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ADB Forecasts Solid Growth for Asia in 2008报告:亚洲经济今年仍会强劲增长  The Asian Development Bank says while Asia will not be immune to the global slowdown, economies in the region will continue to see solid growth in 2008. But the bank warns in its annual outlook that inflation in the region will jump this year.  亚洲开发星期三报告说,亚洲经济体受全球经济减速影响不大,2008年会继续保持强劲增长。但是亚银同时警告说,今年本地区的通货膨胀预计会进一步恶化。In 2007, Asia posted the highest growth in almost two decades, with regional economies expanding by 8.7 percent on average. The Asian Development Bank predicts that this year, growth will ease to 7.6 percent, as a result of the slowdown in large industrialized economies as well as surging food and fuel prices and a credit crisis in global financial hubs. 2007年,亚洲地区取得了20多年来最快的经济增长,整个地区的平均增长率高达8.7%。亚洲开发预测,2008年亚洲地区的增长率将降低到7.6%,主要原因是工业化大国经济发展减速,再加上食品和燃料价格暴涨,以及世界主要金融市场遭受信贷危机。But Ifzal Ali, the ADB's chief economist, says this year's predicted growth rate is still solid and only slightly below the average of the past five years. He spoke Wednesday in Hong Kong, where the bank unveiled its annual Asian Development Outlook. 伊弗扎尔.阿里是亚洲开发的首席经济学家。他指出,亚洲地区今年的经济增长仍然是强劲的,只是跟过去五年相比略微降低。阿里在香港公布亚银的《亚洲开发展望》年度报告的时候说:"Growth will remain solid because domestic conditions continue to be favorable. The policy environment is generally positiv," he said.. "Productivity growth linked to economic modernization and structural transformation that we have witnessed in the last five years and which have barreled Asia forward are likely to continue." “由于各国的国内状况依然有利,所以经济增长将保持强劲。政策环境总的来看是积极的。过去五年来我们看到,跟经济现代化密切关联的生产力增长以及结构性转变推动亚洲经济不断进步,这种情况看来会继续下去。”But risks remain. The ADB warns that inflation in the region will accelerate and could reach a 10-year high in 2008. In China, for example, inflation aly has reached an 11-year high of 11.7 percent in February. The Bank is worried about the social and political impact of higher prices for food and other essential commodities, as they mainly affect Asia's poor. 尽管如此,风险却仍然存在。亚洲开发警告说,亚洲地区的通货膨胀将加速恶化,有可能在2008年达到10年来的最高水平。比如,在中国,通货膨胀率已经在今年2月达到11.7%,那是过去11年来的最高点。亚洲开发担心,食品和其他生活必需品价格持续攀升,亚洲穷人所受的影响最大,有可能引起社会动乱和政治动乱。Many Asian governments subsidize or control prices of some items to protect consumers and prevent social tensions. The ADB says that Indonesia, for example, spends more on fuel subsidies than on public health and education combined. Ali says these practices put fiscal health at risk, so governments need to rethink them.  亚洲地区的很多政府目前都在通过补贴和控制某些商品的价格来保护消费者,防止社会局势紧张。亚洲开发指出,印度尼西亚现在花在燃料补贴方面的资金已经超过了公共卫生和教育经费的总和。阿里认为,这种做法势必给公众的健康带来风险,因此,对于财政补贴,各国政府还需要三思而行。"We need very quickly exit strategies for subsidies and administrative prices in developing Asia and replace them with targeted cash transfers for the really needy," he said. 阿他说:“亚洲的发展中国家需要尽快放弃补贴和价格控制等做法,取而代之的应该是目标明确地资助那些真正需要帮助的人们。”The annual report warned that Asian economies need to address labor issues to fuel long-term growth. The report notes that many countries in the region have large populations of unemployed young adults, and that at the same time, these economies face shortages of the skilled workers needed for development.  亚洲开发的年度报告还警告说,亚洲经济体要保持长期的增长,需要解决劳工问题。亚银指出,亚洲很多国家失业的年轻人很多,可是这些国家却同时面临技术工人短缺的局面。The ADB says governments need to do more to educate young workers and help them find jobs. The report says otherwise, countries will lose out for decades on the talent and productivity of these young adults. 亚洲开发说,各国政府需要做出更大的努力来为青年工人提供教育和培训,帮助他们找到工作。否则的话,在今后的几十年里,这些国家将由于年轻人缺乏才能和生产力而功败垂成。In addition, the report urged countries in Asia to make it easier for migrant workers to move about the region, to help fill gaps in labor supplies. 此外,亚洲开发还敦促亚洲各国让流动工人在各地区之间更加容易地流动,以弥补不同地区之间在劳动力供应方面的差距。200804/33227

