生活中,但是泰国的美好形象仍留在游客的脑海之中。正因为如此,许多游客会一次又一次地回到那令人难忘的“微笑之国”。 Article/200803/29200爱到最高点,心中无国界Although people of different ethnicities have been mixing for centuries, the subject of interracial relationships is still controversial. Even now, mixed couples face many obstacles, including laws restricting interracial marriage.It was only in 1967 that the ed States finally struck down its anti miscegenation laws. Opposition to interracial relationships exists for different reasons, but what it usually boils down to is racism.As the world is becoming smaller, the number of interracial couples is growing, especially in countries with large numbers of immigrants. For interracial couples, love knows no color. Cultural differences are just another area of the relationship to work through.But as interracial dating becomes more common, it does not treat all ethnic groups equally. In the ed States, the vast majority of white/black couples involve a black man and a white woman. Conversely, the same number of Asian/white couples consists of an Asian woman with a white man. The proposed reason for this is that traditionally, women prefer men who are stronger and seem more masculine than they are. For men, the opposite is true. Consequently, this leaves some groups out in the cold. But in the future, a greater mixing of ethnicities and erosion4 of gender stereotypes may balance out these dating patterns as people gain a more genuine appreciation of one another's differences.1. strike (sth.) down phr.v. 击倒2. conversely adv. 相反地3. erosion n. 腐蚀尽管不同种族的人们已经通婚好几个世纪了,然而不同种族之间的关系仍然是一个引起争议的话题。即使是现在,异族男女之间的婚姻仍然面临着重重阻碍,包括限制异族通婚的法律。直到1967年,美国才废除了反种族通婚的法律。反对异族联姻有不同的理由,但通常可以归结为种族歧视的原因。世界变得愈小,异族婚姻的数量随之增多,尤其是移民众多的国家。对于异族婚配的伴侣而言,爱是没有肤色之分的。文化差异不过是这种关系所要解决的另一方面的问题。然而,尽管不同种族男女之间的约会变得越来越普遍,不同种族群之间的约会机会却并不均等。在美国,绝大多数的黑/白不同肤色的配偶都是黑人男子和白人女子。相反地,同样数量的亚裔∕白人夫妇则是由亚裔女子和白人男子组成。出现这种现象的原因是因为传统上女人偏爱比自己强壮且外表比较阳刚的男人。而男人的喜好则相反。这样一来,某些种族群便遭到了冷落。但在将来,随着人们更能真正欣赏彼此间的差异,更大规模的种族通婚和对社会性别的固定成见的消除或许能使以上的约会模式变得平衡。 Article/200803/30281

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