Australia has ratified its acceptance of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. The new government elected last year made signing the emissions-limiting accord its first act. 澳大利亚批准了有关全球气候变化的京都议定书。去年当选的澳大利亚新政府的第一项举措就是批准这一限制废气排放的协定。The Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions formally went into effect Tuesday in Australia. Environmentalists and other activists had long pushed the Canberra government to ratify the accord, which they say could help protect the continent from the effects of global warming.  有关减少温室效应气体排放量的京都议定书星期二在澳大利亚正式生效。环保人士长久以来一直敦促澳大利亚政府批准有关协定。他们说,这一协定有助于保护大洋洲免受全球气候暖化的影响。Iconic national natural treasures such as the Great Barrier Reef are considered vulnerable to warming temperatures. The government of former Prime Minister John Howard did not signed the accord because of concerns that it would harm the economy and because it does not require large developing nations with rapidly expanding economies, such as China and India, to cut emissions.  诸如大堡礁之类的澳大利亚天然国宝被认为可能会受气候暖化的破坏。由于担心这一协定会阻碍澳大利亚经济发展,而且也由于有关协定没有要求中国、印度等经济迅猛成长的发展中大国减少废气排放量,前总理霍华德的政府没有签署京都议定书。The government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd reversed that policy when it took office in November and is working internationally to develop a framework to replace Kyoto when it expires in 2012. Mr. Rudd wants to establish a domestic carbon emissions trading system and wants 20 percent of Australia's energy to come from renewable sources by 2020.  陆克文总理的澳大利亚政府去年11月上任后改变了原有政策,并且正与其它国家一起拟定取代将在2012年到期的京都议定书的协议框架。陆克文总理希望在国内建立碳排放贴换体系,要求到2020年,澳大利亚20%的能量来自可再生能源。Mr. Rudd told parliament Tuesday that "confronting climate change is the challenge of our generation."  陆克文星期二对澳大利议会说:“制止气候变化是我们这代人所面临的考验。”Senator Bob Brown from the Greens party says Australians are demanding tough action to protect the environment.  绿党成员鲍伯.布朗参议员说,澳大利亚人希望采取严格措施保护环境:"The opinion polls [are] showing massive support for not just the Kyoto Protocol but for much greater measures to tackle climate change," he said. "It's a milestone that we've joined the community of nations and hopefully we'll move back to the front again in searching for a global compact which is going to address the biggest single human-made threat facing our global community into the future, and that's climate change."  “民意调查结果显示,人们不仅大力持京都议定书,而且更持大刀阔斧地应对气候变化的措施。我们如今站到京都议定书签约国的一边,这具有划时代意义。希望我们能在拟定应对气候变化的全球性协议中站到最前列,因为气候变化是危及全球未来的最大人为威胁。”Experts say Australia has a long way to go to bolster its green credentials. The country's reliance on cheap coal has made it one of the world's worst greenhouse gas polluters per capita.  专家说,澳大利亚要成为环保方面走在前面的国家道路还相当漫长。澳大利亚依赖廉价的煤为能源,使得澳大利亚成为人均温室效应气体排放量最高的国家之一。Many scientists think greenhouse gases produced by burning coal, oil and other carbon fuels, have contributed to warming temperatures around the globe. Environmental groups have called on Australia to go beyond its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent from 2000 levels before 2050.Australia's ratification of the Kyoto Protocol leaves the ed States as the only major developed country that has refused to sign the global accord. 澳大利亚批准了京都议定书之后,美国成为拒绝批准这一协定的唯一主要发达国家。200803/30142

18第十八单元Conversation 1会话 1A:What can I do for you,Mr. Backer?A:贝克先生,有什么我能为您做的吗?B:Miss Yang, I will dictate some letters to you this morning.Please make preparations for taking dictations.B:杨,今天上午我要口述几封信,请做好准备记录口述。A:Yes. Would you want me to take them in shorthand or record them on a cassette tape?A:好的。您看是用速记的方式记录,还是用录音带记录B::Youre good at shorthand. Take them in shorthand.B:你擅长速记,就用速记吧。A:All right, I am y to take dictations now.A:好的。我已准备好做笔录了。B:Youre surely a good secretary.B:你真是一位好秘书。A:Oh. Thanks your flatter. Lets begin now?A:多谢夸奖。我们可以开始了吗?B:OK.B:好的。Conversation 2会话 2A:Miss Zhang,I have an important letter which I need you to prepare for me. Could you do it now?A:张,我有一封重要的信要你替我准备。你现在有空吗?B:Sure. Would you like it typed or handwritten?B:有空。你是要打的还是要手写的?A:It is a business letter,so please type it on the company stationery.A:这是一封商业书信,因此请将它打在公司的信笺上。B:Please give me the materials about the letter.B:请把这封信的相关资料给我。A:Here you are.A:给你。B:I will finish it as soon as possible. Shall I sign this letter in your name?B:我会尽快完成它。我要不要在这封信上签上您的名字?A:No,you neednt. Give it to me after you finish typing it.A:不,不用。打完后你把它给我好了。 /201605/443273

A problem, bbbbut…一个问题,但是……Let me teach you some phrases you might need to explain that theres been a mistake.让我教你几个你可能会用来解释误会的表达。I think theres been a misunderstanding. Or: Theres been a bit of a mix up.我想有一个误会。或者这里有点混乱。But what misunderstanding? What mix up?但什么误会呢?怎么混乱了?You could also use: Let me explain what happened... But...你还可以说:让我解释一下发生的事…… 但……Ah, good afternoon everyone. Hello.大家下午好。 你好。Tom, this is an excellent piece of work! Sorry?汤姆,这次工作完成得很棒! 什么?These are by far the best ideas youve ever had.这是你迄今为止最棒的点子。I dont understand.我不懂。Our stock management system!我们的库存管理系统!Can I see? … Oh, thats not mine.我能看看吗?这不是我的。I think theres been a misunderstanding. I did it. You?我想有一个误会,我做的。 你?I got your note Paul, here.我在这里收到的你的字条,保罗。No, no, that note was for Tom.不,字条是给汤姆的。Oh, then theres been a bit of a mix up.那么这里出了一点状况。Did you take that note from my desk? No, no!你从我桌子上拿走的字条吗? 不,不是的!I suppose you threw my pear salesman certificate on the floor at the same time too!我猜也是你把我的年度水果梨销售员书扔在地上的!I didn’t! Let me explain.我没有,让我解释一下。 /201701/483852

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